NICHOLS: Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014 Part Two


… by  Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) The American EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, is the big agency of the federal government tasked with monitoring and issuing timely reports about harmful levels of radiation to the American people. Well, that is the theory, anyway.

From the EPA website “The gamma data measures radiation from all radionuclides that emit gamma rays and splits them into ranges of energy. The word gross, or total, indicates that the measurement is from all gamma emitting radionuclides. Not all gamma rays have the same amount of energy. Breaking the data into discrete energy ranges helps scientists to determine which radionuclides may be present.” EPA, Oct 29, 2014 Billings Montana.

Here is one of their reports on Billings, Montana. It is of Gross [Total] Gamma Radiation. This was published Oct 29, 2014. There are Nine Gamma Radiation Ranges displayed.


BILLINGS MT EPA GROSS GAMMA 2014-10-29 15_30_51-billings-gamma.jpg (JPEG Image, 750 × 511 pixels)
EPA, Billings, Montana, Gamma Gross Count Rate Jul 1 to Oct 31, 2014



Counts Per Minute  The number of decays of radioactive material that are detected in one minute. – From RadNet CDX Manual Glossary

This is the EPA Scatter Graph of Gamma Radiation Range Seven.

BILLINGS MT EPA 2014-10-29 11_27_44-RadNet Seven Day Scatter GraphThe Scattered Graph values are: 367 CPM Low Start on Oct 23, 2014; 596 CPM High on Oct 25, 2014 and ending at 528 CPM on Oct 29, 2014.

This is the EPA CPM [Counts Per Minute] RadNet Line graph of Gamma Range 7 values for Oct 23 to 29, 2014.

Billings, Montana, Gamma Range Seven Radiation Oct 23 to Oct 29, 2014
Billings, Montana, Gamma Range Seven Radiation Oct 23 to Oct 29, 2014


From the EPA Website: “… During a radiological incident, RadNet data can be used to confirm that no excess radiation is present in an area or to help decision-makers decide whether appropriate actions need to be taken to protect the public. ” [Emphasis added.]

The “or” above from the policy statement above is what is called Troubling Government Gobbledy-Gook. In other words, to me they are saying if radioactive Alerts should be announced they will not announce them but let “decision-makers” decide. This hush-up policy really, really stinks. Chicken-hearted, dipstick “officials” are not what is expected here. Get somebody who will stick to the objective science and let the chips fall where they may. 

Next is a Line Graph showing the same data, from 10-23-2014 to 10-29-2014. It is different.


NETc is the acronym of Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. It is a private organization and uses EPA data as well as their own data. The shape of the graphs is similar; however, in this instance the peak radiation recorded by is higher. The EPA displays a peak in Billings of 596 CPM while NETc shows 993 CPM. The cause of the 397 Point difference is unknown.

The 250 to 397 CPM difference is consistent throughout the Five day time period. It is doubtful it will be resolved by me or VeteransToday.

The EPA has a history of simply removing radiation monitoring units from service during high radiation events. The EPA is tainted by previous bad acts and depraved indifference.

NETc is a new reporting service at this point. Their [NETc’s] actions will tell the tale in the next few days and weeks. You make up your own mind based on the best available information. I know I will.


When the radiation starts to liquify your internal organs that’s the end of the line. At what point, short of that, is action called for is the question. CPM is a measure of detected radiation decays per minute and can help us determine when to leave an area.

Many people are still living in areas devastated by radiation and cannot readily leave. Officers and enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are (some people in this category) among those affected.

We know not to stick our hand in boiling water. Gamma Radiation Range Seven is a clear sign the water is hot or boiling. Gamma radiation measurements are objective proof of a dangerous elevation in Gamma Radiation with respect to Background and sufficient to take protective countermeasures.

In other words, the fact the water is boiling makes it clear something is wrong. The fact we do not know why the water is boiling does not change the fact it is boiling and we’d better not put our hand in it.

Things are not going to get any better; in fact, the existing new Rad becomes more lethal for 35 years. The Lethality is then reduced very gradually over many millions of years. A solution in millions of years is no solution at all now.


Copyright by Bob Nichols 2014. All rights reserved. Distribute with credit and all Sources and Notes. Contact Bob Nichols at [email protected]

Sources and Notes

1. EPA, Monitoring Results from Billings, MT. RadNet stationary air monitors measure gamma radiation emitted from airborne radioactive particles as they collect on the monitor’s filter.

2. Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center – “ is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations and EPA network and creates a RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) for each 3000+ stations everyday.” Disclosure: Bob Nichols has a paid Chart Membership to The cost was $19.95.

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Suggested Readings

1. Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow “You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I. No one is exempt…”

2. Al Gore Lied, “All that was necessary was to, literally, fool most of world. That and intimidate the rest. All people had to do was “To Believe;” or, at least not speak up …”

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  1. Reply to Old Jules,

    Ouch! I understand Old Jules, your feline pal is certainly precious; therefore, we DO have a predicament. A Geiger counter would only measure the Rad on the Surface of his or her food. The Rad in the interior of the food is largely blocked. You would be making best guesses based on inherently false readings. Is there anybody local you can consult with who has access to the “big iron?” See what you can find out quickly.

    Let us all know here what you find out, many will want to know. err,… anonymously, of course. Just the facts, y’know, without using names.



    • Thanks Bob. I made some calls but I’ve been footloose so long I don’t have many contacts. A couple of gieger counters but no heavy artillery. Guess the coincidence coordinators would as soon old Hydrox and I take our chances. I appreciate your reply.

  2. Great series of articles Bob. Is there some data to indicate where this radiation is coming from? Or is this Fukushima redo?

    • Oh sure! The Nuke Labs of all the nuclear powers know exactly where the rad is coming from, not a problem. The Rad signature of the combo of the 1,946 known radioactive isotopes in Nuke Weapons and Reactors is well known.

      However, the nuke boys are quite secretive about the signatures, and adamantly refuse to provide the information. The signature is most assuredly NOT just Fuku. Fuku is merely the latest actor in this Death Spiral.

      Ever hear of Mayak? It is where the Russkies make their Global Thermonuclear Weapons, or AWE – the Brits H-Bomb making joint. Well, Mayak burned down in ’57, the Americans Bomb making place at Rocky Flats burned the next year; some say both were torched. Just idle speculation, of course. Next, there are also 438 big reactors in the world; all leak, all the time. Take your pick, it is all at Billings, your 20, too.


    • I am amazed that such high counts are hitting Billings but I cannot think what would be the carrier.

      Is this rad carried and concentrated by jet stream? If not, could you explain a possible mechanism?

      Thanks for this rather frightening information.

  3. I just cruised over to Ebay to see how the old Gieger counters that used to be listed by the hundreds were selling. Looks as though the price has gone up on the ones that are left and they’re about gone, the old Civil Defense models. A year ago there’d have been a hundred listings at prices around $20-$25 plus shipping. Today there are half a dozen and the prices are nearer $50 – $100 . Plenty of newer, costlier ones though.

    Actually not much point having one, I decided. There’s no place going to be free of this if it’s a real problem, no place to evacuate to. Might as well wait until the realities begin coming home to assume the doomsday mask.

    • Old Jules,

      Evacuation is reserved for the rich who already own two, three houses or can buy another this weekend. Then a wealthy person enjoys the life and death luxury of Choosing to live in the least contaminated place. That’s the name of that game.


  4. this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “don’t eat the yellow snow,” an old joke from childhood.

    it’s sad to think how simple the world might be if the media shared the truth. I watched part of the Breeder’s Cup yesterday, and there were several promotions for “cancer awareness,” with many people applauding the ones who detected the cancer early enuff’ to get treatment, similar to the “think pink” campaign. Who wouldn’t applaud Bo Derek? I realize that there are many causes, most of which are known, but the focus is on the medical cure, rather than prevention.
    as for preventing radiation cancers, I believe it is far too late.

    good article, Bob, gracias.


  5. I know you’re focusing moreso on Montana where rads look to be 4x what oughtta be evacuated, it’s likely much higher further South where weather runs West to East, same for NorthEast where weather so often comes back down from the Pacific by way of Canada first.. that “they” wont tell any of us about at all but theyre darn sure willing to profit from their “mandatory HELLthcare” racket.. gotta love all the ads for Cancer Treatment Centers of America hawking radiation and chemo quackery, right?

    • Well, no, the Rads do not appear to be flowing like that. The Rads are riding the Jet Stream up to Canada and making a hard Right heading to the States hitting Billings first. Then bearing South at first and then moving East. From the Rad Numbers available by the time it gets to Wichita, Kansas it makes a Left heading northeast, just clipping Tulsa, Oklahoma. Some Rad also splits off to Raleigh, North Carolina. Florida is getting its fair share too.

      San Diego, San Jose and ‘Frisco are getting hit straight across from Japan in the ocean currents and the weather. San Diego is the worst of the three, currently.

      This is weird, it is like a Weather Report, ‘cept it is Rad. It’s really freaky, dudes and dudettes.

      Bob Nichols

      Keep in mind, for a real Rad event there has to be some form or precipitation. Snow works best, snow is a really good scavenger of radiation out of the air. … even the early morning Dew is loaded with Rad.

      Yea, stay out of the streets and watch the Rads that you cannot see.

    • Good article Bob. I keep coming back reading it again, along with the comments and your responses. any idea of a time frame? Such as how long it will be before the consequences become severe enough to make it obvious to the casual observer? Or is it likely to come to that? I’m assuming at the moment that it will simply because the Japanese problem isn’t going to go away.

    • Hi Old Jules, … good to see you. Let’s get right to it 1) “any idea of a time frame? ” Nope, but; from what I hear and read, the Kill started immediately. First to die were the baby fetuses still in their Moma’s bellies. They never even had chance at life. Then the Rad Kill works it’s way brutally up the chain. Yea, old guys like us are probably the last to go. Heard of any three year old kids getting Zapped with a Heart Attack lately? BTW, Heart Disease is the Number 1 Rad Killer, not cancers; it’s the Cesium137 that gets ’em all. The Rad – It’s really nasty stuff, Jules..


    • Thanks for the reply Bob. I’d read occasional news items about fishermen in Alaska and down the US west coast pretending to be puzzled about what’s happened to their fish populations. They were experiencing record lows in their catches blaming all manner of things except the Japanese nukes. I assume they don’t want to alarm the fish buying public in the event they come back next year and don’t want a strange new interest in checking the radiation of what they bring in. But I’m a cynic, mostly.

      One of the reasons I’ve considered a gieger counter purchase is the possibility of checking cans of cat food before feeding them to my 18 year old feline pal, But I also eat a lot of fish and until I’ve seen some rad counts on any of it I’ve sworn off seaweed.

      Truth is we old ones are probably the luckiest human beings alive, amigo.

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