Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned


The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati


by Preston James


aliens-nordic1Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913. These super-elite Deviants were given incredible power and authority in exchange for enacting the evil Agenda of this Alien ET group best described as Cosmic Parasites. This group of super-elite Deviants is best referred to as the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) AKA the “Illuminati”.

If you are not aware of the background information and evidence that is available about this ongoing Secret Space War, you are probably wasting your time reading this and it won’t fit into your mind.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) has done their best to keep you from knowing about Secret Space War matters. There has been a long term energetic effort to keep this information from “We the People” as well as anyone including the High Military Command who does not have what they define as an “absolute need to know”.

Recently during the last several years Majestic-12 (AKA MAJIC), the Secret Group that has maintained authority over all Alien ET matters since it was created by President Truman in 1947, has apparently voted to allow public disclosure.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) is comprised of a Working Alliance between the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). This Ruling Crime Cabal/Coalition is best described as the Illuminati because that is what they call themselves and prefer to be called by Insiders.

2This RCC gained power in three major Coup d’ Etats, the first in 1913 with the illegal, Unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the second with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the third with the deployment of a Gladio-style, False-Flag Inside-job Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01. It was during this time that Israel used nuclear blackmail to coerce the US Administration and top USG officials to allow the creation of Homeland Security (DHS).

The creation of Israeli-controlled Homeland security (DHS) provided an illegal, Unconstitutional consolidation of all American Alphabets, Law Enforcement and most Intel into one large, easy to control Israeli occupying Police State Army inside America.

This article will claim that the “Worm has Turned” at a very high level and the RCC is now being contained, dis-empowered and deconstructed piece by piece due to an interesting convergence of various forces and entities including the US High Military Command. Because this article contains information leaked by insiders and as well as numerous speculations, use your own judgment to evaluate what is presented and come to your own conclusions.

Be aware that many good individuals have been seriously harassed, stalked, threatened and even murdered to bring you this kind of information because the Ruling Criminal Cabal (RCC) does not want you to have any of this information about Secret Space Wars or Alien Agenda matters. The reason? This will be explained in the article and is best summarized that full public disclosure will likely result in a major immediate loss of power for the RCC at every level and will create a complete disruption of the Alien Agenda they are working so hard to fulfill which is about as anti-American and anti-human as possible.

The Worm Has Turned

bd-03When Shakespeare used that simple phrase, “The worm has turned,” he knew his audience would understand its meaning and origin. A widely used expression even today, it indicates a reversal of fortune, but few who use it know why.

“Worm” is a common term for ‘Dragon.’ In fairy tale terms, the flying Dragon spewing fire would ravage fields and villages. To be in the dragon’s path resulted in inescapable destruction. What a relief if it changed directions.(1)

The most secret Agency of the US Government has apparently decided that Disclosure is now going to be allowed, despite the existing official, but secret USG policy against it.

New information has emerged. It now appears that even though the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) aka the Illuminati, has been against Alien ET Disclosure, the super secret organization called Majestic-12 has decided that Disclosure will be allowed.

The RCC is a working convergence of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC the secret part of the CIA run by Bush1) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS the largest crime syndicate in the world which originated in the City of London, the Soviet Union and America, and now has it’s home base and center of world operations in Israel). The IZCS with the help of the BCC has hijacked most of the USG including Congress, the Judiciary and most Administrations and has done this through its espionage fronts inside America such as AIPAC, the ADL, Bnai Brith, the JDL and the like.

Apparently Majestic-12 has also decided that this Disclosure must be done in a controlled manner so as not to panic the populace or fracture the existing everyday social and economic order.

Disclosure will lead to the implementation of Populism, the implementation of Free Energy, and the end of the petroleum based economy, which would be the RCC’s biggest nightmare.

In contrast to the apparent new policy of Majestic-12 for full disclosure in orderly steps, strong efforts are still being made by the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) to maintain this secret policy of no disclosure. These efforts to prevent disclosure are now doomed to failure, mostly due to the emerging worldwide populism that has spontaneously arisen as a byproduct of the Internet and its ability to communicate information at the speed of light. But there is another reason that Disclosure is imminent.

Free Energy Systems have been discovered and developed and are ready to be rolled out and will completely displace the Petroleum based energy systems which control the World.

Apparently Majestic-12 has decide that the time for the implementation of “Free Energy” is now here as long as it is implemented in an orderly manner. This is also know as “Zero Point Energy” or “Dark Energy” or “Cosmic Wind”. It is believed that Tesla discovered this and was able to harness it.

There have been previous anecdotal reports of one Alien ET group, the Tall Whites (aka Nordics) have been pushing for “full disclosure”. And there have been other anecdotal reports suggesting that another Alien ET group, known as the evil Reptoids (aka Dracos) are reputed to be serving as advisors to certain leaders of the RCC and are pushing hard to maintain complete secrecy and “non-disclosure”.

The RCC appears to be cornered from all sides with many vectors converging on them in addition to the rapid rate at which their crimes against Americans and the world are being exposed and communicated to the masses.

Certainly the RCC ‘s top Policy-Makers and Crime Kingpins (aka the Denver Circle of Twelve Bloodthirsty ones”) have a lot of power they would lose in a short period of time as full disclosure occurs and a non-petroleum based “Free Energy” system is rolled out. All the technology is already discovered and ready to go, and would have already been implemented except for the Petroleum Energy Cartels who established a stranglehold on the nations governments.

And now there is the notable emergence of the ever increasingly popular BRICS Development Bank which has a total of 170 nations who have either signed on or submitted letters of intent. This is a direct threat to the US Petro Dollar’s use as the World’s Reserve Currency and unless some unforeseen events occur, will probably eventually dethrone the US petro Dollar and reduce it to worthless paper.

It was the RCC that seized control over the official USG and much of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) after they assassinated JFK, MLK and RFK.

The RCC has attempted to take control over Majestic-12 but never fully succeeded thanks to the strong commitment of some of the members who have been High Military Command Officials and are known to be America-firsters with strong moral characters.

It is generally recognized that the financial horsepower for the RCC comes from the IZCS’s private control over the Federal Reserve System and its unlimited access to all the money it wants issued. Of course the Federal Reserve provides an elastic checkbook with no limits to Congress, as long as Congress allows them to pile up this phony debt and collect the interest from the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Taxes of We the People.

It is also generally recognized that the RCC’s ability to corrupt the US Department of Justice and any efforts in the USG to clean out corruption in the past has been completely thwarted by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC)’s seizure and use of the American Intel System, much of that control provided by the BCC’s seizure of the Secret Shadow Government and it’s treaties with certain malignant parasitical Alien ETs for technology exchange (the Dracos).

And it is also known that the RCC used various level of human compromise and control ops which range from normal bribery with large sums of money in foreign numbered accounts, lavish perks such as huge honorariums from worthless speeches, revolving door jobs. But also a very dark sinister set of corrections and sanctions are sometimes delivered ranging from blackmail to termination by secret teams of “wetboys” and even sometimes mind-controlled female “monarch type” sex-slave assassins.

It was the alleged association between Prescott Bush (Sherff) and Tesla which gave the BCC the edge in hijacking the SSG. It has been alleged that Prescott Bush was Tesla’s secretary/manager and also betrayed him. And it is also known that Prescott Bush was later arrested and indicted for Treason with his Union bank Assets seized and the indictment was sealed with a signed agreement that no Bush(Scherff) successors could ever run for political office.

Inside sources have claimed that Sandy Berger stole this agreement from the National Security section of the National Archives. He was caught but little was done and this important document was not reported in the press. It is generally accepted that President Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected President. This means that all Congressional legislation passed and signed by any President after President Reagan left office is null and void!(2) 

A traditional Split in Majestic-12.

It has been claimed by some insiders that there has been a traditional split in Majestic Twelve, the super-secret USG Agency that decides and controls all matters relating to Alien ETs, Alien Technology back-engineering and implementation, and Space War matters which are actually matters of serious National Security(3). It is believed by some insiders that some Majestic-12 members have been against Disclosure to “We the People” on the basis that it would be too traumatic and would result in the failure of major Institutions of the USG to keep functioning properly. But it is likely these opposers had a private agenda of their own to keep We the People oppressed.

It is believed by some that other members of Majestic-12 were in favor of it because they felt that the secret could no longer be contained anyway. It was also believed by some that the USG institutions were failing because of the hijacking of key USG and SSG Policy-Makers by a group of Alien ETs through their Cutouts and criminal Kingpins, thus violating conditions of their joint treaty with the USG.

It turns out that the first group of Aliens the USG signed a treaty with are controlled by evil, deceptive liars and Cosmic Parasites.

alien-alpha-draconian32Some of the members of Majestic-12 began to believe that the Alien ET group a treaty had been signed with was intrinsically deceptive, evil and had an Alien Agenda behind it. But the USG entered into this first treaty made in the early 1950’s in order to acquire Alien ET technology. But they had to allow the Alien ETs access to humans for taking blood and tissue samples for genetic analysis and gene-splicing. Apparently their race was slowly dying of decrepit genes and they wanted to use human genes to re-engineer and repair their race and to gene-splice their own new race of trans-humans slaves for their god Lucifer.

Some members of Majestic-12 came to believe that this Alien Agenda was basically evil. And they somehow had learned that it consisted of an intent to Terra-Form the Earth, drastically reduce the Earth’s population by 90%, and repopulate the Earth with their own Alien ET species after repairing it along with a new gene-spliced creation of trans-human android/slavess created by them to worship and serve them.

Some have identified this Alien Force as the Dracos, the Reptilians, aka the Order of the Snake and they have their own race of android “Greys” servants that they created through gene-splicing . If reports that have leaked out are correct, these Dracos have been functioning for many centuries as a powerful Evil Cosmic Parasites, are inter-dimensional, are male, can assume the Flesh, and can breed with human women.

Some believe these Dracos (Reptoids) are fallen angels that sinned against God Almighty and in leaving their rightful abode to come to Earth to breed with human females, gave up their immortality as spirit being and became “the Fallen Ones” or the accursed ones awaiting final Judgment and destruction from God Almighty, Master Creator of the Universe. It is also believed that these Dracos hate Humans because of their impending Judgment and final destruction for leaving their rightful abode and breeding into the Human Race.

And it is believed by some that these Dracos have invaded Planet Earth and hijacked its structures of government by “raising up” and “anointing” certain bloodlines to serve their needs. In exchange these anointed “World Rulers” are given vast power, riches, status and wealth beyond imagination as long as they keep “feeding the monsters”. Some believe that the Dracos are actually inter-dimensional “Fallen Angels” aka the “Fallen Ones” whose main concern is to serve their god Lucifer and attain his agenda, which is what some Majestic-12 members believe is an Alien Agenda.

For those that think there is no such thing as Alien ETs or their anti-gravity craft, here is a very unique and quite convincing video of a man that has no reason to lie.

[youtube kZk_Sa3AO2E]

We need to stop feeding the Monsters that are operating as Cosmic Parasites upon us.

Feeding the monsters means supplying their negative energy needs by causing as much painful death and suffering in humans as possible. To do this wars are staged as mass human sacrifice rituals dedicated to these Dracos. And the top RCC leaders (aka the Denver Circle of Twelve) conducts semi-annual ritual sacrifices of children on Satanic Holidays to feed their monster overlords which are Cosmic Parasites according to insider reports. There have been insider reports that these Dracos are inter-dimensional spirit beings that are exceedingly evil and hate all humans and everything they stand for and have created.

It is also believed that these Dracos have lived for thousands of years and have been hard at work dominating and parasitizing Planet earth and humans off and on for many centuries, being driven out at times in the past through major corrections, planetary disasters of some kind of Cosmic Correction or major Judgment from God Almighty.

Some identify these bloodlines as Alien/Human hybrids (e.g. Nephilim Male X Human Female). Some call them the Kenites or the Bloodline of Cain who were given the power to rule over evil, folks who display the symbol of the Mark of Cain which is a double cross or “double-X”.

If this is true this would perhaps best be described as an Alien Parasite that invaded Planet Earth appointing, anointing, and empowering select human bloodlines which may or may not be hybridized with their blood, and appointing and anointing these folks to rule Planet Earth according to their Evil Alien Agenda.

As this narrative goes, the Dracos created “Mystery Babylon” which is their system of Babylonian Money-Magick and Luciferian Black-Magick, that is, creating money from nothing as “debt-notes” in order to transfer wealth from the masses to themselves through the creation and use of “pernicious usury” (debt that accrues in such a way that it can never be paid off). These Luciferian secret Black Magick Arts were shared only with a select group chosen from certain bloodlines, folks who were profiled to be somewhat easily corrupted, and who would be willing to sell their souls to Lucifer in exchange for unimaginable power, status, fame and riches.

By the way, not all the Alien ET races visiting Planet earth are believed to be so malignant like the Draco Cosmic Parasites. Some Insiders have said there are over 100 different Alien ET species visiting Planet Earth and few ever reveal themselves. Here is a KGB movie of actual small Greys some insiders consider to be androids or servants/serfs and a harmless little fellows, unlike the Tall Greys which are viewed by some as evil beasts and servants of the Dracos.

[youtube XswfEzKE0UQ]

And now for the deepest darkest secrets of the Alien Agenda.

There are Cosmic Rules of Play set in place by God Almighty the Master Creator. These Rules limit how the Dracos or any other Cosmic Parasites (AKA Fallen Angels or Fallen Ones) can operate. If they could the Dracos would just have landed publicly in the major cities, taken over by brute force, and would have fully enacted their anti-human Alien Agenda, and that would have been that. The Cosmic Rules of Play however prevent that and they must work through humans whom they have been able to steal their souls and then “possess”.

These Fallen Ones do this through offering up extremely desirable “rewards” such as massive power, status and prestige, wealth and all the earthly pleasures and trappings only the richest most successful humans can acquire.

But they must be willing to “sell their souls” to Lucifer that is, enter into a lifetime “blood contract” with Lucifer in order to receive these extreme rewards and perks denied to the common man.

I know, this all sounds so trite but there are many anecdotal reports from insiders about this actually occurring. Evidence that this is so can be found with the numerous recent public statements made by some of the top Rock Stars who act out the Illuminati rituals publicly. You will find these on where admissions are made.

So the bottom line is this, these Fallen ones cannot actuate and attain their Agenda for Planet Earth and humans unless they acquire and possess certain key human leaders.

They must always work through these vectors and if they cannot find folk weak in character that will sell their souls for mammon, well then they are driven backwards into the darkness they came from.

And thanks to folks like Stew Webb who inadvertently married into a “family” of the possessed for a while, we know who is actually the main human vectors now used to actuate the Draco Alien Agenda.(2) We know it is the Denver Circle of Twelve (thirteen at the “witching hour”) when their “Boss” visits them. And in addition it has been reported that they get helpful visits from their own personal spirit guide periodically.

The Master Game of the Alien Agenda.

The Alien Agenda “Master Game” is this, the Fallen Ones posses and control their Key Cutouts, known as Kingpins, and then these kingpins who have been able to climb the power/control hierarchy are then able to assert control over all subordinates. And they of course follow the will of their overlord. The method by which they are controlled is the “Carrot and the Stick”. If they do well for their Overlord (aka spirit guide) they get a big carrot (reward), if they fail or act ineffectively they get the Stick (suffer punishment and loss). If they fail too much they get a death sentence.

How to stop the systematic Rollout of the Alien Agenda.

So if we want to stop the incremental rollout of the Draco’s Alien Agenda, the solution is two fold. First expose them for what they are, Cosmic Parasites who have possessed, anointed and empowered some very evil, twisted top Leaders who have become criminal psychopaths and are Demon or DJin infested.

Resist Draconian mind-control, attitude-cloning and dumbing-down at every level.

The second solution is to resist their Agenda in mass, by refusing to consume their pornography, mind-numbing TV programming and a 100% commitment to live by the Golden Rule, not theirs but the Real One. Their Golden Rule is “Gold Rules”, that is, “He who has the Gold can buy everyone and anything He wants”.

The real Golden Rule is “Do unto you Neighbor as you would want Them to do unto You”. These ruling super-elite Deviants (Illuminati Kingpins, Cutouts and close subordinates) cannot live by this rule of “Do unto others” because it is no longer within their nature.

As soon as a critical mass is reached in society, Psi-Power takes over. This is the emergent mass populism or group mind that kicks in at many different levels to create enough social force, aka “Conscience-Collective” or Group-Mind/Group Consciousness to stop these Illuminati cold in their tracks at every level of society.

It was done by the Founding Fathers and can be done again. That is why the Illuminati have worked so hard to centralize and hijack Public Education and to Federalize everything, including Law Enforcement and the Alphabets by forming Homeland Security (DHS, an Israeli Military Police occupying force inside America).

If a Critical Mass Turning Point is reached, it will be curtains for the Illuminati’s hold on America and the rollout of the Draco’s Alien Agenda through their Circle of Twelve (Illuminati) Kingpins who will quickly become disposable Cutouts.

Reaching the critical Mass Turning Point occurs when too many Humans “wake up”.

Some social scientists believe that the critical mass occurs when 10% of the populace is awake to the endemic corruption now at every level within Federal and State governments due to the criminal syndicate, the RCC which is run by the Circle of twelve, AKA the Illuminati.

And when 10% is reached, which it already has, it is only a matter of time when the Illuminati control breaks down. Unless they are able to quickly impose a complete Police State like they did by installing Bolshevism in Russia in 1917 (which was responsible for over 100 million murders of the innocent Russians). Or like they did in China where they installed Mao’s version of Bolshevism (aka “Pure Illuminism”) and were was responsible for over 66 million mass-murders on their behalf.

Now the critical mass is actually 11% in America and moving towards the 12% mark. At 12% the turning point is reached and the Illuminati System of Mass Mind-Kontrol will no longer be supported by We the People”. It will quickly become unsupported and even psychologically attacked at every single level of American Society.

Yes, DHS is run by those who are enacting the notably anti-human Draco Agenda. I know this seems incredulous but it is true. Their goal? Turn America in GAZA II, the world largest open air prison camp and then proceed to tyrannize, terrorize, asset strip, disarm, intern in 750 FEMA Camps and then systematically mass-murder all American Goyim.

The Alien Agenda Goal to destroy all religions except theirs.

Of course the ultimate Goal of the Draco’s is to pit World Zionism against Christianity and destroy it, while pitting World Zionism against Islam and have them destroy each other. They intend to destroy all world religions except Illuminism, aka Luciferianism which will then be followed by destruction of all humans, creation of trans-human species to serve as their slaves. then they intend to complete their Terra-Forming of the Earth so they can repopulate it with the various species created by the Dracos in their joint deep underground Miltel labs with humans such as that at Dulce, NM.

Mystery Babylon and Babylonian Black Magick (aka the notably evil Luciferian Black Arts).

Insiders have traditionally referred to this system as Mystery Babylon or they simply us the code word “the Baby” to each other to represent it when around others who are not part of the RCC. This system, Mystery Babylon, has been owned and operated by a small select group of ultimate insiders who have called themselves the Illuminati or the “Enlightened Ones”, that is, enlightened by their god Lucifer whom they worship and feel empowered by. Soon Mystery Babylon is going to be a thing of the past.

The top leaders of the RCC are reputed to be Luciferians and part of a Worldwide Death Cult (an occult network using Freemasonry as a cover and front) and are also involved in a working arrangement and in association with the evil Alien ET group the Dracos. This association between the tall Greys and the occult was written about by Aleister Crowley who claimed a “Grey” walked through the wall of a pyramid he was inside of in Eqypt into his presence. There have been some reports that those in the Denver Circle of Twelve, the Top Illuminati all have personal Spirit Guides who appear to them during Blood sacrifice rituals and other times and are believed to be Dracos. Others believe these are simply Demons or DJinns.

The Top Leaders of the RCC appear to be recruited from known Bloodlines classically associated with Lucifer, some consider to be related to Cain (aka the Kenites).

If these key bloodlnes from which the top World Leaders are picked to be part of the RCC are the Kenites (progeny of Cain) as some claim, this would explain why they like to display the double-cross (Two X’s, with on placed on top of the other placed at 45 degrees sharing the same center, or two attached X’s, also called the “Double-Cross”). This double cross is called the “Mark of Cain” and symbolizes the Luciferian crossing out of the cross of Jesus Christ, known to be the Arch Enemy of the Denver Circle of Twelve.

Whenever you see it remember it is a symbol of Luciferian Authority and suggests that the person who displays it is part of the Draco’s Alien Agenda whether they know it or not. It  is a Luciferian symbol of authority signifying the power of the Evil Illuminati Leaders ruling over a World filled with sinful, evil people.

The Agenda of these key bloodlines which have supposedly been selected and anointed by this evil Alien Group the Dracos has been kept secret from the masses. But it is notably Evil beyond imagination and involves sophisticated methodologies and technologies to “thin the herd” by “ministering death to the masses” all done to obtain and maintain extreme political and economic power over mankind. And all done supposedly to supposedly thin the human herd and purify and maintain the human race to the highest standards as obedient slaves of the Dracos.

Pure Evil beyond what most humans can imagine.

These key bloodlines selected by the Fallen Ones to recruit Kingpins and Cutouts from to run the world for them are thus protected by a Covenant between Lucifer and his minions which include various very evil Alien ET races, but his main controllers have been the Dracos and their stooges the greys.

These key bloodlines are thus protected by Lucifer and the Dracos and their subordinates. This Covenant of Evil has been suggested by some to be the origin of the Protocols of Sion (later changed to Protocols of Zion).

Are these protected bloodlines a different distinct race? Some say yes, they are the Kenites aka the genetic offspring of Cain who display the Mark of Cain as their Symbol of Power to each other. Of course there is the old Christian legend that Adam and Eve were seduced by Lucifer in the Garden of Eden, producing fraternal twins, one Cain fathered by Lucifer and the older Able fathered by Adam, both born at the same delivery.

If true this would certainly explain a great deal of the obsession the Illuminati have with creating painful mass-human death in the world today and their obsession with doing as much evil as possible rather than good. And it would perhaps explain their obsessions with creating all sorts of sexual perversions and filth at every level of society including within their own families. Obviously something is seriously wrong and incredibly evil with these alleged Luciferian Bloodlines and their selected leaders who become Kingpins and main Cutouts of Lucifer and his Dracos.

From time to time various UFO-ologists suggest that there is no real evil, just shades of gray and self-preservation by instinct. Not true, pure Evil is not a matter of moral relativity or situational ethics. When the Denver Circle of Twelve murder a little child as a ritual sacrifice and cut its heart out and eat it, creating incredible human panic and suffering, this is pure Evil against pure Innocence. When these Kingpins and Cutouts who sell their souls to Lucifer and sacrifice the World in pre-staged, engineered mass wars resulting in millions of painful human deaths and woundings especially in women and children) and incredible human suffering (aka Hard-kill), this is pure Evil.

When these Rulers of Evil come for anyone and sacrifice them to Lucifer or oppress them and torture them with engineered illness (aka soft-kill) that is now being deployed against us all, this is pure Evil and no-one on the receiving end should dispute that claim.

Of course what is evident about these evil abusers and mass-murders of Humans is that they are all cowards, and when personally cornered, beat, or tortured and treated the way they treat others as routine practice (which doesn’t happen too often but is now imminent if they persist in their Alien Agenda roll-out), they will cry like little babies and try to make deals to escape.

These deadly Luciferian parasites on humanity and Planet Earth are the epitome of violating the Cosmos Golden Rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself”, aka “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Obviously if they were instantly treated exactly the same way they treat others, their reign of terror would have been cut short, very short.

Their best move now in response to the spontaneous emergence of worldwide Populism that is going to specifically target them individually and as a group in America, would be to make a quiet exit, take their money, leave America and go into a quiet retirement in peace and avoid any more evil acts against humanity.

These Kingpins and Cutouts have suppressed the findings of Tesla and many others, and kept the World beaten down with constant wars and bare subsistence living for most, except for them whom live like kings. This evil must be eradicated from Planet earth. Fortunately that process has begun. But as this occurs let us all work together to speed it up by calling these Kingpins and Cutouts what they really are, Demon possessed Monsters that must be stripped of all power and brought to True Justice. They are a parasitical plague, a curse on mankind and Planet Earth and their demise cannot come soon enough.

Limited Disclosure has been occurring for over the last twenty years.

Over the last twenty years there has been substantial Disclosure through TV documentaries, books and weekend seminars and meetings. Nothing official however except for the honest truthful statements made by President Jimmy Carter who has a reputation for honesty and integrity, and some quite interesting comments by President Ronald Reagan.

Before Senator Barry Goldwater’s death he shared his experience with a journalist about his personal questioning General Curtis Lemay about Hanger 18 at Wright Patterson AFB while he was a Major General in the USAF Reserve. He was supposedly told by General Lemay that if he insisted he would be shown the actual Alien ET bodies and then learn the actual facts about Alien ETs, but that he would be very closely monitored every day the rest of his life. He concluded that it just wasn’t worth it and came away with the idea that Alien ETs were very real based on what General Lemay communicated to him when he advised him against insisting on learning too much about them.

Another Alien ET Group has become involved because the Dracos crossed a certain line.

There have been a number of Alien ET groups visiting Planet Earth. Most have been simple observers and desire to do no harm. However one group the Dracos using their specially gene-spliced hybrids a certain type of what some folks call the Greys, are exceedingly Evil parasites that view the Earth as theirs for the taking and the humans that inhabit it as their prey. There have been reports from respected insiders that some Dracos eat humans for a delicacy.

Apparently there are accepted Rules of Play in the Universe established by the Creator, God Almighty, and one is that any Alien ET group of the Fallen Ones cannot take over another group such as humans without obtaining their consent. And apparently there is another Rule of Play that the use of Fission, Fusion, or free energy (aka dark energy) cannot be allowed to get out of hand in waging war, and cannot be allowed to become a serious threat the existence of Planet Earth and perhaps other parts of the Universe.

Have the Tall Whites (Nordics) already began interfering in the evil Alien Agenda of the Dracos?

If this reality seems imminent it is believed by some insiders that the Tall Whites (Nordics) will intervene in various non-violent defensive ways to make sure this will not happen. It is believed by some insiders that they have already intervened at times are now working with certain sectors in US Intel to intercede against the RCC and the Dracos who control them.

The current narrative some insiders have been claiming to associates is that the Dracos have crossed a certain line by using their Illuminati Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) to distribute nuclear weapons all over the world. And to have been deploying them and setting them off in secret such as they did at the Bali bombing, the Murrah Building and the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. And that they did so as well in numerous other instances during the Mideast wars and even Vietnam which involved the use of micro and min-nukes and high tech neutron or special jacketed devices.(4)

The Tall Whites which some refer to as Nordics are claimed by some to be acting as a powerful counter-force to the Evil Dracos which are believed to be life and energy sucking cosmic parasites.

There Alien ET Group the Tall Whites Nordics) some view as benevolent and much milder manner than the Dracos, has now allegedly aligned itself with the Russian High Military Command and some elements in the US High Military Command and/or parts of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). They could be meeting directly with such Officials in group settings or influencing matters by working with single individuals unknown to the rest. At this time such information is not available so we can’t know for sure but some insiders have claimed that this group of Alien ETs are benevolent towards humans, in some cases can pass for them and believe that the human race is at the crossroads of history. And it is possible that a new separate treaty has been formed between the USG and the Tall Whites through Majestic-12, like the Russian federation has been reported to have recently made under Putin’s leadership.

Have the Tall Whites delivered a Final Warning to Majestic-12 and the top USG Policy-Makers?

It has been alleged that their view is that either the masses, especially We the People in America pull together, wake up, break the mind-kontrolled spell that has been conditioned upon us and take our government back from the RCC. If this is not done, apparently the Dracos will be able to forge ahead and activate their mass-death and destruction program based on deploying mass pestilence and limited nuclear war on the whole world which result in the mass-murder approximately 90% of the World’s population.

This narrative includes the notion that the Dracos cannot proceed without the continuing consent provided by We the People who are for the most part asleep at the wheel, but just starting to wake up in mass, thanks to the Internet which is the new Gutenberg Press. I cannot tell you for sure that this narrative is true other than there is some good evidence that it is based on numerous anecdotal reports from respected insiders.

An end to all secrecy seems imminent and is now well under way, and seems to be driven by the influence of the Tall Whites who some believe are generating world populism through the Internet.

Apparently the current situation is this. If reports are accurate, the Tall Whites are now working behind the lines to make sure that all secrecy ends and that the secret crimes of the RCC are fully exposed to the public via the Internet and word of mouth through information diffusion. It does seem quite interesting so many Deep Black Secret Shadow Government Secrets have been exposed lately and so many “thought to be secret” phone conversations and documents. There is every reason to believe this trend will continue and will speed up. I expect a complete end to all secrecy within two years at the rate this is occurring.

The RCC is cornered, desperate and perhaps may deploy more False-Flag terror on America.

Right now it appears that the RCC is cornered, desperate and may deploy additional nuclear false-flag attacks on America in order to attempt to re-establish their failing control system. This would probably be a final effort to re-establish complete authority in their system or control which is eroding daily, best described as “going for broke”.

Some believed they were going for broke with their nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01. Now that what they did to America on 9/11/01 has been discovered, perhaps they believe they must escalate matters by deploying even another, even more brazen, more deadly false-flag nuclear attack on America before too many Americans find out what they did on 9/11/01.

Will the RCC attempt to use Homeland Security (DHS) to lock down America and is this doomed to failure and blowback beyond their imagination?

If they do this it is expected they will attempt to use Homeland Security (DHS) to lock-down America and declare martial Law. This will create a serious battle between We the People and these Draco driven Luciferian Kingpins who run the RCC.

Has Majestic-12 attained space-weapon parity with the Dracos?

Has Majestic-12 actually developed new weapons systems which can for the first time provide a serious match against the Dracos should they continue with their Agenda to invade and populate the World, starting in Africa first? There have been some anecdotal reports of this and if so this would explain why there may have been a major policy change within Majestic-12 to favor complete disclosure and actually permit it and perhaps even facilitate it.

Has a major turning point occurred within the last month?

Three major events occurred within the last two months which suggest that “the worm has turned”. The first incident was the phone Wanta-111-90x65message left on Ambassador Lee Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy phone system by Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad.

Listen Here

This phone call threat to Wanta begs for indictments and prosecution for numerous Federal Crimes including RICO. If fully investigated and completely prosecuted, this matter could easily unravel the whole USG. These two individuals had allegedly previously stated they were the Puppet-Masters.(4)

The second incident was the recent announcement by US Attorney General Eric Holder that he was resigning. Were these two matters connected. Or was this recorded threat to lee Wanta just the final straw that broke the Camel’s back.

It was also recently ruled by a Federal judge that the Benghazi documents could no longer be withheld after November 1, 2014. Some believe that if the full documents are released by Holder’s office many top Administration folks (some former ones) will be politically ruined and some even prosecutable.

And the third recent major event. Veterans Today own Professor Jim Fetzer,  Veterans Today Editor and his fellow researchers have completely cracked the Sandy Hook event which was a False-Flag attack on the Second Amendment and a FEMA/DHS Capstone Level Drill with No Dead Kids, No Dead Teachers, No Dead Lanzas and all faked, using paid shills and actors and a pre-prepared 50,000 word script.


It is likely going to be a very traumatic and difficult battle for We the People to expose, block, subdue and drive out the enemy within. there will be many major losses and a great battle ahead on many fronts. But we will be victorious.

It is now known that most of the murders of insiders who talked about the Alien ET treaties and joint programs, especially the horrendous anti-human Dulce NM programs were done by Alien ET/human hybrids or Nephilim/human progeny who can pass for humans. And it is also known that the US Military until recently couldn’t do anything about this.

And as we now know the RCC is little more than a big Alien ET (Draco) driven international Drug Cartel/money laundering enterprise now operating as an exceedingly Evil (beyond imagination) Parasite on America and most of the World dedicated to deploying mass painful death and destruction on mankind.

The RCC is empowered and driven by a powerful Cosmic Parasite, the Reptoids (Dracos) whose grasp on Planet Earth is now diminishing by the day, thanks to the establishment of a new Space Weapons parity and a little help from our current associates the Tall Whites (Nordics).

Due to the recent events and continued exposure of deep secrets of the RCC, it seem obvious that the Worm has Turned and the massive power of the RCC will be deconstructed piece by piece in the near future, no matter what they do to prevent it which will only create more direct blowback against them.

The RCC may resort to deploying their Samson Option and take out one or even several American Cities, however this would be their last act as the US Military High Command would most likely eradicate them in short order for this. It is known that Israel planted twenty-five nukes in various large American cities, storing them in their Embassies.

Israeli’s planted W-54 based nukes in the World trade Center twin Towers to demo them on 9/11/01 and mass-murdered 3,000 innocent victims on that day. This nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 also created strange radiation caused cancers in over 70,000 first responders and NYC residents. It is believed that most of these Israeli “Samson Option” Nukes placed inside America are based on the 350 W-54 Pitts illegally acquired from Bush1 out the door at Pantex in Texas.

One key Congressman was given Billions to acquire Ukrainian S-19 and S-20 large megaton warheads when the Soviet Union fell, and instead of reprocessing them properly, sold them to Israel and distributed many millions of dollars to key Members of Congress who helped cover this up and continue to keep it covered up. This is of course Treason and is a Capital Offence. Because the payoffs involved Treason and major RICO Financial Fraud there is no statute of limitations.

Fortunately the NEST men (AKA Nuclear Snake-Eaters) are now on the job and inspecting every single Israeli diplomatic pouch or trunk. These men are the elite of the elite and are 100% dedicated. Fortunately we have such men working for all of us. And they are well aware of the new high tech shielding methods which block gamma rays and necessitate close inspections, and they are doing their best to stay on top of this ongoing RCC/Israeli “Samson Option” threat.

Of course it isn’t much of a stretch to figure out that the recent Ebola breakout in Liberia involves a USG Patented gene-spliced weaponized virus deployed by the IZCS, a successor to their use of Anthrax to encourage reluctant Members of Congress to pass the illegal, Unconstitutional Patriot Act. If you connect the dots and assume that Ebola is just another covert Samson Option now being deployed against Africa and America, and then the rest of the World to follow, you would probably be correct. We cannot not yet know just how virulent this will turn out to be. Perhaps it will burn out quickly, but it may also become the new “Black Plague”.

It is now generally recognized by top US Military Insiders that Israeli leader’s incredible hubris has resulted in serious, irreversible mistakes such as enacting the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, instituting the Sandy Hook FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill with no dead students, teachers or Lanzas, and their Apartheid and massacre of Palestinians. The blowback from these grotesque mass-murders will result in the divestiture of all nations from Israel and its isolation as an anti-human, war criminal and Pariah. Within ten years Israel will fall just like South Africa for its inhuman, Nephilim based Apartheid. Even Heinz Kissinger who is one of them said so recently.

And the Israeli leaders and super-elites know too and that is why they are trying to seize the Ukraine and establish it as a new Israel, planning to move all their people there. They have installed a puppet government in the Ukraine with the help of the US Department of State and are now mass-murdering Ukrainians who are resisting, including young women and children and even pregnant women.

Payback is slow, but thanks to the Internet severe judgment is now on the way and the whole world will extract justice from these IZCS war criminals and mass-murderers. And the BCC has gladly cooperated in all these efforts because they gain big profits from selling war materials. That too will come to an end and eventually justice will be done.

Disclaimer: Several members of the Veterans Today Editorial Board may have experience and security clearances associated with Secret Space War matters in a variety of capacities. Do not assume that this article in any way represents their views or opinions or is based on information provided by or associated with them. It does not. The actual sources for this article are not associated with Veterans Today.








Additional References about Secret Space War and the Alien Agenda:

This subject gets a bit negative. A little entertainment can help boost one’s mood. Here is some more quite rare raw music talent for those with the time and interest. Samantha Fish.

[youtube 27rMFX308GM]




  1. “It is likely going to be a very traumatic and difficult battle for We the People to expose, block, subdue and drive out the enemy within. there will be many major losses and a great battle ahead on many fronts. But we will be victorious”

    As long as I do not end up on a hook in one of those underground meat lockers being patrolled by a 4 foot troll I’ am in. (No sarcasm intended)

    • Erin, As sick as the reality is… you made me laugh… which is ok because I have cried enough about
      this unbelievable mess we find ourselves in and have been witness to. But there are plenty of
      reasons to believe we WILL be victorious!! Keep the faith and believe that the good will prevail.
      (btw, the underground dwellers are tall reptillian shapeshifters and some tall greys, their robotoidal grey DNA gatherers are in the troll category.)

  2. I would like to encourage every ‘truth warrior” out there to copy and paste all of Preston’s Alien Agenda articles as well as Gordon’s eye openers to as many locations as possible. These are the most concise and accurately presented articles that I have found to represent the complete story that I have been researching for years. Preston and Gordon and all the editors at VT are doing a service to humanity. I can add details on some things… and there are many who are working behind the scenes to get the truth out. God Bless and protect us all in our crusade against evil!!!

  3. THE ALIEN AGENDA – Preston James – Veterans Today Radio – Oct 1, 2014 (12 mins)
    http //

    VETERANS TODAY RADIO (10-2-14) Stew Webb, Gene Chip Tatum, Preston James (Oct 2)
    12 men that control wealth of the world @ 53 mins.
    http //

    1) George H.W. Bush
    2) Leonard Millman
    3) Larry Mizel
    4) Pope Benedict
    5) Bill Grace of Grace & Co
    6) Henry Kissinger
    7) David Rockefeller
    8) Mayer Rothschild
    9) Paul Warburg
    10) Patrick Yu
    11) Answar bin Sharee, head Rabbi in Israel
    12) ?

  4. Here’s another shapeshifter on camera testifying at a senate hearing. Watch McCain’s face and the bevy of military trying to cover Petraeus up. Then they mention “sugar water” as they lead him out.

    http //

    http //

  5. They are parasites and they need us to feed off of. That’s why they are doing everything they can to hang on to us. Once the Shift is over, they would no longer be with us. Getting through this Shift is humanity’s sacred duty. It will affect many worlds and correct the damage that has been done. People have no idea how special they are. Human DNA is very, very precious. That’s what all the alien abductions are about. Look up the Christos Realignment Mission.
    http //

    • CoJonesGrandes if human DNA is precious they ought to be harvesting the cemeteries and funeral homes. Forbidding crematoriums. Pulling amputated body parts out of the incinerators of the hospitals. Zipping down mopping up the aftermath of drone attacks.

      Maybe it isn’t all that precious.

    • Why do you think UFOs have always been seen “hovering” over war zones? Why do you think all these wars are “whipped” up to begin with? There HAVE been stories of newly-interred bodies disappearing from grave-sites. I’ve read the ETs at the Dulce underground base (nightmare hall on the 7th level down forbidden to the human occupants of the base — GOOGLE DULCE) and elsewhere use human body parts mixed with other liquids in huge vats. They bathe in these “nutrients” absorbed through their skin. Disgusting, isn’t it? Our wonderful govt and MJ-12 knows all about this and let it continue to this day. CPT Mark Richards was sent to 30 yrs in prison for trying to rescue the humans in cages at Dulce with his father. Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot has 2 recent interviews with Cpt Richards.

      Is it any WONDER they don’t want “DISCLOSURE”. There is nothing “pretty” about what the ETs have done to humanity since the 50’s — and STILL ONGOING, with the US military “protecting” them. Americans and people around the world would BEAT them to death for their horrible and inhumane transgressions against humanity. We should START with those “protecting” them FIRST – the ELITE who have benefitted from these They are afraid of guns, and have DIRECTED Washington to confiscate them. Under THESE circumstances, every human should have a gun. They are deathly afraid of the 22 ammo.

    • And why do you think so many people are “UNACCOUNTED FOR” in hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy, Hurrican Andrew, and probably Fukishima? The mainstream media NEVER tells us about the huge number of “missing”.

      http //

      http //

    • gentry You know, im sure it was on the NSPCC website, a couple of yrs ago, while i was mooching for info, regarding all these govt paedos, an article about missing children, from CARE HOMES. I cant find the article now, but it was on an official report (a pdf or something, rather than a webpage)

      Between 65% and 80% of FOREIGN CHILDREN, who are handed into childrens homes by POLICE (who capture them, when they raid brothels etc. – often 8-10yrs old), PERMENENTLY VANISH WITHOUT TRACE, WITHIN 2 DAYS OF BEING HANDED OVER TO THE HOME.

      Exact figures aren’t available, because PROPER RECORDS AREN’T USUALLY KEPT.

      It finished with the govt’s official comment on the matter

      “it is thought that many of the children probably find their way back to their pimps, and go back to work for them, out of some false sense of loyalty” (not verbatim, but very close, i’m sure).

      So they’re saying (this is the UK govt), that an 8 yr old latvian child, who cant speak english, gets put into a care home in Scotland, 400 miles away, and with no money, no map, no way to get to london even if they knew where it was, let alone find the same pimp, does indeed do all that.

      Not only that, but ALL of them do ! Not some, ALL ! Because they have “NO IDEA” whats happened ot ANY of them – no trace of them is EVER seen again – no dna, prints, nothing, EVER !

      And the police have NEVER set up surveilance on ANY of the homes, even though they know they always go missing within 2 days of being handed in.

    • gentry There was also a hospital in england a few yrs ago (it was on the news, for about a day, then got removed, quick), and in a basement there, they found preserved BABY BODY PARTS AND ORGANS.

      When people’s children died, the parents were handed a receipt, and assured the remains had been incinerated. Instead, they’d been gutting them all, and preserving their organs.

      And thats why i think a lot of whats going on revolves around the one subject which is rarely mentioned, let alone investigated – CANNIBALISM !

      I reckon (just because thats my big new hunch), that most of the black market in body parts, is actually for cannibals. They certainly existed in the old days, and tended to be the leaders, for obvious reasons. I reckon they use post mortems, to rob all our body parts. They were PROVEN to have done it in that hospital, but they said it was for RESEARCH, and got told not to do it again !

      Interview 1 – http //
      Interview 2 – http //
      http //

    • If Rark Richards wanted to rescue some caged humans there are plenty available. Everyone in New Mexico has a brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, daughter, granddaughter in the pen for knifing cousin Juan in the parking lot during a wedding party, sticking up a convenience store, or multiple DWI driveby shootings.

    • If you have not listened to this yet, please do so. It’s disturbing, yet I’m glad I know now!

      http //

    • gentry as far as I know UFOs aren’t recorded to have been noticed particularly over war zones. I did spend a couple of weeks up around Dulce in the 1990s snooping around the mesa looking for any signs of UFO activity. Nuthun. I’d gotten enthused by a tape of a man who’d just died, claimed he’d lost several body parts fighting aliens underneath there. Used to go around gun shows, UFO conferences and whatnot telling his story and he was somewhat convincing.

      I don’t believe he every suggested anything’s precious about human DNA though. If he had I wouldn’t have believed him. Might have saved myself wasting all that time up at Dulce.

    • I read all the books available on the ET/UFO issue before the internet, and literally hundreds of hours reading pertinent articles when the internet became available. If human DNA was NOT special, why are humans being used by ETs to produce hybrids, why are human females being ABDUCTED and TRADED between alien species as a valuable commodity? As you contend, we don’t even KNOW why our species is considered “special”. It is said that we are an experiment that started with a mixture of DNA from 12 races. See notes here of humans being traded from space techology, etc. http //

      I would think you’d want to retain an open mind, since you once had an interest. If not, why read articles with this title?

    • gentry I didn’t say I wasn’t open minded. I’ve probably read as much or more about UFOs as you have, had a couple of convincing experiences, know what’s been claimed and believe some of it. I just don’t believe all of it, and I don’t believe anyone who says anything about any of it who speaks with too much certainty. I personally knew the mother of the boy who was present at the Roswell/Corona crash and discussed it with her at length a few years ago. So when I read people making pronouncements about what is I don’t pay it much mind.

    • The negative aliens “FEED” off human emotions (they don’t have emotions themselves). That’s why they like battle zones, and now the Ebola zones. The more terror the better.

    • Robert Monroe called the energy the reptilians feed on loosh. His account of failed and successful attempts to grow loosh on earth is reproduced here
      https //

    • You have something which the dark aliens do not and cannot have, though they try very hard to get it. Your DNA is technology. Sure the dark aliens have messed about with it but it’s still there, waiting to be activated.

    • She was in her 90s when I talked to her about it. Nothing profound except there was wreckage all over that patch of country, she held the memory metal and saw the site a few days later but before the Army showed up. The sister of the kid was there when I talked to her and she’d been too young to remember it in 1947, but she knew what all she’d heard in family talk when she was a youngster, knew the people involved. No admissions to seeing aliens, no denials. Unwillingness to talk about it. The boy went years being unwilling to talk about it, though they felt ‘sure’, mother and sister, that he’d hidden away memory metal until he died in the 1980s.

    • CoJonesGrandes it’s the foil-like fragments scattered around the Corona site. Wad it up and it returns to its previous shape. The kid tried shooting it with a .22 and they wouldn’t scar nor penetrate it. I’ve read somewhere it was probably a titaniu allow they hadn’t developed yet in 1947. Similar to eyeglasses frames you can twist around and they return to their previous shape.

    • Maybe fetuses and live humans for their trades, but human “parts” for their nutrition vats. The terror they create remains in the body part.

    • The Illuminati trade human DNA with aliens in exchange for info and technology. Apparently they managed to break the embargo recently and got a consignment out which really upset certain benevolent and neutral ET groups. This may have led to the head of the Illuminati and Great White Brotherhood being taken out.

    • I’m not saying it isn’t so and there’s certainly no harm in you believing it if you choose to. I just don’t happen to believe more than I disbelieve that the Illuminati even exists.

  6. As always, I love Dr. Preston James’ articles. I found the defining of The Ruling Crime Cabal as being composed of the BCC and the IZCS, and referred to as the Illuminati, helpful to understand the overall picture. It makes sense that there is an impetus to the horrific Illuminati agenda–that they are controlled by destructive, negative, parasitical beings. Christ coming as “our savior” as an antidote via the personage of Jesus makes good sense. Even pagans today accept and understand the importance of Christ. This is not really about “religions”. We were given a spark of divinity via Christ and that is a major jealousy that the “fallen ones” have towards us. They want that potential of our spirit suppressed and hence all the deceit and the agenda of corrupting the human spirit.

    Preston gives a spot on solution “refusing to consume their pornography, mind-numbing TV programming and a 100% commitment to live by [Jesus’] Golden Rule.” It boils down to nurturing Love for yourself and others. Then all the other complicated issues are resolved via the intelligent Universe, “the hand of God.”

  7. The surprising Quranic verses talk in very specific ways about Jinns (ETs, Aliens )who are well known phenomenon in Islam . This article in many ways surprisingly matches with the Islamic view of these beings.
    72 6 ” `Human beings used to seek power through jinn beings, but they only afflicted them with a lot of adversity.
    15 27 As for the jinns, we created them, before that, from blazing fire (Plasma, fire ball on sky?).
    34 41 .. Instead, they were worshiping the jinns; most of them were believers therein.”
    37 158 .. The jinns themselves know that they are subservient.
    55 16 O humans and jinns, which of your Lord’s marvels can you deny?
    46 18 Such are the ones stamped as disbelievers among every generation of jinns and humans; they are losers.
    41 29 … “Our Lord, show us those among the two kinds – jinns and humans – who misled us, so we can trample them under our feet, and render them the lowliest.”
    6 128 … “O you jinns, you have claimed multitudes of humans.” Their human companions will say, “Our Lord, we enjoyed each others’ company until we wasted the life span You had set for us.”
    6 100 ..they set up idols from among the jinns, though God is the One who created them.
    72 1 …. a group of jinns listened, then said, `We have heard a wonderful Quran.

  8. So, we have the negative ET’s threatening total annihilation of the planet if the elite don’t follow through with their depopulation agenda, per earlier VT articles. Now, according to this article and Gordon’s comment, we have an ultimatum that if those who oppose this plan don’t overthow the secret government, and humanity somehow prove its worthiness, including its treatment of animals, the elite will be allowed to continue their extermination. Said extermination would likely include massive suffering for all life on earth, including the animals. …ummm, I say we don’t trust either group. Benevolent beings don’t behave this way. Please just keep disclosing as much as you can VT.

    • Vallely tried to start an “American Spring” in the U.S. early this year. MANY Americans would have participated except that they discovered Vallely’s previous association with full-fledged Satanist Michael Aquino, who wrote a psychological paper with him. In addition, Vallely’s been visiting ISIS recently and promoting war, which appeared in articles. Like McCain, Vallely’s visits and photos with ISIS didn’t sit well with Americans.

      After exposure of Vallely’s assocation with Satanist Aquino, and his visits to ISIS, he turned the leadership of the American Spring rally over to another person to save it, but it was too late and few showed up. We don’t want MORE NEOCON warmongers, which is what Vallely is. We want a REAL revolution and PEACE.

  9. RETIRED GENERALS DEMANDING MORE WAR – Pro-War Pundits Retired Generals Keane, Zinni, Mattis, Vallely, McInerney, John Allen, & Petraeus are paid by the Military-Industrial complex to demand Perpetual War
    http //
    http //

    Retired Gen Anthony Zinni, perhaps the loudest advocate of a large deployment of American soliders into the region to fight ISIS, is a board member to BAE Systems’ US subsidiary, and also works for several military-focused private equity firms.

    Keane is special adviser to Academi (Blackwater); as a board member to tank & aircraft manufacturer General Dynamics with a $258,000 salary; a “venture partner” to SCP Partners, an investment firm that partners with defense contractors, including XVionics, an “operations management decision support system” company used in Air Force drone training; and as president of his own consulting firm, GSI LLC. Mattis is Keane’s colleague on the General Dynamics board.

    Then there are Fox News pundits McInerny & warmonger MajGEN Paul Vallely, who has attempted to sell his version of a Neocon brass-led military coup, controlled by the same globalist interests as Obama. A revolution led by Zionist Neocon warmongers is NOT a CONSTITUTIONAL REVOLUTION. Vallely continues to ally closely with Zionist neocon political elites.

    • gentry, Thanks for this critical (& difficult to find for some of us) info. I asked Chip Tatum in his latest column about the above & find your comments answered many of my questions. The truth IS coming to light at a crucial time…

  10. Kalin if the concept seems that foreign to you, if you have to go that far to rationalize it, maybe it’s worth revisiting to explore the possibility it isn’t true.

  11. According to Malachi Martin, who quit the Jesuits, the Vatican has been infiltrated by Luciferians who do sinister human sacrifices and black masses in the basement of the Vatican. Like so many other church systems, infiltration by Luciferians is the norm. I don’t deal with the Vatican much because one should really look at the Jesuit leaders who control it and are the apparent Evil Rulers ruling over the Evil in the world.

  12. If, as Gordon says below, “Judgement Day” approaches, the question is WHO will be doing the judging? If it’s the one true supreme being, then most of the world and Americans would say, “BRING IT ON”. We are “fed up” with the corruption and criminality of governments and bankers of the world. We look forward to viewing the judgements of the worst first 1) David Rockefeller, 2) Kissinger, 3) Brzezinski, 4) George H.W. Bush, 5) Cheney, 6) Soros, 7) Rothschild, 8) Netanyahu, 9) Wolfowitz, 10) Rabbi Dov Zakheim and their Jesuit/Vatican bankers and military minions.
    It’s more likely that Gordon thinks an ET race will “judge” us, especially with his comment that we will be treated as animals. THAT does NOT indicate judgement by a true supreme being. m1intuite states below, “my guess for what MJ would want for disclosure is whatever will help their agenda move forward.” I agree. It was the DRACO Reptilians who confronted the Pilgrim Society lately threatening mandatory exposure. These negative beings have “no right” to judge humans; they need to be removed from earth. These negative ETs, MJ-12, the CIA warmongering scum, the FED and their zionist too-big-to-fail Bailout Banks, and the military-industrial complex have continuously SABOTAGED humanity, SABOTAGED elections, SABOTAGED and murdered inventors, fomented endless wars, and murdered millions. We are STILL driving 25 mpg cars, created in the 40’s. REAL technology is DEAD except for toys.

    • As you probably realize some believe that God Almighty, the true boss of the Universe sometimes uses evil creatures to deliver judgment to those who will not follow His basic Rule of Do unto Others, eg Love your neighbor. All these malevolent forces can be driven back into the Darkness where they came from if mankind wakes up and stops believing the CMMM lies and deception and resists “psi”-chologically at every level.

  13. MIKE MCCONNELL is named in this new Project Camelot video at 1 hr. 30 mins. as being the HEAD OF MJ-12. These monsters are FUNDING the terrorists AGAINST our soldiers via the Swiss Banks and CIA, ALL of which has been reported REPEATEDLY since 2007 (and again in 2012 & 2013) in FORMAL LETTERS by a LAWYER to Zionist Senators Diane Feinstein (Senate Intelligence Committee), Congressman Mike Rogers (House Intelligence Committee, Levin (Senate Investigations Committee, Leahy, THE pentagon IG Lynn Halbrooks, Gen Jeff Jacobs, Gen James Mattis & over 100 other congressmen. Over 19,000 bank accounts were identified which could have been SHUT DOWN, but Congress and the Pentagon REFUSED TO ACT OR EVEN RESPOND. THOSE COMMITTEE AND CHAIRMAN IN CONGRESS SHOULD BE REMOVED, AS WELL AS THE MILITARY WHO REFUSED TO STOP THIS FUNDING.

    SCUMBAG Zionist Rabbi Dov Zakheim, 9/11 WAR CRIMINAL, who disappeared with $2.3 TRILLION on 911 ($9.5 TRILLION per Susan Lindauer) is STILL running around all over U.S.military bases like McDill AFB, and putting whistleblowers in prison. The American people are asking, “What in the hell is going on here?”

    http //

    • Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy discussed this video with Mike Harris today Oct 3 at 2 pm EST on Revolution Radio Freedomslips. Tonight (Oct 3) at 7 pm Kerry will be talking to a supersoldier who spent 17 years on Mars and a few years on the moon with Solar Warden in the Secret Space Progr,am. He is a Marine, recently interviewed by Hangar One. CAMELOT LIVESTREAM TONIGHT — will discuss where the money is going, technology 10,000 yrs in advance of what we have on earth. HUGE LIES are being told by the military saying they have insufficient equipment.

      MIKE asks “What are these guys “DOING” out there?

      http //

      Veterans Today Radio (10-2-14) Stew Webb, Gene Chip Tatum, Preston James (Oct 2)
      12 men controlling U.S. @ 53 mins.
      http //

    • MIKE HARRIS interview of Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot on Funding of ISIS via Swiss Banks & CIA
      PART 1 – http // (START @ 3 mins)
      PART 2 – http //

  14. (suite 2)

    Such an announcement done for example by Putin would be as well accepted worldwide (if not better right now…) as if it was done by Obama.
    Even thought imho it would be better if it was done by the UN (after all they do/should represent Mankind).

    A couple of other reasons why imo “the sooner the better”.

    Mankind is at an extremely dangerous crossroad turning one way it can lead us to self-destruction via an hypothetical WWIII. Turning the other side, we can make of this Earth the Utopia of our dreams (huge difference).
    If we, Earth-Humans, do nothing and keep going on this direction, we are doomed.
    For any observer out there, it should be obvious that we need help! It is now obvious (to me anyway) that Mankind alone, with no help from other more Evolved Civilizations, won’t make it (History proves it).
    And despite being just a tiny planet on some remote corner of our Galaxy, we are part of something much bigger. The outcome of thousands of years of evolution here, whatever the final result might be, will inevitably have repercussions in this sector of the Galaxy, the Milky Way itself, and probably the rest of the Universe.
    So imho any help is most welcome. And we need it right now.

  15. (suite 1)

    We have seen small pieces of disclosure happening for decades. Saying that it won’t lead to Full Disclosure is like saying that the potatoes we are cooking in boiling water won’t ever cook. That is a physical impossibility.
    Why “the sooner the better”? Because for everything to happen there is a window of opportunity and a right timing (this one seems to end around 2016-17) . Because we (Earth-Humans) are more then 7 billions on this planet right now. I don’t have precise/exact data as for the percentage of people who are aware of this reality, but let’s say 10% of 7+ billion. If when the right timing comes, there’s not a higher percentage of people aware of all this, the mass landings will probably happen anyway (ET forcing Full Disclosure). That would most probably provoke chaos, panic, fear, all around the World.
    I don’t think those ETs in charge of what I like to call “Operation Earth”, would be interested in such chaos. The Malevolent ones simply don’t want Full Disclosure to ever happening, it’s obviously not in their best interests.

    It seems to me that for the better of Mankind Full Disclosure should be done by some top official leader(s), in order to prepare Mankind for the inevitable Contact (we only use our cradle as babies, then we have to get a larger bed, that’s the same with everything else).
    Imho it’s not mandatory that such Full Disclosure will have to be made by some US President.

  16. Thank you Dr. James for this series.

    For a few reasons usually I prefer not to use the “alien” word terminology when refering to Beings that (as far as we know) don’t originate on planet Earth, therefore are not Earth-Humans, and prefer to use terms such as ET or occasionally ID (Inter-Dimensional). Only when refering to Malevolent ET species I do sometimmes use the term “alien”. And only when it is necessary to make a difference between the Benevolent Beings out there, and the Malevolent ones.

    And based on the only inhabited planet we know (a few things) about, inho it makes total sense that Good & Bad are a common thing in the rest of this Universe.

    As for the Tall Whites I don’t think they are included in the Nordic type of ET. Pleiadians are typical Nordic ETs, and they are usually considered one of many Benevolent species out there. On the other hand, except on their relation with Charles Hall, and the military who host them on Nellis AFB, the Tall Whites are not considered a Benevolent species. Maybe not really Malevolent (as the Dracos, Greys, etc), maybe simply kind of Neutral, but for the simple fact for all these years they weren’t in favor of Disclosure, imho we can’t put them into the Benevolent species group.

    Full Disclosure is inevitable, no matter how long it takes. Sooner or later it will happen. Imho, the sooner the better.

  17. These articles have really opened my eyes thank you very much. I’ve been skeptical of our so-called government for a while now just gut feelings and have always wondered why they have gotten away with so much greed and murder and still for the life of me can’t understand why so many are blind to all of this. I’ve always known 9-11 was an inside job but have always been called paranoid and I’ve been trying to bring light to all of this to family, friends and neighbors but get that deer in the headlights look as though I’m off my rocker but will never give up and thank you so much once again.

  18. I find it kind of odd that the author of the article would reference the infiltration of music by illuminati/ satanic/ occult influences, then leave at the bottom of the page a video showcasing an apparently possessed blues singer singing “i put a spell on you” while she flashes the 666 (aka the A-Okay hand sign) hand gesture.

    was that irony to punctuate an article about satanic influence in society, or a serious attempt at “mood boosting”…. or a mishap?

    not that im a bible-thumper or anything….i just found it rather antithetical to the overall message of the article.

  19. “The worm has turned” into the light of day where We The People can finally see the controls of the cabal & the psychopathic games they play…but not for much longer, because we are getting stronger as One Voice, United We Stand…against tyranny & evil all over this beloved land…

  20. Where were these Benevolent ETS when we were being enslaved, dissected studied and sacrificed? Were they busy digging metals off the moon, and such stuff? I respectfully submit that this planet has been a game arena for ETS since way back and a “football” for ETS as described by Arizona Wilder since getgo No intelligent beings can pretend we gave permission to Dracos or others while being highjacked and hoodwinked.
    I had thought that recently the Archons left the planet due to higher vibrational frequency and sun plasma but I surely do not know. I want them all to go home! To Hell with Disclosure!

    • You are not alone in your view. Some believe all Alien ETs no matter how cute are either “the Fallen” or their human hybrid offspring or gene-spliced androids and all are tool of massive deception by Lucifer, their master controller who uses them to attempt to attain his age old anti-human Agenda of Evil. For the first time it is rumored that US Space Command has attained parity with the worst of these whom they consider invaders of Earth and Cosmic parasites.

    • Nick Redfern in his book ‘Final Events’ writes that a secretive government investigative team called the ‘Collins Elite’ researched the UFO phenomenon beginning in the 50’s and came to the conclusion that aliens were in fact the ‘Nephilim’. Some of these went on to advocate a return to ‘Old Testament Law’ in the United States in order to lift the moral order and repel these aliens/demons. Others wanted full disclosure to public; obviously that did not happen. Anyone interested can check out his site

      http //

      Thanks to Dr. James and VT for providing this information.

    • Thanks for this information. Yes, many do believe these Alien ETs are Nephilim, or from them somehow. Especially the Dracos who some believe are evil to the core and want to use, parasitize, and then mass-murder all humans. Because they must work through key, selected, easy to corrupt humans, they have used their captured souls to set up Homeland Security and plan to deploy it to tyrannize, terrorize, asset strip, disarm, intern and progressively mass-murder all Americans.

    • The Lucifer-worshipers and the hybrids are running the show.
      Is there any organization like “illuminati” described in the Bible?

      http //

      We are in the endgame.

    • Thanks so much for these in depth articles. It is my understanding ( though again all of this is surmise) that the Draco hydras are going going going…gone due to higher planetary vibrations. ( I would really like to talk to you online privately or whatever re this subject). Since I had a completely strange experience with this. My husband believes this group has no choice but to leave; the other ETs or ITS (interdimensonals) are afraid of being blamed for standing around aimlessly and are worried about earthquakes and earth changes so they are departing. If so, only the RCC is in charge and they are too stupid to play ten dimensional chess without handlers. lol

    • This planet has been totally infiltrated by many, many millions of benevolent ETs. You simply jsut haven’t noticed them because they came by the most organic route – they agreed to be born here as human beings. You are not your body. You are a soul using that body to experience life on this 3D planet. These ETs are totally human but their souls do not belong here. If you are very psychic, you will notice they are different. These people are your interface with the ETs/EDs up there in the starships. When the Shift is completed, nearly all of them will leave though some will stay to assist with the transition and the clean-up.

    • CoJonesGrandes so how does one determine whether he/she is a regular human being soul living in the body he’she inhabits, or an alien living in that body?

    • If you suspect you might be an ET soul, it’s possible you are. I reckon many have absolutely no idea because it’s not necessary for them to know. There are psychics who can tell. Or if a person has a past life regression, it might come out during the session. However, even that is complicated by some ET souls ‘borrowing’ other souls’s past lives from the Akashic records. So a past life regression session might throw up some ‘past lives’ that the soul thinks it has but in reality, it didn’t. It’s like borrowing a book from the library. If you’ve never lived in a jungle and you know you’ll be going to be in one, you get every book you can find on life in a jungle and learn all you can. Then when you’re dropped in the jungle, you have all that knowledge to tap into.

    • So in a regression session, an ET soul who has never lived on Earth may reveal ‘past lives’ here but they may actually be those of another soul!

    • Well..yes…we are all denizens of different planetary systems and have ancestors who hail from the stars( ask the Native Americans…they can often trace their ancestry). That aside …if you are sitting on your front porch or in front of your grass hut and a flying machine lands in your neighborhood and you have no tech comparable the most likely observation is that you are observing GODS. And the most likely outcome is to get on your knees real quick!

      But so what????Every one of us here is a Cosmic Traveller so to speak. Does that justify playing with Earthborn humans and this beautiful planet as though neither requires any respect? How does that work out in evolution? ANY species that does not have an answer for how or why another group of beings has high tech, or high capacity is going to be impressed with the others they cannot explain. WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SOVEREIGNTY. And if you need to tie that to spiritual stuff just explain that Boddhisattvas pledge to serve “others” till everyone awakens. What does that tell ya

    • Do not, do NOT worship them when you see them. That’s a real faux pas. The positives really don’t like that. Also, some do not care for physical contact so don’t try to shake their hands. I asked Aluna Joy last year as to when we’ll meet them and she said that it won’t happen until human consciousness has risen to the extent that people won’t worship them on sight. Some of them are gods in ancient myths. I’ve heard of a very well known one who’s helping with the volcanoes and earthquakes.

  21. Great article! The crucial understanding of Zionism pitted against Christianity and Islam to destroy all major religions to enable or have the masses demand (consent to) a new religious ideology was conveyed.

    The “Rules of the Game” will have the masses squeezed if they are unaware that the Earth is being positioned (what is permissible under the test conditions) for a deciding contest of consciousness over what system deserves to rule the universe. Lucifer represents the ‘service to self’ ideology as a created being where there is no innate ethical morality in a ‘matter-is-the-creative force’ evolutionary lens, (i.e ‘do what thou wilt’). These ideologies lead life’s reason to being merely a function of ‘self genes’ (R. Dawkins), the body as a machine to perpetuate DNA in a purposeless ‘dunghill’ of existence, no freewill.

    The Creator’s ‘God is Love’ is the countering Truth. The 10 Commandments encompass the Golden Rule (Commands 5 thru 10) as the foundations of the Creator’s system reflect His ultimate unconditional love character.

    The Luciferian Agenda will turn man from God’s allegiance to make an idol out of a created being and the ideology of scientism, survival of the fittest thinking sellouts! Transcendent survival though is determined by allegiance thru love and obedience to the Creator who has power over life, even beyond the grave. Man’s conscious will be tested and a shaking will take place. Lucifer’s symbol is that the sun, the created faux-life

  22. Indeed, I perceive all 3 ABRAHAMIC Religions with their offshoot mutation cults, to have the same author and owner, that being the chief ARCHON LUCIFER. In our modern world, it’s hard to accept the existence of SATAN….”The Devil made me do it” etc. Pope Francis says “Satan is REAL”. Me thinks this entity dwells in the Vatican and frequents Wall st and The Bank of England as well.
    The questions I have, is when will benevolent forces expose “HIDDEN HAND” to the world? Why in this modern age of information, do Islamics push their medieval barbaric atrocities & fraudulent ideologies even onto their own kind? These parasitic dark forces Mr Preston writes about, are laughing in their feeding frenzy for blood & carnage. Isn’t it about time people power rally their Governments to ban & delete all religious doctrines, concerning killing, Jihad, martyrdom lies and all such offensive texts, binding up and burning such references to set humanity free. Read the Jewish Talmud & Torah, the Qu’ran and Hebrew Old Testament. Read the history of the Roman Catholic Church. Then you will know. “There is no greater Religion than TRUTH”.

  23. To a novice in esoteric studies, Mr Prestons articles may sound bizarre fiction; However, my years of study joining the dots bring me to similar conclusions. I’ve always asked “where does this pervading EVIL come from”? What terrible mind control is our human race being subjected to, causing such atrocities and suffering? David Icke and others talk about “Prison Planet Earth”, subjected to Alien mind control – E/M frequencies. Hancock, Bauval, Hoagland, Deyo, Erich Von Daniken, Childress, Cathie, Tony Bushby, Freke & Gandy, Z. Sitchin, Knight & Butler, Gardiner & Osborne, Lawrence Gardiner, Tom Hayden, all contribute to put flesh on human history breaking the shackles of conventional doctrine & lies. John Lamb Lash interpretation of Nag Hammadi codices by GNOSTIC accounts & understanding about ‘ARCHONS”, put into cosmological context through the Goddess Sophia Myth, help to shed light on the plausibility of Mr Prestons articles.

  24. I’ve heard that Lucifer’s captured, along with Ahriman, the Demon of the Sun, the Luciferian gods Triad and some others. I don’t know what they’ve done with them but I don’t believe they keep prisoners.
    That ET picture you have in the article – I see that in the ashtarontheroad website. Ashtar’s not a good guy.

  25. On September 3, a horseshoe shaped crop circle appeared in 6 foot Maize in Holland. On September 4 the Guatemalan gvt (at the behest of Elders and protestors) cancelled a law which had previously given authority to Monsanto. The Mayans are the people of the corn. The effort to clean the earth physically and spiritually is a joint operation and is unstoppable with thousands and thousands of good hearted, open minded people working in concert all over the planet. Some unknowingly. Be proactive and see what happens. Put your foot down and keep it there is the lesson.
    http //
    http //

    • Preston is bringing end time Truth to the lost sheep. Interesting he states THEY are allowing “disclosure”… I was told the same thing by Lt Col SC, go to the 12 min mark; “Aliens among Us” https //

      This is to set up a False “good cop – bad cop” scenario….

    • Certainly the lines between earth bound spiritual truths and ET are blurred. Humans have been capable and actively creating spirits for millenia. Where the US is like a bus station full of confused refugees there are many lands and cultures where these issues are not regarded as “mysterious”. Any initiate who seeks deeper spiritual wisdom will come back with the same story of seeing heaven and hell. The understanding of polarity is a natural step in the process. I try to only examine product. Trust is irrelevant. Only the heart knows, when the eyes are deceived.

  26. Preston, I appreciate this column is aimed at retired military and intel people, but you have done a fine job here in getting the balance right ie. making it readable and understandable for the rest of us. Extremely thought provoking for an agnostic like me… can only hope that the positive aspects of your report come good for the sake of humanity. Many thanks.

  27. Samantha Fish. Good stuff. “She’s a witch doctor She’ll put a spell on you,” sorta’ like Marie Labeau. “There’s two kinds of music -there’s blues, and there’s zippidy-do-daa.” Townes Van Zandt said that.

  28. I agree it may look like sabotage, but in view of what we’ve learned through the Internet, what secrets have been disclosed that are and have been proven true, this is the NEXT step to allow you to think we are NOT alone in the universe. After all the PERPS would want this to be kept secret at all costs, especially if they have a secret, undisclosed interest, set of benefits to gain.. So it’s worth considering seriously, NO matter how much it goes against your assumed beliefs and mine. After all those beliefs have been shattered on many other occasions. So keep an open and unbiased mind, and consider these possibilities, for what is possible, PLEASE.

  29. http //

    PS We the People reject the Age of Seth

  30. “Israeli-controlled Homeland security (DHS) provided an illegal, Unconstitutional consolidation of all American Alphabets, Law Enforcement and most Intel into one large, easy to control Israeli occupying Police State Army inside America” …. knowing full well that such a time as this would arrive upon them…when we see behind the stage…behind the set, the script writers colluding with evil. If there was ever a time for them to pack their bags and run its now…we will hunt them down

  31. This is wonderful news. The Shift won’t happen until certain conditions are met. I don’t know what those might be but I expect it will involve people being told many truths and receiving the gifts that were meant for all humanity. When the conditions are fulfilled, Source will release the requisite energies. Well done. It’s been a very long hard slog. Another of their DUMBs may have been destroyed very recently.

  32. “And on Earth shall be monsters, a generation of dragons of men, and likewise serpents.” CLEMENT, Apocalyptic Fragment. As quoted in COMYNS BEAUMONT’s 1948 Book printed in Great Britain by William Brendon & Son, LTD “BRITAIN – THE KEY TO WORLD HISTORY” a great body of relevant information. Thanks for the post James

  33. nicely and descriptively stated…
    this breaks down to good versus evil. The Dracos are evil, we know this, the Satanists are evil, we know this.
    What we don’t know for sure is what race of ET’s can be trusted. The Tall Whites are doing some good but do they
    have their own agenda? there are a group of renegade Pleaidians who would much like to be worshipped and put on a pedestal, however, the other Pleaidians are at war in space and can’t even get here if they wanted to. Any of the ET’s here right now are clearly third dimensional beings. The ones capable of coming in from 4th are not to be trusted. Only 5th dimensional ET’s and higher can be fully trusted.. I know this sounds crazy to all scientifically minded and military types but this is definitely a turnimg point in our civilization and world and everybody wants a piece. Therre is a reason that the name of Jesus Christ is abhorred by the evil Dracos and blood thirsty Satan worshippers. Lucifer once offered this world to Jesus Christ… He stated… “get behind me Satan” which means,
    Lucifer/Satan must bow to Jesus Christ and God Himself who have power over all evil. I am not preaching just
    stating the facts.

  34. I find it hard to believe that Majestic 12 is finally coming down off their high horse SECRECY to HELP the American people, especially when the top ranked idiots in Majestic are the most EVIL Zionist MONSTERS on the face of the earth 1) David Rockefeller, 2) Zbig Brzezinski and 3) Kissinger. I did read that 100 yr old Rockefeller (must be all that ritual blood keeping him young) has decided to quit the oil business and go into renewable energy. Seeing that monster continue to succeed is “sickening”.

    I have read there are various factions of the Tall Whites. I don’t believe the faction in Nevada being “babied” by the Air Force (and likely to kill humans on a whim) are the kind of “people” we want walking the streets of America, which is EXACTLY why “they” want disclosure. They have given the US very little technology, and that was not very advanced. To the 7 billion people on earth, and millions who are starving, they have given NO technology. They have been SECRETIVE and CONTROLLING. Chemtrails and HAARP atrocities continue unabated. Are we to believe that THESE frequent murderers of military personnel are the ONLY alien species willing to aid humans? SURELY THERE ARE OTHERS MORE BENEVOLENT!

    Charles Hall, The Tall Whites and Richard Boylan
    http //

    • “In conclusion, the Tall Whites are likely a genetic variation of the Tall Grays, and most likely originate from the Rigel star system of Orion where a Nordic world was alledly infiltrated and taken over according to the testimonies of a number of contactees. This Nordic world whose genetic material is used along with other races such as the Arcturians is used to build hybrids that ultimately appear to be Nordic ETs, but are much closer to the `tall Grays’ and their questionable agendas.”

      “The Tall Whites should be treated with extreme caution and suspicion. I recommend that individuals choose to establish contact with more benign extraterrestrial races such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans who don’t have a track record in abductions or intimidating humans.”
      Michael E. Salla, PhD

    • I hope you are correct but info from good sources does not agree. As you can imagine, it is very hard to get accurate information about these matters. By the way, I like Dr. Salla’s website and find it very interesting.

    • Agreed Michael Salla – Tall Whites have been seen on the moon working with SSG. They are also located near Tonopah AFB. The abductions are done by greys, tall greys, android hybrids, the SSG and those from Zeta Reticuli. . The Tall Whites do not want nuclear weapons deployed but they are not the ones shutting them down at bases, etc. We can thank other ET’s for helping with that and cleaning out some of the DUMB’s.

    • I would be wary of anything from Orion… and btw, Orion Pictures was used heavily to get the “agenda” out
      in all their movies…

    • the descriptive nature of what is written here is not, just by a wild guess of mine, in line with what Mj would want for disclosure. There is, within that group, a strong move away from descriptors that take on religious connotation. I would almost say that the narrative regarding the establishment of religion will continue to be suppressed simply out of social discomfort.
      We, including Preston, have much more information on the methodologies for “in-habitation of the spirit” as it were than is here in this article.
      Consider this article, my opinion only, one way of describing a fairly broad portion of a larger agenda that contains more factions, and some delightfully sunny sounding promises.
      With script lines that are right out of Hollywood, particularly “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” there is much talk about what sure as hell sounds to me like “judgement day.”
      Whether criteria for survival is bloodline related or tied to behavior or some capability isn’t clear. One tidbit I can add to this should, perhaps, be taken very seriously. How we treat animals is exactly how we can expected to be treated.

    • 100% true Gordon!!…. How we treat animals is exactly how we can expect to be treated.
      What goes around comes around…. and judgement day may well be upon us!! It’s black
      and white… no grey area… time to chose which side you align with. Like I said previously, good
      vs. evil and you KNOW good will utltimately win. Once the light shines.. there will be no darkness.

    • my guess for what MJ would want for disclosure is whatever will help their agenda move forward..
      perhaps they will introduce the Draco/Reptillians as good ET’s here to help us. And possibly engage Project Blue Beam which will be a holographic alien attack (and believe me they have the technology now to do it and to fake the Second Coming of Jesus Christ) to make Dracos look like they are rescuing us. My guess is that they have used people like Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland, etc. to reach their following of UFOlogists as harbringers of the good news – finally Disclosure is upon us and we have worked so hard for it!!! I have to play devil’s advocate because as much as I want the truth to come out, I don’t want the psychopathic or holographic version from the Satanists. Just sayin’… hope this isn’t too much information…

    • Although some things on biblioteca are accurate, that is not a true statement. However, Jesus Christ was
      seen in many countries during his “sojourn” between the years of twelve and thirty which the bible leaves out and was called by a few different names such as Saint Esa by the Tibetans. ( Not sure of the spelling on that… ) When He returns, you will know it! But first, MANY will come pretending to be Him.

    • Good Points Gordon, and yes it should be no surprise that the MJ folks are mainly concerned with the development of Alien ET technology needed to establish Space Weapon parity necessary to defend Planet Earth from a major alien terra-forming, invasion and forced repopulation by their own, and avoids any religious considerations. One thing that seems to be so is that some MJ have apparently decided that disclosure is allowed and has already begun in steps in recent years. Perhaps sooner than later we will have full disclosure and all these mysteries will be explained by those who know the answers.

      Perhaps negotiations are being made for settlements in Africa as a means to avoid an all-out space war, if that isn’t already happening now. I also agree that kindness to animals is a very important indicator of the condition of one’s soul, as is how one treats others. The Golden Rule, Do unto Others, does not mean to give up one’s self-defense or to allow oneself to be victimized by an oppressor, but it does set a standard for morality that all should live by.

    • Hi Gordon, ( or Preston, or both) please tell us more about the methodologies for in-habitation of the spirit. You have also said that reality is in fact much different than we believe it is. These are very intriguing statements. Don’t leave us hanging, man!

  35. Some, may ridicule you for this honest article, many others are over-come by the possibilities and implications for what’s going on, what you have said in this and other articles. it seems beyond comprehension.

    To me the actions of certain people, groups, now operating and in some control of the world, indicates that another force, that’s anti-humanity is at work and has gained power. We are working against an evil entity. The disasters, WARS and other unusual forces at work against us is apparent in most every theater globally, that it can’t be ignored. We all see it, but many out of fear attribute it to other causes, coincidences. But NOW it’s happening more frequently and is in “Top Of The Mind Awareness Mode”. Everyone sees something is wrong. All these coincidences can’t BE BY CHANCE, what are the odds?

    Doesn’t it make sense that we are against a force behind the scenes and that it MUST BE STOPPED.

    Let’s NOT forget the Murrah Bldg. OK, where tons of military explosives were recovered from inside the building, i addition to a NUKE being exploded. Professionals say a fertilizer bomb could NOT have done this damage. What do you say to that?

    • Not one ounce of military explosives were recovered. This was a construct to explain explosive characteristics so wildly different from an ANFO weapon that they figured even the mainslime press would notice.
      Of course they were wrong about the press, no need to lie to liars.

  36. Why the tall white looks like putin? I bet gaddaffi believed in same alien stories and this fought till the end. And I am sure we the people will remember these aliens story in our gulags. Btw, I have talked to 100s and 100s of people. If I give undeniable proof that 9/11 was nuke event then almost all of them loose senses and when they come back they are either actively violent or passively violent. Frankly speaking most humans are below birds. I will not regret if actually these low lifers are put to gulags… But unfortunately gulags are for awaken people.

  37. I’m an agnostic on this alien stuff, and this article, with no evidence, has not persuaded me about anything, but then I am not CIA. Do you think they believe it?

    • Good evidence has been included in my prior Secret Space War articles, including some very revealing videos. If I included all of it in this article it would be far too long. And yes some high level CIA or those assigned to Space War sectors do believe this incredulous subject matter.

    • Apparently Bill Schnoebelen said in an interview that he heard that the cleaning staff / janitors working at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City saw reptilian-type creatures running in the basement.

  38. Gunderson was fired for the FBI (had been LA Sac) but was kept on in a covert cointelpro type role. He ruined many lives of others and played the limited hangout, blown cover as cover games very effectively. He is the litmus test as to whether one understands the game or not or has adequate knowledge to do do.

    • The former head of CoIntelPro works for Adamus. This group lived in a tiny delusional world built out of abject ignorance and twisted well meaning destructiveness.

      It is all still around. Now they run bloggers, and right wing anti-government types, the samo/samo militia assholes. Everyone at the Bundy Ranch is CointelPro. You figure out why, I don’t get paid to educate the terminally stupid.

  39. if this really is what’s going on, pray the Tall Whites can negate this extinction level radiation unleashed.

  40. Wonderful article. I hope I can add something…. The mark of Cain is indeed the double cross, yeah, that’s right, just like on the British Flag, the UN symbol, in the eXXon logo, and many corporate symbols. Originally, it was the cross which was a symbol of the covenant of protection after murdering Abel (symbolic story), but it’s the demiurge that makes the covenant with cain. That’s why one originally used an X to make their ‘sign’ of agreement when making contracts. It’s symbolic number was seven. It became the double cross (XX) with the doubled number (77) for Lamech (the new covenant) when he would receive a promise of protection that was avenged seventy and seven rather than seven-fold like his predecessor (cain). These occult mooks have regular christians worshiping the number. And it’s all hidden in plain sight for us fools to see. Thanks Preston for outing them some more. Don’t trust them with your lunch money. Too many of us fools do.

    • Postscript. I never really figured out why the British paint targets on their airplanes. The mooks are kooks, eh? Ask the shrimp.

    • The British flag is not a double cross. It has 3 crosses, starting with England’s, with Scotland’s and then Northern Ireland’s added later, as each joined the union. It is the white cross of Saint Andrew (Scotland) with the red cross of Saint Patrick (N. Ireland) over it, over all the cross of Saint George (England).

    • The Union Jack, doesn’t matter whether we call it a double, triple, or quadruple cross. It is the Annu Signature, same as in St. Peter’s Square. Same as is displayed on all U.S. federal court buildings (windows), major banks, old CIA buildings (newer ones are far more subtle), interiors of the Skull & Bones, MI6 (see “The Good Shepherd”), featured in many video games and other art. This is much more than just an artistic device and/or expression. This is certainly no coincidence. One has to read “Rulers of Evil” to fully comprehend what I am trying to describe ..

    • Triple cross is the next level… beyond most folks, but yes, there’s a 777, xxx, and all that nonsense they worship like devils. Witness the penal thingy in Vat City courtyard. XXX, 777, brother(hood) city to London there in mookland. Each level is supposedly a renewal, but the funny thing which these mooks don’t get is that it’s gets nowhere. Like Buddhists say, you got to get off the wheel.

    • The picture of the dragon and shield in article shows the plain (so called ‘Christian’) cross which is really the mark (sign; signature) of cain, symbol of the first covenant. Jesus is reported to have said never to swear (make a covenant). No one could have given better advice than that. But, almost everyone today has to make the sign (signature; mark; covenant) just to exist on the ship of fools that we don’t think we travel upon. Double cross has a double meaning. One is to cheat; another is to codify or to make stronger. Sheesh. F em all.

    • Laugh loud and long. I once met a fellow who told me that JOY stands for ‘Joke’s On You’. This is only as serious as we make it. Some of us get lost, but it’s really ok because we planned it that way. When we come to understand it or ‘get it’, so to speak, we will comprehend how inconsequential it is and how we’ve played it this way so that we can experience the laughter of having met our own foolishness. Israel is lost. That’s why the lost tribes stuff. Lost and tribe are synonymous in meaning, and ‘chosen’ is like today’s language of ‘special’. It’s us. We are all ‘special’.

  41. speaking of.. “presidential pardons”, they have become nothing BUT criminals aiding criminals, IMHO they should all be reviewed, with most of them being outright revoked and fully prosecuted!

  42. I take it this is a struggle, not unlike our struggle against the Anglo-Zionists Cabal-except perhaps in magnitude and finality-in which the parameters are so opaque and obfuscated virtually all of humanity is not meaningfully engaged or is sidelined–this despite the war’s clear message , the author’s optimism aside, of humanity’s possible extinction. Given the allegations in this article are true, the irony is rich, once again our fate and that of the world’s is being determined by a handful of invisible elites and insiders, both good and bad. Lord protect us! I am reminded of the mantra “Trust No One”.

  43. The majority of American people seem to be hoodwinked into believing this ISIS stuff and now seem ready for war because of the faked beheadings of 2 “journalists.” Indeed, we are a gullible lot.

    Public opinion will change quickly upon the arrival of body bags back to the USA.

    The tipping point could also be reached due to the unintended consequence of another nuclear 911. If they do destroy a city or two, wouldn’t Americans finally ask, “Where was NSA and why did not those billions spent on “security” protect us?”

    http // This guy calculates the end of the USA to be 11/26/2016 (5555 days from 911)and that Obama will be the last president based on his decoding of masonic stuff.

    I can feel the disgust of most Americans awakening suddenly leading to the secession of every state in the Union, busting big government and the CIA into a thousand pieces, thereby completing the mission of JFK.

    Of coarse, MJ 12 will have worked themselves out of a job too.

  44. Preston, I see it as soft disclosure has been going on for a while now. your articles and Gordon’s told me that disclosure is happening. If you research for events in September a lot of “fireballs” have been occurring around united states, and other countries but I am focusing on U.S./ could be meteors but also may be the space wars going on. Also reports , on large glowing objects , similar to a large moon but sitting and elevating. Which I personally saw 09-25-2014 in west sky in Cincinnati ohio around 11 pm, that was no fireball..
    My point is there is so much evidence but people just want to assume the propaganda of “are you crazy? there is no little green men” Ask yourself how can there be so much insanity? Something evil is running the show.. to all of you who doubt, please do some research and if you keep an open mind, you would have to start to see through the lies.. I for one anticipate full disclosure, only then can we start to fix this planet, for you cannot repair if you are not given the entire truth..

    • Yes, it does seem that the US Space Fleet is now engaged in an active live space war with alien entities. If rumors are accurate, the US Space Forces have attained parity with space weapons and now can protect us from these Cosmic parasites the Dracos and their puppets. We cannot know for sure or know the details if true since at this point those in control do not want to release that information to the public.

  45. Thank you Dr. James! One of the best articles I’ve ever read on VT. I’m up on most of this info in part because of a great book written about Aleister Crowley.

    http //

    This book contains a very interesting photo of George H.W. and Barbara standing in front of the bridge of the USS George H. W. Bush. Hull number 77. Just one of many Aleister Crowley numbers. By the way, all flight numbers and WTC floor numbers hit on 9/11 are AC occult numbers. Peace!

  46. “Apparently there are accepted Rules of Play in the Universe establish by the Creator, God Almighty, and one is that any group cannot take over another group with obtaining their consent…”

    should read

    “…without obtaining their consent…”

    • yup.. they also consider saying something, without response-protest as being permission or consent.
      revealing some of their plans released as “fiction” has become the reality how many times now?
      you might be surprised how much real politics I’d learned for being a SciFi fan (books etc).

    • captain obvious a lot of those scifi writers had a great handle on politics. Terry Pratchett’s in decline now but in his day he had a great handle on New York and London. Not to mention metaphysics.

    • But UN-less we’re given complete disclosure of what’s at stake, what we’re about to lose or gain, what is the sense of saying we were informed, we’re NOT informed, JUST TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, by outside and inside entities (Connected) . If there are universal rules, NO ONE HERE ON EARTH IS FOLLOWING THEM.

      To be informed, means to understand fully whats at risk and whats to gain, along with all fore-see-able consequences.

  47. Great stuff, Preston. Thanks so much for this update.
    ….Just as one starts to get comfortable again (after listening to Gordon and friends on VT radio, that is). Immersed, as one tends to be, in the ordinary humdrum of one’s daily life – you come along to remind us all about what’s REALLY going on!
    ….whoever these ET guys are, good or bad, they have obviously attained levels of excellence that we can only dream about at this stage in our ‘evolution’. I tune into the news and listen to Obummer justify even more death and destruction (haven’t we had enough, already???) and then I think of these guys zapping through dimensions and seeing things most human beings can only dream of~
    ….Bring ’em in – they have MY vote, any day. Especially those hunky, good lookin’ blond gals + dudes. And I’m not being facetious, in the least!
    …Keep this stuff coming, please.

    • These guys are Not as Unassailable as you think, they are NOT God’s and can be destroyed if they attack us, by means we have or will develop. We should NOT be afraid. WE have assets equal and superior, based upon our character and love as humans if we use them together. Like the internet!

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