US-NATO “exercises” prep attack on Syria

US-NATO “exercises” prep attack on Syria

 … by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, and Evelien Gilbert


It’s 2001 all over again. Dick Cheney (with his Israeli friends) is planning another nuclear attack on the United States. The goal? Another massive US invasion of the Middle East…entailing another ratcheting-up of the police state, and another controlled demolition of the US and global economies.

foxnews-cheney-gizmoThis time, Cheney and the Israelis won’t just be using mini-nukes to demolish a few buildings behind an “airline tickets and box cutters” cover story. Speaking with fellow 9/11 perp & Israeli agent Bill Kristol yesterday, Cheney said:

“I think 9/11 will turn out to be not nearly as bad as the next mass casualty attack against the United States–which, if and when it comes, will be with something far deadlier than [with] airline tickets and box cutters.”


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So this time, they’ll use nuclear weapons… and the cover story will be nuclear weapons. Which American city will they incinerate?

Cheney used this interview with fiendishly-grinning neocon godfather Kristol to attempt to cover up his infamous stand-down order allowing “Flight 77” to hit the Pentagon unmolested. According to then-Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, as “Flight 77” was approaching the Pentagon, a young military aide repeatedly asked Cheney “Do the orders still stand?!” Cheney kept insisting that they did, “whipping his neck around” to angrily bark out the thrice-reiterated stand-down order.


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Mineta has repeatedly confirmed that Cheney issued the apparent stand-down order as “Flight 77” was approaching the Pentagon. At about 1:34 in his interview with Kristol, Cheney lies shamelessly, re-writing his words and insisting that the scene described by Mineta happened later and involved Flight 93.


Cheney's repeated threats to nuke the US are getting less and less funny

Cheney’s repeated threats to nuke the US are getting less and less funny

During the same interview, immediately prior to issuing his nuclear threat against the United States, Cheney “expressed concern about Iran getting nuclear weapons.” So we may surmise that the main target of the neocon-Zionist attack on America, and re-invasion of the Middle East, is Iran.

To get to Iran, they would have to go through Syria. That is why Syria has been destabilized. That is why the Zionists created the “Islamic State” bogeyman. And that is why the Zionist-run US-NATO axis of evil practiced their boots-on-the-ground invasion of Syria in a massive exercise called Southern Katipo a little less than a year ago.

Below is the first-ever publication of New Zealand journalist Evelien Gilbert’s report on Southern Katipo.




Did New Zealand Host NATO/US Military Exercise To Prepare For A Boots-On-The-Ground Attack On Syria?

… by Evelien Gilbert

In June 2012, the New Zealand Prime Minister and ex-Wall street banker John Key made a visit to Europe. He visited the Governor of the bank of England Sir Mervyn King, 10 Downing street and the Queen. He also visited the NATO headquarters where it was reported he signed a new “non-binding” partnership.

While we know very little what was in that partnership contract other than that all newspapers said it was “non-binding” we do know that since we signed that “non-binding” a lot has changed in our relationship with the military of both the US  and NATO.

It is also evident that while the partnership was touted as “non-binding” we have been involved in a number of global exercises belying the “non-binding” part.

We have for example been involved in an anti-pirate exercise with Frigate the Mana teaming up with an Ukrainian Frigate monitoring the coast of Somalia for 7 months. We have been involved in some of the biggest exercises in countries such a Latvia, Estonia and Poland. We have also been involved in preparations and training exercises for a rapid response team for NATO.

But these exercises were all outside of New Zealand, and not a lot of people in New Zealand realised the importance of the changes the new partnership would bring to New Zealand. Ben Vidgen for example pointed out that while New Zealand has been mostly involved in peacekeeping missions in the Pacific region and its army fatigues whereof a suitable jungle green the troops now wear desert colour fatigues. The nature of local training exercises has also changed dramatically with scenarios being about insurgency and how to fight those even when they have the support of local populations.

New Zealand soldiers have been photographed while training with US Marines in California in settings that clearly show desert and urban settings. The size of these exercises has also increased and include US marines and other nationalities.

The exercise I want to talk about in greater detail was the last one to date. It was the biggest military exercise held ever in New Zealand. It was also an exercise held far away from any prying eyes. In fact it even escaped the otherwise pretty sharp eyes of Rick Rozoff from the stop NATO website. Yet, it was the biggest ever military exercise in the Southern hemisphere.

The countries partaking were all either first generation NATO members or new partners such as New Zealand. The US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea Tonga, Malaysia and France were the other countries involved in the exercise.

Involved were all three military disciplines: Navy, Air Force and regular Army.

2200 personal, 3 Ships, a large number of transport vehicles  and 18 aircraft were involved and the exercise included beach landings, roadblocks, protesting populations and even its own Taliban in a cave, and a dominant population suppressing the coastal people living in the alpine region of Mainlandia.

The exercise was named after a small indigenous and poisonous spider called the Red Katipo and the exercise took place in the South island.

The country to be invaded and liberated was called Mainlandia, a spiel on the fact that the people living on the South Island often call it the Mainland. The exercise took part in the Southern Part of the South Island with the most important town involved being Timaru. Timaru is a coastal town and a served as the port for the ships involved in the exercise.

The exercise was accompanied with a media campaign and its own newspaper in which the progress of the campaign was chronicled as it would have been in the MSM if it had been real – including the usual spin and propaganda. To this day there is  a Facebook page dedicated to the exercise making it look like a boy scout outing with a population loving every minute of it and baking cookies for all the boys at every corner.

The exercise however was a very serious one.

What makes this interesting and what makes me speculate about the real goal of the exercise as a preparation for a troops-on-the ground scenario in Syria is the topographic situation of the southern half of the South Island and how the Scenario unfolds with regards to that topography.

The two groups of populations called the Bekarans and the Alpinians in the publication of the NZ army above are at loggerheads over a military training exercise where 24 Bekarans lose their lives. This leads to tensions and the Alpirians who are the dominant population group clamp down on the Bekarans and the Prime Minister who himself is an Alpirian refuses to stand down when a Bekaran is elected to be the next Prime Minister. A complicating factor is the fact that a group of religious fanatics have found themselves a stronghold in a Cave situated in the town of Waimate somewhere in the middle of the country.

With all this playing out and the invading “liberators” obviously having to get to and conquer the Alpinian’s region the topography comes into play. If you Google the map of the South Island you will find that the town of Timaru which has both an excellent port capable of receiving three Navy vessels and ships big enough to transport heavy transport vehicles and an airport capable of processing our big new Orions and Blackhawks etc.

The land around Timaru is very flat and easily traveled albeit somewhat exposed. This goes for the whole region from Christchurch to the North of Timaru to Dunedin south of Timaru. Timaru is located on the East of the Island and if you travel South and West the landscape changes rapidly to a mountainous Alpine region. Hence the name of the Alpirians.

The training included confrontations with the Alpirians in the form of demonstrations using road blocks and other means of limiting population movement transport of “refugees” and confrontations with the “Waimate Taliban”.

The scenario makes for a difficult conquest. To invade a country be sea and by land (the first goal is to secure the port of Timaru as part of the invasion) is already fraught with great danger. But to have to travel over a large flat exposed area in order to get to a mountainous area where you have to overpower an armed and hostile population mixed with a third factor of a religious extremist group is even harder if not impossible. So why take on such a difficult topography in a military exercise unless you have a use for it and you need to practice how to overcome those difficulties.

At the time of the exercise being the second half of November in 2013, speculations were made as to why they where training and for what situation. Most people limited themselves to situations in the Pacific. But I believe that the exercise – which included some of the biggest global military powers – was intended for a much more important situation.

The scenario and the topography led me to only one comparable situation: One that is unfolding right now and that is the situation in Syria.

Listen to the spin than we are being prepared for: the fact that there is no way we can bring ISIS/ISIL to heel with mere aerial attacks and that only with a ground war will we be able to destroy them. Of course this is just an argument to place troops on the ground in Syria and that is where this exercise comes in.

Change a few names in the scenario and it is clear that we are talking about a head of state who doesn’t want to step down (Assad with the Alawite Muslims) much to the dissatisfaction of another group (Sunni Muslims) in the country and with the Taliban (ISIS/ISIL) beheading people left right and center it is clear that the situation they are referring to in the scenario isn’t an imaginary, but very much an existent scenario playing out in Syria already.

And this is where the importance of the topography of both the Southern part of the South Island and Syria’s coastline comes into play.

Syria’s coastline is almost exactly the same as the coastline leading up to the Alpine region of the South Island. It has a flat green fertile region from the coast to the steep rise of  a range of mountains forming a natural protection against an attack from the sea. Even the length of the coastline is about the same.




Syria houses the only port accessible to Russian ships and military. Tartus is part of three ports available to the Syrians between the Turkish border and and the border of Lebanon and much like the port of Timaru. And while I would call it madness to even contemplate an attack on Tartus it is also they only way to disable the Russians in Syria and the supply of arms and other supplies they provide.

Turkey will be very reluctant to open up their population to attacks from the Syrian air force and a widening of the conflict if it were to allow ground attacks and an invasion of Syria.  Saudi Arabia while arming itself to the hilt at the moment might also be reluctant to become an active participant as they have an already restless population wanting a change of regime and very aware that Saudi Arabia has served as a US military base.

Most Muslims regard Saudi Arabia’s regime as treacherous to Islam, allowing infidels to place their military in a country which has some of the most holy places in Islam in its territory.  Lebanon is not going to cooperate with the US or the NATO to aid an attack on Syria with pro Syrian and Iranian Hezbollah as a major military force. This pretty much leaves the coast as one of the few ways they can use to get boots on the ground.

At the moment the US, UK, France and the Netherlands are already performing bombing raids on Iraq and Syria. To date Syrian oil refineries and grain silos have already been destroyed. ISIS/ISIL troops are fighting for the city of Kobani which coincidentally is very close to the biggest water supply in Syria.

We know that the US and NATO already have a fleet of warships monitoring the coast of Syria, and the US claims that 60 countries have pledged their support for an attack on ISIS/ISIL. New Zealand has just had its election and re-elected John Key as Prime Minister. Members of the SAS have already been called up even as the Prime Minister claims to be extremely reluctant to send troops into the quagmire.

The expectation is that New Zealand will support the war efforts and much like everywhere else the population will be bullied into accepting ever more restricting and invasive laws with the prospect of public beheadings perpetrated by mad Muslims in our streets. I suspect that we will soon have our first raid on a mosque to bring the point home that we have to step in line with the madness coming out of Washington and London.


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27 Responses to "US-NATO “exercises” prep attack on Syria"

  1. James Robertson  October 18, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    A very interesting article. I would suggest that Evelyn’s prognostications are not correct. Time will tell.
    http //

  2. captain obvious  October 15, 2014 at 2:16 am

    ol darth threatened attack if skull-n-bones neocon freak KERRY got elected? seems he was ok with multiple felon hillary appointed secretary of state, followed by kerry into the same position, so what am I missing?

  3. ArmenianChristian  October 14, 2014 at 6:19 am

    Death should no be what we fear most…
    Continued slavery to the Jews funny money is the biggest threat to the goy…
    Live your life open as many eyes as you can…
    Then even if they kill you your ideas fester and grow into movements which will eventually topple the jew world order…
    This is a fight for the future of humanity…
    The war has begun… Which side are you on???

    • Old Jules  October 14, 2014 at 6:38 am

      I’m not convinced about anything in your comment except as partial truths, but as for the side I’m on, I tend to approve of the Turks. They did some thngs last century it’s difficult to find fault with in light of your comment.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 7:50 am

      Yup, as G. Duff and others have reported the rogue Rothschild network has mini-nukes planted in our cities. Much like the mini-nukes the Mossad ” dancing Israelis ” planted in the Twin Towers.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 8:31 am

      Are you seriously excusing the Donmeh Turk ( crypto-Jew ) attempted genocide of Armenian Christians?

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 8:33 am

      Difficult to find fault with the Donmeh crypto-Jew Turk massacre of Armenian Christians?!?!!!

    • Old Jules  October 14, 2014 at 8:41 am

      For me Armenians and Jews are too much alike to tell the difference. If one of them doesn’t object to massacre of the one, I naturally assume he also approves of the massacre of the other. This one said in his comment we’re at war with Jews. For me that means we’re at war with everyone who ‘looks like’ Jews. Which is Armenians.

    • Old Jules  October 14, 2014 at 8:46 am

      Besides, I am an Armenian genocide denier.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 1:05 pm

      That’s ridiculous. The Donmeh “Turks” ( actually Jews ) took pleasure in killing the Armenians and your mocking it. Yes, if a mini-nuke goes off in America the first suspect is Talmudia. Some of us have learned from the LaVon Affair, the USS Liberty, 9-11 and their constant espionage against America. Armenian Christians are Armenians and Khazar “Jews” are Khazar Jews. I’ve been in the Armenian section of Beirut. I knew I was around Christians not Jews. You’re morphing into a first class dirtbag.

    • Old Jules  October 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm

      Charlotte NC Bill I’m not mocking the Turks. I’m mocking Armenian Christian and his dual standards. And of course, you, for taking yourself so seriously.

      The statement, “we are at war with Jews” deserved a lot more mocking than it got from me.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 4:35 pm

      Armenian guy’s statement may have been a little hyperbolic but the important thing to keep in mind is this If the last 100 yrs. have taught us anything ( the Judeo-Bolshevik takeover of Russia, the choreographed horror of WWII, the milking of the Holohoax, etc. ) it’s that in no way are the Jews victims. Rather they’re aggressors who pose as victims. And that’s the worst type of aggressor. Another annoying tactic they employ? Seducing people into thinking like them. That’s why they made a point of buying everything fm media to think tanks. This is multi-level cultural combat. The stuff Henry Makow always covers.

    • ArmenianChristian  October 15, 2014 at 6:00 am

      All I know israelis will die if Americans die…Sayanim like you are gonna be the first to go Yid… Fear the goy who has open eyes… We are watching you…

    • ArmenianChristian  October 15, 2014 at 6:14 am

      Armenians look nothing at all like jews….how many wars have armenians started so we can profit off both sides destroying their countries…. Now how many wars as stated have jews started just in the last 10 years??? If there is such a thing as Satan you are definetly his repersentation Jules… And all your tribe along with you..

    • Old Jules  October 15, 2014 at 6:24 am

      Sorry, but Jews, Turks and Armenians all look pretty much alike to me. Not a nickle’s worth of difference in them. But Christian Armenians might be stupider than Turks and Jews.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 15, 2014 at 10:57 am

      Who do you think makes sure your grandkids get “vaccines” designed to lower than I.Q.? Ever hear about it in the media? Guess who owns the media. Ever hear the truth about who really did 9-11 in the Controlled media? Guess who owns it. Ever read in the WSJ business pages that the Fed is privately owned? Ever read the name Rothschild among the Forbes 400? They’re trillionaires. What keeps them off that list? Yeah you just gotta feel sorry for these folks. No pull, no resources, no influence…gotta feel bad for them.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 15, 2014 at 10:58 am

      I never saw a “Jew” in NY as good-looking as the Armenian girls in Beirut even the ones with 1,000,000 in plastic surgery.

  4. mpennery  October 14, 2014 at 5:34 am

    I suspect the next terror attack that will be bigger than 9/11 will not be an obvious nuclear attack but a different kind of false flag. It may be occurring right now, too, just under your noses. It’s called ebola. It has all the signatures of a false flag.

  5. Allesandro  October 13, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    The U.S. government is run by “Israeli’s” who control the printing presses, and our money creation. By controlling our money and credit, key industries are acquired, media and culture shaped, influence entrenched in their image. A key component as to why we have porn, abortion, sexual perversion, organ harvesting, financial fraud, corruption of every kind and death and destruction as s foreign policy. As they have grown in power and influence, these twisted traits and characteristics have only gotten worse. It’s NO coincidence that men over the last 30 years have been made to look weak and stupid in relation to females. Thank the “Jew” advertising executives.

    Our national character, shaped by the “Jew” has gotten progressively worse. Those qualities we most admired about ourselves, and wanted ever present, have been diminished, and now hardly recognizable. If we were using a moral compass, as the “Jews” have gained power and influence in our country, they’ve sent us 180 degrees in the wrong direction. It’s a shame and a result of “Jewish” dominance.

    Over time, campaign money has become a critical choke-point, unless you have the funds to mount a viable campaign, you’ll go no-where, especially if the other side has access to their unlimited funds, with the printing presses in their control and UN-limited credit, they get anyone they want elected.

    • ArmenianChristian  October 15, 2014 at 6:16 am

      The Jew is a weak creature… It needs its goy enforcers or else it will crumble under its own weight…they only have the power because we and our ancestors gave it/give it to them

  6. KatherineA  October 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    The news clip about Cheney is from the Onion, so everyone knows…. It’s a very funny article, and probably closer to the truth than a years worth of NYT. But, no, Cheney did not actually say that, as one FB commenter thought, at least he didn’t say it publicly.

  7. Charlotte NC Bill  October 13, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    I’ve been to Tripoli ( Lebanon ) and the Bekaa Valley. That’s as close to Syria as I’ve ever gotten. I wish I had gone in ’05 or ’06. Those days seem like heaven compared to what’s happened since. When these functioning, secular ( targeted ) Arab republics first saw the writing on the wall after 9-11 they should have prepared themselves better for this neocon onslaught. The Greater Israel PNAC types promised this. Gen. Wesley Clark disclosed all of this. Their intelligence agencies KNOW that 9-11 was an inside false-flag ( which shows how far these people are willing to go )….

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 14, 2014 at 7:56 am

      You’re right, it was an inside/outside job. I still sometimes say ” inside” for the simple reason that ( tragically ) we’ve been so intertwined with them. The Synagogue of Satan was the driving force behind it though, as with everything else.

  8. LightSaber  October 13, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    The Sorcha Faal order of CIA agents just wrote about more nuclear munitions missing from a Colorado base.

  9. 4dmind  October 13, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Foci – Those are transparent and decisive observations. I have to say I agree. I don’t think that observation, about the state of the human race and the odds are pessimistic in the least. I think it’s just common sense. We all know that the place is overrun with psychopaths, narcissists, and every other variant of sociopath imaginable. But indeed, this particular man is as vile as they come.

  10. Foci  October 13, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Cheney is crazier than a shit house rat. I can’t wait until his battery dies out on his black heart. Mankind will be better off without his re-animated corpse stalking Washington although I have my doubts as to whether this species “we” belong to will survive the next 20 years simply because we devote more time, effort, resources and money into exterminating ourselves as compared to the resources spent on saving ourselves.

    If I were a bookie I’d say odds are we will not be hanging around this hot dog stand 100 years from now.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  October 13, 2014 at 6:48 pm

      It’s ( unfortunately ) hard to disagree with any of that.

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