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The worst possible thing that could happen to this planet is for Jeb Bush to end up in the White House.  We have more than significant evidence that the upcoming election is already over.  Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Mexico have voting systems in place with “hacks” at the ready, all to put Bush in the White House.

The result will be an expanded medium intensity war across Africa and Central Asia, a collapse of the US economy, $5 dollar gasoline, runaway health care prices and a new “dark age” with secret societies and the cabal in Tel Aviv ruling America.

False flag terror attacks are already planned to take the US power grid down for 36 months while a total police state is instituted.  We have identified the planners, seen the studies done “defensively” that are really the plan of action and know of 25 nuclear weapons configured for EMP.

not military heroes, not academics, not freedom lovers, not religious...certainly not American....neither fish nor fowl
not military heroes, not academics, not freedom lovers, not religious…certainly not American….neither fish nor fowl

But then, everyone knows this. Many have been partially exposed to Jeb’s background, his ties to cartel banking.  Few know much of the real history of the Bush family.  Jeb’s uncle Prescott, not the grandfather but the uncle, ran the family in secret.

He was the greatest arms dealer in the world, building the Chinese was his life’s ambition.  The real partners of the Bush family are the Chinese, who have been given everything while blaming others has been the job for stooges, the press, so many around us.

Ask yourself this, if we all know Bush will end America as we know it, as his brother did in 2001, finishing us off forever, why then are so many attacking Hillary and totally oblivious to the real threat?

Let’s talk about CIA briefers for a moment.  We have among us one or two claiming to be CIA presidential briefers during the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush2 era.  At that time, CIA briefings were typically unvetted trash from the Mossad, imaginary WMD’s, invented Al Qaeda, a fantasy any child could debunk.

While the CIA ran a trillion dollars in heroin and cocaine, oversaw the theft of hundreds of nuclear weapons, participated in numerous acts of false flag terrorism and lied to the president and congress continually, our “briefers,” now among us using their CIA “bully pulpit” aren’t taking credit or blame for the years they were the purveyor of the lies, the ones who covered up the nuke thefts, the chemical warfare programs, the assassinations, the secret prisons and the stolen trillions of dollars.

A “senior CIA analyst” would know it all, I have some experience with such things.  When do we hear it, “Yes, I lied every day, pushed America into war but I was a coward and afraid of losing my job and pension.”

Maybe the real answer is much worse and probably is.  Just a thought.

Hillary and Vince Foster...the early years
Hillary and Vince Foster…the early years

Back to Hillary.  I have been subjected for years to stories of Hillary killing Vince Foster with a garrote or her and Bill’s roles running the drug trade from 1980 on.

One problem here, they weren’t “anyone” then and only moved into the White House in 1993 yet the internet continually blames them for Iran Contra or stories about Mena Airport and their role in running the world.

Problem is, when you check the background of the witnesses, you find them all to be convicted felons acting as FBI informants or working directly for the now dead Richard Mellon Scaife, Karl Rove or Jerry Falwell.  Should we add “the Zionists” to this very obvious list?

There was a reason Hillary spoke of a “great conspiracy” and that the Mossad sent Monica after Bill.  He was actually doing the job, paying off the national debt and establishing a basis for the demise of the Federal Reserve System.  Gore would have taken it down as, without deficits, there is no reason to keep the Fed alive.

Remember Clinton?  There was no DHS, we had cheap gas, a rising standard of living for the last time, recovering from the Reagan “trickle down” that left 35% of America with minimum wage jobs and collapsed our manufacturing economy along with our educational base and technology sector.

138 of Reagan’s top cabinet members and advisors were convicted in Iran Contra and we had a president who claimed on the witness stand that he didn’t remember ever being president.  This is a partial list from Wikipedia:


  • Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, was indicted on two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice on June 16, 1992. [66] Weinberger received a pardon from George H. W. Bush on December 24, 1992, before he was tried.[67]
  • William Casey, Head of the CIA. Thought to have conceived the plan, was stricken ill hours before he would testify. Reporter Bob Woodward reported Casey knew of and approved the plan.[68]
  • Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Adviser, convicted of withholding evidence, but after a plea bargain was given only two years of probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.[69]
  • Elliott Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State, convicted of withholding evidence, but after a plea bargain was given only two years probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.[70]
  • Alan D. Fiers, Chief of the CIA’s Central American Task Force, convicted of withholding evidence and sentenced to one year probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.
  • Clair George, Chief of Covert Ops-CIA, convicted on two charges of perjury, but pardoned by President George H. W. Bush before sentencing.[71]
  • Oliver North, member of the National Security Council convicted of accepting an illegal gratuity, obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents, but the ruling was overturned since he had been granted immunity.[72]
  • Fawn Hall, Oliver North’s secretary, was given immunity from prosecution on charges of conspiracy and destroying documents in exchange for her testimony.[73]
  • Jonathan Scott Royster, Liaison to Oliver North, was given immunity from prosecution on charges of conspiracy and destroying documents in exchange for his testimony.[74]
  • National Security Advisor John Poindexter was convicted of five counts of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, defrauding the government, and the alteration and destruction of evidence. The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that overturned these convictions.[75]
  • Duane Clarridge. An ex-CIA senior official, he was indicted in November 1991 on seven counts of perjury and false statements relating to a November 1985 shipment to Iran. Pardoned before trial by President George H. W. Bush.[76][77]
  • Richard V. Secord. Ex-major general in the Air Force who organized the Iran arms sales and Contra aid. He pleaded guilty in November 1989 to making false statements to Congress and was sentenced to two years of probation.[78][79]
  • Albert Hakim. A businessman, he pleaded guilty in November 1989 to supplementing the salary of North by buying a $13,800 fence for North with money from “the Enterprise”, which was a set of foreign companies Hakim used in Iran-Contra. In addition, Swiss company Lake Resources Inc., used for storing money from arms sales to Iran to give to the Contras, plead guilty to stealing government property.[80] Hakim was given two years of probation and a $5,000 fine, while Lake Resources Inc. was ordered to dissolve.[78][81]

Here is another list with some carry over:

“By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever.”

1. Lyn Nofziger–White House Press Secretary – Convicted on charges of illegal lobbying of White House in Wedtech scandal.

2. Michael Deaver, Reagan’s Chief of Staff,  received three years’ probation and was fined one hundred thousand dollars after being convicted for lying to a congressional subcommittee and a federal grand jury about his lobbying activities after leaving the White House. Same as with Lyn Nofziger.

3. James Watt, Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior was indicted on 41 felony counts for using connections at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help his private clients seek federal funds for housing projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Watt conceded that he had received $500,000 from clients who were granted very favorable housing contracts after he had intervened on their behalf. Watt was eventually sentenced to five years in prison and 500 hours of community service.

4. John Poindexter, Reagan’s national security advisor, guilty of five criminal counts involving conspiracy to mislead Congress, obstructing congressional inquiries, lying to lawmakers, used “high national security” to mask deceit and wrong-doing…

5. Richard Secord pleaded guilty to a felony charge of lying to Congress over Iran-Contra. Appointed by William Casey to assist Oliver North.

6.  Elliott Abrams was appointed by President Reagan in 1985 to head the State Department’s Latin American Bureau. He was closely linked with ex-White House aide Lt. Col. Oliver North’s covert movement to aid the Contras. Working for North, Abrams coordinated inter-agency support for the contras and helped solicit illegal funding from foreign powers as well as domestic contributors. Abrams agreed to cooperate with Iran-Contra investigators and pled guilty to two charges reduced to misdemeanors. He was sentenced in 1991 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service but was pardoned by President George Bush…

7. Robert C. McFarlane, Reagan’s National Security Advisor, pled guilty to four misdemeanors and was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service. He was also fined $20,000. He received a blanket pardon from President George Bush…

8. Alan D. Fiers was the Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Central American Task Force. Fiers pled guilty in 1991 to two counts of withholding information from congress about Oliver North’s activities and the diversion of Iran arms sale money to aid the Contras. He was sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service. Alan Fiers received a blanket pardon for his crimes from President Bush…

  1.  Thomas G. Clines: convicted of four counts of tax-related offenses for failing to report income from the operations;
  2.  Carl R. Channel – Office of Public Diplomacy , partner in International Business- first person convicted in the Iran/Contra scandal, pleaded guilty of one count of defrauding the United States
  3. Richard R. Miller – Partner with Oliver North in IBC, a Office of Public Diplomacy front group, convicted of conspiracy to defraud the United States.
  4. Frank Gomez

13.. Donald Fortier

  1. Clair George was Chief of the CIA’s Division of Covert Operations under President Reagan. George was convicted of lying to two congressional committees in 1986. George faced a maximum five year federal prison sentence and a $20,000 fine for each of the two convictions. Jurors cleared George of five other charges including two counts of lying to a federal grand jury. Clair George received a blanket pardon for his crimes from President George Bush…
  2. Rita Lavelle was indicted, tried and convicted of lying to Congress and served three months of a six-month prison sentence.
  3. Philip Winn – Assistant HUD Secretary. Pleaded guilty to one count of scheming to give illegal gratuities.
  4. Thomas Demery – Assistand HUD Secretary – pleaded guilty to steering HUD subsidies to politically connected donors.
  5. Deborah Gore Dean – executive assistant to Samuel Pierce – indicted on thirteen counts, three counts of conspiracy, one count of accepting an illegal gratuity, four counts of perjury, and five counts of concealing articles. She was convicted on twelve accounts. She appealed and prevailed on several accounts but the convictions for conspiracy remained.
  6. Catalina Villaponda – Former US Treasurer
  7. Joseph A. Strauss – Accepting kickbacks from developers
  8. Oliver North –  He was indicted on sixteen felony counts and on May 4, 1989, he was convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents (by his secretary, Fawn Hall, on his instructions). He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on July 5, 1989, to a three-year suspended prison term, two years probation, $150,000 in fines, and 1,200 hours community service. His conviction was later overturned.

What is clear to anyone is that, from a standpoint of corruption or proven criminal complicity, the only “crew” that comes close to this is the Nixon gang.  They sent a Vice President and Attorney General to prison and a President who was pardoned.  The entire “Committee to Re-Elect the President” was convicted along with the White House “Plumbers.”  They only two not convicted were Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State and Chief of Staff George H.W. Bush.

Imagine those two getting off while others went to jail?

Then we look at Bush 2.  Please tell me the entire administration doesn’t belong in prison for false flag terrorism, looting the economy, war crimes and treason?

This is what brings me down to Hillary Clinton.  I just got off the phone with Stew Webb.  I don’t care if Larry Nichols says Clinton wants 200 people murdered.  Hell, I will do it myself if she asks.  What she won’t do is collapse the economy, screw veterans, start a world war, empower more Israeli run bureaucracies like Homeland Security or give what few military secrets we have to China, what, as we have pointed out so many times, is the real purpose of the Bush family through Prescott Bush and Company, the front for the Chinese Army and George H.W. Bush, former Ambassador to China and CIA Director.

Why are they doing this?  I have some ideas and we don’t want to go there.  Why give China advanced nukes, missiles, stealth aircraft, backdoors into all our military equipment and full access to all American commercial technology?

Why simply give China everything in America worth anything?  We had better ask Jeb but nobody seems concerned.  We had 12 years of Bush presidency, 8 of Reagan, the most disastrous of American history, the most criminal, the most corrupt.  I find it hard to remember who Hillary Clinton is when confronted with the overwhelming stench of the Reagan/Bush debacle.

Who would want to take America down, who hates us that much?  What we have learned is that those tasked with focusing on Hillary, the only person capable of stopping Jeb, are on the payroll of monsters.  Not all of us are blind, nor do we forget.

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Sorry, I left out Clinton’s unbelievable lies.
     (Reuters) – In a speech in Washington and in several interviews last week Clinton described how she and her daughter, Chelsea, ran for cover under hostile fire shortly after her plane landed in Tuzla, Bosnia.

     When reporters & those on ground in Bosnia disagree with her, here is what she said:.
     — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday she made a mistake when she claimed she had come under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996 while she was first lady.

  2.  In 2008, on CNN Hillary R. Clinton said, “If I Become A President, I Will Obliterate Iran.”
    The “3-Obama Women Clinton (whose daughter is married to a Zionist), Susan Rice & Samantha Power” were the MASTERMIND of the Libyan War, along with McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bernard-Henri-Levy, the Algerian born, Israeli-French Zionists & French President Nicolas Sarkozy (who was blackmailed by Henry Levy). Clinton Zionist supporters for 2016 bid are making a movie about her. The list goes on.
     Jeb Bush? Two USA Royal Family are ‘Enough”__ We have to Vote for USA not for Our Party!
     The Best Candidate for Current & Past Armed Forces is Ex-Senator Jim Webb (D-VA). Remember that the Landmark GI-Bill that passed Congress, but Hanoi Hilton McCain did not sign.
     The Best Candidate to cleanup Federal Reserve & return USA to Gold Reserve is Senator Paul (R-KY). He will not meddle in other countries’ businesses, will make “The UN Security Council More Effective” to Solve World Problems, above all Dr. Paul will stop sending our troops to fight Israel’s Wars. Finally, no more sending our tax dollars to Israel & its “Imaginary Enemies.” Of course that means Israel will be kicked out from “OECD” The Rich Countries’ Club.
     Elizabeth Warren, Senator (D-MA), not only she is USA 1st, she is also the “Real Deal, Native-American.” The Harvard Professor has the brain to Protect the Consumer, cleanup Wall Street financial Mess, and Federal Reserve, just like Dr. Paul & Foreign Policy Problems.

  3. Gordon Duff ,Forget about it, take it to the bank, Gordon has coped the play book from the New World Order and handed it to us on a silver platter. Just hope and pray the last chapter is not about nuclear false flags. Einstein said the wars after WWIII will be fought with sticks and stones. Health and wealth to you Gordon and thanks for your tireless quest for the truth. For every one you know is listening to you there are a million you don’t know are listening.. Keep breaking the bush and pounding the ground you got the heart of a Marine point man.

  4. Let ’em have it, Gordon~~ there won’t be a tear shed, and that’ll be justice in itself.
    …Happy New Year!

    • yes Plunger, they DONT like people who can see the larger picture of their clockwork intertwined conspiracies, and relate it so that others can start to comprehend it. I only understand a fraction of their attacks on the people but do see how mechanical-incremental.

  5. Will anyone who is placed into the POTUS slot be able to re-institute the U.S. Constitution, unless and until the israeli-Bush-CIA-pentagon cabal is removed ?
    Certainly, placing another member of the khazarian-Scherf-Bush family into the U.S. Presidency will support the total destruction of the U.S.Constitution and completion of the intended Bush dictatorship of the U.S.A. It is not predictable that altruistic persons within the U.S. Military will initiate the proper activities that support the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America.

  6. You got it reader. Many of these arguments listed about have been with us for a long time. We have to break out of paradigm somehow. We have the criminal cabal tightly woven into both sides with almost no damage being put on them. Don’t forget no one is in jail for the mortgage, derivatives fraud or any of the real major perps of 9-11. We have a huge article ready to be published overseas very soon, possibly the biggest story we have ever broken. We hope it will rattle the paradigm a bit, but will get the black out from mass media like we have always had.

  7. Wow the comment left by Melinda Millan (up there in Facebook) is spot on, very well written,stating facts, I agree 99.5%….I think Uncle Gordie should take offense .
    Great to have friends down there in Argentina

  8. Your prognosis would be very depressing if it were not for the fact that the new “dark age” with ruling secret societies and the cabal in Tel Aviv have been in operation for centuries.

  9. So, our only hope to save our country from its final annihilation by the Bushies is to somehow get Hillary elected even though all voting is completely rigged – and all the evils attributed to Hill/Bill should just be overlooked or really weren’t true in the first place.

    As Jim Dean says, “You just can’t make this sh*t up!”

  10. clintons are just criminals and part of the BCC (bush crime cabal), whats not to get?!
    all the criminal aiding criminals “presidential pardons” need to be overturned-prosecuted, once done all their “executive orders” and “laws” can be overturned too because they ARE criminals.

    just because they hadnt been CONVICTED, does not mean they hadnt committed felonies.
    so called “judges” giving them all a free pass need to be prosecuted too.

  11. Is this article supposed to be a joke? Dubya’s sister in law from his brother from different mother is supposed to be better then his brother? Sorry, Gordon you lost me with this one and have five words for this “What difference does it make?”

  12. The economy was great under Clinton, rolling in dough, as Clinton looted the Social Security Trust fund. Easy come, easy go.

  13. So, Gordon, those on to Hillary’s handlers are not only “haters,” but secretly “scumbuckets” who “love” Jeb? I realize you’re yanking people’s chains with this stuff, but why don’t you draw up a flow chart showing who writes the scripts for these cruds? Their donors, “advisors,” etc.

  14. to those outside the US the idea of an “election contest” between another Clinton and another Bush excites all the eager enthusiasm shown by the media on the occasion of the glorious succession of Kim-Jong-Un three years ago.

    the world knows pretty well the murderous and hypocritical nature of US politics and policy. but Gordon is entitled to his feeling that there is, notwithstanding, a choice between two evils and that in such a case, although the lesser of two evils is still an evil, a responsible citizen should exert due diligence.

    sitting on the moral high ground with a comfortingly warm-assed sense of lofty disdain appeals to many of us because somewhere deep down we believe the fifth cavalry will ride up to rescue the beleaguered fort.

    maybe it’s time the US came to terms with its founding genocide, its slavery issue, the rancid insincerity of its soi-disant christianity, and its obsession with murder, torture, oppression and betrayal. but hopefully Jonas will address these issues soon enough

    God Bless the VT Community! all the best for 2015 everyone 😉

  15. Gordon: I like and respect you tremendously. But that being said, the only person qualified to command our military is an honorably served, and discharged military veteran, with a verifiable DD214. Any others need not apply. I won’t vote for anyone who does not meet the above criteria.

  16. Gordon, the ruling criminal cabal picked both Bill C. and GHWB in ’92, Dole and BC in ’96, Gore and GWB in 2000, GWB and Kerry in 2004, BO and McCain in ’08, and BO and MRomney in ’12. I asked you before what we have to show that BO is not the cabal’s total puppett, and you kindly responded that BO froze the off-shore bank accounts used to pay bribes to those who read the ’03 DOE report on 9/11. I’ve seen nothing to validate that, but I certainly don’t have your sources.

    To cure you of any thought that the Democratic Party is still the bastion of hope for ordinary people, I urge you to read at least Chapter 6 of The Fruits of Graft, which provides the historical proof that, while Hoover rolled over for the ruling elite to get the Great Depression going, it was FDR who methodically and culpably deepened and lengthened it. FDR starved to death millions of Americans – more than have died in all wars plus the “influenza” of 1918 combined. He is still “revered” by many because the elitist media and academia are that influential.

  17. I sincerely hope that Gordon will one day “get over” blaming the GOP when it has been BOTH the BUSH/CLINTON criminal cabal in charge TOGETHER ever since their JOINT import of planeloads of cocaine into the Mena, AR airport in the 80’s. All their criminal friends from those years are STILL running D.C. Being former CIA, Gordon should know that. The Clintons/Bushes met in the Clinton oval office with CIA Tenant to plan JFK, Jr’s plane crash.
    The Bushes/Clintons have been taking turns in the White House for over 30 years!! TO VT: EXPOSE THEM & CONFRONT THEM (there are literally hundreds of youtubes & articles about their crimes, to include Hillary’s.) She is a globalist, liar, anti-Constitution, anti-gun murderer. She personally ordered the Waco fire. Her lover Vince Foster was shot in her White House bedroom.

  18. I sincerely WISH Gordon would “get over” blaming the GOP when it has been the BUSH/CLINTON criminal cabal in charge TOGETHER ever since their JOINT import of planeloads of cocaine into the Mena, AR airport in the 80’s. All their criminal friends at that time are STILL running D.C. today. NONE of them have been prosecuted. And being former CIA, Gordon should know those details, especially now that Chip Tatum is writing for VT. The Clintons/Bushes met in the Clinton oval office with CIA Tenant to plan JFK, Jr’s plane crash. They couldn’t stand the competition! )
    The Bushes & Clintons have been taking turns in the White House for over 30 years! That’s ENOUGH! (too much, actually!)

    Despite Duff’s success in Syria (with the world and U.S. citizens cheering him on – only overt effort we’ve seen in confronting the jerks), Duff’s hatred for the GOP allows him to THINK that Hillary would be a great president. Please understand, Gordon, that NEITHER PARTY WILL and NEITHER JEB or HILLARY have any intention of setting this country on the right track. As long as the Jesuits/Catholics, Committee of 300, and Councils of 13 control everything, the U.S. will CONTINUE downhill at an ever increasing speed. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS EXPOSURE OF ALL THEIR CRIMES — AND THAT INCLUDES HILLARY’S!

    • yes, multiple felon hillary is continually presented as being a legit viable candidate, IS SICK!
      she should be on trial for her crimes against Americans, and humanity too.

  19. Perhaps you “forgot” that CIA & VP George H.W. Bush “took over” Reagan’s 2nd term, after he fomented the shooting of Reagan 2 months after Reagan’s inauguration by Bush family friend (CIA Mk-ultra mind-controlled) Hinckley. Reagan did not LIKE or TRUST Papa Bush (for good reason), but was forced to put him on the ticket as VP.

    All the Iran-contra mess and Bush/Clinton/CIA shipments of CIA cocaine into Mena, AR occurred during Bush’s TAKEOVER of Reagan’s SECOND TERM. It is MORE than likely that Bush’s CIA gave Reagan Alsheimers, like they do fast-acting cancer and heart attacks. Too bad Bush Sr. and his progeny don’t get them!

  20. What a mess! This is sure getting extremely confusing:

    1) we have Ambassador Wanta who thinks the world of President Reagan;
    2) we have Larry Nichols through Stew Web, who has the dirt on the Clintons;
    3) we have Chip Tatum who has the dirt on the Bushes;
    4) we have Uncle Duff saying, voting is rigged, but vote anyway, but
    do it for Mrs. Clinton;
    5) then we have very informed people, who say it is the Hegelian Dialectic.

    My head is spinning!


  21. Gordon,
    Are you saying that there is honesty and change to be gotten from the political process?
    I think Hillary and Jeb are both completely unacceptable. There is not one iota of difference if either gets elected. They both serve the same entrenched elite masters and will do whatever it takes to stay in power. The fact that we are presented with this poisoned duo this far in advance of the actual election is proof enough of the old dictum, “…If voting ever accomplished anything, they would have outlawed it years ago!…”
    We need a system collapse followed by an intense but orderly reconfiguration of the political process.
    You have spoken at length about the criminal cabal that rules congress through the traitorous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Elections Co.. Do you honestly believe they will release their hold on congress pursuant to the outcome of an election? Ha!
    I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell to you real cheap. My God!

  22. Clinton was a good president, his greatest achievement was a balanced national debt and his weakness was the honey trap, as for Hillary, I’m afraid that she is too spellbound by aipac, did she not say to bomb Iran? She’s a sell out just like any other candidate, our only hope is Ron Paul, he has the vision of seeing our compass restored, the Constitution of the United Staes of America!

  23. Just want to point out, the system is what it is and so is the process. Gordon has said how citizens united ruling and mccain-feingold have altered things. Of course its all brotherhood of the snake, do you want Reagen-Bush-Bush-Bush? Dont underestimate how complicated national politics are. Gordon has provided way too much insight to do that.

  24. Mr Duff, I am a fervent reader of veteran today, but I must say I am completely taken aback by this article and it makes me wonder about the price you are made to pay for your conference in Syria….Was there someone holding up a gun on your temple in order to sign your name to such a bewildering report ??? You or everyone else in the world that think would know that Mr Bush or Mrs Clinton are the same think and both have the same masters….This false dichotomy coming from you is extremely worrying to say the least….Really, out of the 330 millions US citizen, there are only Bush or Clinton ??? Is that some kind of new year joke or are you really expecting to feed that to your readers, its so gross….

  25. I agree with this reasoning. If Hillary is able to defeat Jeb, so be it. Yes, the lesser of two evils. This buys We The People time to build a powerful resistance and groom a suitable candidate for 2020 or 2024. It took Marine LePen some time, but now she is popular enough that she may become France’s next president to the chagrin of the European Jewish Press, headed by Moshe Kantor. who seeths “This is OUR Europe”. No one would lend her money in the EU so she borrowed from a Russian bank. She wants France firsters in power.
    “There was a reason Hillary spoke of a “great conspiracy” and that the Mossad sent Monica after Bill.”
    That says a lot. It means she knows the scoop, but she plays along for now and could possibly break ranks. At least she won’t set out to destroy the country and pillage needed pre-paid benefits like Social Security. Sometimes you need to look past your hate to do the thing that is best for your country. Think it through. The Clintons have enough clout to battle against vote rigging before or after the fact. Don’t be fooled into not voting–exit polls and other means need to match the election results to a reasonable degree.

  26. ….”Why are they doing this? I have some ideas and we don’t want to go there….”

    Why not Gordon?? It would probably explain better the reasoning for your promotion of Mrs Clinton.

  27. The Godfather III -wiping out entire previous gangster commission, a latino bastard takes over the family, purchases biggest global company and starts War with Swiss bankers and European conglomerates lodges. Large scale war and confrontation, the Pope dies and is replaced by another who gets murdered, many collateral damage. The only thing sure about the 3rd Bush would be setting up a designated hedge fond that would bet on Jeb starting a War on Iraq/Iran.

  28. Talk about a tower of babble. Why don’t you just leave them to the tender loving mercy of the Bushes Mr. Duff? Like grandpa said “every people has the prophets it deserves; the credulous cowardly ice-cream-soda idealist is best left with the illiterate illuminati, rascally Rosicrucians, magpie mediums, parrot psychics, and cockroach clairvoyants with whom they feel at home.” The same thing goes for fate.

    • Yes, if we non-insiders are so useless, maybe it would better if our herd of Worthless Eaters™ was thinned, leaving the field open for two groups of elites to battle it out?

  29. Instead of stumping for the lesser of two evils this early on, why not start examining the BEST possible candidates for the upcoming? I’m not going to argue whether Clinton or Bush means the least harm to this nation…seems to me that would be enabling the SSG’s pre-selected candidates. That’s a booby trap I’m not stepping on.

  30. We don’t have elections. We have a bullshit show that we are asked to partake in. The candidates are preselected. Just look at Obama who couldn’t even pass REAL-ID. TPTB need to try to demonstrate to the world that “voters” in USA have a choice. This charade gives them some air of authenticity. We will have a walking talking anus on one side of the bullshit red team/ blue team shit show and another walking / talking anus on the other side. Controlled opposition, good cop bad cop. Neither one of the (s)elected ones will do anything to revoke or roll back The Patriot Act or NDAA. So there it is. When you vote against someone and the other one will ass rape you nearly as bad, then you’ve just consented to assrape.

  31. These ARE painful facts. Am I to understand the we will get to 2016 elections and STILL be in the awful and getting worse condition of our country??? While I respect what Gordon has to say, do we have the TIME to “elect” (don’t you believe it) another lesser of two evils, before the country deteriorates into collapse and people are starving and crushed? I don’t know about those who are still in dreaming states, but I know a lot of people get it. The article from last night about 9/11 brought yet again the horrible hell of pain, even worse now knowing about the 70,000+ that have died or are dying because, as someone else put it, “integrity died”. People all over are feeling the pain still, and as the nuking of the towers becomes known (if we can get this news outside the MSM creeps), people will wail with rage. Do we have a plan? Is our government just going to be allowed to continue destruction of everything we hold dear, including the future for our children? Please tell me that you do….because I won’t vote and I won’t participate in criminals running the show anymore.

  32. At what point did Zbigniew tell you to start the Hillary campaign? I’m certainly no fan of the Bush Family but why either? Is there anyone in intel private or otherwise who cares about the future?

  33. Glad you put this up, Duff. Somebody has to be clear on the Larry Nichols game, and Stew Webb needs to be set straight. Whatever was planned to happen with Pseudo-Santilli (lol), as somebody who goes back 20 years with Nichols’ gravelly spiel, I have come to the conclusion that the man is punchy-schizo, and all the coke he took over the years (as was confided to me by Mark Phillips at a time I didn’t believe him) apparently did serious damage to Larry’s brain. I doubt he even knows himself who he is ‘working for’ any longer, but like the old whore he is, he stalks his old customers. Bravo to you for putting him in his place on the radio Monday night. He didn’t get the message the first time, but the second rebuff from Duff must have hit him right between the eyes. On Bushfraud, Votefraud, the Flying Hillary Crone, and Dr. Paul/Kevorkian (who kills his friends) — well, Americans had better just get ready to refresh the modus operandi of “The Swamp Fox”. They’ll be wet and cold and hungry for a long time, and they better get used to it, while they keep their powder dry. The armchairs will be empty soon, when the refrigerators are empty.

  34. The thought that our only option is Bush V Clinton is nauseating. While I agree the whole Bush clan are criminals and murderers I lack any faith that Hillary would be much different. This is simply a false choice because if you talk to most people they do not want either one of them and yet mainstream media just yaps on and on about it.

  35. I’m NOT clear about any of that 2016 Presidential Election talk.

    First of all, the EXPLOSIVE piece on 9/11 you just published and all before, will likely reverberate through-out the U.S. and around the WORLD with huge implications for the next 6 months. The shake-up will take-down all the Bushes, cronies, and murdering co-conspirators, possibly Clinton and AIPAC and cronies, relatives, murdering duel-citizens, and homeland (they like that word).

    After the world finds out about 9/11 and who’s involved, with solid evidence and what will be demanded afterwards, means electing anyone from the present structure is impossible.

    I think you greatly underestimate the impact of what you have written. The cauldron is huge, the water is starting to boil, and the lid is tightly bolted on top.

    We need everyone from around the world and their Press to get this story viral, let it affect trade with the people and countries involved. After all stopping these monsters is in all our best interests, and if ANY of them stay in place we all lose what we have and very possibly our lives as well.

  36. Dear Unc Gordie,

    It is not true that Americans did nothing in 2000 and 2004 and 2008. A ton of us across the United States dug up the proof that the votes were being flipped and that the patterns alleged were statistically impossible given the polls just before the election, the election exit results and the poll executed just after the election.

    We turned this stuff over to all kinds of officials and demanded investigations. An honorable district attorney in Austin, Ronny Earle, tried to open up an investigation and Governor Good Hair stomped on it by illegally charging ridiculous amounts of money for the proceeds.

    What we lacked at that point was MASS. Now, there are so many people angry at the mess that has been made of this country that if a sufficient mass of us petitioned for ELECTION OBSERVERS AND ELECTION SUPPORT FROM OTHER COUNTRIES…WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO PULL IT OFF.

    There are tons of computer scientist studies about the rigging done and what they found. IF WE GOT ORGANIZED AND PUT THIS MESSAGE OUT ACROSS THE BLOGOSPHERE AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA, it might be possible to get an honest election.



  37. Well Gordon.. Happy New Year to you and to all of the VT readers.. This is a very impressive list of felons and criminals… There is even a longer and more impressive lists from the private sector…. America is run by a criminal enterprise both the public and private sector. All the best.

  38. “Few know much of the real history of the Bush family. Jeb’s uncle Prescott, not the grandfather but the uncle, ran the family in secret. ”

    Is that something to do with the George H. Scherff story? How old is GHB?

  39. Who cares about what Bud McFarlane said or what he did?
    I care two major things: Glass Steagel and 911
    Clinton did the first, Bush did the second.

    What I want to know is why Gen Dempsey hasn’t arrested both crime
    families and their little head lice that surround both families?

    He is too busy posing for Istagram followers ….he looks like the
    Assistant pro at the Army Navy Country Club, not a Chairman.

    Why is Gen. Meyer not in Leavenworth ?

  40. This is a super important article to ear mark and save for future reference. Gordon you are absolutely spot on. It really is painful, and so obvious. We can not let Jeb get in. Hillary and Bill are far from saints, however every dirty dealing deed from Jebs past in Miami and everywhere else must be brought out into the mainstream public debate.

  41. Rove and his criminal backers are going to make sure that there are no snafus like the one that allowed Obama to win. No chances will be taken with the machines or the media. It will be Jeb Bush leading us to the promised land of no milk and no money.

  42. You could see it coming last year – Bush vs Clinton – Tails we win Heads you lose….once again. How to break the left-right paradigm that’s destroying the country is the question.

  43. So what is the point in voting for Clinton, if the vote will be “flipped” for Bush when counted?

    We have had how many years of stolen elections now, and have the Democrats ever seriously challenged the results, or just rolled over?

    You guys better have a plan, since the rest of us are (apparently) too stupid and useless to do anything about it.

    • You see, flipping votes is easy when Americans become beaten dogs.

      Are you saying that if your vote is flipped, you plan to do nothing like America did in 2000 and 2004?

      Any idea how big Obama majorities were for him to win? 20%?

    • (with my first post since just joining here) I will agree with Bee. What’s the point of voting? But we (WE) are not too stupid or useless. We need direction from those who serve the human cause, altruistically. Isn’t that the job of any leaders, to lead and serve? I don’t know, I am not a deep thinker in political matters. ( I just wanted to find a photo to help me in my cityscape painting, so I googled cityscapes, saw the WTC towers photos, remembered the anger then that WE WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO EXPRESS, and dropped right into the rabbit-hole, red-pill foil-hat and all.)

      We do need a great leader that can speak honestly, not the double-talk, stuttering communication that comes from (most of) the politicians of today. It is why Ron Paul is impressive to me, he speaks from a place inside himself that, like the rest of us if we are honest, bubbles over with anger. Anger at what has happened to this country, anger at what has been allowed to take place. Anger at the falseness of it all.

      family game night, so I will pull out the dice and Monopoly board. Nope, not that. Maybe RISK the game of World Domination. Nope. Not that either. Guess I will paint. Perhaps a lovely picture of a dragon. I have plenty of white paint 🙂

      –please be well and take care. Fingers crossed, head bowed, hoping, hoping, praying, and expecting….

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