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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Is “Islamic State” really “Jewish State” ?

ISIL claims to be a Muslim liberation movement – yet it never attacks Israel or its supporters. Instead, its fighters are treated in Israeli hospitals and visited, complete with accolades, by the likes of Netanyahu. 

Why would Jewish State (JS) support Islamic State – and vice-versa?

JS is occupying and ethnically cleansing Muslim holy land. JS launched a global war on Islam with the 9/11 coup d’état. JS is obviously the prime enemy of Muslims. In fact, the struggle to liberate Palestine from the JS extremists should be the top item on every Muslim’s political agenda – the one thing that brings all Muslims, everywhere, together. (Alongside all fair-minded people from all faiths and outlooks.)

Yet IS’s top priority is fighting the Axis of Resistance of Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria – the most capable and competent Islamic resistance movement against JS. And they’re destabilizing Iraq in service to the Oded Yinon plan to smash that country into pieces.

What kind of “Islamic resistance movement” is this?

It’s either a false flag group or a bunch of idiots…or some combination thereof.

Virtually every reputable Islamic scholar on earth, as well as all Muslim political leaders, have condemned IS. Yet the group is not without some popularity on social media, and hundreds of Muslims, mostly young and unsophisticated, have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the group.

What explains the (limited) appeal of IS?

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff says the young men who join IS are in it for the “jihadi brides.” Somehow I don’t think that’s a full and complete explanation. There are easier ways to get l- – I mean, married.

Eric Walberg is closer to the mark. Eric writes:

“The caliphate project, implementing sharia, the determination to overthrow the Saudi monarchy, the rejection of fiat money–these are legitimate goals and deserve serious analysis.”

Indeed, all four of these goals are widely shared by Muslims all over the world. Many Muslims would be tempted to follow Attila the Hun or Charlie Manson or Jack the Ripper if that individual said “la ilaha ila llah” and proclaimed a caliphate that would implement sharia, overthrow the Ibn Sauds, and reject fiat money. The Muslim world is more than ready for a new Islam-based social order, and any group that looks like it is having any success whatsoever at achieving it is likely to win a fair amount of support. So it shouldn’t be entirely surprising that such a flawed and dubious group as IS is able to drum up some followers.

I will be discussing “whence the appeal of IS?” on AlEtejah TV this Wednesday Nov. 26th at 1 pm Eastern.

And then I will interview Eric Walberg about the same topic Friday, Nov. 28th, 9 to 10 pm on Truth Jihad Radio.

While you’re waiting, check out my latest debate with IS supporter Anjem Choudary on Press TV:

Watch the video at Press TV



Press TV

An outspoken American author and Islamic studies expert says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is advancing the agenda of the Israeli regime.

Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV from Madison that the ISIL is a “mercenary army,” which has been organized by the Zionists.

The ISIL has been fighting on behalf of Zionism in order to “destabilize Syria” and “cripple the anti-Israeli resistance” across the region, Barrett said.

He also said that the ISIL ideology is similar to the Israeli forces committing crimes against the Palestinians in East Jerusalem al-Quds and elsewhere across the occupied Palestinian territories.

He strongly criticized the “Zionist-dominated” Western media for demonizing Muslims by attributing the ISIL atrocities to Islam. The analyst said that the Saudi-backed Wahhabi fanatics and ISIL terrorists were contributing to the Zionists’ global war against Islam.

“The former members of the defunct Iraqi Ba’ath Party and the supporters of slain Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have teamed up with the ISIL in order to commit acts of terror against thousands of innocent people,” Barrett said.

The ISIL terrorists control several areas in Syria and Iraq. They have been carrying out horrific acts of violence, including public decapitations and crucifixions, against all communities in the two countries, including against Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, and Christians.

A US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria, but there is wide skepticism about the real objective of the airstrikes as well as their effectiveness.

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told Press TV that the United States’ military strategy in Iraq and Syria has failed.

Barrett concluded by saying that Press TV is the sole news channel that has played a crucial role in exposing the Takfiri militants’ crimes.





  1. “While you’re waiting, check out my latest debate with IS supporter Anjem Choudary on Press TV ”
    Choudary is an MI5 stooge. Friend of the Woolwich ‘Michaels’……there’s more…

  2. (continuation) And the ‘professional’ and ‘successful’ use of modern networking and information tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are redolent of the same type of communications used in the Color Revolutions’ and the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, which we know were Western machinations. The West are using the same tactics in Venezuela.

    I don’t believe the beheadings of the Westerners was real; though the West’s rag-bag cutthroats are certainly more than capable of such atrocities, and even glory in them, if the Western beheadings were real, why did they not show the whole process in all it’s gory detail, then hold up the bloody heads to the cameras? I believe it is just a hoax to get the Western masses riled up, so they will back any measures their ‘governments’ decide they want to take (kinda like the ‘Kuwaiti Incubator Babies’ Lie).

  3. ISIS/ISIL/IS is US/Israeli backed, as sure as God made little apples. Cui bono?
    The Yinon Plan called for the surrounding countries to be Balkanised, thus weakened and much more manageable. The US also has had similar plans for years.
    The ISIS/IS poured across the Turkish NATO border into Syria in brand-new US-manufactured Toyota trucks, rigged to carry advanced heavy weaponry. Turkey even built a new rail link to bring up weapons for them. They were trained in Turkey by the Turks and US, and to a lesser extent in Jordan by the US, Brits and other ‘Criminals Against Peace’ (the worst of the Nuremberg War Crimes). Roland Dumas, ex-French Foreign Minister, has been on video and TV relating how he was approached in London in 2009 (two years before the armed insurrection began in Syria) by high British officials, who told him they were going to overthrow the Assad regime with mercenaries, and asked him if he was interested. Some US troops from Iraq, ostensibly returning Stateside, in reality set up a base in Jordan in 2009 to train, arm and logistically assist mercenaries to enter Syria.
    Kevin mentioned the Yinon Plan, and the IS’s strange antipathy to attack Israel or Israelis, and also Netanyahu’s visiting their wounded in Israeli Field Hospitals (IS/ISIS have also been filmed operating freely in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights). (to be continued).

  4. I thought I could trust Barrett’s perspective, but his statement that any _muslim_ would support anyone who says, “la ilaha ilallah” + end to fiat money + whatever… just sounds utterly misinformed. I have known a Christian man from Syria for nigh on 40 years now. He has kept a home in Syria where he has visited over all these years. His daughter married there. By simply asking him… I validated what I had presumed to be the case anyway. I asked, “In all your life, have you _ever_ heard of anyone who advocated such a thing as a ‘caliphate.'” His answer was as I expected… “never” was understood. He said he went to school with Christians, Shia, and Sunni together. All were friends – there were no significant divisions. This _was_ the character of Syria prior to these incursions. This ISIL _thing_ is merely a group of mercenaries. Can’t we use our imaginations? Imagine America’s poor – think just how difficult it would be to bribe one of them to get them to do something illegal or immoral? In America, I predict that it would be easy. In the middle east, much easier – the poor are poorer and more desperate and more without hope. Thus creating a funded entity that promises 3 squares a day and the prospect of more is no doubt easily assembled with enough cash. Please Kevin – get it straight The “caliphate” is a 1000-year-old concept having absolutely no relevance whatsoever to anyone in the middle east.

    • ” Two-thirds would even like to “unify all Islamic counties into a single Islamic state or caliphate.” http //

    • Many of these organizations like the Pew research center are founded or run by Jews or dual citizen Israelis, I’d be checking the background of any of them where statements or poll results could be used as propaganda.

      a quick look at their website / About section reveals..

      Board of Advisors
      Alton Fry, Council on Foreign Relations
      William Frenzel, Brookings Institution

      WPO is made possible by the generous support of
      Rockefeller Foundation
      Rockefeller Brothers Fund
      Ford Foundation

      Probably a whole lot more red flags in there that you’d know better than me.

  5. The late, Richard Holbrooke, Co-Authored Clark Clifford’s “Counsel to the President A Memoir.”

     “General C. Marshall, Jr., President Truman’s Secretary of State, and Lovett were right on the merits and that domestic politics was the real reason for Truman’s decision in 1947.”
     Ex-Israel PM Menachem Begin, “IF WE GO, WE WILL TAKE DOWN EVERYONE WITH US.”
     The Good News __ Israel’s Self- Destructive Bombs are Ticking & Now Blowing Up like never before!

     Truman letter Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth

    http //

  6. Great title, but I wonder, to fall for such an obvious Israeli ploy ‘ISIS’, how could there be so many stupid and gullible Muslims?

  7. dear mr. barrett

    thank you for the article, it seems a good assessment.
    only one thing.

    “Attila the Hun or Charlie Manson or Jack the Ripper”

    as a ‘hun’, who knows when and where and how attila lived, well, it is bit interesting to see his name written down with these others, who are black to their souls.
    possibly you should know much better to write about our lay binarch (since our spiritual binarch was buda, his brother, although not much is told about him, for obvius reasons), that he was the one who spared rome, when the pope went before him and pleaded mercy…
    not exactly the kind of conduct manson or jack would deliver. dont you think?
    I truly believe it is easy ro understand. man who works makes faults. maybe this was a conscious flaw all the muslims have to put into their works? well, i accept that.

    i have some beautiful carpets made by muslims. they all have at least one flaw. but all of them are still beautiful.

    so thanks for the article, again
    god bless you and your work

    p.s. saw the ‘debate’ with this so called salafi cleric. laughing and crying over simultaneously right now. he is as muslim as george bush is christian.

  8. yup, if they were truly “radicalized Islamists” you’d think the 1st place theyed want to hit is izrahell..
    as many years operating they havent (and wont!) yet, and izrahell heals em up to go killing some more!
    so much for the GWOT when izrahell is terrorists on every level and allowed to support terrorists.

    • I had sent Mr. Dean a video of those “Alleged” ISIS fighters with Turkish passports. Which any American’s who listen’s to American Politician’s SCREAM that…”American Cities will BURN.” should also know that the US Embassy and State Dept issues [Travel Visa’s] So whether its London or others we know that only TWO THINGS come and go into this country. DRUGS and those PATSY’S who are Allowed.

      All others must be fondled by the perverted TSA/DHS goons who know who’s flying, where they were and whence country the came from to act as US paid Sleepers.

      Good Article Doc. Barrett.

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