Secret Space War XVIII: Completely Verboten !


Even Disclosure is going to have its limits.


By Preston James


Space Station Photo of the entrance to the Hollow Earth at the South Pole ?

It has been reported that the Powers That Be (PTB) who control Secret Space War Units of the US and NATO Space Warfare Command have decided that actual verified Disclosure of the presence of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft will be allowed and will be systematically rolled out in an orderly fashion.

However, even with this “Full Disclosure” there are some things you will absolutely NOT BE ALLOWED to know at this time.

This means that some Alien ET/Secret Space War matters will remain secret, undisclosed and completely Verboten, that is, you will not be allowed to know these things for now and this particular matter will likely remain sealed from you for a significant period into the future.

The actual US and NATO Secret Space War (ultra top-secret Beyond-Black) Units are hidden from other parts of the US Military and NATO, and are deeply isolated and compartmentalized within various specialized Special Access Program Defense Contractors.

This article is written for US Military and Intel Insiders who have no access to these highly compartmented programs, even though they may have Top Secret, Above Top Secret, SCI, Q or Special Access Program clearances. If you have not had a security clearance or worked with Space War matters or at its periphery, you are probably wasting your time reading this article and it won’t fit into your head.

Yes, there are some Secret Space War Matters that you will not be allowed to know for certain at this time nor in the near future either.

I cannot tell you for sure that information presented in this article is true and verifiable. Nor are you allowed to know at this time. But you can use this information and claims to form any belief you choose and draw any conclusions you see fit. You may look at this information and conclude it is nothing but myth or misinformation to cover up certain other Space War Secrets or you may choose to believe that it is actually true at face value. But in any case, at this time you will not be allowed access to publicly verifiable, repeatable facts to really know for sure. So look at the information and believe if you want. And yes, believe anything that makes sense to you.

At this time and for at least a significant time to follow, you be not be allowed access to hard, verifiable (beyond reasonable doubt) evidence to know for certain and those that have access to it or have seen it cannot share it with you. They can however talk in “what ifs”, rumors and maybes. Some years back an expedition of private researchers was sent to verify this information as true by conducting a flyover of a chartered airliner, but that expedition crashed under mysterious circumstances and all on board were killed.

Secrecy regarding Alien ET and UFO matters has a long, well defined history going all the way back to the late 1940’s at Roswell and other UFO crash sites in the Southwest USA.

The PTB have had their own numerous reasons why these Space War Units have been classified at the highest level and have no written financial records or paperwork ever submitted to Congressional Finance Committees responsible for Defense Allocations.

One reason for withholding information from the public goes all the way back to Roswell. If the Roswell crash had been completely disclosed with information about the Alien ET bodies and the one live ET recovered, this would have shattered the public’s confidence in the US Army Air Command’s ability to defend Americans from any Alien ET attack or invasion. Another reason was that it is considered a cardinal sin by the US Military to ever admit the presence of any defense issue which could be considered a serious threat without knowing what it is exactly.

Other reasons for such a complete secrecy lock-down included a concern that complete immediate disclosure would disrupt the social order, create serious panic in the population and threaten all the basic institutions of government.

Once the initial system for coverups was set in place at the highest levels in the Military and Administration, that system alone served as the ongoing basic reason that it was considered necessary to continue it. That is, a major concern became that if disclosure was allowed, it would expose the USG’s long history of spinning lies and coverups to manipulate public opinion in order to protect their own interests and gain pubic support for programs, budgets and operations they deemed necessary.

Disclosure has apparently been planned, but rolled out in a well regulated, well defined secret process.

And yet despite all these concerns, disclosure was a process actually started over twenty years ago and rolled out in a well limited, highly controlled manner, using fringe elements designed to make is discreditable and also to bring it into the mass consciousness at the same time. Done in this fashion it was believed that suitable preparation was being made for a full disclosure which would come later at a time.

A time when the public would be so weary of USG corruption and illegal, Unconstitutional wars that they would be able to accept the coverup as just another element of a government gone bad and view those who revealed the truth as Heroes and rescuers from the USG corruption. And then the public would see disclosure as a symptom of a general cleanup of USG corruption rather than a carefully crafted plan to buy time to get a complete handle on the Alien ET “problem”.

Space War Parity with Alien ETs has apparently now been attained.

The PTB’s decision for Disclosure actually symbolizes that the US Space Command has come to believe that it now completely understands the Alien ET “problem” and has now reached weapon systems parity with Alien ETs, some of which are known to be aggressive and anti-human.

Here is an excerpt of a NASA movie that was directly downloaded which suggests a Plasma Canon shootout. It has been rumored that this was an actual Space War battle between a US Space Fleet anti-gravity craft and an Alien ET anti-gravity craft.

[youtube XqMf3towVVI]

Disclosure, but well planned, well regulated, and systematically and progressively rolled out.

During the last several years it has been reported by several insiders that the PTB who are control of all Secret Space War matters have been identified as Majestic-12 aka MAGIC.

According to this narrative, several years ago Majestic-12 members decided by a slim majority that the reality of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft would be fully disclosed to the public as long as it was done incrementally without unnecessarily disrupting the natural order.

Disclosure with a certain limit.

But for now it seems apparent that this disclosure will have a certain limit applied, a limit beyond which you will just not be allowed to pass. The information below crosses that line, so you I can confirm to you that at this time you will not be allowed access to the set of facts that are verifiable which you can use to easily conclude it is true or to discount it.

If you interpret the information below in a such a way that leads you to conclude it is true, you will have based this conclusion on belief rather than actual verifiable or verified facts.

You are not allowed to know that the Earth is Hollow and there are Colonies of Aliens (at least at the poles) who have anti-gravity craft.

But you can believe anything you want and if you choose to examine the available information, it is your right to believe that there are “Aliens” with anti-gravity craft living inside the Earth at least at both poles. but you are allowed to believe anything you want.

Billions are spent each year using the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM) to manipulate you to believe what they want and accept these USG dispensed false beliefs as truth, even though they work hard to conceal the actual background facts from you.

The International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) that hijacked the USG in 1913 has combined forces with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC aka Scherf crime Cabal) to later form the RCC, has been doing everything they can to mislead you into accepting their continually dispensed lies and false narratives as facts, designed to lead you away from the truth. But these “false facts” are really just socially engineered beliefs, engineered by the RCC and dispensed by their six major Mass Media lie-dispensers, the CMMM. Don’t expect the USG or its propaganda dispenser the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM – which the IZCS owns lock, stock and barrel) to ever tell you any truth because it’s not possible until we have a major regime change and boot out the criminals that hijacked the USG.

The USG has been hijacked and set up to lie continually and dispense these lies through the CMMM. The USG is a whole system of lies, a house of cards that will collapse when any serious lie is fully and publicly exposed. Any major USG lie like the JCS and the CIA used Op40 to assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK, or worked with the Mossad to do the Murrah Bombing and the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, the fake Boston Bombing, or the Sandy Hook FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill with no dead kids, no dead teachers and no dead Lanzas, but plenty of continuing lies and a take/reward of over 27 Million USD defrauded from sympathetic members of the public through donations.

What Admiral Byrd encountered when he led a Naval convoy to investigate possible Nazi Colonization of the Antarctica was immediately classified as “Above Top Secret”.

richardbyrdAccording to first reports published on March 5, 1947 in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio based on an interview given to Lee Van Atta of the International News Service, Byrd’s Operation HighJump was intercepted by very powerful anti-gravity craft, and thirteen of his aircraft carrier launched fighters were shot down.

In this newspaper article it was claimed that Admiral Byrd stated that there were individuals living down inside the Earth at the South Pole that had high speed, anti-gravity craft with advanced weapons systems and that these craft could travel from “pole to pole” at high speed.

As this narrative goes, Admiral Byrd warned that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions, flying pole to pole at high speeds.

Some interpreted this to mean the Earth was Hollow inside from pole to pole. There were anecdotal reports at the time that there was some kind of internal light source inside the Earth and various habitats constructed.

So far none of these narratives have been corroborated with hard evidence released to the public. You can assume that Majestic-12 has gained 100% complete knowledge of this. There have been interesting rumors from insiders that both poles have significant UFO activity because they can function as Wormholes or Stargates and the poles do not have an entrance to a Hollow Earth at all. Wormholes and Stargates are rumored to allow instant dimensional travel to super distant galaxies and star systems millions of light years away.

It was rumored that the US Navy went back to Antarctica in 1958 and this time dropped three nuclear weapons on at least one secret underground Nazi base where thousands of Nazi had fled. It was also rumored that after this attack a new treaty was formed with surviving Nazis at this time living in various South American countries where there were additional secret Nazi bases with UFOs. Apparently only the Nazis were targeted at their Antarctic underground base, and the aliens inside the South Pole were left alone.

As many expert historians of WW2 know numerous very large, technically advanced Nazi transport submarines were reputed to have taken large loads of cargo to a secret underground Antarctic base during the last years of WW2. Some had taken secret cargoes to Japan (one contained an ME-262 jet fighter, and another allegedly contained refined plutonium for the Japanese Bomb which was close to development when japan surrendered.

It is known for sure that some of these large subs surrendered or were scuttled, but some were never accounted for at all and were believed by some to have been stored in underground sea accessible caverns in Antarctica that the Nazis occupied. And some also believe that the Nazis under General Kammler who was responsible for all advanced weapons systems, developed Anti-gravity craft and took it too the South Pole to their secret underground base to refine and fully weaponize.

[youtube MwUpPwyyvLw&feature=player_detailpage]


The Argo Tunnel, the Denver International Airport and the Second Whitehouse under the COG Program.

It’s tin foil hat time. According to Stew Webb Veterans Today Columnist and Federal Whistle-blower, there is a lot more to the Argo Tunnel than a stripped out Gold mine about 60 miles west of Denver and 10 miles south of Idaho Springs. According to Stew Webb, the Argo Tunnel is actually the largest tunnel system in the World and goes down into large underground cavern and even into the Hollow Earth.

This Argo tunnel system is allegedly connected to Denver Tech in Denver and the Denver Airport as well as NORAD Mountain. It is common knowledge that officials such as VP Darth Vader, and other high ranking or very powerful (Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) Chieftains such as Darth Vader have been seen taking a secret highly restricted (Above Top Secret elevator down into this Deep Underground Base System (DUMB). During Darth Vader’s reign of terror when he was missing, he was alleged to be hiding out at the Adams Mark Hotel at the Denver tech Center (DTC) which is connected to a tunnel which in turn is connected to the Argo Tunnel System.

DV would leave his presidential type suite, get on the elevator, lift up the telephone, punch in a special code which then makes the elevator go to the secret tunnel under the basement of the hotel where he exited with Secret service Agents and punched in a code to open up a door to a tunnel with a vehicle which drove him to the Argo Tunnel, which is also known as the Western Whitehouse or Western Capital. Stew Webb reported in 1994 on Denver TV59 that there was a secret underground base under the Denver Airport. You can watch this video HERE.

This video exposed the location of the Secret Space Command Center at the Denver International Airport. The initial five building that were exposed by Stew Webb’s source in this video were jail cell five stories underground designed to serve as a FEMA concentration transfer station.

During the airport Stew Webb’s whistle-blowing caused a Congressional Investigations of the Denver International Airport and its unbelievably large cost overruns totaling 19.5 Billion more than first estimated. Stew Webb who was secretly working with Dave Minshaw of TV7 discovered that they built a runway that the city claimed was in the wrong location.

However this was a secret runway designed to transport dissident civilians to this secret FEMA transfer station on the way to death camps, their final destination. Dave Minshaw filmed this runway and aired it, and immediately during the night bulldozers were brought out and covered the runway with dirt.

Minshaw landed his TV7 helicopter and crew on the covered runway and Minshaw got out and kicked the dirt off in one spot and it was 4 inches thick. Soon thereafter Dave Minshaw was fired from TV7 for this expert reporting. Afterwards, the City of Denver claimed that the Contractors hired by the Airport Commission poured the runway in the wrong location and wasted over 200 million dollars.

One contractor working on the job later claimed they were building twelve more buildings in the south end of the airport. It was later discovered by Stew Webb that this underground section of twelve buildings became the US Space Command Center for a short period of time. Because of this exposure in this video by Stew Webb the actual location of the US Space Command center was changed.

When these 12 buildings were operational as the US Space Command Center from 1990 until about 2008 when Jesse Ventura reported in Conspiracy Theory TV show that the Denver Airport has an underground base this brought too much attention and the US Space Command center was moved.

The US Space Command center was in charge of H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska and it was used to move the Jetstream 500 miles south in April of 2006 which was reported on numerous radio programs. The US Space Command Center when it was the Denver Airport it controlled HAARP. HAARP was now been shut off in about June of 2013 by a very high ranking Military Man, an America-Firster and stand up man.

This caused massive ice storms over Oklahoma and Texas in April 2006 which had never happened before. Three days later they moved the Jetstream back to its normal latitude. HAARP was built by Arco Oil, run by Robert Anderson and owned by Leonard Millman through his buffer King Resources according to Stew Webb.

Leonard Millman held the lease on the north Slope Oil where the Alaskan Pipeline gets its oil. This oil lease has now has since been sold to BP. But as before 90% of this Alaskan oil goes to Japan but had been promised to be brought to American by the pipeline which was paid for by American taxpayers.

Approximately 10% of this oil is secretly refined on the Southern California coast and distributed in America. This tax payer ripoff against We the People. There are 6 corporations that receive “off the books” income out of the Alaskan before BP reports their income. Those 6 corporations are tied to Denver Circle of Twelve(thirteen) aka the “Twelve Disciples of Satan”.

The Argo Tunnel System is connected to a Continuation of Government second Whitehouse and USG system in parallel, followed with its own backup just completed at Ozark Arkansas which itself is connected to a very large COG underground tunnel and (DUMB).


Yes, this is the largest subterranean tunnel system in the World, but not the only one. There is supposedly one at Pine Gap, Australia, one in Israel, one in South America in the Andes, and one in Tibet. And guess what has been rumored to periodically come out of this Argo Tunnel System at Idaho Springs? Alien Giants.

That’s right, Alien Giants. Not Alien ET Giants, just Alien Giants, apparently from Planet Earth. But this story doesn’t end here.

There is more and it involves beautiful women with very long hair, renown women with extreme intelligence and legendary Psi-powers.

The Vril Girls and Anti-gravity technology.

And of course there is considerable information about the Vril girls who were associated with the Nazi push for high tech anti-gravity craft, developed by General Kammler.

These young ladies claimed to be mediums receiving information on anti-gravity and time travel from an alien race in another Star System. As the rumors go they disappeared and some have now returned over 60 years later working in above top secret Intel Operatives for G7.

Supposedly it was the Vril girls that informed the Nazis that there were ancient artifacts that explained anti-gravity and where they should hunt for them.

And according to this narrative, they also instructed the Nazis that there was an advanced race living inside the Hollow earth receiving light and free energy from the Black Sun.

Is she back?
Maria Orsic back in the late 1920’s

And supposedly the Vril party morphed into the Nazi party which was directed by Vril girls of the necessity and methodology to make contact with this very advanced race living inside the South Pole which they called Aryans and claimed were the source of the Nordic and Germanic peoples.

Here is the claimed Maria Orsic photos before back in the late 1920’s and now after her return.

The Vril girls were known to have very long hair which they claimed served as an antenna for receiving psychic communications.

Their beauty was legendary as was their skill to seduce almost any man, and it was claimed they used it to the max to get what they wanted when they wanted it.

Some researchers of Exopolitics believe that the Vril girls were either Alien ETs themselves, from an inner Earth advanced Alien Aryan race, or Alien ET “Nordic” hybrids with superior looks, superior intellect and notable Psi-power.

220px-Julian_Assange_fullWas Wikileaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange, an Australian programming expert, seduced by a Vril type operative or was she just another CIA operative used as a “honey trap” for payback?

Or was it just a coincidental situation where a sexually agreeable man mysteriously “raped” a couple of very attractive ladies at the same time after they requested that he use a condom as the court charged?

Now he sits in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London trying to figure out what to do.Anna-Ardin-Condom-broke

The British government threatened to attack the Embassy and extradite him to Sweden but so far they have done nothing but spend 6.5 million Pounds. His large Swedish Bail has already been forfeited. Julian Assange has allegedly claimed he could never be “honey-trapped”. Hmmm, so much for his willpower to resist incredible beauty on the prowl.

Or is there something more to this story, perhaps much more? And is this what US Intel now does to Zio shills masquerading as Intel-leakers, but who actually have an agenda to generate chaos and conflict by releasing video of alarming misdeeds by the US Military?


As for now even though Majestic-12 has apparently decided to allow orderly disclosure of Alien ET matters including their advanced anti-gravity craft, this disclosure will not include the association between Nazis and the Occult, the Vril Girls or their well rumored association with an advanced Aryan or Nordic type Alien races living inside the South Pole. This apparently is going to remain verboten for now and into the future for a significant amount of time.

What this limit to disclosure probably means is that if there are advanced Aliens living inside the Earth and/or at both Poles, these would not be Alien ETs, just advanced Earth-born “Aliens” with anti-gravity craft and advanced weapons systems. Or Alien ETs that migrated here through a Stargate or Wormhole to leave a dying Planet. However if rumors are true they have probably been here on Planet Earth or inside Planet Earth for many years.

Did they originate here or were they from another race and world that Colonized the Earth to avoid their own dying planet as some believe, or were they the Fallen Ones, the Nephilim.

One thing is obvious, something has been going on at each Pole, especially the South Pole, and Nazis did have a Deep Underground Military Base there accessible by water, a base at the center of Antarctica with no snow and actual vegetation, and a large lake with above freezing water temperatures, probably fed by geothermal sources below.

article-1330566-0C1DFACF000005DC-342_468x286For some reason, Majestic-12 apparently does not want you to know the secret goings on at Antarctica before, during or after WW2, the Nazi habitation of and the reality of some kind of Alien Race and very advanced anti-gravity craft.

Perhaps it is because the Earth is Hollow, or is a Stargate, or was colonized by Nazis that migrated there during WW2, or has had a very advanced Alien race living there for many years below ground.

It is certainly a lot more benign to allow folks to know about Alien ETs that came from a distant Planet, rather than an advanced Alien race that was here all along.

As far as the missing Nazis who allegedly fled to Argentina and all over South America, we know about those and what happened to them, e.g. Colonia Dignidad and others. But as far as the missing Nazis who allegedly fled to to Antarctica to live in a secret underground base, so far no convincing information has been leaked which provides any serious clarification about this, other than some kind of treaty made with them.

And only those inside Majestic-12 known at this time if these Nazis joined up with Aliens living inside the Earth at the Poles and if the alleged treaty made with these Nazis included one also made with Aliens living inside the Earth at the poles (if the exist at all). Perhaps some day we will gain access to the real facts about these Nazi and Antarctic Bases with Nazi UFOs, and whether the earth is hollow at the Poles or deeper inside with advanced Aliens of some type living there who have advanced anti-gravity craft. But for now it seems apparent that we are going to be denied access to this actual verified and verifiable knowledge.

Disclaimer: Several members of the Veterans Today Editorial Board may have experience and security clearances associated with Secret Space War matters in a variety of capacities. Do not assume that this article in any way represents their views or opinions or is based on information provided by or associated with them. It does not.


  1. who is speaking? you can telepathize it to me… I am protected.

    Note to everyone be careful who or what you open yourself up to.
    Satan is a deceiver…
    not that I don’t believe there are benevolent ET’s who would like to help…
    but higher vibrational beings will make contact in the higher realms …..I’m just sayin……

    • “not all alien abductions are conducted to your detriment”

      Seriously???? You mean, you can abduct a few of us for some DNA right.

      Benevolent ET’s have noooooo need to abduct ANYONE, EVER!!!!

  2. Yes you might have a point from a biblical textpoin of view, that is, hades being in the center of the earth, perhaps these be but the fallen angels that rebelled against G-d, only to deceive in the last days, ending in their complete defeat by the chief corner stone the builders rejected!

  3. Our world is under rule by the triangle brotherhood of the serpent.

    We have been conquered and now a refugee colony for a very long long time.

    Who are they. Who wears the gang sign of the star of david. Two triangles. one up and one down.

    They have taken the face of the jewish race and now masquerade globally with impunity igniting chaos where ever they touch down.

    Their power is mystifying and beguiles the goyim to obediently perform their wishes and for those who refuse, are destroyed financially, morally, and physically with death or illness.

    Hollyweird shows us their work and even reveals the nature of who they are which is not of our earth.

    The event was one show to look closely upon with stargate sg1 a much earlier look behind the curtain. SG1 has credits for the defense department US space command. I have to go back to season one episodes to where the credits began but I noticed them somewhere towards the end of season one.

    The surface world you think you know is nothing like the broad spectrum world kept secret.

  4. Greetings Dr. James,

    I try my best not to miss your articles. They add flavor to VT.

    Those who still doubts the existence of UFOs, i can only say that they do exist and are real. Some two decades back i had the opportunity watch an actual footage of these anti-gravity craft taking off in a desert from an insider. Now i hear disclosure is coming …

    You see, they had no choice but to disclose …. it plays into their mega project. It is not by coincidence that you see big budget movies and tv serials on aliens/ets increasing by the day, its called “pre-conditioning”. They prepare the human mind to become aware of an “idea” and later totally accept it. There will be more …. more live encounters/sightings.

    Another point i like to mention is that, just as in humans we have races like mongols, africans, aryans etc similarly aliens/ets also have different races like the dracos and whites etc. As fas as i know, these aliens were the first inhabitants of this planet and lived for hundreds of thousands of years before corruption and pollution spread all over the earth and major wars broke out among them and very few survived, few escaped. Probably all they want is to take back their land from the nasty occupiers – fair enough.

    • sure, it’s “preconditioning”, but I think that preconditioning is for a FAKE “return of the alien Jesus”. Get all Christians (well, the idiots, anyway) to believe that Jesus was the grand hoax and that they were really worshiping an alien, so now bow down to THIS (fake) “Jesus”, who will actually be Isis, the muslim anti-Christ “Jesus”

    • They already are presenting “sananda” as the new Jesus who has come back via spacecraft and is awaiting
      landing any day now….. Project Blue Beam was planned long ago as the final big push for the implementation
      of the nwo. The technology was given by the malevolent or I should say, violent ET’s that allows them to display huge holograms in the sky simultaneously around the world. If they pull it off, it will be so convincing that people will fall for it… they are also trying to create the armageddon end times so they can have their lucifer, marduck or baphomet go stand in the temple on the mount for all to worship… this is their last attempt at control, and it will be big, or maybe the real Jesus will show up just in time to throw whatever name it goes by into the pit! ( btw, Jesus hasn’t changed His Holy name! and it most definitely has power over the negative ET’s and demonics.)

  5. Can ET’s allow the sociopaths and psychopaths who run this world to bring their weapons and military society to other worlds? If humanity has truly advanced at the incredible rate talked about in this article than it would be a direct threat to a number of ET races. Given the violent history of humanity it is likely an earth military space force will have to be dealt with at some point before it can directly threaten these ET’s. One can apply the same rational that USA uses in preventing nations from obtaining nuclear arms. It is unlikely earth forces could overcome the combined force and technology of a multi planetary alliance.

    • defineaproblem,

      “If humanity has truly advanced at the incredible rate talked about in this article than it would be a direct threat to a number of ET races.”

      Given the possible age of some ET Civilizations (how many may have appeared during the 10 BILLION years gap separating the formation of this solar system, and the Big Bang?…), those who survived their own technological evolution and thrived, most certainly didn’t stagnate, and kept evolving.

      So the technological gap between those Civs and Earthlings still exists, I assume.

      In a Universal scale, Eathlings are stll kids who just found the matchbox…

  6. You wrote a while back in this series Dr. James a line about the old ones still wanting to keep it a secret while the new and younger generation are all for full disclosure. I think it went right over most of your readers heads, or at least the ones I am in contact with. I didn’t say anything to them I figure like they say you could lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink, well you have done a great job leading them lets see if we can’t make them drink just a little. You gotta remember a great line by Jim Morrison “the old get older and the young get stronger / may take a week yea it may take longer.”

    Funniest part is they already got told right after WW II ended, the packaging was a little garish but it was complete disclosure. Of course it was squashed by the usual suspects but we’re going to be doing a little revival…

    • As usual Jack you are 100% correct in your comments. And yes it was all there right after WW2 for those that had interest and an open mind. Few did and those that shared what they learned were usually ignored.

    • Yes I sent the whole series to my mom and dad 83 yrs old. They read them all in one sitting and stayed up half the night talking about it. They enjoyed. )

  7. Aren´t these “Tall whites” from the Sirius star system? I remembered what Casbolt stated on the Project Avalon forum back in 2008, it seems that´s indeed what is going to happen. (let´s hope)

    Casbolt, 2008

    http //

    “Lincoln has seen and worked with the beings shown in the earlier photo known as ‘Sirian Annunaki’ or ‘Tall Whites’. … I believe it will be these beings who will presented to public in the future. However this will be a benevolent situation.

    Lincoln believes these beings to be a “neutral’ race. He says they are attempting to consolidate information for a positive use and are aslo working with more disruptive and negative lifeforms to become more enlightened towards the educational needs are human beings. Like any race, there are positive and negative amongst them.
    They are concerned with the spiritual and technological evolution of humans and they can be very ‘persuasive’ when it comes to comprehension of certain technological advances and spiritual concepts.
    Could this be the race the Russians are in contact with, and received help from (e.g. with preventing MH370´s use as “nuclear drone” on the Hague summit?)

    • I don’t have access to that information and I don’t know much about Mr. Casbolt so I like many will have to wait and see what becomes disclosed. It could be true, just not enough verified evidence to say yet.

    • tblkacs,

      “Aren´t these “Tall whites” from the Sirius star system?”

      According to what is said here http // , it looks like originally they would be from, and I quote, “the Orion Star system particularly from a planet orbiting the bright star Rigel”.

      Many contactees and “channelers” claim they have contact with Benevolent Beings from Sirius B (not Sirius A, as those are seen as negative ETs) indeed. These Sirius B Beings seem to have an important role on our own Evolution. As opposed to the Tall Whites, who apparently have been here for decades, dealing with our own malevolent military branch, and are not favorable to Disclosure.

  8. Ozark Ark is alleged to be the third White-house, a backup COG with a private mansion on top of a huge DUMB supposedly connected to the national high-speed underground “Tube system” connected to all the rest. But so far no verification of this, rumors only.

    Some of the UFO groups have been staffed by retired or active military operatives with an agenda to keep folks from the real truth. If any of the leaders of these groups fail the basic litmus test of 9/11/01, Murrah or the JFK assassination, just assume they are dirty.

    If they are able to destroy DC as they plan to do and take the new USG underground under Continuation of Govt (COG), they plan to mass-murder 90% of all Americans to fulfill their evil Luciferian Agenda. It looks like they will not succeed, because too many are catching on the the CMMM’s lies and propaganda which originates in the USG.

  9. Preston, what happened to the ultimatum the ETs gave to the elite about full disclusure? There still should be that entity around whose mendate is to clean up their act (and everyone else’s) if they don’t. My first impression was that it’s the Kalki avatar. According to hindu scriptures, he comes from Shamballa — likened to hollow earth.

    • Yes, apparently some ultimatum was given or perhaps it was contained in a long term agreement with the USG. It’s all deeply classified and hidden so we will have to wait for disclosure to see.

  10. Many in the government and contractors have known about aliens since the sixties but now the 50 secrecy is about to run out and not all people are willing to keep the secret.
    What you are looking at is not aliens however but relics from a long lost alien civilization and some of them may be self repairing and still active – though a bit dusty eh?
    It seems they have semi intelligent entities (grays) used at times and most often use projection which accounts for the dishes on almost all moons and the zippiness and lack of material in those flying saucers.
    They don’t really want anything, what we see is damaged infrastructure.
    There may be more to it, maybe some other is about we’ll see when civilians get into space.

    • There is good evidence its more than this. Actual, verifiable and real entities and their anti-gravity craft exist, have crashed and been recovered, have been back-engineered and have entered into treaties with some nations. Some of the Alien ETs have proved to be hostile, liars and deceivers and murderers of humans and have an Agenda to depopulate the Earth, Terra form it and repopulate it with their own.
      The DUMB at Dulce is real, is a joint alien/US project and the aliens there are evil, anti-human and engaged in some of the worst, most illegal, anti-human activities imaginable.

    • Yes Preston…Been verified…. delta probes are sent out to “scan” those who rv disgusting dulce…. and many have perished trying to get the word out including the great American hero and believer in the Constitution – Phil Schneider who successfully managed to evade attempts on his life long enough to get the story out and he had verifiable “tactile” evidence as well. There are thousands of “missing” adults taken down to the lower levels that are kept half alive…. the “missing” children are taken to mother of darkness castle in Belgium… ghwb ‘s famous “thousand points of light” describe the ceiling there. The “confidante” of Whitney Houston (who they showed briefly on CMMM for bragging rights) flew back there after throwing her in the scalding tub for the Entertainment Industry’s big sacrificial night. (See autopsy for a visual of how hard she fought for her life) It is all tied together… the Satanists and the evil Dracos are all blood thirsty psychopaths… and why all they ever feed the masses are vampire and zombie movies…

  11. Dr. James
    Have been reading your work for more than a year. You make the world better, thank you.

    Do you have any insight what happened to the Vril Girls in the 60 years they’ve been away? And any insights on what subject they are using their psychic powers on?

    Thank you.

    • No, sorry I don’t know much about them. I had heard rumors they are back serving G7 and are as formidable as ever when serving in certain intelligence gathering or human compromise ops. Other than that I don’t know what their overall goals are or if these rumors are true.

  12. This was published a little over a year ago by,one, Mr. Gordon Duff. After reading all that you, Doc, have published here on VT. This is very pertinent information and it deserves to be studies with a fresh set of eyes by the readers here.

    http //

    Hope it helps. Keep up the good work, Dr. Preston James.

  13. just a note to preston and the many valuable insights here from readers.. thanks.. I learn much and appreciate that.. Overall I feel positive for our planet..

  14. As Dr. Greer has offered disclosure will have a negative impact on the petro dollar and the fossil fuel industry! It would usher in free energy and finally end our addiction to fossil fuels. The RCC will be screwed and with the higher light energies flooding the planet it is getting more difficult to keep anything secret. My main interest/focus has been on positive ET’s such as the Arturians, Sirians, Pleidians vs the Dracos, et al. My understanding those DUMB bases were shut down a few years ago. I saw orbs 3 consecutive nights in December 2011 so I’m ready! I’d like to know which planet I’m originally from. Thank you Dr . James for doing your part to bring about disclosure.

  15. There is a major problem with Sayerson’s quote. There has been no torpedo boat named Maddox in the US Navy. In the Russian documentary, the incident described by Sayerson (misspelt Sireson in the video) refers instead to the destroyer “Murdoch.” There was, however, no destroyer named “Murdoch” active in the US Fleet in 1947. Instead there was a destroyer named “Maddox” (DD-731), but it did not serve in Operation Highjump. In fact, the USS Maddox was the destroyer fired upon in the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964.

    According to Frank Joseph the USS Maddox was “either a torpedo boat, or torpedo-carrying destroyer.” He goes on to explain what may have happened to the Maddox mentioned in the Soviet report

    A USS Maddox was indeed sunk by enemy action, but five years earlier by a German dive-bomber during the Allied invasion of Sicily. Actually there were at least three American destroyers known by that name (DD-168, DD-622 and DD-731) all of them contemporaneous. The US Navy has long been notorious for falsifying the identity of its ships and re-writing their histories if they embarrass official policy…. So too, the “Maddox” cited by Soviet espionage was similarly consigned to an official memory hole. [Our Real “War of the Worlds”]

    If Joseph is correct, then it is very possible that a USS Maddox was destroyed during Operation Highjump, and the US Navy changed official records to hide this.

    • As it has been said many times before, VT readers are the most intelligent, best informed out there.

  16. Admiral Byrd left a diary that was of course, confiscated. Maybe someday we’ll see it published. Thank you Preston James, I’ve been enjoying this series immensely.

    • You are welcome. It’s a difficult subject to research due to all the compartmenting in place to make sure most working in these special access programs do not know the whole picture. It is up to us to connect the dots.

  17. I suppose one thing which TPTB most definitely do NOT want disclosed to all and sundry is that they have been obtaining their technology in exchange for letting the aliens eat us and experiment on us.

    • And they don’t just munch on human beings like a piece of steak tartare, they enhance the flavour by terrorising the person such that the maximum fear hormones are produced. And I suppose TPTB do not wish us to know that the greys obtain their sustenance by bathing in human blood such as you might find down at the very depths of the DUMB located at the Santa Monica Getty museum.

      Well, my message to TPTB is tough luck. You are in no position to dictate terms. I understand that will be revealed. All. Absolutely all.


      8.10 mins
      You guys know the different cultures that sacrifice humans.
      Well, the good guys don’t do that
      Dulce is soaked in blood – the whole purpose of Dulce is blood
      We discussed the different types of aliens. The service-to-self entities and the service-to-others entities
      Well, when you go to the 4th density (and this does not necessarily apply to the STO entities – they are more like us; they’re human)
      But when you talk about little grey guys and reptoids, they tend to have a nutrition requirement that are 50% spiritual and 50% physical.
      The physical component is the blood product, which they don’t consume.
      They don’t drink it. They actually bathe in it and they absorb the nutrients through osmosis.
      They’ll have tanks where they’ll just soak in the blood.
      Well, the spiritual nutrition is called loosh.
      This is what they call it.
      What is loosh?
      Loosh is negative, human emotional psychic energy.
      What is that?
      The opposite of love – hate, anger, fear, despair, loneliness, heartbreak, anxiety.

    • Maybe that’s the part, or one of the parts, referred to when he said “However, even with this “Full Disclosure” there are some things you will absolutely NOT BE ALLOWED to know at this time.” Yeah, I’d guess they’d want to leave that little tidbit out.

  18. You have a reading comprehension issue. I did not say the Aliens Admiral Byrd confronted were evil. Nor did I present them as a threat at all. In fact, I have consistently stated in prior articles that it is the Dracos Reptilians their spawn that are evil and not the Nordics some say are Tall Whites. I have also taken the position that the rumors of Tall White Nordic types being benevolent and peace oriented and that the Russian Federation and certain good elements in the US Military have entered into treaties with them.

    Now as far as the American Military, it was hijacked a long time ago by the City of London Banksters, their associated defense contractors and Israel. All recent wars are wars for Israel or for the Drug Cartels and the RCC. The war addiction is caused by the lobbyists paying huge money from Aipac and defense contractors to own and control members of Congress. Most of the American Military have been lied to, mind-kontrolled and duped by false flags and psyops such as Gulf of Tonkin, Sante Fe cross-drilling by Kuwait into Iraq’s main oil field, and the Israeli nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 (100% confirmed with actual hard evidence and expert witnesses, as well as the nuclear “fingerprints” all isotopes left after the blast which easily identify where the plutonium was refine

    • Maybe Lizzies (Dracos) are just patsies for “Tall Whites” (Orion STS/”black shirts”? – false flag anyone)… Tall Whites are giving high tech for free? So iffy!

      Nazis were assimilated (yes, in a kind of Borg’s way – bad for them) after arriving on Antarctica…

      Beware of outwardly benign “beautiful” entities (like “angels”… or Vrill girls)

    • Dr James, could you please elaborate a bit more on the Tall Whites and/or Nordics?
      I mentioned it on a previous post (in 3 parts) and as it had to go to moderation you guys apparently lost one, so not sure if the question shows on the other topic.

      The reason I ask is because the only reference I’m aware of to a race called Tall Whites is the one done by Charles Hall. Those very white and tall ETs that Hall tells he was in contact with while serving at US Nellis AFB.

      The ETs that I know as Nordics will include perhaps different Civilizations, or with different origins in the Cosmos, sharing the Earth nordic physical characteristics blond, blue eyes, athletic shape, very much human-like, maybe taller than the average Earthling.
      The Pleiadians, for instance, would be a type of Nordic. And others.

      Thank you for bringing this subject to the VT site, imo it’s a plus for the excellent site.

    • Preston, I really urge you to contact me personally regarding the FRAUD that is Stew Webb. You give this person far too much credit. Research his association with CIA Barbara Hartwell and their fraudulent case they solicited funds for against Bush Sr. among other things. I have personal testimony I can share with you.

  19. What odds are the bookies giving on aliens appearing in public in the next 10 years? Bookie’s odds reflect the betting public’s opinions, and they usually get it right more often than the experts.

    I am an agnostic on this stuff but I wish it were all true because that would be very, very interesting.

    • John I don’t know the exact percentage. I am sure it varies. But most of what I have read is over 50% and high as 80% believe ET’s have already landed and there are positive, negative and in-between races some indifferent and stopping by on a shopping expedition. I can hear them now lets see I’ll take one of these and one of those though hopefully not people. I am new here but the little I have read is negative ET because this is a military intel info site and the deal was made with the evil ones. If public opinion is true we should look to the sky.

  20. You are assuming that they are still in control. I’ve heard otherwise. Their gods/ET allies are/have been removed. Their power lies in their alliances/oaths/connections/treaties with these negative entities. They are/have been taken down from the top. They’re not in control any more, regardless of whatever they may wish you to believe. But I have no idea when you will meet the positives. All I know is that a big mopping up operation is ongoing at the moment. So much has happened in the past 6 months, it’s almost unbelievable what has been done. As Bob Dean said, “We have friends in high places.” Very, very high places.

    • Co Jones… You seemed to write with understanding. I am new to this site and just registered today. I would like to ask you a question and anyone else reading and graciously await an answer. Is there any truth to 1. Mass arrests of the crimes against humanity for dark Cabal families and their collaborators? 2. A financial reset of the US petro dollar to a gold backed system? 3. Truth campaign and disclosure of ancient history, hidden knowledge and ET presence both negative an positive? 4. Debt forgiveness and prosperity program of large amounts of money to be distributed to all. 5. Mass landings by positive ET’s. I have read a few posts here about ET’s. I see some here think most ET’s are bad and even if they are representing themselves as good would likely be a false flag and have a service to self agenda. We have all types of people here that run the gamut of good and evil here on Earth. Many of us are truly loving and giving and lead by example. Isn’t it possible that good ET’s like good people on Earth have service to others agenda. Maybe they just want to love us and be of service. Maybe they are close by waiting for us to wake up and get our act together so they can come teach us. Your thoughts?

    • People will be given their true history. I would have thought the mass arrests would be up to the intel cowboys, military and such like. Financial stuff is for the financial guys to answer. Don’t know about mass landings either. The cabal have pissed in the pool, brainwashing people with a slew of evil aliens movies so any ETs appearing now are likely to regarded as hostile. But when the Shift is over, people will see 4D entities and maybe even higher than that. It seems we should be able to do that now, had our DNA not been tampered with.

    • Jones, If we admit the possibility that long ago some ET Civilization(s) took some humanoids originating here, and gentically engineered its DNA in order to enhance the original capabilities, and knowing now that only about 3% of our DNA makes us being what we are, Homo sapiens, and the remaining 97% are “junk”, makes you wonder… What if their return is about activating a larger percentage of those 97% mainstream science has no idea what’s for and calls it “junk” DNA?
      I don’t say upgrading it to 100% just like that overnight, we would go nuts… lol… But gradually increasing its potential, to 5%, then to 10%, and so on… How long it would take? I have no idea )

      But there’s one channeleer who regularly states (or his Sirians, from Sirius, not Syria 😉 state it) in his messages that upon their arrival, each one of us will have our own Ascended Master to guide us during the process, which includes a 3 days stay in personalised crystal chambers/light chambers in Agharta (Inner Earth).
      Honnestely I’m no big fan of staying 3 days in some cocoon underground… If this was true, I guess we wouldn’t have much choice, whatever the final goal would be…

      The main goal seems to be reaching the 5th Dimension, it seems we are already in the 4th now (even if many are still in the 3rd).

    • Thanks, Jones. That seems to match what I’ve been finding on my research.

      Even on the mainstream side some things seem to be moving forward, I’d say.

      Just a short piece of a recent interview with NASA Chief Charles Bolden

      http //


    • CoJones, Thank you for your answer. I am in total support of those brave intel cowboys. I hope they kick (with the help of those you mention in very high places) the draco’s if any left , the cabal, nazionists, chimera, archon butts all the way to Kingdom Come. What do you mean by shift? Mass Consciousness? Physical Pole Shift?

    • The planet is moving to 4D and we’re going along for the ride. Its frequency has been increasing slowly and we should reach 4D perhaps in the next couple of years. The reason we can’t see a lot of these aliens is because most of them are in a higher dimension. So when we reach the next dimension, we’ll see them. Many ET races are here to watch this change. Here’s an extract from a book (there’s 3 pages)
      The junk DNA will be activated and people will discover their psychic powers (eg telepathy). But not everyone will make it for we’re moving to 4D positive. Those who are caught up in negativity will not be in tune with the planet and won’t be staying. They may not even shift with the planet. Some Dracos have been preparing themselves for this and hope to sneak in with us and ruin the new place just like they have done here. Hopefully, the higher dimensional beings will block them from doing so.

    • I’m sorry, but does this even mean
      “The planet is moving to 4D and we’re going along for the ride. Its frequency has been increasing slowly and we should reach 4D perhaps in the next couple of years.”
      I’m asking sincerely. Care to make a breakdown Mr. BigCoJones? I would be very grateful.

    • OK
      What do you wish to know? I think it’s laid out in the bible – it’s what they call ascension where one gets taken and another gets left behind. But I try to leave religion out of it. You can have 2 entities occupy the same space but in different dimensions. Icke likes to describe it as different radio stations – they are all there and you only need to tune into a different frequency. Have a look at what happens when you raise your consciousness to the next dimension in pg 28 of ‘Life & Teachings of The Masters of The Far East’, chp XIII
      https //

      All I can suggest is that people seek to grow spiritually and not engage in negative activities. Even if nothing dramatic happens in the future, it’s still a pretty reasonable code of conduct, no?

    • I don’t truly know what will happen. Many are here for the experience which many claim to be unique. It’s supposed to be the first time that a planet and its inhabitants shift to a higher dimension. It’s the scale of the shift. I’ve also heard that the energies generated will correct some very bad coding errors in creation so more than just this planet will be affected. This planet is akin to a school. Those who have completely their lessons (ie gained sufficient experience of life in 3D) will graduate. Those who haven’t will transfer to another planet(s) to continue their 3D lessons. So there will be a separation. I also expect certain evil elements to cease to exist – these have been and are being removed.

      Who does the separating? The individual. Think of a sieve which only allows particles of a certain size to pass through. If you’re a one great big lump of negativity, you don’t pass Go and you don’t collect $200. Dolores Cannon has a series of book on the New Earth but not all her info is correct. Just be kind. Think of the most wonderful person you could ever hope to meet and try to be that person. There’s nothing complicated about that, is there?

    • summergirl454, looks like we have been probably reading, at least in part, the same stuff, watching the same videos, visiting the same sites, in short using the same sources )
      Some of the posters may have a negative opinion on ETs, but despite others may interpret it that way, I don’t really feel Dr James considers the “aliens” bad, as a whole.
      I guess his sources are (I assume) mostly within the military, hence the more negative ETs mentioned.

      Anyway, I don’t think you’ll find answers to most of your questions here, those are mainly of other fields within this same subject ETs & Full Disclosure.
      Which btw won’t have to be done by Obama, or whoever is in the WH. The Benevolent ETs may prefer to deal with Russia/Putin, and/or China/Xi Jinping, others maybe.

      But I also do appreciate this other aspects of the ET question 😉

    • DD…. Yes I think we have been listening to the same sources after a very long search I might add. It is good to get a well rounded perspective. I think maybe I worded my post wrong earlier about Dr. Preston seeing the ET’s as all negative. So appreciative of the truthful well researched information by Dr. James Preston, other authors, and readers comments on this site, especially of the different views of the authors. I am so thankful for everyone who was on the front line fighting for our founding fathers original ideas of a Republic of America instead of the Fascist Corporation of America which it appears we have become. I have had negative and positive ET experiences throughout my life so I personally know they both do exist.

    • summergirl454, Are you awre of this?

      http //

      Please read the descrition below the video.

      If legit (and I have no idea, as I don’t know the original source) things seem to be moving in the right way 😉
      Would be nice, right?

    • They will deal with what is beyond human capabilities (such as the archons). It has been suggested that you should deal with those you can handle, such as Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the P2 Lodge guys, the royal family etc. For goodness sake, grow a pair.

  21. My disclosure. Your earlier article which mentioned the Space Navy triggered a lot of anxiety for me, and an impossible memory. The memory is that I am looking through a small window and see Earth. I am overtaken with a profound love for my planet and promise her I will do everything I can to protect her. Problem is to my knowledge I have never left the planet or joined any Navy. But this is just one of very many weird events in my life. Reading the Mars Records triggered anxiety for several weeks, for example A liver cleanse a couple years ago also brought up memories of being tortured. It could mean nothing, or it could mean I was in one of those secret, compartmentalized programs. I don’t know, and it looks like I may never know.

    I do know, however, that the people who are in charge of the secrecy, including but not limited to MJ 12, are cowards and fools of the highest order. I want them to know that.

    This was very hard to write.

    • KatherineA, Thank you for having the courage to share your experiences. When I lived in Wyoming, for a number of years I attended annual UFO Conferences sponsored by Dr. Leo Sprinkle at the University of WY in Laramie. I met Dr. Greer at one of the conferences before he became well-known. Dr. Sprinkle, a psychologist, originated the conferences because so many ranchers had close encounters with UFOs on their ranches & their beliefs about “what’s real” were greatly challenged. With Dr. Sprinkle’s help & dedication many “contactees” were able to integrate their experiences into their everyday lives. Oftentimes, they went through personal, positive transformations into a higher awareness. Also, at the conferences, there were private sessions (closed to the press) where attendees shared their experiences as either contactees or abductees. Many had positive, awakening experiences. Those that had more traumatic abductions were greatly helped by the compassion of the group & also through Dr. Sprinkle’s therapeutic counsel. Featured speakers included scientists & other pioneers in the UFO community as well as other therapists, such as Barbara Lamb, specializing in helping contactees/abductees to recover their memories through hypnosis & other means.
      You may wish to further explore your own experiences. There are compassionate resources available…Best to you!

    • Well stated Serenity. Things are changing and more abductees are coming forth. This seems to lower the rates of abductions.

    • Thank you Serenity. If I’m right, though, I may have 20 years of stuff to remember. Again, I’m not sure. Since memories can be messed with in so many ways, I’m not sure I want to go charging in. I’ve also had a strong aversion to hypnosis, for whatever reason. I’ve tried muscle testing, which failed with me. Also messing up the cabals plans is most therapeutic. B-)

      Currently, I try to focus on the present. Whatever happened is done and I may never know for certain. I treat it more like a potential past life. That’s what it feels like. If things come up, I do EMDR, and try to come back to the present, especially since I have to constantly protect myself and my family. The biggest thing is that I seem to have abilities which are triggered if I believe there is a major threat to the planet. I may be able to shift massive amounts of energy (don’t know how else to describe it). Any more disclosures about psy abilities and the etheric and the nature of spacetime would probably help me and others access our abilities. Please, Preston, Gordon, et all, disclose what you can?

    • KatherineA, It sounds like you have a balanced way of dealing with your “experiences”. I agree hypnosis isn’t for everyone; nor have I used it. For some, memories surface during quiet meditation. For others there appears to be a lot of déjà vu. For me it has been spontaneous recall, oftentimes when I’ve traveled to other parts of the world as well as within the US. Keeping an open mind is helpful. We are definitely not alone! Psi power is our natural state unless it has been “educated” or ridiculed out of us. We can reclaim it through conscious choice. As I’ve stated before, we must also reclaim our personal sovereignty & trust our own Inner Guidance…without the need for a “false” outside authority to validate us. As I’ve traveled world-wide these past 50 years, I’ve been privileged to meet some extraordinary people of great integrity who’ve shared their courageous life experiences with me. Native tribal leaders & shamen have also validated my “extraordinary” contactee experiences that I’ve been blessed to have since childhood. Trust your own journey of discovery & awakening…It’s a great time to be alive & in service to others! We The People ARE waking up & there’s NO going back! )

  22. Alot of this stuff is in the Fourth Reich Jim Mars , might be a good idea to collaborate with Jim on this , Just a thought ! Have a nice day . )

    • Correct. Jim Mars has written many groundbreaking, excellent books. Two of them are “Our Occulted History” and “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”. He also has extensive personal knowledge of free energy if I remember correctly. Jim Marrs has been a leader in a lot of this research. A good suggestion, maybe it will happen someday.

  23. “an actual space war battle between a US Space Fleet anti-gravity craft and an Alien ET anti-gravity craft.”
    — Based on local knowledge and a train of events which have taken place there, I propose the ‘battle’ was between a UFO, and a land-based scalar weapon, an ‘EM slug’ fired from a mysterious base not at Pine Gap but at North-West Cape Base, in the state of Western Australia, some 100 miles north of the town of Carnarvon. This was set up as a comms base for US nuclear subs in the Indian Ocean and other seas. Apparently it was handed back to the Australian government in the 70s. Apparently.
    Aerial photos show some very spooky hexagonal ground structures suggesting a Tesla-type antenna. Locals have had numerous UFO and ‘slow comet’ sightings, and the events recorded in the video coincide with them, as do the coordinates.
    Pine Gap is indeed sinister, and is engaged in surveillance of China and in drone killings, a source of major angst in some quarters. Scalar weapons are even more sinister, such that no-one admits even to having them.

    • Raytheon operate from the Harold Holt base in Exmouth. Have driven past this before. It is a hexagonal shape structure with a plethora of antenna type ‘thingys’….similar to HAARP

  24. It’s time for “false” power to be replaced with Psi Power…& giving up altogether…once & for all…fear-based control games…There’s nothing like real Freedom, personal power & responsibility for one’s life!

  25. Dr James, what scenario do you forsee a alien existence disclosure to take? Will there be a press conference? Will thousands of ships appear in city skies? Has there been any recent think tank studies on public reaction like the Brookings war of the worlds study? Thanks for all the great articles you author.

    • There are many possible scenarios; A large craft crashing into the middle of a city in daylight in front of hundred of witnesses; a public televised landing disclosure meeting set up with both alien representatives and Earth representatives present; all out war in the atmosphere that is visible and cannot be easily denied; a landing on the White-house lawn of a fleet of Alien ET craft, etc.

  26. That has been the way it has been, but we now have a new High Military Command. This is providing some progressive, populist thinking by those in command who are America-firsters.

  27. Good point, but we have a new High Military Command. JCS General Martin Dempsey is an honorable man, a good soldier, an American-Firster, known to be a totally stand-up man. I sleep well at night knowing he is in command, backed up by Sec. Chuck Hagel, knowing these great men are doing a superb job protecting America at many levels.

    • I have heard that General Dempsey has put the brakes on the political and lobbying pressures to fight a major ground war for Israel in the Mideast and is making important changes to clean out the BCC military appointees and brass. It takes time to clean this mess up but some on the inside has claimed General Dempsey is doing a very good job considering all the challenges he faces. Be careful about believing anything in the CMMM. Most of it is an outright lie, distortion or limited hangout delivering a bad information or Psyop payload.

    • For sure General Dempsey is a good guy. I believe in 2012 he ousted a number of intelligence and military officials who wanted to replace Obama with Romney– firings presented to the public under the guise of sexual and/or financial infractions. Dempsey is the reason Obama drags his feet in the neo-con war mongering push who are now trying to oust Dempsy. Watch out for Petraeus and Keane.

    • Reactionary and neocon Republicans of the McCain faction are active behind the scenes in fomenting insubordination and mutiny in the US military, combining their hatred for Obama with their demand for a wider war in the Middle East and in eastern Europe. Now, one of McCain’s fellow putschists has blurted out the program of this faction, which consists in attempting to cripple the US armed forces by mass resignations of flag officers, despite two ongoing wars.

      Congressman Doug Lamborn (photo), whose mind can best be compared to a rag bag, while speaking to a modest crowd during a tiring campaign, has for whatever reason revealed the actual subversive intent of the McCain GOP.

    • MSNBC reported Lamborn’s statement as follows “A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, ‘Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let’s have a resignation.’” Lamborn told supporters that if generals resigned en masse in protest of President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, they would “go out in a blaze of glory.”

      This treasonous rhetoric goes far beyond the protections offered by the speech and debate clause. Department of Justice officials must take action to block further seditious actions by the McCainites, including their plausible cooperation with false flag attacks, including chemical and gas attacks now being planned by the anti-Assad terrorist rebels of Syria, as well as with similar machinations by the anti-Russian fascists of Ukraine. This is the same rogue network suspected in relation to the two intruders who appeared at the White House last weekend.

      http //

      For me, these seem to be some of the real enemies.

    • Hi Detlef, I get a lot of good info listening to Tarpley and agree with his choice villains. However, he seems to always give Israel a pass– in 911 and now ISIS for example. Why not question why Netanyahu says ISIS is good for Israel. Why does Israel have no fear of these entities but fears bottle rockets from Palestine? When Webster talks about whose funding ISIS, it’s Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar– no mention of Israel. I do however support his ideas of seizing the fed and taxing wall street, still I don’t think you can fight an enemy you refuse to acknowledge exists. Unless this is a covert style deemed to be more effective.

    • What i dont understand is this and hopefully someone will help with a believable reply with all this alien agenda stuff which i believe, the secret govements within goverments, with all the “secret technology” available to the “secret goverments2 why has it not been used again world disorsders such as ISIS the fanatical group or other problematic goverments such as finding saddam hussein yrs ago, this technologly could be used covertly to rid the world of these problems.
      i can “understand” the reasons not to disclose free energy etc due to greed and power but when fanatics endanger world peace these secret technologies held by secret goverments could be used covewrtly to rid the world of such problems.

  28. Super Soldiers & Operation Moon Shadow – Part 1 Captain K. Interviews (S02E01)
    This is the first in a five part series about the explosive testimony of Captain Kaye, an anonymous whistleblower, who claims he served as a member of an elite Marine Corps unit that provides personnel for a secret military bases on the Moon, Mars and other parts of the solar system.
    In part one, we learn about Captain Kaye’s background where he was trained in a supersoldier program for 300 children called Operation Moon Shadow.
    To listen to the full audio of this interview, go to http //
    Published on Oct 4, 2014
    This man is a Marine super soldier who claims to have spent 17 years in the Secret Space Program as part of the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE based on Mars and the Moon.
    http //

    • Johnny, I haven’t heard the Project Camelot interview but recently listened to entire Michael Scalla interview with Captain K via Youtube. Fascinating information. I have listened to several of these Super Soldier interviews. My observations He says in the interview in 2013 and 2014 he has undergone an increase in upgrades and something is about to happen. Def under the control of the MIC or Chimera military group. By him speaking out he is not so anonymous. Shouldn’t he be afraid in hiding or dead like so many others with were legit? So who’s whistle is he blowing? Theirs, his own or both? I did not come away from this interview thinking he was on our side. I heard very little inflection or emotion in his voice. He talked on and on for hours barely taking a break to let Mr Scalla ask a question. Honestly I have never heard any one talk that long without a pause. Very strange. I do believe there is evidence of a secret space program. It is possible his story is out there to make us believe the MIC is more powerful technologically than they are. Not wanting to find out either way. After he was released from duty he went back into a different area of the military. Goes to show you can’t teach a programmed dog new tricks. What do you think?

    • One of these self-declared super-soldiers is in trouble in England for allegedly stalking his wealthy girlfriend. This man had gone public on his background. Was this some kind of sanction for doing so? We will have to wait and see. I don’t know enough about this phenomena right now to make any judgment. But of course it could be true.

    • Dr. James….. I was thinking doing an article about the Super Soldier phenomena seems to be right in line with your Alien Agenda reports. Maybe you could look into this if there is interest?

  29. “…Secret Space War Units of the US and NATO Space Warfare Command…”

    I have to admit…I logged onto the page with a hopeful…open mind. When I read that though…I mean…COME ON! LOL! Hopefully, the government would at LEAST come up with a less ridiculous name than “Space Warfare Command!”

    Sounds like it should be a retro-fab ’60s kids’ show with model cars and puppets!

    Space War Command…

    • Don, you didn’t even read and comprehend the basics of the article. I used Space War Command, not Space Warfare Command as you stated.

      Actually the Command does Exist. It legal name is US Space Command or USSPACECOM. I added War to it because some refer to it as that because it has been reported that this Unit is technically at war with at least one malignant Alien ET group. Don, you are a shill and all your numerous previous comments in the past like this one certainly appear to be placed to misinform and detract. Go back into your hole and find someplace else where folks can be conned by your crap. I tend to forget about shills but you just keep coming back and degrading yourself.

      You have read enough of these articles on Secret Space war by now and rejected all of them, so why waste your time degrading yourself repeatedly with such comments with a theme that makes it easy to identify you as a shill. If you were legit, the first such article you read and rejected should have been enough and you would not waste your time and repeatedly show you apparent ignorance and sock-puppet behavior. Yes, go back into your hole.

    • Look, there’s even a logo for the US Airforce Space Command on this page //

    • More logos (such as the Naval Space Command’s) at

  30. To me, the issue of ET’s is a red herring. The real story is that we live in a world of lies. The author of this has already disclosed that VT either does not know the truth, or if they do, they are not going to tell us.

    • Yes, it can be used as a red herring by those who want to cover up the real facts about Alien ETs and their technology including anti-gravity craft, “free energy” and advanced psychotronics and Psi-power.

      However, the technology is real, the abductions in exchange for it are real, and there are thousands of such abductions, many repeated throughout a victims life. And several cases are so well documented that they cannot be discounted, involving crystal chips inserted in their bodies.

      Perhaps you could find some clarity if you obtained the videos of the Disclosure project of Steven Greer which contains the testimony of over 100 individuals with very high clearances who saw and learned the reality of Alien ETs.

      Or you could read all my prior VT articles and watch the videos which are actually quite revealing. Old Jules has it right, misinformation and lies dispensed to create a red herring can produce enough confusion to provide good cover for the actual situation, but that does not mean that Alien ETs are not real and do not have exchange treaties with the US High Military, providing advanced technology for access to human subjects for abductions.

    • I’ve read many of your articles on this and listened to you talk about it many times, and I have also seen the film “Mirage Men” and the immense government efforts to deceive people into thinking that ETs are responsible for things the military has actually done. I am also aware of the involvement of NASA and the Germans before that with occult, demonic and satanic sources. I also believe God put a veil there for a reason and we have been warned not to play with powers and principalities on the other side of it. I am also aware of the incredible power of the mind and the power to manipulate and even control it. Since I have never heard of an alien abduction that did not stand down when challenged by the name and power of Jesus Christ, I’m going to keep my soul very very close and “choose” not to invest hope or suffer fear re the folks “from out of town” for now. As long as $billions are being spent to deceive us, I don’t think I’ll waste my life getting all excited about “disclosure”. It is just not logical that if there are real ETs (not demonic creations or deceptions) that they would engage with a criminal world power structure to control “disclosure” of their presence.

    • It is apparent that you do not fully grasp the enormity of this article and the implied revelations within it. Given the volumes of material the Doctor has painstakingly written…doesn’t it seem likely that he is being asked to write this as one of the ‘prophets’ of Disclosure?

      You act as though Disclosure is some nebulous ‘far-away’ event when in reality it is happening as the very result of you reading this. Something about this time in history is different, because in a very real sense our species has to make a ‘jump’ in consciousness or face extinction…although this very ‘quantum’ jump will ultimately change us to the degree that we will be a new species.

      I think the good Doctor is doing an excellent job of expanding our paradigm of what is ‘possibly’ true. Because unless we are exposed to the ideas a bit beforehand, finding out the unfiltered truth will simply not make any sense and many people will just shut down emotionally and mentally.

      The Doctor is not paving the way, rather he is leveling the earth beforehand with a bulldozer.

      Disclosure is happening NOW…you just need to watch for it.

    • “…in a very real sense our species has to make a ‘jump’ in consciousness or face extinction.”

      Please leave this to the “New Age” movements, they’ve already built up their elite circles and going so far, as to demand that each person who does not “jump in consciousness” or something similar nebulous, has to die (thereby implying that this would be totally ok!).

      See, what these nice folks are doing in their Blavatsky imaginations? Maurice Strong (formerly UN) and the worldwide eugenics community love this, do you? I hope not.

    • No, I don’t think those left behind will face extinction but rather more of the same – more controls, more wars, more suffering, more manipulation by the self appointed elites, more corruption. It’s up to the individual – grow spiritually or stay as you are. There is no judgment. It’ll be whatever your soul decides it wishes to experience.

    • o, ‘ manu no, no, no, no, no, no.

      The very process of defeating those who wish to enslave us will involve a lot of truth-telling and realization of how we’ve enabled these self-declared elites to maintain control for so many years.

      This process will facilitate a ‘jump’ in conscisousness as we ultimately change most of our institutions, methods of governing, economic systems, and dispute resolution. This will lead to the end of war as a method of settling disputes between nations. That change alone would cause us to have many domino effects a more equitable distribution of wealth without requiring socialism upon those peoples who do not want it, less environmental destruction, massive availability of funds for upgrading infrastructure, less animosity to ‘Americans’, lower taxes, higher quality of life, longer lifespans – to name a few major changes.

      There will be other changes not easily foreseen as well. I guess I am simply postulating that the cumulative effect of all of these will be that humanity in a thousand years will be far different…likely even to the point of being a different species.

      Also, the moniker ‘New Age Biscuit’ was intended to be a bit of a joke. I look forward to a day when I can read and post on a website like VT using my real name and not a psuedonym.

    • The simple explanation that does not require a leap of faith into the unknown is that the abductions are real but the aliens are fake – medical/psychological black ops dressed in alien costumes. The disguises do not even have to be well done when the victims are drugged into a state of semi-consciousness. After all, we have verified historical precedents for governments performing experiments on their citizens without informed consent.

      As for the whistle-blowers, they well could be a combination of the mind controlled who believe they are working for good, and dis-info agents feeding BS to the good guys.

  31. Thank you for giving us “the people” credit for being able to work things out for ourselves! I sometimes get the feeling that extensive detail is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic anyway. How about we get off the Titanic? Maybe we already have access to everything we really need to know. Human beings have the spiritual capacity to plug in to “the intelligence of the totality” with the intuitive power of our hearts. We are not handicapped by the hive mind. And maybe this spiritual power is what some ETs covet.

    • Nothing could be more dangerous than religious superstition infecting the judgement of folks in positions upholding national security. I’m reminded of the dictum of either Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov, that technology far enough advanced beyond the understanding of primitives, will always appear ‘magical’. These Collins types are likely to be lamely attemting to fit ETs into their cramped worldview. It won’t work.
      A much more convincing version of planetary history was given by the pilot of the Roswell craft, who said that many memes and cultures in earth’s history are wholesale plants grafted onto the earthlings’ cultures to condition them against awarenesss of alien manipulation. Either the author has a most original sci-fi talent, or there we have a better explanation than most, for the colorful religio-political tapestries that have rarely brought peace and propserity, but kept humanity deluded for millenia.
      It should not be concluded we’re less-evolved than aliens, whatever their tech edge. The mind-screens they use are precisely because we have potentialities they are afraid of. And we have teachers and seers able to propagate them en masse, as is now happening as never before.

  32. Preston,

    You must admit that the prevailing trend over the last several years is that hidden secrets are getting more and more exposure, even the secrets that they want most hidden are finding their way out. The Internet participation rate with very bright people from all over the world, who are analyzing everything is growing geometrically.

    This is a powerful off-set to attempts to compartmentalize. Even those working on these secret projects, who are denied access to everything but what they are working on, must be ready to revolt and want to see and disclose the big picture.

    • Good point and you are correct. I view the worldwide Internet as the New Gutenberg Press where information and truth can be transmitted all around the world at the speed of light. Fortunately many Internet users have become quite sophisticated and have come to an understanding of the use of psyops, false-flags, misinformation, sophistry, equivocation, speciousness, and casuistry to deflect and hide truth or to promote falsehood. In spite of all these efforts to hide truth, these efforts fail because truth resonates more and more everyday and we are now on the horizon of a massive, emergent populism in every nation and worldwide too. This is coffin nails for the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC).

  33. I have no issue with what you all borders on truth, its just a matter of knowing they throw in un-truth to mislead.. but can you give us a hint? vp. darth vadar human or alien? its hard to believe they really care if we “believe” them or not. I think they failed the truth test long ago ..

    • Interesting article, Bravo. I haven’t cut my hair since Y2K, but I haven’t noticed anything different from when I kept it trimmed. I do cut my face furniture though, and that might have kept me out of the running as master tracker. Just smiling on all that. It really was an interesting supposition.

    • Old Jules – I hear you! Having mostly always had a buzz cut I always wondered what I was missing when first read about the Native Indians.

      I guess their “being closer to nature” and living the connection every day as a part of their heritage and culture means this ability is one that developed over time!

    • Bravo, my slack man while on point was N.Blackelk , one of the few First People serving in Nam at the time ,or ever, big hero at home, yah we all had short hair , did not stop any vibes getting thru , Sargent Ottero [ 4 tours in combat ]took his shirt off during firefights,said he could feel the bullets coming his way , know many Indians but long hair does not seem to make them different from others with Psi ability . People may develop other “talents” to expand their view of the mysteries & the .gov knows this.

  34. The video about “war being waged in space” would be a lot more convincing if the narrator spoke in a normal tone and lost the dramatic hush, theatrical background music and the giveaways that a sales job is going on.

    I’m not a disbeliever, per se. I’ve had my UFO experiences, been a MUFON member, read all the right books about UFOs from the 1950s until I lost interest 10-15 years ago. No doubt in my mind a lot is going on I’ll never understand.

    The metaphysical side of things has proven itself to me by direct observation. I just don’t happen to buy into most of the channel-type revelations [partly because they’re contradictory and so frequently self-serving, expensive to acquire. When I bought a copy of the Urantia Book a longish while ago it cost $30? $40? And a Course in Miracles and a number of others is more expensive, yet.

    I’m agnostic about most of what’s been on VT about all this because there’s an ocean of the same water it’s swimming in and I wouldn’t know where to begin sorting it out.

    A while back one of the VT columnists made a surprisingly convincing case that the US never landed anyone on the moon. I came away half believing it. And half believing is a long way to go for me.

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

  35. That has a ring of possible truth. The government’s about run out its string with boogiemen. Even waving North Korea nukes around hasn’t caused a break in the snoring for a considerable while. So long as China owns us they can’t use them as the boogieman or it might piss them off. Aliens might do the job for a while.

  36. Confucius says When the wise man points out to the moon, only the fool looks at his finger~
    ….Sweden, London, whatever the insignificant details are, man, the question is Can you grasp the bigger picture? Do you DARE?? Can you even dare, anymore? Truth That multi-flavored cool aid is a might tasty, for sure. But, it’s rotting your proverbial teeth, so to speak!! C’mon, reflect a while on what’s REALLY going on.

  37. Dr. James, what do we know about Capt. Kaye (Cramer)? Is this guy legit. Or another Casbolt/Prince.

    Interesting these Vril Girls. For us gamers, who have played “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” and even “Half-life” (including Opposing Force), we just all go ……………….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..

    • Sorry but I just don’t know much about Captain Cramer. However it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true, I just don’t have enough information to know.

  38. For a culture whose sense of ‘centeredness’, ‘certainty’ and ‘knowingness’ has been compromised, they must always be told what could be true . . . . it’s a conundrum, Doc.

  39. Other references to check out are the trilogy “Unholy Alliance”, Rat Line” & (the last of the series now being published) “The Hitler Legacy” by Peter Lavenda. His most recent interview by Jimmy Church on Fade to Black on YouTube is equally revealing…

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