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NEO – USA has become Oligarchy – Not a Democracy

- Jim W. Dean..."And so this Princeton study gives us the “tough doo” news, but sadly limited to the political realm of oligarch power."

AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald “Duck”

We are told the story is a month old. If any of this is true, then this is a huge issue, not just the lack of follow up but the lack of follow up itself.

Top 10 Movies from the 50s

Attention VT readers! Its been a long haul of foreign policy, military affairs, and mid term election issues! You deserve a break today! In fact, it's time for a little "sharpen the saw" relief. So get on that cozy winter couch, fire up some hot chocolate, and check this stuff out! Roll em!

Two pro-Israeli US Senators warn Iran with sanctions

- Jim W. Dean..."Netanyahu has deployed two faithful Israeli Senators, Menendez and Kirk, for a Hail Mary pass at wrecking the Iran nuclear talks."

Military Wives Go Social Media for Connection, Support

For many service members and their families, the effects of going to war can linger long after a deployment is over, and often those struggles happen behind closed doors. But on sites like Facebook and Twitter, some military spouses have found that taking their stories public has helped them connect with like-minded communities and receive much-needed support.

Mossadnik “White Widow” Killed in Ukraine, Report Cites

- "Lewthwaite, a UK Zionist and Israeli citizen, is cited by Interpol with taking a leading role in ISIS/ISIL terrorism, Kiev junta butchery in Odessa."

PressTV: ICC cites Israeli war crimes but ‘too busy’ to prosecute

- "ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has through her inaction in the face of blatant disregard for law on the behalf of Israel."

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