Secret Surveillance Platform Offered for Ebola Outbreak

Adamus Skyship


Skyship 600 Can Find Infected, Locate Dead

Adamus Skyship
Adamus Skyship


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Adamus Corporation and its partner Skyship Services, operators of the world’s only fleet of military grade large airships is offering for use in West Africa, one of its Skyship 600’s.  Julian Benscher, Skyship founder along with Gordon Duff, Adamus managing director, are offering to make available to the governments of West Africa a fully equipped 200 foot, 12 passenger airship.

Skyship Services and Adamus Corporation “Cloud Lab”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The Adamus skyship is capable of locating potential Ebola sufferers in remote villages.  Hyperspectral sensors can recognize disease symptoms from as high as 4000 feet even inside buildings.  More importantly, the advanced skyship, designed initially to locate IED’s, weapons caches and operate as an electronic warfare command platform, can locate unburied dead as well.

Duff, a specialist on African cultural issues is quoted,

“Tribal customs in West Africa prevent the disposal of human remains by cremation.  Traditional burial customs, particularly those that involved washing the bodies of the dead and the laying on of hands curing funeral ceremonies is suicidal under current circumstances.”

Benscher, who developed the Skyship 600, states,

“We can cover up to 500 miles a day and stay aloft for days at a time if necessary.  We can directly transmit to the ground or to Adamus satellites.  From there, we can direct aid workers and oversee all movement within a region, even through dense foliage using our thermal sensors and synthetic aperture radar.  If something isn’t done to provide effective treatment to those currently suffering as quickly as possible, mortality rates will increase even beyond their current very high level of 70%.”

Skyships are more than simply capable of up to 500 miles per day, they can fly continually and can remain on station like a ship at anchor.  They are used by the US government to test experimental defense electronics which can be adapted, because of their advanced nature, for medical related disaster recovery efforts.

Duff added,

“A skyship can be used as a disaster recovery communications center, remaining on station if necessary for days at a time.  The ability to broadcast not only live HD video but scientific data as well, even to the molecular level (classified) can give Africa and the world its first real look at the extent of the disaster and, perhaps, a way of bringing it under control with fewer deaths.”

Benscher added,

“We are only waiting for an OK from agencies involved and our teams are ready to move.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This skyship fleet has protected Olympic games, patrolled the Caribbean, and done oceanographic research off 4 continents.  With Ebola as a potential terror threat as well as disaster for humanity, Adamus asks of its defense partners to consider the classified technologies at hand and how we can offer them during this time of need.



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  1. With the probability of Ebola, or whatever it is, being an act of war, you might want to have other airborne assets, just to protect the airships.

  2. According to Russia’s Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, Russia will have possibly three variants of an ebola vaccine ready for trials in Africa within the next six months. Of the three, one is stated to be “already ready for a clinical trial”. Typically and to its possible chagrin, the US Government has had little or nothing to say about this most welcomed development.

  3. Guys, guys! And gals…..
    Clif High has been make really dire predictions on the mass panic over Ebola.
    If you pop over to his Twitter page, you’ll see his latest predictions
    [IM= immediacy data= expect to happen within next few weeks]
    https //

    clif @clif_high · 10m 10 minutes ago
    ACK! IM data shows >30% of USA commercial planes contaminated and out of service by end of month!

    clif @clif_high · 9m 9 minutes ago
    Ack! IM data says [cruise ship] will be contaminated (next few days). Ship & tourists 2b [incarcerated] at S. USA port for [months (8/9?)]!

    • Clif high does not have a track record worthy of note. His data does not take into account commonly known variables which would eliminate many of his mistakes. just sayin.

    • I think the method Clif uses depends a lot on the focus of his searches. I’ve been reading his stuff for a long time and the main problem I have is that the predictions are usually the worst of all eventualities. This is largely because the negative emotional loading of potential events is what draws the most discussion on the web. Fear is a more powerful emotion even if negative in the moment than positive emotions. So things tend to tilt that way. On the ebola front, he recorded the IDIR report in two sittings and the first segment was the second sitting, at which time he had more data and things didn’t seem so dire. The second segment was recorded first and it looks like the data were in the process of maturing. The problem he had was that the immediacy data (short term) were changing so fast that predictions could be out of date before they were made available. I think it takes some experience in reading or listening to his reports to apply the right amount of salt.

    • Everybody’s got to be someone’s bitch sometime, psyops. As you reach full manhood you’ll begin to understand everyone else knows it too and there’s no point putting it in caps. It’s one of the differences in how grownups do things.

  4. At some point the coveting of patents will be overcome by the needs of humanity and the realization that the fear of ‘lack” is unnecessary. The silent push under the wave of trends seems to be bringing this along. This would be historic if deployed. I for one would prefer that the worlds richest person is one who employs tech for the basic humanity and certainly wouldn’t begrudge profit to the ones making wheelchair lifts that enable a person without legs to independently grocery shop. The non-violent solution oriented applications of this are enormous. The downside has peaked and waned as far as unwarranted surveillance is concerned compared to the upside if in the right hands. Don’t let paranoia kill everything for cryin out loud.

  5. Only way to support this blimp for tracking in Africa would be first to stop all flights from the region into our country. Otherwise one might think they are a good idea here as well and they would become the extermination blimps. Great technology if used by good but we know how that goes.

  6. Talk about a BIG TARGET? Are they going to a BULLS-EYE on it? Flammable components? Do the volunteers have lots of insurance, parachutes, rope-ladders?

    Are we going to have another Hindenburg? There are forces on the ground that I’m sure don’t want this.

    • defense expert? We actually hit a skyship with an exocet missile and it stayed up

      can someone explain the difference between helium and hydrogen?

      we fly skyships over nasty areas all the time, even 20mm can do nothing

      it has to do with “underpressure” and “lift” rather than “overpressure”

      Doctor Science can explain all this sometime.

    • There’s not much difference if your main concern is lift. Helium’s easier to get if you’re set up to drill deep wells for it and know where to do it. Hydrogen is better though if you want some nice fireworks and like hearing the sounds human beings make when they’re on fire. Helium’s no good at that at all.

  7. “40% of this article is blatant lies, according to Duff”

    Whereas 100% of “http;” is blatant lies. Thanks for the reverse barometer, shill!

    • Dead people, yes. But of what cause? I’ve seen reports that Africans in the affected countries say the victims are those who have been “vaccinated.” Is the vaccine the real menace?

  8. Speaking of superb technology…

    http //

    “If you only KNEW the MAGNIFICENCE of the 3, 6, and 9, you would hold a key to the universe….” – Nikola Tesla

  9. Sorry but this seems like the wrong approach and is a little scary. Another surveillance platform?
    Why not just tell people how to prevent and cure it? It’s not complicated.

    • I grew up in Detroit. I probably know more Detroit history than anyone alive today. I also come from the oldest family in Detroit (and environs) in continual residence since 1780.

      This was America’s most beautiful city, even into the 50s. In reality, it is a better visit than Miami, Philly, Denver or Los Angeles, to name a few. Add Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis…..

      There are wide areas of the city of Detroit that are simply abandoned, miles and miles. Eventually the Chinese will buy it all.

      The pristine new Hispanic and Arab/Chaldean neighborhoods, population nearly 1m, are a well kept secret. They are delightful, great restaurants, shopping and safe. Detroit’s real population runs about 6 million with suburbs that stretch 40 miles. Only two of us at VT live in them, Mike Chester and me. Most of you would probably live where we live, given the chance, unless you are a Rockefeller or Bush.

    • It would have MLB’s best team if they’d fix the dang bullpen and bench! (Gotta re-sign Victor, too.)

      WHEN TPTB are destroyed and exterminated, hopefully this great city will be one of the first cities restored.

    • Gordon,

      There’s a large section of Detroit with a Greek population. How are they doing?

      Is it a safe area? I always wanted to go there on my trips to Michigan but never made it.

  10. This sounds like a coded message to TPTB calling them out on their BS and reminding them that others have some hi tech toys, too.

  11. There’s rumours on the internet that those African Ebola deaths are not really from Ebola. And the word is that if there are any genuine Ebola cases, they are from those suckers who took the vaccinations from the Red Cross – see Jim Stone’s website.

    Look, how about telling the cabal that for each genuine Ebola case that crops up, the intel cowboys will assassinate a cabal member? That ought to kill this threatening pandemic stone dead.

    • How about this approach? Tell the cabal that you’ve had discussions on how many of them to kill and when. You wish to adopt an impartial way of determining that. As this Ebola pandemic has so conveniently presented itself, you will use the Ebola statistics as an independent decision-making aid. Thus for every genuine Ebola death, one member of the cabal will die in as similar a manner as can be arranged. Think of it like how rich donors sponsor charities – for every $1 raised from the public, the rich donor chips in another $1. Be imaginative!

    • The cabal might argue that this Ebola threat is an act of God and has absolutely nothing to do with them. Just say it’s irrelevant. You are merely using the statistics as an independent aid to your decision-making.

    • Who, precisely, is the person telling the cabal they’ve been selected to be homicide victims? Does the person get a jacket with a bullseye on the chest? Can he wait until he’s indicted to report to the cop shop to begin his prison sentence?

    • Oh come on, haven’t you heard old Duff say they have meetings with the shadow government guys? Like when he was admonished for calling them baby-munching, blood drinking Satanists or whatever? He was told they prefer to be described as people who associate with non-corporeal entities that protect them. I nominate uncle Gordy to go poke a stick at them.

    • I’ve heard that they’ve dealt with Lucifer and his coterie and that they’re now going after the one you call Satan. Even his mum acknowledges that he hasn’t lived up to her hopes and expectations and she may be helping to nix him. It just goes to show that everyone makes mistakes, even gods.

    • I’m going to have to ask you what you know about the Collins Elite? (Redfern) Have you read anything by Jacques Fabrice Vallée? Have you examined the 1992 M.I.T. study? Are you familiar with Alien Resistance and Joe Jordan (former MUFON)? Have you studied the Atrahasis, Tablet I? Am I truly better informed than you? The only entity that is going to deal successfully with Lucifer/Satan/Morgenstern (Hebrew Nachash) is the Almighty Living God .. (and he is not a Nordic White)

      Speaking of Nordic Whites, this discussion is quite instructive, especially that Heiser to Dolan. Friedman is in attendance here.

      http //

      And to really discuss this “ET” question http //

      “non-corporeal entities that protect them.” That is called the Divine Council, and we may as well call them — aliens. They are certainly not human (see Heiser) ..

      You have your sources, and I have mine ..

    • Nah, I don’t do that much reading and certainly not that stuff. I just get a bit of feedback from friends.

    • Peter Pahn, I totally agree with you. Let the assassinations begin. They will not do this work for you. You need to attend to matters at your end. They’ll do the exotic stuff.

  12. Offering free use of those sounds expensive to someone unless the crews are unpaid volunteers. It’s difficult to imagine it not being accepted.

    Interesting article.

  13. Their not going to take your help Mr. Duff. They already have their drones hard at work stirring up panic among Jesus’s Mujahideen in the bible belt. I got a piece up on my wall by that moron Stone talking about FEMA camps for all, the NSA’s final solution. I hear Limbaugh at work yesterday on the radio glibly announcing that the projections are 4 million Americans will have contacted Ebola by the end of the year. Of course he doesn’t tell Abner they are his crack dealers projections. No, this is Christmas for them Mr. Duff. No ones going to let you kill Santa Claus before he gets here.

    • We have the technology to diagnose disease, many at least, certainly ebola, and do this across West Africa.

      In order to offer this, I had to have permissions to use technologies well beyond anything admitted to. Actually, we go well beyond that.

      The offer is genuine, the Adamus partners are US, UK, Switzerland and Israel. NO profit is involved, not on our part anyway.

      I suggest some study Ebola, its history. I looked at the weaponized versions early on and found no involvement. There would be small pox outbreaks also if they were used.

      It is time that some grew up a bit, joined the real world and began looking on some of these issues as an opportunity to do what we are supposed to.

      ISIS, however, is very very much something else and most of you are right about that one.

    • Thanks Gordon! Let me ask this, are you using Scenar technology to diagnose or is it something else we don’t know about. Diagnosis in medicine these days is absolutely terrible!!!

  14. This is superb technology applied in a way that can support existing governments in this battle against Ebola. We can hope that the number of cases in America never approach the high density which would make this technology appropriate. Normally the level of hygiene in most American Cities (except Detroit where they are cutting the water off) is big enough to slow disease transmission, but if t gets out of hand in some cities, this technology could perhaps be deployed to help get a handle on it very quickly.

    • Yes, we have assets that are NOT being deployed and need to be brought into the mix. we are NOT defenseless. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

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