All Wars are Bankers’ Wars


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By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


The purpose of war, according to this brief documentary by radio host Michael Rivero, is to force central banks on countries that try to issue their own money. He makes a compelling argument, illustrated by numerous historical examples. The film’s main value, in my view, is in dispelling common misconceptions about where money comes from. Contrary to popular belief, western democracies don’t issue the money they use to run government services. They borrow the money at interest from privately owned central banks. In the US, this private central bank is called the Federal Reserve.

The American Revolution

Rivero begins by quoting Benjamin Franklin, who saw George III’s Currency Act as the main trigger for the American Revolution. The Currency Act prohibited colonists from using colony-issued currency. Instead they were required to use English bank notes. The latter were borrowed at interest from the England’s private central bank, the Bank of England. This interest payment amounted to a de facto tax on each and every financial transaction.

After the Revolution, the new American government returned to issuing its own currency. This ended in 1791, when Alexander Hamilton persuaded Congress to appoint a private central bank to finance government services. The First Bank of the United States was funded (at interest) by the Bank of England, which was controlled by Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

The War of 1812

Plagued by inefficiency and corruption, the First Bank of the United States was so unpopular that Congress ignored Rothschild’s threats and refused to renew its charter in 1811. Rothschild, whose control over British money enabled him to control both the economy and Parliament, had warned that Britain would declare war to re-colonize the US unless Congress renewed the charter. Although the US won the War of 1812, they were forced to charter the Second Bank of the United State in 1816 to repay their massive war debt. American’s second central bank lasted until 1832, when voters returned Andrew Jackson to a second term based on a campaign promise to shut it down.

The Civil War

From 1832-1862, the so-called “free banking era,” all banks were state charted. In 1862 Lincoln created a national system of banks to fund the federal government and issue currency. When he authorized the US Treasury to issue $150 million in interest-free “greenbacks,” the London Times called for the destruction of the US because of the major threat this posed to the global economy (i.e. international bankers). To punish Lincoln, England and (and France) would provide financial and material support to the southern Confederacy.

Government-issued currency ended for good in when the Wall Street banks conspired with Woodrow Wilson to create a permanent (private) central bank. The Federal Reserve Act was  written in secret by the US banking establishment and rammed through Congress during the 1913 Christmas recess.

World War I and II

According to Rivero, World War I was also a banker’s war, intended to punish Germany for the strict limitations it imposed on its central bank. At the end of World War I, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to repay all the war debts of the other European countries, even though Germany hadn’t started the war.

Crushed by this war debt, the only way Hitler could salvage the German economy was to abolish Germany’s central bank and return to interest-free government-issued currency. This move, which infuriated international bankers, resulted in rapid Germany re-industrialization when the rest of the developed world was mired in deep economic depression. It was lauded internationally as the “German miracle.”

Meanwhile in 1933, American bankers and industrialists plotted a “Bankers’ Putsch,” an attempted military coup against Roosevelt. Their goal was to install corporate fascism in the US, along the lines of Mussolini’s government in Italy. General Smedley Butler, the war hero they enlisted to lead the coup, foiled it by exposing it to the House McCormick-Dirkson Committee. The largely pro-business committee instituted a cover-up, until journalist John Spivac uncovered their secret report in 1967.

Breton Woods

In 1946, following World War II, forty-four nations signed an agreement at Breton Woods New Hampshire for the US dollar to replace the British pound as the world’s reserve currency. This was done with two stipulations: 1) that the US dollar would be redeemable for gold at a price of $35 an ounce and 2) that the Federal Reserve wouldn’t issue more dollars than they could redeem in gold.

Because the Federal Reserve is a private banking network, the federal government has no control whatsoever over the quantity of US dollars they issue. In 1971, it became obvious that the Fed was issuing far more dollars than it could redeem (the vast majority of money the Fed creates is electronic money – only about 3% is in notes and coins*). When France asked to redeem its dollar reserves for gold, Nixon unilaterally suspended the gold standard agreed at Breton Woods.

The Birth of the Petrodollar

At this point the US dollar became a “fiat” currency, theoretically back by nothing. In reality, it was backed by oil, through a complex agreement whereby the US agreed to “defend” countries (i.e. not destabilize or declare war on them) if they committed to buying and selling oil in dollars, aka “petrodollars.”

According to Rivero, the US invasion against a long list of Muslim countries is an indirect result of this agreement. Islam prohibits lending money at interest. As Rivero points out, none of seven Muslim countries retired General Wesley Clark has identified as targets for US military aggression (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon) had private central banks prior to US invasion and occupation.**

Historical Inaccuracies

Apart from several minor historical inaccuracies (eg the purpose of Executive Order 11110 that John Kennedy signed in 1961 and Nixon’s alleged pledge of the National Park system as security on US debt), the film serves as an excellent introduction to the hidden role played by private banks in issuing and controlling the global money supply.


*See 97% owned
**Retired General Wesley Clark first revealed the existence of this campaign to conquer the Middle East and North Africa during a Democracy Now interview in 2007.


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  1. The terms [ fake or counterfeit ] money are mostly rhetorical when referring to US Fed Reserve money printing . Some prople claim that the Fed has no legal authority to issue public currency ( US dollars ) .
    Otherwise , when the Fed issues more currency than necessary to manitain price levels it causes money devaluation ; and the new money is thus rhetoricly often referred to as being [ fake ] even though it is functionally equivalent to previously existing currency and just as genuine since any illlegality of the issuance remains a judicially unproven presumption . In other words , as long as the money [ works ] it is assumed to be genuine .

    • What Ron Paul and many others call [ counterfeit ] money is REAL money that actually works even in a money machine . Their use of the term counterfeit is rhetorical//propagandistic . They call it counterfeit because there are no new economic assets to back it up — only prior existing assets so that it devalues the whole of the currency . The synagogue of satan has spent several thousand years goofing up the discourse on money matters so that most nonjews remain confused and ignorant about money technology . Even the universities are unable to teach complete money technology curriculums because they also do not have complete knowledge of the technology monopolized by the ILLuminati Bankster Wizards .

  2. Please note that information can also mean dis-information , mis-info , mal-info and sometimes even non-info . Rules are a special category of info . The synagogue of satan globalist ziojew rulers control information in its many different forms other than just various media categories of info . Secret rules of the Fed Reserve are the logical equivalent of non-information which is a special form of sheeple mind control — hear no evil , see no evil , speak no evil so that evil is all gone .

  3. “” Bankers manipulated markets and money supplies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to create economic chaos intended to demonstrate that the US Congress couldn’t be trusted to issue the peoples’ money.””

    It would be very difficult to prove the bankers wrong about that . On the other hand , there is no reason that the fedgov could not train and then employ bankers ( and pay them a very good salary ) in a non- profit US owned Govbank instead of the privately owned for-profit Federal Reserve Banks .

    • Totally agree about the accountability factor ; and of course it was the District of Criminals political establishment ( Congress and President Wilson ) that relinguished their fiduciary accountability to the Fed Banksters starting in 1913 .

  4. LC, to see how money counterfeiting by the Fed works, start with the Mises Institute, whose analysis is spot on regardless of whether you’re libertarian or not. The effects are real enough, and a person making $20/hr in ’80 would have to make $58/hr today to have the same purchasing power. $10,000 in the bank in ’08, less imputed lost savings and inflation, is worth $2,000 today. Straightforward theft from Americans straight into the pockets of the cabal whether the intricacies are understood or not. That congress will not audit or regulate the Fed is very real evidence, not hyperbole, that everything else coming from Capitol Hill is a hoax as well. Usury is the most insidious form of enslavement, where the cabal parasitizes every hour’s labor with debt while stealing our meager assets through inflation. The idea that collection of narcissists, pedophiles, and psychopaths recruited to pose as congress will do anything about this is a joke. Congress acts like our enemy because they are just that.

    • Prof Steve Keen is one of the extremely few outsider economists ( maybe even the only one ) to have researched then explained in bits-n-pieces the actual fed money creation process on the Naked Capitalism website and perhaps other sites .

      Banks initiate the process of money creation when they make a loan . The actual paper currency is printed by the fed as needed which often is a year later . Electronic digital currency creation occurs at the speed of electricity in copper wires and is all about accounting bookkeeping where the banksters keep and cook the computerized books .

      Here is a link ( add a colon to it after the [ http ] ) to a wiki article showing that he has the credentials to know about the US fed money creation process —

      http //

  5. In 2 or 3 generations the bankers will sharply decline in their revenues and social scale because all the bloodmoney history research will successfully track back to them and widely expose their deeds.

    • The banksters must of read your above comment davor . The city of london global bankster headquarters has recently been getting nervous from a lot of negative attention and bad press so that the ziojew rulers are now broadcasting that the financial capital of the world is New York City and not the historical world currencies trading capital city of london . They realize that a moving target is more difficult to hit — one of their favorite tactics used to confuse their enemies . Their next tactic will be to move the money capital into cyberspace where they will have near total control — if they have not already done so .

  6. Religious brainwashing . Islamic brainwashing produces predatory suicide bombers . Christian brainwashing produces predatory loyal servants//slaves to the synagogue of satan Israeli jews . Jewish brainwashing produces predatory { self-proclaimed divinely chosen ones } . It all works like a charm .

  7. Accounting Perversion in Bank Financial Statements —

    http //

    International Institute of Certified Public Accountants

    Incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware

    1st May 2013

    Open Letter
    Demand Deposits Do NOT comply with IFRS (GAAP)

    “I am of the opinion that underlying the ongoing Global Financial Crisis is continuing accounting malpractice based on faulty accounting standards, or their false interpretation. The effects are devastating. I request you to reconsider and, if you agree, to act.

    As public accountants we cannot continue to watch banks fail only a month after we have certified their financial statements as going concerns when they are clearly not. We cannot continue to hide behind the assertion that in the conduct of our audits we have complied with IFRS (GAAP) attesting, for example …..”

  8. The Rivero video is a thumbnail of “Creature from Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin on the international crime syndicate. Hitler did NOT create his ‘miracle’ by rejecting bank, but from the ‘investment’ of over $100 million in US depression era capital, see “How Geo Bush’s Grandfather Helped Hitlers Rise to Power” in the UK Guardian. When the Fall of the Berlin Wall threatened to produce Universal Freedom, Big Bush had is Neville Chamberlain moment at Tainenmen Square and cast a billion Chinese into a toxic waste dump, slave state funded with YOUR 401K, see “Hoodwinked by Hoodlums” and “overthrowing the Kit & Kaboodle” under the History tab at FauxScienceSlayer site.

    Since we are dealing with a largely illiterate society, you should Forward All the Rivero video as a talking point for the emerging new Truth based reality.

  9. Linda says, “Heads on Sticks.” This inter-generational banking cabal is ahead of that game. “Cabal” comes from Cabala, which is another word for magic, which is real enough inasmuch as the cabal creates money out of thin air. During the French Rev the “Revolutionary Guards” were psychopathic thugs who guarded Jewish bankers and their operations 24/7. Almost like magic we have a new cadre of psychopaths called DHS, whose true mandate is protecting that same cabal.

  10. Thank you, Mrs. Bramhall for this article.

    I would like to add a classic self confession of a banker, done by a fine british actor, who adds insight to your true words in a very precise and also frightening words

    I’ve shown this to many of my friends and it always was had a direkt impact on them, which then led to fruitfull discussions about this subject.

  11. 1914 – HM Treasury issued its own debt-free and interest-free Treasury paper money based entirely on the wealth and credit of the British nation. In less than five days these new Treasury notes, called Bradburys after Sir John Bradbury the Treasury Secretary who put his signature to the initial batch, were available to the banks to give to their customers instead of gold.The entire British economy can be supported by the immediate reintroduction of the debt-free Bradbury Pound by HM Treasury.
    http //

  12. Excellent video . I am praying that the world is not a day too late and a dollar too short in learning about the devil’s bargain called the US Federal Reserve System .

    • Recall Tali the dragon statue the City of London emblem installed at every entrance.
      http //
      2. Tali, the Dragon, is above the Universe, as a king on his throne; the sphere in the year as a king in his State, the Heart of man as a king in warfare.

    • Lateinos and Saturn are synonymous. TTB p.270

      Saturn/Nimrod, is the name of the SNAKES visible head. [The Two Babylons, pages 239 and 274-77] Teitan is the name of the invisible head of the SNAKE [Strongs 2342, a

      venomous dangerous animal Revelation 13 4, Revelation 12 9 ]. Teitan is just the Chaldean form of Sheitan, the very name by which Satan has been called from time immemorial by the Devil-worshippers of Kurdistan;…..”

      “The dragon of the Greeks says Pausanius was only a large snake.” TTB p226 [translated variously as a whale, a beast, a fiery serpent, a jackal, a sea monster etc]

      “………Thus was the Sun, the Great Fire – god, identified with the serpent. But he also had a visible human representative, and that was Tammuz, for whom the daughters of Israel lamented, in other words NIMROD.” TTB p.228

      From “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” excerpt from Protocol 3. “Today I tell you that our goal is only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolise our people.”

      (Protocol 4)”………Gentile masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery…. Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force?”

  13. I posted this vid in comments on here 4months ago and its the best wake up video that has been done. Give to all the sheeple in your life please. This should be mandatory grade school viewing (after the minor historical corrections are made)

  14. Very good article. I have been disseminating Mike’s piece it for months now, hundreds of my posts on the Internet…

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