Wanta Plan must be Deployed Now !


by Preston James and Lee Wanta

Wanta 1


In 2010 Ambassador *Lee Wanta prepared his Plan for the Revitalization and Re-industrialization of America and submitted it to the US Administration.

Had it been deployed, the American Economy would now be in a very strong recovery with two million new good paying job opportunities and no National Debt left. Massive hope and excitement for the future would have been ignited in the hearts of the unemployed, downbeat and discouraged. Within several years there would have been good job opportunities for everyone able and willing to work.

This opportunity was missed in 2010, but it can deployed now as we enter the new year in 2015. Ambassador Wanta is still on the job and hard at work preparing his plan for a rapid roll-out.

For the last four years the Wanta Plan has been completely laid out in written form and is ready to deploy in full with only one thing holding it up. That is the lack of compliance of certain high ranking USG Officials who have illegally blocked Lee Wanta’s access to his money. Right now due to accrued interest Wanta’s fortune totals 30.9 Trillion USD.

So far the self-proclaimed PuppetMasters have not been prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the coverup continues.

And so far nothing has been heard back from the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the phone recording the self-proclaimed PuppetMasters left on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy voice mail. This is a serious criminal case like the Able Danger case because it exposes criminal complicity and/or coverup at many different levels of the USG. And as many realize the refusal to process information or complaints to USG authorities about USG Officials being involved in criminal acts is a violation of Title 18, Section 4 of the US Code, Misprision of a Felony.

Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Misprision of felony. Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

A federal judge, or any other government official, is required as part of their mandatory administrative duties, to receive any offer of information of a federal crime. If that judge blocks such report or knowingly ignores it, that block is a felony under related obstruction of justice statutes, and constitutes a serious offense.

Upon receiving such information, the judge is then required to make it known to a government law enforcement body that is not themselves involved in the federal crime.

Wanta was appointed by President Reagan to serve as his Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine.

As most who have read Veterans Today articles about the Wanta Plan realize, Ronald Reagan appointed Lee Wanta as his Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine and this appointment was never rescinded for a number of existing legal reasons which are still binding.

It is also well known that Ambassador Wanta is a very honorable, stand-up man who has a long proven track record of keeping his commitments. If he gives someone his word that he will do something, you can be assured he will. If given access to money that is rightfully his, he will immediately do what he has promised, bet on it.

To this very day Ambassador Wanta maintains the strong personal commitment that he personally made to President Reagan and the People of the United States of America. This commitment was to use the vast fortune he earned doing advanced currency speculation to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America, pay of its legitimate National Debt and restore its financial strength by making it financially sound.

If those blocking Wanta’s access to his own money to which he has an established legal right are themselves blocked, Lee Wanta will quickly proceed with his Plan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America.

Here is the actual Wanta Plan sent to the US Administration in 2010:

Wanta Plan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America

The-Wanta-Plan-2010 by stewwebb1

* Lee Wanta was appointed Ambassador by the Parliament of the Principality of Snake Hill, a small former British Colony near Sidney Australia that in 2006 seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia, which remains a British Colony, with the approval of the Queen of England. Snake Hill is a small Sovereign Nation that has its own fully accredited State Bank and three Country Codes. Wanta was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China and has full diplomatic privileges. Ban Ki Moon the UN Secretary General, Susan Rice and the Chief of Protocol of the US Department of State were all notified and accepted Wanta’s appointment.

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  1. In terms of capital punishments for the convicted perps, the “Julian Gallows” is apt. The defendent(s) actually pull the lever themselves. This is poetic justice. No other human should take any pride and/or joy in executing another.

    Justice is a cold and somber act. Especially in terms of capital crimes. Retribution should be swift but with compassion. This is difficult to elaborate here, but for those interested, look into C.S. Lewis, as he expounds on both the executioner and the executed. It should not be a spectacle.

    When it is treated as entertainment, the participants become guilty of another and other crimes themselves. In same manner, no sane soldier in battle celebrates a kill. Even after the battle, and the “fog of war,” the true human comes to his senses, and realizes that is all madness. That we are all caught up in this madness, and the only justice, real justice, is that the madness will finally and completely end. And then we will have a new beginning, where no more madness can possibly exist. It cannot exist, because there simply is no more evil.

  2. Excuse me, but, why is no mention made of the stranglehold the masonic brotherhood has on all of the governments of all of the world? One can carry on about the CMSM and the WZ and the Fed, but the overriding (overarching) factor is the blood oaths that most of the men/women who are in the real positions of power around the globe have taken. Those blood oaths supersede all other oaths and promises. Now, IF Lee Wanta hasn’t taken a blood oath in a lodge somewhere, I’m (only a bit) more likely to listen to the plan.

    And how does this square with Dean Henderson’s take on Wanta (see following VT article and Henderson’s comment about 6 comments down)? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/29/city-of-londons-imperialist-designs-on-russia/

    • I would read Dr. James’ response to Henderson. For all the good work that Henderson does, my view is that he has yet to completely finish his homework. It is all too easy to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” in too many cases. The field of intelligence (operatives and analysts) is a “hall of mirrors.” Too many have yet to realize the virtual civil war going on behind the scenes. The extent of double and triple agents involved. What it takes to win (legitimately and honorably) in a world of temporal fallen state.

    • Henderson shows his ignorance, simply via the statement of Hayek. Hayek was of the Austrian School, along with Mises and Rothbard. Though he attended and taught to some extent at the Rockefeller funded Chicago School, he did not agree with Friedman and the other prominent Monetarists. Some claim that “supply side” is synonymous with the Classical School. This cannot be valid if supply side is actually more in tune with the Monetarists.

      Supply Side is dependent up the central banks for its existence. The Classical School is actually more akin to the Austrian, than anything else. They only differ, on matters of the business cycle. It is even more complicated than that, when one delves into the genesis of the Austrian School. It is like the schools of eschatology. None of them are perfect. In fact, none of them are near perfect.

      When one dives into the esoteric, it is far too easy to paint with a wide brush. This is neither helpful nor responsible for the benefit

    • Furthermore, on the Masonic question, I would read “Rulers of Evil” by Saussy. Many do not comprehend who really is in charge here. What kind of system we do have, and why is it necessary in this temporal state. To expect to create some sort of perfect (or even near-perfect) “state” in a temporal condition, with all perfect/near-perfect players, is ill-advised.

      Because of space, I’ll quote part of Luther:

      “…a good one (ruler) rules nothing but is only ruled—and only by the worst of people.

      Even though a prudent but personally bad ruler may harm the good people, he nevertheless rules the evil ones at the same time; and this is more necessary and proper for the world, since the world is nothing but a mass of evil people.”

    • I have a great deal of respect for Dean Henderson and his work. Nobody knows more about Big Oil than he and Gordon Duff. We do have one area of disagreement. The thing is that I have had access to numerous Wanta related documents few have seen including Dean and this paints quite different picture than what the Organized Crime Cabal has spent billions on to disinform folks about what Wanta really did and what he has been all about.

      Wanta has been fully committed and obsessed with the completion of his mission. He has never stopped working on it since the early 1990’s, discussing it with top leaders all around the World, and is ready to fully deploy it right now. Wanta’s commitment is extraordinary and something few humans are able to maintain or even understand. But that has been his trademark for years and he is a serious man about attaining his commitment. Wanta is what he is and he is 100% true blue American and obsessed with rebuilding the Republic, the Rule of Law, and see a new Monetary production and Distribution System owned by all Americans as well as a complete Revitalization and Re-industrialization of America. His well designed state of the art High Speed Rail System is actually an incredible design achievement itself, just the plan. If it gets built it will be an eighth wonder of the World.

    • Lombardi, obviously you haven’t read many of my articles. I have dealt with the Freemasons, the OTO, Church of the Process, Temple of Set, all of them which form the Babylonian Talmudic WZ “Synagogue of Satan” Occult Network which provides the backdrop for the Top Policy-Makers of the Organized Crime cabal (OCC). Just because I did not bring it up in this article, does not mean I haven’t dealt with it. It was not a directly relevant factor in the subject matter of this article.

  3. As I recall, Wanta’s desire is to build a nationwide fast rail system (ala the Interstate Highway System). The USG has a department set up to stimulate such activity and there is a current initiative in Texas to build such a line between Houston and Dallas capable of 150mph. It’s modeled after Japanese high speed rail.

    The trouble is, this is 150 year old technology in 21st century clothing (i.e. a pig with lipstick).

    If he envisioned a monorail system with lighweight passenger and cargo gondolas I could support him … and money wouldn’t be a problem. It would be like the interstate highway system but much cheaper and easier to implement. It would use concepts like the internet with gondolas being the packets and elevated monorail being the links. Ideal initial implementation would be along existing power line rights of way. The system would take power from the line injecting it into individually powered gondolas (with super capacitor storage) as they passed the pylons.

    Todd Marshall
    Plantersville, TX

    • First of all Todd, you do not have access to the full story and have not read the article on VT and Wanta’s free book which disclosed the basics of the actual plan and a map of it, and you are wrong on all counts. The technology Wanta has obtained and is ready to deploy in his plan for a High Speed Rail System is state of the art and incorporates some technology never before used. His system is different than anything ever proposed in Texas out east or anywhere else. Top speed would be at least 250 MPH. The technology Wanta has access to is not 150 year old. Now for the best part of Wanta’s Plan for Inter-coastal High Speed Maglev Rail is that he is going to pay all the costs to construct it and get it running, and after a time which it will be self-supporting.

  4. With 27.5 Trillion dollars in a bank deposit somewhere I would think the OCC would have appropriated it by now to pay off a portion of their vast derivative shortfall. It’s hard to believe the money just sits there waiting to be released. Like the man said, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably ain’t.”

    • Nope, there are forces at play that have prevented this. So it just sits there in an account in Wanta’s name but he is blocked from having access to it. And he is under 24/7 protection of a very, very tough US Security Force believed to take no prisoners.

  5. Questions for Dr. James:

    Who does the money really below to; Amb. Wanta personally, or the US people (if he was acting as an agent of the US govt. during the currency speculation, the latter would be true)?

    If the money came from financial maneuvers to bring down the Soviet Union, does it morally below to the people of the current CIS?

    Was this article essentially correct at the time of publication?

    • The money belongs personally to Lee Wanta and this has already been determined in a US Federal Court Decision by a sitting Judge. In order to understand how he made all this money legally you would have to have read his free book available on his website and all the articles about Wanta on VT. Otherwise you will not be able to understand this complex story. The OCC has spent many millions and sent many Troll, shills and sock-puppets to try and discredit Wanta and his story. All have failed and will continue to fail because more and more of the doc which were supposed to be secret forever have been declassified. I have seen most of them and they fully support Wanta’s claims.

      Wanta was given seed money to start his business of money speculation and after 6 months he paid it all back. He had gone into private business for himself but made a personal commitment to President Reagan to use any money he made from his personal businesses to get the US out of Debt, and to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America and build an Inter-coastal High Speed Maglev Train. It has been Wanta’s belief all along and was President Reagan’s belief that if Wanta did not take personal charge of how his funds were deployed to attain these goals, the Organized Crime Syndicate would just take it. So far they have not been able to plunder Wanta’s funds but have blocked his access.

    • Story was the publisher of International Currency Review. He started out being a supporter of Lee Wanta. But after a while in about 2007 his “limited hangout” position stopped suddenly and he transformed into the troll that he was. Before he could get much traction trying to harm Wanta’s claims for which he had no basis, he died. Lee Wanta feels that he infiltrated Wanta’s Camp and was trying to set him up to discredit him, a favorite WZ trick and something many have tried with Wanta. However this is no longer possible because Wanta has some close advisers who will protect him from these intrusions no matter how crafty.

  6. And please do not forget to hang Sean Hannity and Wolf Blitzer, side by side. Perhaps the half time ceremony for the Super Bowl.Just let me do it. We won’t have to worry about any technical malfunctions…

  7. I am a little confused. Where is Wanta’s money? I am not so much skeptical as simply uncertain as to the how proceedings involved with this man have developed despite having read your more detailed account some time ago. It almost sounds like a fairy tale. However, while it might be true that some of us deserve a better treatment the mass of men seem wrapped in the same crime as the elite. America is a backward and primitive place socially. It has a terrible past with respect to social justice. It has committed so many crimes. Does it not deserve now to flounder and sink into the deeps?

    • I have been told that Wanta’s money was transferred to a large American bank in his name and sits there now, with the OCC blocking his access. The American Sheeple have been mind-kontrolled for over 50 years by the Major Mass Media which was hijacked and is now owned by six major International New Corporations who are WZ linked. They have been spoon fed Big Lies and False-Narratives by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is a joint operation between the World Zionists (International Zionist Crime Syndicate IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (Nazi Fourth Reich BCC). The OCC is run by a Circle of Twelve referred to insiders as the Denver twelve or the twelve Bloodthirsty Ones. Stew Webb has listed their names.

      Obviously you have not read many of the VT articles such as the “Historical Speech in Damascus Sends Shock Waves Around the World” or you would understand. Plus I doubt you have read all of the VT articles detailing a great deal of facts of Wanta’s claims.

      By the way some suspect that Russia, China and some European Nations are now working together to gang up and deep six the US Petro Dollar as the only way to destroy the power of the OCC. Many European national leaders now view NATA as little more than the Gladio Left-Behind Army of the Third Reich and have secretly decided that the Euro and the US Petro Dollar are going to go bye-bye soon.

    • “There’s only one religion that Pope Francis will not accept into his one world religion, and that’s true, ancient-rite Catholicism.”

      Shall we talk about Trent? (Tridentine dogma) Probably not here. If one wants to delve into “ancient-rite,” I would refer those to Bill Schnoebelen. He was a former priest in that exact capacity. (among other designations) ..

  8. Dr. James, I am a classical economist (non-Keynesian). I have read and listened to discussions of Ambassador Wanta’s activities, and am concerned about certain serious issues. If you wish to have an exchange, please contact me through my website.

  9. I agree with those insiders for those who knowingly spread lies as truth. The CMMM has a powerful effect on society and punishment should reflect that effect.

    It would also have the effect of making some of them turn state’s evidence as you know some of these twerps would sing like canaries.

  10. Yes, with the Controlled Major Mass Media broken up under serious anti-trust and RICO criminal prosecutions against the CMMM and their Owners and Editors personally, there would be no News Monopoly owned, controlled and directed by the Organized Crime Cabal. Breaking up the CMMM and prosecuting its owners under criminal and civil RICO and clawing back all their holding and personal gains is essential.

    Some insiders want these CMMM principals prosecuted for espionage for representing foreign owned Banking interests and the rogue criminal nation of Israel, a hardcore Apartheid state committing massive land theft and genocide against Palestinians. Espionage of this magnitude (massive Big Govt Lies and Propaganda to support Illegal Wars and crimes against humanity like Torture) is of course a capital offense punishable by hanging by the neck until dead upon a wooden military gallows like at Nuremberg.

  11. It was people like Wanta that destroyed the unions and shipped millions of good paying jobs to Mexico and overseas, and now he is proclaiming to have the solution – yeah, right. Wanta will quickly proceed with his plan to revitalize and re-industrialize America now that American labor is at third world labor rates. This is a classic capitalist scam. Wanta, ya wanta do something for Amrican workers, well how about starting a 32 hour work week, or how about public education all the way through a PhD.

    • Wrong, your comment is so far from the truth it is not even worth commenting on. Obviously you are either a troll or haven’t read all the VT articles on Lee Wanta.

    • If they have trolls and shills attacking this article and Lee Wanta already – then they obviously don’t like it or what the plan would mean. What on earth have the unions got to do with injecting $30 trillion into the economy? That’s like refusing to accept a new car as a gift – and calling the offer a con – on the basis that you would need to put petrol (gasoline) in it to run it.

  12. Knowing that the courts don’t work (completely corrupted). As Wanta says, we have no real govt. People have to think of it this way. We are at war with a corporation. Call it “Hyperion.” We either have to hire our own mercenary(s), and/or convince enough in the present high military command to do our bidding. That is what it is going to take.

    I would deduce, that the Constitution is unambiguous in the case of a total criminal [civilian] govt takeover, that those remaining who take their oath to it seriously, must act with all means possible and available. Private citizens not bound via this oath cannot act individually. That is vigilantism. It must be sanctioned by the Constitution. Therefore, a group of high military officials, acting on their oath against this criminal cabal, would be within the confines of the Constitution. We can let the scholars debate this later, when all hostilities have ceased.

  13. How can the people who are awake advance this plan? Short of shooting the traitorous bastards in office. Even other “alternative” media will not touch the Wanta story and a few people I have given the information to find it implausible.

    • There are numerous different types of activities that can be done to push the process. Polite calls or emails to one’s Congressman/women, Senators and Governors asking for them to investigate this matter fully and not accept information put out by those who are trying to stop Ambassador Wanta is a start. Sharing this article and others about Lee Wanta and his 27.5 Trillion Dollar (USD) fortune is another. As many as possible need to be informed that Wanta has the money in a US account and his access is being blocked. Share this article and others about Wanta’s Plan with your friends, family and trusted associates. Maybe some good neighbors too.

      Know that there are other forces at play here now hard at work to clean out the corruption blocking Lee Wanta getting access to his money. And this corruption has become endemic to the US Department of Justice and the Courts and much of Law Enforcement, so it is taking a massive effort to clean these organized criminals and their Assets out. VT is the spearhead of all this and has been for at least four years that I know of. If folks want to know how things have become so corrupted and what is now being done on the inside to clean house, this has all been provided to VT readers in many articles on the actions of the VT Principals in Damascus, articles on Intel Cowboys (Very, Very Bad Things) and many many more.

  14. There are States within the U.S. that have worked hard to stop progress, and the good that Wanta’s plan would produce. They are most likely working for interests that do NOT want us to reduce or eliminate our DEBT, want to see America brought to it’s knees.

    There are people like this, that want to stop anything that would free Americans from the clutches of the FED and Bankers, and block those that want a better life for ALL American citizens.

    We need to expose and confront them.

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