Ebola: Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail?


Ebola:  Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail?


…  by  Preston James


Mix-In the last couple of weeks, the Ebola Virus seemed to gain notoriety out of nowhere.

Supposedly a byproduct of bats in deepest, darkest Africa. Brought into America twice, once to treat an active case, a second time by a person who came from the source area in Africa supposedly not knowing he was infected.

And yet we know that Russia and America have worked in the past militarizing this virus to be deployable as a bio-warfare weapon. And yes, it has been successfully combined with a common cold type virus in bio labs in both nations.

Was Ebola deployed in America as a sophisticated form of blackmail designed to coerce the USG to send ground troops into another massive Mideast War for Israel and the World Zionist (WZ) Oil Companies?

And will this Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) be also set up as a false-flag operation to create a major Ebola epidemic inside America while bringing blame to folks who refuse a new Ebola Vaccine which will soon be rolled out.

Will those growing millions who are now routinely refusing all vaccinations and who are notably anti-vaccination be set up as patsies as this Ebola spreads out of control, after it is covertly and fully deployed across America?

Will Ebola be covertly deployed and spread to beat down “We the People” even further, while getting “beyond-black” flashable nano particles inside the bodies of Americans in order to execute advanced mind-kontrol while thinning the herd significantly and frightening Americans into giving up more basic Constitutional Rights?

What else do we know for sure?

HAZMAT_Class_6-2_BiohazardWe know that the responsible Authorities violated acceptable protocols which require the  cutting-off travel from areas of infection to isolate the infected from transmission Vectors. We know that at least initially Ebola has been treated in America (Texas) as a Level 2 infection when it should have been immediately treated as a Level 3 as CDC/FEMA and DHS training protocols call for.

The most negligent thing any nation’s health authorities can do is to allow a free ticket for a lethal virus like Ebola into America. Unless a Federal National Emergency is declared, all health matters lie within the authority of each individual state.

Globalist mouthpieces and talking heads have emerged claiming that to cut off travel from the areas in Africa affected would be tantamount to causing the virus to spread, and keeping travel open is the best way to stop it. The current talking points issued to State Health Officials by the CDC big shots are the opposite of known truth about containing such lethal viruses. This kind of leadership from the CDC is basically criminal negligence.

Obviously, the State Health Officials are getting very bad information from the CDC and placing a great number of Americans at risk for Ebola, when such would not have been necessary at all if all travel had been cut off from known infected areas in Africa, and anywhere else the virus was not completely isolated and locked-down.

If any nation wanted to send health workers to help, they could be sent and proper protocols utilized. This would mean that, after their tour of duty was completed, these folks could be quarantined in a clean environment in that country for an acceptable period of time greater than the incubation period announced as 21 days. What if it is actually twice that as some suggest? There is never any valid reason to give any such lethal virus a plane ticket into America, as was done.

Veterans Today Columnist, Superspook and now CIA Whistle-blower, Gene Chip Tatum laid out the dangers Ebola posed in two earlier VT articles. Here and Here.

A whole other possibility of the mode of transmission for Ebola may exist contrary to what the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) has been claiming.

Some have argued that Ebola panic is a manufactured Hoax because the virus (whatever it is) is a manufactured, deployed bio-warfare virus included in Injections in Africa, with victims sent into America and told they can receive treatment here. As many remember there were many who believed that HIV/AIDS was included in the Hepatitis B vaccine trials given to homosexuals in San Francisco, Miami and New York and also in small pox vaccines given in Africa.

Is this a replay of prior covert operations to cull the human herd? Is this so-called Ebola or whatever it is just another staged, engineered bio-warfare agent deployed against the human masses to thin the herd? You might wonder could there be a secret bio-warfare cell deep inside the Secret Shadow Government that is so evil it would purposely create and spread Ebola in a well planned attempt to mass-murder millions of humans? Now if you dig deep enough you will find that yes this kind of secret cell has existed at Plum Island in the past where Lyme Disease was created by Dr. Erik Traube and turned loose nearby. Traube was a Nazi bio-weapons expert who specialized in using ticks to spread bio-weapons.

A second well known site has been a small but dangerous cell at Fort Detrick Army Biological Weapons Lab which allowed RCC/WZ operatives to steal the Ames variety of anthrax which they then sent to Democratic Members of Congress who were resistant to voting for the passage of the Patriot Act. It was later discovered that the Bush2 Whitehouse was warned two weeks ahead of time and started taking Ciprofloxacin to prevent any infection.

So at this time we do not know for sure what this so-called virus Ebola really is because we cannot trust the CDC or the FDA either. They both have a very long history of corruption and public lies. Take the matter of Aspartame a known mild neurotoxin that becomes dangerous for some depending on consumption and ability to process it in one’s liver. Rumsfeld was on the Board of Searle and was able to suppress reports of toxicity and gain approval by the FDA, a complete fraud. You can imagine why many millions of Americans will not ever accept any so-called Ebola vaccinations because they do not trust the FDA, Big Pharma or the FDA or CDC. Many will fear that the Ebola virus or whatever nasty bug it is will be included in the vaccine which is supposed to prevent it and will refuse vaccination NO MATTER WHAT. This alone could start a Civil War. __________

No, the Nurse in Texas didn’t break protocol.

And the narrative that the Nurse in Texas who supposedly broke protocol when providing care to Thomas Eric Duncan (who died), and that was the reason she contracted Ebola, is complete crap too. Proper protocol was never set up and she followed what she was ordered to do. This suggests that the Nurse was purposely infected as a part of a monstrous covert false-flag act of biological blackmail designed to spread the disease and create massive fear in the American Group Mind.

But blackmailing of whom and for what purposes? In any false-flag, someone or some party is falsely blamed. My guess is that a new Ebola Vaccine will soon be rolled out and many will refuse it, while Ebola is “covertly seeded” across America. Then the vaccination-refusers could be blamed for it. And this blame will then perhaps be used as an excuse to attack and intern those who won’t comply, either murdering them in their own homes, or taking them to quarantined FEMA Camps, where they can be forcibly inoculated with vaccines containing Ebola. Is this a great way to create a false need for forced vaccinations of everyone, even vaccine-resisters who know far too much about Big Pharma’s eugenics plan? This long term Eugenics plan is believed to be driven by the WZ Globalist Banksters from the City of London and is believed by some insiders to involve the injection of known highly toxic substances and slow acting cancer causing viruses, and satellite tracking and mind-kontrol compounds (aka 21st Century “Koolaide”).

It is a known fact that the numbers of Americans who distrust vaccines and are refusing them for themselves and their kids are growing daily. A great deal of negative information has been circulated in the Alternative media on the worldwide internet. Much of this new information is valid, coming from esteemed medical practitioners and researchers and even reported in respected peer-reviewed journals. You can do some basic research for yourself, but an association between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders has been established, and deaths and disabilities have resulted from the HPV vaccine, which so many hospitals, doctors, nurses, heath departments, employers and schools are pushing.

If there was ever a legitimate need for vaccines, certainly that has been removed from the minds of many Americans due to unnecessary additives and viral contaminants like ethyl mercury, aluminum, anti-freeze, and SV-40 monkey virus which has been in many cell lines from the very beginning when Polio vaccine was developed. Perhaps it was decided that poor quality vaccines would be developed in order to mitigate what could have been effective, and instead they have been used for advanced eugenics, dumbing-down and placement of weird long acting, cancer causing viruses like SV-40. If there is any medical value to vaccines, why not do long term double-blind research after cleaning out all the unnecessary contaminants like Ethyl Mercury and aluminum, both known neurotoxins and especially harmful to the still developing central nervous systems of children?

Yes, there are a lot of good reasons to distrust vaccines and many new ones every day.

150px-Biohazard.svgThere are other reasons so many distrust vaccines and the number is growing every day. There is a great deal of new evidence coming out from scientific and peer reviewed medical journals suggesting vaccines can be harmful and even dangerous. One Canadian MD’s research showed that those who got flu vaccines had slightly more influenza than those who didn’t. Other research has shown that HP vaccines can be lethal and significantly dangerous, but vaccine manufacturers, health departments and Doctors are pushing this for young girls, and now boys, anyhow. Could it be their profit motive or perhaps more like advanced Rockefellor eugenics?

Somebody should be going to jail for a very long time for what they did to American Soldiers deployed to the Gulf Wars with Depleted uranium and toxic vaccines.

And there are thousands of Gulf War vets who believe their illnesses and disabilities were cause by all the experimental vaccines they were required to take. These vaccines were not tested before being used on them. In the first Gulf War advanced nuclear bombs were dropped on Baghdad, causing many deaths of innocent Iraqis at that time and also later on from the radiation. This was a serious war crime. This is criminal beyond words and just as criminal as the continual deployment of DU weapons and the massive exposures allowed by American Soldiers which has disabled many and created a great deal of hardship for their families.

Many vaccines in the form they are used now can have a lot of side-effects, some dangerous or lethal, some may create serious life-long health problems, but don’t expect any adequate informed consent which is legally required beforehand.

The HPV vaccine is a dangerous vaccine for many, and yet is being pushed relentlessly. Maybe you remember the old Swine Flu vaccine developed and heavily-used for a Swine Flu epidemic that never occurred. Hundreds got Guillan-Barre paralysis however and their lives were needlessly ruined because there was no Swine Flu. When this much pressure to get vaccinated by so many authorities and the USG is applied, this is highly suspicious. When did the USG ever give a damn about any citizen or any US Soldier? The answer is NEVER. So it seems appropriate to ask, why the big rush to get everyone vaccinated in America? it is obvious there is at least one hidden agenda at play here.

Let me give you a little hint why so much pressure is being applied to get vaccinated. Here are some possible contents of these new vaccines. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions. But consider this, it is nuts to give young children 35 or more vaccinations by the time they are 6 years old. Many of these still contain Thimerisol, a form of ethyl mercury — the most neuro-toxic substance known to mankind, and one that is known to decrease IQ significantly in children, like lead exposure does. And yet why was this used? Supposedly, as a preservative in group vials, which few use anymore, using individual vial doses only.

A growing number of experts believe that this use of mercury was a conscious decision to dumb-down the populace and keep them from rebelling, just like the addition of industrial waste from the gypsum, aluminum and uranium industries, the compound known as Fluoride. Some claim it was used in Nazi Internment Camps and in Russian Bolshevik Gulags to minimize escape attempts and rebellions.


[youtube 85tgwh3HpsM&feature=player_detail]


But could there be an even more sinister reason the USG is pushing so hard to “Help Us” by pushing massive vaccination promotions and multi-million dollar advertising?

Yes, there are some hair-curling possibilities to consider. We know that the US Military has spent millions working on catalytic, long-acting, stealth viruses. Just do an Internet search. These viruses are deployed to sit idly by and be later activated through other viruses, like the Noro Virus which spread like wildfire. (Were the cruise ships a test of the Noro Virus unknowing to the Cruise ship owners?) We also know that the Pentagon has been financing multimillion dollar projects to develop a vaccine which will alter the brain to “reduce extremism”. Can you say partial lobotomy, destruction of the soul?


[youtube 2MuXgpl2Sxg]


Will there be a new Ebola Vaccine soon rolled out and will it catalyze (activate) long-acting viruses already vaccinated into many Americans through the yearly Flu Vaccines and will it either contain or activate partial brain lobotomies to reduce activism, which the USG defines as Domestic Terrorism? The following video clip leaked by a Pentagon good guy shows just how serious the US Army has been about coming up with bio-warfare to reduce extremism and any belief in God Almighty. Would these folks like to be injected with an agent to stifle their tribal hatred of American Goyim? I think not.

The truth about vaccines is out there for those who want to dig a bit.

Want to see a great and genuine American tell the real truth about the ill effects of vaccines on children? Watch this video Clip of Robert Kennedy Jr. The CDC is part of a large RICO syndicate, just like the FDA, which approved the neurotoxin Aspartame only because Rumsfeld was on their board. And the FDA completely ignores the dangers of cell phone and police radio emissions, as well as the serious threat that Wi-Fi in the Schools poses to developing children.



[youtube 00eb49xIULo&feature=player_detailpage]



Yes, the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) is Evil beyond most folks’ imagination, and certainly capable of using Ebola as another form of the Blackmail they have habitually used to control the USG and Congress for many years.

Now one might wonder, could those who run things be that evil, to deploy a virus like Ebola inside America and purposely infect an innocent caregiver? The answer is a big Yes. This Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) did the nuclear attack on 9/11/01, and murdered 3,000 innocent Americans that day, and caused thousands to suffer cancer from the radiation fallout — over 70,000 are sick now and being suppressed by Judge Hellerstein. He who appears to be a key Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) Dual Citizen player and whose name keeps coming up all over the place in these cases, which include the BP Gulf oil spill, which resulted in the spraying of millions of gallons of super-toxic Core-Exit. And many believe that Core-Exit is now responsible for so many sick and dead folks near the Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi. Here’s a little suggestion for you. Perhaps you might want to avoid gulf Shrimp, which for some strange reason are very cheap right now.

nuclear_power_10-320x255Is Bio-warfare Blackmail the same basic Modus Operandi of the Nuclear Blackmail (AKA the Samson Option) used to convince the USG to allow Israel to consolidate all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement into Homeland Security (DHS), a huge Israeli occupying army inside America under the control of Tel Aviv?

It was the same folks, the RCC that used the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 to blackmail and thus manipulate US Administration officials into allowing Israeli puppet/cutouts to set up Homeland Security (DHS) and streamline all American Law Enforcement and alphabets under one single control, their control run out of Israel.

This is just a continuation of Israeli efforts to militarize the American Police by providing all-expenses paid junkets to Israel for anti-terror training and plenty of mind-kontrol in the process. The Anti Defamation League has been providing training and direction to many American Police Departments for many years, working hard to spook them into being afraid of the public and to view all Americans as potential or actual domestic terrorists and violent enemies.

We know that there are now over 100 members of Congress (137 on the last list) and five Supreme Court Justices who have been receiving big bribes to keep the truth about the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America covered up and other USG crimes against We the people covered up. Thus, the USG as it is now constituted and functioning is the largest RICO crime syndicate that ever existed in America.

By the way my view is that eventually the NSA will be completely sacked by an angry new USG installed by an angry populace, along with Areas 51 & 52 and all the secret abusers of We the People, revealing ALL their secrets. And serious prosecutions and claw backs will follow. If this does not take place, it is believed that two other major entities or nations have all the NSA downloads and will progressively leak them in due time.

Do not be surprised if you end up seeing all 137 names published in the future. All secrecy is now ending and the sins of these evil abusers of us all who have violated their oaths, committed Treason and Sedition too will be shouted from the rooftops for all to know and deal with. And you will see the CMMM being broken up and no longer a USG propaganda dispensing Cartel/Monopoly.

And what exactly is this very large Ruling Crime cabal (RCC)? It is a convergence or merger of two large crime cabals, the International Zionist Crime Cabal (double and triple Citizens) and the Bush Crime cabal (AKA Scherf Crime Cabal).

Now if you think this is just theory, you are wrong, very wrong. We now have smoking-gun proof of the massive payoff system, how it is administered by “Puppetmasters” who use the silver or lead method of convincing folks to cooperate. If you cooperate you get silver, if you don’t you get lead — hot lead, and a lethal dose, perhaps made to look like a suicide (aka Arkenside) and helped by a bought and owned cooperative coroner (many are).

Want proof of how American Politics really works?

Here is your proof, an X-ray or snapshot into how top BCC Puppetmasters run things for the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) and how they use the silver or lead method of convincing folks. Listen Here to hear how these two men, Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former State Senator Sheldon Songstad, tried to shakedown Ambassador Lee Wanta for 30 Billion Dollars. Their voices have been voice-grammed to known public appearances on video, and a match has been made, so they are 100% identified.

They were having a conference call and called Lee Wanta to shake him down — thought his answering machine shut off, but it kept running and now we all have this — an amazing snapshot into how things are really run in DC Politics (silver or lead). After this recording on Lee Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy Phone recorder, his security teams were beefed up. You can imagine why, after listening to this recording.

183899_10150146045486212_4097935_nI hope these men are asked by trained Federal Investigators some serious questions, like, “Mr. Songstad, you say stealth is important and that ‘He’ (Lee Wanta) better pay or else and then go on to suggest that you have some folks you can send to murder Lee Wanta if he won’t cooperate after discussing whether or not he has a protection team, to which you replied that you didn’t think that would be a problem.” Any good police detective would ask, “Have you shaken down others, Mr. Songstad and had some folks threatened and perhaps even murdered in the past by henchmen you sent to face off with them, is that why you talked like this?” … Yes, how many have you shaken-down and even murdered in the past?

If you or I ever said such things on a recording about Lee Wanta or anyone prominent, we would get the book thrown at us and spend 20-30 in prison. Did Eric Holder resign as US Attorney General because of this recording? Some insiders have image004said they believe so. These men must be indicted, arrested under major felonies and RICO, along with numerous corrupt judges and Members of Congress they are associated with. All NSA recording should be grabbed, and if they don’t cooperate with a  subpoena, then attack them with the First and Fifth Army and capture and contain the NSA and stop it from sending all their raw data to Israel by satellite.

Arrest all the criminals who run the NSA, who directed the NSA to engage in illegal spying on Americans and try them for Treason and Sedition for it. Upon conviction, execute them — because Treason is a Capital Offense. Surely what they have done is as bad or worse that the Rosenbergs and Traitor Harry Hopkins, who also gave the Soviets our Nuclear Secrets even before WW2 ended.

The Pentagon has been working hard to develop bio super-weapons.

Don’t forget that the Pentagon has been working hard using private contractors to develop serious bio-weapons to deploy against American public. Watch This to learn more. It is also known that Polio Vaccine contained SV-40 monkey virus, which was never removed from the cell lines used for almost all vaccines. SV-40 has been found in about 40% of all soft tissue cancers studied, suggesting that SV-40 is a slow acting virus that causes soft-tissue cancer.______________________


image001It certainly seems like this Ebola deployment is somewhat of a replay of the Anthrax attack on those Democrats who wouldn’t vote for the Patriot Act — only this time, the enemy is the growing millions of folks who are anti-vaccine and refuse to take vaccines or allow them to be given to their children.

But it could also be another incidence where the IZCS is using Bioweapon-Blackmail to convince the USG and Administration that they better start a major ground war in Iraq and Syria for Israel and eventually use Syria as a base to attack Iran for Israel. Thus, Ebola perhaps is being used as blackmail to force Mind-kontrol laden vaccines on the populace, while also being used to blackmail the USG.

If the USG goes to war as the Israelis are perhaps demanding, they will keep the number of Ebola dead down substantially. On the other hand, if the USG resists another major ground war in the Mideast or the Ukraine (needed to help Israel move to the Ukraine, since Israel will be gone in 10 years or less), perhaps we will see 100 million dead Americans or even more.

Certainly, the IZCS has the spook network necessary to seed the Ebola virus anywhere they want because it is so virulent, and they have no operational consciences to inhibit such mass-murder because they are carriers of the most deadly virus of all, Babylonian Talmudism, aka covert Luciferianism and Satanism, aka World Zionism. Some researchers claim this was previously called Sionism, or priory of Sion.

It is important to understand that approximately 40% of soft-tissue cancers have monkey virus SV-40 in them — strong evidence for these cancers being caused by SV-40. These cancers were purposely left in most vaccine cell lines, and the physicians responsible even joked about it.

Ebola could not have so easily come into America unless the RCC mandated it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is likely a duck. Something’s up with this Ebola, and it looks like another incidence of RCC Blackmail. The USG hates folks that resist their weird and dangerous vaccination programs and has been plotting how best to force them to submit.

The USG is pushing hard to get everyone vaccinated, probably because they have toxic, delayed-action mind-kontrol compounds in them. Certainly they have never cared a whit about any American, only taking your tax dollars — which is Unconstitutional and illegal — and sending our Soldiers to fight, be wounded and die for Israeli wars in the Mideast.

Breaking News:

Veterans Today senior Editor Gordon Duff has just published a monumentally important story on Veterans Today entitled, “VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to National Security Hack!“). This story discloses that it appears that Ebola victims have purposely been brought into America to spread the virus and that all well defined DHS/CDC/FDA protocols have been ignored as far as containing and treating those infected, exposed or suspected of being exposed. Within minutes of this very revealing article being posted the Veterans Today Website was hacked and knocked out by Cyber Warfare Technicians at Fort Huachuca Army base in Arizona. As you read this story by Gordon Duff you will understand why the PTB were desperate to keep it from being disseminated. Fortunately VT’s webmasters are very well equipped to deal with these cyber attacks and the site went back up. So now, do your part and disseminate it to everyone you know.

More Breaking News: Veterans Today has just published an article entitled, “VT Medicine: Concerns Regarding Ebola“. In this article it is suggested that the actual virus being called Ebola is not Ebola at all but a particularly virulent form of Tuberculosis which is apparently far more virulent than Ebola.

The use of nano-silver appears to be quite promising for use as a nutritional support to bolster one’s immunity against Ebola or whatever this bug is that is being “seeded” inside America and perhaps Europe Too.

Dr. Rima Laibow has been involved with the testing of nano-silver as a nutrition product which appears to bolster one’s natural immunity against Ebola. This has so far been born out in one test in Africa. Yes, Dr. Laibow is a Physician with an M.D. degree with an esteemed and successful career of many years. She has a very informative Website and has developed protocols for boosting one’s immunity against Ebola, even if exposed. These protocols involve boosting one’s immunity with the nutritional product Nano-silver  which is significantly different in action that Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver. It is my understanding that she believes this particular strain of Ebola which is now inside America is actually a gene-spliced bio-weapon, which has been my view. There is a wealth of information on her website about Ebola and it is certainly worth checking it out.



  1. I have been doing some study on silver.
    What you propose seems quite unlikely,
    more likely the silver would interfere with the metabolism of the ‘bug(s)’.


  2. “Ebola. The very sound conjures up hideous images, images that cannot begin to convey the horrors of the disease itself. An African man carrying the virus has arrived unhindered in Dallas. Experts assure the public there is no cause for fear. But is there really nothing to fear? Absolute Zero is the tale of an attack on America, of an unlikely hero who saved millions….Pray that it never comes to pass.”

    This description is from a 1999 novel called Absolute Zero
    http //www.amazon.com/Absolute-Zero-Frederick-Aldrich-ebook/dp/B008MKPLSQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

  3. I really wonder just how many Americans STILL trust the Government? Whether Ebola is real or not these snakes up at the top probably made it! Also not forget the Georgia Guidestones had a corner block added 2014. Right or Left Repub or Dems, it sure as hell doesn’t matter!

    The Bush’s and Cheney and Julianna the Rockefellers, Clinton, Obama, Sorros, Rothchild’s Kissinger,Zebinski or however the H* you spell it! Bill Gates too and All these EVIL Bst*ds and ALL the Banksters and many more. This krap has to come to an end soon and I just hope and pray that God (Yahweh) pours out HIS Spirit soon and HIS Kingdom WILL be set up! The Devil and his gang will be buried under ground for at least a thousand years! Money and greed will be no more!

  4. ******* I’m in the hoax “camp”. Recall the fed “drills” that were going on the day of 9-11….? Well, there’s a fed “influenza drill” going on right now.

    http //www.sifma.org/services/bcp/fema-pandemic-exercise-series/

  5. You don’t write a lot of articles Mr. James, but when you do, you write a whopper. And just think, whether all of what we are being told is true the Texas State Fair is in full swing down thar in Texas, and thousands from all over the country come an go without a thought about it. many from that hospital will go.
    I find odd that that nurse, (like the Tsarnaev brothers,) may be either on a student vjsa or a work permit (with or without family over here in America,) or in other words a non-American looking individual who won’t protest to much for fear of being tossed out of the country is being accused of wrongdoing. She can’t speak up or she may lose her status to stay in America. I could be wrong, (wouldn’t surprise me at all,) but isn’t it odd all the accused people may be reliant on the government for their presence here? Excellent article.

  6. The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns
    http //www.liberianobserver.com/commentaries/ebola-breakout-coincided-un-vaccine-campaigns

    Formaldeyde In Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-Like Symptoms
    http //www.liberianobserver.com/security/breaking-formaldeyde-water-allegedly-causing-ebola-symptoms

    A man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to put formaldehyde into a well used by the community.
    Reports say around 10 a.m., he approached the well with powder in a bottle. Mobbed by the community, he confessed that he had been paid to put formaldeyde into the well, and that he was not the only one. He reportedly told community dwellers, “We are many.” There are are agents in Harbel, Dolostown, Cotton Tree and other communities around the ountry, he said.
    State radio, ELBC, reports that least 10 people in the Dolostown community have died after drinking water from poisoned wells.
    The man also alleged that some water companies, particularly those bagging mineral water to sell, are also involved. The poison, he said, produces Ebola-like symptoms and subsequently kills people.

  7. Food for thought – was the plague of the Black Death really Ebola?

    “History textbooks have got it wrong about the Plague, also known as the Black Death, which they say was caused by bubonic plague spread by rats and their fleas. A new study suggests that it was in fact caused by an Ebola-like virus transmitted directly from person to person.”

    Two infectious disease specialists who have analyzed the Black Death have concluded that it bears a closer resemblance to modern outbreaks of the Ebola virus. Intuitively, the Black Death has all the hallmarks of a viral disease rather than one caused by plague bacteria, says Christopher Duncan of the University of Liverpool.

    Duncan says people soon learned that the only effective way of dealing with the Black Death was to put affected families and even entire villages into quarantine for 40 days. A quarantine period was first instituted in the city states of northern Italy in the late 14th century and this was gradually adopted throughout Europe and maintained for the next 300 years until the plague disappeared, write Duncan and Susan Scott in their book Biology of Plagues.

    AND hasn’t it now been shown that a 42 day rather than a 21 day quarantine period is necessary?

  8. Nanosilver has been identified by our own govmt as a cure for ebola and yet it was blocked from being delivered to the stricken areas of Africa and NO mention of it on MSM – just that there’s no vaccine, YET!

    Also not mentioned> humic acid, an extract of ancient organic soil deposits

    Richard J Laub, MS, PhD, CChem, FRSC, is a chemist with nearly 150 peer-reviewed published research papers, sixteen patents, and numerous invited reviews and symposium presentations. He was formerly a professor of chemistry at The Ohio State University and San Diego State University, was a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in London, England, was an Alcoa fellow in San Diego, and a Science Research Council fellow in Swansea, Wales. For the last 17 years, Dr. Laub has focused exclusively on sourcing, analysing, studying, extracting and purifying humic acid, a remarkable high-mineral, healing substance with potent antiviral properties, found in ancient soil deposits.

    RJL Because of its size and flexibility, certain humic acids from particular soil deposits turn out to be potent, broad-spectrum antivirals. That is because humic acid contains many kinds of “functional groups” (specific groups of atoms) that can bind to a multitude of viruses. Research has shown certain humic acids to be effective in vitro against a wide range of viruses, including influenza, HSV, HIV, and others.

    • RJL- Humic acid binds so strongly to viruses that it can actually displace them from a cell surface. In vitro studies have shown, for example, that if you allow herpes simplex viruses to attach to host cells and then add humic acid to the solution, it will displace viruses from infected cell surfaces. That is, humic acid has a greater affinity for the virus than the virus does for the host cell. Thus, humic acid can actually displace a virus even after it has attached itself to the surface of a cell.

      Humic acids from different deposits have very different physicochemical properties. From an agricultural standpoint New Mexico humic acid is great, but it is not very effective at combating human viruses. Shilajit is a very crude form of humic acid that has been used around the world for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Overall, ten solid years of research and development were required to identify a quality source of humic acid that could also be purified and sterilised without diminishing its effectiveness as a human antiviral agent.

      I also think there are a lot of viruses we are all carrying that haven’t yet been identified (“stealth” viruses). But humic acid will bind to them, regardless. I haven’t had a cold or the flu since 2004. Not one.

    • Shilajit is a blackish-brown exudation, of variable consistency, obtained from steep rocks of different formations found in the Himalayas. It is used in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine. Today, in the United States, supplement companies are selling Shilajit as an ingredient in testosterone boosting supplements. The composition of shilajit has been investigated numerous times in both India and the former USSR, and depends on the location where it is found. It has been reported to contain at least 85 minerals in ionic form, as well as triterpenes, humic acid and fulvic acid. A similar substance from the Caucasus Mountains, and the Altai Mountains is called mumijo (Russian).

      It should not be confused with ozokerite, also a humic substance, similar in appearance, but apparently without medicinal qualities. Some marketers of dietary supplements pretend to sell mumio, while in fact they are offering cheap raw ozokerite, a substance used, for example, in cosmetics. Genuine mumio/shilajit should melt in the hand and has a distinct smell of bitumen, whereas ozokerite melts at 164-169 °F/73.3-76.1 °C.

      No doubt the PTB are well aware of this amazing substance and would prefer that us ‘cattle’ not know ANYTHING about it. Interesting too is its benefits to animals – it does everything the overused antibiotics do but w/o the negative consequences>

    • “Replacing antiobiotics with humic acids as growth promoter in animal feed does not cause any loss in the performance of animals. On the contrary, performance factors (daily liveweight gain, feed intake, food conversion ratio and the level of looseness of faeces – scour assesment – ) of animals are considerably improved.”

  9. Opened VT earlier today and saw there were 2 articles up re Ebola. Decided to postpone reading till later but when I came back, the articles would not load and I discovered the entire site was down. I immediately figured the Ebola articles were the reason why – and I am having all kinds of difficulties posting to this article – I’m even switching between 2 laptops as my main one keeps ‘freezing’. Hmmm – somebody really doesn’t like TRUTH!

  10. Molecular Silver is a great tool to help the body stay healthy.
    1. Colloidal Silver – Silver that is electronically processed into a fine state of subdivision that is suspended in liquid and due to the electronic charge, holds it’s individual character and settles very slowly. Only 6% or 7% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.
    2. Ionic Silver – Electronically processed silver that is broken down into a free electron (or sub-atomic particle) that exists in solution. Only 6% or 7% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.
    3. Molecular Silver – A form of ionic Silver that has been electronically pushed into a state where it develops a self perpetuating pulse rate that is eternal in nature and pulses too rapidly for individual recording. One definition given by a noted physicist, Robert C. Beck, is that this silver when processed by this method, looses its identity as a traceable element i.e. is not identified as a particle, and acts more like a gas. Other research professionals have tested this silver and found the exact same thing. It is etheric in nature but carries

    • Nano silver 10 ppm – 1 capful 3x per day is what’s recommended by Dr. Rima (I believe she’s the wife of MajGen Stubblebine). Per her comments, colloidal silver won’t work to eradicate Ebola.

      Unfortunately, the FEDS are already attacking her and Natural Solutions and they’ve cut off the site’s PayPal.

  11. If you suspect you might have it ,here are products I have personally used and also helped in its development Works great – This works real good on ebola – ULTRA-1 & 2, Empower your Body’s immune System reduces viral load in about 3 hours – The Immune System Has the Job of Destroying Viral Colonies!http //www.worldhealthmall.com/16oz-ultra-set/ recommend at least 3 sets
    Why Take Molecular Mini Minerals? Molecular Silver is a great tool to help the body stay healthy.

  12. World Health Organization blocks shipment of silver treatment for ebola patients in west africa ….
    https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ2_htS-bW0
    ebola treatment they hide http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCgDel-Ji6U#t=86

  13. @ Linda Walling on facebook……I read Tupper’s book. I am reading “Piso Christ” by Roman Piso at the present time……now maybe people, after reading this book, may not find “render to Caesar”…all that far out.

  14. Excellent piece Preston…..if this was in the Lame Stream Media (LSM), it might wake a few folks out of their sleep. Sadly that LSM is hand tied by the serpents which you describe….

  15. Charlie Sheen mentioned EBOLA on a 2007 episode of Two and a Half Men. Now I ask What year was it that the “White Nose” disease infected bat caves in America ? I know the Maquoketa Caves in Iowa were closed due to this.

  16. Sorry not so concerned about Ebola and THE USA… you will get it as you are sending 3000 soldiers down there to the dark Africa where Ebola is being tried out…. and they will get it and come back and “give” it to the rest of you … I am more concerned with those landings in Spain US now wants they say to refuel, who is going to buy that? From there EU will get it faster than the USA… not fair !!!! Advice as everything is so bad lets all give up, lie down and die before Ebola gets us… come on guys… we have had all sorts of epidemics black death etc … WW1 and WW2 etc etc ….. what really kills is the fear !!!!

    • Agreed Bente, this is a war you better expect to take some casualties. Try to do so without panicking please… And stop expecting the MSM to tell you anything of use they are the point of your enemy’s spear.

      Another great piece Dr. James its just to bad a scientist like yourself has to shout to be heard over people like Jim Stone and the other professional morons out there.

    • “…people like Jim Stone and the other professional morons out there.”

      Is Stone a paid dis-info agent, or just a crack-pot? His being an “expert” in almost everything (based on the home page of his website) is a red flag.

  17. Thanks Preston, for this needed article.

    You wrote “Let me give you a little hint why so much pressure is being applied to get vaccinated. Here are some possible contents of these new vaccines.”

    This was a very “conservative” guess, because you didn’t mention “nano bots” here. But as you stated, it’s only a guess and I also would encourage people here to look for further information about these nano bots, because it might affect you and me as well.

    You also didn’t mention aluminium, which is part of all injections. Look it up on the internet what aluminium is doing to our brain and nerves.

    This should be enough. I’m a grandfather now, and I teach my children about these mass weapons. First, they didn’t believe me, but now – after long discussions and many readings – they know it’s really dangerous.

    • Good points. Yes, there are many mysteries to what is in vacccines now and perhaps even some GMO foods.

  18. Time for the mass arrests and trials of those responsible for all of these manufactured situations we know face.

    • Agreed, it is time for the Military High Command to use the Provost Martial Office to arrest many.

  19. REPARATIONS is the answer.

    We need reparations extracted from
    + Vaccination manufacturers
    + Pharmaceutical companies
    + Financial companies
    + Weapons manufacturers
    + Shareholders in companies that benefits from the excessive profits of these industries

    These reparations should be used
    + 1/3 to reduce US national debt
    + 1/3 to reduce taxes on the middle class
    + 1/3 as ex-gratia payments to all Americans

    Reparations Now !

  20. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!”
    –Microshaft founder and zillionaire elitist, Bill Gates

    Research for yourself. Vaccine science is flawed in general. I don’t care what the vaccine-pushing shills for Big Pharma and the mainstream medical mafia say. It’s all a scam. And here we are giving the enemy direct access to our and our children’s bloodstream? 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of six???

    • You probably are too young to remember when every town had a couple of polio cases crippling kids every summer. Salk vaccine is the reason you’re too young to remember it. My home town of 3000 averaged 2-3 kids per summer from 1950 until the first rounds of vaccines arrived.

    • I think the concept of vaccines is sound. I vaccinate my dogs against parvo and rabies and other diseases. I think the problem is that as long as harming humans is profitable and/or serves an agenda, and we have a corrupt global governance, I don’t trust vaccines designed for humans.

    • The VA medical center in KC MO tries hard to persuade me to take a flu shot and something else I can’t recall at the moment. It’s one of the few things they’ll do for a vet without a lot of months waiting. They really feel strongly we Vets ought to be vaccinated for that.

      But I don’t take flu shots. Which isn’t to say I don’t think smallpox vaccine wasn’t a boon to humanity, or Salk vaccine for polio. Or brucellosis for cattle.

      I don’t think there’s a worthwhile hard and fast opinion I could bring myself to regarding vaccines, though I disagree with you about rabies etc. When an animal with an up-to-date rabies vaccination gets bitten by a for-sure rabid skunk, they kill it on the assumption the vaccine won’t stop it. I saw that happen to a hundred animals during an epizootic in Fort Bend County, Texas during the 1980s. An eye opener.

    • According to my veterinarian, rabies shots do not give 100% protection–that if a dog was bitten by a rabid animal in our Texas county they would need to be quarantined for 10 days. However, according to my veterinarian, it is extremely rare to see parvo, for example, in a fully vaccinated dog even though there is an epidemic of parvo here. I have two puppies who have completed their puppy shots and my vet strongly recommended keeping them away from other dogs until they had completed all of their puppy shots.

    • windyw I don’t think a person can go too far wrong by refusing vaccinations and slipping around the requirements for pets. I’ve got an 18 year old cat hasn’t been to a vet or been vaccinated since he was a kitten, lived in town parts of his life, out in the remote areas other times exposed to town animals and woods animals. His litter mate, same story but died of something last year.

      I used a lot of colloidal silver on them however, throughout their lives.

    • Ah yes OJ…..the dreaded ‘Iron Lungs’ ….read “Dr Mary’s Monkey” to give you a better idea of the medical shenanigan’s that were going on at that time in the 50’s ……you’ve even got Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK Dallas assassination thrown in for good measure…..

    • Wiggins I was an adult in the Army during the JFK thing. We immediately went out into the field for a couple of weeks [Korea] so I missed the daily drama.

    • On September 24, 1976, the Washington Post reported Dr. Salk’s assertion that the Sabin live oral virus vaccine had been the “principal if not sole cause” of every reported polio case in the United States since 1961. Salk repeated this accusation July 6, 1977, when he was interviewed on CBC television, saying “(W)e have known now since 1961 in the United States, and prior to that in other countries, that the live virus vaccine for polio does cause the disease itself.”

      Vitamin C and Polio
      The Forgotten Research of Claus W. Jungeblut, M.D.

      John T. A. Ely, PhD, writes> “In the 1930’s, the remarkable Claus W. Jungeblut, MD . . . first reported that ascorbic acid in concentrations, attainable in humans by a high intake, could inactivate and or protect against numerous viral and bacterial pathogens and their toxins. These include the polio, hepatitis and herpes viruses. . . One of (Jungeblut’s) earliest research findings was ascorbic acid’s ability to neutralize and render harmless many bacterial toxins, such as tetanus, diphtheria, and staph toxins.”

      […] his most important discovery> that ascorbate is prevention and cure for polio. Amazingly, Jungeblut first published this idea in 1935.

      1935 was WAY BEFORE 1950 – and no Simian Virus 40 ‘accidentally’ included!

    • During the 1940s and “50s, when polio was very common, a small North Carolina MD, Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner, routinely treated pneumonia and polio patients both in his small office and the nearby hospital where he had practitioner privileges. His 1949 Atlantic City AMA conference presentation with documented case histories was ignored.

      Dr. Klenner asserted, “When proper amounts are used, it will destroy all virus organisms. Don’t expect control of a virus with 100 to 400 mg of C”. He also added, “Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin.”

      Dr. Klenner explained his vitamin C protocols for several diseases and his case papers, and notes culled from over 30 years of applying vitamin C therapies are summarized by Lendon H. Smith, M.D. It is available here>
      http //www.seanet.com/%7Ealexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm

    • I’m the same age Jules and we had one kid in my town with polio. All the polio vaccine did was ramp up a disease that was already on the downside. And the Salk vaccine contained the HeLa cancer cells in it that Salk said he didn’t think would do the body any harm. Oh Really! Injecting me and millions others with a cancer cell would do no damage? Vaccines are nothing but slo-mo murder if you’re lucky, and instant death if you’re not. You obviously believe that, otherwise why refuse the flu shot.

    • Pathologist William Croft speaks about how biological agents have been engineered to mask effects of toxic chemicals and pesticides and herbicides and thus shield corporations from legal liability for the toxic effects of their products.

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=6TPpeCxazjg

    Wayne Madsen – I just returned from a conference in Tehran last week…… I actually discovered some thing about Ebola while I was there….. I took a tour through the former torture chambers of the dreaded Shah’s secret police – The Savak ….And discovered the head of that particular unit, a guy named Parvis Savati (spelling) has been living here in the US for over 30 years in Orlando…. His daughter…. serves on his board for one of these companies that doesn’t have a real address. Turns out that she was responsible at Harvard (she’s a Harvard biologist) for mapping the Ebola virus from an animal gene pool to the human gene pool….

  22. You nailed it. No country would ever allow someone from a real epidemic zone back to this country. Those in charge of the ebola response need to be arrested now for negligent homicide for anyone who “dies” here. There is already talk of forced vaccinations and internment camps for those how refuse.

    Ebola and Aids are not natural diseases from Africa but were introduced there for population control. THERE IS NO REAL EPIDEMIC! The VACCINES are poison!

    We need to join together in Force at certain trouble spots at the same time.
    Stock up now, all Patriots head for the hills if you are in a trouble zone. Meet together 1 by 1 until you get a group going.
    Lock your doors, protect yourself and your family, and NEVER LET THEM GIVE YOU ANY VACCINE!

    We can stop all this today if everyone in the USA finally unites!

    Ebola Hoax 100% REVEALED! Strong language

    CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS!


    http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZonCVRQ-2s&feature=youtu.be
    This needs to be shared everywhere!
    Thank you!

    • Donald W. Scott, the editor of The Journal of Degenerative Diseases and the co-founder of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, links vaccines to AIDS (as did Hillerman) and to US bio-weapons research, and says they are contaminated with mycoplasma, a primitive bacteria that takes apart cell walls.

      In May 2005, Dr Olavi Kajander delivered a sobering message to a joint meeting of the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency on viral safety when he presented new evidence to support something first published in 1997 that vaccines are contaminated with nanobacteria.

      Perhaps the highest scientific authority saying vaccines are contaminated is Garth Nicolson. He is a cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. He is one of the most cited scientists in the world, having published over 600 medical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, edited over 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals. He is not just saying that vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma but is warning the US that they are. Nicolson goes further and says that we are all being damaged by them and contracting chronic degenerative diseases. That damage translates into lifelong patients (and thus life-long profit) for the pharmaceutical industry making the vaccines and he says doesn’t appear to be accidental.

    • The problem with mycoplasmas is that potentially every vaccine could have some level of contamination. Myco indicates fungal, but yet mycoplasma is not really a fungus, bacteria, or a virus. It’s sort of like a pseudo all of them. It has no cell wall, it goes deep into the cell nuclei thereby making it very difficult to mount an immune response against.

      Dr. Larry Palevsky, a board certified NY pediatrician, who for ten years routinely gave vaccines to his patients until he noticed them losing eye contact and then began looking into the vaccines he had blindly trusted. He found that they are ALL contaminated with viruses that are so small they can never be removed.

      Vaccines are causing an unprecedented number of mutations creating superbugs and potent viruses and bacteria that may eventually threaten future generations and humanity itself. Evidence continues to mount from the scientific community who now admit that certain vaccines are in-fact causing both viral and bacterial mutations.

      University of Oxford researcher Rory Bowden found that pathogens switch genetic material with other bacteria, but predominantly for the part of the genome responsible for making the cell coating, which is the area targeted by vaccines.

    • Ingesting animal fat and having it in your system is very good way of protecting your cells, increasing the fat myelin sheath around your cells, which is essentially a protective coating of fat to protect against intrusion of viruses and also a lot of viruses feed on sugars i.e. any type of carb as it’s broken down into sugar or sugars itself. So by reducing your sugars and increasing your fat you are providing essentially a double defense against viruses.

      Sugar interferes with the uptake of vitamin C. If you are using vitamin C to combat a viral infection do not eat any sugar or carbohydrates (long chain sugars) or the vitamin C will not be absorbed properly. We stress that this means no sugar and no carbs, at all.

      Interesting that red meat and fat of any kind has been demonized by the official Health Nazis who continuosly advocate drugs over nutrition – and yes, they have/will have a vaccine for everything!


  23. I had a couple theories about the Don Imus blow-up back in 2007. One was that he was purposely trying to get fired by making racist comments and producing a horribly tedious program so he could retire to his Western town bought and paid for by MSNBC’s corporate partners. The other was he was taken down publicly and royally for spouting off about Thimerisol causing Autism. He was making racist jokes and comments for years before the Rutgers “controversy.”

    Seeing as they’ve stuck him on backwater channels now where he’ll probably be forced to toil until he collapses dead into his own spittle, I’m guessing it was the latter. Gates couldn’t have been happy about a lowly employee speaking against A-21.

  24. Even if this Ebola outbreak is genuine and a natural development of the wild version, (and there are doubts about this) there is a race of benevolent ETs here who specialise in controlling outbreaks of disease. And they have boots on the ground, so to speak, who are no doubt passing intel back to the starships. They are one of our progenitor races and wish only the best outcome for us.

  25. Ebola Hoax 100% REVEALED! Strong language

    CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS!


    http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZonCVRQ-2s&feature=youtu.be
    This needs to be shared everywhere!
    Thank you!

    • Very interesting. Unless we know all the background for this movie it only tells us that somebody is using staged scenes to manipulate. But this could be an Intel Agency staging this and putting it forth as a spoof to create cognitive dissonance and confusion, which is always a planned part of any Covert Operation. So until we have context and identify those who made the fim, acted in it and set it up, it is only a an interesting video. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the disease which is a real disease, by the way.

  26. Nature will always provide a disease. No need to suppose man needs to contribute.

    Viruses are late comers to the evolutionary scene. They are obligatory intracellular parasites, so they could only have arrived after the development of cells. They are not really alive in the sense that we think of. They are chemical parasites and change constantly when they multiply.

  27. PJ “My guess is that a new Ebola Vaccine will soon be rolled out and many will refuse it, while Ebola is “covertly seeded” across America. Then the vaccination-refusers will be blamed for it.”
    Glad to see you “get it.” This has been the blueprint for other vaccine-induced diseases.
    Gulf War Syndrome WAS caused by vaccines. Many who were vaccinated but never went to Iraq still “caught” the disease and then spread it to their families.
    PJ “We know that the US Military has spent millions working on catalytic, long-acting, stealth viruses.”
    Yes, Dr. James, and these stealth viruses are in every vaccine. The best account I’ve read of this was of the polio vaccine, in Dr. Mary’s Monkey. SV40 is one such stealth virus. It enters the body and waits for triggers and is also passed down to offspring. If I’m not mistaken, 60% of all autopsied tumors contain SV40, not 40%.
    Glad to see VT finally begin to cover this false flag. Please keep it up. We don’t have the time to waste like we did for 9/11.

    • Figures vary. Some say 40%, you say 60% and you may be right depending on the sampling of the study. But the bottom line is clear, vaccines are needlessly contaminated which suggests either blatant negligence or worse, planned eugenics and creation of future health problems to boost big pharma and big medicine.

    • “The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, fmr VP International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

  28. Ebola is an op.

    Let me rephrase that – the Ebola panic is an op. It is being gradually, stealthily escalated.

    Ebola was in one, then two, then three countries is Africa. It would be confined to Africa. A single case in the US, then single cases in several countries, then multiple cases in more countries…

    Ebola can only be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids, Ebola can be spread by contact with environmental surfaces, Ebola can spread on exhaled aerosols, Ebola might have gone airborne.

    The incubation period can be as long as 21 days, and one can spread Ebola only after developing symptoms, one need not be symptomatic to spread Ebola, and, just yesterday, WHO announced that the incubation period might be as long as 42 days – twice as long as they had been saying.

    The Ebola panic op is being ramped up to get people to clamor for a vaccine, to demand mandatory vaccination and hauling naysayers off to FEMA camps, to shot to kill on sight those who don’t comply.

    We are being played, folks. Frightened people will voluntarily surrender their rights and submit to authority.

  29. One of the best VT articles ever. Makes bold assertions, proves them, then expands on them. Only the very stupid don’t ” get it” by now..

  30. a favorite argument to mandatory vaccination of school kids.. IF all the other kids are vaccinated against something, THEN an unvaccinated child cannot infect them, so what harm and why MANDATED?
    more often people vaccinated against FLU get very sick, oh that couldnt possibly be caused by injecting something toxic directly into the bloodstream bypassing everything immuno-defense systems noooo…
    the claim that vaccination-retardation makes for better more docile students? wow. of course theyed NEVER develop or approve anything softkill slow kill for big pharma-medical-insurance corporate profits..

    • I infer that you’re unfamiliar with the term “herd immunity.”

      Those of us with at least two firing neurons reason that, if a vaccine really does confer immunity, then the only persons at risk would be those who had not been vaccinated. If someone who had not been vaccinated were to get sick, then he could pose no danger to those who had been vaccinated, because they would be immune. Even if everyone who had not been vaccinated were to get sick, then they could pose no danger to those who had been vaccinated.

      To counter the above reasoning, “the health authorities” invented the term “herd immunity.” Unless everyone has been vaccinated, then everyone is at risk of getting sick — even those who have been vaccinated.

      In other words, they’re admitting that the vaccines don’t work, while saying at the same time that if everyone takes the vaccines, then the vaccines that don’t work will work!

      It kinda makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

    • Herd immunity implies that 90% of given population needs to be “immunized” to ensure immunity against any infectious disease; yet, there have been examples of breakouts of mumps, measles, or pertussis in schools or regions with 90% of the kids vaccinated against those diseases.

      Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccinations are given to infants, and are followed by booster shots a few years later. Now even adults are being hoodwinked into gambling with their lives on a vaccination that not only doesn’t work, but some say even helps causes the illness it’s supposed to prevent against.

      Dr. Suzanne Humphreys, MD. is sounding some alarms regarding whooping cough treatment. She is now a homeopath and holistic health counselor and in the wake of a rash of whooping cough incidents, she raised the question, “Why is nobody mentioning vitamin C in whooping cough”?

      Dr. Humphries covers a history of vitamin C used to rapidly heal whooping cough, a history that was not uncommon before the rash of antibiotics and vaccines popped in.

      Even low dose vitamin C shortened the duration and intensity of pertussis in all the examples Dr. Humphries cited, as well as with her own cases of administering vitamin C for whooping cough treatment.

    • cont.
      Mainstream medicine prefers to use antibiotics, however, which all have nasty side effects, and can destroy the probiotic intestinal bacteria needed for digestion and immunity. The destruction of this intestinal flora can result in obesity, mental illness, and diabetes. And antibiotics used for whooping cough treatment can lead to Clostridium difficile or C. diff, which produces inflammatory colitis type symptoms for months. If not halted by other antibiotics or treated in another way , it can lead to death. Of course the antibiotics lead to even more damage in a different form.

      “It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.”
      – Noted mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead

  31. The Spanish Flu and forced vaccinations should be looked at again. At that time US troops were forcibly vaccinated and many were sickened.

  32. Thought provoking Dr. James, it does ring of blackmail. It has been made such a political topic, one that to common men makes the President look like an idiot. I have seen stories with headlines of fears of ebola infected suicide ISIS terrorists attacking the US.

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