PuppetGate, the Continuing Saga


PuppetGate, the Continuing Saga

by Preston James and *Lon Gibby

The Silence is Deafening!


Wanta-11-481x640In an earlier Veterans Today article, PuppetGate, a major X-ray or Snapshot into how the US Government truly functions was revealed.

We are very much at war. At the center of the conflict, oddly enough, is an online publication, Veterans Today, an odd mix of retired spies and generals, activists on both the left and right, perhaps the last of the real investigative journalists, the ones who don’t look the other way, folks who now have the following of millions.

This was never expected, that people would find themselves aligned with an idea, somewhere between a Hunter Thompson nightmare and that scene out of the film Network, you know the one:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

VT, as we call “Veterans Today,” is aligned behind a series of causes, one of them involves a confidant and adviser to President Ronald Reagan. This adviser’s name is Lee Wanta, whose story was once only told by a handful of bloggers. His story is now known around the world and being validated more everyday in numerous ways.

Besides the great number of previously secret documents that are now emerging which fully support Ambassador Wanta’s claims, VT now has the recent shocking Phone Message inadvertently left on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy voice mail.

Ambassador Wanta is now supported by the team at VT, protected by private security contractors with VT “affiliates” along with “rank and file,” the last of the best of our Military, our diplomatic corps and the remains of what Government America has left. Ambassador Wanta, the legal custodian on behalf of President Reagan of the very real and now proven wealth, enough to rebuild America for the generations to come, Wanta stands assailed.

Veterans Today, not so helpless as some stupidly assume, is assailed too, along with its affiliates, among them Press TV and Russia Today, the last vestiges of press freedom in a world gone mad.

Today we discuss Ambassador Wanta, an unimaginable fortune held hostage by the Federal Reserve, over 33 trillion US Dollars.

The money is Wanta’s technically, his dream and the dream of President Reagan who will not be there to see it, is a strong and free America, an America of plenty of good jobs and much hope for the future, an America free of debt and foreign control, of censored news and educational institutions steeped in misery, mediocrity and falsehood.

The wolves are loose, names like the Bushes and Cheney, the Clintons, and moreover, Congress itself. They claim they are personally owed 17 trillion US Dollars from Wanta, which would make each minor crooked politician nearly as wealthy as Bill Gates, their payment for authorizing the court ordered payout President Reagan intended to benefit the American people. Typically these crooked beltway politicians characterize the massive payoffs they routinely receive for various deals and special interest legislative votes as “set-aside allocations.”

We are hearing it everyday, the endless demands from representatives of Cheney and Bushes, the Clintons, of organized crime, politicians not only with their hands out but voicing death threats as well if their shakedown demands are not met.

So many want America fixed. Savings and pension plans gutted, families frowning in debt, homes worthless, over-mortgaged, foreclosed, jobs gone exported abroad, young graduates and veterans facing a lifetime of poverty and homelessness.

Worse still, an America enslaved, propagandized into unimaginable ignorance, self-hating, each new generation less aware than the last. Tell me you don’t see it.

Yes, this monumental and historic “smoking gun” Audio was inadvertently left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine. In this Audio, two major Beltway Political Fixers, Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad continued talking after they attempted to reach Ambassador Wanta for a conference call.

About six minutes and twenty seconds of the last part of their conversation was recorded on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy answering machine.

When Ambassador Wanta listened to his messages the following morning after Labor Day 2014, he was stunned at what he heard.

Ambassador Wanta and Lon Gibby, his Publicist who is currently producing a major movie about Lee Wanta entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”, had talked to Gov. Sundquist and Senator Songstad previously.

These two men called Ambassador Wanta wanting to discuss what they could do for him as far as helping him get his money. In this prior conversation, Senator Songstad called himself a “Puppetmaster”.

Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist, Self-proclaimed BCC “Puppetmaster” for American Politicians?

Since that time Veterans Today was given the original recording which has been voice-grammed and a match was made validating the identity of the callers to be the two mentioned individuals above —  Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad.

This “smoking gun” recording is monumentally important for a number of reasons.

First, it provides instant credibility in regards to Ambassador Wanta’s claim that he earned an incredibly large amount of money taking down the Soviet Union.

And second, Ambassador Wanta’s access to his own money, an incredibly large amount that he earned honestly, has been blocked, just as he has claimed all along.

Yes, this audio recording immediately neutralizes all the numerous lies and false claims of all those skeptics who have been discounting Ambassador’s Wanta’s claims for many years.

Here you have a respected former Governor and a State Representative expecting and demanding a massive personal payoff in Billions of US Dollars.

And this recording is also monumentally important because it provides an X-ray or Snapshot into the inner workings and influence peddling of bribery that characterizes the True situation inside the beltway, Congress and among various “Political Fixers”, Bagmen, and what many refer to as “Puppetmasters”.

Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad, AKA “not so nice Sheldon”, Self-proclaimed BCC “Puppetmaster” for American Politicians? Can this man deploy his own personal BCC “hit squad” for those who won’t comply with his directives? As the massive Intel dumps continue, how many unsolved political murders will be linked to this political-fixer personally?

The Congressional and Major Media silence regarding this matter inside the Beltway from this Voice Recording left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine is Deafening!

Remember, this recording was made and released way back in early September, 2014.

More than a few current and former Intel Officers thought this recording’s public release would set off an instant Political Firestorm like Watergate.

Obviously the implications of this recording are just as serious as Watergate, if not more, as some believe. Watergate and the missing recording brought down the Nixon Administration and drove President Nixon from Office.

With PuppetGate, it appears that most of the major leaders in Congress are involved in a major RICO scandal involving billions of US Dollars paid for influence peddling, bribery, and special interest legislation, as well as maintaining major coverups about inside-job False-Flag attacks, such as the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01.

In fact, at least one top Intel insider has claimed that what has been actually disclosed in this historic audio is even more important than Watergate which was quickly followed by arrests, indictments and prosecutions.

This has not happened with PuppetGate, but Attorney Eric Holder did resign immediately after the US Department of Justice was provided the Audio recording and associated evidence.

Watergate was apparently all about a Presidential cancer on the land and attempt to cover up his personal interference in Politics and covert actions against Political opponents.

According to insider reports, the Watergate burglary was an apparent use of key former or current CIA Op40 Agents and Operatives to burglarize the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Building to obtain Bo Miner’s sex trick/pedophile book (she was John Dean’s girlfriend).

What President Nixon was impeached for resulting in his resignation before the Impeachment could be completed against him was his attempt to cover up this botched burglary, and his use of Intel to cover it up from the American People, as he hoped to prevent a firestorm of dissent and opposition for his actions to keep Watergate covered up. The coverup  was worse than the original crime and it involved many high level officials. You would have thought they would have learned from this back in the 70’s.

This Political Scandal far surpasses the importance of President Nixon’s Watergate.

The recording left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine is probably far more serious than the Watergate Scandal because it has involved some serious threats against Ambassador Wanta. It also illustrates in simple terms which most everyone can understand, that corruption in Congress and Beltway Politics is near complete and also involves the Judiciary and the US Department of Justice.

When President Reagan’s own Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine personally takes down the Soviet Union, the Evil Empire, through the deployment of a genius plan and makes 27.5 Trillion US Dollars in the process, this is a very big story. The problem is, at the time, all of Wanta’s work was highly classified, and the related USG and Intel documents were deeply buried. Only through many years of digging by some very patriotic Military Brass and high ranking USG Officials were many of these important documents found, which proves everything Lee Wanta has claimed all these years is actually 100% true as he stated.

When Ambassador Wanta gains access to HIS funds, as have already been awarded to him by a Federal Court, he will immediate activate his well-developed, specific plan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America.

I have examined many of these documents, as have others at Veterans Today. They are real docs and support Lee Wanta’s story as he has told it 100%. The implications of Ambassador Wanta’s story are monumental because it means that certain high USG Officials working in concert with Officers of the Federal Reserve have blocked Ambassador Wanta’s access to his own money. Ambassador Wanta had pledged to President Reagan to use these funds to completely revitalize and re-industrialize the United States of America and provide 2 million immediate good job opportunities by building an Ultra High-tech Maglev High Speed Inter-coastal Railroad.

Another reason this “smoking gun” audio of Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad is so vitally important is that it shows how a self-proclaimed “Puppetmaster” makes things happen inside the Beltway, through a well-organized system of bribery and manipulation of special interests and what he “arranges” if one doesn’t cooperate. PuppetGate has no boundaries or party line separation. Not even democrats have been willing to use this recording as a campaign issue because it would expose a system of Political payoffs that both parties, Democrat and Republican alike use.

It is obvious to anyone who carefully listens to this audio recording that Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad is bragging that Wanta better come forth with the billions of dollars they claim he owes them or “else”. At least one Former Law Enforcement who has listened to this tape has stated that this appears to provide “probable cause” for an arrest for influence peddling, bribery and conspiracy to murder.

These two Political Fixers who are alleged to be associated with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the Republican Party Chiefs, according to Ambassador Wanta, tried to shake him down for Thirty (30) Billion USA Dollars, but stated on the recording they would settle for 5 Billion but no less, and that he had better take it or else.

Then they went on to discuss how Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad could arrange to have his folks find Wanta. And they also discussed whether or not Ambassador Wanta had Federal Protection.  Normally this kind of voice-grammed and identified recording would result in a felony indictment and a major RICO investigation of bribery, payoffs and influence peddling inside Congress and the Beltway.

These two spoke as if they already arranged for Wanta’s money to be released two years ago, and all he has to do is agree to pay them the Billions of US Dollars they were demanding. Wanta’s position has always been that he will never pay any bribes and only will pay reasonable consulting fees, along with the legally required 1099 forms.

Obviously a major RICO investigation needs to be conducted by the Department of Justice using the FBI to get to the bottom of this and to find out how many individuals State Senator Songstad has sent thugs to coerce or even murder in the past.

When the Intel Files on this matter are opened, and someday soon they probably will be, this information will eventually be leaked out, and then the survivors of anyone he has had murdered will gain this knowledge. Some may want revenge and justice, especially male survivors.

It is known that Ambassador Wanta provided a copy of this recording to the Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Cauldwell of the US Department of Justice. But so far this has not happened and the silence is deafening. At least one inside source has claimed that this recording, when given to the Department of Justice, was the main reason Attorney General Holder has resigned.

Why has no indictment been handed down?

That is the monumental question that every American is entitled to know the answer to.. Especially when we have such a monumentally important recording available as good evidence.

Since that time, additional Intel of other actual “smoking gun” documents has been recovered from various Intel dumps into the public domain from various Intel Agencies around the world. Their motives — apparent retaliation for various sanctions and games played with them by the US Administration and Congress in attempts to interfere with their economies and sovereignty.

Currently, retired and active Intel Agents all over the world are sick and tired of all the phony war or the staged terror that has been deployed to feed the war machine and keep the war profits rolling in.

A very strange recent occurrence has just occurred, in regard to this matter we at Veterans Today refer to as PuppetGate. I have been informed that Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff received a very strange e-mail from an apparently non-existent person in regard to this Wanta PuppetGate Matter. This e-mail appears to be an attempt to pull Gordon Duff into the PuppetGate matter.

In this e-mail, it was claimed that a former employee of Ambassador Wanta, a Michael Cottrell, who was fired by Wanta for various unacceptable corporate practices for which he had no authority, was claiming that Bush1 was the one that stole 27 Trillion Dollars but that Cottrell was claiming the money really belonged to him, a former Wanta-employed bookkeeper and corporate officer. It has been claimed that Cottrell has been previously associated with General Michael Hayden, Dick Cheney and Bush2.

What this email appears to suggest is that a lot of folks are coming out of the woodwork to perhaps get a share of Ambassador Wanta’s money, which seemingly then appears to be quite close to being released to him. This suggests that some force for good is applying a great deal of political or legal pressure to allow Lee Wanta access to his money, which he has pledged to use to revitalize and re-industrialize the United States of America, our Republic.

If one criminal conspiracy is proved even in part, this means that all other related criminal conspiracies are very likely true since they can then be linked to the same Puppetmasters, Political operatives who run such criminal operations and then also run sophisticated misinformation operations to cover them up.

If one string is successfully pulled the whole matrix of related conspiracies will unravel. This is why a certain criminal element deep inside the the USG has continued to run expensive coverup operations and spends millions each year to keep the JFK Assassination covered up.

Once that string is successfully pulled and carried in the Major Mass Media, the whole matrix of secret criminal conspiracies that elements of the USG have carried out will unravel for all to know.

Once the public comes to understand that even one major crises event is a staged false-flag, criminal conspiracy by a criminal element using the USG as cover, many will and should conclude that all recent crises matters inside America are also criminal conspiracies staged by the corrupt organized Crime Cabal that has infiltrated and hijacked the USG.

Despite over 50 years of millions of dollars spent each year covering up the JFK Assassination, approximately 80% of the public now believes that the Warren Commission was a coverup and JFK was not murdered by a lone-nut assassin (Lee Harvey Oswald). Many Americans now believe JFK was murdered by a high level criminal conspiracy involving the CIA and organized crime.

The reason the USG has kept paying millions each year to cover their part in the JFK Assassination is that they know if this is ever publicly declared as an established fact in the Major Mass media, their whole matrix of lies will collapse. They know that their matrix of interwoven lies about their political assassinations, false-flag incidents like the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, Fast and Furious, the Boston Bombing, and Sandy Hook will also quickly unravel.

If the public ever comes to an understanding how criminal elements in the USG helped a foreign power nuke America on 9/11/01 and American politicians have received massive payoffs on an ongoing basis to keep it covered up, you can imagine how We The People would rise up and drive corruption out of the American Government, no matter what.

If the American Public ever really comes to know and understand the Good News that there were NO DEAD KIDS at Sandy Hook School, basically it is over for the crime cabal that infiltrated our Congress and the USG and We The People will rise up and take our great Republic back one way or another. Want to know the truth about Sandy Hook which is very good news indeed, read every article published by VT’s own Prof. Jim Fetzer and his team of research associates.

In the last two years there have been numerous massive Intel leaks and a great deal of foreign gathered intel on America’s inner working leaked into the public domain.

In the last two years, we have seen huge Intel leaks into the Public domain with more coming all the time. Soon there will be no more secrecy, as most NSA raw data all the way back to Vietnam has been compromised by Israeli partners who hijacked the NSA, but were themselves deeply infiltrated by ex-Soviet agents who became private contractors, and at least one other very powerful Intel entity few know about.

Some members of Veterans Today have seen a number of these leaked Intel reports, which themselves have staggering implications, such as Sandia Lab’s secret investigation of the 9/11/01 attack on America, in which hard data shows conclusively to have been a nuclear attack using “decommissioned” W-54 Davy Crockett-type nuclear Pits, illegally taken out the back door at Pantex.

The radiation fingerprints taken from the blast sites by AEC scientists show conclusively that the mini-nukes used were constructed with nuclear material refined at the Hanford nuclear site. At present, over 70,000 first responders and locals are now fighting strange cancers related to the nuclear blast contamination.

Famed pop singer Donna Summer, as she was dying of cancer, told family and friends she thought it was caused by the 9/11/01 pollution. A very well defined coverup was put in place and we now know that a large number of Members of Congress have been receiving huge payoffs for keeping the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 completely covered up.

More related information is on the way. In the weeks ahead, expect some major earth-shattering Intel leaks to enter the Public Domain. When they become a part of the public domain, you can expect to see them first at Veterans Today or mentioned on Veterans Today News, hosted by Veterans Today Columnist and well known Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb.



The Silence at the US Department of Justice regarding the PuppetGate audio recording is deafening, and this must be driven into the Mainstream Mass Media. Yes, the Major Mass media should be covering this important story PuppetGate with some aggressive reporting. IT is that important to all Americans.

If you are tired of this monumental story being suppressed and a US Department of Justice that is stuck and so far won’t move ahead and issue an indictment and begin a major RICO investigation of Bribery, and influence peddling in Congress, as well as obstruction of Justice in blocking Lee Wanta’s funds he legally earned, do something about it.

Please call the US Department of Justice and politely ask them to please move ahead with indictments of Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad and initiate a major RICO investigation of influence peddling and bribery in Congress. You may want to ask to speak to Assistant US Attorney General Cauldwell or his Secretary and leave a message.

And if you can find the time, you may want to call your local US Attorney and politely ask the same. And certainly it might help to call the Newsdesks at the major networks and ask them if they have heard this voice recording or not. If not, then e-mail it to them and ask them to please cover this story — it is as big as Watergate or bigger.

If this story is suppressed by the US Department of Justice and all the major news organizations, this can mean only one thing — that a very large number of Members of Congress and the USG are likely involved in a massive payoff scheme which is putting millions of US Dollars in their pockets for covering up major USG crimes.

This is called major RICO crime inside the USG and must be completely exposed and completely prosecuted. We the People must rise up and demand justice in this PuppetGate Matter. It is perhaps the greatest matter relating to real, true National Security since the Assassination of JFK or the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01.

Let me leave you with a couple of thoughts. What would happen if you or I ever made such a phone call as was made to Ambassador Wanta and left on his voice mail? We would immediately be facing major multiple felonies and would be immediately arrested and prosecuted in short order. The fact that these men have not been arrested, indicted or prosecuted for what they did suggests rampant RICO crime in the USG, a major cancer of corruption and a fixed system of elections and legislation for special interests who kickback millions, all designed to make our Members of Congress Multimillionaires or Billionaires at the public’s expense. How many men like Senator Paul Wellstone have been murdered by Puppetmasters like these men? US Department of Justice Investigators need to take a careful look at the Cabo, Mexico connection to all this.

Does the sound of silence by Congress, the Judicial Branch, and our mainstream media mean they are willing to accept this type of dishonest and criminal conduct? Let’s hope not. The American people deserve better and deserve honesty and justice at every level of society and government.

*Lon Gibby, CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc., contributor to this article.



  1. Just a comment, I recognized the name “Klaatu” from “The Day That The Earth Stood Still,” but I was curious about the Acquinas. Is the name derived from this article? “http //unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot.com/2009/08/movie-review-day-earth-stood-still.html”


    • Klaatu’s Aquinus name is very close to Aquinas, the Dominican philosopher revered by Catholics, Anglicans, and Lutherans. A smart dude. He brought Aristotle into church teachings.

  2. Some possible clever guerrilla marketing tactics may be useful.

    1. Submitting the press release to college newspapers. Bet there’s someone in that crowd that wants to be the next Woodward.

    2. Submit press release to the free online press release sites.

    3. Submit Wanta’s ebook with updates of the phone message to free ebook directories.

    4. Write short 500 to 700 word unique articles to a few select article directories. This is a much less effective strategy than it used to be, but your goal is to break through the wall of silence, not SEO. For this strategy it is best to have unique content. It is also something that anyone who can write, can do it.

    5. Create fliers that people can download and put up in their towns. Google won’t be able to stop that one.

    You don’t defeat the redcoats by putting on bright colored jackets and marching in nice neat lines…

    And anyone can do #5 and #4. I won’t be able to get to it personally for a while, but I will do what I can in a bit.

    • I will be calling every US attorney general in every state. I will also call the US assistant attorney general. I have been asking for the arrest of Eric Holder since fast and furious broke, then when he did not arrest one criminal from the USBS bank for laundering the drug cartel’s money. My voice has been even louder. I would like to post this article to facebook and g+, as well as mail to my email list. I would like to create a ad and put it on the free traffic exchanges and link people back to this article.

    • I posted this on a number of sites on Facebook and elsewhere. Since you’re opening up this can of worms, when will VT be talking about the Durham Trust and the contra funds? Those are also to be used for rebuilding America. Those funds were hypothecated by the Bush Cabal and used for nefarious purposes as Lee knows.

  3. Thank you Thank you!!! I have been waiting for this megaphone on this subject. I send messages to Mr.Obama informing him it is a constant sequence of “indecent reality” hitting us. Now even the Time admit Reagan guilt but the silence i unbelievable, We have been paddling dome for centuries it appears.So told Mr.President it is humiliating when he brags about our greatness. Those Americans are still here risking all to expose the indecent cover ups. Time to address the people and ask them if they have dropped down to that common answer when they hear these things “how much will get from it”.
    No joke was told that when I protested the Bush war “you want the gas don’t you so let Bush go get it”
    So much explained in just one statement. Hell no we are not the best anymore,not until we stand up and demand criminal proceedings.

  4. The United States is far more a criminal organization than a nation. Our government can say one thing and, with amazing consistency, do something else which is too often something lacking of moral responsibility. Their reasoning and actions make it abundantly clear that they’re in business for themselves as representatives for the cabal of Mafia-style City of London Zionist Rothschild banksters, leaving “We the People mostly ignored and footing the bill for endless wars which can only be viewed as disastrous.

    • War is the MOST EFFICIENT MEANS to transfer wealth from the people to their oppressors. That has been true for the millenia. What we need now are “truth and reconciliation” trials that end in the very lamp-post decorating that Bush Sr. is so afraid of. These traitors have not just destroyed this country, they have plagued the world. Money that could have been spent on making life abundant has been wasted on ruining the planet, impoverishing the masses and attempting to kill off the world population. To a large degree, these monsters have impaired mankind’s future. Have none of you considered the idea that those who annointed themself as “elite” are no longer human? This has occurred to me often. Only cerebraly-challenged inbred hamsters destroy their own kind, and even they only do so, as a means of protecting the species within a resource-constrained environment. These monsters choose to kill off their own kind (if that is what we are) in a world of plenty. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.


  5. read the book as soon as i was told about it, wrote about it too. Nice work Dr. James

    and i know your going to love what I’m about to come out with, was thinking of the things you have been saying the whole while i was writing it. Maybe some of the people that have been asking you for proof will finally understand its been right in front of them all along and every day their digging up more in some part of the world.

    • I always enjoy your work, Jack. It is always insider stuff. I don’t always agree with all of it, the info I just don’t know enough about, but a lot of what you write I do agree with.

  6. Good work again Doc , did you see the you tube interview Press TV interview did with Cynthia McKinny, kida pulls alot of lose ends together , what she was pressured to do and did not play the game. NICE PIECE!

  7. Is this in response to the article, or someone else comment? If it is in response to the article, then as Gordon says, you are too stupid to live ..

    • I’m a former spook (USMC). What are you? What security clearances have you held? Back to my latter response. You ARE too stupid to live .. (or a paid shill. A very low paid one.)

      Let me ask you this. What do you know about the Collins Elite, genius? Do you know who Tambourini was? Care to enlighten us all about the Zimmerman telegram? What do you know about Cydonia? Do you know what a petraglyph is? Where did we just find the latest one? (Hint Not on Earth)

      Go away troll. You are much too young, and too short for this ride ..

  8. Dr. Preston, The truth can no longer be suppressed, thanks to your excellent & courageous reporting! Many of us needed the facts you’ve presented along the way to convince others & increase our Psi-power as We The People. My hope is that we stop arguing & bickering over the “small stuff” & create a unified voice against our real enemies…who must face justice rather than continue their evil scams…I now understand, thanks to you, the heroism of Leo Wanta. May he be victorious in his quest to get monies owed to help transform & renew our beloved country! May he also be safe in this colossal battle…

    • Yes, Ambassador Lee Wanta is a Great American Hero. Those of us who know him personally understand his strong and unshakable faith and integrity. We also understand his iron-clad obsession to rebuild, revitalize and re-industrialize America which has carried him all these years, and his total commitment to fulfill his promise to president Reagan. His commitment to pay for and build the High Speed Maglev Inter-coastal Railroad has never wavered and he stands ready to begin construction at once. All the plans have been drawn, and a massive amount of work has already been completed in the planning and design phase. The biggest problems we have been fighting in getting this story out has been the secrecy imposed around Lee Wanta which at the time was necessary for him to be able function in his several secret agent roles effectively, and the Bush Crime Cabal which has worked hard using it Cutout and Puppets in the Judiciary (Yes, crooked federal Judges and corrupt, owned officials in the US Dept. of Justice, bought and paid for by the BCC).

  9. Mathematically you cannot have more money than debt. Public and private debt will fall short of $33t so it is hard to believe that somebody has that much money.!

    That figure makes the whole thing mathematically impossible. Did I miss something?

    • Yes, you have probably not read Lee Wanta’s free book available on his website. VT has verified that Ambassador Wanta did work as President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Agreement, did earn 27.5 Trillion dollars USD after repaying his 150 Billion dollar line of credit, was illegally kidnapped and jailed 2X with absolutely NO valid charges(Wanta claims Wisconsin’s own notably corrupt Tommy Thompson was involved, a man whose records were all mysteriously destroyed as he left office, hmmm mighty suspicious and quite convenient don’t you think?), both serious abuses by the Bush Crime Cabal and their secret cell inside the CIA. And obviously you have not listened carefully to this phone recording in which two self-proclaimed Puppetmasters acknowledged that Ambassador Wanted owned Billions (they mentioned 30 Billion as the fee they originally wanted for helping Ambassador Wanta gain access to his funds. We at VT call this a shakedown. And there was the implicit threat of “no more Mr. nice Sheldon” and a discussion of sending someone to get to Ambassador Wanta to threaten and murder him if he wouldn’t comply. I suggest you try reading all the available materials and then it should make sense to you. The Bush Crime Cabal has used shill, lackeys, cutouts and stooges for years to attempt to debunk and discredit Lee Wanta. All such attempts have failed and now we have this historic voice recording that has been voice-grammed, verified as real and by whom.

    • I need to read LW’s book to learn the sources of funds. Was a substantial amount from accounts to which the FR transferred funds without authorization? Did a substantial amount come from forex speculation? With such a large amount of currency “on ice” at the FR for years, it is clearly not in circulation in world markets. Therefore, my concern is that releasing it to LW to “pay off the U. S. debt” would be equally inflationary as the FR simply creating the same amount of funds as it creates other currency – maybe more so, because no one promises to pay it back. The Chinese, e.g., would find the dollars received to be just a worthless (or at least “worth less”) one way or the other, and thus they would be just as put out, to put it mildly.

    • For one, you do not understand how Wanta made his money on the global market. How much global debt do we have. Does anybody know? How do we know that for sure, when for one, no one knows for sure what China’s (PRC) real debt is. More than that, how do you calculate total global assets? Do we count mined/unmined minerals on the Moon and Mars (or even large minable asteroids) ?

      There is as much money as there are assets to back it. Assets can be almost anything that has real value. Debt has nothing to do with it, unless you have a monetary system based on debt. That is what we have had for the past century. That is not always what has been. Debt is something that is to be temporary. Not perpetual. A debt based system only works when debt becomes perpetual. (and empire and war with it)

      The Roman republic was not debt based. The Roman empire was. Are you missing anything more now. Why must everything be a zero-sum game? In order for someone to have something, someone else must lose something? Who taught us that? That is a system of control. Nothing more. That paradigm must be broken. This is how we have “elites.” This is where we get “haves” and “have-nots.” This is all a criminal fiction ..

      I may be failing to explain things here. I tried. I’m not sure anyone knows or understands this for sure. Perhaps Mises can help ..

      http //mises.org/daily/4631

    • The majority of this debt is “odious debt,” and on that basis can be repudiated and laid on the backs fo the banksters who created it for their own benefit. WE THE PEOPLE, under long-standing common law principles, do not have to pay the cost of our own imprisonment and abuse by those that pretended to be our leaders. The US backed this premise in repudiating the debt of several Latin American countries as they came out of DICTATORSHIPS.


  10. This article is directed to the good people in any USG agency that has not acted on these facts in the past. The compartmentalization is breaking down, that is what we need to hope for. In my efforts to wake people to these ugly truths I gave discovered that people that never had a clue about the truth are better candidates for awakening. The ones that are pretending to be asleep are part of the problem JMHO

  11. Dr. James, thanks for keeping the heat on here. But don’t expect the propaganda machine for the ruling elite (i.e., the major media) ever to turn on its masters. A friend of mine who worked at that level of media (including as a war correspondent during the war in Bosnia) said about people who define victory as reading the “truth” in the pages of the NYT, “it’s never going to happen.” If ever any actual truth is stated there, it is to lead the reader down a new garden path of lies serving the ruling elite’s agenda.

    Secondly, with every instance in which VT digs out the facts and reports them accurately with the supporting evidence, you make it possible for more people to regard this as the real source of valid and reliable information. So one day soon it may make no difference whether the formerly “major” media reports a story. The important event will be when VT reports it. Keep it up.

    • This is the way it has been in the past. However there is a new kid on the block and he is very, very powerful. His name is spontaneously emerging populism which is a powerful by-product of the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg press. All secrecy is ending, all secret sins of the ruling elite deviant criminal psychopaths will be revealed, all NSA files will be made public through foreign powers and entities, and their whole house of lies will come crashing down on their heads.

      As all the secret sins of the criminals that hijacked America are revealed the Psi-power of the masses, aka Moral Density, will become far too great for the lie machine to survive. Say tuned you will see history in the making in the months to come. As they used to say, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

    • Yes, even those secrets are going to end too in good time. Nothing can be kept secret anymore. There is so much Intel being dumped into the public Domains by Intel agencies all over the world retaliating against Zio hijacked DC, that even VT cannot yet keep up with it. Every nation except fro a few like the Saudis and a two faced leader in Turkey are dumping American and Israeli Intel secrets to get back at the zios. Israel is now doomed for what its leaders did to America on 9/11/01 and for its criminally insane Palestinian Apartheid and genocide. The Euros have now completely turned against Israel and most Judaics, even those who are not Zionists at all. Even zio Heinz Kissinger says Israel will be gone within 10 years. And he ought to know. Most of the wealthy Israelis who can afford it are moving out of Israel to Europe or other locations.

      This is why Israel is working so hard to take over the Ukraine and make it their new homeland, because their leaders know Israel will soon be finished and all lands will be returned to Palestine. Remember MJ-12 is split and there are some changes at hand, probably for the good of us all.

    • Why do you all keep wishing for BENEDICTION from the mass media? Just post this stuff on Face book, or any of the 8 billion or so sites out there. The polls (polling report etc) show that the public is far more aware than many give them credit for. As an avid consumer of such information and somebody with journ training and friends in the media, I can assure you that the awareness level is far higher than is often portrayed. Go study the “Spiral of Silence” theory that posits (correctly) that people are aware for a much longer time than the media reporting would indicate. Most people remain quiet, but act upon their beliefs privately, as the momentum builds.

      Just because the “controlled mass media” is not reporting something, doesn’t mean that the groundswell hasn’t begun. Trends in technology show up in the trade journals within two years of their adoption. They show up in the MSM about three to five years down the road. By the time that the mass media is reporting something, it is well under way in technological terms and has already been fairly well vetted.


  12. Mr Preston, When you make the comment “That is the monumental question that every American is entitled to know the answer to”, With all due respect I would like to point out that it is not only “Americans” that are entitled to know the answer to “Why has no indictment been handed down”.

    I think the citizens of every country that is allied with the U.S is also entitled to know why nothing is being done.

    The silence is indeed deafening. If these allegations are unfounded, Then why has no action been taken against the accusers ?.

    This is one hell of a story.

    • Yes, you are correct, the Ruling Crime Cabal of Luciferians (mass-murderers) who pre-stage and engineer wars to mass-murder, make huge profits and consolidate and increase their central USG power has harmed the whole world and must be brought to world justice as well as justice inside America.

      These world class mass-murderers and criminals have committed massive wars crimes and crimes against humanity. However this should be no surprise being that they are secret Bolsheviks, as all such occult masters of the darkness are. The light is coming and they will be completely exposed and brought to justice. The blood of their millions of victims cries out from the ground for justice and it will come.

  13. More information will be rolled out by VT in days to come. Make sure you listen to VT news radio Monday and Wednesday 12-2 PM CST on http //www.themicroeffect.com/. This show is hosted by VT Columnist and Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb who does a great job. These shows usually end up posted on http://www.youtube.com.

    I suggest you also tune in to VT Financial Editor Mike Harris’s show on M-F, five days a week on Revolution Radio Studio B, 1-3 PM CST. Mike Harris is a consummate insider who provides dynamic insights into what is wrong in our USG and how to fix it.

    There have been major new disclosures on both of these shows, information you can not get anywhere but from VT. Senior VT Editor Gordon Duff is a frequent guest on both of these shows and has been spellbinding lately in what he has presented and discussed.

    Lately on Wednesday we have had a simulcast between both shows and today we had so many listeners our servers were overloaded.

  14. It is time for us to draft a petition direct to Dempsey and Hagel. It is time to check these guy’s integrity and honesty. Are they with us, or against us. Now is the time. Demand the PMGs (Army and Marines) to do their duty ..

    https //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provost_Marshal#United_States_Armed_Forces

    If not this, then prepare for blood in the streets. A thousand Fergusons ..

    • Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. lays out a scenario. The catalyst is different here (Wanta Tape). The results should follow the same

      http //www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin186.htm

      Under the PMGs, NCIS, Naval JAG, this would all be constitutional. Not a military coup. Simply prosecution of a criminal cabal ..

    • For the benefit of those too lazy to go to the link provided, here is an excerpt ..

      “One scenario will suffice On some Monday not so far in the future, “President” Obama meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to announce that “Operation Sandblaster,” for a massive nuclear attack on Iran’s supposed “weapons of mass destruction,” will be launched on the coming Friday. The Joint Chiefs remonstrate, pointing out that such aggression will trigger retaliation by Russia and China, almost surely plunging the whole world into a thermonuclear World War III. “President” Obama, however, is adamant, and instructs the Joint Chiefs to have the necessary orders for “Sandblaster”—or their resignations—on his desk by Wednesday morning. Knowing that, if they resign, “President” Obama will simply appoint some unprincipled uniformed “yes men” to carry out his plan, the Joint Chiefs immediately order covert break-ins around the country to obtain his original birth certificate and other material evidence relating to his ineligibility for the Office of President. With these documents in hand, on Wednesday morning, accompanied by a contingent of heavily armed Marines, the Joint Chiefs confront “President” Obama with the evidence, arrest him as an usurper and all the Members of Congress as his co-conspirators, and appoint themselves a Military Commission to function as a “caretaker government” during the ensuing “national emergency.”

      Insert for birth certificate, the Wanta Tape ..

    • Do not make the mistake of counting Sec. Hagel and JCS Gen. Dempsey out. These men are the finest of our finest and are very resourceful. You will not often hear what is really going on in the background. It may be better than you think.

  15. …And if we sent some detailed letters, laying out these facts, to our Senators and Congressman would they be totally ignored, or a polite response to look into matters?

    This is what we’re up against, they have one system for them, another for us.

    The Nixon situation, 1970’s circumstances, NO LONGER EXIST, they killed those circumstances, so it would NEVER happen again, and MADE SURE..

    What do you think?

    • It is getting to the point where polite pressure from all sides can create change. Many members of Congress know the system is now breaking down and have decided to leave Congress. If there is enough polite respectful pressure brought many will feel justified doing something and blaming on the pressure of their constituents. I know this sounds trite but it is a political reality. The problem in America is that the majority has gone to sleep, been successfully distracted, and mind-kontrolled by TV, cell phones and various distraction along with overly complicated lives which have been engineered by the RCC.

  16. “Once that string is successfully pulled and carried in the Major Mass Media, the whole matrix of secret criminal conspiracies that elements of the USG have carried out will unravel for all to know.”

    But Preston the reason the string has NOT been pulled is because the same people who commit these ACTS own the Media. Hello? Are You There? Its all one and the same group, and when you can print money at will, you can buy anything, and disguise the purchase of those assets as legitimate.

    • You might not be aware that such has been the central theme in many of my articles, the Controlled major mass media (CMMM).

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