The Michael Brown Scam

Watch Michael Brown stomp the face of a 70 year old man...

 … by Gordon Duff,  VT  Sr. Editor


Gentle Michael
Gentle Michael

[ Editor’s Note:  This was posted as a teaching tool for all those making fools of themselves giving a vicious violent criminal cover as a victim.

Most who do this are victims of their own prejudices and get easily sucked into any police brutality story with as much personal investigation as lynch mobs used to do while watching a lynching. It is purely a way for many of them to have some fun. You can judge for yourself where they rank on the civil-rights food chain.

The “so-called” civil rights community will never wash off the Michael Brown stink. What we will get from them is “no comment”. They will pretend they never saw the video, and his family also. Eternal shame on them.

I have never heard of a black family that had a vicious gangster son who was not totally aware of it. When the kid gets killed, they jump for the police-brutality smokescreen as a way of covering their own “non-action” over having a son terrorizing the community.

Are they “accessories after the fact”? I feel they are, and it is they who should be on public trial, not the police officer. We have thousands of veterans who are police officers who have been smeared by this sham.

Everybody who wanted to know Michael Brown was a vicious criminal thug did know. And many of those who knew helped censor that out of the narrative, so they could engage in their on terror game — providing victim cover for a brutal sadist.

Google how many black civil rights figures have marched against people like Michael Brown and friends. Our thanks go out to the thoughtful citizen that sent this to us, knowing we would of course put it up. The Brown lovers, and those wanting to hide their own aiding and abetting hometown terrorism are already claiming it is a fake. Gosh, how many 6′- 4″, 380lb predators do they have in Ferguson?

Dear “faked video claimers”, VT is an intelligence website. This is Michael Brown in the stairwell of his own taxpayer-subsidized apartment in the projects. You can find it on Google Earth; no real spy work with a satellite image needed… Jim W. Dean ]


The scam has gone on long enough.  Black on black crime in the US is the problem, not police racism, which, though real, is far from what it is presented as. 

Yes, police departments are corrupt, certainly they victimize veterans. 

Yet, most Americans know the police, don’t like all of them, hate some of them but know the majority are people doing the best they can of a job no rational person would ever want.

The Michael Brown story is something else, clearly a plot on behalf of a controlled media to exploit racial divides and trash the US.  This isn’t done “for nothing.”  It never is.

Michael Brown was a monster.  That nobody had killed him before simply means he never came across an armed person before as anyone with a gun could have and should have shot him down on sight.

Those defending him, going to the streets on his behalf, burning and looting on behalf of a criminal thug deserve the same.

There has been no single event more damaging to African Americans than Michael Brown and his very justified killing in the single cleanest police shooting of all time.  When a 93 year old veteran with a shoe horn was gunned down by police, we didn’t hear a word.  Police actually said the shoe horn was believed to be a samurai sword.  As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this ‘stuff’ up.”

When a veteran in a wheelchair was shot for pulling out his mobile phone, mistaken for a missile launcher, nothing was said.  I am surprised a pistol brought Brown down, I would have suggested something more powerful.


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  1. The deceased Micharl Brown is typical of the sub-culture that is vividly described by the Black, American author, Taleeb Starkes in his book, “The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIG**RS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community.”
    The records of the local police, and the school that the deceased M. Brown attended, would reveal accurate information instead of the racist propaganda churned out by the Al Sharpton-type nig**rs that Taleeb Starkes so accurately describes. Sad, that the factual information about M. Brown, similar to that of the alias, Barack H. Obama, is withheld from the public, by legal maneuvers. Of course, racial propagandists avoid accurate information. When it cannot be avoided, they spin it beyond recognition.

  2. It does not matter weather michael brown was a saint or sinner , his death was just ripe for the msm to exploite and foremen racial tensions.
    If black kills black of if white kills white it is of no use to the msm it cant be exploited.
    What the msm and their owners are trying to do is divide and conquer it easier to control a divided populace. But a united populace is much harded to control and is a threat to the elites plans.

  3. John, I don’t hear anyone defending police brutality where it exists or the militarization of local LE. Fomenting racial strife has been a well-documented objective of the former WASP and, today, Jewish elite, who both fear interracial Christian unity in America more than anything. Compare a made up Talmudic covenant of racial supremity based on hatred, exploitation, treachery, and genocide with the Christian Logos based on love and harmony among men, however imperfectly the latter is practiced. Don’t fall in with our common enemy.

  4. I am rather surprised and disappointed at RTs coverage and hyping of this project. Perhaps they think they are giving the US some ‘pay-back’ for all the lies and rabble rousing that it has orchestrated in Ukraine and in Russia.

    The problem is that the only people being helped by hyping this race hate nonsense are the ZIO-CABAL. The very same ZIO-CABAL that has stirred hatred and ‘revolution’ in Ukraine – and the very same group that is coming after Russia. If the ZIOS had not wanted it nobody would have heard of the name Michael Brown – and these issues would have been simply hushed up. There are literally hundreds of Constitutional outrages being perpetrated in America right now by the ZIOS – for which citizens would be right to take to the streets. However – the ZIOS cynically flexing their media muscles in order to distract and divert the unwary (and very unhappy) masses down a blind alley – is not one of them.

  5. I have watched this three times and I cannot see how one can say for sure this is brown. He dose not look tall enough. I am not convinced.

  6. I’m 46 years old and went to high school from 1983 1986. My friends were all races, all religions, rich, poor and everything in between. The entire class was like this – we all made friends with the people we liked, regardless of color, ethnicity, who had money or who didn’t. I think over the last 30 years the country has made so much progress & I know my generation isn’t made up of racists. As Gordon commented, there are simply two groups of people – decent and indecent, period. I don’t know any racists. Maybe that’s the problem? maybe our country had made too much progress and the people in charge decided it was time to put a wedge in between everybody again.

  7. Thank you Gordon – Proving what VT has been saying for some time. There is only ONE group that profits from fomenting racial hatred and then presenting new ‘laws’ and ‘initiatives’ to combat it – the ZIOS. The ‘lobby’ should receive a bill for the massive property damage and business interruption across America – and be directly implicated in the deaths of innocent serving police officers.

    • Right. It was a Zio media circus of orchestrated racial conflict from the get go. “Demonstrators” bussed in from Chicago; the LE stand down; cash to burn the place to the ground; the non-stop drumbeat of incendiary language from Zio stooges in the WH, congress, academia, media, etc. The unspeakable, unconscionable premise of liberal do-gooding is that these people are indeed animals who need to be herded into these hellish projects as such.

  8. I bet the old man is thinking “Thank you, Officer Darren Wilson” right about now.
    Karma finally kicked Michael Brown’s ass.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  9. What is this Fox news? Who verified this video? There is no chance the fat guy in the video is 6’5″., he is short and wide but NOT tall enough. I’m 6’3″ and my brother is 6’5″..not a chance….. I love your guys work ,but I disagree with both of you on this one…

    • I agree he didn’t look 6’5″ until the last scenes when he towered over the others. His short friend is over 6 foot.
      What you should note that, based on height, his weight would be closer to 400 than 300. However, not much upper body strength and the hands of a little girl.

    • 2 more things I have noticed…
      The fat guy has earrings…mike b , did not…also this appears to be Dallas Texas and the video was posted 2+ years ago..”only in woodland city”
      This is not St.Louis……

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