Press TV – a Loss for the Good Guys

The "Broken Record"
The "Broken Record"
The “Broken Record”

… by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


When we began working with Press TV, Israeli threats of a pre-emptive attack were common
When we began working with Press TV, Israeli threats of a preemptive attack were common

[ Editor’s Note:  We have fond memories of our early days with Press TV when the Zionist Lobby in Europe was pressuring satellite media distributors to illegally pull them off the air.

The courts have ruled several times against over zealous sanctions interpreters like the British who were tripping over themselves  to earn favor with their Friends of Israel cronies to get some cheap shot in on Iran.

The website became the focus for a flanking move to pull as much of the lost satellite audience back in through the website as possible. Starting with Gordon and effort began to beef up the sleep Viewpoints commentary section on a back page where no one knew where it was.

Other followed to create an international group of writers supporting Iran having it’s views heard in a world where corporate media was becoming known for censoring coverage and being a propaganda conduit on call.

After a year the commentary audience had grown in leaps and bounds, helping us to break big stories there, as we had our own problem with a mass media black out on on VT in the US.

Our interview work helped build commentary readership, and vice versa. And cross-posting our Press TV articles and then their news stories on VT began and two way leveraging effort to gain us both wider exposure. But the media business is a stressful one, with pressures on it from many directions.

The Bush (43) found VT staff working to expose false flag attacks to blame on Iran...via Gwenth Todd
Bush (43) found VT staff working to expose false flag attacks to blame on Iran… via Gwenyth Todd

As Gordon will cover below we, have watched with great sadness that the audience that took two years  of hard work to build has been slipping away due to no one minding the store.

Content volume is way down, the regular readers have moved on. The commentary section seems to be a sixth finger now at a time when the world is in as much turmoil as in the past two years.

We have been emails from readers for two months asking what was happening at Press TV and all we could say is we just don’t know. It could be management changes, nuclear talk jitters, our coverage of Israel and Turkey backing ISIL along with the US and Gulf States, etc.

We had always stood shoulder to shoulder with Press TV is exposing the phony nuclear threat hoax used to threaten them with a “defensive strike”. And we had a lot of good sources helping us who were tired of seeing the American military and taxpayers used and abused by the NeoCon War meisters and their AIPAC friends.

We long to get back to doing that work with them once again like in the good ole days. Much more  remains to be done, and we opened a new front at the Syrian Counter Terrorism Conference in early DecemberJim W. Dean ]


Iran’s Press TV is still a force to be reckoned with, from a broadcast standpoint.  They are still blocked from most satellites, from most service providers and from many entire nations.  Their staff, the producers and presenters are world class.  The problem is with the Press TV website.  It has almost “gone dead,” a big win for the controlled mainstream media.

There may well be factors involved.  The most telling of which is the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran.  Those managing this conference got “suckered” into inviting Gareth Porter and several others Iranians mistakenly saw as “great thinkers” and “intellectuals.”

Though the conference had Ken O’Keefe and Kevin Barrett in attendance, people with strong reputations, many were simply hacks or, as was proven out, “paid opposition.”  Conference organizers were warned but failed to heed and when Porter turned on the conference, attacking it as being “anti-Semitic” and filled with “conspiracy theorists” most of us in the West expected it.  Porter as with Christiane Amanpour, were known quantities, part of the Israel lobby.

Amanpour is key  as she had long been a favorite in Tehran despite her reputation in the US for being wildly anti-Iranian.  When she published bizarre falsified interviews with Iranian leaders, the feel of betrayal could be felt throughout the media community.

You can really name the disease, those who consider themselves “alternative media,” and some at Press TV and other institutions in Iran qualify as such, continually look to “mainstream media” for approval.  The insanity of this never sinks in.

The other game Press TV has fallen for over and over is believing “anti-imperialists” are an independent group.  The “bolshie” America haters are invariably either closet Zionists or full blown “Israeli firsters.”  Promoting anti-Americanism is too often promoting extremist elements within Israel as well, elements glad to have access to Iranian media.  Fooling the Iranians is considered a major prize in Tel Aviv.

Others who had written for Press TV had simply rehashed the work of others, developing a formula based on plagiarism and dogma, hitting messages Iranians were unaware made them seem inept.  You see, giving a platform to those reviled in their own nation, not just by the media but the public at large, always backfires.  Americans hate the “smarmy” and weak, the whiny and tedious.  To some extent, Press TV’s website had been hijacked by such as this.

Today, readership at Press TV’s website, once among the leading news sources in the world, is down to a trickle.  Those in Iran don’t know how much their efforts are missed by a world starving for truth.

Veterans Today sources have told us that a veritable army of Zionist stooges have “wormed” their way to Tehran.  Their goal is to get Iranians to turn on each other and mistrust the real “truth tellers.”  The message is always the same, those willing to take on Israel have been banned while those within the pro-Israeli “Alex Jones” camp, conveniently beating the drum about police abuse and racism, always a favored distraction for the Israel lobby, became preeminent.

Then it all fell apart.  When the important security conference in Syria was covered by regional Press TV, nothing was reported by Tehran.  When excerpts of the keynote went viral on YouTube, Press TV had the entire speech but never released or even reported on it.

Too many in Iran made it easy.  After all, how could Israel run the United States?  How could they?

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  1. and btw I should thank Jim Dean and Gordon Duff for commenting on PTV… like publicly… hope it helps… as the OLD PTV was rather valuable and it is a pity it is no more.

  2. RE PRESS TV: Here is my 10 cents worth. I still read it in the hope of finding something I don’t find elsewhere, but most of it is tabloid kind of lots of blood and sensation, not much analysis. I checked the contributors in one week they hardly changed same faces down in the right hand lower corner. I know several good ones who have not been published in weeks used to get published once or twice a week; in short PTV is not what it used to be… used to be one of my main sites… now is down maybe nr. 15 … so definitely we need the good old PTV back, the one with teeth and substance.

  3. Press TV has eaten more of my comments than even the moderators at the Huffington Post did when I used to read that piece of cyber trash (what can I say John Blumenthal was a friend of mine till i started writing for you). I’m inclined to agree with Joe up there that it’s now Zionist owned but if they ever did want to really fix it, outside of loosening that stranglehold on the comment section, they would have to lose that myopic editorial policy of theirs. Everything is not about the Middle East. We have serious problems (yea that’s an understatement) right here in the west with the same group of people they have problems with. Outside of the sporadic articles by Mr. Dean and yourself they have nothing of value to the average western man in the street. They need to get themselves a cadre of writers that understand the west and to compliment those writers they need editors capable of evaluating the product of those writers. That doesn’t mean some rich Persian who was educated in the west that means authentic westerners. Otherwise if you ask me let them keep preaching to the choir and stick with their death to America comments I see how many friends their winning themselves here.

  4. Its possible an Iranian crypto (a “zadeh” equivalent of a sumnerredstone) has taken over the reins at Press TV unbeknown to the powers that be, who have not been able to see through it. The synagogue of satan has great powers of subterfuge.

  5. In my estimation PressTV and RussiaToday missed an unbelievable Golden Opportunity when they failed to cover the Israeli NUCLEAR attack on Syria in May 2013. I just couldn’t understand it.

    Or how about some in depth coverage of the other attacks by Israel including the attack circa 2008 on Syria’s nuclear research facility or even the most recent attacks within the last few weeks.

    After all the are close allies with Syria, why not try and get these important facts disbursed.

  6. Press tv has really slipped over the last 12-18 months. Truth be told their content has gone too mainstream and is kind of boring.

    The big attraction was alternative views and alternative comments, Which they tend to censor more by the day.

    Perhaps they don’t want to offend the p5+1, And the coverage of the Palestinians has gone way down lately.
    Maybe the change from Ahmadinejad who was always good for soundbites, To Rouhani and his appeasement style has a lot to do with it. Probably a lot more then they realize.


    • I should point out the fact that despite their flaws, Press tv is one of the most accurate news sites around.

      Honestly, Press tv seems to hold themselves to a much higher standard than the main-line Goebbels sites.
      So despite my disappointment, I will continue to visit their site.

      They do still come up with little gems, And i would not have found VT without them airing Gordon Duff’s work.

      P.s, Did you know uncle Gordy that if you google your name, you get About 16,000,000 hits ?. Don’t you let your head swell up now.

    • Sorry about the repeat post, But a relative just sent me a link to an ADL blog about uncle Gordie, And i just about pissed myself laughing.

      If the ADL try running a hatchet-job on someone, You know strait away they are cool.

  7. “…those willing to take on Israel have been banned while those within the pro-Israeli “Alex Jones” camp, conveniently beating the drum about police abuse and racism, always a favored distraction for the Israel lobby, became preeminent”
    This is a good litmus test for the alternative media. I am happy to say Zen Gardner’s blog prominently featured the Damascus conference publishing Preston James’s article “Historic Speech in Damascus Sends Shockwaves” which included a link to Gordon’s speech. I’ve had to weed out so many sites, the pickin’s are getting slim. I’m done with PressTV and RT.

  8. you know, I have never liked Press TV that much and from what Jack Heart’s been saying, it seems to be Zionist censored. Remember that choreographed event with the American Jewess walking off camera in protest of the supposed Russian invasion of the Ukraine? That was RT, clearly Zionist controlled dissent.They all are as Gordon has been pointing out probably better than anyone. Remember your infiltrator friends are more dangerous than your known enemies and I believe there may be some well known infiltrators in that Iran fiasco recently- TUT,TUT,TUT, Oops,I say too much!

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