Aleister Crowley, Rosaleen Norton, Harry Hay, and the Gay Movement (Part I)


“We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and feeble lies. We shall seduce them in your schools…in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms…wherever men are men together.” Michael Swift, “Gay Revolutionary”


 …by Jonas E. Alexis


Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

One can say that Aleister Crowley—a freemason[1] who “began to experiment with the sex magic that was later to help make him notorious” around 1909[2]—played a major role in the Gay movement. He wrote in The World’s Tragedy:

“I shall fight openly for that which no living Englishman dare defend, even in secret—Sodomy!”[3]

With respect to sexual liberation, one can also say that Crowley was a reincarnation of Marquis de Sade, whose sexual metaphysics we have examined in several articles. The difference is that Crowley arguably was more influential than de Sade.

Crowley had an enormously powerful influence on conductor and composer Eugene Goossens, poet Gavin Greenlees, and neo-pagan Rosaleen Norton, who herself began to practice Crowley’s sex magic and who, at the age of five, claimed to have “observed an apparition of a shining dragon beside her bed.”[4]

It has been said that Goossens might have had access to Crowley’s unpublished writings on sex magic.[5]

Goossens and Greenlees cooperated with Norton to form what one might call a sex club. Norton met Greenlees when she was twenty-seven, when Greenlees was only fourteen years old.

By the time Greenlees met Norton, he was already well versed in Crowley’s Magick: In Theory and Practice, which he acquired from a local library. “He became so familiar with it that he was said to be able to recite lengthy passages of it from memory.”[6]

Geenlees, still a teenager, “fled his parents’ home and run away to Sydney. There he sought out Norton, renewed their acquaintance, and soon became her lover.”[7]

“Certainly Goossens became a central figure in Rosaleen Norton’s small occult group and an active participant with her…in sex-magick rituals. In Goossens, Norton felt that she had found a magical partner who not only matched but also complimented her own occult abilities.”[8]

Rosaleen Norton
Rosaleen Norton

By the time Crowley began to get notoriety in 1923, the Sunday Express depicted him as “The Wickedest Man in the World,” and “A Man We’d Like to Hang.”

Norton, on the other hand, was called “the witch of Kings Cross”[9] in Sydney, and many of her artwork was viewed as pornographic.

“The public at large was astounded by Norton’s risqué paintings and drawings, which depicted naked hermaphroditic beings, phalluses transforming into serpents, and passionate encounters with black panthers.

“As a result of her bohemian art, Norton was involved in numerous legal hearings relating to charges of alleged obscenity, and these controversies would hound her for most of her adult life.”[10]

Norton, who “began to experiment with self-hypnosis as a means of inducing automatic drawing” at the age of twenty-three,[11] made constant references to Crolwey’s Magick: In Theory and Practice,[12] and in the fullness of time implemented many of its teachings through sex magick.[13]

Crowley, who was well versed in the Kabbalah, claimed that his Book of the Law was dictated to him by a discarnate entity called Aiwass, whose principled message was “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”[14]

Similarly, Norton claimed that many of her paintings came from discarnate entities.[15]

In fact, in a short note entitled “The Crowley Pattern and Connections,” she “briefly itemized some of the links between herself and the Beast,” meaning Crowley.[16] She later described her artwork as “a medium for tapping into a wondrous ‘alternative reality.’”[17]

After an intense period of studying Crowley’s diabolical ideology and various occult works on Kabbalah and Theosophy, Norton flirted with Carl Jung’s theories. Scholar Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke tells us that

“Modern ritual magic anticipated Jungian psychoanalytical concerns with archetypes and the collective unconscious. With their roots in Masonic symbolism and ritual, the magical orders sought to evoke powers on the inner or higher planes of reality.”[18]

It is no coincidence that Norton immersed herself in the work of Jung and Freud, which

“played an important part in her early investigations, providing a theoretical framework upon which she could order and interpret her practical experiences.

Norton's "art"
Norton’s diabolical artwork

“In her early experiments Norton sought to tap into a part of the unconscious that she believed housed ‘the accumulated knowledge of mankind,’ a stratum referred to by the Theosophists and others as ‘the Akashic record.’

“To do this she would enter a trance or meditative state, using the type of preparatory practices that would be familiar to practitioners of ritual magic or certain types of meditation:

“she first sought to still or suppress her conscious mind while at the same time surrounding herself with various symbols, objects, colors, and scents that she felt were in some way in harmony with the ‘other’ with which she sought to make contact…

“Norton [also] focused her attention on ‘automatic writing.’ She would later record that during the nine or ten months in which she engaged in this practice she received the ‘rough outlines of a philosophical and metaphysical conception of the Universe and life beyond death which by no stretch of the imagination could I attribute to my normal self.’”[19]

After more than twelve years, Norton “defined some of her experiences in purely kabbalistic terms,” and “In contemporary letters she wrote of séances and experiments with clairvoyance in terms that would not have been unfamiliar to the Spiritualists of an earlier generation.”[20] Then she settled for a while on the Greek god Pan,

“whose spirit she felt pervaded the entire earth….She also conducted magical ceremonies dressed in a tiger-skin robe to honor his presence, and would often experience him as a living reality when she entered a trance state.

“Meanwhile, her art continued to reflect the entities she encountered in her visions, including a variety of devilish creatures, half animal—half human pagan deities, and various supernatural motifs.”[21]

 Harry_Hay_Conference_450pxIn short, Crowley influenced people like Rosaleen, who propagated sexual magic, which progressively and subtly got morphed into sexual liberation.

In fact, Crowley himself would have been very proud of the gay movement, which inevitably springs from a departure from the natural or sexual order.

The founder of the gay rights and homosexual movement in England and America was Harry Hay. Like Alfred Kinsey, Hay was a homosexual and a follower of Aleister Crowley.

One of the central messages Hay sought to propagate throughout his life was enlightenment through sexual perversion and magic.

“In the late 1970s, [Hay] had returned from a decade in New Mexico, where he was seeking a living Berdache (a Native American gay male spirit guide).

“The experience of connecting his sexuality with his magickal-self had so completely affected Hay that he, along with his companion John Burnside and a small circle of friends, formed a gay men’s spiritual movement they dubbed the ‘Radical Faeries.’”[22]

Throughout his writings, Hay not only attacks the moral order, but also relies on the wisdom of Aleister Crowley to buttress his homosexuality. Hay unapologetically declared,

“The Call goes out to gay brothers everywhere—poet, Sufi, musician, revolutionary, shaman, heretic, community organizer, farmer, artist, healer, city dweller, Buddhist, dancer, magician, political activist, yogi…

“The Call goes out to all who know that there is more to us than hetero-imitation. To all who are ready to move on. To all who have broken through and are ready to share those breakthroughs with your fairy brothers.”[23]

The resemblance between Crowley and Hay is quite striking: both men dropped out of college, both men were involved with homosexual magic, both men loved poetry, and both men hated the moral order which they see in Christianity.

During his years at Stanford University, Hay wrote many poems, including “Sodomy” and “Hell’s Patterns,” in which we find these lines: “Black and white patterns in magic/And me the mind that is chained/And what is an altar to God/When the cloth has been stained?”[24]

trbl w harryLike Crowley, Hay went on a pilgrimage to seek enlightenment through occult teachings and black magic, although he would pretend that it was something different:

“It was while living this idyllic, rustic existence that Harry woke up in the middle of the night in his tent with a sudden insight.”[25]

This “insight,” no doubt a revelation for Hay, inspired him to begin to map out his plan for the homosexual movement. Many of the homosexual intellectuals of that same era and beyond had a fascination with magic and the occult, including William S. Burroughs and Gus Van Sant.

Here again it must be pointed out that there is more to homosexual issues than merely free choice, since their founders based their premises on the occult and sexual magic.

Stuart Timmons, a biographer and close friend of Harry Hay, writes:

“Sometimes the kids from the Filth and Famine League would go hear Harry play the organ for the Los Angeles lodge of the Order of the Eastern Temple, or O.T.O., Aleister Crowley’s notorious anti-Christian spiritual group.

“Based on the Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society concerned with the use of ritual sex in magic, Crowley’s society was not so secret and was known to have created homosexual sex-magic rituals. The O.T.O. motto, ‘Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law,’ inspired the name of its mother church, the Abbey of Thelema, which in Greek means ‘will.’

“The original Abbey was in Sicily, but the Los Angeles chapter also called their meeting place Thelema, although the smallish quarters were in the attic of a four-story house in Hollywood.

“Regina Kahl, with whom Harry had acted, was high priestess of O.T.O., and she hired Harry to play the organ at services. In keeping with the times, no one was openly gay, but the lodge was run by a frail man named Wilfred Smith, who often performed ‘exorcisms’ on attractive young men.

“When the services were to start, remembered Harry, ‘a gong sounded and we’d get to the chapel by ladder. The congregation sat in pews facing a sarcophagus behind a gauze curtain. Regina, in a flowing robe, slit the veil with a sword and out came Wilfred wearing a snake diadem and a red velvet cape made from a theater curtain.’”[26]

Norton's "art"
Norton’s “art”

Put simply, the gay movement is not really about free choice. A few months ago, one of my students came up to me privately and genuinely asked, “Why do Christians resent homosexuals? Aren’t Christians supposed to love everyone without prejudice?”

My answer was simple: Christians do not hate homosexuals as human beings—they do resent homosexual practices, which is unnatural and destructive. Then I proceeded to point out,

“Isn’t sex sacred? Mr. X. is free to practice his lifestyle in his bedroom, but does he have any right to teach our children in public schools that his practice is more virtuous than the traditional view of marriage, which has sustained the West from the start?

“Does Mr. X have any right to enforce his homosexual lifestyle upon us all? If homosexuality is really about free choice, why are they enforcing that ‘free choice’ in the school system?

“If a person with an opposing view point challenges the homosexual premise or gay agenda, does he have to be persecuted? Should the city of Houston try to force pastors ‘preaching on themes relating to homosexuality and gender identity turn their sermons over the government for inspection’?

“Are other people free to accept or reject the homosexual premise at all? If yes, why are people being persecuted in public schools for just saying that homosexuality is wrong? Why is it politically impermissible? Aren’t we living in the age of ‘diversity’?”

Just a few days ago, Jim Goad of Taki’s Magazine pointed out,

“Full disclosure: I am neither a Christian nor a lesbian. Still, I doubt that Sam Houston would have given a man who claimed to be a woman the key to his outhouse.

“Annise Parker, the openly lesbian mayor of the nation’s fourth-largest city, is currently locking horns with Christian pastors who oppose an ‘equal rights’ bill that allows Houstonians to file discrimination complaints if they were barred entrance to public restrooms that matched their ‘gender identity’ should it conflict with their biological gender.

“In other words, if a biological male claims he’s a woman and is forbidden to use the ladies’ bathroom at Starbucks to piss away his Pumpkin Spice Latte, it is a human-rights issue rather than a case of an annoying drama queen with nothing better to do.”

Norton's "art"
Norton’s “art”

“Back in June, the Houston City Council voted 11-6 to pass ‘HERO’ (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance), otherwise known as the ‘Bathroom Bill.’

“The ordinance covers much more than the alleged right to unisex bathrooms, but it was that niggling stipulation that caused Christian fundies to aver that it would allow slimy male sexual predators to infest ladies’ rooms under false pretenses.

“That doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable, does it? Come to think of it, aren’t lesbians always trying to protect women from men? Why would these canyon-yodelers want hairy, disgusting males stinking up women’s bathrooms by flashing their wee-wees, anyway?

“Oh, right—because they’re not really men as long as they don’t believe they are, and to claim anything to the contrary makes one a bigot.

“I’ll tell you, they make it so hard to keep up with their ever-swelling definition of what constitutes “hate,” it’s hard not to hate them. They keep revising the script more often than my iPhone gets software updates.

“With the sort of righteous, molten-hot fury stereotypically assigned to Texas Christians, local believers mounted a petition campaign to place HERO as a ballot referendum for November.

“They needed 17,269 signatures to get it on the ballot; they claim they gathered over 50,000. A city secretary allegedly stopped counting signatures shortly after the bare minimum was reached.

“But then stepped in sour-pussed City Attorney David Feldman to disqualify enough signatures to declare the petition null and void.”

The student who asked me the question about the gay movement previously never thought about the metaphysical issues that post beneath the surface, but he finally realized that Christians and other religious people were not as stupid and narrow-minded as the gay movement thinks they are. He eventually said something that really caught me off guard,

“You’re making my life miserable by asking me to think too deep about these issues. You are destroying everything that I once held dear.”

If everyone suddenly adopted a homosexual lifestyle, the human race would die out within one generation. Homosexuality is biologically unsustainable. Furthermore, it has been pointed out by numerous medical doctors and researchers that it enormously reduces life expectancy.

Norton's "art"
Norton’s “art”

In the early 1980s and 1990s, some doctors seemed to have realized that this serious research would undermine the homosexual agenda.

They therefore quickly refuted the very thing they had previously stated regarding the life of expectancy of homosexuals. They previously argued that gay and bisexual men lose up to twenty years of life expectancy. However, they later declared,

“Over the past few months we have learnt of a number of reports regarding a paper we published in the International Journal of Epidemiology on the gay and bisexual life expectancy in Vancouver in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“From these reports it appears that our research is being used by select groups in US and Finland to suggest that gay and bisexual men live an unhealthy lifestyle that is destructive to themselves and to others.

“These homophobic groups appear more interested in restricting the human rights of gay and bisexuals rather than promoting their health and well being.”[27]

What we are seeing here is that ideology trumps serious research, as those doctors and researchers moved on to say,

“The aim of our research was never to spread more homophobia, but to demonstrate to an international audience how the life expectancy of gay and bisexual men can be estimated from limited vital statistics data.”[28]

But contracting sexually transmitted disease through a homosexual lifestyle has refused to go away.[29] Two of the victims of such a lifestyle were none other than French intellectual Michel Foucault and John Boswell of Yale, who died of AIDS.[30]

The case is clear. As E. Michael Jones pointed out more than two decades ago, modern man is rationalizing his sexual misbehavior through sophisticated means, thereby distancing himself from the moral and natural order.[31]

But, as we all know, every departure from the sexual order has its serious consequences, and we can find some of those inevitable consequences in Hollywood.

 Michael Egan would not be the last person to have been sodomized by the Hollywood directors like Bryan Singer. The Daily Mail reported:

Alison Arngrim
Alison Arngrim

“Actor Corey Feldman has sensationally claimed that his Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim was the victim of a paedophile who was also a Hollywood mogul.

“The Lost Boys actor said he was ‘literally surrounded’ by paedophiles at the age of 14, but didn’t realise ‘until I was much older what they were and what they wanted.’

“In a special report, ‘Underage And Famous’ for ABC’s Nightline show, Feldman blamed former co-star Corey Haim’s death at the age 38 on the abuse he suffered at the hands of a ‘Hollywood mogul’ he refused to name.

“The 40-year-old former child star said that paedophiles were ‘like vultures’ in the entertainment industry and alleged that the ‘casting couch’ even applies to children.

“He told Nightline: ‘The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be paedophilia,’ he said.

“‘It’s all done under the radar… But it’s the big secret.’”

“‘There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids. And they they had power or connections to great power in the industry.

“‘I was surrounded by them when I was 14 and I didnt even know it. It was only when I was old enough to know what they were. ‘They all had either their own power, or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.’

“In 2008, the pair who confronted each other on their reality show, The Two Coreys. Haim said to Feldman: ‘You let me get f***** around in my life, raped, when I was about 14 and a half.’

“‘So I’m asking you, what did you do when you saw that s*** going down?’

“To which Feldman responded: ‘I was being molested at the same time… what did you do about it?’

“The 40-year-old previously revealed in an interview with GQ that he was molested by his assistant as a child.

“Feldman says he believes the trauma of the abuse affected Haim for the rest of his short life. He died last year aged 38.

“‘There’s a lot of good people in this industry and there’s a lot of really, really sick corrupt people in this industry.

‘And there are people that have got away with it for so long that they think there above the law and that’s got to stop.’”

Anne Henry, co-founder of BizParentz Foundation, told declared,

“Pedophiles and predators in Hollywood are just as rampant today, if not more so. The entertainment industry is much larger than it was in their day. Think how many cable channels there are. In Corey’s day, there were channels 2-13.”

Young Arngrim and Feldman
Young Arngrim and Feldman

Allison Arngrim, who played in the Little House on the Prairie, declared in her book Confessions of a Prairie Bitch that pedophiles and predators:

“look for kids whose parents are maybe going through a divorce, are very naïve, suffering with addiction problems, or are simply crazy stage parents who will look the other way.”

Fox News reported,

“There are also parents who don’t want to rock the boat, even after finding out their child was abused.

“A source told FOX411 that a member of a well-known band recently found out that his underage child was having sexual relations with another successful industry figure 25-30 years her senior.

“The incident was brushed under the rug out of fear of ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.

“In Hollywood, there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead. It is a horrible trap that the kids are in,’ Arngrim said.’ These people aren’t seeing their kid as a kid. It’s more common than you think.”

In another article, Fox News again reported,

“Martin Weiss, a 47-year-old Hollywood manager who represented child actors, was charged in Los Angeles on Dec. 1 with sexually abusing a former client. His accuser, who was under 12 years old during the time of the alleged abuse, reported to authorities that Weiss told him ‘what they were doing was common practice in the entertainment industry.’ Weiss has pleaded not guilty.

“On Nov. 21, Fernando Rivas, 59, an award-winning composer for ‘Sesame Street,’ was arraigned on charges of coercing a child ‘to engage in sexually explicit conduct’ in South Carolina. The Juilliard-trained composer was also charged with production and distribution of child pornography.

“Registered sex offender Jason James Murphy, 35, worked as a casting agent in Hollywood for years before his past kidnapping and sexual abuse of a boy was revealed by the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 17. Murphy’s credits include placing young actors in kid-friendly fare like ‘Bad News Bears,’ ‘The School of Rock,’ ‘Cheaper by the Dozen 2’ and the forthcoming ‘Three Stooges…’

“Another child star from an earlier era agrees that Hollywood has long had a problem with pedophilia.

“‘When I watched that interview, a whole series of names and faces from my history went zooming through my head,’ Paul Peterson, 66, star of The Donna Reed Show, a sitcom popular in the 1950s and 60s, and president of A Minor Consideration, tells Fox News, ‘Some of these people, who I know very well, are still in the game.’”

Thank God Hollywood is not run by Catholic priests. Thank God Bryan Singer, Martin Weiss and the pedophiles in Hollywood are not Catholics. And thank God people like Singer are Jewish.

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  1. apparantly you cant comprehend the larger picture or how the parts interrelate, nor care to try.
    nice slinging of ad-homs to expose your determined intellectual blindness Julio.

  2. One thing is certain, Jonas. Your Catholic priests don’t seem to be able to keep their hands off alter boys. And it all happens in your own church, presumably with your tacit consent since you failed to mention it.

    What adults choose to do with their genitals doesn’t bother me the way it troubles you. But I do think priests fondling and whatnot on young boys is criminal behavior and worthy of a measure of your outrage. Priests or anyone else, for that matter.

    You Catholics are the spawn of Satan. The Great Whore of Babylon

    • how original.. oblivious.. I sure notice you proclaiming yourself a shameless homophobe then attack Jonas for being one, great job there quickdraw.

    • Hum, it’s the Jewish media that never misses an opportunity to slander Christianity, family values and moral behavior. Maybe Catholic priests do molest children, could be. But where is the outrage at child molestation and sacrifice, human organ trafficking and genocide done by the Talmudists? It’s rampant. Did you hear about that? Not from the Jew media you won’t. It’s easy to accuse someone of that which you are the most guilty of. I see that hypocrisy every day.

    • cynthiamaccioli nobody’s hinted chile molesters are a good thing and shouldn’t be condemned, no matter what religion they are. Nobody, I should have said, except Jonas who merely implied it’s okay for Catholic priests by so conspicuously failing to bring it up.

  3. No where in Nature is there sodomy. And even if it was found, it is an oddity; an aberration that is always eliminated. Quite simply, it is a violation of the Laws of Nature.

    • Eduard,
      Bringing up Nature is a terrible idea when trying to justify your moral standards of appropriate behaviour, sexual or any other behaviour, for that matter. You can do a search online for “bonobo sexual behaviour”, to understand the implications.

  4. Dear Captain Obvious, You should know that despite all of the family corrupting agendas that you are so right about, a homosexual has no choice…they really ARE born with their attaction to the same sex. It is not a lifestyle choice at all, but a birth defect. To be fair though, the Illuminati make sure that the food additives, plasticizers and insecticides polluting our mother’s food while gestating us alter the hormonal balance of our bodies, giving rise to sexual expressions that are not conducive to survival or happiness. There are high rates of suicide among gays for a reason, and it is not the wrath of your God. Also remember that A.I.D.S. is a biological warfare agent created in a laboratory, not a product of the transgression of divine law. You need to seperate an Illuminist agenda from a human rights issue. (Not gay rights, just human rights, the same for all. Not black/white power, people power! If you let the controlled media divide us we will get nowhere.)

    • Give me a break!
      The ‘born that way’ has been shown scientifically to being a canard. There is NO FACT in that wishful bit of gay propaganda.

      In fact, homosexuality is more similar to alcoholism. It’s an addiction like that of drinking blood; a learned trait. Sodomy is in fact a form of vampirism where blood, human fluids, and feces is ingested. The medical implications of pervasive disease it makes sodomy the largest health hazard known to humankind. Even if AIDS was eliminated from the equation, the avg. life expectancy of a gay would be only 3 more years (42 years).

    • to a point what Not Convinced stated is true I’d think, that a small percentage of people are born that way. as a youngster I knew a couple of real deal hermaphrodites, born with both genitalia being the outwardly physical-visible extreme examples perhaps. both had elective gender choice surgeries in their late 20’s, I can only imagine what kind of confusions and difficulties theyed both suffered.

      not arguing against ya either Ed, no doubt the majority of is learned, induced, promoted etc.what I think sad is the many self hating out of control types who become determined to control everyone else, becoming psycho-politicians etc, who like passive-aggressive S&M games and unqualified weaponized psychological words like “homophobe”, as if its some kind of win?

  5. Let me add when someone is taken in by the Crowley agenda like i was, there were demons attaching me in my sleep and I was meeting alot of Gay people. I would not let them influence me I was lucky to get out of all that by accepting Jesus Christ in my heart and all the evil influence and demons stopped happening . I know that that is only way to be helped , that would be the BIG FIRST STEP .

  6. Jonas you are right on point . Years ago i was taught to use Crowley’s Taroh cards and the I was being introduced to Physic’s , and the can of worms opened . This gay agenda is explained by Dr Jame Dobson from Focus on the Family. He spent months on the subject and the agenda as well as interviews with Ted Bundy, and Ted only gave them to him. Worth your while.Did the same with David Berkowitz Son of Sam. Joseph Nicolosi has written extensively on the subject http // . The problem here is once someone who has been abused they start thinking they are gay, or are conveinced they are guy , like my nephew who rapped constantly by my brother in law uncle who was a gay priest , did not get therapy and my stupid sister , just kept leaving him with his predator. Great article needs to be brought out and you might also let people know there is away out of this lifestyle . Homosexuality / Gay agenda – http //

  7. Interesting article. Didn’t know Martin P. Starr, founder of the Teitan Press and chronicler of the Agapé Lodge (pioneer Crowley study group in the USA) has another book under his belt. Old Jules comment on Rabelais as the source for Crowley’s motto “Do What Thou Wilt” and inspiration for his Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Italy is correct. I’ve watched Crowley’s rise from esoteric obscurity to pop culture icon status since the late 60’s when the literature by or about him was rare. Now he’s an industry. In thinking about him over the years I come to the conclusion his personality was first informed by his staunch Christian dispensationalist Plymouth Brethern upbringing. His family were followers of the Scottish evangelical John Darby who inspired Cyrus Scofield to produce the Scofield Teaching Bible which has become the pillar of Christian Zionism. There are more Christian Zionists than Jewish ones. Anti-Semites (a label I accept as an anti-collectivist) tend to overlook this. I think Aleister Crowley’s adolescent revolt against Victorian evangelicism explains a lot about his studied perversity and popularity. Darby, Scofield and Crowley were from the era of circuit riders and door-to-door Bible peddlers who lived off cults they cobbled together from their wide readings in religion.

  8. What Happened,

    Why don’t you pick up Crowley’s own books and start reading them? Why don’t you check out his sympathetic biographers and read their works for yourself? That will be really helpful, my friend.

  9. Eddie,

    I really thought twice about answering your comments here. First, you begin by saying that I am “a low-life, gutless, hypocrite, homophobic rodent of the first order.” Is that the writing of a free thinker? If I am that “low-life,” wouldn’t it be your job, a rational person and a free thinker to show me how to get out of that “low-life”? And the sentence itself doesn’t presuppose a homophobic tone? I will never even remotely approach that language to describe you or anyone else because it is below the belt. Why can’t you return the favor?

    • You even put words into my mouth and then demolish them. You declared that I said “the source of homosexuality is Satanic.” Can you show me where this sentence is located in the article? I said specifically that Aleister Crowley, according to all objective sources, was both a homosexual and a Satanist. I never said that the “source of homosexuality is Satanic,” which you dishonestly attributed to me.
      Then you said that to call the practice of homosexuality “unnatural is no different” than calling a person un-human. Is that a serious argument? Do you really want people to take this kind of statement seriously?

      I have spent countless hours (from 2001 to this very day) reading hundreds of books so that I can document the sources carefully and methodically. Whenever possible, I sometimes even contacted the authors of the books so that I don’t misrepresent them. What is so amazing to me is that you don’t seem to have a problem with the

    • sources, but you have a personal problem with Jonas E. Alexis citing the sources. Do you really want people to take you seriously? Again, I did not want to answer this kind of vulgarity, but let me just say this. In your response, talk about what was actually said in the article, make a serious argument based on reason and logical inference and without ad hominem attack, and then I can guarantee you that we will have a constructive dialogue. If that is impossible to do, then rest assured that this will be our last conversation.

    • a phobia is an irrational fear, is Eddie even qualified to begin to make such psychological diagnosis or just conditioned where the use of weaponized buzzwords is something acceptable?

  10. I wonder if the ‘gay agenda’ isn’t part of a broader depopulation program. After all, gay people are less likely to procreate. Children are exposed to unnatural hormones in foods that inhibit their normal development. They are also aggressively indoctrinated by the mainstream entertainment media and education system into questioning their sexuality from a young age.

    • I dont wonder, I think there is much truth to that, and that it is only a fractional part of all the attacks against humanity as a whole.

  11. Jonas Alexis never fails to produce. This time he provides substantial reasons to be very careful about sending kids to public schools and allowing them to watch Hollywood movies and much of what is on TV. We now know that Walt Disney was a high ranking Luciferian fully committed to mind-kontrolling children.

    Advertisers pay millions for access to viewers minds for mind-kontrol to produce familiarity and greater sales. Kinky Babylonian Talmudic and Kabbalistic movie producers use their occult powers to make movie go-ers pay them to mind-kontrol them in the greatest mindwar and culture war ever waged against American Goyims, all with the hidden agenda to destroy American society and America the Republic. Folks need to understand that much of the Hollywood product is actually well planned psyops, mindwar, culture war and mindkontrol against the American Goyim and their Deist and Christina heritage which Babylonian Talmudist hate with a passions.

    As usual Jonas Alexis has provided excellent documentation for his claims. Highest commendations are once again due to Jonas Alexis fro some of the finest writing ever appearing anywhere on the worldwide Internet.

    • The intended goal of all this perversion/diversity/political correctness (a Bolshevik methodology and operational ideology) is to destroy the family and thus help to destroy American Deist and Christian “Goyim Culture” and society.

      As in Bolshevik Russia and Maoist China, unless stopped cold, this will culminate in mass-murder of American Goyim, up to 90% by their own admission as stated in the Georgia Guidestones which were paid for by pure Luciferian Occultists hidden in plain sight and financed with a perpetual trust like any cemetery is required to have.

  12. Although Sesame Street is mentioned only in passing in the article, and while the show is not about sexualizing children, it is all about indoctrinating pre-schoolers into the drug culture and a world lacking in self-restraint. Those young enough to have been brought up on Sesame Street are unaware that the puppets all speak in the cyncical, sarcastic, and intentionally stupid language of the 60s drug culture. There is no denying this. It’s intentional, and the last thing the show intends is the proper education of pre-school children.

  13. Now we know a big part of the reason that the Empire is gunning for Putin and Russia.

    Gender bending and homosexuality represent the final push for what C.S. Lewis called “The Abolition of Man.” Multiculturalism, feminism, post modernism, sexual liberation and globalization have all resulted in a catastrophic loss of our real identity as human beings, as members of a larger family, community and a nation with roots in tradition. This is what the Zionist Globalists want- to create a perfectly interchangeable, amnesiac, despiritualized and rootless automaton who will gladly exchange its human dignity and rootedness in tradition for worthless entertainment, junk food, pornography, professional sports; which it can have via wage slavery or serving as cannon fodder.

    In opposing this, the Russian solution makes perfect sense Don’t ask, don’t tell. As long as the perverse behavior remains in the closet and in the shadows and does not involve the corruption of innocents, then it remains a matter of individual morality.

    But any public display of perversity needs to be flattened and suppressed- often harshly. Any attempt at legitimizing homosexuality, or of treating homosexual conduct as an acceptable alternative lifestyle must be nipped in the bud by the full force of law.

  14. Here was a pestilence, a moral pestilence, with which the public was being infected. It was worse than the black plague of long ago. And in what doses this poison was manufactured and distributed! Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such an author of ‘artistic’ products, the more inexhaustible his fecundity, and at times it even seemed as though these creatures turned out their stuff like machines and hurled it at the public. In this connection we must remember there is no limit to the number of such writers. One ought to realise that for one Goethe, Nature may bring into existence ten thousand such scribblers who act as the worst kind of germ-carriers in poisoning human soul. It was a terrible thought, and yet one which could not be overlooked, that the greater number of the Jews seemed specially destined by Nature to play this shameful part. Was it for this reason that they were called the chosen people? I then began to investigate carefully the names of all the fabricators of these unclean products which played such a big part in the cultural life of the public. The result of that investigation was still more unfavourable to the attitude which I had hitherto held in regard to the Jews. Though my feelings might rebel a thousand times, reason now had to draw its own conclusions.

    Hitler, Adolf (2014-01-27). Mein Kampf The Stalag Edition (Kindle Locations 1311-1323). Ostara Publications. Kindle Edition.

  15. What publishing houses, media, etc., gave such as Aleister Crowley the influential platform? “By the time Crowley began to get notoriety in 1923,”
    When he was 48. Was he sponsored?

  16. The “artwork” alone is pretty terrifying when you examine it. It shows a very strange mind, indeed, created it. I can’t imagine something like that appearing in mind and then putting it down on paper.

  17. Tolerance vs promotion is a shaky line in any issue of this type. This ebbs and flows with educational processes. Extremism on both sides will point to the middle ground. So far, the most extreme case I have seen of pedophilia conspiracy is the 440 mil settlement for 440 victims against the jesuits of Gonzaga university. Though Gonzaga was not punished, the money for knowingly relocating the preists came from there. we also have the ongoing situation in Pa where the AG and the Gov on down to Penn state and several judges are involved. I’ll accept an openly gay person before the secretive sickos any day. The Vatican raised the age of consent from 12 to 18 in 2013 I believe.

  18. Old Jewles,the professional shill assigned to VT, and his ilk have found a cheap resource-the andersoncoopers, in their chosenite quest to rule over the goyim. It explains why Hitler wanted to wipe out the eltonjohns too. The jews who own the Western legislatures have promised the preponderant gay boys in the press if they redouble their anti-Palestinian,etc stances in aid of the synagogue of satan, their next reward after gay marriage legislation, will be national gay pride holidays with tax-deductible pink poppies !

    • Actually Simpleton I’m an old man with congestive heart failure who spends a lot of time on the web and reading because of my limited physical endurance. A veteran, by the way. I’m grateful to know I’m on the other side from you and your ilk on almost every issue. If I found myself in the same camp with you on anything I’d have to re-examine where I’d erred.

      So stick up your ass.

    • Hey old Jules, are you also taking lecithin? //

  19. Crowley was indeed an interesting character. Around 1912 he claimed he spent five days in a trance in Alexandria or Cairo in psychic contact, presumably channeling, the Egyptian God Horus, ushering in the Age of Horus. He claimed Horus told him about a ‘new’ ritual magic which Crowley dubbed ‘Thelemic magic’. Time was I did considerable reading of Crowley and other similar subjects within that overall metaphysical genre.

    I knew a good many who considered themselves practicioners of Thelemic ritual magic [none of them homosexuals so far as I’m aware].

    So I was amused when reading Rabelais’ Gargantuan and Pentagruel during the early ’90s to discover a couple of chapters Rabelais included during the what? 1500s? describing a Thelemic monastary full of amusing events typical of Rabelais.

    What Crowley did, I decided after a lot of thought, was plagiarize Rabelais treating Thelema as a serious idea for a religion of sorts, as opposed to the balls-to-the-wall fun of Gargantuan and Pentagruel.

    Of course, Crowley was a young man in 1912 and English translations of Rabelais might have been scarce. He probably figured nobody would notice. I’m not certain anyone ever did until I happened onto it.

    • Here’s a free ebook download of Crowley’s ‘source document’ for Thelemic Magic Gargantua and Pantagruel by François Rabelais, http //

      it’s a fairly good translation and the Thelemic monastary part is about midway through the book, a chapter, maybe two devoted to it, than character monks continue to pop into the story throughout the remainder of the tome.

      Actually one of the funnier books to come out of the Rennaisance, right up there with Droll Stories, by Balzac [also available free on ebook from gutenberg.]

    • I met Lao Russell in 1982 and she showed me how Paul Twitchel, the founder of Eckankar, had blatently plagerized her husband Walter Russell’s book “The Secret of Light” to write his Eckankar holy book “The Tiger’s Fang”. Twitchell and L. Ron Hubbard were both former Navy officers and in the same Crowley study group in Los Angeles after the war.

      I always figured that Twitchell had been introduced to the work of Walter Russell during his service as a weapons officer. Russell’s work was known to those in nuke weapons development, but much less so to the general public. I learned about Russell while working for a now well-known government contractor on the Pacific Missile Range in the 1970s.

    • Subvert416 – Interesting …. I never knew the origins of Eckankar, though I attended one of their services once in Albuquerque, NM. Walked away figuring they wouldn’t be a needed addition to the soul traveling I kept finding myself doing. Range in the Pacific being maybe Eniwetok and Kwaj?

  20. We used to treat gays pretty badly back in the 1950s and early ’60s when I was a young person. Some classmates who seemed feminine [though we had no idea what a homosexual was] got kicked around from grammar school onward, avoided, treated like dirt. I learned when I returned to my 30th class reunion in 1991 that most of those turned out gay and some had died of HIV in the early 80s.

    I personally believe it’s better now with the way things are. Our treating them badly didn’t change the way they turned out. I’m truly sorry for having helped make their lives miserable while they were young.

    You folks who are so preoccupied with what other people do with their genitals probably ought to do some self examining. You are likely sneaking around on your wives, watching porn when nobody’s looking, maybe even are gay yourselves and pointing fingers in all directions to draw attention away from it.

    I don’t think anyone is asking you to like gays nor to be a gay. If they do it’s easy enough to say no.

    I don’t like gays as a genre, though I’ve known some I respected as much as I respect anyone. But I believe the way gays are treated today compared to the way they were treated 50-60 years ago is one of the few things that have gotten better during my stay on this planet.

    • I don’t expect an AMEN chorus on this [I expect exactly the opposite] but someone needs to say it now and then during the Christianoid dances of self-congratulation.

    • Yes, you’re right there, old Jules. Homosexuality is actually a genetic trait of a race from the Antares who are the progenitors of the Greeks.. Hatred towards the gays has been encouraged and fostered because the reptilians absolutely loathe that race (because the Antarans trash the living daylights out of any encounter with the reptoids). Obviously gays have perversions just as heterosexuals do, but that’s an entirely different matter. There’s infinite diversity in creation and we should respect others no matter how different they may be. Wait until you encounter gaseous life forms!!

    • Furthermore, I’ve been told that even after the Shift, this planet remains under quarantine. Nobody, but nobody gets off this planet who does not respect life in its infinite diversity.

    • hmm.. nevermind all the testosterone reducing hyper estrogen mimicking pollutants everywhere that are promoting gender confusions.. its aliens from antares! come on man, do a little digging.

    • also add deliberately sabotaging our economy to displace male role model fathers from the home-family has done a lot to promote gender confusion issues, as well as pushing homosexuality as being something acceptable in the media, in the grade school classrooms etc.

    • The issue is not about another person’s sexuality but rather one’s tolerance to other people’s traits. Do not hold so fast to the programs which have been instilled in you. You may find that it will not serve you well in the time ahead. Many of your beliefs will be blown out of the water and it will be very difficult to cope with the truths that will be revealed.

    • couldnt care less about what they do with their genitals in their bedrooms as you trot out the “homophobe” or “closet case” labelling without actually using those terms. why should they have more rights? why is gay bashing a hate crime but straight bashing isnt even a term? when was the last time you saw or heard of a “straight pride parade”? why does the Boy Scouts of America get to hush and dismiss predatory gay-paedo scoutmasters instead of helping to criminally prosecute them?

    • I honestly don’t care whether they have more rights or not, captain obvious. I certainly don’t enjoy seeing them kiss in public, but it’s something I’ll get used to if I live long enough, same as I’m getting so I don’t feel the need to vomit when a waitress with a gold ring in her nostril or lip serves me food in a restaurant.

      The rights you and I have to be concerned with are those directly influencing our own lives, not whether someone else has more rights without taking any of yours away. Worrying about gay rights or welfare mothers is just a distraction going nowhere intended to take your mind off endless presidential wars, dual citizenships, enormous deficit spending and sending all the jobs to the third world.

      I didn’t drag out closet cases and homophobes but you did, so maybe it’s what’s bothering you. I’m personally a shameless homophobe. I like myself thataway.

      But I don’t have to like them, don’t have to be one. Who the hell cares whether they have gay rights parades? I feel sorry for the poor bastards.

    • LIAR!!
      your paragraph “you people who” fully encapsulates closet cases and the typical passive-aggressive attacks used by them, and you darn well know it, maybe YOU oughtta re-examine yourself thanks.
      “shameless homophobe” lmao, so you’re irrationally afraid of them, just like they say ya are, you accept their psychological diagnosis, they win you lose, but go ahead and pity them.

    • “you folks who” (copy-paste not working here). not caring whether they have MORE rights is submissive, meaning someone gets to dominate, aka you’re playing their game whether knowingly or not. influence IS what its about, their low self esteem self hatred for being out of control enfatuates many of em and S&M is “fun” to em, they get into office and ARE anti-life sabotaging economies and starting wars because they can. who the hell ya think has caused breakdown of family values, or cant you add one plus one? easier to indoctrinate a young boy raised without a father, who wont have kids, but will have warped sex and an early death..

      you bashed Christian type attitude-morality “oh someone has to say it sometimes” but gee lets have sympathy for what is Biblically described as wrong and satanic.. wow.

    • I’m not in a win/lose contest with homosexuals, cap’n oblivious. They’ve got nothing I want. If they want to marry one another I couldn’t care less. I’m not the one obsessing about them, fretting over what rights they have that you don’t. Whining that they are ruining your fantasy about how the world is.

      Yeah, we human beings are liars, all of us, and some of us are fools. You, for instance. Too busy pointing fingers in every directions to blame other people for the screwed up place you live in to look inside yourself at the fragile flawed creature you pretend is running your life. Snapping up any demigogery that comes along who’ll tell you the screwing you’re giving yourself in life is the fault of queers, or Jews, or the Illuminati or Free Masons, anyone but that quivering blob of jelly inside your head you flatter to call a brain. Your life is about you and the decisions you make about how you live it. Nothing but that.

    • lmao your ad-hom attack name calling BS there Julio, calling ya on your BS apparantly ticked ya off, jelly-blob that one bucky!

    • Just beware of any organization that uses the “boy” terminology, like altar boy, Boy Scout, bat boy, boy wonder, Boy’s Club, Congressional page boy, etc., and don’t drop the soap when showering.

  21. that ones a fer sher and I refuse to watch it! its supposed to be comedy?
    “they” would try to apply their pet term “homophobe”, I’m not afraid of em, let alone irrationally afraid.
    “they” would try to say I’m in denial when there is ZERO question about my preference, thats a very sick and dangerous game. how is it “gay bashing” is illegal but “straight bashing” isnt even a question?
    I dont have ANY sympathy for predatory homo-paedo-pervs, describes most of em in my opinion.
    “homophobe” is right up there with “anti-semite” trying to brand people as psychologically warped.

    it isnt ME with the gender-preference confusion issues or deep rooted self hatred for being out of control, with a determination to control everyone else! master-slave S&M games are NOT my idea of a good time, nor passive-agressive psychological attacks upon others that “they” love to push so much.
    “they” love attaining positions of power-influence-dominance, but they are compromised and owned! sodomy is a satanic perversion, Hollywood and DC are filled with em!

  22. The feminist revolution started by Australian jewess Germaine Greer is a good indicator of how the synagogue of satan works. In the ensuing mass loss of family value,divorce rates,broken families,etc. – the old lesbian jewesses typified by Madeleine Albright have ensnared all the best vulnerable young goyim girls for themselves. The unsuspecting goyim feminists are in the meantime into fashionable vagina monologues! At the rate we are going we will soon have BBCs driving around in stretch limos with a harem of sexually unrequited feminist debris from Greers revolution. God help us.

    • Yeah, the C.I.A. paid Germaine Greer directly to write her first big book “The Female Eunuch”. I believe it was well over a million dollars. There’s nothing better to pit people against each other in divorce court so a zionazi attorney can take all the family wealth and ship it to Israel.

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