Ukraine pilot reveals Kiev plane shot down MH-17 – full transcript

Vladimir Sungorkin, Dmitry Steshin, Nikolay Varsegov for Komsomolskaya Pravda (


Vladimir Sungorkin, Dmitry Steshin, Nikolay Varsegov for Komsomolskaya Pravda (
Vladimir Sungorkin, Dmitry Steshin, Nikolay Varsegov for Komsomolskaya Pravda (

 Breaking Story from Fortruss Blogspot,  Russia

 There is a complete video interview link in Russian at the Fortruss link above.

The cover up began immediately, and was obviously a thrown together one
The cover up began immediately, and was obviously a thrown together one

Editor’s Note:  We held this story a day to pass it around our crew, and are running it today as a credible interview.

The questions are what an experienced interviewer would ask, and Russian media has nothing to gain by faking an interview like this, which would be shooting themselves in the foot.

A lot of the details make sense for the “fog of battle” scenario being described by the pilot, who witnessed the Ukraine fighter taking off with air-to-air missiles and returning empty. It would also confirm why the US and NATO satellite images were withheld, and why Kiev has refused to cooperate with the investigation.

But this will be a credibility disaster for Kiev as they continued to frame the Separatists for the downing and Russia indirectly via supplying the ground-to-air missiles. We spotted early on that too much made no sense at all — especially with the rushed cover story, which would not have been so sloppy for a well-planned psyop.

There being no BUK missile launch and impact plume killed that cover story on day one. It is impossible not to see.
There being no BUK missile launch and impact plume killed that cover story on day one. It is impossible not to see.

The carnage that continued in East Ukraine was done under the false cover story that Russian aggression was being dealt with.

The bogus claims that Russia was involved in downing MH-17 were all part of justifying the NATO expansion eastward… crawling over the bodies of the innocent MH-17 victims.

The incident investigators, especially the Dutch and the airline associations failed horribly in their duties, obviously standing down due to orders from top political authorities. It is time to begin a formal investigation of the investigation to put the heat on whoever obstructed justice.

This case should be the watershed for a complete makeover on how future investigations can be done, with firewalls put in place to block political interference and punishments for violations including flight sanctions for any country involved in suppressing an air accident investigation.

Blocking a proper investigation recreates a 9-11 type event, where the guilty still walk among us knowing they got away scott free on 9-11, and instigates criminal negligence from those sworn to protect us… Jim W. Dean ]


"Coming home empty"
“Coming home empty”

–  First published …  December 22,  2014  –


In the “case of Malaysian Boeing” a “secret witness” stepped forward whose testimony remove all charges from the militia and Russia — and explains the mysterious behavior of Western experts.

This man came to the editorial office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” by himself. We checked his papers – he is not an actor and not a fake person. We can not yet reveal his personal information – he still has relatives in Ukraine and is afraid of revenge and blackmail.

Judging by what Alexander (let’s name him that) told us, the fear is substantiated. We provide a transcript of our conversation virtually uncut:



– Where were you on July 17, 2014, the day Malaysian Boeing was shot down?

– I was on the territory of Ukraine, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, the village Aviatorskoye. It is a regular airport. There at this time were based fighter jets and helicopters. Planes regularly flew on bombing missions, Su-25 attack aircraft bombed Donetsk, Lugansk. This lasted a long time.

– The aircraft flew every day?

– Daily.

– Why did you assume that these airplanes could be related to the downing of the “Boeing”?

– A few reasons. Out of the eight airplanes, which were based there, only two had “air-to-air” missiles. They were suspended.

– Why? Were there any aircraft battles in the air?

– No, the aircraft was fitted with missiles to cover themselves in the air. Just in case. Mostly they had air-to-ground ammunition. NURS, bombs.

-Tell us about July 17.

– Airplanes flew regularly. All day since the morning. In the afternoon, about an hour before the downing of the “Boeing”, three attack fighters were raised into the air. I don’t remember the exact time. One of the airplanes was equipped with such missiles. It was a Su-25.

– Have you personally seen it?

– Yes.

– Where was your vantage point?

– On site. Cannot tell you exactly.

– Did you have an opportunity to see specifically what the pylons of the aircraft where fitted with? Could you confuse “air-to-air” and “air-to-ground” missiles?

– No, I couldn’t confuse it. They vary in size, plumage, coloration. With a guidance head. Very easy to recognize. Anyway, after a short time, only one airplane returned, two were shot down. Somewhere in the East of Ukraine, I was told. The airplane that came back, was the one with those suspended missiles.

– It returned without the missiles?

– Without the missiles. That pilot was very scared.

– Do you know this pilot, have you seen him?

– Yes.

– Can you tell us his name?

– Last name Voloshin.

– Was he alone in the airplane?

– Yes. The airplane is designed for one person.

– Do you know his name?

– Vladislav, I think. Don’t remember exactly. Captain.

– Captain Voloshin came back. What happened next?

– Came back with blank ammunition.

– No missiles left?

– Yes.


– Could you tell us, Alexander, the airplane came back from the mission, you still do not know about the loss of the “Boeing”, but you were somehow surprised by the absence of “air-to-air” missiles. Why?

– These “air-to-air” missiles are not included in the basic ammunition package.

They are used only with a special order. Typically, the aircraft with such rockets were not to allowed into the air. Because this missiles should not be frequently transported in the air.

In all two such missiles can fit on this plane. Never before they had been applied. They were written off previously. But literally on the eve, a week before this incident (the loss of “Boeing” – Ed.) the use of these missiles was urgently renewed. And they put again into service. They have not been used for many years.

– Why?

– They were expired. Made back in the Soviet years. But by the urgent order their expiration date was extended.

– And on this day they were put on the plane?

– They always stood with these missiles.

– But didn’t fly?

– Tried to let them in the air less frequently – every flight depletes the resource. But on this day, the plane flew.

– And came back without them?

– Yes. Knowing this pilot a little bit… (quite possibly, when the other two airplanes were shot down in front of him), he just had a frightened reaction, inadequate. Could out of fright or in revenge launch the missiles into a Boeing. Maybe he took it for some other combat aircraft.

– Are these missiles with self-guiding heads?

– Yes.

– When he launched them, they began to look for a target?

– No. The pilot himself finds the target. Then launches the missile, and it flies at the target.

– Could the pilot use these missiles against ground targets?

– It’s pointless.

– What else do you remember this day? What did the pilot say?

– He said a phrase, when he was lead out of the airplane: “It was not the right plane.” And in the evening there was a phrase to a question from one pilot to him, to Voloshin: “What’s up with the plane?” To which he replied: “The plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


– Did this pilot serve there for a long time? How old is he?

– Voloshin is about 30 years old. His base is in Nikolaev. They were transferred to Dnepropetrovsk. Before they were sent to Chuguev near Kharkov. And all this time they bombed Donetsk and Lugansk. And, according to one of the officers of the Nikolaev base, they still continue to do so.

– Did the pilots have good combat experience?

– Those who were there, had experience. Nikolaev base was even one year, in my opinion, 2013, the best base in Ukraine.

– Was the story about the “Boeing” discussed among the pilots?

– All attempts to discuss were immediately stopped. And the pilots mostly talked among themselves only, they are so… stuck-up…

– After everyone learned about this “Boeing” what happened to this pilot, captain Voloshin?

– After all of this flights continued. And the pilots did not rotate. The same faces.


– Let’s try to recap the events. How could it develop? Three airplanes left on a combat mission. They were roughly in the same area, as Boeing. Two airplanes were shot down. This captain Voloshin was nervous, got scared, and possibly he mistook the Boeing for combat aircraft?

– Possible. The distance was long, he may have not seen specifically what kind of aircraft.

– What distance do these missiles need?

– At 3-5 kilometers they can find the target.

– And what is the speed difference between combat aircraft and the Boeing?

– No difference: the rockets have pretty good speed. Very fast rocket.

– Will catch up anyway? And height?

– It may easily at its maximum altitude – to 7 thousand meters – quite easily focus on the target.

– To reach it higher?

– Yes. The aircraft can simply lift the nose up, and can find the target with no problems and launch the rocket. The range of this missile is more than 10 kilometers.

– At what distance from the target does this rocket explodes? Does it hit the fuselage and explodes?

– Depending on the modification. Literally could when it hits the body or at a distance of 500 meters.

– We worked at the crash site and noticed that the fragments were trapped in the hull of the aircraft very closely. It seemed like it exploded literally two feet away from the Boeing.

– There is such a missile. The principle of fragments – it breaks, and the fragments hit. And then hits the main warhead of the rocket.

– Ukraine announced that on this day they had no combat flights. We checked different aggregate sources on the downed airplanes, Ukraine denied everywhere that its military aircraft flew on this day.

– I know about this. Ukraine also announced that two of these airplanes were shot down on the 16th, and not the 17th. And many times the date was changed. But actually, the flights were on a daily basis. I saw it myself. Even during the ceasefire there were flights, although, less frequent.


– What ammunition was on the aircraft at your airfield? Were phosphorus bombs used, incendiary devices? Ukrainian artillery used it very actively on the ground.

– I didn’t see phosphorus bombs. But space-detonating bombs were used.

– Are they prohibited?

– Yes. This bomb was intended for Afghanistan. It was prohibited and was not used until lately. It was prohibited by some Convention, I do not remember, can’t say. This bomb is inhumane, burns everything. Burns absolutely everything.

– They were attached and used during hostilities?

– Yes. And there were also banned cluster bombs. Aircraft cluster bomb – depending on size can hit a very ambitious target. One bomb covers a stadium. Entirely, the whole entire area – two hectares.

– Why did they use such weapons?

– They were following orders. And whose order is unclear.

– What’s the point of such weapons – scare tactic?

– Maximum annihilation of manpower


– Why did you go to Russia, why decided to tell? Why, finally, no one learned this before? You’re not the only witness!

– Everyone is intimidated by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine. – Ed.) and the National Guard. People can be beaten for every careless word, jailed on any insignificant suspicion of sympathies towards Russia or the militia. I was initially against this “anti-terrorist operation”. Did not agree with the policy of the Ukrainian state. The civil war is wrong. To kill your own people is not normal. And to take some part in it or not, but to be on the Ukrainian side and to be partially involved in this, I don’t want to in the first place!

Please go to Komsomolskaya Pravda for the video recording of this conversation (in Russian) and more infographics

Translated by Kristina Rus for


  1.  “Settlement of the situation around Ukraine requires “serious meetings,” Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the Soviet Union, said on Friday, presenting his new book “After the Kremlin.”
     All of us, both politicians and society, are worried over what is going on in Ukraine. What has always been our inborn trait is that our government is supporting people who are in trouble, regardless of our own troubles.
     Gorbachev said: “Serious meetings are needed, a serious conversation.” He reminded that he had already come out with an idea of a meeting between the United States and Russian leaders.
     Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his words, has recently “voiced serious criticism of NATO and its expansion plans.” “I see the situation won’t improve. To a larger extent, I think, the president is right pointing to a special responsibility of the United States.”
     The former Soviet leader praised the role of Russia’s current president. “I think we, Russian citizens, must remember that he has saved Russian from collapse that was about to begin when many regions tended not to recognize our Constitution.”

     “MOSCOW, December 24. Investigators have received the evidence of a Ukrainian warplane involvement in the crash of the Malaysian passenger Boeing (Flight MH17) over eastern Ukraine, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee (IC) Vladimir Markin told TASS on Wednesday.”
     “The investigators who did want to delay the interrogation yesterday evening, met a Ukrainian soldier who confirmed that he quit his military unit and crossed the border into Russia. The evidence of the soldier who is now a witness with a pseudonym for his own safety suggests that the passenger Boeing 777 plane of Flight MH17 was supposedly downed by a Sukhoi Su-25 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force piloted by AF Captain Voloshin. The fighter took off from an airfield located in the area of the city of Dnipropetrovsk,” Markin said. The witness was doing his military service at the same airfield.”
     “According to him, he “personally saw as Voloshin’s fighter ahead of the sortie was loaded with the R-60 type air-to-air missiles with which the Su-25 fighters were not normally loaded for their sorties.” “The witness said there was no need to equip the fighters with such missiles, as the people’s militia (in the south-east of Ukraine) are not armed with aircraft,” Markin said.”

  3. There are too many things that don,t add up with this story.
    The plane “was in the wrong place at the wrong time”, and yet did not Kiev air control direct it on that route?
    If the plane was hit by cannon fire as believed, would not the pilot be close enough to see it was Malaysian ?
    What happened to the 2 aircraft shot down?
    Look at the photo of him being interviewed, all dressed up and standing in front of aircraft for more impact to the story, that,s the oldest trick in the book.

  4. One of the photos shown was of a piece of the forward section of the fuselage. A former aviation mechanic, I saw bi-directional bullet holes and fragment intrusion holes from outside to inside. My view is that MH17 was fired upon by aircraft canons from alternate directions and also hit by both missile fragments and an exploding missile. To me it isn´t logical that the bullet and fragment holes would have blown the fuselage into several pieces. Nor does it seem logical to me that the fuselage fell to the ground intact, and then broke into pieces, as one report explained it.
    What with two wing-men being removed, one wonders when and how CPT Voloshin will be “erased.”

  5. Two other planes did not return? That might explain the photographic evidence shown on dutch television. The pictures show rockets being launched from the ground from separatist area (probably the much bespoken buk rockets). I wonder, did these rockets take out two of the fighters? After this event the other pilot shot down the mh17 in a panic reaction. All of this could be all a sad coincedense. But it explains the different footage from both sides. I wonder…

  6. So, 3 Ukraine fighter jets left the Ukraine airfield at somewhat the same, 2 got shot down…. by who and by what ???

    Why would the pilot of the 3rd plane that came back without missiles say it was the wrong plane he shot down?

    What kind of plane did he think he was firing at?

    Again who and what shot down the 2 Ukraine fighter jets?

    How many air planes were in the air there at the time of shooting?

    Without the answers to these questions, the interview makes no sense.

  7. Question: Why were the expired missiles suddenly approved 1 WEEK before this incident, and it sounds as if they were loaded on the plane at the same time, as this guy recognized the different munitions, yet the plane did not fly with this package until the day of the incident? Was this part of the plan, it sounds like only the one plane had 2 air-to-air missiles. Two planes destroyed, did the pilots bail out or were they killed?

    Another question: If 2 out of 3 planes were shot down, that’s pretty good shooting, why weren’t all three planes taken out, it seems like whoever shot down the 2 could have shot down all 3.

  8. It was not a pilot who gave this information, he was ground crew.

    Please, VT, get your info straight; otherwise it confuses things considerably and does not help at all.

    Here are the facts.

    An anonymous (for obvious reasons) ground crew member has defected to Russia and told what he knows of Ukrainian flight activity on the day MH17 was shot down.

    The ground crew member has reported on what he saw and heard of the Ukrainian pilot who shot down MH17.

    Considering VT’s vast resources of gathering “intel” , it is hard to imagine how late in the day VT is, because even I and millions of others had it figured the day after MH17 happened and soon after MH370 happened too.

    GD claims to be the head of a security and banking apparatus around the World, which actually advises governments and banks, whilst simultaneously publishing dubious characters like Michael Shrimpton and Jonas Alexis, who is as much a Roman Catholic apologist as any Zionist’s defence of Israel.

    It is hard to imagine how (if he has) Gordon Duff’s support of the destruction of Libya gels with his latest posts about the destruction of Syria.

    Some while back GD said he is Jewish and the motto of Mossad goes, “By deception make war.”

  9. The news media has lost all credibility. They’re nothing more than the propaganda branch of a criminal organization known as NATO.

  10. this would mean that this is not a false flag. i.e. a mistake only being covered up. it sounds like an attempt at misdirection.

    there were prior reports of an israeli pilot off a nato base, more useful as a false flag.

    this could be an acknowledgement that it was a fighter aircraft but a mistake by kiev again muddying the waters when kiev denys it

  11. Poor fellow. What a dastardly legacy. He has been had big time. Young and stupid, used and abused by Western fed traitors, even as he was mislead into thinking that he was in the service of his country. The other two planes that went with him were eliminated–how convenient. If they were destroyed from the ground, can the origin of gunfire be traced? Is it possible that the the NWO destroyed them in flight through other means?

    Two out of three direct witnesses gone. The perps don’t waste any time, do they. Were the three planned as expendable pawns? It is unlikely that Voloshin and the other two went on the mission to knowingly destroy a passenger plane, so what went wrong? His best bet now is to state clearly everything he was told and by whom prior to his ghastly flight.

  12. Doesn’t matter what evidence comes out, it will still go down in history how the Zionist media wants it to – unless Russia and allies win WW3, one can only hope.

  13. I expect when the SHTF in the U.S, There will be some very awkward questions about the main-line media, And their controllers in the Government.

    Good luck covering this one up, This is like Saddam’s WMD’s on steroids.

    I am off to see what R.T has to say, This could turn hot real fast for the Crypto-Government in the Ukraine.

  14. One leading question after another, faithfully answered to buttress the narrative. No this is to evoke some kind of denial/spin by the poroshenkos, whilst all along Boris knows exactly how the ukes shot down the plane. But obama and poro and co are very wary now, they are not going to dig a deeper hole for themselves, this will be met with silence.

  15. the events are unfolding. the snow flake is slowly rolling into a snowball. the cnn/bbc are nowhere on this story, not even denying, waiting for a toilet flush?. that is a good sign. best wishes to bringing the truth on 9/11 closer to the world. the FBI could make the republican/democrat arrests tommorow morning if they wanted to, if there was a will and love for the truth. hopefully this story clears away the false cloud of the drunken novorossia privates plot. the attack is always asking for investigator to respond cui bono, always cui bono.

  16. the man would not have known, nor did he mention it, that the MH17 changed course and altitude for some strange reason -meaning that the pilot was sent for that plane, or a passenger plane other than a military plane. logical thinking, or not?
    it lends credibility to the story that this man is/was unaware of how it was all scripted, whatever. of course, it is also possible that a good deceiver understands his strategy.

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