NEO – Banning Malaysia from MH17 Investigation reeks of a coverup

Two of a kind?

MH17 – Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation reeks of a coverup

… by Ulson Gunnar,   …  with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


“The US must carry out some act somewhere in the world which shows its determination to continue to be a world power.” — Henry Kissinger


Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s note: Human civilization has a long history of narrative deception. One might even say that deception is the norm. Enter MH17. Ulson Gunnar, drawing from valued sources, presents a reasoned discussion on the aftermath of the flight’s July “shoot down”. And now, with an all-NATO investigative team — excluding Malaysia but including Kiev — the MH17 investigation clique is in danger of becoming just another packed jury.

I almost hesitated to bring this piece over to VT on the off chance the reader is experiencing MH17-exhaustion. We have a responsibility to follow potentially false flag events to their conclusive ends, otherwise we opt out of shaping history. And, I believe we owe it to moderate governments and moderate societies to help defend the reasonable man who has taken a stand against tyranny, as Malaysia did with its tribunal, which perhaps lead to this attack on Malaysian people and business interests.

For background on this situation, refer to Brother Saive’s July 26 VT piece where he documented that US and international troops were deployed to the Ukraine under Exercise Rapid Trident – a 12-nation joint military exercise in the Ukraine coinciding with the alleged crash of MH-17. If MH17 was a false flag operation, an important step to writing the final chapter in the fable is to bring to bear the powers of an investigation … you got it… another investigation filled with drama-salvos and announcement nuggets, which employs the usual cast of lemmings and spokespersons, but is devoid of the interests of the people who were really harmed.

It reminds me of some Springsteen lyrics me and the boys used to pump iron to in the gym, which, at the time, I had no idea what in-the-hell war they were talking about. But now I get it. “Now on the street tonight the lights grow dim, The walls of my room are closing in – There’s a war outside still raging… You say it ain’t ours anymore to win. I want to sleep beneath peaceful skies in my lover’s bed, With a wide open country in my eyes and these romantic dreams in my head. Once we made a promise we swore we’d always remember — No retreat, baby, no surrender. Blood brothers in a stormy night with a vow to defend. No retreat, baby, No surrender!”

We must stand fast against those who would attack, alter and obfuscate the facts… and ‘boo’ them. Bullies can’t stand being booed. Trust me, this is an army of Centurions, and they are going to continue parroting the same broken record — Oklahoma City — Gulf of Tonkin — Twin Towers — MH17 — until that moment when we routinely dress them down on their pattern of out-and-out lies. As the unparalleled writer Jane Austen said, “Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint.” … Erica P. Wissinger and Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  November 28, 2014  –

MH17 malaysia-airlines

It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots, yet after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014, Malaysia has been systematically blocked from participating in the investigation, leaving an overwhelmingly pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence, investigation and outcome as well as the manner in which the investigation will be carried out.

Despite the integral role Malaysia has played during several pivotal moments in the aftermath of the disaster, it appears that the closer to the truth the investigation should be getting, the further Malaysia itself is being pushed from both the evidence and any influence it has on the likely conclusions of the investigation. With the downed aircraft in question being Malaysian, Malaysia as a partner in the investigation would seem a given. Its exclusion from the investigation appears to be an indication that the investigation’s objectivity has been compromised and that the conclusions it draws will likely be politically motivated.


Joint Investigation Team Includes, Excludes Surprising Members

Malaysian Ambassador to the Netherlands Datuk Dr Fauziah Mohd Taib
Malaysian Ambassador to the Netherlands Datuk Dr Fauziah Mohd Taib

With the Dutch leading the investigation, the logic being that the flight originated from the Netherlands and the majority of the passengers were Dutch, it has formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). At the onset of its creation it seemed obvious that Malaysia would too be included, considering it lost the second largest number of citizens to the disaster and the plane itself was registered in Malaysia. Instead, JIT would end up comprised of Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia, specifically excluding Malaysia.

Malaysia was both surprised and has protested its exclusion from JIT, and has repeatedly expressed a desire to be included directly in the investigation.

Malaysia’s Star newspaper would report, “Malaysian Ambassador to the Netherlands Datuk Dr Fauziah Mohd Taib said Malaysia had not been invited to officially join the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which is undertaking the criminal probe.” It would also report that, “Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said recently that Malaysia had expressed its stand very clearly that it must be part of the criminal investigation team and had informed Dutch authorities of its intention.”

Dr Chandra Muzaffar
Dr Chandra Muzaffar

The Malaysian Insider cited Malaysian scholar Dr. Chandra Muzaffar who believes the decision to exclude his country from the investigation is politically motivated, aiming at excluding members that may urge caution and objectivity instead of draw conclusions first and bend the investigation’s results around those conclusions. In particular, Dr. Muzaffar believes that the investigations is intentionally being skewed to target Russia.

Ukraine’s involvement in the investigation is particularly troublesome. Had MH17 crashed in Ukraine under different circumstances, Ukraine’s role would be welcome. However, it was apparently shot down specifically in a conflict in which Kiev itself is a participant. With both sides of the conflict possessing anti-aircraft weapons and with Kiev itself confirmed to possess weapons capable of reaching the altitude MH17 was flying at when it was allegedly hit, Kiev becomes a possible suspect in the investigation. Kiev’s inclusion in JIT represents a monumental conflict of interest.

Imagine a potential suspect leading an investigation into a crime they may have committed. The possibilities to cover up, skew, spin, tamper with or otherwise distort both the evidence and the outcome of the investigation are endless.

And to compound this already glaring conflict of interest, it was revealed recently that an alleged “secret deal” was struck by JIT in which any member could bar the release of evidence. With all members of JIT being pro-NATO and decidedly arrayed against Moscow, such a “deal” could prevent crucial evidence from being revealed that would effect an otherwise distorted conclusion drawn by the investigators aimed specifically at advancing their greater political agenda in Eastern Europe. Had Malaysia been a member of JIT, the ability of other members to withhold evidence would have been greatly diminished and it is likely such a bizarre deal would not have been conceivable, real or imaged, in the first place.


Malaysia’s Exclusion Foreshadows Politically-Motivated Outcome

Washington’s favorite Anwar Ibrahim
Washington’s favorite Anwar Ibrahim

With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine perceived as a proxy war between NATO and Moscow, JIT’s membership including the NATO-backed Kiev regime itself (a possible suspect), two NATO members (Belgium and the Netherlands) and Australia who has passed sanctions against Russia over the conflict, is a textbook case of conflict of interest.

Those nations and international organizations calling for an investigation and for justice but who ignore the obvious problem of participants in a conflict investigating a key incident that may benefit their agenda directly, indicates that such calls for justice are disingenuous and instead, what is being done is not an investigation, but a politically motivated witch-hunt aimed at serving an ulterior motive.

Malaysia is not generally perceived to be a stanch ally of Moscow, but it is neither a loyal client state of Washington, London or Brussels. On many issues, Malaysia has exhibited an independence in foreign policy that has perturbed the so-called international order maintained by the West. And Malaysia’s internal politics have long wrestled to stem inroads by Washington’s favorites including Anwar Ibrahim and his political faction, Pakatan Rakyat.

Malaysia’s inclusion in the investigation would provide a much needed, impartial counterweight to an otherwise fully pro-NATO JIT membership.

To casual observers, the current investigation led by NATO members and Kiev, a possible suspect, would be no different than the Donetsk People’s Republic and Russia leading it. Few would consider a DPR or Russian led investigation impartial, and few should see a NATO-led investigation as impartial. Had Malaysia been included in the process, an argument could have been made that an actual investigation was taking place rather than a complex propaganda campaign.

Malaysia’s exclusion is a troubling sign for the victims of the MH17 disaster, meaning the true culprits will never be known. The overt politically motivated nature of the investigation will on one hand help fuel NATO’s propaganda war, but on the other hand, fuel the doubts of millions worldwide over the true events that took place in the skies of eastern Ukraine that day.

Like so many other events in human history that took place amid a high stake political struggle, the downing of MH17 will be shrouded in mystery, mystery draped over the truth by the irresponsible leadership of NATO, and those in Washington, London and Brussels egging on the conflict in Ukraine to this very day.



Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:   Jim W. Dean and Erica P. Wissinger



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  1.  Maybe, the Psycho & Suicidal PM of Ukraine Arseny Yatseniuk and his Buddies like Tymoshenko threatened the USA, EU, NATO The Netherlands, Belgium & Australia with Nukes.
     If it’s the case, Yatseniuk & his Buddies, should some how rounded, put them in prison and sentence them to death.
     If these countries excluded Malaysia for USA, EU & NATO Political Cover-Ups, not only they should be labeled as “Terrorist Countries,” there should be a “World Demonstrations,” until they tell the truth.
     Why Ukraine PM Yatseniuk & his Buddies? __ Because all the signs were there from Day 1. If he
    Iwas not involved with MH-17, it’s a matter of time before he does something shocking!!
     He told the World at Maidan, if Viktor Yanukovych doesn’t resign, I’ll put a bullet to my head.
     Yulia Tymoshenko the Israeli-Ukrainian “Evil-Witch,” in a tapped phone conversation, she Obliterated her Political Life, before she Obliterate Russia, when she said, if the 8 million Russians-Ukrainian become a problem, we would Nuke them. Instead more likely, her buddies & Mossad Nuked-MH-17.
     “I will get all my connections involved, and use all of my means to make the entire world raises up, so there wouldn’t be even a scorched field left in Russia, it is necessary to wipe out Russia.”
     Estonian Minister’s leaked tape claimed; Maidan itself carried out the shootings of Maidan.

  2. Once Malaysia was excluded, the “investigators” became thieves. Malaysia owns the airplane if it was registered in Malaysia. The “investigators” have stolen Malaysian property.

    As there is no honour among thieves, the “investigation” is a criminal activity being carried out with stolen goods.

  3. I’ve been screaming about this on various comment boards, incuding the Pommy Russophobe outfit, The Guardian, aka the Guardio. I’m banned.
    As an Australian (we had 37 Australians killed on MH-17) it stinks, and I note the oligarch filth of the USA are unconcerned about taking the lives of Australians, in their evil warmongering. Let the oligarchs beware, if they venture south. Nasty things can happen to a fat Yank in our outback.
    Our own deadbeat government’s corrupt acquiescence in this is a given. PM Tony ‘Shirtfronter’ Abbott jumped on the ‘bash Russia’ wagon within seconds of MH-17 hitting the ground, and has shown every indication of treasonous connivance in the cover-up of his own citizens’ murder.
    Also I recall that Mr Borodai, of the Donetz resistance, said he would have liked to give the black boxes to Malaysia. He should have done so.
    This is a very very black chapter with which to kick off the twenty-first century. These mudering swine believe people will forget who killed our innocent compatriots.
    We will not forget. We will particularly remember our own traitor Tony Abbot. And the degenerates of the Ukie Air Force. They have names, and there were numbers on their tails.
    We will take our pound of flesh, be it from a Ukie Nazi, a Jew gangster or an American neocon. Let them hand over the guilty, lest there be group atonement for these innocent lives..

    • Too right Simpsons Donkey.
      The vigor and speed of which Tony “Shirtfront” Abbot was making unsubstantiated accusations smacks of the Johnny “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Howard Iraq fiasco and we are still paying for the consequences of that lie. And the whole thing stinks of a hidden agenda, when the leader of the oppression, I mean opposition, Billy “Ï raped a girl” Shorten jumps on board with Abbott.
      In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  4. So, is the wreckage going to be forensically investigated? Specifically, the bullet holes to the cockpit bringing the aircraft down? And what about Angelo (?) the Spanish air traffic controller who Twittered before he disappeared. No investigation of the evidence means no investigation period. It’s easy to see how this is going to turn out.

  5. Supposedly Dutch somehow managed to repatriate 122.5 tons of gold… What makes them so rangy in respect of Germany and France?

    • Dont stop there Splitter.
      The Dutch had been trying since 2012 to repatriate their Gold. Germany cant, France cant.

      Late July early August the Dutch get hold of the MA17 Flight Recorders. October they get the Gold they have been asking for, for so long.

      Coincidence or Leverage?

  6. Jim, you did the right thing bringing this over. I think we need to stay on top of the MH17 stuff, as this could be the Big One. MH17 will be used as the casus belli to start a war against Russia in the Ukraine, a war that could set off WW III. Russia has lots of nukes, Ukraine has nukes, NATO has lots of nukes. They are mad, mad, mad. MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction.

  7. It makes me sick to my stomach that my government is excluded from the investigation team even though Malaysia has lost a lot of her citizen. But I am curious as to why Belgium is included in the team. Brussels beginning to ramp up the pressure on Russia on behalf of EU? What makes me doubly curious is why my government just gave the MH17 flight recorders to the Dutch without any strings attached in the first place after a long and hard process of obtaining it from the Pro-Russian secessionist.

  8. given the physical proximity of the countries, and the fact that Russian Intelligence will have reliable sources within the Ukranian military, it is likely Mr Putin has a good idea of exactly what happened on 17.7.14. if it were my decision i would ask him first of all.

    however the idea of holding a patently biased investigation, specifically excluding Malaysia, should be examined on its merits. firstly, from the point of view of procedural efficiency it makes sense to decide the verdict first, and arrange the investigation around that. secondly such an efficient procedure should enhance the sympathetic global response to NATO’s noble aims of defending freedom and democracy, and ruthlessly attempting to spread it to the furthest corners of the globe.

    after all, few in this world are more admired than the liar, the bully and the murderer, and ziocon America’s “foreign policy” unites the best qualities of all of these three kinds of folks. surely the honesty and contempt of such men as Putin and Lavrov is motivated by nothing more dignified than envy.

  9. I still believe that there is one 777 out there for future use. As we know, it is impossible to lose a plane of this ilk. Im embarrassed that the Australian Government is part of the lies and deception and do apologise to all victims families for this. I walked into Coles Supermarket last saturday wearing a Tshirt I had made. It says
    “google chemtrails chemplanes you will be horrified act now” I must say that it is much more effective than trying to reach out on social media. 30 odd new people now know about this and other such things.

  10. Its all dutch courage and double-dutch to me. China should be an interested observer too, its actually the same devils who carried out the MH370 disappearance of its 200 nationals.

  11. Just reeks of cover up and 2 Malaysian jets? There must be a connection somewhere. What about this?
    From an eyewitness, an Eastern Ukraine Commander………..if this is accurate no wonder they won,t release the facts.
    These body parts, there was some kind of liquid coming out of them as shown – not blood. This is what it looked like by day; by night the liquid around bodies looked strangely green. Very little, or no blood. The bodies looked like they were stored somewhere. There was an odd concentration of bodies, seemed like they were concentrated in 2 parts of the plane. It was impossible to stand by one of the plane parts – the smell of chemicals was overwhelming, as if in a morgue. Body parts didn’t look like they came from living people. There were birds that got hit and died. I took their pictures – by contrast, their bodies looked like they were those of living things, a very different look compared to the human bodies.

    • Again and again, stressing that there was no blood and people didn’t seem like they were just deceased.
      Most passengers seemed of Asian look, so it is unclear how so many could have been Dutch. Only 20 bodies had clothes on, the rest were stark naked. Even though it can be that their clothes got blown off during the fall, but wouldn’t at least something like a sock, or a trace of a belt on their waste, be left? Only 7 were children, not half the plane as the West was saying.
      It was curious that so many passports were left absolutely intact, with no traces of any damage. Another curious thing was that passports were also concentrated in one or two spots.Electronics mobile phones, notebooks were collected. We looked especially for dates. All private photos we found in victims’ phones were from 2013. None from 2014.

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