Ukrainian singer Ruslana: “A visit to Donetsk was an eye-opener”



Ukraine has to take a good look at itself in the mirror now
Ukraine has to take a good look at itself in the mirror now

 Ukrainian singer Ruslana: a visit to Donetsk was an eye-opener


[ Note:  This is an item that we missed, a September 7th piece which I am posting tonight as an example of how when people get on the scene of the crime and experience it themselves, they can have the courage to go back home and say they were lied to.

The atrocity stories are beginning to come out now, mostly attributed to the Right Sector and Oligarch funded battalions. Western media of course might mention them on page 42, but that will be it. But it will be our job to not let the victims remain buried, as many of us knew the thugs were going to do this if not tightly controlled, and of course they weren’t.

And the reason for that was they were put into the field and let loose to do this stuff as part of the collective punishment that the oligarchs have seen done in Israel…that you control by inflicting pain and terror. So we will be looking for and posting more of these as they come in…Jim W. Dean ]




Renowned singer and unofficial symbol of Maidan Ruslana said a visit to Donbass opened her eyes. The singer returned from Donetsk and immediately held a press conference where she declared she was wrong, supporting the policy of the Government of Ukraine.

“I came to Donetsk and saw something that I never expected to see. It literally blew my mind There are shells falling on our people! — the outraged Ruslana said. — It is necessary and simple -initiate a cease-fire, end the war and bloodshed. And if the politicians think otherwise it means there’s something fishy, there are some dirty games being played.”

According to Ruslana, Ukrainian journalists must go to the front to find out what is true and what is false.

If you’re so brave, then come with me next time, — the singer invited of one of Kiev reporters. — Then you’ll be able to see everything and understand me.

Artiste told that her car, in which she was traveling with DNR Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko, came under fire.

“Who was shooting and whom, whose bullets were those — it’s impossible to make out. But it is quite clear that we shoot our own people. I was the first one to beat my chest and scream that there is no civil war in Ukraine. I was so wrong,” — admitted Ruslana.

The singer said that she was greatly disappointed by the Ukrainian leader Petr Poroshenko. Ruslana told how she went to participate in a demonstration in front of the presidential administration in Kiev on August 28. The rally was arranged by relatives and friends of the Ukrainian military, surrounded in Ilovaisk. Singer was shocked and angered that nobody from the Poroshenko’s people came out to talk to activists.

“You have to work with people, to talk, to convey your position. And let me tell you the shocking phrase, but, nevertheless, I was not heard by Poroshenko, when I stood at the presidential administration. When I arrived at the Donbass,it was Zaharchenko who listened to me and heard me,” — summed up the singer.

Ruslana, known as the winner of Eurovision — 2004, actively participated in the Maidan protests. In early December, the singer even threatened to burn herself on the main square of Kiev, if things in the country «do not change» . Her active civil position won her unofficial title «symbol of the Maidan,” among its activists, and in February, Ukrainian politicians promised her a place in the new parliament.

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  1. oh, you again, the fake ones, the fascists, the programmed ones …Go away.
    I have NO DOUBT that this girl Ruslana was meant to see the Truth , which is easy once you are there. It is easier for the sensitive artistic people to see with their heart and soul ( your heart will never lies – listen to it !)

  2. Thanks for posting that. Iy shows that anyone can mislead by the media and propaganda. That includes me and you! I hope to be able to see through it now – in the past I fell for many lies including 9/11 and those bad arab extremists.

  3. Probably the nature of the Ukraine government and how it’s influenced by US and NATO is out of the hands of US citizenry and, while worth noting, not worth fretting about how to solve. If it’s going to be solved the solutions will come from people nearer at hand as they recognize and acknowledge what’s going on. Europeans, Russians and Ukranians, mainly. One unfortunate truth is that Ukranians absolutely have every reason to hate and mistrust Russia and Russian motives when their own well being is at stake. When problems step outside that historical truth the common Ukranian mind might require some time to adjust and absorb the reality it’s carrying as baggage.

  4. Kabarett in German TV, which slams all the propaganda against Russia and the Separatist. It’s a wonderful piece, broadcasted at prime time (with english notes)

    http //

    [ Dear Readers, this is a perfect example of why we allow a link to be posted, so readers who have a gem can share it with other readers to add depth to the article. And it has a clear description of what the link is about, as compared to “here’s a good one”, or…” You’ll love this”. You have to give the reader enough information for them to decide if it interests them enough to leave our site. We do this to prevent spamming, people redirecting traffic for whatever reason they desire, and out of repest for our readers time…Thanks, Jim W. Dean ]

    • Jim, I have to thank VT to be able to post this here. It gives a little glimps about the totally weard TV situation, which is evolving now behind the scenes and in public (through leeks of internal documents). The I. and II. prgrams have to deal now with profound inner critique from control inner TV instances. They are already going crazy, because they never thought this might happen INSIDE the TV organizations, but it did. Here is the protocoll of the internal ARD controll group, which was leaked

      http //

      Die Welt, a German conservatice paper goes simply in hyperdrive, speaking of “fifth columns” of Moscow inside the ARD and even more, they are afraid because people don’t by their lies no more. They can’t de-pacifiy Germany any more, that’s what it’s all about – and they know it!

  5. Ruslana an ordinary Ukrainian was shocked by what the nationalists Banderista Fascists (NAZIS) were doing to their own people. It’s shocking when you see the truth. They call themselves nationalists Ukrainian of course but in relative terms they are as bad as the ebola virus. As of yet they haven’t found a cure for this Bandera disease. Make no mistake it’s pure evil nationalism (OUN) Nazis from WW2 who murdered Poles, Jews, Russians (Moskal) as they say and anyone not being of the pure Ukrainian blood.

  6. Some good news may come out of Donesk as it seems EU commissioners of closer countries are starting to speak up other than that banker mole from Poland (Junker). (Did I spell that wrong?).

    http // ( english subs if Russian is not strong).

    I did see Bill Engdahl’s piece on NEO and it was a blow the racists out of the water masterpiece!

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