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…by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Yesterday, I spoke with two individuals who see themselves as “cutting edge” in activism, alternative medicine, you know what I am getting at.  What was shocking to me is how little they paid attention, how little they knew, how little effort they and so many others make at all.  Despite the Fox News and Alex Jones controlled “fear porn” industry, the truth is out there.  VT puts it there daily, has been for years, and has a large worldwide audience.

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Today I want to cite two security threats above all, Google and Wikipedia.  It would be over-simplistic to call them CIA or Mossad fronts, they are quite worse than that.  Whoever owns or manages these organizations, they were created, at the outset, by groups within US Army intelligence at the Presidio, groups long tied to the systematic control of all world media.

In fact, between bribes and blackmail, every major media figure in the world is an intelligence asset.  The only time “red line” subjects are mentioned, it is as a “buy in” to control dialog and derail what is deemed by the secret world government, and there very much is such a thing, any move that might threaten common mythology.

Saying that everything everyone knows is a lie is a pretty good generalization.  I spent much of the last 5 months having physicists explain how universities turn out “flat earth” scientists, teach theories long debunked, how papers from the early 20th century are still classified and how many commonly accepted “physical laws” are fairy tales.   This month’s Nexus Magazine has an article by a VT editor and particle physicist on “Anti-gravity and Magnetic Buoyancy.”  Every science text book since 1945 has been an embarrassing fiction.

This is why VT, over the past few months, has put out an educational series intended only for scientists, making available previously classified finds that, we hope, will help some of them become useful and productive members of society as opposed to rumor mongering witch doctors.

What has pushed me to jot these few things down today is a minor delve into Wikipedia.  I had done some “jousting” with Chris Bollyn over the early part of the summer over issues of the validity of source materials.  As someone who works in intelligence, I operate under different rules than a journalist.  The back and forth ended up including Dr. Stephen Jones, Richard Gage and others.  In the end, it was not a useful interchange and nothing of value was learned, not by me anyway, quite the opposite, but that’s not important now.

Bollyn used to work for the American Free Press.  By VT standards, the AFP is a “mild mannered” publication with moderate views and an aspect of editorial freedom.  I also recognize, among its contributors, a number of what I believe to be “paid controlled opposition.”  When I say “a number,” this is as opposed to “all” for other publications.

When I looked on Wikipedia to see if they had any legitimate background on the AFP, as Wikipedia at times can be “brilliant,” I found smears, cheap propaganda and garbage.  I have been a registered Wikipedia editor since the beginning.  I had seen, in “sensitive areas,” Wikipedia’s convoluted and highly secretive “back room” turn into a pure propaganda machine.

I have been in several “Wiki-wars” over the years.  One involved former Congressman and UN Ambassador Mark Siljander.  Mark had been arrested in order to silence him on his opposition to the Bush war in Iraq.  The government had invented insane charges against him, pulled them out of thin air.  Then the US Attorney office in St. Louis submitted a wildly inaccurate Wiki entry, total lies meant to vilify Siljander.  I edited it out.  They redid it.  This went on for weeks, with me winning out.

Well, across Wikipedia, there is one overriding theme.  Wikipedia is about all things “Israeli” and all things “Zionist.”  This isn’t just an Israeli propaganda effort to justify their genocide or involvement in world organized crime.  The US Army is working with them as well, the gang at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and those that used to be at the Presidio, the Signals Commands, the Psychological Warfare groups, and dozens of illegally funded retiree and contractor groups that, when they aren’t releasing influenza or low level Sarin gas on New York’s subway system (which they have been caught doing), they help produce episodes of Bones and Homeland or NCIS Los Angeles and dozens of other television dramas or arrange for automobile accidents like the one that killed Michael Hastings.

Are you aware that when Julian Assange turned hundreds of thousands of documents over to the New York Times, that organization called the Mossad to send teams to edit what could be published?  When Zbigniew Brzezinski said Wikileaks was run by an intelligence agency (December 3, 2010 on NPR with Judy Woodruff), this is only part of what he meant.

Similarly, Edward Snowden’s real intelligence has little to do with the “chickenfeed” we have seen so far.  I have seen his real material, sent to me by Russian intelligence sources.  It names some of the most powerful people in Washington as having organized terror attacks inside the US.  There is nothing about spying on Germany.  We see names like Cameron and Netanyahu tied to nuclear proliferation issues that, in any “normal world” would lead to prosecution.  None of the real material was ever printed though released.  It was withheld from the public “for their own good” as it would have destroyed the public’s faith in “elected officials” to find that Al Qaeda is an intelligence operation, not a terrorist group.

Wikipedia exists, run by US Army psychological warfare groups working closely with Israel, as a way of controlling thought and suppressing information.  It is an embarrassment, childish, monstrous, and fully complicit in war crimes.  Wikipedia was used to prestage the genocide in Gaza, justifies political murders and blames state terrorism on imaginary organizations.

Here is the rub, the attacks on Twitter and Facebook are nothing but deflections from Google and Wikipedia, far more dangerous organizations.  Google actually has its own mercenary organization operating across the Middle East.  Google runs “counter-terrorism” groups, armed teams inside Syria, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Georgia.

They are believed to be involved in the recent gas attacks against the Kurds, germ warfare, car bombings and political assassinations in Iran.

Moreover, Google itself is a massive organization, long infiltrated and controlled.  The Google search engine, which literally controls all access to information online, steers researchers to “sockpuppet” websites that carry carefully crafted smears and propaganda.  Articles of lasting value, major leaks, are wiped clean.  Entire events are scrubbed from Google every day.

Google has made sure that the internet is, if anything, more obnoxious than television.

Google also assures that the internet is all about Israel.

Yesterday, nearly the entire British parliament rebuked Israel.  This wasn’t about Gaza and the genocide there, the bombings of UN schools and the murder of children.  The relationship between Israel and ISIS is inescapable.  They are one and the same, a “world class” psy op using media, US Army psychological warfare personnel and that very nasty secret world government.

Google News will keep fingers pointed the wrong way, almost as badly as the shameful Pentagon “Early Bird” has done for years, keeping the military “barefoot and pregnant” so to speak.

A war is upon us now.  Our enemies are Wikipedia and Google.  Let’s name them as what they are, they may be the only real enemy we stand a chance of destroying.  Facebook infiltration is a joke.  Who needs the NSA when Google reads every email, every search, and builds a psychological profile of every human being?

As for Wikipedia, it simply needs to go away.  The shame, of course, is the hard work thousands of decent people have put into that propaganda rathole.  Wikipedia is filth of the most despicable kind.

You see, this is what killed America, our attraction to filth, to malicious gossip and those that recognize how weak and ignorant people are attracted to “dirty laundry.”



  1. And if you check out this decomposition on “My Homies Still UNWOUND” you’ll see it advertises
    1) Google’s key roll in the take down of America and ultimately the world once the Muslims have served their purpose and they too are taken down.
    2) They’re planning on targeting us with China and this could not be more clear which explains NAZA giving China full access via high speed interfaces of military vendor data!)
    3) This is also the main function of Masonic creations “Nation of Islam” and the West’s “LA RAZA” racial FALSE FLAGS, ala Travon Martin.
    https //

    The million dollar question is why is the allegedly “loyal” American military going along with this?!

    Anyone have an answer to this admittedly tough situation as we who they target know well what living in their communist “fish bowl” is like and NO ONE wants to bite on their ‘revolution’ trick to deepen the divide!

    ie. When they can and will target your children,’ it’s a tough situation, until you realize they’ll be dead anyway if they’re allowed to through to the end game!

  2. OK, thanks, I know the site. I’ve done well so far with natural and herbal remedies. Same thing with my friends and relatives. I favor preventatives, like O2, H2O2, and vitamins, that are also curatives. I know 2 people who use colloidal silver daily to prevent sickness. A friend uses MMS, but I’m not keen on chlorine personally. A former employer used liquid Graviola for melanoma, and the oncology doctors told him, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” They didn’t even ask. Another friend used Pawpaw alone last year for cancer, I forget what kind, and he’s still with us, even though he was given just a couple of months to live. But those last 2 things, graviola and pawpaw (related plants) can NOT be used as preventatives, as they go after fast-growing cells, so you’d better have cancer or forget taking them.

    • JS maybe I missed a post by you. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are interested in alternative treatment I might can offer something you’ll find worthwhile, personal experience involving lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and esophageal cancer. I’m still alive a year later and the biopsies can’t find any signs anymore. Every time they put an endoscopy tool down for a look they demand a new biopsy, and another just to make sure. All from an herbal concoction a person can brew in the kitchen using readily available herbs.

      If interested contact me by email.

  3. what if i kept shrimpton from you for some reason?

    what would that make me?

    In a word Merciful. The Shrimp does offer comic relief from the heavy stuff you give us, Uncle Gordy. Thanks.

  4. Wikipedia is controlled by Jews. While they have good articles on science and technical matters, anything that is of interest to Jews will be 100% pro-Jewish and as with Jews in general, extremely hateful and unfair to anything against their interests and this includes probably a majority of articles on Wikipedia. Their articles on WW II, the Holocaust, Germany, Bolshevism, Israel and anything else they were involved in are written to support their interests and destroy their former and current enemies. Their articles on history are completely untrustworthy and hateful towards those Jews consider their enemies. They are not objective and not factual. Lies are common. Of course this is also true with our MSM which is completely under Jewish control.

    Professor Kevin MacDonald is an “evolutionary psychologist,” has a fascinating (and controversial) website. Among his major interests are how Jewish strategies to gain power and control, and there is no doubt Jews as an ethnic group control the west and by extension the world.

    Historically there are certain areas Jews show interest in and excel at, this includes the media. They dominate American media and because of that, they dominate America. It’s fascinating that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are both gentiles, but google and facebook are both Jewish founded and controlled companies.

    • It should also be noted that both the jewish Google and Facebook are [ information content ] dedicated technologies whereas the gentile Microsoft and Apple are [ information communication ] dedicated technologies . Remember , information control IS mind control . Please notice that both the jewish Google and Facebook technologies are much more dedicated to information content ( mind control ) than the gentile Microsoft or Apple which are technologies dedicated to the communication of information content .

      The jews have been in the monoploy mind control business for thousands of years since the Old Testament was written . Maybe they can be persuaded to divest from their monopoly whereby the world could then get a more truthful distribution of valid information .

    • Maybe they can be persuaded? Divest from their monopoly? What ask them to share wealth? That’s like asking them to stop breathing, but to stop them from breathing is not a bad idea. Maybe they could just be exterminated instead, because while they do breath they pose an existential threat to the entire planet.

  5. All as prescribed in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion… which according to Wikipedia is a hoax!!
    http //
    The version on is worth a read if you haven’t read it yet.
    Even worse though is the subliminal stuff, like Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is why when you’re watching a gardening program, or listening to the musak at the mall, you are actually being hit by messages your conscious brain does not detect, but the estimated 85-95% of your brain which perceives things on the sub-conscious level does. Now that’s pure evil! They even experiment on unborn babies in search of primordial responses which will soften you up so they can whack you with their message without you noticing. Still watching TV? Save your brain, throw it in the trash.

    • I tried and only got “server not found” so is that address correct or is there something else that I need?

  6. This article is another Grand-slam home-run like so many VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff has written. It is 100% correct and if these leads are followed they go to the world’s largest Luciferian/Satanic cult that infected the USArmy and the NSA (aka Temple of Set), basically ruining both. Hopefully we can route out these infiltrators and traitors and restore Honor and Character to the US ARMY and the NSA. This means of course routing the filth out of Offhut where the little kidnapped kids are taken to abuse, mind-kontrol and in some cases ritually murder and removing the top NSA leadership which essentially work for Israel.

    Do you remember the “Franklin Credit Union Scandal and coverup, and the Barney Frank/Craig Spence midnight pedophile tours to the White-house? Hundreds of abused and dead kids, only a few prosecutions for minor stuff back in Omaha while the big boys skated free and to this very day still commit these horrendous crimes against children. And yes, the Omaha and Mpls FBI worked very hard covering all this up and threatening and harassing witnesses, some believe they even murdered some or had them murdered, Like Gary Cardori and his young son. Time to clean out the FBI and get rid of the CIA infiltrators in it (there are a lot of em even to this very day).

    • Kevin Collins was kidnapped on Masonic Avenue in SF.
      The Presidio was running a satanic daycare.
      Acquino was involved with Church of Satan.
      Some guy did a piece about San Francisco “hidden in plain sight” all the masonic links.
      Pier 29 was burned a few minutes before the summer solstice and if you look at the piers
      they are a copy of the masonic tracing board.
      Just before the America’s cup run by Oracle

  7. Is it possible that all of us alternate news folk could OVERWHELM google and wiki with simple phrases and/or searches in unison and continuously? in order to bend their “establishment” views simply from volume?

    I would also like to hear more about alternatives to the internet. It is common knowledge, like the elephant in the room, that what you are seeing before your eyes this very moment WILL disappear whenever deep state feels like doing it, with or without your approval. In fact i have saved articles from our mainstream press saying that the net WILL go down under a declared security threat.

    I believe the shut down it imminent. Then it will open back up slowly. After re-opening the banks will come online, then the major shopping sites, then the controlled mass media (not necessarily in that order). All other unnecessary or alternate news sites will be last or eliminated altogether. We all know this don’t we?

    So what are the plans then. Ever read a book called ‘Rebel Radio’?

  8. The UN fact finding mission on the Gaza conflict, known as the Goldstone Report, was a team established in April 2009 by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) during the Gaza War (2009) as an independent international fact-finding mission to investigate alleged violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law in the Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip, in connection with Gaza War. South African jurist Richard Goldstone was appointed to head the mission.

    Goldstone is a third-generation South African born into a Jewish family in Boksburg near Johannesburg. He is of mixed English-Lithuanian descent; his mother’s father was English and his grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew who emigrated in the 19th century.

    His family was non-religious, but he credits his Jewishness with having shaped his ethical views through being part of a community that has been persecuted throughout history.

    Now I did find this info in Wikipedia. Wikipedia also asks for donations. This request came up in a “pop-up” window. Shameful. What a waste of money!

  9. If many are like me, it seems a lot of the commenters issue their version of truth and the issue becomes more confusing. Now we hear Snowden is a friend of Dick Cheney. In a few journals I get that look for nothing but the truth, I have never heard that Snowden is Cheney’s friend.
    Until proven otherwise I do not believe Snowden is Cheney’s friend. Just because commenters want to be heard and feel they have the truth does not mean it is true. It often confuses everything.

  10. Rupert Sheldrake is a decent example of debunking science, wiki problems. His info is just the tip of the iceberg but is slowed as he seeks to get the approval of academia while working alongside established religions. His info is headed in the right direction but stymied due to this pursuit. What he pursues is already known but would never fly in the ms world today. Alternative medicine is at an awkward stage where the people who want it are practicing, not those who could master it. It will get better. To get a Phd, one must be compliant. Hell, I’m embarrassed to have a hsd at this point. Internet allows independent study, the first subject is discernment and for most it will take years.

  11. On May 10, 2010 the POTUS sock puppet knew there was an ‘internet reformation’ problem and had a two hour meeting with the Google Fuehrer, then went to the Rose Garden where the teleprompter said….

    “To much information is dangerous for our democracy”….[so me and Mr Google are going to resize the web]

    That evening i had +250,000 posts and cross links to my name, the next day 10,000 and the next only 900. I opposed Carbon climate forcing, ‘sustainable’ energy, ‘peak’ oil and big bang. But proper science was no match for revised Google AL-GORE-RYTHUMS and my research was ‘disappeared’, along with hundreds of other ‘conservative’ postings. Obombie was so proud of this that he touted the same speech at three college commencement exercises that same week, but youtube has scrubbed those thousands of video posts. Enjoy the last moments of web neutrality while you can.

    • The web,public library’s,public technological data has been systematically removed.Our computer technology/hardware is declining in public domain.The original “Brainstorm Project”, from which the WWW came from,was co-opted from the beginning.Found a village retard to man their OS.The 90’s were boom to bust on the web.Massive amounts of info were posted.Try to find it today.But,you say, we have the way-back machine! I have this bridge in Brooklyn………..When I was active on the web,I ran my own search engine which worked good.So did Google in the beginning.Now total trash.

  12. I was hoping there would be more about the 2 guys who think they are on the cutting edge of alternative medicine, mentioned in the first paragraph.

    • I think that was giving some framing about what got him going into the direction of writing this. We read so much made of stuff that sometimes we feel obiligated to share where and idea originated from.

    • In link following,you will find very good alternative medicine info on diet,nano silver,ditch medicine,medical devices,etc.Louis Pasteur was an idiot an a liar.[http //]

    • Maybe alternative medicine is finally going to climb out of the underground for general acceptance. Colloidal silver might be the greatest miracle antibiotic on the planet and remains somewhat ‘culty’ in its use. Herbal treatments of cancer originating among widespread NA tribes are gradually becoming commonplace, though mostly by people who’ve been sent home to die by conventional medicos. And some of the various ‘energy’ healing methods have profound success rates by some of the practicioners, though most practicing don’t appear to actually understand how they do it.

      A lot of people today, because of the ready availability of herbs and information about herbal and mineral healing, are alive today when modern medicine pronounced them walking dead.

    • The main problem concerning alternative medicine is “MIB’s with Black Marias”. The AncientMurderersAssassin guild does not like competition.Take a look at these healing crystals.I am trying to work one in the budget now.Do a search on Vogel.Interesting person.

  13. Quote wikipedia – Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay. Fluoridated water has fluoride at a level that is effective for preventing cavities; this can occur naturally or by adding fluoride.[2]

    Here is the manufacturers Yara UK info sheet admitting what toxins and heavy metals from the waste gasses of a fertilizer plant they willingly dump into the water supply and all to prevent tooth decay LOL. http //

  14. GD, material you get from Russia is likely genuine, however, the ‘Snowden’ source is a Russian joke, seems they use Snowden’s name to have an excuse to release stuff in their files or that they hoover up in other ways. I’ve had an off-the-record talk with a couple Russian embassy guys in Europe, I told them I read the English version of the Russian intel file pointing out how ‘Snowden’ is a fraud, he’s friend of Dick Cheney & Zbig Brzezinski, his ex-pornographer journo Glenn Greenwald a Rothschild asset etc. The Russians laughed, said they all knew Snowden is a fake who never ‘stole’ anything, but he’s useful cover for things like intel dumps. Moscow file on Snowy here http //

    • brubank, maybe this intel dump idea explains why Snowjob comes across as naïve or mind controlled in his interview with Brian Williams (?) not sure of the name. One would think that Snowden would be totally aware of the story behind 9/11, but he insisted that our NSA didn’t make use of the intel about the Arab hijackers, so as to prevent the planes attacking. If he later released the info from IAEA, he must have been aware that there were no planes, etc.. His interview simply apologized for our gov and military being asleep for several hours -one of the official theories- rather than actually executing the attack.

    • @ brubank-guy The end of your “Moscow file” link says “This report is published by the Jewish community of Flanders…”

  15. “Saying that everything everyone knows is a lie is a pretty good generalization”

    It certainly is.

    https // [ Folks, you cannot post blind links here where readers have to leave VT to view something to find out what it is. Commenters are not VT editors. You have to fully describe what the link is and why it is worth their time. If you don’t want to take the time to do this, posting a link is a big no no and can get your log in cancelled. Please work with us on this. Jim W. Dean ]

  16. Triple bravo to Gordon Duff, pointing out that corrupt Google & Wikipedia are the ultimate criminal scams against truth, against all of us. But Google’s million-euro lobbying team in Brussels headed by Antoine Aubert, just suffered a huge defeat at the EU Commission, the Googl – Wiki crimes exposed by a Harvard classmate of top US leaders, a dissident whose writings are ‘erased’ from Google … he showed the EU how Googl-Wiki are attacking the EU economy, defrauding EU citizens, spreading tens of thousands of words of lies while Google blocks EU citizens from replying. EU prosecutor files on Goog & Wiki here (add colon after http) – http // – http //

    • Above EU police files describe Google’s 5 levels of intel internet control for Mossad-CIA 1. Google promoting CIA-preferred sites, down-placing or totally censoring others 2. Wikipedia 3. Clones of Wiki, e.g., Jerusalem’s Answers-com – Wiki duplicates are pumped to ensure Wiki lies are dominant 4. Mossad-CIA corporate media, NY Times, UK Guardian etc 5 – Fake ‘alternative dissident’ news, ‘limited hang-outs’ ‘controlled opposition’ – Any actual truth, is thus often pushed by Google to six levels below the top, if not erased altogether. Jimmy Wales of Mossad-CIA, fake Wikipedia founder, was in porno business like Glenn Greenwald, now he goes to intimate parties with Israel’s President.

    • That’s a really good big issue about an ideal search engine. In terms of giving better search results, Google rivals now feel obliged to give ‘Google-type’ search results, with Wiki rubbish on top … and since most search engines are USA-based, like Bing & Yahoo, they have to toe the ‘party line’ … But Russia’s Yandex sadly is not much better either … Yet a good alternative, in terms of not tracking you, not recording your search results, & preserving your privacy, is the Europe-based privacy-protecting Ixquick search engine (English & many other languages). Other search engines like DuckDuckGo say they offer the same privacy. Many EU diplomats only use Ixquick, to try & avoid US surveillance.

    • Thankjs for the info. I honestly know nothing about internet privacy or security. My life’s simple enough so’s I don’t have anything in it worth trying to hide. If my privacy is violated I expect it would be punishment to those who had to be bored to tears violating it.

    • One “alternative” search engine to avoid is startpage dot com.

      It is not really an alternative search engine; rather, it is a “front end” for google. That is, it takes the search terms that you type, and it passes them along to google, along with its own, rather then your, IP. It claims that it does not keep logs.

      The only benefit of using startpage dot com is that it prevents google from compiling a record of your search activity. However, it returns the same junk results as if you had accessed google directly.

    • Agreed Klaatu, I use startpage / ixquick and lock them down as far as I can in terms of privacy settings, also never used/ registered with FB, Twitter or any of those photo sites either.

    • Good advice..also when powering off and on smart phones , they send off low res photos from both front and back cameras (and probably right after I posted this)

    • On the home page of startpage dot com, click on Details, and you will read

      Startpage offers you Web search results from Google in complete privacy!

      As I posted, startpage dot com is just a “front end” for Google. Please don’t be misled — it is not a true alternative search engine.

    • I understand what you are saying Martin. I know that Klaatu was picking up on the google connection for startpage, but assumed that it just picked up the wider google results on a search and does not leave an imprint for google. Ixquick is the one I use more frequently although, depending on what you are searching for, it sometimes produces more limited results. If startpage is a front for google then that would bring into doubt Ixquick, as it is listed a a sister search engine to startpage (which came later as far as I know).

    • When you don’t want Schlomo peeking you use Duck Duck jake, then you use his Google to confuse him, then you go through Wikipedia taking what you need and leaving the rest. i just love hitting them over the head with their own information because they just aren’t that smart. Of course as I learned with my Skinwalker piece they will take it down right away so never link to them or site them but some of the best stuff i have written has come from Wikipedia and will continue too because like i said they just aren’t that smart…

  17. Mark Twain said it best ” it is easy to fool people , than to convince them that they have been Fooled ! “

    • Indeed it is not an easy task to convince people of their error once their world view has been formed via the controlled MSM/Wikivomit windows of perception – however in the words of the late Bob Marley

      You can fool some people some of the time
      But you can’t fool all the people all the time.
      So now we see the light
      We gonna stand up for our rights!

    • History has proved that one can fool all people the all the time, if one is powerful enough. An individual has a very limited view of and influence to the world. For people who do not read history media outlets are all they get. The status quo of the world today proves one thing the entire world is run by crooks, thieves and robbers who use media outlets they control to fool all the people all the time. For those who do read history the world is simply too big for their tiny minority to make any impact. Wise men in Greece already told us more than 3000 years ago, the only thing left for people of world to treasure is HOPE. So do hope for the best as it is the only meaningful thing to do……

    • HOPE is only meaningful when you have exhausted all possibilities for improving matters and there is nothing else you can do . It is not a strategy as military persons well know .

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