The Mad Race to the End

by Preston James



We The People and the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers are engaged in a Mad Race to the End. If We The People win, we get to survive along with the preservation of our Great Republic the United States of America.

If We lose, not only do We fail to overcome the sinister most Evil Agenda of the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers who are puppets of a foreign power, We lose our Republic forever and our Great Nation will be completely Balkanized.

And We and our families will be attacked and interned in FEMA Camps and then progressively mass-murdered by Homeland Security (DHS) the American form of the East German Stasi, set up by Marcus Wolfe former Head of the Stasi.  DHS is now run by Bolsheviks run out of the City of London Financial District and Israel, and is best considered an Enemy Occupation Force within Our Gates.

It is these same City of London based Bolshevik families which have already been responsible for creating every ‘ism there is and are responsible for the incredibly painful mass-murder of hundreds of millions of human beings in Bolshevik Russia, Maoist China and all over the World in numerous Wars including WWI & WWII as well as many other subsequent wars, each of which has been staged for Bankster Profits and  increased World Power.

Make no mistake, unless stopped by We the People and the Whole World, these Banksters will do the very same thing here in America to our Great Republic that they have done to so many other nations where they have mass-murdered the Populace and destroyed and Balkanized those countries.

Yes, it’s now a Mad Race to the End and the stakes are incredibly high.

The Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers know that they are involved in a monumental, history in the making, Final Race to complete their incredibly Evil Agenda which is empowered by the City of London Banksters who are now actually their losing power by the day.

This is the struggle of the ages of Might versus Right. It is the final struggle between the Evil Aristocratic “Bloodline” Plutocrats (aka the Illuminati) versus We The People, that is, the Populism Powered Masses. It is the Final Struggle of History of We The People versus the most Evil entities that ever existed on Planet Earth, parasites who are pedophiles, torturers, mass-murderers and asset-strippers upon the Human Race.

The Establishment Top Policy-Makers know that their Evil Agenda to completely take over the whole World was supposed to have been complete by 2005. But due to serious inner conflicts and numerous setbacks their whole plan is now threatened on a mass-scale Worldwide and is crumbling to dust right before their eyes.

They now realize their greatest nemesis has become the Worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press and the massive Worldwide Populism that is emerging in parallel to it.

6corps-320x3163These Top Policy-Makers used to be able to control the flow of information through their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

But now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, they have lost this classical control they had for about 100 years, beginning in 1913 when they illegally and Unconstitutionally hijacked the American Monetary Production and Distribution System.

The Worldwide Internet is their new Nemesis and their attempts so far to control it have backfired in their faces.

And this trend of failures will continue for them until their Worldwide financial control grid based on the World’s largest Counterfeiting Ring in History and its pernicious Usury and Worldwide Debt-Slavery is eradicated completely off of the face of the Earth.

Yes, the Establishment Plutocrats who are the Puppets, Kingpins and Cutouts of the Rothschild Master Counterfeiters have set up and financed lots of their own misinformation websites which specialize in limited hangout with a bad payload delivered for key subjects only. They know that unless they handle it this way they have no chance to con the public. But even so what has happened is that the public has become very hip and street smart, and accepts the limited hangout stories (as they should) but rejects the bad payload no matter who delivers it. Consequently more and more Internet Stooges, sock-puppets and limited hangout Traitors are identified and rejected every day.

Any Internet Web Site that carries this article and other Veterans Today articles is definitely on the right track.

Web users have become incredibly sophisticated and street smart about discerning truth from misinformation.

Web users have become incredibly sophisticated and because real truth resonates with their souls, they seem to have developed an almost automatic discernment mechanism. What this means in practical terms is that the Establishment Top Policy-Makers have only had limited, minimal success torpedoing the truth and their efforts have actually done more to expose their previously hidden Agenda than anything else.

They know that unless they move quickly before the worldwide emerging Populism which follows the Internet takes complete hold they will be finished and completely dethroned of all power, status and riches. They know that if this happens their extreme crimes against humanity in staged wars and asset stripping of nations, along with their abuse, torture and murder of children in their private Evil Rituals will be fully exposed.

image002777The Establishment Top Policy-Makers know they are close to failure and if they fail they face indictment, arrest, conviction and public execution for all their blatant crimes against humanity including torture and mass-murder they have committed all over the World.

They also are now beginning to realize that the stakes are incredibly high and that if they fail they all face Execution by the Angry Masses who have gotten to the point they will not tolerate their Establishment Tyranny and Counterfeiting any longer.

Yes, they are beginning to fear the pitchforks and the heavy blade of the guillotine of the French Revolution. They are starting to finally understand all the screams of painful death that they have imposed on so much of humanity may come back at them. And deep down inside they know that Payback is always a bitch when the chickens come home to roost, which is now what is happening all over the World.

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If these Banksters and Moneychangers fail in attaining their incredibly Evil Agenda, they know they are finished and will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Even if they succeed they are now starting to understand that they will never completely win because the masses can become very crafty when awakened and some will always find a ways to get them for what they have done.

And be certain of this, the masses are awaking Worldwide and are now getting hip to the World’s biggest scam called the counterfeiting of money and pernicious usury (aka Money and income producing debt for Nothing). Islamics in general outlaw this Money for Nuttin and Debt for Free scam because they know it is anti-human and the source of most Evil in the World. And they are correct in spades.

Yes, these Monsters who claim to each other to be the Chosen Ones of Lucifer” will never be safe again once World Populism takes hold no matter what they do. And World Populism is now reaching a critical mass from which these Monsters cannot escape. Secrecy no longer protects them, and their Cutouts are beginning to abandon them too because their massive, World’s Largest Counterfeiting System is failing.


What is their Evil Agenda and why is it Evil beyond what most can comprehend even when told?

What are the Populist Forces that are arising against them which have resulted in a final Battle Scenario between We The People and them, the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers.

And what specifically is wrong with these Establishment Top Policy-Makers? What Force drives them to be so incredibly Evil and to work endlessly to destroy the Republic of the United States of America, tyrannize and terrorize We The People and then mass-murder us?

In this article an attempt will be made to answer these questions.


YouTube - Veterans Today -

One thing is now certain, the American private Federal Reserve System has been the City of London Rothschild Banksters main vehicle for attempting to take over the whole World. And it is now clear they are failing in their Evil Agenda to do so and the Whole World is turning against them Right Now!


The USA is technically Bankrupt and has been so for many years.

As many economists have pointed out lately the USA is technically bankrupt and has been for many years, ever since 1933 when the Rothschild Banksters very craftily defrauded almost all of America’s Gold.

The two major Bank Bailouts, one under Bush2 and the other under Obama were both illegal and Unconstitutional for many reasons as has been the recent ongoing Quantitative Easements.

These massive ongoing QE’s have been viewed by many as criminal and fraudulent emergency efforts to prop up the American Monetary System which is essentially based on the largest counterfeiting in the history of the World, even far surpassing the Wiemar Republic which brought Fascism to Germany and staged it for WW2.

It’s a known but little publicized fact that Iceland indicted, arrested, convicted and jailed their Central Banksters and granted cancellation and amnesty of almost every homeowners mortgage because the Banksters defrauded the Icelanders with phony money and bad Banksters debts from poor investments. Americans have had a crooked, compromised Attorney General and are now getting another one.

It’s high time we route these compromised crooks out of the US Department of Justice and get honest Rule of Law enforcement and serious prosecutions of Banksters for RICO Financial Fraud and for running the World’s largest Counterfeiting Ring. What a glorious day it will be to see them arrested and hauled off in handcuffs and leg irons, followed by internment in the Black Prisons they set up for Federal Whistle-blowers where their trials, convictions and public executions can be conducted and transmitted by satellite and Television to the whole World.

Imagine the Public Celebrations and mass Joy when all the Assets stolen by these Counterfeiting Monsters are clawed back by use of military force and distributed to We The People. This essentially would be a Jubilee Year Celebration with the cancellation of almost all private mortgage debt and massive paybacks to every family and citizen in America.

And the first rule of order will be to rebuild the US Infrastructure and institute Ambassador Lee Wanta’s complete Plan for the re-industrialization and revitalization of America, and the complete removal of all so-called free-Trade Agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO & TPP) and the substitution of Fair Trade Agreements with appropriate tariffs. Imagine the millions of good paying jobs that will arise. Never again shall we let Bankster Counterfeiters steal all our jobs and export all our critical industries. The massive wealth that America is capable of once these Bankster Counterfeiters are removed from power will be incredible and there will be good paying job opportunities for everyone.


The Notorious Plunge Protection team, masters of stock price-kiting and fraud.

And the notorious Plunge protection team allegedly run out of the Whitehouse using state of the art trade-interception/short-stop technology which short stops all normal private trades and inserts USG trade to falsely kite up the system and keep it appearing solvent when it is not.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?Yes, the US economy is a House of cards that has been kept afloat by the raw issuance of more and more counterfeit FIAT money, accepted by Americans only because the USG’s laws require it.

Since 1971 it has been accepted by the World because of the US Petro Dollar Agreement made with Saudi Arabia and the Mideast oil producers which involved US Protection for their puppet regimes in exchange for making all Oil Sales in US Dollars and using the newly formed US Petro Dollar as the World Exchange Currency.

Now if you doubt that the US Petro Dollar is completely counterfeit, just examine any bill and it says, “Federal Reserve Note” and never states that it is a “Gold or Silver Certificate” redeemable in actual Gold or Silver like they used to be. By the way a “Note” is a loan with the note holder (YOU) as the individual who promises to pay it back with interest that accrues by the minute, hour and day. But the interest doesn’t go to you, it goes to the Federal Reserve System, which is neither a Bank or a Reserve.

The Federal Reserve System is private Corporation no different than Federal Express, except Federal Express delivers an honest work product without counterfeiting mass amounts of so-called phony FIAT money which is not real money at all, just debt-notes which obligate users to pay interest for using their own money. Now you know why this has been called the greatest scam and fraud in the history of the World anytime, anyplace.


Doubt that this Federal Reserve System manufactured counterfeit so-called money, just consider that the US Dollar now is worth only 2% of what it was when it was first issued. Serious Inflation of retail prices accompanied by deflation of job availability and wages paid is so significant since 2007 that the American Middle Class is now evaporating and the welfare roles are increasing by about 1% per month.

 bank-run__thomas_jefferson___joeforamerica__com (2)

The US Petro Dollar’s position as the World’s Reserve Currency is coming to an end in 2015.

This has been a great arrangement for the Oil Companies, the criminal Federal Reserve System and the Rothschild Banksters, but a very bad deal for the average American Citizen and many folks around the World who have been asset stripped and deprived of the fruits of their labor and any wealth they have accrued because of the forced use of this counterfeit Federal Reserve System’s phony FIAT counterfeit dollars.

But despite its utility and means to transfer accrued wealth and the fruits on American Labor to these Federal Reserve Banksters and their Kingpins and Cutouts, it is all coming to a screening halt, and likely sooner than later too. How can this be?

Very simply the big Rothschild and Federal Reserve System’s massive counterfeiting scam of FIAT money is now recognized by major World powers for what it is, a big scam and fraud. And they are unwilling to be a part of it anymore and are now setting up their own Gold and commodity backed systems.

Can you say BRICS Development Bank? Can you say MINT trade Union?

brics-logo-320x116Yes, over 137 of the World nations have either already signed on to the BRICS System of have signed Letters of Intent. These nations even include the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. The core group of BRICS has been Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

MINT is new but the core group of nations starting it is comprised of  Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey with many more showing great interest in joining. Neither of these two development unions are based on the US Petro Dollar.

China holds Trillions of US Petro Dollars and is discharging them slowing by buying up assets inside America such as the Iron Range, Movie Theater chains, two large Ports on the West Coast, numerous office and government buildings. And it is claimed by good inside sources that China has already bought part of the Federal Reserve System and could soon own most of it.

Folks, it is just about over for the Federal Reserve System’s Massive (World’s Largest) Counterfeiting scheme and the predominance of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency.

220px-N.TeslaBut as if that wasn’t enough, Free Energy aka Tesla “solar wind power” or cosmic wind power, or black energy power is just about to be released for consumers. the major oil companies have been scared to death of this development which has been around since the late 1800 and have murdered hundreds to prevent its development.


Nikola Tesla and his Cosmic Wind powered Automobile

Nikola Tesla had an electric automobile running for about one and a half years on a small battery sized box with an antenna he said received power from the Aether or Cosmic Wind to power the Auto.

In fact some believe that is the main motivation for the Israeli war mongers (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) faction of the CIA for working so hard to try to set up the complete destruction of Iran. Iran is close to developing very high efficiency reactor rods which pose little contamination risk and no spent fuel issue.

These fuel rods will be inexpensive compared to what is available now and in addition they are close to developing other forms of energy, on in particular is considered “free energy”.

Yes, Tesla-style Free Energy and anti-gravity is already here and very close to being ready to market to consumers all over the World.

If the major oil Companies (The Five Sisters) are unsuccessful in stopping Iran and other nations who are very close to releasing free energy for consumers, this means the whole Rothschild/Federal Reserve System of deployed Terrorism staged wars for mass-death will quickly become a thing of the past.

And despite the now proved fact based on Russian oil research that oil is NOT a fossil fuel but a mineral that flows underground in huge rivers. And if needed, synthetic plant based oil made from Hemp and other plants can replace mineral oil in most cases if necessary and works just fine in many applications including making plastics. Once the mega oil companies lose market the International War and Mass-Death machine will screech to a halt. Want to know more about Big oil and its connection to Banksters, War and mass painful human death and maimings, just take a look at Veterans Today Columnist Dean Henderson’s incomparable work.

Soon you will no longer be connected to the Electric Grid, no more smart meters designed to Mind-Control you and disrupt your sleep and harm your health.

Sheeple 19

Just imagine this. You are no longer connected to the grid. Each home or apartment has its own small 3 by 5 foot box which contains the means to provide all their home energy needs for 20 years or more. Your car has its own box like what Tesla had that powered his car mysteriously for about a year and a half. Your car weighs about 80% less due to on board anti-gravity generators. This technology is here now and leaked NSA raw feed documents from Russian and French Intel prove it. Your criminal USG and its privatized DOD contractors have used your tax dollars to develop this for their Secret Space War Technology and weapons Systems, but refuse to share it with those who paid for it and actually own it, We The People.

And cell phone tower emissions and Wi-Fi will be eliminated substituted with either fiber optics or a new non-toxic wave form that is inter-dimensional and far more efficient and effective. Such a wave form has already been discovered and is now being used in some special forces radios.

Soon all of this technology will be made available as the American Petro Dollars is pushed out of prominence and only accepted by fools who haven’t caught on yet.

The leaders of other nations including and especially Russia and China are carefully planning payback for these International Banksters that have defrauded their people for many years.

Can you fathom this idea? Numerous International War Crimes Trials are coming in the days ahead as the US Petro Dollar crumbles, along with plenty of Executions for those found guilty? Yes, it is a solid bet that newly emerging Worldwide Populism will demand all involved in this massive US Petro Dollar Counterfeiting/War-making scheme will be brought to Justice in a World Court of Law.

What is wrong with the Establishment Top Policy-Makers?


The American Establishment, the Stateside Puppets of the Rothschild Banksters and their Federal Reserve System are the real Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and our Enemies within our Gates. The CMMM are their Presstitutes and the US Congress are their Political Whores.

Literally everything. It’s almost as if these establishment Top Policy-Makers and their Kingpins and Cutout are not human! Based on their notably anti-human Death Cult oriented behavior for many years, they would have a hard time proving it in any honest Court of Law.

Certainly their allegiance to a foreign power and their habitual acts of espionage inside America would be enough to get them indicted, prosecuted, convicted and executed for Treason, Sedition, Espionage and Criminal and Civil RICO in any honest federal Court (right now we don’t even have a single one!).

There are important Vectors that are will converge in 2015. The first is the continually increasing in credibility, Truth and Populism as emergent from the Worldwide Internet. This is Vector A below in the Diagram. As the Internet’s usage and popularity has increased, World Populism has emerged in parallel to it and is a byproduct of it. At present it is involved in a steeply increasing rise in credibility, despite numerous Troll and sock-puppet misinformation sites set up by the Establishment.

The Establishment’s main means of maintaining credibility (even though everything they ever state is always at least party a lie), has been classically maintained by their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). The CMMM and the Establishment’s “Talking head” Newscasters act like Puppets on a string, just like almost every single USG Official, Member of Congress, the Judiciary and the US Justice department. This is Vector B.

It has been in major descent for years ever since the CMMM began dispensing the massive lies of the JFK, MLK and RFK Assassinations.

High_Treason (2)Add to this their continuing lie Oswald did it that over 80% of the American Public and 99% of the World’s public do not believe, and the CMMM lies about the Israeli attack on America of 9/11/01 as well as the CMMM lies about the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook both with no dead anyone, and the thinly veiled lies of the establishment through their CMMM are beginning to lose traction in a major way.

The Establishment and their Chief Spokespersons the Talking Heads of the CMMM, true puppets on a string are losing their Credibility and it will actually crash in 2015 when the Internet Truth and Populism Vector displaces it and shows it to be the massive base of lies, misinformation and Psyops against the America people that it is.

The Establishment and its CMMM are both losing credibility in a major way because the Worldwide Internet has provided a means for millions of researchers all over the World of all ages to sift through all the evidence available and quickly expose the Establishments lies dispensed by the CMMM, which few believe anymore.

Vector A crosses Vector B in 2015 and that is when World populism takes hold in most major nations. This will means a complete collapse of the credibility of the American Establishment and their CMMM, along with the massive counterfeiting scheme of the Rothschild Banksters and their franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

This will also signal the demise of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency and then end of US Military hegemony as a hijacked agent of the City of London World Zionists aka the Rothschild Banksters and their puppet regime and main action-agent the Israeli Likud Party.

This will also signal the impending demise of Israel as it is presently controlled by war-mongers and those who suffer from racial delusions shown to be false by the new John Hopkins Genome Factor research which shows 97.5% of Israelis claiming to have Hebrew blood to have none, being Khazarians from the Ukraine area. with at least 80% of Palestinians actually having ancient Hebrew Blood. Now for the first time this sick racial delusion of Israeli’s has been fully exposed a their big lie.


Who are the folks who hijacked America and why are they the World’s biggest Anti-Semites despite what they claim?

So now we know for sure they have no right to any Palestinian lands and never did because they have no ancient Hebrew blood and are the World’s biggest anti-Semites for persecuting and mass-murdering Palestinians who are the real Semites, that is at least 80% of them carry ancient Hebrew Blood. In 2015 Israel will begin its 10 year decent to non-existence and will be Balkanized as Henry Kissinger declared last year. Israel will be reconstituted and completely changed because the Whole World is now turning against them for creating an Apartheid against Palestinians and for genociding them.


This became this when the Israel Mossad working with PNACers and Top NeoCon Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizens, a few top JCS, USAF, NORAD and FAA Traitors planned and deployed the 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America and then nuclear blackmailed the USG into allowing them to consolidate all American Law Enforcement and Alphabets into Homeland Security, often called Homoland Security by Intel Insiders due to the perversions practiced during regular office hours by the top Officials there (a major lawsuit is now being litigated for these perversions on the job, but the CMMM will not cover it).

ATT00030 (2)Have no doubt that the City of London based Rothschild WZs planned to turn America into the World’s largest GAZA two, that is, the World’s largest open air prison camp using their WZ controlled Homeland Security and hijacked FEMA organizations.

But far too many ordinary Americans are waking up and many are well armed. Any coordinated attempts to disarm the American People will quickly result in a Major Civil War and turkey shoot of these foreign based criminal invaders, our new American enemies within our gates.

Anyone in DHS, FEMA, the National Guard, private mercenary forces or the Regular US Military stupid enough to try this might just as well paint targets on themselves and walk around waiting to be shot down by their fellow soldiers or by the masses in the biggest turkey shoot in the history of the World.

Some of the young and dumb brainwashed American Soldiers, mercenaries and Police may be willing to fight the American People, but they won’t last long to the fuselage of fire that will hit them from all directions, even from their own ranks in the back while they are not paying attention.

Most will go YOYO (official DHS term for abandoning your post and going “You Are On Your Own”). This is what most top DHS officials  and Police Chief know will happen as police and Military go home to protect their families when the SHTF and it will, probably in 2015 as Vectors cross. Remember the Armed American is the World largest Army and once fully awake and activated will comprise a well armed force of incredibly enraged Citizens that cannot be beaten.

ATT00042 (2)

What core group runs the Establishment, what is their biggest Secret that is ever credibly exposed to all the public would cause their immediate demise? And what is their Evil Agenda?

The core group that runs the Establishment in America and most of the World is the Group of Twelve, aka the Circle of Twelve who use various layers of subordinates Kingpins and Cutouts. This group likes to refer to itself as the “Illuminati” and has claimed insiders to magically become Thirteen at the “Witching Hour” during their semi-annual Secret Ceremonies on Satanic Holidays. Their Secret Agenda and secret parties and rituals are so Evil that almost anyone of the public just plain cannot believe it even when they are informed because it seems so incredulous and inhuman. Unless you have a strong stomach please skip the following four paragraphs.

This Circle of Twelve engages in the ritual sacrifice/murder of little babies and children, sometime eating their heart and drinking their blood. Witnesses have come forth. This has been corroborated. It was been stopped last December of 2013. The CMMM refuses to ever carry any of these stories even the ones about Jimmy Saville that are covered in the British Press. This group runs a very big international child sex trafficking ring for pedophiles in very high positions of the USG, Congress and in the UK and some other European nations. This group puts on numerous parties with young kids provided to prominent Politicians for sexual purposes after being given drugs to “loosen them up”. There have been two sets of arrests of large groups of pedophiles in America and many rescued kids, thanks to the new FBI Director James Comey who has stated publicly, “Do not trust the Government”. These arrests only involved lower level members of this pedophile network with the big Kingpins being able to stay clear (for now).

For now, the Twelve continue brokering kidnapped, drugged and often mind-kontrolled little children and provide them at “special parties” to top politicians whom the can then blackmail and/or control just about anytime they want. At some of these parties for the top Politicians, little children are tortured and dismembered as they are murdered. Doubt any of this? Just do some basic research on Barney Frank & Craig Spence and the Midnight Whitehouse Tours, the Franklin coverup and Boystown, Offhut AFB, the Presidio & Michael Acquino, Jimmy Saville, Marc Dutroux, etc. You can find most of it if you dig a bit. It is now known that in the UK Jimmy Saville offered young children for high ranking pedophiles, and some were hunted to death on Royal Game Farms. This is the most hidden, most Evil matter in US and World Politics and is considered the main means of human compromise and qualifying for promotion to the higher positions of Government.

What is the Evil Agenda or End Game of the Circle of Twelve? These monsters who may not be able to prove they are human in a Court of Law claim to be Lucifer’s chosen, the ones who will consolidate the World into a single big Luciferian Kingdom with the NWO Capital established in Jerusalem. This is why these folks are referred to by top Intel as the new Crusaders. As they establish their NWO Luciferian Kingdom they plan to depopulate it by 90% using radical soft-kill and the usual hard-kill methods such as major wars. They claim that Lucifer offered them the whole World if they bowed down before him, worshiped him and make a lifelong blood contract with him. In exchange they claim Lucifer is giving them all the power, status, and wealth they could ever desire and has placed them at the top of the World’s Power Structure.

It is however interesting that these folks fear exposure and continually work hard to keep the Major Mass Media completely controlled. And they have worked hard and paid a lot of money to set up limited hangout and stooge websites manned by their sock-puppets. This is failing as many Internet users all over the World are so sophisticated that they pick and choose stories, accepting the truthful limited hangout ones and rejecting the sock-puppet stooge related ones. This Illuminati know that as the current trends of complete information disclosure continues on the Worldwide Internet, their secrecy is now dissolving and unless they start WW3 their days are very limited before they are brought to justice by the angry masses. Without complete secrecy for their child sacrifices and pedophile ops that run the USG, they know they are going to be finished soon.

Unless the Establishment and DHS and FEMA start backing down and stop provoking We The People into a Civil War, they will be wiped out in the biggest Turkey Shoot in History and it will originate inside their own organizations and the US Military.

ATT00027It is important to understand that when push comes to shove many inside DHS, FEMA, the National guards and even the US Military will turn on their foreign masters and appointed puppets in a New York minute if they order them to attack communities and attempt to disarm them.

The average American has about had enough of this DHS/FEMA tyranny and are close to going ballistic on many fronts including militarily like the Founding Fathers did and recommended for any such a situation that has arisen inside America like from DHS and FEMA, true Enemies of We The People within our gates.

And these domestic agents of the foreign based Banksters and their CFR Dual Citizen Traitors will never see it coming because of their long term arrogance and short sightedness.

Right now all American Intel has become porous due to its being massively infiltrated and hijacked by Israeli Intel. Almost all NSA raw data has been accessed from sloppy Israeli Intel handling of NSA raw feeds which are downloaded from satellite to Israel in real time, and then grabbed up by sophisticated Russian and French Intel Systems going all the way back to the Vietnam War. This Intel is now starting to be released into the public sector by Russian and French Intel and there will be an enormous amount to come on a continuing basis. Veterans Today has already published an important Series of blockbuster articles related to Israel’s theft and use of nukes against America on 9/11/01 and how a monumental Intel Analysis done by Sandia Labs for the Intel Committees of Congress has been suppressed and withheld from the Public.

Russian Republic Intel has almost all of it if not all of it as does French Intel. Folks inside DHS, FEMA, the FBI and other Alphabets and Intel no longer believe in the Establishment’s Big Lies and are seriously questioning the motives of their superiors. Many are leaking Intel because they believe that massive lies and USG crimes must be exposed and stopped. The CIA is split right down the middle between the Bush Crime Cabal BCC’s secret CIA (World’s largest drug trafficking Organization in partnership with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate IZCS) and the honest sections, many of which do not even know about the treasonous scum involved in the BCC’s secret CIA which runs the illegal drugs and weapons and starts phony wars for big profits for the Banksters and the Defense contractors.

The US High Military Command does know right now and knows Dick Chicanery hijacked JSOC and SOLIC to start wars and murder dissidents like Senator Paul Wellstone and many more. There is a huge split inside the US Military and American Intel and right now the tide is turning from BCC/CIA/IZCS predominance over the honest High Military Command to just the opposite. The BCC and its private CIA as well as the IZCS are now in decline and will be eliminated one way or another. Why? Because our High Military Command now understands for the first time that Israel/IZCS and the BCC were responsible for the attack on America on 9/11/01 and know that it was nuclear using nukes stolen out the back door from Pantex in Texas under orders of Bush1. They now have the full Sandia Labs and full Able Danger secret investigation which contains all the proof and the nuclear fallout fingerprints linking the nukes used to Hanford.

Based on recent Russian Intel dumps into the public domain, many of us at VT now believe that the American public was fed a highly watered down vetted and “cleaned” and fully censored, false version of Able Danger by Colonel Anthony Schaefer. We believe that Able Danger was called into a special emergency meeting at the naval Wing of the Pentagon where 35 of them were assassinated on 9/11/01 by the same perps who nuked the Twin Towers. Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff has covered this in great detail in his series of excellent articles on “Nuclear Education”. Dig a little and you will be amazed at what you can learn in his VT articles which actually have set a new standard for truth in journalism and which many of have sent shock-waves through the USG, the American Military and the American High Military Command.

Loyal CIA Patriots are now blocking and dragging and disrupting BCC activities of the CIA and in some cases providing leaks which expose and block the BCC Agenda which is prescribed by the Rothschild Banksters and their primary Franchisee the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Bush Crime cabal has been in control of most of the USG as agents of the Rothschild Banksters for at least 50 years after Bush1 masterminded the assassination and coverup of the JFK Assassination. He was also responsible for many other assassinations such as MLK and RFK and has embedded many of his Ccriticizeutouts in high USG positions in the last 50 years so it is going to be a lot of work to weed them out. This has already started within the Military.

Examine the facts and know who your Real Enemy inside the Gates of America really is.

Many Americans are now beginning to understand that this enemy within and their puppets are truly planning to destroy America our Republic and mass-murder 90% of us Americans, even those that do not dissent. Doubt this then just examine the photos that are available of their Georgia Guidestones or take a visit there to examine them in person. then you will begin to understand what they want to do, which is to murder you, your whole family and destroy America forever. make and maintain a commitment to join your fellow American and never allow these scum to ever succeed in their Evil Agenda, ever.

Why? Because in the final analysis, Americans from all sectors, all races, all social classes and all occupations are waking up and are becoming notably motivated to take back their great Republic. Millions are just waiting for the Establishment to start something before they deploy hell on them from all directions in the greatest Turkey Shoot in the history of the World. There will be many civilian losses but the establishment will be brought to immediate justice and Victory will be ours, that is, We The People, and we will restore our great Republic, our US Constitution and or Rule of Law.


All over the World more and more folks who now understand this pall of debt that has been inflicted upon mankind by this small select group of self-professed Luciferians are confused and wonder why this small group of the most evil entities that ever existed on Planet Earth have been allowed to continue their massive evil which includes staged wars to create huge profits from mass painful death and incredible Human suffering. many are now starting to realize that this small group of Twelve who call themselves the Illuminati along with their top Lieutenants are actually the “Synagogue of Satan”, that is Satan Worshipers, the folks that sit at the top of the World Hierarchy of all Occult groups which form the Occult Circles such as Skull & Bones and many other Top Freemason Organizations.

Many all over the World wonder what must be done to stop this group from conducting their Evil which is the main source of most Human Suffering in the World Today. And right now there are several large “nuclear” nations meeting in secret conducting serious talks about what can be done to decapitate such entities from their positions of clearly illicit anti-human, incredibly Evil power over most of the World.

It is now understood that secret strike forces could be deployed to decapitate the head of this Debt-Beast and then the spoils could be redistributed. What has classically stood in the way of this? It has been the fact that World Zionists (WZs) operating out of the City of London Financial District have been able to infiltrate and hijack America by taking over its Monetary Production and Distribution System in 1913. This has allowed them to produce all the FIAT or counterfeit money they want and buy, bribe and control the US Congress and most of the USG and DOD Officials as well as most Private DOD Contractors like Ike warned about in his last speech in Office.

What this has meant in practical terms is that these top controllers of this Worldwide Debt-Beast from Hell have been protected by the full Military Power of the USA and NATO as well as the always looming threats of Israeli Likudist madmen which is known as their “Samson Option” or final nuclear solution to DC and all the Capitol Cities of Europe if the World turns against these WZ leaders.

But now thanks to the penetration of the Internet and its ability to stimulate dynamic thinking in many of the World’s new crop of leaders such as President Putin and others who are not only highly intelligent but tend to be very solution oriented when push comes to shove.

Instead of letting their nations to be drawn into a planned nuclear WWIII which would put the Rothschild WZs back in full power, they may decide to do an end run around the whole process and attack the Head of The Debt-Beast directly and this may be negotiated between a faction of the High Command in some of the  top Military command structures of the World. This kind of a secretly deployed “Decapitation Operation” as it is referred to in special operations command is always designed to eliminate the source of any such problem directly with as little collateral damage as possible. Is such a solution now likely. The odds are better than 50%.

But certainly many of us now realize that we cannot allow a small number of entities claiming to be human create mass death and painful Human suffering all over the World so they can asset strip over 50% of all the people’s wealth to satisfy their own Evil Lusts for Gold and Power. To allow this situation to exist and continue is mass insanity. Remember these who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy are the most Evil Entities that ever walked the face of the Earth.

There has never been any evidence at all that they have Human souls, consciences or give a damn about anyone but themselves. And folks, these monsters have been running the World by operating a massive phony-money counterfeiting scheme, the largest Financial Fraud in history. Until recently most folks have had no idea what has been done to them by such a small number or men. It has all been kept secret by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). But now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, all that is changing and folks everywhere are learning who is responsible for their debt-slave status and the theft of so much of the fruits of their labor and accrued assets.

The Good News is that many all over the World including top leaders in several powerful High Military Commands are now waking up and now realize they cannot allow this counterfeiting parasite to continue unabated. And many now realize this Evil Group is the key determinant of almost every Evil that plagues mankind, the force that corrupts institutions of Government, the schools and has created every Evil ‘ism in recent history.

Many leaders and High Military Command are waking up foor the first time ever and they are beginning to understand how this plague by the Dreadful Few, as VT Columnist Jonas Alexis calls them (the top WZs) has been inflicted on mankind for Centuries and must now be eradicated before they are able to destroy the whole World and mass-murder 90% of us which is their stated goal, now recorded in stone at the Georgia Guideposts. Once the Citizens of the World fully understands what these Evil Monsters have been doing to Mankind in secret, and that is happening, now thanks to the Internet, they will rise up and remove the Head of this Worldwide Debt-Beast which came from Hell and send it back to where it came from.

The bottom line is this, the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers can only operate in complete secrecy, that is if their Evil Acts and Agenda become fully exposed the public will rise up in many ways to eradicate them one way or another. This means we must work together using their Internet to override the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is losing credibility by the day. This means we must all share these VT articles and other such information and articles with our family, friends and trusted neighbors and associates.

What if the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) was broken up under anti-trust laws and new decentralized mass media rose up in their place to actually do their job to tell the truth and support healthy society by exposing corruption instead of covering it up?

Now ponder this line of thought. What do you think would happen one way or another in very short order if the Major Mass Media actually were allowed and encouraged to do their job by the FCC or just started doing it anyway and published this story: Top Banksters and most of the World Governments are run by a small group of twelve men who call themselves the “Devil’s Disciples” or the Illuminati and are conducting strange Evil Luciferian/Satanic rituals sexually abusing, torturing and murdering you children they buy, breed or kidnap.

What if the Major Mass Media actually reports that the Federal Reserve System runs a massive counterfeit money scam to create phony money to steal the hard earned fruits of our labor and our accrued wealth through pernicious usury and make us all debt-slaves by using massive deception. They gain control of our Politicians by presenting them with the “Silver or lead” choice, which easily entraps most Politicians who are very weak in character or have none at all. Most Politicians are not allowed to become elected unless they are judged to be weak in character and can make good Traitors and Constitutional violators of their Oaths of office, many of such folks are profiled to be basically perverted, kinky, narcissistic or easily corruptible for the seven deadly sins.

What is the major Mass media including the evening news, national and local, actually reported the truth? That this Control Group of Establishment Top Policy-Makers is Evil beyond words, runs Kingpins and Cutouts and provides top Policy-Makers who pre-engineer and conduct wars to create massive and painful human death and terrible woundings to “thin the human herd”, gain more power and make vast fortunes from the profits of war because they lend money to both sides.

These Establishment Top Policy-Makers bring in massive amounts of illegal narcotics to create mass death and destruction in our cities and urban centers and for huge unaccounted for illegal funds which they “money launder” through their various large Wall Street Banks and various large retail businesses and commercial real estate. the USA is a wealthy nation in resources, human labor and productivity. These Evil Ones have asset stripped and stolen about 80-90% of your wealth through their large Counterfeiting system and pre-engineered and staged  perpetual wars for profit and mass death and human suffering.

It is important that all Americans begin to understand just how Evil the Members of Congress have become, even though they put on a nice face. When you have most of our 565 elected Politicians acting as a group that is highly delusional and which is “owned” by a foreign espionage group such as AIPAC, each person’s perceived responsibility is almost completely diffused. The result of this diffusion of responsibility is that no one feels guilty for their group acts of incredible unfathomable evil, such as allowing the World’s Largest Counterfeiting Criminal Syndicate to operate unaccosted, or the Congressional support of illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression for the private Rothschild Banksters and the US Military Contractors.

If the Major Mass Media declared the truth of this Deep Evil that has infiltrated and hijacked the whole American Political System, people of every sector and class of our society would rise up and stop these Evil Ones no matter what the human cost. They would be eradicated from the earth, arrested by People’s Grand Juries as the Law allows, tried, convicted and executed for their mass-murders and crimes against humanity which are so great they are off the charts and unfathomable. All their assets, corporate as well as personal allover the World would be clawed back and divided up among the Taxpayers and the populace. These enemies of mankind would be identified for what they are, Parasites upon the Human Race, and would be brought to Justice and eradicated in some kind of suitable national or World Court for their mass-murders of hundreds of millions and their reign of Hell unleashed upon the Earth. Bo more Government counterfeiting would be allowed and no more bribery, blackmailing of Politicians either.

And you can be certain of this, never again would any Dual Citizen Israeli-American Israeli-first or World Zionist Traitors ever be allowed inside America again or to hold any political office. World Zionism would identified as the greatest enemy mankind ever faced, the source of all Evil in the World and would be considered pure Evil and would be eradicated from the face of the Earth forever.

A new Monetary Production and Distribution System would be set up based on real money backed by Gold, Silver and actual commodities and their Free Trade would be dumped overnight for Fair Trade with Suitable Tariffs. major International Corporations would lose all their rights as persons and would be issued one year licenses as long as they moved their home office back into America.

Right now each of the six Controlled Major Mass Media International Corporations are in direct violation of US Anti-trust laws and FCC Regulations which require them to tell the truth and serve in the public interest. The CMMM are knowingly lying and are nothing but mouthpieces for false USG and Establishment narratives. In order to stop this great Evil on America and the World this News Cartel must be completely broken up and the Top Editors appropriately prosecuted, convicted and punished.

Soon all Secrecy will end.

Soon all secrecy will end as all the NSA raw feeds are dumped into the Public Domain by Russian and French Intel. Much of this will be payback for years of abuse by the BCC’s hijacking and misuse of the CIA and the harm they have done all over the World for about 50 years. Payback is going to come and mark my words here, it will be extreme. Hopefully We The People can extricate ourselves from this coming judgment by the rest of the World.


image0102 (2) 

Bonus for those who have time and interest: VT Radio News Reports 11-24-2014

YouTube - Veterans Today -

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61 Responses to "The Mad Race to the End"

  1. Allesandro  December 18, 2014 at 3:37 am

    Preston, Great Work, truly amazing in bringing people up to speed on where we are, how we got here. and how important the time we’re in is.
    Thank You.

    On another note: I posted an original quote here several years ago that went like this

    “If my doctor tells me I have only 6 months to live, there are going to be a lot of people with less time than that.”

  2. spent  December 5, 2014 at 1:58 am

    “Let the truth be told America really lost WW2 because they fought on the side of those who would one day enslave them.” -unknown source. This is why we are in perpetual wars against people who could’ve cared less about what we did in our own country.

  3. Judgedredd  December 4, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I sometimes wonder if BRICS is just a rebranding of IMF WB
    All the same institutions just a change of faces and names to fool us into more of the same. Sometimes in they’re interviews they use the ” new world order” when referring to it. I’m just a bit skeptical

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 4, 2014 at 9:48 pm

      The evidence to date suggests otherwise and many insiders view it as a direct threat to the US Petro Dollar and the Rothschild Master Counterfeiters who have been asset stripping most of the World for a long time. Many nations one needed the Rothschild money to rebuild after major wars. Now they really no longer need this phony World’s largest Counterfeiting Ponzi scheme and want sound, real currency not phony debt notes with no backing and direct trade without using the US Petro Dollar as the World’s reserve currency. When the US Petro Dollar falls as the World’s Reserve Currency, the Jig is up for the Rothschild’ massive counterfeiting scheme. That day is well on the way. And it looks like the Rothschild’s counterfeiting system will be thrown under the bus.

    • moneytalks  December 5, 2014 at 4:26 pm

      I am with you on this one Judge — skeptical despite Preston’s optimism .

  4. Keyser Soze  December 3, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Having just watched the excellent program,” Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”, it,s no wonder the world,s in the situation it is.
    The amount of death and destruction caused by these WZ,s and Bankers is staggering.
    It,s something everyone should see. Amazing program.
    The lies have been coming for a very long time.
    see link. http //

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 4, 2014 at 7:45 am

      What less would you expect from soulless parasites on the human race that run the World’s largest Mass Death Cult, hijacked most of the World’s Money production and distribution by using mass-murder, ritual sacrifice of children, and massive bribes and human compromise while pretending to be human?

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 4, 2014 at 9:50 pm

      Yes, judgement is coming for these Evil and grossly inhuman Moneychangers and their Kingpins and Cutouts, all of whom are criminal psychopaths. And as always, when payback hits, it is a real bitch.

  5. moneytalks  December 3, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    If humanity cannot figure out a decent way to control its population growth to avoid very real overpopulation hazards then the UNDEFEATED Malthusian doctrine is automaticly induced without any execution of a forced Council depopulation plan . There is no need to join the Rockefeller Council .

    The Sierra Club recently called for governmental licensing to permit having kids and severe penalties ( like China has ) for not having a specific license for each one . Totalitarian idiots are a dime-a-dozen in this world . The Sierra Club and others , including the authoritarian Chinese government , go way overboard with their population growth control remedies . The license idea is a good one because it assures the license holders of state support for that child ; and there is simply no need to punish people for having kids without a license for it because the state would have no obligation to taxpayers to support the child . Everyone is free to support as many unlicensed kids as they desire — but the state would not be free to do so . Simple .

    • Simpsons Donkey  December 4, 2014 at 6:37 pm

      Why do I even type? You’re a crank. Malthus was wrong, was proven wrong centuries ago — and he isn’t getting any righter now.
      There’s space, air, water, food and full life support for many bilions more than our eight billion.
      The only thing there isn’t room for, is greed, hate and stupidity, which is what drives the ‘population control’ nutters.
      Go dig your garden.

  6. moneytalks  December 3, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    You nailed it .

  7. matthewmccauley  December 3, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Are some commenters able to direct the study of tesla technology and all things related> What reading would you suggest?

    Thank you!

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 4, 2014 at 7:53 am

      Just do some detailed web searches using a proxied web search service. After a while you will get the flavor of just how advanced Tesla was and how he drove Thomas Edison crazy with envy. You will learn how Tesla’s Alternating Current System was far advanced beyond Edisons dangerous DC and how Edison electrocuted dogs and created the Electric chair to try and discredit Tesla. He failed and discredited himself.

      If you learn about Tesla’s assistant and Secretary Scherf, you will understand why the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) was able to gain control of the American Political System on behalf of the Rothschild Zionists for over 5t0 of the last years. Edison’s massive envy destroyed him. Almost of Tesla’s inventions have now been recreated all over the world in secret labs and those most practical will be adapted for the consumers as Big Oil gets displaced. Expect the Rothschild Zionists and their Bankster and Defense Contractor cronies to fight hard to prevent this from happening. If they can they will try and start a nuclear WW3 with Russia and China. The good guys are now pushing back very hard to dethrone these parasites and stop this process. One of the few places you can learn of this pushback is at VT.

  8. Claudia Félidae  December 3, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Dr. James
    I wonder if you would know about the participation of the Vatican Deutch Bank in funding the BRICS?
    Would the Vatican as a member of the BRICS entail compromises?
    Why did Mr. Putin accept to be so closely related to the Vatican finances?
    That is a question that has me VERY puzzled!!!
    Are we seeing here another back room deal that will rot the apple cart?
    Thank you so much for your thoughts!

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 3, 2014 at 11:52 am

      Perhaps the rumors about the Vatican dumping the Rothschilds as their Moneychangers (Hofjuden) are true. Perhaps they too there is a classic battle between good and evil in the Vatican and the Administration is under fire too. Hopefully good will win over Evil there, but time will tell. Time will tell but many are saying that the Rothschild System (Mystery Babylon) will soon fall with a tremendous Worldwide Crash that will shock much of the World.

  9. Keyser Soze  December 2, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Old Jacob needs a meeting with some Hemp and not the kind you smoke.
    Evil man.

  10. peter kjoneleit  December 2, 2014 at 10:30 am

    The “Synagogue of Satan” primarily refers to Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! That’s ALIEN as in “THEY LIVE” – humanoid reptilians who look just like us – BUT AIN’T!

    • peter kjoneleit  December 2, 2014 at 10:32 am

      For the “gory details” about the ALIENS (as in “the devil is in the details”), Google “William Pawelec” and watch the interview.

    • peter kjoneleit  December 2, 2014 at 10:52 am

      THEY are cold-blooded, cunning, cruel, calculating, carnivorous, cannibalistic, conscience-less and soul-less CRITTERS and CONTROL FREAKS (NSA, Domestic Drones, FEMA camps, NASA, 911, 311, Domestic HOAXES, Federal Reserve, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc. are ALL parts of the ALIEN AGENDA)!

    • peter kjoneleit  December 2, 2014 at 10:58 am

      The ULTIMATE objective of the ALIEN AGENDA is the destruction of the human habitat (Fukushima nuclear radiation, etc.) and mankind. THEY feast on human suffering and souls. THEY invented wars and diseases to SERVE themselves! (literally)

    • moneytalks  December 2, 2014 at 5:02 pm

      “” THEY invented wars and diseases to SERVE themselves! (literally) “”

      The dilemma for humans is that you cannot stop predatory humans from preying upon you with out yourself being willing to kill or neutralize the predators ( cannabilism has nothing to do with most human predations that we are concerned with ) .

  11. Lyra  December 2, 2014 at 7:38 am


    I have been reading your numerous articles for some time Dr. James.

    Hope is the greatest gift that a journalist can provide to humanity and you have done that by exposing the lies; clearly identifying and targeting the source of those of those lies; countering with the truth; and finally citing clear and explicit factions of resistance and opposition.

    If it were in the realm of my power I would plaster this particular article into every alternative media publication headline on the net.

    Keep up the fight.
    Many true freedom-fighter soldiers are silently waiting and watching to take up arms against the Central Banking Cartel and their puppets.
    Count on it.

    Thank you many times over.

  12. Excalibur  December 2, 2014 at 3:55 am

    Undoubtedly the established media will need to be COMPLETELY shut down and abolished. Thinking clearly and logically is easy once you rinse all the soap opera/media/Hollywood/government spin/judaic propaganda/inane distraction out of your head.

    Those things we absorb from current media are all designed to suggest a harmful mode of behaviour to people – especially the young. They purposefully confuse your sensibilities and thwart common sense reasoning – thus preventing you from being able to defend yourself, your family, your community and your country. It is a long term brainwashing technique.

    For example – a person who has cleared his/her mind of the judaic matrix virus does not need to actually ASK what the network of FEMA camps exist for; or why this shadowy organization has ordered and acquired BILLIONS of ‘one shot’ illegal dum-dum bullets; or why they have pre-ordered so many millions of four body coffins. Clear your mind of the nonsense and the answer to that question is already perfectly clear.

    • guitargirl  December 2, 2014 at 7:43 am

      Hm mm, I think about another punishment for the
      established media. They are traitors and as
      such they should be treated, Excalibur!


  13. Bartered  December 2, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Its odd. I look at that pic of Jacob and think hes no better than I am because hes mortal. All that money and he cant stay 30 years old forever, he has to eat, he can get sick, he is feeble, he will succumb to old age. He is a weak old man with a lot of money. I at least have a the freedom to say the holohoax is a sham. He cant say that.

  14. moneytalks  December 1, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Charging interest on money loaned is economicly appropriate and not immoral . Muslims and many others do not understand the basic modern financial rationale for charging interest . The problem that so many keep missing is not charging interest — it is fractional reserve lending by private for-profit banks .

    • moneytalks  December 2, 2014 at 7:42 pm

      “” Every religion I know of forbids charging interest on loans.””

      That is one of the problems with religion — theologians are not finance geniuses . Charging interest is not per se immoral and the Vatican settled that argument for the West about 500 years ago . Excessive interest charges is of course still a problem . Exactly what was Christ upset about — the banksters charging interest per se ; or just charging too much interest ; or doing business in a temple meant for worship ? Does anyone really know ? I give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was charging too much interest or working in a temple .

    • Friar Newborg  December 5, 2014 at 12:50 am

      You are right.
      If we eliminate interest on loans, people will stop risking money in this fashion.
      Presumably, they would need to use EQUITY to finance everything, which tends to put the capital providers on the same side of the table as party that needs the capital. They may be a very good thing, since foreclosure is often used as a way for lenders to grab assets.

    • moneytalks  December 5, 2014 at 5:10 pm

      The financial rationale for charging interest on money loaned has been accepted worldwide ( except in Islamic countries ) for many centuries and is not an economic problem — it is in fact economicly beneficial when properly applied . The problem and subsequent hazard is with charging interest on fractional reserve loans made by private for-profit banks . As they say — do not throw the baby out with the bathwater .

  15. Jack Heart  December 1, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Mercantilism has clearly failed, there’s nothing left to do now but liquidate the whole system starting with the banks and the people that run them. But clearly that’s never going to happen in this popularity contest euphemistically called a democracy. America is going to have to relearn what the Romans figured out 2000 years ago. After 200 years of practically unrelenting warfare the Romans finally figured out that it was best to have a just King than a republic. Augustus Caesar would be the first emperor and he would begin 206 years of peace and prosperity called the Pax Romana, quite possibly the zenith of western civilization in recorded history.Its a shame that we have let a certain group of people who’s name is synonymous with being a liar and a cheat (don’t believe me read the Merchant of Venice) convince us that they know otherwise…

    • moneytalks  December 2, 2014 at 6:00 pm

      If we can get a sensibly designed and structured government with a [ fair ] tax system , a limitation on taxation , a rationalized national money//currency system , a functional and fair judicial system , and a strong bill-of-rights against the inevitable and relentless drift toward tyranny , then it would not matter whether we have a king or president or emperor or whoever .

  16. Thomas Carroll  December 1, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    How does one respond to a Rembrandt when you get to view it for the first time. Because this article is that fine of work. It takes us through history and lays out a masterful historical road map, while identifying a network of traitors who have fooled so many of our Christian Americans. I hope this article can get those most unwilling to see truth who have been blinded by their religious affiliations with traitorous institutions who have sold out to the AIPAC/Israeli war machine. I can’t say enough praise for this article, now its time to deputize 30 million patriotic citizens and clean house!

  17. Allesandro  December 1, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    You just keep pounding away with these articles, it’s outstanding and is understandable to almost anyone who cares, and there are billions of us around the world who care and are good people, I believe the majority.

    I’ve read where over 90% of various forms of matter and energy are outside of our visible spectrum. So calling new advances using terms like Zero-Point or Free Energy isn’t really accurate, there are abundant sources there, we just can’t see them, so they are NOT zero, they are much more than ZERO, just invisible to our very limited sight. That’s a BIG difference. If we could see everything that’s there we wouldn’t say that or use those terms.

    I for one believe in the possibilities but will admit I could be wrong OR the advances may come from other angles we don’t see yet.

    Thank God for the ‘Net. I’ve been very active since 1993 and always thought it a game changer that could and would UN-lock human potential and be used in positive ways here-to-fore UN-imaginable.

  18. tjdetmers  December 1, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    There was a Simpsons episode that foreshadowed 911… was mentioned here on Veterans Today. Looks like Mr. Burns was also here )

    The Bible states clearly that we are living in a war zone. Most of our Christian churches are silent on this. The words from Revelation 3 come to mind. “I will make those who are the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars……I will make them fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you” We Christians are but goyim to these pretenders.

    Thank you for identifying that even though our every day battles are physical…..the overall battle is spiritual. It is refreshing to read a pragmatic point of view that believes we are winning……! I look forward to all your articles.

  19. Excalibur  December 1, 2014 at 8:50 am

    I must say the picture of JR above looks like Homer Simpson’s employer at the dangerous nuclear factory. Very apt!

    • etominusipi  December 2, 2014 at 11:08 am

      this suggests so

      http //

  20. Excalibur  December 1, 2014 at 8:23 am

    An extraordinary article for extraordinary times. Who would have thought in our wildest dystopian nightmares that the mad men would have made it this far without being stopped? Natural checks and balances have not yet stopped them because this evil group has thus far taken great care to use its control of Hollywood and its grip on our media and education systems to warp natural thinking processes and to whip up a Godless and deviant culture of worship for the perverse, the traitorous, the vainglorious and the mentally sick. Nothing makes logical sense any more – and healthy remedial thinking is quickly attacked as ‘oppressive’ or ‘racist’ or ‘politically incorrect’ to keep the psychosis going. Even employment culture now favours and promotes the man who is prepared to slide a knife into the ribs of his brother workers.

    Dr James has been in the forefront of exposing the outrageous but very real attempts to consolidate global power and deliver it into the hands of a small group of diabolical talmudic supremacists. In this warped plan every nation is expendable – and the Anglo American countries, having been manipulated and USED to destroy this cabal’s enemies, are then themselves specifically earmarked for enslavement and extermination.

  21. santa  December 1, 2014 at 8:01 am

    “There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen , in whichever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain.”

    “For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely that they were driven out of the motherland; but gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as their property , they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race.”

    “If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than a hundred years they will stream into our country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands.”

    “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children`s children will curse you in your grave. ..” – Benjamin Franklin 1789

    • moneytalks  December 1, 2014 at 7:19 pm

      Apparantly christian preachers Billy Graham , Pat Robison , John Hagee , the Pope , and many others do not believe in the warnings of USA founder Ben Franklin and many prominant Muslims .

    • Friar Newborg  December 5, 2014 at 12:53 am

      There are rumors that Billy Graham and others were involved in child abuse.
      It would not surprise me, if true

    • captain obvious  December 2, 2014 at 7:33 am

      I think Ben knew very much what he was talking about, and look at all the WARS that’d been avoided!
      if not for THEIR propaganda machine, we’d more likely been against bolshevik Russia for killing millions.
      no holohoax story with 3+ billion a year and all the nukes they could want, no Palestinian concentration camp massacres, thered still be an Iraq, a Syria, a Libya..

  22. captain obvious  December 1, 2014 at 7:32 am

    the biggest setback would likely be TCTB (the criminals that be) lighting off big neutron bombs in the major cities, knocking up to 75% of the population flat, blaming whatever boogyman they choose to scapegoat. next would be the rampant suffering of diabetics denied sources for insulin, and all the people involved trying to help them (as they crash!). 300+ million becomes 30 million awfully quick, and if only 1/4 of them are able to put up a fight, it might be very dismal. it isnt something I’d ever want to see happen, but I wouldnt put anything past these luciferian freaks. knowing much of the crap theyve already DONE.

  23. mariner62  December 1, 2014 at 6:24 am

    It has been 13 years since the crimes of 911. There has been a continuing false flag agenda that has been playing out since. I have said this before; no one wants to fire the first shot and be left discredited as a crazy lone wolf by the propaganda machine we call the main stream media. Perhaps it is time to set an ultimatum date for action on these false flag crimes, or We The People take back our government and impose the justice that our laws provide for in dealing with the treasonist acts of these false protectors.

  24. PAUL LEO FASO  December 1, 2014 at 6:10 am

    Those who are having some difficulty in embracing the totality of truth being put out here; take a look at the new Georgia Tech Kinetic Energy Patents that have been recently issued. Not only did Tesla design an electric circuit to capture the differential in electron flow in the dash board box in his electric car, but also the antenna system pull in the cosmic rays thereby directing sufficient electric power to the electric motor he installed in the Pierce Arrow.

    Also it is well to remember that Tesla’s crowning work still puts out power in Niagara Falls today not only by running water to spin the turbine generators but by making use of the gravity induced flow of water to capture power to infinity.

    Those also, who refute the working magnetic generators of today are in for a real shock, as they are not only real, but will also demonstrate their ability to produce high outputs of gravity induced, magnetically driven electric power by way of rotating opposing permanent magnets sequenced and connected to output shafts by frictionless drives which are magnetic, have no wear or heat transfer and create “no load” for very high efficiency.

    The electric vehicle is close to breaking the Petro/Dollar scam of the Federal Reserve Bank and requires one more step to maintain sufficient power to self charge while running. The magnetic power cell will be an on board solution

  25. CoJonesGrandes  December 1, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Dr James, I love your article. This is going to be such a different world. Montague Keen says they desperately want to escape from this planet but there’s many very angry ET races out there who will see that this won’t happen.

  26. MConcernedCitizen  December 1, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Beware of the use of a large Nuclear device to create the diverson-Note M17 370 . Remember these religious Masonic Nuts will stop at nothing ; there is no moral brake on their behaviour , their’s is an animal fight to control the world , self decieved by a belief that they alone have the formula . And what is that formula eternal slavery in an illusions of history and science , their new religion enforced using Monarch slaves . Some human kind will be allowed to exist and the best useful will be plucked out of paddock

  27. MConcernedCitizen  December 1, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Ukraine is the kickoff . Start a big war and use this as cover . The European Masonics are itching to get the NWO over the line . 1st war to destory Monarchy . 2nd war to destroy ethnicity ,3rd war to destroy religion and morality (according to Albert Pike-M grand master) and unite the world under their Satanic dictatorship . If they win ,which they won’t (The gods are against them and their Bad Karma is now rebuking and disolving their game) as bad luck is now dogging the project . I remember a poster from the 70’s ‘Suppose they gave a war and nobody came’ . This is the Brotherhoods problem , never have they found it so hard to generate an enemy for it is only through the chaos , passion and division of war that they can lock citzens down and reprogram the survivers . Their method doesn’t represent mankind it represents anti-mankind , it a spit in the face and is an insult to all the endevours through the ages to find an undestanding to be a good human .

    • jglassel.  December 1, 2014 at 9:31 am

      Very good point. All we need do is stay focused. The enemy is not some black kid or an illegal Mexican, it is the top 10% of society that is Satanic or satanically controlled. Anything else is a divide and separate distraction.

      There is only one war worth showing up for,

    • moneytalks  December 1, 2014 at 7:52 pm

      Just below the top 10% there is another 10% that will defend the top 10% for a total of the top 20% that begins at about the 80,000$ average income level .

      Fortunately , mega-billionaire jew Warren Buffet insinuated that the ultra-rich should pay their fair share for government . So far he is the only plutocrat to make that insuation . Nevertheless , the top 20% have some intractable fundamental ideological problems and ultimately cannot sustain their argument for governmental cost privileges .

  28. Simpleton  December 1, 2014 at 5:24 am

    Is it possible to connect a heart lung machine, with nutrients to a human head only? Cheney would make an ideal bionic experiment to forever answer questions about 911 to curious visitors from a sealed mantelpiece at the Smithsonian.

  29. Joanna Mccain  December 1, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Mr. James,
    Thank you for a great article and analysis.
    I tend to agree with you, a lot is coming apart at the seams.
    Take Ms Le Pen for example asking French banks to open their books and be accountable with French peoples money, where is our gold?, she wants the French government to come clean with their dealings.
    India threatening to cancel their order for military aircraft as not credible enough (upon messing up with Russia’s order).
    German Rheinmetal moving to Russia…Germany training Russians for years and we know GSG9 is the best in the World and so on…
    Taking a wide angle view on everything I am wondering
    is the papers with clips bill coming due?….

  30. John Kirby  December 1, 2014 at 1:13 am

    “Tesla-style free energy and antigravity is already here”. I doubt it, and I doubt thta he ever made such claims. He was a great Electrical Engineer, but many of the claims made on his behalf are fantasies.

    • mpennery  December 1, 2014 at 2:59 am

      John, since you admit you don’t know you shouldn’t comment before doing your research. What he wrote is absolutely correct.

    • John Kirby  December 1, 2014 at 7:00 am

      Hi Matt, As far as I have read he was interested in but he didn’t file patents on either anti-gravity or free energy. Books by David Hatcher Childress do associate him with these subjects.

      I am a great admirer of Tesla. The Induction Motor is a work of genius. Billions of them have been made yet most people do not have clue how it works.

    • John Kirby  December 1, 2014 at 7:03 am

      Free Energy would defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which really would be an amazing breaktrough.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  December 1, 2014 at 9:04 am

      Wrong, you do not understand Cosmic Wind, or Dark Energy that flows through the Aether and the fact that ways to tap it and harness it have already been developed since Tesla, but he was the first. And zero point energy is another interesting phenomena. All the Physics texts will have to be rewritten someday.

    • Klaatu Aquinus  December 1, 2014 at 2:14 pm

      Dr. James, Interesting that you would mention “dark energy” (matter) and the aether. The two definitely have a relationship. Perhaps the reason most don’t know about this, is for the simple fact, that these discussions are literally banned in practically all universities world wide. I wonder why this is?

      Look into Dr. Gerardus D. Bouw. An astrophysicist who also understands a bit about nuclear physics. It is much more than just the aether. It is literally a charged plasma as Tesla asserts. More than that, we must have the courage to discuss the Biblical “firmament” as it portends not just to string theory (superstrings), but “massive superstrings.” (aka Planck particles) When we dare venture here, then we begin to postulate the ultimate fate of a black hole (among other things) ..

    • SimonsWorld  December 1, 2014 at 4:52 pm

      Hey John, I’m sorry to say but Mr Tesla was much more than people realise.
      Tech among different countries was distributed in parts and when the human race could treat each other with respect, they could collaborate and with each piece work out the puzzle together, this has not happened to this day.
      The technology that Tesla developed has the potential to far exceed a Nuclear weapon in terms of destruction and this is why he did not just roll over on command with the information, this is why they destroyed his career and finances, the energy harnessing capabilities of it is phenomenal.
      The Warden Cliff Tower was not destroyed for no reason either, another piece of tech that stops the big players from making money from infrastructure.

    • SimonsWorld  December 1, 2014 at 4:53 pm

      Anti-gravity has been used for a long time now too, it is not theory, just theory kept from the main stream engineers and science arena.
      Why do you thing Edison is mentioned in our high school education system as the creator of electricity, but Tesla is not?
      Tesla ran rings around Edison in nearly every aspect, Tesla was so ahead of his time, the world was not ready to embrace what he had discovered and neither were the Morgans or Rockefeller’s, money was more important to these men than the future of humanity, but it is all changing as we know it, the rem-emergence of his tech is coming back to the surface, the future of humanity and the people are demanding it, or should I say, they are demanding the demise of the current system and these other

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