NEO – Islamist Dogs of War in Ukraine

America's hand in Ukraine unrest
America’s hand in Ukraine unrest

NEO – Islamist Dogs of War in Ukraine

… by Konrad Stachnio, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s note: In his interview with Mateusz Piskorski who served as one of the Western observers for the election inside New Russia, Konrad Stachnio unearths some data points about the global rat nest of paid contractors who specialize in Gladio terror tactics and other lucrative forms of international warfare. With the pay around $500 per day, the contracting organization is able to pull talent from even the well-trained Polish special forces, Grom, and now have the freedom to draw from a palette of extra-legal bombings, kidnappings and executions.  

An old name from the Maidan sniper-killings era during the Right Sector junta pops up again… Svoboda leader Yury Mykhalchyshyn. He is still in action and has landed an appointment as Poroshenko’s new head of Propaganda & Analysis in Ukraine’s Security Service.

Many Americans, so accustomed to the US’ corporate media style, may find it hard to comprehend why Polish and Ukrainian journalists are willing to take the risk and speak up about these issues… but when your country is in danger of being carved up and sold to the highest bidder, that’s what you do. This is “rubber meets the road” journalism… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  December 2, 2014

Stachnio NEO piece

Wanted for years by Interpol, Samantha Lewthwaite, so-called ‘White Widow’, was killed some time ago near the border of Luhansk Republic and the Republic of Donetsk, according to the news agency Regnum. She fought in the battalion “Ajdar”, on the side of the authorities from Kiev. She was as a sniper in the battalion. She was killed by a Russian sniper fighting on the side of ‘separatists’. 

Lewthwaite had been involved in terrorist attacks in Kenya. In East Africa, she was associated with the Somali branch of al-Qaeda called Ash – Shabab. Lewthwaite came from an Anglo-Irish family. At 17, she converted to Islam.

The Russian police detained the ‘GTA’ gang, as they call them in the Russian media. Police killed a leader of the group and arrested ten other members at a housing estate near Moscow.

Bandits are accused of throwing spikes on the roads near Moscow and shooting their victims when they stop to change the tire. Passengers were also killed; about 20 people died in this way. Police sources have suggested that gang members come from Central Asia and are followers of radical Wahhabism. These murders were supposed to be a test before sending members of the gang for the battle with the ‘infidels’. According to police sources, the case is linked to recruiting volunteers to the Salafi terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.


Mateusz Piskorski Interview

Gladio goes global
Gladio goes global

The forces that acted on many fronts, organized or co-organized by the United States and its allies, among others, in Syria, but also in East Africa are in Ukraine now. These forces committed such crimes as the organization of suicide bombings in public places, kidnapping for ransom, and executions of political opponents, primarily in the burning Middle East and now they also operate in Ukraine.

It is very reasonable to compare the activities performed by the Right Sector and the political forces that support authorities in Kiev (recall that junta has come to the fore as a result of a coup in Ukraine) with an Islamic State or other terrorist organizations that operate in the Middle East today. The goal is very similar, as well as methods and sometimes they are the same people — said Mateusz Piskorski, the founder of the Center for Geopolitical Analysis in an interview I conducted with him.

On the Kiev side are fighting all sorts of mercenaries from different parts of the world, both from Western Europe, Muslim countries and western provinces of China – I am thinking even of Chinese separatists.

We may think that this is an exotic alliance, but it is clear that the common denominator is a single centre of power, which is a contractor and organizer of these kinds of actions. This is a further proof that the same very influential states and organizational structures stand behind the arson of the Middle East and Ukraine.

Student organizers of a massive European integration rally tried to stop Svoboda leader Yury Mykhalchyshyn from addressing the protesters. Students insisted that the rally was a civic, not a political, event & tried to prevent Svoboda from speaking. Svoboda members managed to force their way to the mic & Mykhalchyshyn was able to begin to speak. He called students green-horns; finally, the students interrupted the speaker & banished him from the podium. 24 Nov. 2013.
Nov.24, 2013 — Student organizers of a massive European integration rally tried to stop Svoboda leader Yury Mykhalchyshyn from addressing the rally. Students insisted that the rally was a civic, not a political event and tried to prevent Svoboda from speaking. Svoboda members managed to force their way to the mic & Mykhalchyshyn was able to speak. He called students green-horns; finally, the students interrupted the speaker & banished him from the podium.


“Private Military Corporations”

In Ukraine, private military company, called “Private Military Corporations” is also very active. Such as the ‘Academy’, for which Polish mercenaries work. Their daily rate is about $500.

It’s quite an attractive salary for the so-called “War dogs from very different countries”. The problem is that in the case of Polish mercenaries, they are elite soldiers of ‘Grom’ (Polish special forces)… people who must have obtained at least silent approval from Ministry of Defense and the Polish General Staff.

Mateusz Piskorski
Mateusz Piskorski

This information proves that Polish Armed Forces are directly involved in aggressive action in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine bears the imprint of crimes against humanity. Poland, as a country engaged in such activities, can be held liable for complicity in these crimes in the future. In addition, the members of the Right Sector have started appearing on Polish territory.

As a result of the collapse of Ukrainian statehood… The numerous signs that reach us say that people associated with the Right Sector are already present in some districts of the province of Podkarpacie, and they lead quite intensive actions there. I guess none of us here in Poland want to have to deal with such groups on our territory.

These are groups that resort to violence. It is not excluded that after some time, these groups will use violence on Polish territory.

However, according to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), there are a completely different ‘terrorists’ on the territory of Ukraine: SBU, on their website, defamed all foreign observers of the election in the New Russia, which took place on November 2. They wrote that they are co-workers, partners of terrorists and bandits.

Piskorski, as one of the Western observers of New Russia elections, announced a lawsuit against SBU on the basis of Ukrainian law.


Egregious Violations of Human Rights

War crimes & human rights violations
War crimes & human rights violations

We are dealing with terrifying violations of the internal laws of Ukraine and human rights violations on a huge scale. SBU has something to hide. Otherwise, they would not be afraid of so many international observers who were there just to see what is the actual situation at war-torn regions of Ukraine.

Among the observers were also American. The American observers, making use of the American system, will be filing lawsuits against SBU in the United States.

Methods and motivations of the SBU will become clearer to us when we look at who heads the SBU… according to the Ukraine Anti-fascist Solidarity site.

Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn infamous extreme right politician from the Svoboda party, who once promoted Joseph Goebbels’ A Little ABC of National Socialism and the 25-point NSDAP Program, will head up propaganda and analysis in the Security Service of Ukraine.


Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, who has hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean and Erica P. Wissinger




  1.  We really have to blame John Kerry for all the Fiasco that happened in Ukraine and drugged Russia by proxy, because of Patricia Nuland Promotion “The Ukraine War Architect.”

     Even though, Kerry is a Catholic, due to his ancestors’ Zionist Blood, not only he created a position for Nuland the Israeli-American Zionist, but also to Promote her from the lowest position at the State, to the Highest Position to Representative USA at the EU.

    If it was another USA Representative to EU, instead of Nuland
     The former Ukraine President would have worked out something with Russia & EU
     There would not have been a War in Eastern Region & Crimea would not have joined Russia
     Hundreds of lives would have been saved, not to mention the homeless & the destruction
     There would not have been Sanctions which now affect both EU & Russia
     Above all USA would not have wasted over $5 Billion and shipped all those weapons to Ukraine.

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  2. Ukrainian citizenship granted to foreigners nominated to key cabinet posts
    Prior to joining WNISEF, Ms. Jaresko worked at the U.S. Department of State. From 1992 to 1995, she served as the first Chief of the Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Prior to her post with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Ms. Jaresko served in various economic positions at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

    “In many ways, it was the Orange Revolution that opened up the country to investors previously unaware of this market. The money from this fund was invested within two years. In 2008,” – Natalia Yaresko

    source http //

  3. Very strange bedfellows, nazis,fundies and jews?!! There has to be higher force keeping them all together. Is it Satan, are we seeing the start of WW3? The geopolitical fault lines in the Caucasus appear to be the most likely to result in large scale warfare, how is this khazarian quest going to transplant itself further south. Do they have their turkic cousins and donmeh on board. Russia and Iran will need to keep a keen lookout on their doorsteps, all it would take is a nuland in Armenia?

    • “Very strange bedfellows, nazis,fundies and jews?!!” You really did not know? it’s not all the Jews but mostly zionists, altogether called nazionists. Tons of evidence is posted over at AnngIrfan, e.g.

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