Netanyahu is a ‘chickenshit,’ Obama official says – Updated twice




Netanyahu is a ‘chickenshit,’ Obama official says

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Update: Fox News is reporting that Rabbi Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Propaganda Center has selected himself to order the President to hunt down and reprimand the official who make the “chikenshit” remark about Netanyahu to the media in the story below. I would remind Rabbi Hier that the terminology used by Israeli political Jews toward their opponents, especial goyim ones, is quite nasty.

I have never heard calls from the Jewish community to stop this unpleasant habit — adding validation that there exists a Jewish supremacist ideology, heaven forbid, which can be universally described as “Do like I say, not like I do… because…you know… we are better than you.” What is one to do?


Update 2:  More on this coming. The Atlantic is an all Jewish-staffed operation, and of course Goldberg has Mossad oozing out of his pores. We worked our own sources today and were told the “chickenshit” story is a hoax Goldberg made up. Something was said, and by someone very high up, but a remark shall I say that questioned Netanyahu’s mental competency. Gordon has something submitted to an overseas outlet and we will publish after they have. But needless to say, we have gone into Goldberg’s shorts a bit.

Moshe Ya'alon got his slap down last week. It is Bibi's turn now
Moshe Ya’alon got his slap down last week. It is Bibi’s turn now

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, things are starting to get interesting now. I will bet my money that his leak was carefully orchestrated due to the timing of it coming after Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon getting snubbed for White House and State Department top official meetings while in town to pow wow with the Pentagon.

So why the shift to put some heat on Bibi? I suspect that Obama knows from our Intel that Ya’alon was making the highly critical remarks about the US efforts on a peace settlement were naïve… and a lot more.

What we are also seeing here is a stage two response to Bibi’s playing the settlement-building card in East Jerusalem with 1000 more permits, continuing to undermine any peace process with these deal killers.

The White House is signaling any potential replacement for Bibi that US support is ready and waiting, but I can’t see where the political muscle for that exists now to unseat the Likuds.

But even if it is a long shot, putting out a leak like this, with this language, is sending a worldwide message that the US is tired of dealing with petty political hustlers in Israel after the tons of money and security the US has put in there, and frankly…made fools of over and over with impunity.

Obama has also thrown the gauntlet here down to AIPAC, just a few days before the election, as in, “Ya want a piece of me? Come and get it.” I am smelling that with each new Israeli uncooperative provocation Obama is showing, there are going to be quick and public consequences. And he will get a ton of support for it from the good folks… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  October 29th,  2014  –


A senior Obama administration official has described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit,” expressing the US president’s frustration with the Israeli leader.

“The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” the unnamed official told the Atlantic when asked about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House the most.

The official added that the good thing about Netanyahu is that “he’s scared to launch wars,” and the bad thing about him is that “he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians.”…“The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat… He’s got no guts,” the official said.

According to the Atlantic, the statement by the top Obama official indicates that relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have moved toward a “full-blown crisis.”

The United States recently criticized Israel’s plan to build more than 1,000 settler units in the occupied Palestinian lands.

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that, “if Israel wants to live in a peaceful society, they need to take steps that will reduce tensions. Moving forward with this sort of action would be incompatible with the pursuit of peace.”

"You say you want to meet with me?...Are you kidding?"
“You say you want to meet with me?…Are you kidding?”

However, Netanyahu attacked the State Department for condemning Israeli expansion plans, saying US officials are “disconnected from reality.”

Last week, top American officials rejected requests by Israeli Military Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon for meetings with them during his visit to the United States.

The White House and State Department refused proposals for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The refusal was an angry response by Washington after Ya’alon mocked Kerry’s efforts to forge a peace deal between Tel Aviv and the Palestinians.

The Israeli minister had called Kerry’s efforts for Israeli-Palestinian peace “messianic and obsessive.” The State Department had called Ya’alon’s remarks “offensive and inappropriate.”



  1. In every flock of chickens there’ll always be one that stands out as the stupidest and most out of sync with-the-others hen of the lot. The cluck, it’s called. So around people who raise chickens there’s a phrase to describe a person of a certain type “Dumb as cluckshit”.

    A disinterested observer could be brought to believe Israel has floated all their clucks into positions of power. Maybe that’s where all this is going. Getting all the clucks into a single flock and cornering the market on “dumb as cluckshit”.

  2. Is netanyahu threatning POTUS?

    “The famously combative Israeli Prime Minister went on to say

    “When there are pressures on Israel to concede its security, the easiest thing to do is to concede. You get a round of applause, ceremonies on grassy knolls, and then come the missiles and the tunnels.””

    as I was looking for Bibi’s recent transcripts I found an article at from which the above quote comes from.
    The answer to my question above is yes, he is.

    • “Netanyahu responds to U.S.: I am under attack for defending Israel” was in the newspaper Haaretz, arguably another “Jewish” paper. It contains the grassy knoll phrase. However, the grassy knoll remark may have been a mistranslation of lawns. This adds a whole new dimension to the original ‘chickenshit’ remark.

  3. Don’t worry Jim, the US leadership will soon lick Netanyahu’s boot if not his behind. The President and his cabinet will be forced to apologize for such remarks, perhaps end up sending Israel few hundred millions as the cost of an apology… mark my words….

  4. Getting the whole issue into the UN as a major item for discussion should be becoming a real possibility. The US has veto power in the Security Council, but the General Assembly is where all the countries nobody ever hears from have a voice. And those are the folks who might be most vocal about Israel and its peccadilldoes.

  5. The Zios must have some seriously damaging/embarassing ammo leveled at McCain, Graham and Boehner judging by their overzealousness to not only kiss Jewish ass, but French-kiss it.

    • It’s pretty clear what they have on an enemy collaborator like McCain and not too difficult to guess what they have on two fruitcakes like Graham and Boehner. These are men who do evil for evil’s sake and were identified as useful idiots by their utter lack of morals before the electorate in their states had even heard their names.

  6. Now let’s see who is actually the chickenshit!

    I may not be the brightest or the most responsive bulb in the VT box of readers/commenters but I just discovered this. Yes, just now, so pardon me if you already are aware of this. For my age I am surprised I do as well as I do.
    The new members of Obama’s inner circle of advisors
    –Assistant for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Arif Alikhan
    –Homeland Security Advisor; Mohammed Elibiary
    –Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Rashad Hussain
    –Obama Advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council; Salam al-Marayati
    –Obama Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America; Imam Mohamed Magid
    –Advisory Council on Faith-based Neighborhood Partners; Eboo Patel

    • I could’ve missed these announcements, but that would not be important. It may have been printed already on this my favorite website for honest news, and comment. Again, would not be important.
      Astute and very intelligent journalists present some critical topics here that lay them to risk-a risk for printing the truthful and accurate news the mainstream media should be doing (true traitors to this nation each and every one of them. If you lived through Watergate you’d know what I mean.)
      Today, they protect the interest of the most traitorous and terroristic regime the U.S. has ever witnessed. All in the name of money in the form called a paycheck.
      After I recently reads these names that have been selected by this blundering, and plundering president, I was absolutely appalled. Now who is the hidden cowardice chickenshit behind the curtain?
      VT is a blessing to us all and we should appreciate what they are doing. I hope they can broaden my knowledge of this group of strangers sitting in our White House.
      I was absolutely appalled.

    • Patel is an India Indian name. I see what you mean. Why don’t all his advisors have names such as Smith and Jones? All those people are Mexicans from different places in Asia and the Middle East or Africa.

  7. The Jewish Talmundic Banking strategy seems to be to corrupt the elite of the host country to gain protection, beneficial banking laws and tax policy, for jobs in power centers, infiltration of education, control of information via books, newspapers, radio, TV, film, Internet, etc to manage public opinion, mass immigration to create conflict and lower wages, political correctness is to like it and protesting is racism. The Banking Jews control the FED and commercial banks and media corporations and politics and public opinion in the West and can instigate wars, like French revolution, WW1, Jewish Revolution in Russia, WW2 and more.

    • A semi hoax. The administration is livid at Bibi’s 1000 new settlements in East Jerusalem, designed solely as a barb to the US that “you are acknowledging the Pal coalition government when we insisted that you don’t, so we will do what we want to whether you like it or not”. Relations are at a low point, but Goldberg, viewed was one of the most visible Israeli Intel assest, hiding in plain site, was tasked with spinning it, and you see he used is solely controlled The Atlantic to do it. In the old days real media competitors would have outed him as an Israeli front, but today no one would dare even thing about doing that buy Alt media people.

    • Mr Dean,
      Not only our administration is livid with Bibi’s new settlements. Hardly a day goes by with some European “official” condemning such action. Most of European gov’s advised against or right out disallowed doing business with Israel (as a construction, suppliers).
      The sentiments have also changed in Europe. Common people are well aware what is going on, and the blame always ends up, where it should be with Israel.
      I don’t know, maybe I am more sensative to the issue, but it seem to me Israel is being eyed as the nasty, ankle biting goose as next dinner…
      Still, I can not get out my mind a suggestion to assassinate our president as one of 3 solutions to free Israel’s agenda to run American policies as they see fit. Wiping the story out and shifting positions are not good enough for me.
      The way everything is shaping I would not be surprised at all if obama will make a bold statement just like JFK did…the way I see it…he has little to lose…

    • That’s the way I read it, too. Disinfo to take the heat off the US until a staged provocation, which is what Ya’alon was probably here to coordinate, “requires” a direct US response against Syria or Iran. Biden refused a meeting? What a laugh. On a visit to Israel last year they spit in his face and he apologized. Who’s kidding who?

    • Yeah, it is analogous to saying in a job interview that your weakness is being a “perfectionist” or a “workaholic.” I just care too darn much, doggone it!

      Netanyahu is as scared to launch wars as Barney Frank is to play Santa Claus at Boehemian Grove.

  8. Compared to Clinton, either Bush, Ronaldo Reagan, Nixon, and JFK this guy just doesn’t seem all that bad to me. Not suggesting he isn’t lowlife scum, but he’s not as lousy lowlife scum as those others, nor as what we’re nearly certain of getting into the What House immediately after him.

    And the guy’s black, which everything else being equal, if he were as lowlife scum as those others and what comes next, at least he’s black. We checked, BLACK MAN off the list of ethnicities that have to fill the What House before everyone can be happy.

    • I don’t understand. Checked a black man off the list? Ethnicities that have to fill the white house? What list?

    • They’re [the voices of the mob] saying it’s time for a woman in the What House, have been doing so with growing noise. Before this ;guy was elected they’d said forever we needed to have a black man in the What House. So next on the list is a female woman. Next after that a Hispanic or Chinaman. And so on.

    • Lots of them walking and driving around out there. If you keep your eye peeled you’ll probably be able to see one. They’re the ones with longer, or shorter hair, lots of tattoos, rings in their ears and noses, or a few just sort of look natural. They sometimes wear funny shoes and paint themselves up something awful, almost all of them.

      If there was a way to snatch one up at random would probably be the best way to shove her kicking and screaming into the Oval Office because if you pick one likely to get there ;by the usual method she’s going to be a lesson learned less fun than the one about putting a black man in there. Which is to say she’ll turn out to be just another white man politician.

  9. @ John

    “After the wedding Bibi asked his new bride if she smoked after sex. She said yes she does. So far he hasn’t gone through a single pack of cigarettes and she’s up to three packs a day.”

    Old joke…

    Q. Do you smoke after sex?
    A. I don’t know — I never looked!

    • Or from Blackadder Goes Forth (set in WWI).

      When offered a smoke in the field hospital by Nurse Mary (Miranda Richardson), Rowan Atkinson replies – “No thanks…I only smoke cigarettes after making love. So back in England I’m sort of a 20-a-day kind of man”

    —Let’s Compare, The World Population is 7 BILLION.
    —The Jews are LISTED LAST IN THE WORLD MAJOR RELIGIONS AS 0.20%, with Population 6.9 MIL.
    —The # 1 Israel Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said “NON-JEWS ARE DONKEYS, CREATED TO SERVE JEWS”!
    — Someone called “NETANYAHU A CHICKENSHIT”

    —-Hopefully, the Rabbi is talking about the “Corrupt World Leaders like USA & UK, etc., as well as other Politicians, like Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Graham the # 2 hated man in Congress, along with his TWIN the #1 John McCain, (R-AZ), both Israel Firsters, Warmongers & who went AWL for Former Senator’s Landmark G-I Bill Vote & Evangelical Leaders,” since “The Majority Citizens of the World NEVER SERVED THE JEWS OR ISRAEL”

    —The Coward Israel is “ONLY BEST IN TARGET KILLING”, Innocent Women & Children. It’s the most heated country in the World & the (Evil / Apartheid Empire) with a leader like NETANYAHU, “The Twin Evil Brother of Hitler” who is also a Liar, Beast, Warmonger, Manipulator, etc., etc, along with his Terrorist Government, Voters & Settlers.

    —-The Good News is Israel Self- Destructive Bombs are Ticking & Now Blowing Up, like never before!
    http //

  11. I apologise to the global chicken community for having their shit compared to that vile, baby killing, mass-murdering, thieving, lying, war criminal.

  12. Mr. Dean, thank you for posting this…

    American’s should put America 1st, 2nd and 3rd.. BUT, they DON’T!
    How good is those who profess unwavering devotion to that FAILED STATE who “Claims” to be the “ONLY” democracy (sic) in the Middle East?
    FLASHBACK Uproar after Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama; January 22, 2012
    Source ****http //
    Like a spoiled BRAT grabbing items off a store shelf and “SCREAMING” when you put them back, Zionist’s continue to whine when they don’t get their way.

    This is no different then more news of yet another “Swastika” being carved into the car of a student to ever remind U.S. of something that happened “81 YEARS AGO” before most of us were born and our own parents have long since passed away. The eternal “Victim Hood” of the Jew’s, what of the Million’s of others slaughtered in wars and who’s relatives never got a DIME for their losses?

  13. According to another unnamed source what the other unnamed official said was, “Netanyahu is ratshit, but I don’t mean that in a bad way.” But another unnamed source claimed the actual quote was, “Netanyahu is full of horseshit.”

    It’s generally believed all those alternatives were said, but during different times and conversations inside the White House.

    • “DO the rrright thing by calling Natanyahu, the Shit-kkhhhHead of State, an rrhonor only rrreserved for khhhim and kkhhim alone; the other Shit-khhhhHeads should simply be called (kkhhhH)ead of State,” warned the kkhhhHead of Massada.

  14. Where’s the offense here? Chicken shit is an understatement and quite kind actually. That’s just stating the obvious. I mean, since when have Jews fought in the wars they started. How many served in WW1 & 11 or Vietnam. I’d prefer insufferable, degenerate maggot faced blackmailing sicko who needs to drink an ebola laced cherry herring right after dinner tonight.

  15. Could the worm really be turning?

    I just wish President Obama himself would go on TV and state the truth, that Israel and its Lobby are harming not only the Palestinians but the USA and indeed the whole world.

    There are a lot of unfavorable comments here about Obama, but I think he is basically a good man who will try to do the right thing.

    • Hats off to you for having a balanced perspective not based on partisanship. I used to be a liberal Democrat until I realized it didn’t matter who won as its all about power. I did vote for Obama twice and like you I believe he’s basically a good man striving to do the right thing.

      This is a bold move on Obama’s part standing up to psychotic thugs, baby killer’s. I’m tired of my tax dollars funding mass genocide, invasions, color revolutions and wars. I’m focused on more bold moves by Obama to untangle the tentacles of control the zios have strangling our democracy.

    • So we reportedly have a “senior administration official” (is it the White House, State or Defense?) using a profane expression to criticize the head of state of a “close ally” for being insufficiently aggressive in waging wars? I think this “leak” is designed to weaken Obama’s public standing – not to strengthen it – especially because it creates a false image of N being reluctant to wage war. I’m sure Jim Dean would know better than I who has motive and opportunity to do such a thing.

    • It’s probably just smoke and mirrors. A bit of a diversion so everyone looks left while something completely opposite happens on the right. A bit like when Turkey’s Ergodan was assailing Israel in public of the Turkish flotilla (MV Mara?) that was attacked on its way to Palestine, while allowing Israel’s airforce to overfly it’s territory to get to Azerbaijan.

    • Wake up, man–he’s nuking Syria as we speak! Now there’s some chickenshit for ya! All politicians are chickenshit! It takes one to know one! And where the hell is all the good guys with guns?

    • The state official said …”the good thing about Netanyahu is he’s scared to launch wars…”

      Happy Days are here!

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