Russia Calls International Probe of Kiev Atrocities

The raped and strangled mother will never be forgotten

An E. Ukraine mother learns why her daughter did not come home from shopping

Russia calls for international probe into Ukraine burials with signs of execution, including decapitated bodies

… from  Russia Today,  Moscow


[ Editor’s note:  We are not hearing much in Western media about investigating the atrocities committed during Kiev’s “anti-terror” operations, launched after attending the first 4-party Geneva meeting where the coup-meisters agreed to begin negotiations, and then began shooting.

Some of the international organizations have reported excesses by both sides, mixing in criminal elements which abound all over Ukraine, who have taken advantage of the lawless situation for their own profit and to settle old scores.

But the focus is finally on Kiev’s combat units, especially the Right Sector-oligarch ones who were operating outside the chain of command under no real military-conduct authority.

As they began to take casualties, irregular troops like these, unless closely supervised and with harsh penalties for infractions, have always tended to take revenge on their captives and innocent civilians. We will try to monitor these cases as we learn of more.

We have seen zero progress on the Maidan sniper killings and the Odessa Trade Union Hall massacre. That was due to the pretend-a-investigations that were conducted without a peep of protest from the coup-meisters’ Western sponsors.

The Western aiders and abettors feel confident that these cases will be forgotten about in time. They lose no sleep worrying about having any culpability blood splashed on them. We shall see what we can do let them know that we will not forget… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  September 24, 2014  –


Russia is calling for an international investigation into the discovery of burial sites with signs of execution at locations where the Ukraine National Guard forces were stationed two days earlier.

The head of Russia’s presidential human rights council, Mikhail  Fedotov, has called on the authorities to do everything to   “ensure an independent international probe” and “let  international human rights activists and journalists” gain  access to the site in Eastern Ukraine’s embattled Donetsk region.

The crime, Fedotov noted, shouldn’t “remain without  consequences.” He didn’t exclude the discovery of other  burial sites, reminding that mass killings are “the reality  of the modern-day war” and that such crimes were committed  in the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

The burial sites near the Kommunar mine, 60 kilometers from  Donetsk, were first discovered on Tuesday by self-defense forces.

Four bodies have been exhumed, including those of three women.  Their hands were tied, at least one of the bodies was  decapitated, self-defense fighters said. Two bodies were found Monday, and two others Tuesday. Self-defense forces believe there might be other burials in the  area.

“They are from Kommunar, which has just been freed [by  DNR/DPR forces]. The people told me that the women had been  missing and here we found four bodies. And I don’t know how many  more people we might find,” a self-defense fighter,  nicknamed Angel, told RT.

“The peaceful Ukrainian army came here and “liberated” them  but I can’t understand what the Army freed them from. These women  died horribly,” his comrade, Alabai, added.

Self-defense forces said that near the mine – which was abandoned  by the Ukrainian forces a few days ago – there are other burial  sites which will also be examined. OSCE monitors have already visited and inspected the burial site. Prosecutors in the Donetsk People’s Republic have started an  investigation.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s envoy for human rights, Konstantin  Dolgov, said on Twitter that the Ukrainian army was to blame for  the killings.

“The finding of mass burial sites in Donetsk area is yet  another trace of the Ukrainian forces’ and radical nationalists’   humanitarian crime,” Dolgov said. “This beastly crime targeting civilians attracts our  attention even more to the necessity of investigating  humanitarian crimes in Ukraine under international control,”   he added.

The press service of the Ukrainian Donbass operation called the  Russian reports false, saying that not a single unit was located  in the area, and instead blaming the self-defense forces for the  killings of civilians.



  1. I vote that his post be treated as spam. I also challenge the poster “Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov” to provide proof that the parent article is fake Russian propaganda. Not a cut-and-paste link to unsubstantiated claims. Do you also claim that the missile footage of a Tomahawk striking the “Able Danger Conference Room” is fake as well? A hoax like too many souls claim to assert? Just whose propaganda would that serve? Huh? I didn’t get that. Please speak up. We can’t hear or ascertain your speech. Just go away — trolls ..

    • I think the words ‘spam’ and ‘trolls’ are far too strong here Klaatu.

      Gennady & Lidiya are Ukranians, now living in Paris. Prior to his current home, Gennady lived in the Ukraine for 40 years. He also served in the Soviet Army, based around the Soviet (now leased to Russia) Baikonur Cosmodrome space launch facility.

      As such, he has a natural suspicion of and aversion to Putin, something that both you and I would probably disagree with him on, but hardly surprising based on his experiences in the Soviet / KGB era – and not a troll simply because he puts up an alternative view here on VT.

  2. you are the ‘usual fakes’ on this site. Go troll somewhere else. There is plenty to discuss here but not with the heartless and mindless fascists as yourselves. The Truth is there in your face. Stop pointing your fingers at the Russians, the three fingers will always point straight back at you. Stop using the Russian names, you don`t deserve them. Enough said…

  3. The Western media will never request such a probe because it would call them all into question. They have yet to unravel the most abundantly obvious incidents past or present when the information is now readily available. They still promote the NWO version of Ukraine/Russia conflict while willfully ignoring Nudlelman’s disgusting phone call. The Russians will have to collect and catalogue information carefully themselves and leave the media behind.

  4. The ONLY way Russia will get any satisfaction from Justice from the thug government of Ukraine is to take it over and let the trials begin. While NATO, the UN, and the US protect that vile regime they are as immune to crime as isreal. Was keeping Russia occupied by committing genocide on Russian speaking Ukrainians during the Syrian invasion part of the plan?

    • “The peaceful Ukrainian army came here and “liberated” them but I can’t understand what the Army freed them from. These women died horribly,” his comrade, Alabai, added.

      The modern war my front porch. This is red terror.

    • you are the ‘usual fakes’ on this site. Go troll somewhere else. There is plenty to discuss here but not with the heartless and mindless fascists as yourselves. The Truth is there in your face. Stop pointing your fingers at the Russians, the three fingers will always point straight back at you. Stop using the Russian names, you don`t deserve them. Enough said…

  5. I know this may sound corny, but it’s the Gods-honest truth. Could you please put warnings at the beginning of articles with extremely graphic photos that will follow as the reader scrolls down the page? I ask because no matter how many times I see such things, I cannot ever get used to them and these type of photos haunt me for days after seeing them. I will have trouble sleeping tonight. Thanks for considering it, guys. I know you are just portraying the “real world” and sometimes we have to see the effects of our (USA) crazy policies, but some of us have weaker stomachs than others and softer souls.

  6. Really do wonder what the purpose of the UN is now. They simply allow the U.S. to have a platform to continue the propaganda that everyone is forced to read every day on the MSM. Are the members of the UN that stupid? Do they not receive some of the intelligence reports that we commoners get to read? Isn’t there any tongue-in-cheek with the speeches they are forced to listen to? Haven’t they been hoodwinked before when a phony case was made by the U.S. for WMDs in Iraq? I don’t get it. The members sit on their hands and just listen to the crap being thrown at them. Don’t they have the courage to ask some pointed questions, challenge some of the almost comedic reports that come out of the middle east, including what seem to be new boogey-men ever day now? The UN is in a unique position to embarrass liars, and hold countries accountable. But instead, all the UN has become is just one MSM platform — one that adds some form of “legitmacy” for those gullible people watching and listening.

  7. Jim – the UN emergency meeting to address the ISIL disaster (convened as I type this comment) is also discussing how to clamp down on “Terrorist websites” and “Those that believe 9/11 was a jewish plot.” (Cameron’s words).

    They will use this disaster, which THEY have created, as a golden opportunity to try and stifle all forms of dissent to the official zio media narrative. The day that we have warned about is upon us – when anyone who questions an official version of events – becomes a terrorist.

  8. Note Check out some NEW information on 9/11 in the comment section of the previous article “Enemy Of The State” by Preston. You WILL FIND IT INTERESTING.

  9. Fascism. Transfered from Syria to Ukraine streets. For gods of money. It depicts the uselessness of ICTY and UN and their watch groups. Their jurisdiction is non-existent, it is written and brought into law but it is not out there. Especially the UN. It is trully something Harry Houdini and David Copperfield would envy the black-op communities of USA and EU. How to create vacuum out of human rights, pull a blind-eye in case for “lesser war” and then recreate the rights again to pursue the sand dolls of arabian deserts.

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