Rabbi Terrorist Confesses in Atlanta




US  Rabbi: All Muslims guilty, should be exterminated


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Rabbi Genocide
Rabbi Genocide

[ Editors Note: The good Rabbi gives us all a front row seat into the Jewish “heart of darkness trip” he is on.  He puts collective guilt on steroids on full display below. Even the nice Muslims he says, they are guilty for what the bad ones do.

These Jihaddi Jews are really into the collective guilt thing, a kind of empowerment trip they are continually on. We are all Palestinians to them, and no…not nice neighbors to have.

Thank you Rabbi. I will add you and your congregation to the reparations list for Palestine, and even 9-11. But unlike you I will not go after all Jews.

Why bother with an innocent when there are plenty of guilty ones around to discuss extermination with, a lifetimes work in itself? Is that why Abe Foxman and AIPAC, or Rupert Murdoch even,  never call us at VT?

And one last thing Rabbi…have you ever heard of the term “negative Jewish stereotype? Have you ever wondered where the term came from? It was created by and for, people like you. Might I suggest a name change for you sir, to… “Rabbi Loon”… Jim W. Dean ]



The Israeli Navy gunboat people wanted to be able to say they bagged a few.
The Israeli Navy gunboat people wanted to be able to say they bagged a few.


A notable American Rabbi says all Muslims are criminals, and calls for a global genocide against them. In a recent sermon, Rabbi Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia, said Muslims were guilty and should be “exterminated.”  [Note: Good gosh…imagine that!]


YouTube - Veterans Today - – Killer Rabbi


The Rabbi fashioned his speech as a sequel to astonishingly racist remarks he made three years ago in which he compared Muslims to Nazis. “They are coming,” he warned at the time.

“Three years later on this bima, on this very same day, standing at this podium, I cry out not ‘Ehr Kumpt – they are coming,’ I cry out, ‘Ehr daw – they are here’,” Lewis said. “The fury of ultimate evil is upon us and we must act – not to contain it. Not to degrade it. Not to manage it. Not to tolerate it, but to exterminate it utterly and absolutely,” he added.

The Rabbi said that while not all Muslims were “committed Islamists” and “terrorists,” but all were guilty.

He accused 50 million Muslims around the world of being “murderers” who “embrace terror” and are “planning to slit our throats, blow us up or forcibly convert us” to Islam.

“But what disturbs me is, where are the other 950 million Muslims who are not terrorists? Who are not bomb-blasting, acid-throwing zealots?” the Rabbi asked.

“A silent partnership is no partnership. Sin is not just in the act of commission – it is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not Nazis – but it did not matter. Most Russians were not Stalinists – but it did not matter. Most Muslims are not terrorists – but it does not matter,” he added.


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  1. I feel sorry for decent, peaceable Jews; and in my experience there are plenty of them. Between nut cases like the Rabbi and the Jewish Lobby’s power in the media, finance, government and big business there is justification for rising anti-semitism.

    The Jewish Lobby and Israel are doing nothing but harm to most Jews

    • Yes, and a lot of “righteous Jews” are helping us, some at great risk as “they” are known to punish them severelywhen discovered. When I was doing my early work with the Neturie Karta Jews I of course asked them how much support they had from “regular” Jews. They said “not a lot, but some”, as it was very dangerous to support them openly. I asked if I could talk to someone who was representitive of these people and they set me up with a teacher at a yeshiva, and it was quite a talk. Right off the bat he told me that if his school knew he had talked to me, not only would he be fired on the spot, but he could never teach at a yeshiva anywhere in the world…that he could go “on the list”. So we who can go public have to be the interface for those who can’t. We are alreay “out there” so there is no increased risk for us. It may sound corny but it fits…”To each according to his ability…”

    • Hi Jim, I think what causes me most resentment (antisemitism?) is the taboo of even mentioning the role of Jews in history.

      I have never heard any mention that world Jewry imposed a trade embargo on an already struggling Germany, BEFORE Hitler passed laws removing Jews from important public appointments. Neither have I seen any discussion of the homicidal Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, whom Solzhenitsyn said were responsible for 60 million deaths between 1917 and 1939, and that excludes war deaths.

    • I should add the role of Neocon Jews in the present mess. I find it astonishing that no public figure has come out and simply stated the facts, that the G.W. Bush government was loaded to the gunwales with American-Israeli dual citizens. If they had been 70 American-Arab dual citizens there would have been hell to pay.

    • Likely they’d have ;impeached him for something. Likely they’d do the same for the guy in there now if he had dual–citizen arabs surrounding him.

      Interesting such a thing could be true, but nevertheless middling certain.

      As for the 1933 Jewish declaration of war on Germany by international Jews, it’s always been out there. I first encountered it in a history class at the University of Texas around 1971, but I’ve come across references to it numerous times since.

    • Hi Jules, I must confess my knowledge of history used to depend on what I saw on TV. It changed when I started using the internet, about 2002.

      I now realize how biased the mainstream media are. Never a word against Israel; the ADL, AIPAC etc are so powerful. I read somewhere that an FBI guy said it was “Career suicide” to investigate Israeli spying.

  2. As long as the rabbi does not fake a series of beheadings like Jihadi John Al Leonnadi with a prop knife before a green screen he is no terrorist. But I would change the headline into Jewish Hatespeech in Atlanta Synagogue.

  3. “A silent partnership is no partnership. Sin is not just in the act of commission – it is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not Nazis – but it did not matter. Most Russians were not Stalinists – but it did not matter. Most Muslims are not terrorists – but it does not matter,”

    Most Jews are not murdering supremacists – but it does not matter, eh Rabbi?

  4. People who live in trailer parks don’t live there because they want to. They live there because that’s where they can afford to live. They’d surely be able to afford real homes (and avoid your thoughtless mockery) if the international criminal network turned over even a tiny fraction of the wealth that it has stolen.

    • swordsman I didn’t say anything disparaging about trailer parks. If there’s something negative about living in them in your mind you need to clean that up.

  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (sp?) reads the Talmud every day, according to her own testimony. If a person accepts such hateful ideology, it’s immaterial whether he actually reads it or not. Finally, let’s not forget that the Talmud is the so-called Oral Torah–which not only reflects the view (lie) that Moses was given oral instructions from God along with the Ten Commandments, but also that it should be propogated by word of mouth. Only with the advent of the internet has the truth about the Talmud become known.

    (I should add that falsely accusing others of hatred which doesn’t exist is just as wrong as hatred of Jews or Muslims or any other group. One need not hate people or groups of people to oppose evil. Such hatred is unjustified, unhealthy and counterproductive. Hating wicked ideologies and wickedness, however, is entirely appropriate and healthy)

    • swordsman most of us have a big enough job of work getting the wickedness out of our own lives and haven’t entirely succeeded in doing it. Worrying about wickedness of others can be put onto the back burner long enough to do some self-cleaning and brutal self-examination. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” is a piece of advice most Christians choose to ignore.

  6. WHISTLEBLOWERS! ‘The Greater Israel Project’ [Levant] Explained by Ken O’Keefe

    http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM2Fi1rhYqc

  7. Atlanta seems to be a hotbed of Jewish terrorists. Alan Adler, editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, urged the Mossad to assassinate Obama.

    I wonder when the US/FBI is going to surveil and recruit anti-terrorist Jews from Atlanta’s synagogues?

  8. glad you saw and posted this. I saw this prior to your post, and hoped someone at vt would post this. I am thinking on contacting him to ask him why he is inciting hate…Is this not a “hate crime”.. I wonder why homeland security is not arresting him for a “terrorist”? Do you think any law enforcement is questioning him,??

    • Homeland Security was organized and is administered by israelis, whose first allegiance is to their leadership in Tel Aviv. Israeli-US dual citizens tend to worship such frauds as the Rabbi in subject.

  9. Recognising Palestine does not make one a Jew hater. Putting all Arabs and Muslims into the same basket is backfiring. Muslims of Indonesia, Nigeria, Arabs from Morrocco, Tunisia, English and Hindu muslims, Christian Arabs they are all the same? Of course not, they are miles and spirits apart. Even a child can figure that one out. Taking some pretext from sharia law and borrowing militant ideology of Ottomans and Ghengis Khan makes a lethal combination in today’s IS. But so does elsewhere, we could associate Calvinists with NATO and democracy that way.

  10. The rabbi is much worse than a Nazi. The Nazis just made the suspected pro-Soviet elements work to help their country’s war effort. Many left the work camps or would have if England and the Americans ( which are unable to make their own foreign policy because they’re colonies of international Kabalistic financiers ) had allowed Germany to fight the Soviets unmolested. But the rabbi wants all the goy who don’t worship them ( like John Hagee ) dead.

  11. Was it but 20-50 people (if we leave out Congress and the Senate) that formulated (PNAC) and pushed us into the Iraq invasion in 2003 and thus most Americans were not interventionists but it did not matter.

  12. http //www.XXXXXXXXXXX

    [Dear Folks, We are one of the few major websites that allow links to be posted, as they generally attract swarms of spammers to redirect traffic. But to post them you HAVE to tell the reader what the link is about and why you think it is worth their time to leave VT to view. You CANNOT put them in a situation where they have to watch it first to find out what it is. That is spamming. We kick everybody out of here if they don’t get straight on that. We allow links because a lot of readers have gems to share, but we have to keep control over it. So please help us out. If anyone sees a blind link please email me directly as I don’t see all the comments. Thanks, Jim W.Dean, VT ]

  13. “Even the nice Muslims he says, they are guilty for what the bad ones do.”
    This remark needs no explanations.

    • Amen,…which is why I call guys like this, and their followers, “Jewish Jihadis” …the main difference being that the Muslim Jihadis are a new thing in modern history, and Hebrew Klan folks have always been around, and part of their cover is denouncing extremism in any groups but themselves…which does not take a Phd in social science to figure out. It is a simple observation of just reading what they put out there.

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