WW3 Face Off – Ultimate Battle for control of the World Imminent



by Preston James

Note: I cannot assure you that the following information is accurate even though the sources it was provided from have a previously good track record. Obviously this is not the kind of information you will be allowed to know for sure. You can believe anything you choose based on your own research, but at this point in time you will not be allowed to have any truly corroborative evidence provided in this type of article.

President Vladimir Putin, leader of the Russian Federation. Insiders say he is the Ultimate Statesman and the new SuperHero of the Russian People. Reputed to have nerves of steel, incredible courage and not prone to overreact or respond to political provocations. Many Insiders have said this is no man to trifle with or test. Most Americans long for an Elected Leader of this stature and prominence.

It’s a fact that President Putin has risen to be the uncontested Leader of the new Russian Republic.

He has made so many important strategic moves so effectively that many are now claiming he is one of the greatest statesmen that ever ran any Government in History.

The World Zionist WZ Confederacy is now challenging the Russian Federation and President Putin, and unchecked this will easily lead to a nuclear WW3.

The WZ Confederacy is comprised of the Bush Crime Cabal BCC and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate IZCS who are joined at the hip and are now pitted against the Russian Republic and President Putin because the WZs are trying to take over Russia and every other nation of the World not yet held captive in their Web-of-Debt.

The World’s greatest Aggressor, the World Zionist Confederacy.

The World’s Greatest Aggressor, this WZ Confederacy of the West aka the Rothschild Bankster System and their American allies is comprised of the BCC, IZCS, the Federal Reserve System and a large faction inside the USG and US Military.

Unfortunately this WZ Confederacy includes numerous Israeli espionage fronts inside America such as AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC, and almost the whole US Congress, the  Judiciary, Homeland Security and five members of the Supreme Court, all of whom together form a large WZ collectivity which is now directly pitted against the Russian Republic and President Putin, but also against the American masses (aka “We The People”).

The WZ Confederacy is now America’s largest RICO Crime Syndicate, even bigger than the Republic Party RICO Crime Syndicate.

Many experts view this WZ Confederacy as actually little more than the largest RICO Crime Syndicate that has ever existed within the United States of America. And certainly one of its Chief Agents has become the Republican Party which has been deeply infiltrated by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) making it a major RICO Crime Enterprise in and of itself besides currently functioning as an espionage front for the WZs inside America.

This was recently evidenced by the phone call recording left on Ambassador Lee Wanta’s DC Embassy voice mail by two self-proclaimed Republican Party “PuppetMasters”. This phone recording if properly prosecuted could easily bring a long overdue end to the Republican Party under RICO Civil and Criminal Statutes and major Capital Felonies for various prior un-investigated, unsolved assassinations which may have been set up by one of the PuppetMasters, the self-proclaimed “Not So Nice” side of Republican Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad perhaps using Cabo based or other “Intel or organized crime assets”.

The Final Battle between the East and the West?

This standoff is shaping up as perhaps the Final Battle of the West versus the East, and the possibility of China jumping in as allies of the Russian Republic is more than mere fantasy. President Putin and his other secret allies have countered this insane WZ Confederacy aggression by setting up the new BRICS Development Bank which is now up and running and the new MINT Trading Cartel which will soon be also up and running. Neither new system is based on the US Petro Dollar but are based on Gold, Silver and real commodities. Together the BRICS and the MINT Systems involve more than 50% of the World Population.

The resignation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense is more than a little troubling.

The recent resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is troubling because the new appointee appears to be a WZ owned and controlled asset who had pre-knowledge of the 9/11/01 attack on America by WZs. Was WZ political blackmail used to induce the President to secretly push for Defense Secretary Hagel’s resignation because he refused to push for WW3 in the Mideast and/or the Ukraine like Assistant Secretary of State Nuland has been doing who bragged the US State Department gave the Ukraine 5 Billion USD?

Will the new Defense Secretary appointee if confirmed turn out to be another WZ war-monger and Traitor like Senator John McCain, who some Insiders refer to as the Manchurian Candidate because of what he disclosed during his stay in the Presidential Suite of the Hanoi Hilton and what he has been doing ever since to betray America and violate his Oath of Office?

Have the WZs now picked their own replacement for Secretary of Defense?

Did the WZs pick their own man who had a proven track record of doing things their way? Is this whole sordid affair just another indication that the WZs are pushing very, very hard to manipulate the United States of America into a nuclear WW3 confrontation with the new Russian Republic and President Putin?

What would be the result if the WZ’s go ahead and detonate their ultimate weapons, their Samson Option and their Worldwide Debt-Bomb instead of starting WW3? It has likely now gotten to the point that the BRICS and MINTs will be able to withstand either and will be able to survive with their own monetary and exchange systems already now set in place.

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Putin and his secret allies have created a huge Banking/monetary alternative independent of the WZ’s Counterfeit US Petro Dollar system as a powerful countermeasure.

Some believe that this continued aggression by the WZs against President Putin and the Russian Republic has has resulted in President Putin waging a secret economic war using this alternative banking system which is a notably crafty counteroffensive against the City of London Rothschild World Zionists who use Israel as their main Action-agents and their Stateside Franchisee the Federal Reserve System as their main Counterfeiting engine.

The WZ Confederacy has its loyal factions inside the USG, Congress, and the US Military.

This World’s Greatest Aggressor, the WZ Confederacy and their BCC and IZCS Cutouts have their factions within the USG, the US Congress and within the US Military. These factions were either appointed or gained control over by AIPAC penetrations, human compromise operations (including pedophilia), blackmail, and very large campaign donations and other huge perks such as offshore “set-aside allocations” aka large deposits in off shore foreign bank accounts in Caribbean Banks or the like.

The WZ Confederacy has gained massive economic power and World prominence through their use of the Federal Reserve System’s massive counterfeiting operation.

The WZ Confederacy gained massive economic power and World prominence by deploying their massive Counterfeiting System based on the US Petro Dollar, which is backed by nothing by WZ Confederacy war threats of mass-murder and mass-destruction. As the Russian Federation and its secret allies including China are now reaching economic and perhaps military parity, and have established their own banking system based on real money backed by Gold, Silver and commodities, it is quickly becoming a Checkmate Situation.

This WZ Confederacy is comprised of WZs, BCC and IZCS Cutouts and Assets and has arisen to World Economic prominence by their use of the massive WZ Counterfeiting System which specializes in acquisition and compromise of the leaders of many nations using pernicious usury and the massive debt-slavery which has resulted.

It does seem however that the “Jig is about up” because the World is hip to this massive WZ Counterfeiting System used to catch everyone in their massive Worldwide Web-of-Debt and they are allying together with Russia and China in secret to debase and defeat the US Petro Dollar and the WZs.

The WZ Confederacy has inflicted Mass death and Destruction on the World as part of their criminally insane Agenda for World hegemony and a NWO Kingdom.

During the last hundred years since 1913 when the WZ’s Federal Reserve System attained such World Hegemony through the deployment of its massive Counterfeiting System, it has inflicted Mass Death and Destruction on many nation-states of the World. Many believe that it is now beginning it move to reduce the World’s population up to 90% as a part of its Luciferian Agenda of Mass Death for purification of the human race.

It has also generated continual wars of aggression for Bankster and defense contractor profits, all as part of a Luciferian plan to transform the whole world into a Luciferian Kingdom with a future anointed ruler to be seated in Jerusalem. Thus the name the label the “New Crusaders” has been given to this Western WZ Confederacy.

The Rothschild World Zionists have a sinister Agenda of World Domination.

The WZs have a sinister Agenda of World Domination by any means necessary including staged terrorism, false-flag attacks, engineered racial conflicts and delusions, peddling of perversion, smut and political correctness or bribery and human compromise. They believe they are Lucifer’s chosen of Royal Bloodlines and everyone is Goyim to be dominated, used, abused, asset stripped and enslaved to serve them.

Right now these WZs have completely infiltrated and hijacked the USG and its Monetary Production and Distribution System and used it as a weapon of war against the American People and the whole World. These WZs have been running a covert war against We The People in America since 1913 when they were able to bribe the passage of the illegal Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. And ever since they have been running a massive covert war against We The People, planning to transform America into GAZA II using their internal Israeli occupation force Homeland Security, run by the World’s biggest collection of Traitors, Infil-traitors and perverts in recent modern history.

But it doesn’t stop there, these Rothschild WZs have been using their own private nation-state they set up Israel, which is a purely Freemason operation, as a base of operations to destabilize the whole Middle East and the Ukraine, now hoping to set up the Ukraine as the new Israel when Israel 1 falls which will be within 10 years according to Heinz Kissinger and others. And the WZs have been using Israel and America to wage a secret economic and political war against the Russian Federation and President Putin.

So we are left with a very strange situation where our CMMM declared supposed new enemy the Russian Federation and President Putin are actually being abused by the WZs who have also declared a secret war against We The People. In a sense however, this makes natural allies of the American masses and the Russian masses who now both share the same enemy the Rothschild WZs. The only two forces strong enough right now in America which can loosen the stranglehold that the WZs have on America and We The People are We The People rising up in mass, or the willingness of a leader with the attained political power of Zbigniew Brzezinski who decides to help America free itself from this Rothschild WZ parasite. And in order for Dr. Brzezinsky to be willing to take charge, he would have to perhaps come to believe that the new Russia under President Putin is never going to be a WZ Bolshevik replay.

The WZ Confederacy joined hands with the SSG to increase their War Powers.

One of the tools the WZs used to rise to World’s prominence was their financial support of and alliance with the technology and weapons American Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which helped them with their foreign wars of aggression and acquisition. This provided increased revenues and motivated them to provide an elastic checkbook to Congress and Intel to fund the various SSG deep black, beyond-black, and black within black unacknowledged programs.

The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is a shadowy, secret Government comprised of the largest private Defense Contractors who run these “black within black”, “deep-black” and “beyond-black” unacknowledged programs.

These programs are so secret even some top officials in each company do not know each and every of these hidden programs or who works in them, how much they spend, or even what they do because they know it has been classically unsafe and even life-threatening to ask any serious questions about these matters.

This complete compartmentalization, lack of any written records or accounting trails or even employment lists, gives incredible power to these unacknowledged units, some of which have been used for RICO crime activities of the WZ Confederacy, and some used against it.

The bottom line is this, often the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and there has been no centralized accountability of any kind except for the top ranking members of Majestic Twelve. And apparently these few men who sit at the top of the highest faction of the SSG typically sit back and wait to see where it is all going.

Then when some kind of intervention is possible and appropriate, they make their moves. And it is likely that they believe their best interventions now are to initiate or stimulate populism using the Worldwide Internet as the new Gutenberg Press to thus elicit a “rear-guard” domestic action in most cases which is necessary for any serious defeat of the WZ Confederacy because it has become so deeply entrenched.

Some of these beyond-black unacknowledged programs are so secret and so powerful, they have no accounting records or any records at all, and are able to all the cash disbursements they need directly from the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve System with no records trail ever being left. How they were able to acquire such power and secret prominence is a subject which has already been covered in other Secret Space War articles here on Veterans Today.

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The WZ Confederacy has taken great risks in their criminally insane quest for World Domination.

In financing and using the SSG as their secret military and advanced technology arm to gain defense predominance of the World, the WZs actually took a big risk because in doing so this opened up the future possibility that the SSG could just decide to push the WZ Confederacy aside and take control away from the WZ Confederacy.

That is, there has always been the risk that the folks who rose to prominence in the SSG System could actually take over the whole WZ Confederacy away or alternatively side-step the hegemony of the WZs and render them irrelevant.

Or the Top Faction of the SSG which has now attained enough power could just sit back and let the WZ Confederacy continue their war mongering insanity and take on President Putin and the Russian Federation and get what is coming to them, complete destruction and one of the greatest single day defeats in history of such a major World power.

The new Russian Military weapons specialize in pin point accuracy and group launching with “hiving” (aka “smart coordination”).

Some senior US Military analysts believe that the new Russian nuclear weapons are based on pin point accuracy in their targeting and a focus on important military and WZ targets only. It is also known that the new Russian nuclear weapons are neutron types or even more advanced that specialize in anti-personnel capability with minimal fallout and radiation aftereffects.

These devices are believed to be delivered via supersonic missiles that are “hived” that is have the ability to coordinate targeting with one another and able to defeat all known jamming systems.

Some sea capable systems can zig-zag low to the waterline at speeds perhaps up to 15,000 miles per hour or even faster.

Russia also has supersonic torpedoes that use some incredible technology to disrupt the usual resistance of water.

What this may mean in practical terms is that US naval battle groups may be sunk in mere minutes when faced with such ultra high tech weapons.

Some reports suggest that President Putin has no beef with the American people in general and that he does not blame them for the WZ’s and all their human compromising of at least half of the USG, most of Congress and about one half of the US Military.

Has the Top Faction of the SSG attained enough power to step in and take over and prevent this WW3 which now seem imminent with the recent Republican victory in Congress?

It has been rumored from deeply connected inside sources that one man has risen in the SSG System to the very top of the faction that control it is now positioned with enough power and support that he is untouchable by the WZ Confederacy and their Cutouts and cronies, including the whole US Congress and about one-half the US Military. Who is this man?

Some insiders now claim that Zbigniew Brzezinski has risen to the very top of the SSG. Is this man MJ-1? No one will say for sure, but he might as well be because some say it appears that he is now running the top faction of the SSG.

He has now apparently accrued enough respect, power and support from his top colleagues to sidestep the whole WZ Confederacy which is Hell bent on starting WW3 because of their Evil Agenda, if he decides to do so.

Dr. Brzezinski probably now has enough power to take complete control over the WZ Confederacy itself if he decides this is his best move to thwart these insane WZ Confederacy monsters who are Hell-bent of starting WW3 to sustain their hegemony over Big Oil and perhaps take over the whole World.

Or he could just sit back and allow the Russian Federation to destroy the WZ Confederacy Forces, and perhaps the Russian Federation would be destroyed along with the WZs when they start WW3 with Russia, which they now seem obsessed with doing.

Could a back-channel compromise be worked out?

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser under President Jimmy Carter, whose Presidency was sabotaged by the WZs. Top Insiders suggest that no one should ever make the mistake of underestimating his innate intelligence and politicalcraft.

Could a back-channel compromise be worked out between the top faction of the SSG and President Putin, perhaps a very functional win/win situation for the United states of America and the Russian Republic, one that would defeat the WZ Confederacy and liberate the whole World from it grip of ultimate Evil?

Is there a chance that Dr. Brzezinski will assert the control that he has probably attained and decide to work directly with President Putin via back-channels to avert a WW3 which seems inevitable unless the WZ Confederacy is stopped cold.

It is believed by some insiders that Dr. Brzezinski has harbored some deep resentment for the Soviet Union’s Bolshevist Communism and may still distrust those who are running the new Russian Republic.

He may feel a natural aversion for any new Russian leadership based on past inside knowledge and experience which would have to be overcome.

Dr. Brzezinski is known to have attained great power and respect, more than a few fear him greatly too. It is also know that many also respect and fear President Putin.

There is always the possibility that Dr. Brzezinski may feel that the American People have given consent to those that make up the WZ Confederacy by not standing up against it in mass, perhaps being too busy watching TV and the Nightly News which is little more than a WZ propaganda dispenser.

Dr. Brzezinsky may be tempted to let the WZ Confederacy run its course and find out what lies unexpectedly in store for them due to their criminally insane obsession with subduing the whole world for their sinister Evil purposes and starting WW3.

There is a chance that the American people will wake up in mass and start challenging the WZ Confederacy’s hold on America. This could occur because a powerful new Populism is now arising from the independent Alternative News available on some of the Internet websites like Veterans Today or the sites that dare to carry their articles. The worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press and is a powerful source of World Populism as well as Populist Sovereignty in many nations.

The Plot thickens and increased pressure is applied to incite WW3.

The CMMM has been generating a USG dispensed narrative “stink” complaining that the upcoming “forced release” of the final Senate Report on the CIA’s needless torture and murder of many Islamic prisoners will invite and generate numerous terror attacks on America and Americans and therefore should not be released. Is this a perfect example of the CMMM being used to generate a cover story which in a sense is a predictive proclamation that the BCC feels cornered and is about ready to detonate another nuclear False-Flag attack in a major American City to provide an instant cover and distraction?

It’s a fact that many Americans as well as millions around the World want Bush2, Cheney and Rumsfeld arrested and fully prosecuted for crimes against humanity and war crimes for this illegal torturing, massive rapes and murders of captives, many of which were innocent children provided for bounties by Iraqi War Lords. And many other top US officials serving as WZ sycophants who praised these anti-human completely illegal practices could easily face very long prison sentences, some could be charged with conspiracy to murder and murder. Another nuclear False-Flag attack on a large American City like Chicago, Houston (where the Oil refineries are) or NYC again or even the Capitol would certainly get the heat off Bush 2, Rumsfeld and Cheney, but it would also serve the WZs very well. After all didn’t Darth Vader himself warn the Americans another terror attack on America would surely come only this time bigger with a lot more casualties? He should know, many believe he was involved with the WZs in the planning of the first one and made sure that no USAF Air Defenses (which required “instant” interceptions by F-16s) were in place that day beginning with his ordered stand-down which actually began at least a month before 9/11/01.

And now we have ISIS/ISIL which should really be called Israeli Secret Intelligence Service because that is exactly who is running it as a secret army of Israeli, Saudi, American and other zio paid mercenaries. And now it is known that Turkey is deeply involved as well on behalf of Israel and NATO. John McCain and General Betrayus were involved in this. McCain has been accused of starting ISIS/ISIL in the first place and Betrayus of setting up secret arms caches in Iraq to be later seized by ISIS/ISIL. It has been suggested that he has two “retired” generals assisting him, both have work together on high level Psyops programs and both are believed to be involved in a major Satanic Cult which has infected the US Congress and the US Military. It is rumored ISIS/ISIL has a command center near Fort Huachuca in Arizona from where they also run Cyber Warfare Sock Puppet operations against alternative media websites like Veterans Today. These operations of course are Sedition, Treason, Espionage against America and major Criminal and Civil RICO.

The Israeli Air Force does bombing runs for ISIS/ISIL and recently hit Damascus. ISIS/ISIL wounded are taken back to Israel where they receive medical care. How come ISIS/ISIL has never threatened Israel or attacked it or helped the Palestinians? because Israel is ISIS/ISIL. Don’t ever expect the CMMM to report any of this even though it is a major story, one of the biggest ever and could seriously erode the illegal use of the US Congress by AIPAC for active but unacknowledged espionage against the USA and the American People. The top Mideast reporters know but are afraid to report this because they would expect to be murdered like one woman reporter recently was for working on this story.

It has been reported that ISIS/ISIL has been selling captured oil in large quantities at a discount, thus suppressing the price of crude oil significantly. This obviously is now stressing the Russian Federation and the Oil Drillers inside America as well as the “Major Five” (which used to be the Seven Sisters). It sure seems that the WZ Confederation is doing everything it can to motivate the Russians and the Americans to fight it out. This is the age old game the WZs are known for, their trademark. While everyone is at war acquire more and more of their wealth and seize more power. These oil price manipulations which are taking the price of crude to new lows not seen for years could certainly cause the Oil Derivatives held by the major Wall Street Banks to crash overnight or during a weekend and this alone could set off the Rothschild WZs debt bomb from their Web-of-Debt which envelopes almost the whole World.

Why would the WZs harm the holdings of their own banks? This seems like they are taking actions against their own best interests. yes, but if they believe their Web-of-Debt has gone out of control and will detonate eventually, they will probably want to ignite it themselves at a time they select to use it for their own purposes. Remember the top Policy-Makers that truly run things are a small group of Twelve who call themselves the “Disciples of Satan” or the “Illuminati”. The only thing they do not control is the top echelon of the SSG that runs the Secret Space War program whom some have called Majesty 12.

MJ-12 has been known to usually sit back and let world politics run its course, concerned with what they believe are more important matters. In addressing these important Secret Space War Matters, they often work together with scientists from all the other nations of the World including the Russian Republic. Are things serious enough this time with World Politics that MJ-12 will step in an take control to prevent a nuclear WW3 and take these WZ Confederacy terrorists and deceivers out of the equation?


If this new American Populism arises in enough prominence, it may be a signal to Dr. Brzezinski and his compatriots in the top faction of the SSG that any move by this top faction of the SSG to take control of the USG and reestablish Rule of Law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights would be fully supported by the  High Command of the US Military, the good half of the US Military, and as well as the American People in mass.

In the past Dr. Brzezinsky was the driving force behind bringing in President Jimmy Carter and some fresh air to block the abject corruption of the WZ Confederacy. The first thing President Carter did was to appoint Stanfield Turner as the new Director of the CIA with a mission to clean it up. Admiral Turner then proceeded to fire over 750 of the dirtiest drug dealing CIA covert operators, many some of the worst, prolific criminals one could ever imagine.

Unfortunately many of these went on to form the “Enterprise” when the Bush Crime Cabal was to re-establish control after the WZ Confederacy was able to manipulate Bush1 into the Presidency after he ran an assassination attempt against President Reagan with the full support of his controllers at the top of the WZ Pyramid of Power.

Some believe that Dr. Brzezinsky has a long memory and has finally accrued enough power to disjoint the WZ Confederation one way or another, using advanced covert and very crafty methods. Some believe that Dr. Brzezinski is known to compromise when he sees a clear advantage in maintaining his position and power but can still maintain his own future aspirations and expectations for the changes he hope for and is now perhaps empowered and motivated to make.

His political and military tactical astuteness is beyond question. It is a fact that he was the brilliant strategist behind the solidification of the Mujaheddin as a major fighting force which defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Undoubtedly Zbigniew Brzezinski’s orchestration of the Russian defeat in Afghanistan played a major part in the major inner stress that contributed to the financial collapse of the Soviet union which was pushed to the edge and finished off by Lee Wanta.

After this, it was the Bush Crime Cabal working with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate that once again hijacked the USG, the Congress and the US High Military Command to infiltrate and gain control over the Mujaheddin and turn them into Al CIA Duh and now ISIS/ISIL (aka Al CIA Duh version 2).

No one is saying for sure but my best guess is that Dr. Brzezinski has been biding his time, quietly building a very powerful top SSG faction which is now likely powerful enough to take on the WZ Confederacy if he deems it is appropriate or necessary.

On the other hand he may allow them to stupidly dial in their own focused destruction by waging an insane “doomed from the start” war with the Russian Federation and President Putin and then help the surviving American people rebuild their nation free of the WZ Confederacy controls which means free of the BCC and the IZCS and all those they have been in control of through their sinister human compromise means. As one top insider recently said, don’t ever underestimate Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinsky, ever.

He is very, very crafty, a top notch political and military strategist who apparently hates Bolshevism in any form especially the WZ form which was the basis of Soviet Russia and Maoist China, and loves America the Republic. Hopefully he may now be able to start trusting President Putin and the new Russian Federation and be motivated to use back-channels to negotiate a win/win agreement with President Putin that will push the WZ Confederacy to the side. This could then evaporate the WZ Confederacy’s massive espionage against all American Institutions of Government including Congress, the Judiciary, the Department of Justice, the US Military and Intel. And hopefully an end can be brought to the WZ’s massive Counterfeiting System which has enveloped much of the World in a massive Web-of-Debt.

It is important to note that Dr. Brzezinski has never been linked to the 9/11/01 WZ Nuclear Attack on America at the Twin Towers in NYC and the Rumsfeld/Cheney directed attack on the Pentagon Naval Intel section designed to take out Able Danger Investigators in which it murdered 35 of them.

It is also possible that Dr. Brzezinski may just wait and see and then direct the picking up of the pieces after WW3 destroys the WZ Confederacy. Some believe he is perhaps in command of a secret “breakaway society” of the top echelons of the SSG, which could later use their ultra high technology to rebuild a new American Republic free of the WZs and their Kingpins and Cutouts like the BCC, the IZCS, PNACers, NeoCons, American-Israeli “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and Republican Party criminals and traitors.

Note: It is known that Veterans Today has some Editors and/or staff who may have clearances at the very highest levels within the SSG. Sources for this article did not include them, and any information included has been provided by other sources not linked or associated with Veterans Today.

This article reveals what has been traditionally very closely guarded information considered so sensitive it was never to be revealed to the Public. Once again, Veterans Today brings you incredible bombshell secret information on the Root Causes of the Evils that are destroying America and much of the World, now revealed for the first time anywhere.

You can thank the Major Foreign Intel Dumps into the Public Domain which are now occurring all over the World.  Stay tuned because if it is breaking News or Dirty Secrets to be revealed for the first time ever it is likely that it will either be published here on on www.veteranstoday.com or presented on Veterans Today News Reports.

Articles like this are litmus tests for Websites. Those that publish them are typically on the right track and working hard to get the Truth out.

For those who have the time and interest, here is a little entertainment from perhaps the best blues guitarist there is right now, Joe Bonamassa, a musical genius who just keeps getting better and better.

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  1. Like following script, ever since Huntington’s “The Soldier and the State” (1957) and Brzezinski’s “Clash of Civilizations”, we have suffered through a series of transformative shifts (semi coups really) which cumulatively have brought us into the present abyss, into a near pure, unaldulterated fascism. Brzezinski and Huntington share the existentialist Hannah Arendt’s hostility to truth as an operative principle in policy making. Actually, truth doesn’t exist at all. Brezekinski’s contempt for ordinary Americans is self evident. Brzezinski lies. For his ilk, there is no truth, there is only opinion. If there is no truth, the relations between nations boils down to power and the quest to dominate. If Brzezinski is orchestrating an opposition to the current ‘gang’, we might want to pray their is yet in the background a group of real patriots, imbued with real republican principles, and ready to strike.

  2. @carnaptious [] Of course you are correct . Personally , I see the subversion starting about 3000 years ago when some of the { divinely chosen ones } first formed the ***Synagogue of Satan***. In any case , it is important to understand that even when a particular category of ziojews are not the majority of the group of concern — ziojews still usually dominate even when they are in the minority . Domineering powers are not always and everywhere apportioned according to democratic principles .

  3. @ Carnaptious- Hamilton created America’s first national bank. It was not private. It printed its own debt free money as the Constitution mandates. Our government now borrows from the private Federal Reserve bank, Jewish owned now and from the start (Schiff, Warburg, Baruch, Huis) connected to the Rothschilds. Because of the illegal 1913 Federal Reserve Act, bought and paid for by Zionist finaglings (this itself is quite a story), the US now has to borrow money from the Fed which charges the U.S. interest. Usury is the problem. Our national debt is largely illegal interest. This financial racket is protected by deceit and other means but we can take the power back. There are movements out to do this. Hungary recently assumed sovereignty over its own currency from its Rothschild central bank and kicked out the IMF and its economy is rapidly recovering. “Positive Money” is campaigning in England for the complete nationalization of money production. Real constitutionalists know that only the government may issue its own interest-free money which can be loaned at extra low rates or even 0% to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and societal needs instead of becoming bankster profit.

  4. When a war come we won’t be fighting aliens not America. America has aliens as ally.
    Technology you never heard before US GOVERNMENT has its funny when Russia see what hit them it will.
    Ever the raid on bin laden silent helicopters sounds crazy find out a stealth bomb that can fly in space or the anti space machine that can hover in space.

    Oh yeah I won’t talk about religion people but God won’t be helping the ones who believe God destruction is the aftermath.

    America is the most heavily armed country in the world. Enough guns to arm the hole population of America. Good luck to Russia and China when U.S. government get 300million troops in they army if they wanted to the can.

  5. Great Article, the latest news is that a radioactive device is in Europe. Samson Option ? With so many Jew’s in the Defense Network, and in everything else it’s no wonder they recommend it be taken as serious that I.S.I.S has a “dirty bomb”.

    Well it’s the same as when J.F.K went down, and the various Assassination’s after that, that we now see this come about. I mean if Nuke’s were used in the W.T.C, and say at Fukushima, then this could still be a continuation of that method. The Crime Cabel’s (B.C.C. and another C for brother from another mother ?).

    While I don’t think W.W. 3 with launched weapons will ever be allowed to happen ( Alien control of the sky’s ) ( crrow777 has some great videos of “orb’s” who’s control, and what capabilities ?) they don’t seem to be able to stop bomb’s put into position to explode in place.

    Well, anything to protect the petrol dollar I suppose .

    • The CMMM may be setting up the false narrative now to support another WZ Confederacy nuclear false-flag in a large American City. The recent stink in the CMMM about “releasing the CIA torture and murder report will cause terrorist attacks on Americans” is a line of crap and could easily be used for a predictive cover for another staged nuclear false-flag inside a major American city. This is the way these WZ Confederacy Top Policy-Makers in control do things.

  6. “”….. our current sorry state …..”” is the result of our nonrepresentative and subversive ruling ziojew dominated oligarchy trashing our US Constitution under the heel of their corporatism ; and being generally above and beyond the reach of the rule-of-law in all matters including murder ; and operating a mercantilism economy deceptively called capitalism . The onset of our current sorry state began with the nefarious 1913 Federal Reserve Act .

  7. The price we as humanity will have to pay to rid this planet of the zionists, banksters and the satanic elite who have bought nothing but misery and suffering to 100’s of millions over the last 150 years will be very high.
    we as the present occupiers of this wonderful planet should be willing to pay that price to ensure a future for the rest of humanity.
    The children of this world are our future so why should we allow the same scum to do to our children and granchildren or anybodys children what they did and continue do do to us.

    • Where did I say that? I didn’t. You need to read the article again, more carefully this time. I discussed political realities of the system as it is now and different factions at the top.

  8. Not so sure about brzezinski . http //deadlinelive.info/2014/05/12/flashback-how-zbigniew-brzezinski-tried-and-is-trying-to-destroy-russia/

  9. If Zbigniew Brzezinski is our best hope we are totally f’d. He writes in one of his books about the post human era, and dates it at 2035. He says that by then the human race is changed to such an extent that they fall in a different catagory that the humans of today. A trans-humanist agenda

    • re did you get that idea from reading this article? The best hope is We The people awakening in mass and taking back our Republic from these WZ/BCC/IZCS usurpers, invaders, hijackers and counterfeiters.

  10. My main problem with Putin is this; Why did he let the situation get so far out of hand? He could’ve let Eastern Ukraine become part of Russia after the people voted for it. He could’ve armed Syria years ago. He could’ve demanded an international investigation into 9/11. He could’ve at least vetoed the “no-fly zone” over Libya. He did nothing for too many years and now Russia under attack and basically surrounded, and his options are limited.

    • Putin did allow East Ukraine (Crimea) to become part of Russia this year earlier because the Crimeans voted for it in a referendum (most had always been Russian). On the other hand Western Ukraine few have been Russian. West Ukraine is the former Khazaria and the WZs are working hard to create their new homeland there since they know that Israel will fall within ten years as the whole World turns against them over their Apartheid, genocide and land theft against Palestinians. Even Heinz Kissinger said so.

      Some experts claim that Putin has refused to respond to WZ provocations and is biding his time by working hard to get the alternative Development Banking/exchange systems up and running (BRICS and MINT) and building up his space war capabilities, new missile delivery systems and fifth generation neutron and positron nuclear devices.

      It would be a big mistake to underestimate his actual capabilities. Some believe that he is waiting things out while the whole western Debt-Bomb goes critical and takes the WZ private central FIAT counterfeiting system down in one big crash. Russia is probably much better positioned to survive a nuclear exchange than America because they have massive underground cities for their people, considered nuclear shelters, while we have them only for a small number of super-elites. And most of the US fire control boards are compromised.

  11. President Putin

    Please release the encryption key for the +220,000 ClimateGate emails currently in limbo on the web. There is an army of well informed, citizen scientist/reporters in the west who will very quickly connect the dots proving massive collusion by government, NGO and universities on this RICO operation.

    Next release the satellite data on the CIA hijacking of MH-370 and the Ukraine shoot down of MH-17. Showing the willful distortion of fact to create a false narrative will help discredit the SSG.

    Then provide the 911 intelligence evidence that will corroborate the wonder VT analysis. We look forward to a peaceful, productive future in a world free of our robber baron overlords. Thanks !

  12. Maybe a back-channel to discuss a face-saving defeat, after all it is no secret that the Chinese can pluck satellites off orbit and recently the Russians demonstrated they can jam any electronic system.
    Not to forget the Iranians who can commandeer drones and other flying objects with ease.

    Now tell me how can the Ziogs start a war when their guidance systems are trashed, their radios rendered silent and their bombers are reprogrammed to go hit home bases ?

    • The Ziogs have made arrangements for the USA to [ lose ] a ww3 started by whoever they choose to do it . The JWO One World Government does not want to compete with the sovereign superpower USA ; and they are still moving ahead with their frequently modified agenda for world dominion .

  13. The U.S. population doesn’t want to believe it, but the Israeli/Zionist/JEWS want to destroy the U.S.

    They believe they created us (a successful U.S.) and it’s their prerogative to “take us out”. As screwed up as that may seem!

    So “Jews” like to build something up, and even though they didn’t do the hard work, others did the real work, and maybe they never had the original ideas either, but somehow still claim as solely theirs, and then a desire to destroy it. Over many centuries they’ve been called “the destroyers” as well as the “disciples of Satan” and “Synagogue of Satan”, I believe all these terms fit.

    And when they don’t get any more praise, credit or recognition (for things they never really accomplished) like the success of the U.S. of America they want to bring it death and destruction.

    This is the phase we’re in, now. They want WW–3 and they think they can find fortified escapes underground, and then emerge as masters of the human race. and to provoke it some “nasty false-flag, like 9/11 on steroids” to trigger it. You can bet they’re already underground when they do it, ….NO BALLS.

    I love Russians , and the Chinese, and others, and have NO conflict , we need to talk, ASAP. The JEWS are designing to bring us all down, bring us to annihilation. I won’t allow it, if I can do something.

    • Agree . The self-proclaimed { divinely chosen ones } ( aka satanic jews ) do not seem to have any problem with either enslaving nonjews or exterminating opponents and other living obstacles to their agenda for absolute world domination .

  14. I’m going to get the decal of “the angry kid pissing” and have him take a leak on Talmudia’s flag…

  15. Yes, good points however, you ignore the increasingly salient effects of the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press which is close to overpowering the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). Populism has been emerging in parallel to the increase in usage of the alternative news sites on the Internet and is now at about 11% of We The People”. Once it reaches 12% it’s a good bet that a critical mass, turning point will be reached and the end of the CMMM propaganda coverup will be quickly ended one way or another and crooked politicians (which is just about all of the Members of Congress) will be fully exposed and driven out of office also.

    • Yes, some good points, however a lot of truth that has been dispensed only from Internet Alternative News Sources is now diffusing to mainstream America. It is a long slow arduous process but about 11% of the American masses are now awakened. 12% is a major tipping point, a critical mass is reached and then the masses will react with intense “Moral density” regardless of the CMMM which are losing viewers and listeners by the day. Young folks under 30 almost never watch the CMMM news and go to alternative news sites that resonate with their way of thinking which is typically quite distrustful of big authority.

    • Preston,

      I felt the populism you speak of 1st just after the Kennedy victory when he and Jackie came to Newport for a Catholic Mass and met the crowds afterwards outside. I was just a young boy but could feel it in the air, in the crowd.

      I get the feelings now, that I got back in the 1960’s again just before the major protests started against the Vietnam War. It could be a cycle that repeats every so many decades or a critical points of transition. Not sure.

      At each time it was difficult to predict when “critical mass” would be reached, but you could feel it building.

  16. I am all for anything or anyone to stop the wz.. To me Putin has been seen in a good light, saying what I perceive to be for a justice for humanity, and of course that means stopping wz..His speeches of late I have felt have been hopeful, with definitely letting the west know he will not be pushed around and is calling them out.
    Your statement “apparent command of what some consider the “breakaway society” …is this what I am thinking? along the lines of rich Dolans” breakaway civilization” ??? ..did I just get too hopeful??

    As in everything, with all the lies and terrors my own government has caused the world, I would be grateful for any positive help…but I am always suspicious of course of being manipulated again.. I would not care what country or nationality a decent leader comes from, we need a real change here. thank for your article

    • oh I know you meant ZB not Putin for breakaway society, just clarifying… and to Plunger, I too amsick of seeing this flag everywhere in Washington..

    • “”….. my own government …..”

      It really is not your own government in the federal domain ( where the banksters rule ) even if you voted for them . You may own the talk , but the banksters own the walk .

  17. Brzezinski has been demonized greatly since 2001 by many mainstream “alternative media” sites and personalities, essentially categorizing him as a top NWO general. I hear much wisdom in the words he speaks. The asymmetrical nature of geopolitics makes dot connecting tough. We look at ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and no longer pay any attention to the nuclear state of Pakistan that “OBL was hiding in.” Great article Dr. James, thought provoking would be a giant understatement.

    • OBL was NOT in Pakistan, at least NOT in that fake special forces attack that supposedly took him out.

      He died in December 2001 in Afghanistan.

  18. I hope Putin reads VT. Did you guys send him an email? Maybe Gordon could have a red phone installed on his reloading bench and we could establish a line of communication.

    • I certainly hope your right.

      In view of our Declaration Of Independence and the reasons for replacing a government. We have the elites openly calling for our annihilation. This is a certifiable threat repeated many times. This goes WAY, Way, beyond the reasons given in the Dec Of Independence. In view of this what are we suppose to do, sit back and let them put all the pieces in place?

  19. Well, Mr. James, you continue to astonish me with your articles which always read like something out of Amazing Stories circa the mid 1950s.

    Perhaps the real evolution in consciousness that is, as you suggest, arising from a deep slumber amongst the masses here at home, will be forthcoming in such a degree as to make all sinister machinations and intrigue you describe look rather childish.

    This is the wild card that both sides tremble over. For if the aggregate consciousness of humanity reaches critical mass (in large part due to the networking power of the internet at casting light on covert operations), all bets are off.

    Personal sovereignty and adherence to natural law are coming back in style as we all become more fully aware that WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES. You’re the driver, not the car.

    All the power of the mind controllers, including all this oh-so-exciting drama, is part of what keeps us in our bodies (materialism). The Faustian control of the money supply is just another tactic in the same playbook. All these tactics strengthen the illusion of separation, and distance us from the perennial wisdom that we are ONE, all originating from the same Source Field.

    In any Event, I hope to see how it all comes out. Thank you very much for your work, Preston, and for everyone at VT bringing about more transparency.

  20. One has to wonder regarding Russia’s preparedness in defending its principles and alliances, if for example, Israel is free to attack Syria-Russia’s chief ally in the ME- at will, as in today’s airstrike near the Damascus International Airport? Russia’s air defense employed to protect Russia’s naval assets in Syria’s Tartus apparently did not detect Israel’s attack bombers. Not very encouraging is it?

    • You can bet there are several high priority targets in Israel that would be hit first before anything else if a major war breaks out in the Mideast or the Ukraine. President Putin has held back and has gone out of his way not to respond to provocations by WZ stooges, but don’t underestimate his ability to strike fast and hard if a major war in the Mideast or Ukraine breaks out suddenly.

      If major war breaks out you can bet the whole defense establishment in Israel will be quickly vaporized by supersonic mervs delivered at 15,000 – to 25,000 MPH from either ground, launch, submarine launch, ship launch or satellite launch. They will all be hived. Because Israeli air defenses all have back doors in their fire-control chips which can easily be jammed by the Russian federation, despite what Israel claims or blusters, they are actually sitting ducks.

      And you can bet the the US Space Command will not step in to protect Israel. And even if they did they would probably not be successful in stopping the vaporization of most Israeli defense installations within mere minutes, especially what is left of their Dimona production facility (which isn’t much).

      Israel’s nuclear stockpiles of stolen decommissioned American manufactured nuclear Pitts from places like Hanford taken out the back door at Pantex in Texas would most likely be the very first target hit.

  21. Well, if the Russians have pinpoint accuracy weapons,
    then that says all, right?

    Also Uncle Duff has said in the past that Brzezinski,
    got a-come-to-Jesus moment. And Brzezinski blew
    the lid off that Mossad operation by Assange!


    • ZB has a very long resume, no doubt. One item is his co-founding of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller back in the early ’70s. Also, the whole secret shadow government has been structured by the ruling elite since at least 1900 to be the means by which they cause collapse of the constitutional republic, destroy the middle class, de-populate and return to two class society. So we must now look to one of the principal architects/operatives of the SSG for our salvation?

    • It is what it is. There are different factions of the Elites. Brzezinski in the past has been pushed to the side and undermined at times, but has continued to acquire power in spite of that. Some think he is now in a position where he can intervene if he wants to. Remember, he did put Jimmy Carter in the Presidency. Jimmy Carter is a good man, and would have been a good president if he had not been attacked from all sides by the WZs. He has since spoken out publicly against Israel’s tampering in American affairs and their abuse of Palestinians.

      Dr. Brzezinsky played a major part in the weakening of the Soviet Union, which Ambassador Lee Wanta finished off by buying up most of the Russian Rubles but then negotiating a win/win treaty.

      So now we have an interesting situation. We have a man who appears to have risen to the top of the SSG and is respected by the current High Military Command. But he has had an apparent distrust of mother Russia based on his detailed knowledge of the Soviet Union’s extreme abuses. And yet he may be far more negative toward the WZs for their attacks on President Carter and their espionage inside America. Can Dr. Brzezinski gain respect for President Putin and the new Russian Republic enough to do an end run around the WZs and negotiate with them?

  22. Well, I am not really happy about an immanent WWIII, but a change of chief toads would indeed be nice. Ultimately, those who murder and get gain lose. Why? Because when they run out of mutton they will start looking to each other. Failure is built into it from the start. Ya, but it’s worthwhile to some to rule for a forthnight, eh? Thanks Dr. James.

    • Perhaps things can change without a WW3 if we all do our part and share important articles with our trusted family, friends and associates.

  23. It is Kissinger who is inclined to the Russians, just as he has been to the Soviet Union during the Cold war. What is the current level of influence of the Kissinger faction in the SSG? Brzezinski is of Polish origin, with hawkish views against the Russians so far. Arrggh, I am getting nervous and worried.

    • Watch it! Kissinger is not human and it’s even more evil and more powerful than shape shifting draco reptilians. I once thought he was a draco but have since been enlightened. Not that I have even heard of those other critters but there’s plenty I don’t know…….

    • If you want to know what Heinz Kissinger is really like, search out Kay Griggs (“Desperate Housewives” series) and listen to her videotaped affidavit which includes a detailed description of what he is known for by those too afraid to tell outsiders. His code name according to FBI internal files was “Bor” and he was listed as a Soviet/WZ/Bolshevik mole.

    • Don’t forget that Brice Taylor alleges Henry K was her MK Ultra programmer, who used her with his NWO friends that Taylor says often talked about getting rid of the “useless 98%” of the population. Henry “opened up” China and had Putin on-board the NWO team, which seems to be planned for implementation through the IMF Special Drawing Rights that China and Russia presently support (after the US dollar crashes). Henry is probably afraid that present US threats to Russia may discourage Putin from supporting the new currency of the one-world NWO.

  24. From Vineyardsaker, I think.

    Finally, notice the clear contempt which Lavrov has for a pseudo-Christian “West” which dares not speak in defense of persecuted Christians, denies its own roots, and does not even respect its own traditions.

    Friends, what we are witnessing before our eyes is not some petty statement about the Ukraine or sanctions, it is the admission by Lavrov of a fundamental “clash of civilizations”, but not between some wholly imaginary “Christian West” and Islam, but between Christian Russia and the post-Christian West.

  25. Great article Dr. James.
    It,s time these WZ,s either through war or civil rebellion are stopped from stripping the world,s people of their wealth so that everyone in all countries can have a free and happy life.
    They will not stop until they achieve their goal or are totally routed.
    The lies and aggression against Russia which has been re-born from the old USSR by Putin,s skillful actions are foolhardy at best.
    Time is running out for them and they are slowly turning countries against US domination and interference and their warmongering ways.
    Do not underestimate the Bear, many have tried and failed.
    Let,s all hope commonsense will prevail.

  26. The high tech NATO missile defence system as described in the marketing video has an apparent reliance on the integrity of multiple communications links ( points of failure ) and a limited number of critical high value irreplaceable assets ( ie Aegis ships, satellites and data processing facilities ). Even with built in redundancy and multiple data paths betting the farm on such a system being effective in a real world scenario against a well informed and equiped adversary appears ill advised to say the least.

    • Yes, last March there was a news story that a Russian fighter jet overflew a US Ship and was able to Jam the Aegis System temporarily. Was this misinformation or did it really happen? So far the US Navy has not commented either way.

    • And I read where many on the Aegis ship put in for transfers and got them. Apparently it was too shocking to their psyche to continue to live the lie that the U.S. Aegis system was top of the line and indestructible.

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