Ashura-JFK-9/11 and the beauty of Shia Islam

Ashura commemorates the tragedy of Karbala - the martyrdom of Hussein by the evil scumbag Muawiya
Ashura commemorates the tragedy of Karbala - the martyrdom of Hussein by the evil scumbag Muawiya
Ashura commemorates the tragedy of Karbala – the martyrdom of Hussein by the evil scumbag Yazid


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Today is Ashura, a major Muslim holiday.

But don’t say “happy Ashura.” At least not to a Shia Muslim.

For Shia Muslims – and anyone else who chooses to lament the martyrdom of the Prophet’s grandson Hussein on this day – Ashura isn’t about happiness.

A holiday that isn’t about happiness?! That’s a hard concept for Americans to grasp. Here in the USA every holiday is a celebration of the “pursuit of happiness”: We say happy Fourth of July, happy Halloween, happy Easter, happy Veterans Day, happy President’s Day, happy Thanksgiving, happy Groundhog Day, happy National Secretaries Day, you name it. The only non-happy American holiday is Christmas – not because we’ve officially admitted that most people are miserable from seasonal affective disorder or being forced to interact with their families or whatever, but because for some reason we always say “merry Christmas” not “happy Christmas.” And “merry” basically just means “sufficiently happy while drunk on eggnog to tolerate ones relatives.”

So for Americans, every holiday is ostensibly happy or merry. An unhappy holiday is an oxymoron.

There are only two exceptions to this rule, and both are unofficial holidays: September 11th and JFK Day. Every time 9/11 and 11/22 roll around, people remember America’s two greatest-ever national tragedies: The killing of the last real President, and the final death of the Republic. 9/11 and JFK day are a bit like Ashura: They commemorate evil, unjust, murderous coups d’état.

Shia Muslims commemorate the slaughter of a good ruler, the Prophet’s grandson and legitimate heir Hussein, by the evil S.O.B. Yazid, by beating their chests and backs with light chains. I wouldn’t mind seeing Americans likewise beating themselves every November 22nd to commemorate the murder of a relatively good leader, JFK, by a bunch of evil SOBs including LBJ, Allan Dulles, George H.W. Bush, Cord Meyer, James Jesus Angleton, Meyer Lansky, and very likely David Ben Gurion. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Americans beating themselves with HEAVY chains every 9/11 to mourn the murder of the American dream by a bunch of neoconservative scumbags who make the Elders of Zion look like small-timers.

The same neocon propagandists who brought you 9/11 are trying to make you hate Ashura – so watch out for made-in-Israel reports about “Crazy Shia fanatics beating themselves bloody.”

Alongside the self-flagellating processions,  Shia Muslims also stage theatrical re-enactments of the Passion of Hussein on Ashura. Maybe Americans could borrow that idea too, and have a parade re-enacting the doomed Dallas motorcade in every American city, town, and village. Now that Sherwood Ross and Jim Fetzer have identified every one of the six shooters who fired at JFK in Dallas, we can outdo the Shia by featuring a whole slew of villains in our re-enactments: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford firing from the top of the County Records Building; US Air Force marksman Jack Lawrence firing from the south end of the Triple Underpass; George H.W. Bush’s protégé Tony “Nestor” Izquierdo, supervised by Bush himself, firing the only unsilenced bullets from the Dal-Tex building; CIA asset Roscoe White firing from the Grassy Knoll; LBJ’s personal hitman Malcolm “Mac” Wallace firing from the Texas School Book Depository; and CIA asset Frank Sturgis firing from the north end of the Triple Underpass.

Alongside the shooters, Kennedy Day re-enactments could also feature the “big villains”: the psychopaths LBJ, Bush, and Dulles; the paranoid-psychotic schemer Angleton, the genocidal fanatic Ben Gurion, and the mobster scumbag Lansky.

And alongside the martyred hero JFK, they could feature smaller heroes including Lee Harvey Oswald, a federal informer who was trying to stop the assassination; and Abraham Bolden, the Secret Service Agent who exposed a parallel Chicago plot to assassinate JFK.

If we really work at it, JFK day could be bigger than Ashura – and more dramatic than Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

And I won’t even get into what we could do on 9/11 day.

Though I will say that if we beat ourselves with heavy chains for going along with such a transparent, and transparently evil, coup d’état as 9/11, we should also make sure to beat the neocons with some really, REALLY heavy chains.

Getting back to Ashura – and I know this has been a long digression, but hey, we Americans have our heads you-know-where and mostly only talk about America – as I say, getting back to Ashura, there is something truly beautiful about a huge public holiday that mourns the murder of a good, just, pious, holy, legitimate leader by a psychopathic scumbag and his henchmen.

Though Shia and Sunni Muslims generally observe Ashura differently, there is no disagreement whatsoever about the bottom-line issue: The murder of the good, holy, just, and legitimate ruler Hussein by the psychopathic scumbag Yazid was a cosmic tragedy and a terrible turn for the worse in human history. All Sunni Muslims agree with their Shia brothers and sisters about that. The Sunnis just don’t go around beating their breasts about it.

But maybe they should. Maybe we should all make a point of beating our breasts once a year in mourning for horrific injustice in general, and the slaughter of good leaders by bad ones in particular.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Anyone of you who sees wrong, let him undo it with his hand; and if he cannot, then let him speak against it with his tongue, and if he cannot do this either, then (let him abhor it) with his heart, and this is the least of faith.”

Since the early days of Islam, Muslims have often found it difficult to raise their hands to defend good leaders against bad ones; and to strike down bad leaders in favor of good ones. This problem, of course, afflicts all of humanity, not just Muslims. But since Islam was the seal of prophetic revelations, containing a blueprint for social as well as spiritual order, it experiences the problem in especially acute form.

Shia Muslims, through their rites of Ashura, are hating injustice with their hearts…and speaking out against injustice not just with their tongues, but with their whole bodies as they act out the tragedy of karbala. Though I am not Shia myself, and definitely not into self-flagellation of any sort, no matter how good the reason – and Lord knows I have done a few things that merit expiation – I find the Shia celebration of Ashura beautiful and inspiring.

So today – Ashura, the Tenth of Muharram, the 1,375th anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussein – my heart is with everyone who is mourning the cosmic tragedy of Karbala, and vowing to fight for truth and justice with heart, tongue and hand, come what may.





  1. To Khaled Hussein – Shias DO NOT KILL, they are a JUST people – What about the millions of Shias slaughtered, all across the Muslim world, by the MONSTER Salahuddin Ayubi?

  2. Kwevin… salam… and thank you for this very informative essay… As a Muslim, I never viewed myself as a Sunni or Shiite… but always as a Muslim.. and frankly speaking, we, all of us must stop inflaming the “sectarian” violence and hate that is ripping Islam apart and is the direct cause of hundreds of thousands of Muslims… What we need in Islam is “revolution” not against faith and religion but of religion. Both Sunnis and Shiites needs to come together and put an end to all the death and violence and incitement of hate. There is too much at stake much more and much bigger than Sunnis and Shiites… all the best..

  3. The pursuit of happiness, as a central goal, leads to gluttony and hedonism, if unrestrained and over-emphasized. It seems America typifies this to a good portion of the world. Happiness, though encouraged, is seldom the result for those who lead people toward positive change. Comfort is not a condition that overrides the pursuit of Liberty, and seldom accompanies it. Life, is marginalized by the over zealous pursuit of ones own happiness and comfort. Thus, happiness is not a virtue of a good life, but a luxury that often comes at a price for others. True happiness may be attained as a result of a good life, however much sadness it contained. In the honest service of others comes great satisfaction. Knowing that we gave the greater good our best shot. Then we don’t have to beat ourselves up.

  4. Religion requires faith, and faith requires us to suspend rational thought.

    The main beneficiaries of religion seem to be the clergy.

  5. Dr. Barrett I keep track of most of your articles. As the saying says All the roads lead to Rome. From their own words, Masonic lodges keep bragging about that most US Presidents belong to the craft, any doubt about responsibility on wrong doings? Bush, Warren, LBJ, Hoover, Ford all known masons, all in the cover up, all participants in the crime. Indeed, as things indicate, Masonry its the one and only US political party, and anyone opposed to the secret guidelines sooner or later would come across the sniper’s reticle.
    French people, have a very clever idea of what a Mason is, and for them a Mason is just a synthetic Jew.
    Pitily, considering how many Americans are becoming aware of the Jewish control of their nation, still there are very few of them aware of Masonry working as Judaism most powerful weapon.
    To the VT staff that has ever served in any of the Armed Forces, Masonry doesn’t pass unnoticed. Officers are always tempted to be initiated, a shortcut to promotion is the promise, seldom fulfilled because someone with a better masonic leverage becomes promoted. Armed forces aside, the Judiciary, politics, the evangelists, the police and administrative officials, Corporative executive ranks and most career posts are part of the Masonic network that keep bowing obedience and secrecy to the Jewish power and keep the majority of Americans in utmost believers and slaves of sacred lies JFK=9/11.

  6. Thank God for the Shia. They’re the only Muslims who’ve given Talmudia a butt-kicking in recent memory.

  7. Here in the United States, the term “Holiday” is no longer associated with its etymological origin, “Holy day”, but among the culturally and spiritually lobotomized infotainment consumer proles, its invocation conjures up orgiastic consumer retailing, NFL football, light beer, barbecuing or grilling, and gluttony.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if September 11 became “Patriot Day”- complete with the New England Patriots hosting the New York Jets or vice versa. The “usual suspects”, as Jonas Alexis calls them, will wring filthy lucre out of every cynical twisting of the sacred and the tragic into a marketable commodity they can.

    The only way that these people would take up self-flagellation is if Hollywood found a way to make the practice glamorous. How about “Flagellation with the Stars”?

    The idea of any sort of spiritual or ascetic discipline grounded in authentic Tradition is absolutely foreign to the contemporary Judaized American mind.

  8. Faith. It’s a great thing. I often wonder how people manage without it. All faiths have some wonderful traditions. Something all people should appreciate. My grand daughter was just born on Dia de los Muertos. How poignant that was for me, as I have a fondness for Mexico on so many levels. Faith is beautiful. It’s not the mindless ideology, vicious and cruel, that faith haters ascribe to.

  9. Just so they do it in their own country, I care not for what these people do. The vast majority of American men would’ve stuck those box knives up those terrorists asses which convinces me the entire story of those 911 highjackings isn’t true. Maybe a few wimp-headed men like the last four presidents would’ve laid down when staring at those little box-knives and who had them, but 99.99999% of American men would’ve had those pinheads hung from the bathroom ceiling fans. So they can beat themselves all they want, and chant to whomever they want asking for whatever they want…just do it over in their own country, and not over here where God is taking enough humiliation from our own government terrorists. .

  10. Well, passion does need an outlet. The beating with chains is also associated with Krampus which correlates with 1rst decan capricorn and is also associated with saturn. Images from 500ce of Rope decan dec21 – 31 from Hindu clearly display chains. Maybe a cultural crossover would be to air Django Unchained in public schools on MLK day. But, perhaps creative outlets for passion will replace the human desire for self punishment as a tribute to the ancestors. Burning the giant goat is a good one. Throwing toilet paper into the trees along the streets is quite harmless and a good tension relief. Crucifixion and self emmolation is kinda passe. Self-flagellation is difficult to teach children, maybe just slapping each other across the face once a year would do. (mutually agreed of course)

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