Why Are Commanding Generals Being Sacked?

How would this look on the back of a coin with Jeb Bush on the front?
How would this look on the back of a coin with Jeb Bush on the front?
How would this look on the back of a coin with Jeb Bush on the front?

Sacking of Commanding Generals: Prelude to Surrender, or Armageddon? 


Submitted by Jeff Smith, Science Editor


[ Editor’s note:  There is a list of members of America’s military services who were removed in this article.  Some, a minority, were removed for reasons much more serious than indicated, sex crimes, major fraud, complicity in human and narcotics trafficking and mental instability.  The decisions to remove these individuals and all the others were primarily made by Chuck Hagel and Marty Dempsey, men of unimpeachable character.

Then there are the others, more monsters than men.  As to which are which, you will have to guess. 

You will never know the reasons but in most cases it involves membership in a secret society sworn to betray the United States when called upon by leaders neither Christian nor Jew, certainly not American, individuals who see the destruction of the United States as paramount to what they call “the long game.”…Gordon]


  1. I have been doing some digging, And noticed that a few of these names are linked to The OSS Society (precursor to the CIA), Especially General David Petraeus ex Director of the CIA.

    The scant info I could find makes these characters look rather shady.

    The list of members arguably includes some pretty notorious war criminals.

    I might just be overly suspicious, I wonder if uncle Gordie knows anything about this group?.

  2. “” Looks like we are all on borrowed time to me.””

    According to VT Preston James recent and extraordinary article ” The American Debt Bomb “, there is a movement to cut the lit fuse before it hits the powder keg . It is possible so let us pray for this miracle .

  3. This article is rather distressing to me. Klaatu has a point about the messiness. This pub needs real editors. Far too many articles on this site appear to be written by those with only a vague understanding of writing and the English language. As to why people are getting fired from the miliatary…the answer is simple. The military has become a battleground for opposing political forces. Until it DEFINES itself in terms of its own values (like the Lieber codes etc.), the military will continue to have problems.

    There is valor in military service, but it is mostly in the lower and middle ranks and not in the leadership.


    http //www.militarycorruption.com/

    • The above fb commenter Gary Jones has nailed it — a classic zionist operation to install jewish dominance . The political battleground is a camouflage for the JWO takeover . Remember , ** Protocols of the ILLuminati **, number 15 , item 6 { Gentiles are Stupid } . The USA 330 million population is only about 2 or 3 percent jew and they account for more than 30 percent of the most strategic top leadership positions ; and that is one reason why jews dominate//control the US .

  4. “Largely unreported in the coverage of the possible nuclear forces shakeup is that until his appointment as defense secretary, Hagel served on the board of a George Soros-funded group that advocates a nuclear-free world….Ploughshares Fund”….WND
    Now, if a man who is associated with an anti nuke group, funded by an infamous anti american globalist, is firing nuke force personnel left and right, doesn’t that make you question whats really happening here, at least a little bit?

  5. Courtney Brown strikes me as a charlatan. Some months back, he promoted an earth-changing, monumental event with regular postings leading up to it. This was truly going to be HUGE. When the day finally arrived, he announced the sale of his incredible DVD. A lot of people felt burned. The big announcement might as well have been, “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

    I haven’t read anything by him since.

  6. You need to be aware that not all Jews worship in the synagogue of satan…. the same is happening in Christianity, there are groups impersonating having the jewish faith, there are groups impersonating Christians and also pretending to have the Islamic faith.
    The trick is to destroy ourselves. Its all about the control of the group consciousness of mankind and thats why websites like this are so important.
    There are three areas to watch….. death cults, satanic cults and luciferian cults…. they move within us in the shadows, we need only expose them to the light of day and to do that we need to purify our intentions and thought, so that we are not pointing a finger at ourselves.
    Be aware that practicing certain rituals within Freemasonry allows predatory alien species/entities to enter your consciousness. Some of us can see this and that entity depending on the state of the human underneath can fully inhabit the human with no resistance or awareness of it’s presence. So there’s a lot of good people in freemasonry, just be careful, it’s all about control of your consciousness.
    This is so evident in nearly all areas of society.
    Be careful with oath’s and rituals they can bind us and put darkness instead of life and light in our eyes.
    We cannot be happy in darkness, we can only be sick.

  7. I got a whiff of some of the the problems in the nuke command years ago. It was the 1977 Son of Sam case, with allegations of Satanism among the military in North Dakota. John Carr committed suicide/was suicided in North Dakota. And Arlis Perry, a 19-yr old North Dakota girl was murdered in a chapel at Stanford, a ritual murder.

    • They are probably trying to build up their satanic cult there at the nuke command by installing jewish General Weinstein .

  8. to be honest, no one is stopping the insanity..all talk ….the global elite directing THE FEDERAL RESERVE
    call the shots in D.C. of/by/for is dead…those maggots and all their puppets fear an uprising of armed
    Americans…..otherwise, we would be enslaved today…

  9. I am responding to this at length via my FB page/pluggin, via my other alternate personality, Curly. It is too lengthy to post in this forum format, but I feel and think is necessary to share at this time ..

  10. I respect the way that this article has, in the main, restrained itself to stating the facts of who has been dismissed and the circumstances involved. These (undisputed) facts on their own are a cause for MASSIVE concern among world populations. Without wishing to appear negative my assessment of these happenings are certainly that malign forces – and not good ones – are at work.

    Firstly – if these sackings had been done for the CORRECT reasons by a responsible government – we would have had a loud campaign of triumphant media coverage to demonstrate to us how our glorious leaders have been ‘protecting’ us from potential harm. Instead this has been done quietly and behind the scenes. It is also without doubt part of an organised campaign.

    Secondly – the criminal cabal controlling the western powers has been able to get a great deal done using Obama as a token figurehead distraction. From his taking office they have been able to literally do as they pleased – their wings clipped only by Russia and the threat of an enemy that was able to fight back.

    Third – it is sad to say but the likes of VT itself has gloated to the enemy cabal in the past that they would have to get past loyal serving soldiers in the military before they would be able to fully call the shots. Perhaps the cabal heard this and acted on it.

    Four – who today in their right minds believes that entirely subverted government agencies are suddenly acting in the best interests of the people?

    • I hope that I am wrong – and that a powerful, patriotic and well meaning branch of senior government somewhere in Washington – is acting to protect the US and the wider world from a dangerous sect. The only trouble is that in today’s warped world that scenario is possibly the most ridiculous of all.

  11. If you understand the Benghazi incident as an attempted coup to bring in Romney, then you see that the purging of the pro-Romney, neocon-ish generals is a counter-coup by Obama. VT posted a highly informative detailed analysis of this named “Coup and counter-coup in Washington” Mon., Nov 19, 2012 picked up from Press TV.

  12. Some sources (Ra material) claim that US and Russia have much advanced projectiles that can reach a half of light speed for almost half a century. So this would make nukes obsolete long ago and only useful for fear mongering/smoke screen, just as very photo of asinine goat-o-taur sculpture in this article…

  13. This article is taken from ViewsandPreviews.com, without working link though (not the first time, that’s ot for transparency here at VT). It seems that Jeff Smith found it and submitted.
    It will be funny (or scary?) to hear what Aquino has to say about this during his coming David Morton interview…

  14. OK. One person says Zionists are being weeded out of the military. Another says gentiles are being weeded out and replaced with Jews. At least nobody suggested, so far, that both Zionists and gentiles are being weeded out and replaced with Islamic radicals. But I’m sure that charge will come.

  15. Just for the record the image of Baphomet should be female and when a Qabalistic cipher code called ATBASH is applied to Baphomet and written In Hebrew right to left it spells Sophia, a Greek word for the Goddess. It is a symbol for the empowerment of man over the viscous Hebrew god. And yea I sure as hell would like to see it on the back of a coin as the final and long overdue epitaph for an impotent corpse of a god nailed to a stick. But if i wanted Jeb on the front of that coin I sure wouldn’t be writing for VT. In fact I think Mr. Duff would look really good on the front of that coin so would General Dempsey…

    • So Sophia reversed is Baphomet? In other words it is anti-Sophia? That would explain the “pet goat” ritual on 9/11 in that school in Florida when a nuclear event happened…

    • Hardly LS. it was used as a code to shield Templar worship of the Goddess from the pope after the papacy had already murdered half of Europe during the “Albigensian Crusade” for committing the very same offense. But yea that is why Dubya was flaunting the goat. Knowledge can be used for either good or evil, I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it a hundred times more, as long as VT lets me…

    • Alright Tony seeing as you have the ability to write complete sentences and formulate coherent thoughts I’ll answer you but this is the last comment. This is not my thread. Jesus is a construct of the solar deity, a Jewish construct to be exact, a mind control meme designed to pacify you. There is no historical precedent for him ever having existed outside of a few passages in Josephus Antiquity’s of the Jews which scholars unanimously concur were added at a later date. There is however volume upon volume of scholarly works tracing the Jews Jesus to Mithra, Adonis and Osiris, its pure plagiarism just like every other work of the chosenites.

    • Two thousand years of the Jews Jesus as brought western man what? Waiting for a parousia that is the invention of your enemy to defeat your enemy is not exactly my idea of a sound strategy to win a war. So call me a Satanist if you will, to paraphrase Bakunin, if Satan is the only God with the audacity to challenge the tyrannical god of the old testament then number me among his followers. Its also a terrible thing to be throwing around the tetragrammaton when you have no idea what it means, you will find the symbol for it on the Great Seal of our country (among other places), a country that has been hijacked by the Free Masons, deist Free Masons to be exact. It is a confirmation of you and your children’s allegiance to the god of the Jews, which is why we fought on the wrong side in WW II and now live as debt slaves for our reward. I suggest you read what I have written for VT and look up everything I said. Then you will be in a far better position to tell me who I am.

    • Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Joseph, of the House of David is clear about who he is in all the Gospels. It is up to the individual, with proper cognizance of sound body and mind, to decide whether he is a liar (sociopath) , simply mistaken (incompetent), a lunatic (psychotic), or telling the truth of who he is. Those are your four choices. Any other gospel, that runs contrary to historical canon gospels, that suggest or presume Christ is more or less than he clearly said he is, is a false gospel.

    • Jack, your introducing this venomous hatred of Christians in an article about Army generals suggests you need to do some serious soul searching and find out why the Christian message of brotherly love and peace so repels you. Try reading David Hart’s Atheists’ Delusion to get your facts straight while your at it. You give the game away by firing from the hip, and now readers know that your hatred of Christians and particularly the Catholic Church reflects editorial policy at VT.

    • I said i wouldn’t say anything else Dan but since you chose to take a pot shot at VT i guess i have to answer you. I speak only for myself and you really need to improve your own reading comprehension skills before you start recommending your favorite coloring books to others. See the picture up there? Did you read Mr. Duffs intro about secret society’s? Did you read Light Sabers comment about where this article came from? Now I’m just going to leave it at that because i get really angry when people attack my friends for what i say…

    • The religion of total oblivion and radical atheism is in fact the most preposterous of all religions. It even flies in the face of everything we now know (scientifically) about space and the cosmos – i.e. the only thing which physically CANNOT be possible is oblivion!

    • Jack,
      It is often impossible to educate merely in words. The responses to your post, to the intricacies, to the shifting and turning of Baphomet, illustrate a lack of depth necessary to grasp the existence of contradictory, but mutually exclusive terms in the same image.
      You can do nothing to encourage the development of depth, especially with words.
      The Templars were the last military organization that held a strong connection to a genuine spirituality. No current military does anything more than pretend toward this direction, and since this is so, the corruption that is fundamental and endemic to anything happening today is highly contagious in military ranks.
      It is important to understand WHY the Templars were destroyed by the cabal of “royalty” and the “church”.
      No one seems to perceive the erosive, implacable force that is bearing down on our entire planet right now. No one seems to comprehend that everything that appears so solid is showing itself paper thin, and unreliable.
      As for the idiots who chime away that their version of Jesus is about to return, I’d like to remind them that Jesus arrived from Gnosis, and that there never was such a thing as “Christian” Gnosticism. But whats the point? Insouciant lackeys will always ape what they have been told.

  16. Now wait a minute, I’m confused here. I finished reading this foreboding article, but who is saying here that Chuck Hagel and Dempsey are men of unimpeachable character? Since when?

  17.  NO AMERICAN, has ever “SHOWED HIS LOVE & DEVOTION” of USA to the ENIRE WORLD, like EX- Senator Chuck Hagel (R- NB).”
     The World was watching C-SPAN the Nomination Hearing for Secretary of Defense. Lindsey Graham started accusing the Secretary of not supporting Israel, so he bullied him to sign AIPAC’s letter of Oat.
     “AT THR RISK OF NOT BEING NOMINATED” to one of “THE HIGHEST OFFICES OF THE LAND”, the Proud/ Patriot/ VET/ Secretary Hagel looked at Graham with amazement and said, I told you I support Israel, but the “ONLY OAT I SIGN IS FOR USA.”
     The #1 Israel Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, said NON-JEWS are DONKEYS, CREATED TO SERVE JEWS!
     http //www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2010/10/18/major-rabbi-says-non-jews-are-donkeys-cr
     Truman letter Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth
     http //www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/06/AR2008050602447.html
     On the other hand, we have John McCain (R-AZ) & his TWIN Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and their likes who are the Most Hated, Warmongers, Israel Firsters & Corrupt Politicians in USA Congress, that their Ignorant/ Unpatriotic Voters”, keep sending them to Congress, so they could Mess up USA & the World.

  18. Could drugs be a part ? I dunno.. It makes sense for New commanders to surround themselves with trusted people. The question of whether the guy in charge can be trusted.. the peasants have to hope. All nuclear weapons should destroyed in my opinion.
    “The whole Malmstrom scheme centered on four individuals, three of whom were being investigated in the drug probe, according to Wilson.”
    “If we would have removed those, then this incident probably would never have happened,” he added.
    http //www.cnn.com/2014/03/27/us/air-force-cheating-investigation/

    • A strong reminder that the head of the progressive Rino serpent is still in charge of our government. Many conservatives were deceived into surrendering their vote to the same old two party scam were pretension reigns supreme and voted back in the same old anti-American fake christian republican politicians who promote the dark pagan elitist theft and destruction of white protestant christian America through dark hedonistic multiculturalism involving the facilitation of dark heathen race mixing and mass anti-white christian coreligionist immigration. http //2012zt.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/multicultural-treason-dark-heathen-race-mixing-pagan-theft-indoctrination-of-white-protestant-america/

    • interesting link, i wasn’t aware that much hate could fit on a single page. i don’t usually advocate pharmaceuticals but I have heard good things about Zanex or maybe stop by Colorado for a puff.

    • This planet earth may be good for another 100 million years before expiration . During that period we may need some powerful nukes to take out asteroids that could take out earth .

  19. John Lennon shot after uniting a dangerous level of people behind his “War is over…if you want it” mantra. Breitbart was taken out because of his speaking the truth about this administration. Joan Rivers? Because she spoke truthfully?
    Many who have gathered a following trying to unite them contrary to the government goals, or possessing sensitive information have been removed by suspicious means. JFK eye witnesses with contradicting versions. Bill Hicks, J.H. Hatfield, Gary Webb, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Dorothy Kilgallen, two boys in Mena, lawyers, 9-11 scientists, troopers, astronauts, diplomats, foreign leaders of sovereign nations, etc; etc; etc;. This bunch just aren’t dead yet. Give ’em time if they speak to too many or too loud. .

  20. RA, you answer your own speculation about what’s coming, which is the perpetual warfare going on since the first Iraq war. Everything on TV is theater for fools, and support for perpetual war is kept alive using sports as venues for flag-waving jingoism as you point out. The irony is that sports fanaticism is regarded as a measure of manliness in this country despite the submissive, self-emasculation of beer-swilling slobs who proudly wear a facsimile of another man’s jersey in public. One problem I have with this article is it uses facts to legitimize speculation. As for some of the comments, when a person suggests that an actor like O is making decisions, that person is either a dupe or disinfo operative. It’s the people who put this imposter in office who make the decisions, and about them the silence is deafening.

  21. This article is a classic example of the Neanderthal perception that the military cannot harbor traitors, incompetents officers and those who refuse to obey a commanding officer’s orders. Some of these individuals were accountable for nuclear weaponry that was inexplicably lost or cannot be accounted for. We are still in Afghanistan in spite of outstanding Presidential orders to the contrary. Some individuals such as Petreaus had been proven to be involved in personal agendas involving politicians and banksters. Believe in sexual indiscretions and you are a complete fool. This is just another ridiculous article by Jeff smith and an incompetent VT staff that understands little from the few leaks that they do have. The old perceptions and beliefs of the nature of the military are no longer valid and its obvious that it has put VT in a conundrum that is represented in some way in every article.


    [Dear folks, the six links posted in this comment have been removed for spamming. Loading the VT comment board up with outside links to take our readers off site will get you kicked out of here pronto by me if I catch you doing it twice. Our readers know how to google of the want to do research. Please don’t do this no matter how well meaning you may feel it is. We have kept our comment boards free from people raiding us to redirect traffic only by kicking them off quickly. Comments are welcome, and with “ONE” good ON TOPIC link. We allow one link because a lot of our readers have gem ones to contribute, and we want those. We are not, and don’t want to be…a bulletin board. Thanks, Jim W. Dean, VT]

    • Dear Mr. Dean.. having read your note to EDGBA, I must let you know I posted two small powerpoints online, as I was unaware of the rule of one link at a time. As an old ( 70 ) analyst, I got carried away.
      Please forgive my error.

  23. Is it a myth that Dick Cheney had the authority over Norad to launch non-nuclear attacks and if so did Vice president Joe Biden get those powers handed down to him? Just a tangent thought.

  24. Something is most definitely going on. Maybe the neurotic SSG control freaks are worried about a military coup….tyrants fear nothing more than a popular revolution.

  25. this really IS “Planet of the Apes”, or “Beneath”.. whichever the one mutants removed their masks in worship of an ICBM. if something does happen it WILL be the fault of all these secretive so called “leaders” who plan to be underground for it, at our expense of course. give “No Place Like Home” by DEVO a listen?

    Garibaldi, +10 on that!

  26. Ah yes, all hail to these “men of unimpeachable character” …http //www.veteranstoday.com/2014/11/07/you-just-cant-make-this-stuff-up-us-to-learn-war-tactics-from-israelis/

    • I agree. This article is a mess. Contradictions throughout. If the Editor’s Note is from Gordon, and the author of this posting is Jeff Smith. then we have the Senior Editor directly contradicting the OP. The OP here is basically saying these “sackings” are unwarranted, dare we say dangerous to national security. May well say treasonous and seditious in the same breath. All three proposed explanations are equally disturbing. None of them are comforting. (dare I mention PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /
      State Department Publication No.7277)

      Then Gordon comes to the rescue and says, no fear! These sackings are warranted. Brought to by the same that just jumped back into bed with the Likud of the State of Rockefeller / Israel. All (or most of) these guys being sacked because of being more than suspected, but documented proof they are practicing Satanists. Members of a death cult. Their only aim to destroy humanity. (Why is this posting dominated by an image of Baphomet? Basically the poster child for the Church of Satan.)

      This article needs to be pulled, reviewed, rewritten, and/or completely aborted. This is an unwarranted mess! VT is not ready for prime time, if they continue in this vein of unmitigated sloppiness ..

    • maybe putin stood down his nukes and obama knew these patriots would use the info to their advantage
      like g has pointed out, nuclear enrichening decays on a much sharper curve than half-life
      450 fizzlers lobbed around the world would be embarrassing

    • Great, the last comment I read after posting and it has to make the most sense. Thank you. Now I just feel stupid.

    • I think the article was originally published over at

      The writer gave 3 possible reasons for the sackings. What the editor here (Jeff Smith?) did was to point out that there is a 4th reason which the original writer had not considered.

    • Well, the editor’s note ends with a signature of “g.” Me thinks that is Gordon. I have seen that before. Plus, the style of the writer of the note appears to be Gordon. Not Smith. Smith is a scientist. (so we are told). Scientists tend to write more clinically. I don’t see that. Maybe I’m wrong, and Smith is the editor in the Editor’s Note. But that “g” signature throws me.

      I hope you are right. Smith is posting someone else view. That needs to be clarified, because it is not clear to the reader. The fourth explanation made by the E.N., would make more sense to me, in the larger context of the total negativity of the original OP. That would also explain the use of the Baphomet.

      Still this article/posting is a mess. This has to be cleaned up and better clarified. VT is under the assumption still, that this is still primarily a private intel channel, made public, but not comprehending it wide appeal, exposure, and impact. The best of intentions can go very wrong. I’m a bit of a comm expert. (both theory and tactical application) As we said in the Marines, bad/incomplete info/comm can get people killed, and/or seriously maimed (both body and soul) ..

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