Middle East borders bound to change: Israel minister

Moshe Ya'alon got his slap down last week. It is Bibi's turn now

Moshe Alon
Moshe Ya’alon

Middle East borders bound to change: Israel minister

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The Zionists seem to like changing borders
The Zionists seem to like changing borders

[ Editor’s Note: Okay, you know what I am going to say here, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

Israeli Military Affairs Minister Ya’alon tells us that Mideast borders are going to have to change because they were Western constructs. But he immediately gives a pass to Egypt and Israel.

He represents a country created by the invasion of outsiders who wanted to construct a Jewish state based on biblical ground, but when most of them were communist and atheist Jews.

And to that you can add “non-practicing”. These are the people who use “God gave us the land as their Gaza bombing theme song.”

Israel is also a country that has never defined its borders, because we know from their own archives and our own declassified material that the post WWII Zionists had always planned on pushing an expansionist Israel to take over enough land and resources to provide room for all the worlds Jews. They did not come of course.

So old Moshe gave us a peek into the belly of the beast with this interview. I would not be surprised if he got a spanking from Bibi over this. I loved the part about how moving the racist settlers out of the West Bank would be “ethnic cleansing”…quite a case of the pot calling the kettle black… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  October 22,  2014  –


Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Moshe Ya’alon says the borders of many Middle Eastern countries are bound to change in the future as a result of recent developments in the region.

The Israeli minister said in a recent interview with the US-based National Public Radio (NPR) that the current borders would change in the coming years, as some have “been changed already.”

The Israeli minister added that the borders of some countries in the region were artificially drawn by the West.

“Libya was a new creation, a Western creation as a result of World War I. Syria, Iraq, the same — artificial nation-states — and what we see now is a collapse of this Western idea,” he stated.

However, Ya’alon said the borders of some nations, including the Egyptian border with Israel, would remain unchanged.

“We have to distinguish between countries like Egypt, with their history. Egypt will stay Egypt,” said Ya’alon.

Ya'alon ... with the troops
Ya’alon … with the troops

The minister did not say whether the borders of Israel, also drawn by Western powers after World War I, would change or not.

Regarding the right to return for Palestinian refugees, Ya’alon said Tel Aviv could not allow such a move, as it would keep the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alive “forever.” He also said that the insistence to remove Israeli settlers from the West Bank amount to ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli regime expelled more than 700,000 people from their homeland after it occupied Palestine in 1948.

Israeli forces have wiped nearly 500 Palestinian villages and towns off the map, leaving an estimated total of 4.7 million Palestinian refugees hoping for an eventual return to their homeland more than six decades later.

Since 1948, the Israeli regime has denied Palestinian refugees the right of return, despite United Nations’ resolutions and international laws that uphold the people’s right to return to their homeland.

Tel Aviv has built over 120 illegal settlements built since the occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds.


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  1. Until recently I’d come to suspect the current Prez would skate through his eight years in office without raising an eyebrow once everyone recognized he was just a black white man, lockstepping with the Bush agenda. But the past couple of weeks hint of something entirely different.

    Maybe the only thing of significance this prez could do would be spending the next two years pointing the eyes and attentions of US citizenry on Israel and the manifestations inside the US.

    But of course if he tries it they’ll shoot him.

  2. Iraq Destroyed by the machinations of Judeo-Masonry. Double-dealing on the part of Papa Bush ( Senior errand boy fronting for the Synagogue of Satan ) and Ambassador Glasbie.
    Libya Destroyed by Judeo-Masonry after framing their leader for PanAm103 and a discoteque bombing.
    Syria In the way of the Qatar-Saudi-Jordan pipeline must be destroyed and a puppet put in place. Being destroyed by Judeo-Masonry. The NWO/JWO.
    Israel is like the wife who spends money like it’s water, then complains about how poor you are.

    • uhh.. while putting visine in your food every day and complaining about how sickly you always are too..

  3. They really screwed up the attack on the USS Liberty.

    Sadly they seem to have grown a bit more sophisticated in the last 15 years.

    • It’s depressing to live in a world utterly dominated by these rapacious, arrogant, stiff-necked people.

  4. I have an older sibling who has a masters degree in theology. I am an atheist; in such we have had many sometimes heated discussions. One of our discussions 20 plus years ago was about Israels right to the Palestinian lands whereas “god” had promised that land to the Jews according to my sibling. My response was show me the deed. I went on further to state if Israel can claim this land based on historical claims; shouldn’t we the un-United States have to return these lands to the historical owners the lands, the various indigenous peoples that were here long before the European settlers? Or perhaps go back even further to fossil records of the earliest occupants to see who they were to return the lands to them. What about Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California; should these lands be given back to Mexico the rightful owner? My sibling perplexed by the question, paused a minute, and then said I guess so. My sibling did not think that these indigenous groups should be given the lands back, but could not support Israels claim to Palestinian lands without agreeing that the other groups are entitled as well. I know my sibling was not sincere with their comment as they are very anti Mexican immigration; immigration into the very lands that were once that countries.

    • precisely, like it or not we are the expansionists and our history is a mirror we should be looking into
      This land is occupied by europeans and such (i am one) because the Pope got the official word from god we could take it. es lo mismo Dudum siquidum 1493 , we have to support others else we become hypocratic, lets clean up our own mess before we worry about anything else, if not, then let us say no more about it and be the beasts we are well known to be. it is our opportunity to do something beautiful we can be proud of. reduce military spending by 80%, NOW

    • Just shows you how utterly worthless some over-educated people can be. The vast majority of “Israelis” are Khazars with no connection to the unholy “Holy Land ” in the first place.

  5. Sad part is we will never see one politician stand up to Israel in any meaningful way because they know the Jewish controlled media would crucify them. Plus they would risk all the AIPAC funds in their coffers. Basically we give Israel 3 Billion dollars a year that they use to buy American politicians. How F-ed up is that?

  6. police oughtta be forbidden to try to stop armed and dangerous bank robbers, because it’d be “anti-crimitic”.

    bad example? in California about 30 years ago a burglar slipped on a polished marble floor, hitting his head and knocking him out. he sued the home owner and the “judge” awarded in the burglar’s favor?!
    nevermind the burglar broke in shouldnt have been there in the first place.. isnt justice wonderful.

    I’d like to see a change in Middle East borders, it’d eliminate an ANTI-CHRIST-ANIC welfare-warfare “state” that refuses to define its own borders, founded on and perpetually guilty of terrorism.

  7. —Speaking of “Semites” ONLY the Europeans & Americans that are Confused by the Zionists’ Propaganda believe, Israelis are” are “White.”

    —-Why? Because Hebrews are Semites. They use Semites when it’s convenient, such as anti-Semites, and any other time they claim to be White.

    —-They also mix Ethnicity with Religion. Israeli Ethnicity is Semite—Religion/Judaism—The followers/Jewish.

    —-Who are the People with Semite or Hemites Ethnicity?
    — Those in the Middle East, North Africa, the Entire Arabian Peninsula, Southwest & South Asia and beyond.
    —- Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs, Canaanites, Ethiopians, Aramaean, Mesopotamia, etc.

  8. “Syria, Iraq, the same — artificial nation-states —“ The stupid man does not even know that these two countries are the “Cradle of Civilization,” where as “Israel is a Stolen Land”

    —–The “1st Crime was Committed” when UK & (USA-President Truman, who did not listened to his Adviser General George Marshall & his Cabinets) so his “BIGEST MISTAKE” has been messing up the Entire World for 65 years.
    —–These two countries took Palestinian’s Land and gave it away as Independent State to —“IS rael (IS).”
    —–The result turned out to be the most heated country in the World, that is Out of Control, an “Evil Empire” with Apartheid Government, a leader who is Hitler’s-Twin-Brother-Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a Liar, Evil, Beast, Warmonger, Manipulator, etc., along with his Voters & —Terrorist Settlers.
    —–The “Good News” Israel’s Self- Destructive Bombs are Ticking and Keep Blowing Up, like never before!
    —–As for the “Corrupt World Leaders” like USA & UK, etc., as well as Politicians & Evangelical Leaders—- the # 1 Israel Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has a name for them “Donkeys”

    —–Rabbi Yosef said — Non-Jews are Donkeys, Created to Serve Jews!
    —–Obviously, he is not referring to the “Citizens of the World,” since “WE NEVER SERVED THE JEWS OR ISRAEL”
    http //www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2010/10/18/major-rabbi-says-non-jews-are-donkeys-cr

  9. Sad and scary. Why build in the south-west where there is nothing when you can build on someone else’s settlements. Jerusalem and whichever faith be it Judaism, Islam or Christianity have lost all its connections.

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