West is ‘pre-staging new Ukraine war’




West is ‘pre-staging new Ukraine war’

…  by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,     … with PressTV, Tehran

First published …  November 12, 2014


“One of the saddest lessons of history is if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken.” ~ Dr. Carl Sagan, American astrophysicist


The Saint Sophia cathedral is reflected in the glasses of a new volunteer recruit of the Ukrainian army ‘Azov’ battalion, after a military oath ceremony in Kiev and before his contingent heads to eastern regions, June 23, 2014
The Saint Sophia cathedral is reflected in the glasses of a new volunteer recruit of the Ukrainian army ‘Azov’ battalion, after a military oath ceremony in Kiev and before his contingent heads to eastern regions, June 23, 2014

Signs are growing that Kiev is now ready to renew its attack on east Ukraine. While we don’t expect this one to be called an “anti-terrorist” campaign, we expect to hear more cries of “Russian invasion.”

In our current low-level military conflicts, one of the clues intelligence analysts look for is the media psychological operations that precede new attacks.

One would think by now someone would have told them to change their tactics, as this one is a dead giveaway.

Step one is always to start building up the target that you are going to attack as a threat. If whoever is in your crosshairs is not a credible threat, then you have to hook them up with “the Russian Bear” in this case, to crank up public support for your aggression to be cast as self-defense.

With Kiev’s elections being over and a new government finalized, which will include commanders and fighters from the current war, there are signs that Ukraine is itching to get back into the fight. So-called non-NATO aid has been flowing into the Ukrainian military from NATO countries, a convenient loophole, and Poland and other countries have been helping to rearm Kiev’s troops.

This military buildup was carried on against the backdrop of continuing charges of Russian units crossing the border, but without any hard proof in this high-tech age, where scores of people shoot photos and video of any movement of military equipment.

Kiev got its gas deal signed with the Russians without having to clear up all the gas debt, and the EU did not even have to guarantee the balance. This was a conciliatory gesture from Russia and a practical one to begin getting the Ukraine economy going again so Russian banks will not lose the billions loaned out to Ukrainian industries.

The gas can be turned on...and turned off
The gas can be turned on…and turned off

As non-NATO aid has been flowing into Ukraine’s military from NATO countries, we know the Ukrainian army is being prepped for another attack on the separatists, and with what I suspect will be a much bigger effort using covertly paid Western contractors to try to finish the job.

I am sensing that the West hopes that, with a full-scale attack on the Republics, Russia will be forced to intercede militarily after the West already has – and NATO will finally have the Russian invasion it has wanted to trigger the next stage of boosting NATO forces on Russia’s borders.

The parade of lies has been almost comical if it were not for the suffering of the east Ukrainians, who want to defend themselves from living under the boot of a ruthless Western puppet fascist coup government. Kiev claims armored units have crossed the Russian border without the OSCE monitors at the crossing seeing anything.

With all the people who shoot photos and video of military movement, we don’t have a single image… similar to how no one saw a Buk missile go up to hit MH17 when the smoke plume would have been viewable over fifty square miles for five minutes.

NATO’s General Breedlove claims that Russia has “combat capable” troops on the Ukraine border AFTER Ukraine mentioned it had deployed troops there. But someone got their wires crossed at the Pentagon, as spokesman Admiral Kirby tells us that he has not confirmed movement of Russian forces into Ukraine. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

NATO's US General Breedlove does not think Kiev's doing a ballistic missile strike on Donetsk is worth even a mention
NATO’s US General Breedlove does not think Kiev’s doing a ballistic missile strike on Donetsk is worth even a mention

Kiev’s shelling of Donetsk has never stopped, and has increased after the election with heavy mortar fire, GRAD rockets and even a ballistic missile fired into the city.

We never heard a peep from any of the Western coup supporters that these continued ceasefire violations were going to wreck getting any kind of a peace settlement.

What I sense here is they all know there is not going to be a final ceasefire settlement because they have been supporting Kiev’s preparation for a final blitzkrieg to crush the separatists before yearend.

New EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has called for both sides to stop their ceasefire violations, even though it is clear that the Republic is only engaged in operations to stop Kiev’s violation, because the West has not said or done anything about them in the past, an indication that it did not mind.

Already, we hear the expected rumblings that, while the West will not jerk their junkyard dog chain on Kiev, which it could do with one phone call, the threats of more sanctions against Russia are in the pipeline if it does not handcuff the separatists.

Mind you, we have Kiev bragging that it has been deploying fresh units all around the perimeter of the Republics to cause them to spread out their defensive forces. This is a flagrant offensive move during a ceasefire. What they did not say is they are pre-staging a lot more logistical support for the next attack, lots of ammo and supplies and better medical support, which was just terrible in the past.

OSCE monitors seem to never see Kiev troop and armor movements
OSCE monitors seem to never see Kiev troop and armor movements

On Sunday, we have the OSCE monitors reporting the heavy weapons columns are moving in east Ukraine like that is some kind of big surprise.

The inference is that they must have come from Russia, but the Defense Forces have had heavy weapons all through the fight, many captured from Kiev, and which played a key role in defeating the poorly-trained and -motivated Ukrainian army.

The OSCE did confirm that the shelling that killed the two school kids came from a village behind the airport. One of the wounded girls had both legs blown off. The West did make some sympathetic statements, but did not demand that Kiev must stop or lose its Western funding.

But the newly-elected head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko is taking things a bit farther than the West will probably like, claiming that his people know the names of those guilty for the killings.

“We know the names of all the commanders of artillery and mortar batteries, even down to the commanders of the gun crews. We know their names… and their last names… Now we will find out the names of the soldiers. We shall identify everybody, and they will be brought to justice.”

This guy is the real deal, not like the gangsters we seem to like to hook up with now as expendable cannon fodder. The DPR Defense Ministry says it will insist on international prosecution. I can’t wait to hear the West say, “We don’t recognize war crimes against east Ukraine.”

I will close with another Twilight Zone statement from America’s new anchor allies on Russia’s border. Here we have a broke Ukraine who just wasted several billions of money it did not have to waste on the east Ukraine war that could have gone into desperately needed development.

And along comes Parliament Speaker Olexander Turchnov on Sunday to tell us that a key goal of the Rada was to build the world’s strongest military. Gosh, I wonder whose money he plans on using? Might it be the West’s?



  1.  As they say, while “An Architect Displays His Mistakes, A Doctor Kills His Mistakes.” That is exactly what happened at the G-20 Meeting in Brisbane, Australia.

     The “Brain Dead Morons, Tugs, Shameless, Liars, Street Talkers, etc.,” the So-Called “World Leaders” Once Again “Displaced Their True-Colors.” On the other hand, President Putin, “Once Again Displayed that he is the Shining Star & who Speaks like a True Leader.”

     Tony Abbott (I intend to “shirtfront” Putin), Putin (No Comment), Steven Harper (You need to Get out of Ukraine), Putin (That would be impossible, because Russian troops aren’t there), David Cameron (Western Sanctions could increase, if he continues to help the rebels in eastern Ukraine), Putin (economic sanctions against Russia harm both their targets & the countries imposing them, at least our unemployment is 4.9%, it won’t affect our social obligations & Russia’s The International Institute of Energy is evaluating the gas & energy sectors). At a News Conference He said, I’m leaving, because I have many meetings on Monday & the flight is 18 hrs.

     “Kiev authorities are cutting off those territories with their own hands– to save money, it’s not the time or the case to save money on, he said. 1990s to 2009, even at the worst moments, Moscow did not stop paying pensions and other social benefits to the Chechen people. We did it due to our moral obligations to the common people.”

  2. Its to bad you don’t have your own TV network Mr. Dean, the world would be a far better place. The only problem with reading you and the rest of VT’s top notch analysts is now I have to go eat Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of my family, talk about The Stranger…

  3. Good gosh Gennady, The West and East have had military cooperation for years as part of winding things down, attendance at each other’s military maneuvers, allowed overflights for recon purposes, lots and lots of inspectiongs, etc. It was only have the NeoCons came in, and the Russian threw off the Western backed choke hold the oligarchs had put on the country, most of the Jews…that they West decided that taking over Russia via the crooks did not work, so it was time to start creating some threats. But even the phone War on Terror saw lots of security cooperation with Bush and Putin, despite the Taliban/Mulsime terror structure had been a CIA – Saudi construction. You forget we are an Intel website here, and work in defense and counterterrorism…many with 40 years of experience.

  4. What surprises me is that if west can freely arm Jews thugs (let’s drop nazi for a change) then why cannot Russia arm freedom fighters? Putin doesn’t seem reliable. Looks like he is another Cameroon who wants to see non Russians take over Russians (Cameroon wanting to see Asian pm for uk)

  5. Every time I forget that Obama is a NWO concubine he does or says something to remind me. At the NWO-controlled G8 Summit, Obama mentioned Ukraine and said that Russia’s behavior is a threat to the world, then on top of that brought up MH17 as an example, like he has proof positive that it was them.

    • I don’t listen to him in the sense that I give him much heed. He gives speeches on whatever policies our shadow rulers are pushing through so I try to figure out what he really means, because it’s not what he says.

    • I never believed him either. Too many routine document questions unanswered, timeline gaps with stupid alibis, weird friends, it goes on and on. Still, he is part of the central power structure in this country and it behooves us to note what he says, for he’s only vocalizing what the real power mongers have in mind for us.

  6. Why should Putin risk further encirclement? Why doesn’t give the pro-Russian E. Ukrainians an early Christmas present and spend the rest of November, early Dec. obliterating Kiev’s military capability? Unlike the Israelis he’ll avoid civilians/civilian infrastructure as much as possible ( near zero? ) and just basically sweep off Russia’s front porch.

    • Why doesn’t “he give…”…Any ideas? Too much risk of it spinning out of control? Funny how our leadership never factors that in..

    • Really? When west is outright lying then why is he afraid if spinning? To me putin looks like kontrolled opposition. He seems awfully similar to chumpsky in making excuses (hear chumpsky on 9/11 excuses for not questioning govt version)

  7. The “sin” of getting rid of dollars asks for the swift retribution from Washington. But Putin has said before that Russia can do just as well without him. The presidential role in the countries of the West has turned from “first among the people” into “first among the lobbists”, whoever bids/sells more to elect himself. The great Adam Smith capitalist invisible hand of the market is so visible these days in Syria and Ukraine probably like it was never as visible in the history.

    • I love that “invisible hand” phrase so often quoted by the fans of raw capitalism. For them it’s always “let the market decide”. They speak of the market in God-like terms. “Invisible”., how can it be invisible when we can see it? We can see manuf. being exported. We can see the privately owned ( don’t you know? Everything pvt. is good, public bad ) Fed creating money out of thin air and loaning it to our govt. ” The market”…The market doesn’t care if a skilled laborer can’t make enough to support his family, if your kids are corrupt by bad movies/music, if the country loses it’s manuf. base..”the market” doesn’t care if the country disintegrates through mass immigration.

  8. “We know the names of all the commanders of artillery and mortar batteries, even down to the commanders of the gun crews. We know their names… and their last names… Now we will find out the names of the soldiers. We shall identify everybody, and they will be brought to justice.”

    Luckily Donetsk still has a few trees left.

  9. Excellent update, Mr Dean. The movement of the International Oil companies (strangely never considered as the cartel they are) to capture the European Energy Market. It seems ‘Scaring the world’ is their MOM to move the populations to their perspective. Discounting the insanity of Zionist Israeli Government, It is oil and gas. The “Oligarchs” are going to not want more massive nuclear bombs going off in their neighborhoods. But they will have no issue manipulating the situation to get control of both the energy business and solving for the moment their currency issues with the Petro-dollar. I think its not in their interests and greed to make a short work of the long road to ‘a Brave New World’.

  10. been following this on RT, Saker’s and several other sites since March. don’t want to start a verbal war on VT, but didn’t I read recently that Dempsey, Hagel are “beyond reproach,” or some such. who does the jerk Breedlove report to, McCain? also saw some pics of a Su-29 shooting a missile at the MA17, apparently intercepted from the US satellite that was parked over the area. it could be a hoax, of course. if it is not, then the above mentioned were certainly aware of it. Saga was right, I guess.

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