Hillary Clinton – The Israeli Candidate for US Presidency


 Hence the Israeli candidates for the race to the White House — and no one can qualify more than Hillary Clinton, where Israel, not America is the center of universe for Hillary Clinton.

So far, no national Democratic or Republican candidate can come close to Hillary Clinton as the leading Israeli candidate for the US presidency. This was made very clear last week during the speech she gave at Willard Hotel in Washington at the annual Haim Saban Forum of the Brooking Institute.

The annual Haim Saban Forum, is a public forum dedicated by the Israeli-American multi billionaire the “one issue candidate” (you guessed it), who every year gathers leading American and Israeli Zionist politicians to publicly outbid each other in their support for Israel making Israel, not America the center of the American Universe.

When one’s hears Hillary Clinton over the years, one should not have any doubt that she is the leading Israeli candidate for the White House, a war mongering and Wall Street prostitute.

During this year conference, Hillary statesThe relationship between the United States and Israel is solid, and will remain solid and will be part of our foreign policy and domestic concerns, our values, ideals, forever”.

Israel is never a major concern for Main Street America, the way it is a concern for ambitious politicians. But to speak of “values”, other than being an occupying police Apartheid state engaged in perpetual wars, I do not see any other “shared” values with an Apartheid state like Israel. The conference also heard from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and from Israel’s economic minister Naftali Bennet, who simply denied the existence of “occupied territories” and who calls for annexing the West Bank to Israel once and for all and was contemptuous of any peace efforts.

In the 2012 annual Haim Saban Forum, Hillary spoke of Haim Saban her mentor and sponsor for the US presidency, saying, “He certainly has always challenged me to make the most of America’s place in the world and specially our close relationship with Israel”. Once again, Israel was the ‘centrality” issue for Hillary Clinton.

Sheldon Adelson, left, and Haim Saban flank Israeli-America Council Chairman Shawn Evenhaim at the IAC conference in D.C. (Photo: Shahar Azran)

It is interesting to note that few weeks ago, Sheldon Edelson and Haim Saban met at the annual Israeli-American Conference in Washington DC, where both Zionist billionaires pledged to spend hundreds of millions each to support presidential candidates, Republican candidates (Edelson) and Democratic candidates (Saban), and of course for only those “Israel First” candidates pledging total loyalty to the Israelis. Both billionaires and their chosen candidates are not expected to represent the American people nor put “America First” to qualify for their financial support.

Speaking of the annual Israeli- American Conference, Chemi Shalev of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz commented, “because Israel deserves another event for supporters in Washington, no doubt”. These numerous and frequent Israeli-American conferences are one issue conferences. None of America’s other concerns such as poverty, broken down infrastructure, corruptions and collusion between Wall Street and Washington, the widening racial and political divide, a militarized police, perpetual state of emergency, torturing and rendering government, global warning, public transportation, housings, staggering national and student debt are ever discussed, it is Israel the center of the American Universe that is the focus.

It should be noted that Haim Saban poured millions of dollars a few days before the November 1984 election to defeat the late senator Charles Percy (R-Illinois) for his single statement as Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee “ the US must pursue an even handed policy in the Middle East”. This little statement was enough to cost Percy his senate seat.

Find Your Job at HireVeteran.comThomas Dine, then head of the AIPAC boasted “ All the Jews in America from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians — those who hold public position now, and those who aspire — got the message”. A sure message indeed that all American politicians from heads of sanitary departments in small town in Colorado to the president, members of Congress, presidential candidate know that “loyalty” to Israel is what gets them elected, the money that can buy the votes of stupid lazy ignorant voters who buy the lies and false ads, making American democracy the butt joke around the world.

Senator Ernst Hollings (D-South Carolina 1966-2005) best described the power and beholding of AIPAC when, as he was leaving the US Senate declared, “you can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here”.

Until such time as American voters wake up from their deep sleep and coma, rise and stand up for America, all presidential candidates and all candidates for Senate and House will always be Israeli candidates and never American candidates.


  1. It,s a case of who the Zionist rulers of this country promote and back for president.
    They will win because the voting system was manipulated long ago.
    As Mark Twain once said,” If they thought voting would make a difference, they,d never let us do it!”
    What Israel wants, Israel gets.
    America is their pot of Gold.

  2. I am assuming this is ‘the warm up round’, Sami! It is wise to not break the truth to new readers that thought American newspapers were all about free speech and politics was about ‘issues’, too forcefully. It is like treating an addiction, slow steady pieces of curiousity with liberal ‘references’ provided because most won’t go look it up for themselves. . . .your suppose to tell them what happened and what to think . . . until the programming shorts out.

  3. Americans vote__ for their Party instead for USA. But so far, it’s between Senators: Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY) & Prof. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Hopefully, USA’s Chuck Hagel, and others like them will join in.
     EVEN MoveOn.org TURNED DOWN Israel’s Clinton.
     “THE RESULTS ARE IN — with 81.3% of all votes cast in favor, Moveon members overwhelmingly agree that it’s time we urged Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the race for president.
     Warren life’s story and record in public service all point to one truth: Elizabeth Warren is not afraid to stand up to Wall Street banks and powerful corporate interests—she’s a fighter for working people and a champion for the middle class. And in this time of historic inequality, we need her vision and her track record in the race for president.”
     “We’ve heard from tons of MoveOn members who want to see Sen. Warren in the race for president. Sen. Warren is … the People’s Candidate. …she’s A NON-ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE with the CHARISMA TO RUN, WIN, AND CHANGE THE NATION!”

    • Positioning this academic imposter Warren has just taken off with her laughable opposition to the funding bill. If there’s one thing that’ll be sacrosanct under a Warren presidency, it’ll be the wealth of the 1%, with massive new taxes on “the rich” falling entirely on what’s left of the middle class. Funny how the Left always was and remains today almost entirely funded by the Soroses of this world. Under socialism the Soroses of this world own the state, so why not ratify total asset theft and wage enslavement by transferring all productive assets, including our labor, to the state by putting a puppet like Warren in the White House?

  4. SHE IS INELIGIBLE! she is a multiple FELON and 0-bomb-0 appointing her secretary of state was a criminal act. bush-clinton NAFTA-GATT sabotaging our productive economy, followed up with hillary jumping aboard WALMART board of directors to sell Chinese goods and expand into every little city possible, bankrupting multi-thousands of smaller retailers cancelling millions of JOBS.. and she’s supposed to be electable?!!

    she was caught trying to hide paperwork from federal WATERGATE investigation = felony!
    she paid 300k fine for felony violation of the Logan Act instead of 3 years prison = guilty!
    anyone trying to promote her to the presidency is a TRAITOR, whether knowing it or not.

  5. An outstanding article which shows the essence of Billary, a consummate liar and sycophant of the WZs. Don’t ever forget she and Bill were CIA and their case officer was Bush1. She messed up at Benghazi, and has a long history of all kinds of corruption, and a stream of many dead bodies behind her.

    Sami Jamil Jadallah’s work here shows exactly what is wrong with most of the members of Congress. They suck up to the Jewish (as in World Zionist) Lobby of AIPAC and the other Israeli WZ espionage fronts inside America. This of course makes them accessories to foreign espionage and the campaign contributions they receive keeps them in office as well as part of a very large RICO crime syndicate whether they realize it or not.

    Of course if the large “contributions” and other perks fail to keep them in line with the WZ prescribed agendas their wonderful WZ friends become very unfriendly fast and start slipping photos in manilla envelopes under their office doors.

  6. The game’s been over for a century. While this buck-toothed, foul tempered Alinskyite is evil itself, I doubt she’ll measure up as the AntiChrist once Adelson, Saban, the Crowns, et al, put her in the WH. It’ll be fun though, watching the GOP and our military leaders kissing this America-hating Marxist’s enormous derrière.

  7. The Bush people need someone as executive who will keep the covers on their decades of treason and what they are. Israel needs someone compromised enough to keep the lid on their nuclear assaults on us, as well as their treasonous minions inserted throughout the government.
    Americans seem content to continue sucking the Jew phallus. Hey, it affords them their delusions.

  8. To think this woman with such a disastrous past is out there roaming free with ideas that will put the death knell to this nation and We the People. Her husband had an opportunity for absolute greatness but he blew it in exchange for the pleasure he was not getting at home. You are right. A vote for this Israeli-party candidate is an anti-American vote, a un-patriotic vote and one that will seal the doom on this nation.
    Yet, it would also be a reflection of our own stupidity if we chose to put another Bush or Clinton back into OUR White House.
    They know openly they cannot defeat us over 300 million citizens. So, they must do it from the hidden cowardice position of working from within, behind the closed doors where secret deals are struck, like a D.A. standing before his grand jury. Bush’s and Clinton’s have perfected this cowardice to work against us in favor of them. She is part of it, and the trail of death behind her and her husband proves it. What are we going to do? I like the Israeli Party banner you placed on her!!

  9. The Nation
    Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban Want to Be the Koch Brothers for Israel
    Why do we need another lobby, like their Israeli-American Council, when AIPAC is already so powerful? To feed their billion-dollar egos.
    M.J. Rosenberg
    December 8, 2014

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