Canadian Defence Minister exposes NWO, UFOs


 mmA review of The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis by Paul Hellyer

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Paul Heller has held high-level posts in the Canadian government. During the 1960s as Defence Minister, Hellyer oversaw the unification of Canada’s armed forces, and in 1968 he nearly became Prime Minister.

Then in 1973 David Rockefeller created the Trilateral Commission to put an end to the “excess of democracy” that had allowed truth-telling independent-minded people like Hellyer to rise to power. As the New World Order tightened its stranglehold, Hellyer became one of Canada’s leading critics of globalization.

By the late 1980s the Liberal Party was coming under bankster control. In response, Hellyer created the Canadian Action Party – one of the few genuinely alternative parties in Western political life.

Then in 2005 Hellyer made headlines by stating: “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.” It was the first time anyone of G-8 cabinet rank had ever publicly confirmed the alien presence on Earth.

Hellyer’s 15th book, Money Mafia, takes on three interrelated existential issues: The New World Order bankster dictatorship; climate change and looming environmental disaster; and the alien presence on earth and resulting creation of ultra-secret national security states and even “breakaway civilizations”.

[youtube CMn8NCGVUV0]

Mainstream readers will have no problem with Hellyer’s suggestion that carbon-driven climate change is everything Al Gore thinks it is…maybe even everything James Lovelock used to think it is. But they may balk at accepting his claims about the NWO and UFOs.

Most Veterans Today readers, on the other hand, will probably have the opposite reaction. As Hellyer says, when he appears on alternative radio shows, audiences agree with him about the NWO and ETs but have a hard time swallowing “global warming.” The problem, of course, is that the NWO-forged mainstream consensus is lying about everything else, so why should we believe its alarming claims about climate change?

Hellyer’s response is that this is one scare story that is actually true. He surmises the NWO banksters are running the planet into the ground, perhaps with the assistance of a few relatively nefarious alien species, but that the broad consensus of intergalactic-law-respecting ETs are trying to warn humanity and help us wake up and save the planet. (The problem is that the law-abiding ETs are bound to a non-interference policy, while the criminal ETs have no such scruples – and have forged a devil’s pact with the NWO, which controls the UFO file and ruthlessly suppresses attempts at full disclosure.) Hellyer argues that alternative “free energy” technologies exist but have been suppressed by the NWO cartel, which apparently wants to wreck Earth’s environment by various means including needlessly pumping vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The cartel, he argues, couldn’t make money off free energy – so they have decided to mine all the sequestered underground carbon and risk turning Earth into a wasteland.

The root of the problem, according to Hellyer, is that the NWO money mafia has pulled off “the biggest heist in history” by monopolizing the creation of currency, backed by nothing, that is lent into existence at interest. He calls the money masters and their secrecy-driven military-industrial complex “the Cabal” and says it must be overthrown to save humanity and the miraculously biodiverse planet it inhabits.

One of Money Mafia‘s highlights is Hellyer’s account of discovering that 9/11 was an inside job. For many years he was suspicious, but figured the full truth would never be known. Over the years, as evidence accumulated, including AE911Truth‘s proof of controlled demolition, he grew increasingly uncomfortable:

“For some years I have been convinced in my heart that 9/11 was an ‘inside job,’ a ‘False Flag Operation’ as they are called by historians, but I studiously avoided exposure to the evidence in order to claim lack of sufficient information as a justification for not getting involved. That long-time comfort zone was lost in November, 2012…”

That was when Hellyer met 9/11 truth author Dr. Judy Wood at a Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in the Netherlands. Awed by Wood’s impressive powerpoint, Hellyer realized that the ten-second conversions of the 110-story Twin Towers into a little bit of rubble and a whole lot of very fine dust was accomplished by “something new and very different from previously known technology.” Today Hellyer is a friend and supporter of Judy Wood, and he includes Dr. Wood’s own three-page summary of her book Where Did the Towers Go?

Despite his grim assessment of our predicament – and his alarming suggestion that a rogue group of ETs has been doing bad things to abductees – Hellyer is optimistic enough to finish his book with “An Action Plan for the Redemption of America and Humankind.” Key portions include:

“…require everyone on the federal government payroll, including members of the armed forces and intelligence agencies, as well as everyone working for a company with a contract with any branch or agency of the federal government, to swear a supplementary oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and renounce any allegiance to a New World Order dedicated to a supranational unelected government.”

“The President should issue an executive order for the immediate release of all patents concerning clean alternative energy including and especially cold fusion and zero-point energy.”

“The Congress should create a law that would make it a criminal offense for any bank or financial institution, its directors and officers, to make a financial donation to any person holding political office…”

“The Congress must initiate the inquiry into the extraterrestrial presence and technology…”

[youtube BWSkjb2n2_g]

“The Congress should initiate audits of each of the armed forces and all intelligence agencies or contractors, and all research establishments associated with national security and related matters. I read not too long ago where one agency said it would be ready for an audit in 2017. Such chutzpah!”

“The G20 should…end the great recession…apportioning the 10-12 trillion dollars of government created, debt-free money…Adopt the principle of full disclosure of the ET presence and technology…formally adopt massive worldwide tree planting rain forest conservation plans…Adopt a 7-year transition to clean energy…Write off Third World debt…Wind up the IMF…Impose a significant Tobin Tax…Massively reduce defense expenditures and atomic weapons worldwide…”

Hellyer concludes The Money Mafia with a postscript explaining that”Spirituality is the Missing Link…not only to our past, however vague and uncertain that may be, but to our future as we strive to evolve to new dimensions more in keeping with those of our Galactic neighbors.”

Though he may not be 100% right about everything, and though he is a 90-year-old Canadian, Hellyer would make a far better President of the USA than anyone who is likely to run…with the possible exceptions of Gordon DuffCynthia McKinney, and Merlin Miller. Buy his book, pass it on to your less-aware friends and family members, and get ready for the coming O.K. Corral style showdown with the NWO.


  1. I incline to think many aliens have been here for many millenia. The Sumerians say their civilisation (which sprang fully-formed from nothing) was beqeathed to them by two aquatic aliens who rose out of the Euphrates, called Unapishtim (they had other names, too). ‘Unapishtim’ means ‘too ugly to look upon’. There are huge stone sculptures of them someplace in Iraq.
    Rumor is, they also kicked off Egypt, and that the Giza complex was all surrounded by water and there is an enormous underground flooded sub-complex.
    More alien bases are said to exist under the Himalayas, where an outfit called The Empire had a base hidden behind screens, in a mountain. The Upanishads and the Rig Veda are full of references. The alien pilot of the Roswell craft relayed all this to her nurse before US military doctors ‘killed’ her. She’s still on earth.
    Spinny, I know, but somehwere in here is a larger truth we will unravel.

  2. Most profound article, most profound videos.
    What strikes me, is that at some point it appears Eisenhower blew it. He had no business taking ‘no’ for an answer from those military hiding UFO tech. IT WAS THEFT. And when folks get away with theft, badness creeps in. Then, they decided the stuff and the tech was theirs.
    It wasn’t. It belonged to the taxpayers who paid their salaries and whose money propped up their whole nefarious entrerprise.
    Look what happened down the track — private enterprise wormed its way in. Then the whole shazzam was unglued. Outright criminal corruption from then on. After all, no matter what energy tech the Air Force had, it had no motive to keep it from commercial — but private enterprise did. Fatal.
    Now, we ‘re gonna have to kill lots of folks. My country has maniacs setting off scalar plugs, possibly Kobe was destroyed from here. Over-the-horizon radar is not radar, it’s a weapon. And so on. And these buggers are not on our side.

  3. Evidently you’ve never heard of youtube. Its a magic place of wonder and enchantment as well as many fine non-American video drops of alien occurrences. Many are fake, but a few are among the most accurate and unquestionable and verifiable evidence of alien encounter anywhere. This isn’t a you tube video, its a web site that links to it.
    Russian divers attacked by unknown species of humanoid beings.
    *****http //*****

  4. Your article states that he human friendly ET’s don’t get involved because their following the rules. If the evil ET’s are doing it, the rules are meaningless because the upper hand belongs to the rule breakers, leaving those who follow the rules powerless. Logic. If they have the ability to get involved I think they would have, or should because their just watching everything go to hell.

    • I should have been more explicit about this in the review. Hellyer seems to be saying that the non-intervention policy is actually “no intervention without an invitation.” So if humans collectively decide they want to join intergalactic society it will happen. This is roughly the same view expressed in Alfred Webre’s book Exopolitics. I’m agnostic about this – not enough info available – but I strongly support holding public disclosure hearings and forcing everyone who may know something about the subject to testify under oath and reveal all.

    • I think that the purpose of humanity is to honor, respect, and protect the living earth. Therein will be found resolution and revival; through an enlightened perspective (the forest through the trees, biocentric rather than anthropocentric) Truth, Justice, Beauty.
      Was surprised to hear Gordon say that we will be treated as we treat other life on earth (been realizing this also, synchronicity, an idea whose time has come). As my Indian friends say, “All our relations.”
      Nobility obliges That greatness of Spirit without which there is no humanity. The rest will follow propitiously.

    • That sounds better than the mystical magic show videos of the painted blonde guy with the star in his hand selling disclosure. Its more like selling mind altering hallucinogens.
      Back in the 1930’s the VRIL society supposedly had real contact with ET with instructions on making a UFO to go visit them. Together with Victor Shauberger they made a devise that may have come close, but the instructions were iffy at best. Also they were using sex as a power booster to keep the magic flowing. Not very sympathetic to the spirit of Christ if you know what I mean. Whether the UFO construction was a fantasy or reality is subject to scrutiny but their is enough evidence to support real communication with an unknown intelligent source, but no valid method of conveying that information to the public in a normal almost natural environment. Its all sensationalized.
      They need their own broadcasting station, or something. However they do it they have to pass two big hurdles. 1. Their not the devil and 2. Full disclosure with real results for the masses cannot come from the government.
      jmf makes a valid point also. Ours is to use and protect the earth and treat it with respect. What better way to do that than alternative energy and losing the dependence on electricity. ET needs to come baring gifts.

  5. Whatever else Hellyer may be, he certainly is an honest man. There is no question in my mind he believes we are wrecking the planet. And he’s very astute to point out that many otherwise open minded people are skeptical of global warming, at least.

    I wonder if Hellyer will ever bring himself to say the J word? He’s so far out on a limb to begin with, surely he can name names?

    BTW, good for Hellyer in being open-minded about Judy Wood’s work. As I’ve stated in the past, while I agree that the heavy lifting was nuclear, there was definitely something else going on, as Judy Wood has pretty well documented.

  6. As a retired engineer, i have invested 50 hours per week, every week investigating elitist directed science frauds including Carbon climate forcing, ‘sustainable’ energy, ‘peak’ oil and big bang. Every one of these is an intention FRAUD, the first three are interrelated to force Carbon commodity markets, taxes controls and useless mitigation to benefit the few. There is NO Carbon climate forcing, it is a clear violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics, curiously missing from climate alchemy teachings even to the PhD level.

    For a recent summary see “Greenhouse Gas Ptolemaic Model” and “Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami” at the FauxScienceSlayer site, along with articles on the other science and history frauds. Find and share Truth…it is your duty as an Earthling.

  7. Yes, Congress could make laws and they do,
    but the big ass problem we have is that
    Congress is now run by the Republicans, who
    are all bought and paid for by Organized Crime!

    And something else here, why are you people
    in Arizona not doing a recall of this treacherous
    McCain, who I have heard caused the deaths of
    more than 60 sailors among other things?
    He more than anyone else needs to be removed
    from office!!


  8. Technology cannot proceed without integrity. It would not be a benefit. Who would give teleportation devices to Charles Manson or US military ? There is great confusion between spiritual events and ET. Most contactees working for benevolent causes would not go public let alone to authorities or military. Ridicule is still at a disturbing level and a messenger must face loneliness and rejection if coming forward. Work can be done silently. Ringing in the ears or hearing your name called audibly are well known spiritual “precursors” that have been known for millenia. There is a severe underestimation of the power of human spirituality. Military is for physical defense, not aggression. Spiritual protection cannot be provided by those who are focused on money and rituals based on controlling adherents. Therefore, there must be reunion between physical protectors of the people and the knowledgeable elders. Until then, trust is a dream that vanishes in the morning. The military is foolish if they think they are the only ones who keep secrets. There is much to do. The turtle mouthed lion is loathe to release its grip.

  9. Excellent article. Richard Dolan is the most credible Alien ET researcher there is and his impeccable work sets the standard for scholarship and evidence based sound conclusions. What he does not reveal is just how deep his contacts actually go and how much more he knows but holds back awaiting more supporting evidence from multiple unrelated sources. What he talks about is just a portion of what he actually knows. Listen carefully and read between the lines.

  10. For anyone who might be interested in their Golden Angel
    http //

  11. There are anti-Zionists who think it discredits them to look into 9/11, JFK, ETs, the NWO, scientific evidence for psi, and the holocaust. Then there are the 9/11 truthers who think it discredits them to look into anti-Zionism, JFK, ETs, psi, the NWO, and the holocaust. And the JFK buffs who think…and the ET disclosure folks who think…and even the holocaust revisionists who think… (fill in the rest yourself). My attitude is Let’s discuss all these fascinating topics and pursue the truth wherever it leads. (My radio show, Truth Jihad Radio, is a lot more interesting that way.)

    • Agreed, Dr. Barrett. We cannot afford to limit this discussion. It is my considered opinion that there are no alien races that give a fat rat’s ass about humanity which means we gonna have to figure this out on our own. Each of us probably has a small piece of the survival puzzle locked within us.

  12. Hellyer invokes the suspicion that he may actually by deception be trying to promote the NWO agenda ; or it may be only an unwanted diabolical by-product of an unpolished presentation against it . Without reliable or trusted contacts close to him , it could be very difficult to ascertain his true motives .

  13. Please check out the David Paulides Missing 411 youtube interviews and then ask yourself whether or not something of a highly unusual/unnatural nature is occurring. Here’s a good one from 3 yrs ago – skip to 2nd hour>


    • Benevolent ETs are going to swoop in and save the day? That’s just another version of Jesus returning to fight the final victorious battle of good over evil – and all the really good people will be saved!

      I’m inclined to believe our present day reality is a ruse & we’re all being played (particularly the national/international political scene) so that we’ll keep coming to wrong conclusions about what’s really happening/happened – and that esp applies to the indoctrination that is organized religion.

      Why is there so much hidden history/hidden archaeology? Why did the missionaries destroy the artifacts/recorded histories that indigenous people had kept for hundreds of years? How convenient that the Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground. Great effort has been expended to keep us from knowing the truth of our origins and real history.

      So here we are in present day continuing to bicker over what is real truth and what is the most important real truth to pursue.

      Divide and conquer – works like a dream!

      Only the truth WILL set us free – let’s not limit the process w/ closed minds or hissy fits re misdirection. We can choose to unite in Knowledge over uniting in Suffering. Let’s make the Tent as big as possible – and let the chips fall where they may.

  14. “and the alien presence on earth”

    David Paulides’ Missing 411 books expose a phenomenon occurring in the US, Australia, and 9 other countries that has been ongoing certainly since the 1800s if not long before that – mysterious, inexplicable and illogical disappearances & deaths of an extremely bizarre nature of people in the wilds, particularly national parks. Adding to the weirdness is the fact that now 5 physicists have disappeared in rural areas/mountains/nat’l parks in the recent past. A discussion on this topic begins an hour in>

    Have alleged alien abductions morphed from car/home incidents to this wild outdoors phenomenon? Why are so many victims found in various stages of undress and often barefoot – even in the throes of winter? The bizarre factor is off the charts!

    • Talk about ironic synchronicity – I just opened the Richard Dolan youtube vid and the ad starts out talking about “a man alone in the wilderness!”

      Knowing what I do now, I’d be scared sh*tless to be alone in the wilderness!!!

    • Ah! ……But isn’t that the very place the ‘preppers’ and other self preservatonists are going to be heading prior to the SHTF?

    • Perhaps if they avoid any and all places w/ the word ‘Devil’ in the name!

      It does beg the question why even extremely strong/fit, outdoor/survivalist knowledgeable – and even armed – men are falling victim to this phenomenon.

    • Haven’t watched the video you posted but some claim that those disappearances from national parks may be batch consignments (to provide slave labour to build bases for the breakaway civilisation). //

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure somewhere along the way I came across a pretty strong suggestion that the underground child slavery scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies wasn’t fiction. And there’s a tale of a large group of children being led away by a Bigfoot in the caves of Malta – never to be seen or heard from again>
      “National Geographic, Aug. 1940 issue, told of several school children who had disappeared without a trace in the Hypogeum.”

      If you look into any of Dr. Karla Turner’s books/vids, it’s clear something very strange & nefarious is going on – and the military is definitely involved.

    • Oops – supposed to be https(colon) rather than http(colon) – you should be getting David’s interview w/ Paranormal Central >
      David Paulides Missing 411 The Devil’s in the Details Sept 7 2014
      Skip to 23 min in. There’s a mention of the 1st interview w/ PC – the link for it (put the colon in) >
      https //

      There’s also an interview dated Sept 22 2014 on youtube. Almost no repetition re incidences discussed between these vids.

    • This correction landed in the wrong place – supposed to be after first post beginning w/ “and the alien presence on earth”.

  15. Hellyer video – That was 1 1/2 years ago, wonder if he is still worried about the warming thing?

    He has totally deviated from main stream beliefs, yet goes along with a bogus meme like global warming.


    • There’s a reason Hellyer is speaking about global warming — Because it IS real. It is not bogus.
      Go back, read Hansen, start over. Stay away from pundits and politicos. Read the SCIENCE.
      Or, just wait. Be the last one on your block to wake up. You won’t have long. Tipping point is close.

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