PressTV: Ukraine and pro-Russia forces declare December 9 as truce date


D-Day celebration with Putin, Merkel & Poroshenko
D-Day celebration with Putin, Merkel & Poroshenko

Ukraine and pro-Russia forces declare December 9 as truce date

…  with PressTV, Tehran

–  First published  December 4, 2014  –


Andrei Purgin - Donetsk
Andrei Purgin – Donetsk

Ukraine and the pro-Russia forces have agreed to stop fighting across the eastern conflict zone from December 9 under the terms of a Kremlin-brokered ceasefire.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday that the terms of the new ceasefire were already included in an earlier deal agreed in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk in September.

However, the Minsk Agreement published at the time did not mention a specific date on which the warring sides were due to lay down their arms.

Poroshenko added that Kiev has prepared “measures that should ensure the implementation of the Minsk Agreement concerning a ‘Day of Silence’ that is due to begin on December 9.”

Igor Plotnitsky, the lead of the People's Republic of Luhansk, put forward an unusual and courageous solution of the conflict between Kiev and the Donbass of Ukraine. The official website of the public published an open letter from the head of the republic to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In the letter, Plotnitsky offered Poroshenko to fight him in a duel. "Let's follow the example of ancient Slavic leaders and glorious Cossack atamans and face each other in a duel. The one who wins will dictate their conditions to the opposite side," Plotnitsky wrote in the letter to Poroshenko.
Igor Plotnitsky, the lead of the People’s Republic of Luhansk, had put forward an unusual solution to the conflict between Kiev & the Donbass of Ukraine in an open letter to Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Plotnitsky invited Poroshenko to fight him in a duel. “Let’s follow the example of ancient Slavic leaders & glorious Cossack atamans & face each other in a duel. The one who wins will dictate their conditions to the opposite side.”

According to a source in Poroshenko’s office, Ukraine would start withdrawing heavy weapons from the eastern frontline on December 10.

The parliament speaker of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic also confirmed that the ceasefire was part of the Minsk deal.

“The [Minsk] group, which included our and Ukrainian military officials, as well as OSCE (the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and Russian mediators, agreed to halt fire on December 9,” Russia’s RIA Novosti state news agency quoted Andrei Purgin as saying.

Igor Plotnitsky, the leader of the self-declared Lugansk People’s Republic, said that during Minsk talks, a ceasefire that would start in mid-December was discussed.

This is while observers thought that the September ceasefire had entered into effect immediately and no indication was previously given that clashes would only end in December.

Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking regions in the east have witnessed deadly clashes between pro-Russia forces and the Ukrainian army since Kiev launched military operations to silence the pro-Moscow protests in mid-April.


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  1. There are so many lying psychopaths in Kiev and Washington that you could not trust them or believe a word they said.
    This is only breathing space so that Nuland and the rest of the rabid zionists can implement their next move.
    Putin is no fool.
    I remember the photo of Mussolini after he was hanged, got a feeling Poroshenko and a few others could end up the same way!
    These people have lost the right to be called human.
    Just murdering thugs.

  2. Plotnitsky invited Poroshenko to fight him in a duel.

    Sounds like a damned good idea to me.

    Now how do we get Obama and Putin in a ring ?.

  3.  RT-TV reports, “Dozens of Coal Mines have been closed in the Donetsk & Lugansk Regions, due to continued fighting between Kiev troops and anti-government forces there. The Energy Minister of Ukraine Demchyshyn has acknowledged the country needs to start buying energy from Russia.”
     Yesterday, Arseny Yatseniuk was saying that there was an accident at a nuclear Power Plant in the Southeast of Ukraine.
     Yatseniuk, the Psycho & Suicidal PM of Kiev wants Peace in Winter to use the Coal Mines of Donetsk & Lugansk Regions, so he could fight ONLY in warm weather.
     Let’s not forget the Psycho & Suicidal, PM (who told the World, if Viktor Yanukovych doesn’t resign, I’ll put a bullet to my head). He is also, the Buddy of Yulia Tymoshenko the Israeli-Ukrainian, & Patricia Nuland, the Israeli-American.
     The Russian strategy of leaking phone conversations, Obliterated the “Evil-Witch” Political Life, before she Obliterate Russia, when Tymoshenko got caught on a tapped phone conversations, (if the 8 million Russians become a problem, we will Nuke them, instead she & Israel-Mossad Nuked-MH-17).
     “I will get all my connections involved, and use all of my means to make the entire world raises up, so there wouldn’t be even a scorched field left in Russia.” it is necessary to wipe out Russia.
     Who could forget, Patricia Nuland’s, the Israeli-American “F….k the EU” rant.
     Estonian Minister’s leaked tape claimed; Maidan itself carried out the shootings of Maidan.

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