Alan Dershowitz Named in Child Sex Sting


dershowitz2Reported by Gilad Atzmon

British press reports today that a woman claims that Jewish banker Jeffrey Epstein loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave.” The woman has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz.

andrewepstein dershThe woman, who filed the motion anonymously, alleges that between 1999 and 2002 she was repeatedly sexually abused by Epstein who, she also alleges, loaned her out to rich and influential men around the world.

The British press is obviously interested in developments related to prince Andrew. But I am actually curious to hear what the ethnic cleansing enthusiast Alan Dershowitz has to say in his defence.

The Guardian reported today, “another close associate of Epstein who is also accused in the lawsuit, Alan Dershowitz, told the Guardian that the woman’s accusations against himself were “totally false and made up”.

Alan Dershowitz is widely known as an Israeli Hasbara mouthpiece as well as a ‘remarkable liar,’ should we believe him this time?

from the UK Independent:

A woman has alleged that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew as part of a lawsuit that claims an American investment banker passed her around rich and powerful friends as a “sex slave” while she was still underage. A Buckingham Palace spokesman has said the claims are “categorically untrue”.

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and defense lawyer, is also named in the lawsuit. He told the Guardian that the allegations made against him were “totally false and made up”.

Epstein was sued recently by crisis management firm Sitrick & Co, which accused him of failing to pay fees to deal with the scandal over his friendship with Prince Andrew. The company said that he owed £65,000, the Daily Mail reported.

The accusation was made in a lawsuit brought by women who say they were exploited by Jeffrey Epstein, an American multi-millionaire who was convicted of soliciting sex with an underage girl in 2008, reports the Guardian.

Prince Andrew’s friendship with Epstein, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for soliciting paid sex with a 14-year-old girl and is now a registered sex offender, has been a source of problems before. The Duke of York stood down from his role as the UK’s special trade emissary in 2011, after his friendship with the banker provoked calls for him to step down.

The woman filed the case anonymously, and is understood to have been 17 at the time, which is considered a minor under Florida law.

Jeffrey Epstein, multi-millionaire and ex-banker who was sentenced to 18 months in prison
Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the allegations to The Independent. The palace can’t give comment about an ongoing legal process, a spokesperson said.

“This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which The Duke of York is not a party,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman said. “As such we would not comment on the detail.

“However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”

The case is directed towards federal prosecutors, and is part of an effort to expand an ongoing legal case, the Guardian reported. But it alleges that the woman “was forced to have sexual relations with this prince when she was a minor” in London, New York and on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, the Guardian said.

The two men have known each other for years, often traveling together and staying at one another’s properties.

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  1. “Epstein required Jane Doe 3 to describe the events that she had with these men so that he could potentially blackmail them.”

  2. The jewish controlled mass media only disclosed Prince Andrew and never mentioned Epstein and Dershowitz on the Radio or TV on the broadcasts that I listened to. This is how the Jews protect each other.

  3. The fact that Alan Pedoshowitz is a total fraud is established for a while, the question you Americans should ask yourself is how did Harvard become a hub of tribal Fraudsters…I actually think that the case of Stephan Jay Gould is even more concerning…

  4. One of the girls bought from her parents by JE in Romania when she was 14 then passed around, charming girl btw.
    Lots of Mossad agents managing the sex ring on the island etc.

    BTW: How many other “super-loyal” public persons have “more than one reason to be loyal” of both carrot and stick type…

  5. hmm.
    why am i not surprised?
    man may ask if secrecy is ending
    will they find out that i really love my wife and my children?
    interesting predictions, ha ha ha

  6. This is an excellent article and just another recent example that all secrecy is ending. There will be hundreds of more cases like this being exposed. All the “secret sins” of the super-elite deviants will be screamed from the rooftops. Watch Dershowitz squirm and threaten. If solid witnesses appear and corroborate he will be ruined as he should be if he is guilty of this pedophile crime.

  7. Hmmm…If this turns out to be true, it should not be a surprise at all, since Dershowitz spent years writing for pornographic magazines such as Penthouse.

  8. Does anyone believe Nancy Pelosi achieved chairwomanship of the House because of her political prowess? Even today, she receives daily callous removal treatment on her knees.
    Jack Abramoff was a WH pimp who conducted child sex-slave tours during ‘W’s’ occupation.

  9. Because Dersho is known as a remarkable liar he should have said,’ i admit , i been with this woman and more than once,,’ then we would know he didn’t…:)

  10. Pedos and satanists and jews running the west into the ground. We need another inquisition. Too bad the Catholics are run by satanic pedos too. So who will step up?

    • When I was at the age of seven and entered school, they told me, that’s foolish for children to be frightenend by the black men who eat children. I always had the feeling they were lying and the story true. Now I see it was all true, there are a lot of black men who eat little children……

  11. A little leaven leaveneth a whole lump, a lie will always need another lie, so now the day has revealed, for the sun does not hid behind the clouds forever, eventually pierces through and reveals what everything is made of, now the tree in know by its fruit, so surely you will know them by their fruits!

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