The CIA Role in Narcotics Trafficking


peter dale scottPart 2 of Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations


by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


“Deep state” is Part 2 of a five part documentary by Scott Noble called Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations. Historian and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott coined the term Deep State to describe the shadow government that operates outside our so-called democratic institutions to service the needs of America’s wealthy elite.

This episode focuses on close historical links between the Mafia and CIA and the role of narcotics trafficking in all major CIA covert operations. CIA drug trafficking serves two main purposes. In addition to providing off the books (not reportable to Congress) income for clandestine operations, it’s also a source of ready-made criminal networks. The latter are valuable as a conduits for weapons delivery to CIA mercenaries and as lethal enforcers of corporate interests against labor and human rights activists.

Scott, who is interviewed at length, stresses the instrumental role of the CIA in ALL global narcotics trafficking. The converse is also true. Citing the French Connection (centered in Marseilles) and the Golden Triangle (in Southeast Asia) as prime examples, he makes the case that all major narcotics hubs collapse following CIA withdrawal from the region.

“Deep State” also shines a light on current drug operations in Afghanistan and Colombia. At present Afghanistan is the world’s leading heroin producer,  a direct result of CIA involvement in the region. Colombia, in turn is the world’s largest purveyor of cocaine, thanks to the CIA decision to use Colombia to “block the spread” of communism from Cuba to the rest of Latin America.

According to filmmaker Scott Noble,  all major Wall Street banks have engaged in laundering profits from illicit narcotics. Illegal drugs are America’s third biggest commodity, with the wealthy elite siphoning off the vast majority of drug profits. They also rake in immense profits from the prison industrial complex, a growth industry that owes its existence to the so-called War on Drugs. Wells Fargo and other Wall Street banks are major investors in the prison privatization industry.

Part 2 concludes with an examination of Obama’s campaign to prosecute whistleblowers for exposing criminal misconduct by the CIA and other federal intelligence agencies. Included is a detailed discussion of whistleblowing as a fundamental first amendment right. The whole purpose of guaranteeing freedom of speech, in the eyes of the founding fathers, was to guarantee the right to speak out against government misconduct.

Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations
Scott Noble
Metanoia Films (2013) 
photo credit: jimforest via photopin cc


  1. Exposing the official activity on drugs would be the most important service one can do for the USA and all the people and nations ruined by drug abuse. It is the most shameful activity but the Nation will survive the shock if the culprit are exposed and brought to justice. As bad as spying on us in this supposedly free country above reproach, pushing drugs, if viewed as legal issue is on the same level as “genocide by poison”

  2. Whenever and wherever there is power there is a potential for abuse Dr. I’m certainly not excusing it. Anyone who thinks that’s even possible just needs to Google jackheart Geraldo Rivera. I still dream of being locked in a room with Ollie North, just for five minutes. What I am saying ; is just because the kettle is black don’t assume the pot is. And speaking of pot and all the rest of these banned substances there is a very simple solution to this type temptation occurring within the halls of power; just legalize every one of them. First of all no human being has any right to tell another consenting adult what they can and cannot put into their body. Second of all the debilitating effects of these substances has been exaggerated to a point where it has become a subreligion among tea totaling Christians who seem to think its just fine to be a hundred pounds overweight but certain damnation to snort one line of cocaine. Heaven and Jesus forbid that they should lose even one pound of that disgusting and life inhibiting fat.

    • I don’t use drugs anymore but I’ve used about everyone ever invented at one time or another and abused far more than my share. I’m fifty five years old and I defy any man close to that age that thinks they can either out fight me or out think me to go ahead and try, my comment sections are always open and I ain’t hard to find either. The problem is not with the CIA the problem is with the mentality that even allows something as repugnant as the Harrison Act to even be contemplated let alone passed and standing for almost a century now. The Russel Trust Company were running drugs all over the world long before the CIA was a glimmer in anyone’s eye. The king and queen of England made a fine living pushing them in China and fought three wars to keep it that way almost two century’s ago. What would happen if we legalized Cocaine, Opium and Marijuana? Nothing, they were legal all through the nineteenth century! Enough already with the war on drugs fought by the most ignorant of all generations against their own children, its time to put a stop to it and put a stop to all those who prosper from it. Do that and there will be no more problems with the CIA selling drugs.

    • Truth. Fact is the war on drugs has so corrupted the US criminal justice system it won’t ever recover. Crooked cops, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and prisons run the commodity [prisoner] through selling him back and forth to one another while snorting and shooting anything that falls off the vine. Everyone wallowing in money except the prisoners.

      The only way out of the overall mess is legalizing it all, or something akin to doing it, which won’t happen.

      I did a lot of drugs as a young man and luckily never went to the slammer for it, but I sure as hell knew a lot of guys who were going along just fine except for an addiction they picked up in a VA hospital or otherwise, got busted and a felony record fixed all the rest.

      Just one more bug on the windshiled of life but not the one that’s going to put a hole in the glass.

    • Narcotics,drugs that makes you feel good.Oh hell we gotta make them drugs illegal.The sick joke about that is the DEA has made it near impossible to get a pain management doc because of their threats and prosecution.What does the patient do?Buys heroin.

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