The Connection Between Aurora and Black Triangles (Redux)


Molecular Thoughts

… by  Jeff Smith,  Science Editor


[ Editor’s note:  Based on the import of the material and new readers coming on of late, this is something from a few weeks ago that could use a revisit.  From time to time over the past few months, we have delved into areas where we have had to, for reasons of “national security,” release classified material allegorically while supplementing recently declassified material, often “hard science,” in an attempt to provide the persistent researcher a roadmap.

We aren’t going to state that UFO’s are “real.”  Believers and deniers have had decades to decide.  We will simply tell you exactly how they work.  You can decide for yourself if they exist or not.  We simply tell you exactly how they do what they do “if they existed” which is none of our business, if you get my meaning. ]

It has been observed that microwave and or nuclear radiation has been associated with UFO activity for a long time.

Flying saucers function by ionizing the air surrounding their spacecraft produced by radiation exposure to their surface structure.  They “thin” the local gravitational field by separating the ions with a strong magnetic field so they are effectively flying through a rarefied atmosphere similar in composition to the ionosphere.

The diminished pressure gradients eases the boundary layer effects between the saucer’s hull and the atmosphere, thereby substantially reducing or completely eliminating the effects of Gravity. The production of a magnetic over-gradient in the atmosphere surrounding the space craft creates a counterbary to the effects of gravity. (Magnetic buoyancy).

Flying saucers have been using microwave and or neutron radiation to reduce plasma-air density in the atmosphere surrounding the saucer’s edge by simply heating or turning the air into an ionizing plasma.  It has previously been suggested that the transfer of photon momentum (hv/c) is employed in repel the ionized air molecules. However, only thermal and magnetic effects are considered in this analysis, although photon momentum transfer will enhance the net effect.

The reduction of both inertial and viscous drag are envisioned because the saucer encounters an artificially rarefied troposphere. Moreover, radiation symmetry covering the edges of the saucer prevents turbulent collapse of the air flow and instead yields a smooth laminar pattern. Thus, these saucers can travel at supersonic velocities at sea level without a sonic boom because the Mach speed increases with decreasing air density. The hot ionizing air (plasma) surrounding the saucers produces their familiar appearance. They light up like a light bulb.

Heating the air around an aircraft has been previously suggested as a means to reduce shock waves and ease flight. Suggested direct methods for heating the air (e.g. by combustion or by nuclear radiation) for purposes of eliminating an aircraft’s “sonic boom” can be done by the injection and ignition of fuel in front of an aircraft so air density could be reduced.

The use of a forward firing laser energy source to reduce air drag and eliminate sonic booms has been tested on the Aurora space plane. IE. Donuts on a rope contrails. All the above techniques heat the atmosphere by some means. The key to creating artificial magnetic buoyancy weight reduction and aerodynamic drag reduction is by the thermal ionization of the gas particles surrounding a space craft in flight.

The Oxygen microwave absorption peak occurs almost exactly at 60 GHz, and this energy source is proposed as the primary RF radiated by the UFO. Both H2O and O2 molecules have substantial dipoles which can easily be excited by microwave radiation.

See Figure 1. This is not the case with the Nitrogen molecules as they have no significant dipoles. While two H2O and one O2 absorption bands exist at higher frequencies there would be no need to use them. The strong Oxygen band (60 GHz) will be encountered in any terrestrial atmosphere. Megawatt level microwave power tubes that operate at 60 GHz are commercially available.

Attenuation Band Media Attenuation Band Center
First H2O Band 22.2 GHz
First O2 Band 60 GHz
Second O2 Band 119 GHz
Second H2O Band 180 GHz
Third H2O Band 320 GHz

Figure 1. Atmospheric Attenuation Of Microwave Radiation.

If the 60 GHz RF signal is transmitted with a 0.0012 duty cycle from antennas (about 13 centimeters high) encircling the saucer, producing a +/- 1.24o beam. The air is heated with power producing ionization of the O2molecules up to 6 meters from the saucer’s rim, causing a visible glow. The O2 shares energy with the Nitrogen, heating a 2 meter high, 30 meter wide stream of onrushing (1000 mph) air to 2100o K.

The RF excited O2 molecules will transfer some of their thermal energy to Nitrogen (N2) molecules and produce a brilliant, dazzling luminosity (known as plasma). The colors are likely the result of energy radiating and re-radiation from H+, H2, OH- and H2O ions. Oxygen and water vapor molecules glow, especially about the saucer’s rim, because microwave energy (attuned to the rotational rate of these molecules) is being used to excite them.

This glow’s exact color is difficult to anticipate due to complex radiation and re-radiation from water molecules, related ions and other impurities. For example, Hydrogen ions – formed from water molecules – will glow a bluish green color. The plasma, near the antenna’s aperture (located around the saucer’s rim) would normally be bluish, but Sodium ions (from the sea’s salt) will modify it causing a yellowish color. Only minor plasma distortions are found on high speed UFOs.

The ion-air density (and the inertial drag) surrounding the space craft could be reduced by a factor of 7 (Boyle’s law) if the air has been heated to 2100o K. A 30 meter saucer’s large surface area would serve as an effective radiator. Inertial drag is linearly proportional to the air density but proportional to the square of the aircraft’s velocity. Thus, the saucer could fly 2.8 times faster than the speed of sound.

Viscous drag forces could also be reduced because the accumulation of boundary layer fluid (air) on the surface of the saucer is diminished. A conventional way sometimes suggested to reduce this accumulation of air adhering to conventional aircraft’s wings is to suck it into the wing through slots and then exhaust it through the rear of the aircraft (or its wings).

If the saucer’s skin is conductive (e.g. metallic) and if the 60 GHz antenna is loosely coupled to it, a small amount of the microwave or neutron radiation will leak onto the fuselage. This radiation will spread over the saucer’s surface, heating the adhering air and dispelling it thereby reducing viscous drag. It will also push back any magnetic field lines due to what is called a “plasma induced electron disconnect” with the surrounding localized magnetic fields.

At supersonic speeds, the pressure field is confined to a region at the rear and extends from a conventional aircraft in a widening (Mach) cone. When it intersects the earth, a “sonic boom” is often heard. A “sonic boom” is a type of shock wave that occurs when waves generated by a source over a period of time add together in a coherent manner (re-enforcing peaks and deepening troughs). IE A Scalier wave.

This process is much like the way a V shaped bow wave is created by a motor boat when its speed is greater than the speed of the waves naturally supported by the water. The decreased pressure gradient at the front of the saucer destroys the coherency of the pressure fronts and they do not add together coherently. Thus, the “sonic boom” is reduced or completely eliminated. This is analogous to the effect of using a bulbous bow rather that a straight sharp (motor boat) bow on large ships. Such bows enables these large vessels to more effectively (and economically) pass through the ocean.

The hot ionized air bubble surrounding the space craft streamlines it. The pressure gradients acting on the boundary layer between the ambient air and the space craft are dramatically reduced, because they are distributed evenly over an area of several meters for saucer shaped space craft, versus several centimeters for airplanes.

For a normal airplane, the drag coefficient always rises as the Mach number approaches unity, but thereafter it may fall. The hot air or ionized gas bubble surrounding a saucer shaped airframe reduces the power that is needed to be expended at supersonic speeds. This is due to the coherent addition of pressure waves surrounding the saucer being degraded. This will reduce or eliminate the energy transmitted to the shock front thereby reducing or eliminating the “sonic boom” which otherwise would be caused by a high-speed passage of the saucer.

The emission of ionizing radiation in the air surrounding the saucer will also attenuate the transmission and reception of radar signals unless the ionizing radiation is intermittent. Due to this effect it is suggested that the saucers utilizes a 60 GHz magnetron tube operating with a 50% duty cycle that would be turned off for 833 microseconds and on for 833 microseconds every at a 1667 microsecond pulse rate interval.

Thus, the air’s O2 molecules would be heated for 833 microseconds every time they moved about a half meter closer to the saucer. A circular phased array radar antenna located on the saucer’s outer rim and operating with pulsed RF in the L or S band, would serve nicely for this purpose. A proposed circular or triangular shaped space craft would work well using this type of propulsion system for a low earth orbit space craft launched from the earth.


The term plasma refers to a high-temperature, ionized gas that is electrically neutral. The motion of the gas is dominated by electromagnetic interactions and because it is a excellent conductor, plasmas interacts directly with electromagnetic fields. The study of plasmas is called hydromagnetic or magneto hydrodynamics. This is the key to gravity and magnetic buoyancy. ” Plasma interacts directly with Electromagnetic fields. The motion of the gas is dominated by its electromagnetic interactions”. IE. Gravity.
Modem plasma physics holds that the plasma fireball receives its energy from its surroundings by the naturally created electro magnetic field lines of the earth and that the diameter of the plasma sphere depends on the frequency of the external field that plasma resonance occurs at.

This means that if you burn hydrogen / Deuterium gas in a microwave oven you will get a 3 centimeter diameter sized plasma fire ball creating nuclear fusion in a home microwave oven. It is called a Farnsworth Fuser. Look it up on wiki. Also the Poulsen plasma arc transmitter / furnace dose the same thing but only with magnetic containment. This was the German technique used during WW1 and 2.

This is the Light bulb with a tungsten coated filament in the microwave experiment. Try it. Just put a clear light bulb in the microwave and see what happens. PS use an old microwave oven it will melt the paint job…..AND USE SAFETY GLASSES. FIRE EXTINGUISHER ETC. WARNING, DANGER WILL ROBSON. IT CAN GO BANG. Kids don’t do this at home……


Black Triangles

Black triangles are a class of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, with certain common features which have reportedly been observed during the 20th and 21st centuries. Media reports of black triangles originally came from the United States and United Kingdom. The aircraft may be related to the rumored USAF Aurora aircraft developmental program.

Reports generally describe this class of UFOs as large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways. Sightings usually take place at night. These objects are often described as having pulsing colored lights that appear at each corner of the triangle.


Aurora was a rumored mid-1980s American reconnaissance aircraft. There is no substantial evidence that it was ever built or flown and it has been termed a myth. The U.S. government has consistently denied such an aircraft was ever built. Aviation and space reference site Aerospace concluded “The evidence supporting the Aurora is circumstantial or pure conjecture, there is little reason to contradict the government’s position.”

Others come to different conclusions. In 2006, veteran black project watcher and aviation writer Bill Sweetman said, “Does Aurora exist? Years of pursuit have led me to believe that, yes, Aurora is most likely in active development, spurred on by recent advances that have allowed technology to catch up with the ambition that launched the program a generation


The Aurora legend started in March 1990, when Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine broke the news that the term “Aurora” had been inadvertently included in the 1985 U.S. budget, as an allocation of $455 million for “black aircraft production” in FY 1987. According to Aviation WeekProject Aurora referred to a group of exotic aircraft, and not to one particular airframe.

Funding of the project allegedly reached $2.3 billion in fiscal 1987, according to a 1986 procurement document obtained by Aviation Week. In the 1994 book Skunk WorksBen Rich, the former head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works division, wrote that the Aurora was the budgetary code name for the stealth bomber fly-off that resulted in the B-2 Spirit.


By the late 1980s, many aerospace industry observers believed that the U.S. had the technological capability to build a Mach-5 replacement for the aging Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Detailed examinations of the U.S. defense budget claimed to have found money missing or channeled into black projects.

By the mid-1990s, reports surfaced of sightings of unidentified aircraft flying over California and the United Kingdom involving odd-shaped contrails, sonic booms and related phenomena that suggested the US had developed such an aircraft. Nothing ever linked any of these observations to any program or aircraft type, but the name Aurora was often tagged on these as a way of explaining the observations.


Additional claims

In the controversial claims of Bob Lazar, he states that during his employment at the mysterious S-4 facility in Nevada, he briefly witnessed an Aurora flight while aboard a bus near Groom Lake. He claimed that there was a “tremendous roar” which sounded almost as if “the sky was tearing.”

Although Lazar only saw the aircraft for a moment through the front of the bus, he described it as being “very large” and having “two huge, square exhausts with vanes in them.” Upon speaking with his supervisor, Lazar claims he was informed that the aircraft was indeed an “Aurora,” a “high altitude research plane.” He was also told that the aircraft was powered by “liquid methane.”

By 1996 reports associated with the Aurora name dropped off in frequency, suggesting to people who believed that the aircraft existed that it had only ever been a prototype or that it had had a short service life.

In 2000, Aberdeen Press and Journal writer Nic Outterside wrote a piece on US stealth technology in Scotland. Citing confidential ‘sources’ he alleged RAF/USAF Machrihanish in Kintyre, Argyll to be a base for Aurora aircraft. Machrihanish’s almost two-mile-long long runway makes it suitable for high-altitude and experimental aircraft with the fenced-off coastal approach making it ideal for takeoffs and landings to be made well away from eyes or cameras of press and public. ‘Oceanic Air Traffic Control at Prestwick’ Outterside says, ‘also tracked fast-moving radar blips. It was claimed by staff that a “hypersonic jet was the only rational conclusion” for the readings.

In 2006, aviation writer Bill Sweetman put together 20 years of examining budget “holes”, unexplained sonic booms, along with the Gibson sighting and concluded: “This evidence helps establish the program’s initial existence. My investigations continue to turn up evidence that suggests current activity.

For example, having spent years sifting through military budgets, tracking untraceable dollars and code names, I learned how to sort out where money was going. This year, when I looked at the Air Force operations budget in detail, I found a $9-billion black hole that seems a perfect fit for a project like Aurora.”



  1. I’m not thinking in terms of “lift” but the way I am understanding it it takes some interaction with the air to
    do the anti gravity thing. When (if ) in spacecraft mode it would not need to displace any atmosphere and gravity would be a much smaller issue.

    How does it create the equivalent of propulsion ?


    • I suspect we have published on this also. Hope is that author might come in on the comments. We have the entire drive system as well, I thought we had published this.

  2. I think we should differentiate between ‘spacecraft” and ‘aircraft”. If a craft needs to manipulate a planets atmosphere so it can manipulate its gravity in order to function, then Bernoulli’s principles are still in play
    and it would be proper to call it an aircraft. Can this craft leave the earths atmosphere and how would it function when it it does ?


  3. these craft are everywhere….

    http //

  4. 9 Bil ? hmm. sounds cheap. sometimes our imagination is restricted by our own physical abilities. Woodpeckers can use their nose to drill a hole into hardwood. It is hard to imagine a human doing this.
    Likewise, we generally consider propulsion as something that requires energy, and gravity as a constant.
    bending light or navigation by unseen threads forming a network like a web are normally unthinkable to physicists, the notion that all things are manned is also clearly unlikely even before our own drone “force”
    if we can operate probes on Mars, what is the distance capability in 300 years from now? 500 ?

  5. Oh, please stop already. Nobody needs to show you anything. You are but a child playing in a cosmic sandbox. Stop being lazy and waiting for somebody to hold your hand. The skies are full of our galatic family right now. Do you even bother to watch the skies at night, or in the early morning hours? I watched dozens of lightships last night, probably neutralizing chemtrails, as they were spraying heavily on Monday. Last night was the first time I’ve seen that many crafts active at one time. They are there, and many of us active in the resistance are in fact “starseeds” who have incarnated at this time to anchor light and higher vibrational frequency… your “earth”, sweet Gaia, is ascending to the higher dimensions. You are all ascending with her, by her divine decree, in the flesh. In the past, we did not ascend in the flesh. This time is unique. Your bodies are transforming from carbon to crystaline. You may laugh and shake your head, but it changes nothing and soon you will have no more straws to grasp and no more illusions to hide behind.

    • @Wanderer,
      Thanks for your clear & enlightening post. I couldn’t agree more.

      One thing most skeptics don’t do is indeed do some serious research, hence how can they improve their belief system?
      As you mention, most of these people don’t even look up. Would they spend some time watching the skies, and many of them would become believers in a short period of time.
      Denial is imho just a fear of the unknown, that affects most skeptics, for whom, very often, the centre of their Universe is their own belly button.

      I often wonder if this kind of people are delaying the (open, global, mass landings) return of the Space Brothers and Ascension. Or that will happen no matter which percentage of Earthlings are ready for Contact?
      What’s your opinion on that?


    • The mass landings have most definitely been delayed. But not ascension. That is on going and beyond even the Cabal’s ability to stop or delay. the galactics respect our free will. They are “us” in the future. They will not strong arm humanity. When the collective consciousness reaches a certain vibrational frequency/tipping point, the landings will begin. The sleepwalkers are holding things up a bit, but not for much longer. The Cabal is actually helping us wake people up, thanks to their blind stabbing panic attacks. They’re doing the work for us. So, yes, they can delay the landings, but only because the star family respects our free will choice as a species. But make no mistake about it, they have intervened on many occassions past and present on behalf of source. The Cabal broke the rules knowingly and intentionally, believing source could not/would not interfere because of the law of free will. They were mistaken.

    • @Wanderer,
      Thanks again for the clarification.
      Yes, I’m aware of the “fighting” between the Dark & Light forces.
      But shouldn’t the mass landings happen before Ascension?
      I mean, if they don’t, how to awake so many still asleep, in order for a global Ascension?
      IYO could it be done by the Event?


    • @Wanderer,
      “We are well on the way now D.D.”
      Yes indeed 😉

      “Awareness is fast expanding on a global scale… I don’t think anyone can deny that.”
      There are indeed (imho, at least) a lot of evidences of that fast growing awareness, all around the Globe (otherwise the Cabal would have already been able to start some WWIII, with all these recent false flags they do everywhere! People just don’t seem to buy that stuff anymore, as with WWI & WWII, for instance).

      For me, as I’m not getting younger as time goes by, I admit there are those days where I’d voluntarily abdicate of the Universal free will, and would love to see this process accelerate much, much faster… )
      But obviously I do understand it takes time (for us; for the Space Bros time is a total different thing…) for Liberation to happen. (R)Evolution can’t happen overnight in this 3D 😉

    • You don’t have to wait for the landings to see them or even to have contact. All that’s required is the sincere desire to have contact and the will to do the “vibrational work”. You have already done much to raise your consciousness and most likely already have had contact with them in the etheric realms. Mass landings may be contingent on the collective consciousness, but individual contact is not. That will happen when you are ready for it and You don’t have to wait for anybody but you.

    • @arlequin,
      From what I know, they are indeed 2 separate events. But somehow interconnected.
      Ascension is a spiritual journey, that seems to depend on our spiritual Evolution.
      The mass landings are a physical event. Everyone (believers & skeptics) will be able to actually witness/see those crafts on the ground.

      The reason I say they are interconnected is because the announcement of both come from the same sources.

    • Well, they are interconnected, but the timing, sequence, order, etc, in which they occur, can only be guessed at IMO. That’s the beauty of free will. We’re in virgin territorry now and when/how it happens is, I think, contingent on the collective consciousness. Awareness is fast expanding on a global scale… I don’t think anyone can deny that. We are well on the way now D.D.

    • I forgot to add that yes I believe the landings can and will happen before ascension is fully completed. IMO, ascension will be complete upon our return to full consciousness. So, I’m looking for the landings to happen before that time in order to prepare us for our return to full consciouss awareness in the flesh. That is what is unique about about this ascension cycle. We’re ascending with our bodies this time. Transforming from carbon based lifeforms to crystalline. This transformation/transmutation is already underway. I don’t know when the landings will happen but my gut feeling is we are within a year or two away from mass landings. Individual contact has and is already happening.

  6. I have a question for any informed person.. I was in Dayton over the weekend, right by the air force base. There was an extremely large boom over the house and the entire house shook. The people who live there have experienced this before, but also they have seen many unusual “orbs” and craft there. I remember the sonic booms from ages ago, but this sound seemed more intense…does anyone know if the triangle crafts would be causing these booms? thanks

  7. I know that these large triangular craft were often seen in in the Pine Gap Base area around Alice Springs in Australia. Strange things used to often happen around there.

    • A friend of mine also told me that he ran into some Americans who worked at Pine Gap, and they told him in this in 1967. One of them said he was in human resources and was not allowed to the lower levels where only
      Americans were allowed, I believe he said that was level 8. He went on to say they were messing about with anti gravity there, he said they could make things fly but couldn’t stop them hitting the roof. He said the technology involved was from a craft that had crashed somewhere between Russia and China and that there were “ beings “ involved, I still remember his exact words, “ They were about 4 foot 8 inches high with very thin vertebrae
      which suggests they came from somewhere with less gravity than here.
      This was in 1967!

  8. I have read elsewhere that UFOs work by manipulating the gravitational fields that surround them. But the atmosphere surrounding a craft has no noticeable effect on the gravitational field it experiences, so I simply don’t believe that doing anything to the atmosphere is the mechanism of UFO propulsion. If it were, they wouldn’t be able to operate in airless space, which they surely do.

    • You are very astute, my friend. Not all UFO’ are physically manufactured craft, but projections of conscious thought by higher dimensional beings.

  9. There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosphy; and I hated Shakespeare at skool

  10. OK # 1 that’s the Sedan and I am sure the have the Sports Model also , Question when does it the Show Room Floors will be the new 2015 Model or do we have to wait for them to tool up the production line ?

  11. Please don’t link to images in the aol mail account, because we can’t see them.
    Almost all recent physics articles have images in them, but none that are linked to…. are showing up. I’ve emailed support and editor about this, but nothing was done about it…. Are you serious about releasing the data? If a picture is worth a thousand words then there are several thousand words missing from the article…

  12. Its easy to see the need to keep these Delta class craft secret, at least for me, but all the lies that have been told Mr. Duff? Now that to me is inexcusable. Two whole generations steeped in make believe sciences. From Edward Condon to Morgan Freeman, all of it was unnecessary and ill advised. Seven billion people on this planet most of them no more aware of what is than a farm animal. The logical conclusion is that is exactly how they are viewed by their masters; as farm animals.

  13. additional side note – the spinning magnetics is just the hi voltage source to bias charge the conductive outer surface- producing thrust

  14. the Visiting ufo, when they change direction at these enormous speeds they change the field around the craft that causes the inertia to change direction with it. so there is literally no crushing. it does not matter the speed. and there are 2 forms of anitgravity control methods or positioning systems. One has been mentioned in some of the recent articles but the other has not. think of it as a GPS for each position. if you have a bunch of magnets and you bring another one in close the other magnets move to a position where they are in balance. you change the magnetic sphere level density of magnetism and tune it to the location you want to be. with this you can move in any direction, not just up/down/ left right. and when traveling you will move around objects and not necessarily in a straight line. think of it as a magnet moving around another magnet instead of colliding with each other.

    • sure if i want to be suicided,, which im fairly certain i dont. one day these technologies will be shown and used unless the upcoming event that is upon this world wipes everything out. this event is not stoppable but new technologies and help from FRIENDS can help us through this. thats all i can say about that.

  15. PETER DID YOU PUT THE LIGHT BULB IN YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN AND TRY IT? THAT SHOULD ANSWER YOUR QUESTION ON HOW IT WORKS. PS. It will definitely mess up the paint job on you microwave oven so you better ask your mom / wife first!!!

  16. The air is heated with power producing ionization of the O2 molecules up to 6 meters from the saucer’s rim, causing a visible glow. The O2 shares energy with the Nitrogen, heating a 2 meter high, 30 meter wide stream of onrushing (1000 mph) air to 2100 degrees K.

    Peter it uses a high pulse repetition rate as in radar. The radar pulse range is only 6 meters long by 2 meters high and 30 meter in circumference with a 2.5 degree beam width. 1 megawatt of pulse power will work just fine for this purpose. Easily done with modern radar equipment.

  17. As I see it, reduction of mass, by 5/6ths at least, elimination of atmosphere as a constraint and existence within a gravity free zone where directional changes eliminate the potential of “deceleration” issues that, as you know, are not issues at all without mass, without gravity and without atmospheric drag.

    • You might read Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul Hill. He explains high G acceleration without being crushed. What he doesn’t explain is what is the drive that is used. A clue as to that may be found if you will read some of Daniel Winter’s books.

    • I completely agree it is the Achilles heel of UFO research.
      Non of this explains why UFO’s are silent, or why they are able to undergo extreme acceleration.
      Gravity doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it, there are ways to stay up without anti-gravity.
      Either these UFO’s can modify inertial mass or they don’t contain lifeforms.

    • @CogitoMan,
      Not being myself a physicist neither, one thing seems obvious to me.
      We can’t generalize Universal physics based on Earth current science.

      That said, even if Earth was the only inhabited planet on this Universe (which imho is simply impossible), and Contact with other Civilizations had never happened (and lots of evidence, currently and in the past, brings me to the conclusion it already openly happened in the past and will inevitably happen again in the future) can we imagine how Human Civilization will be in 1.000 years from now?
      At the rythm we are “evolving”, even if we try to imagine technologies available in some 50, even 20 years from now, we simply can’t!

      So my point is, how can we imagine technologies available to Civilizations 1 million years more Evolved than us? What about 1 billion years?
      All this is perfectly possible, according to the official theory that the Big Bang happened some +/- 14 billion years ago, and our the solar system formed around some +/- 4 billion years ago.
      Homo sapiens has been around for between +/- 200 thousand to 50 thousand years (depending on the sources).
      This 10 billion years gap would be more than enough for plenty of other Civilizations to have Evolved to such a point we can’t imagine, not even in our wilder dreams/nightmares.

      From the flying characteristics of many UFOs, it seems obvious that at least some of these Civilizations have learned to master matter, space & time!

    • @CogitoMan,
      (No Reply option on your last post, will have o do it from here)

      Well, beliefs always have a certain influence in our opinions. But what I said before is mainly based on logic & observation (my own, of course).

      Yes, I understand you base your (very interesting, btw) questions on current mainstream science conclusions.
      But 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, the same mainstream science would totally deny most of what current science admits today.
      It’s a learning process, that changes all the time. So those conclusions are always temporary, until a better theory comes and destroys all previous theories.
      Or, as you say, our current scientific knowledge is based on assumptions, and those are never forever. They change as we Evolve.

      Yes, I suppose some of those living Beings aboard some of those crafts, are not matter based (like you & me).
      But even the physical ones can easily do those crazy maneuvers we see some crafts doing. So they obviously found some way to not suffer from G-forces that affect our physical bodies (no belief system here, just logic; otherwise how to explain 90º turns at incredible speed, hovering then ascend at such speed we can only dream about now?).

      Proof of their existence (and their presence here on Earth) is overwhelming, one just has to find the right connections 😉

  18. “because the Mach speed increases with decreasing air density.”

    Uh, no. The mach speed increases due to increasing air temperature.

    “Viscous drag forces could also be reduced because the accumulation of boundary layer fluid (air) on the surface of the saucer is diminished. A conventional way sometimes suggested to reduce this accumulation of air adhering to conventional aircraft’s wings is to suck it into the wing through slots and then exhaust it through the rear of the aircraft (or its wings).”

    The reason for sucking in the boundary layer is to preserve attached laminar flow.

    • Increasing air temperature reduces air density. As air density goes down the faster the plane can go.
      If you reduce boundary air fluid IE air density you reduce drag. Basic aerodynamics for supersonic flight.

  19. I witnessed a triangle on three different occasions. Given the circumstances of each sighting it would be impossible to say I was seeing the same triangle at different times. The first sighting took place in May of 2001. The next a few days later and the third a few weeks later. In the first instance, I was with the dogs-two large and active German Shepherds. It was almost dark. We were hanging out near the barn. They were running about I was sitting in a chair when a light caught my eye directly above where I was sitting. I stood to get a better look and unbelievably there several hundred feet above me was a stationary triangle, metallic looking, lights at each apex. No noise. After what may have been two minutes, the triangle began to rotate. Again no noise but the lights grew in intensity. It rotated about 120 degrees before it began a drift to the tree line. No reaction from the dogs. It proceeded in a southwest direction until I couldn’t see it anymore. No noise! Minus the obvious woo woo factor here, I have no idea what this was. Military?

  20. ‘remember how how the SR-71 was commented during the 60ies and 70ies. “A failed experiment”. “Impossible to get it the fuel tanks tight under all flight conditions”. “Became too hot at cruise speed”. etc
    But the bumblebee didn’t know it couldn’t fly and flew daily almost around the earth.

    Now we here the same things about the Aurora in different incarnations. Many, many failed experiments..
    “It is just too many problems and it will never work properly….”

    But the Chinese obviously got their 6 mach act together so let’s raise the defense budget and try to keep up…

    same ol same ol

  21. Back in 1993, I lived not far from the Palmdale CA base. I was driving at night, about 10 30pm and looked over to my left to see a black triangle “hovering”, soundless, over the Farmers Insurance building off the 114 freeway in Simi Valley, CA. I, along with a few other motorists, pulled off the side of the freeway to watch it for a bit. It never moved or made a sound, yet it was very large. What was amazing was how well it blended into the dark night sky – dozens of other drivers just kept on going, seemingly oblivious to it’s existence. A lot of weird black triangles flew in the Palmdale area in the early to mid 1990s and many residents saw them and reported on the phenomenon. That Palmdale base was apparently very busy!

    • I had a similar experience in rural Virginia late one night on I-81. There was little traffic — which is rare for I-81 — when at some point I became aware of a black triangle silently flying right above the 16′ or 18′ foot empty rental panel truck I was driving south. Stranger still is that’s all I remember about it and my buddy didn’t remember any of it.

    • What I wonder is if it travels slow and silently how do we know it is not a lighter than air ship dressed up to look like a triangle or some other ufo. It might just be another disinformation program intended to keep us guessing.

    • http // This Triangle shows up often on night vision between Puget Sound Naval Shipyard , Bangor and Keyport . Another triangle similar to the one in this video patrols the same area . it has lights similar to the lights on each corner of the triangle in the video but they run the length of all sides of the craft . There are also round silver spheres that fly in formation over the same area as the triangles always heading south west . I’ve seen quantum stealth technology uncloak a massive craft above my house and also had my rental car cloaked with it once . Made the mistake of going to Rachel Nevada . After I left and made it back to Las Vegas we got out of the car took a few steps away from the car . The car disappeared then reappeared couple minutes later . I’ve witness what looked like some type of short laser light fight between craft? multiple bursts of light that would go on for a few minutes . Full clear views mid summer no clouds when watching the craft .

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