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VT on the front row at the last event of the Syrian Counterriosm conference
VT on the front row at the last event of the Syrian Counterriosm conference

… by  Gordon Duff,    … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

We were in Damascus for five days
We were in Damascus for five days

[ Editor’s Note:  The news of our trip to the Syria-sponsored counter terrorism conference is flowing around the corporate media blackout. NEO is well-read internationally now, in its second year, and all the world Intel, diplomatic and military open source monitors read everything there.

More calls are coming in thanking us for our efforts to dial back on the insanity of the regime change policy, where the massive damage from it to our national security far surpasses anything we feared from Syria, which was really no threat at all.

It was on defense, as just about everybody else on America’s target list. This is so obvious to strategic military people that when the definition of “threat” was morphed to include anyone who could defend themselves from a US-Western attack, no one was surprised. It simply proved that “they” knew no one was a serious threat to anyone, and that required moving the goal posts.

There is a growing consensus that both military and security people and budgets are being abused on a large scale. The situation is so bad now there is talk of a bifurcated command where operations can be run outside the real command structure under the maze of outside contractors doing Intel work.

We talked to no one who is aware of any real supervision, and I mean on the ground… checking paperwork, surveillance, to look for infiltration and co-option. The layering of the outsourced contracting, when you take a close look at it, defeated the regular monitoring protocols. We would bet that this was by design, and not by oversight.

One of the huge threats this exposes us to, is “bad Intel” being fed into the CIA and other security orgs, which then goes into top command decisions. We have interceded in the process on several occasions.

Our most famous was debunking the Syrian Army gas attacks in Aleppo, pinned on the intercepts of calls between two Syrian Army officers and used as evidence for crossing Obama’s red line on Assad using chemical weapons. Initially, the term “high confidence” was the strange term used to blame the Syrians.

VT people were the source that it was a set up by the Israelis using an old Cold War tactic of planting transmitters to broadcast calls knowing that they would be intercepted and passed up the line as “proof”. This information was passed along to where it could be put to good use, and it was… Jim W. Dean ]


 – First published  …  December 31, 2014


Syria crisisI recently returned from the Terrorism and Religious Extremism Conference in Damascus. While there, I had the opportunity to meet with Syrian militia leaders. What they had to tell me and show me confirmed some of my suspicions.

I already knew that the United States had trained at least 3000 ISIS “cadre” leaders at camps in Jordan. Colonel Jim Hanke US Army Special Forces (ret) had accompanied me and spoke of this during the conference.

However, the militia leaders brought evidence. They had photographed not only ISIS dead but their identity papers as well. One group of 74 killed in fighting near Kobani included 15 Ukrainians and 8 Chechens. Others included fighters from Saudi Arabia, Yemen but the rest were from North Africa.

There was no gloating over the dead despite the fact the exchange took place in a restaurant at the Damas Rose, a government owned hotel in Syria. There was a sadness, a solemnity about this as even ISIS dead, reputed to be mass murderers, looked no different than others, all young, bearded though many distinctly European.

What was surprising was the lack of curiosity as to how any of these fighters had gotten into Syria in the first place. I had travelled through Lebanon, was picked up by security at the airport and, on the way to Damascus, stopped many times at military checkpoints and subjected to 4 hours of background checks at remote border crossings.

Even inside Syria it took hours to get clearance despite carrying a letter from the Minister of Justice.

Lebanon checkpoint
Lebanon checkpoint

Simply put, jihadists don’t just walk through Lebanon. This leaves only two possibilities, they travel through Turkey, something more than obvious or they receive transit across Israel.

A cursory examination of the geography of the region leaves only two other remote possibilities. One is that they manage to cross the Red Sea like Moses or they are flown in somehow, magically passing through airport security checkpoints all overseen by Interpol, America’s Department of Homeland Security and NATO financed security forces.

It is assumed that any Islamic male, traveling alone or with others, in transit toward Iraq or Syria, is a terrorist. I was certainly questioned several times. One could only assume that perhaps planes the CIA had used to transport narcotics or torture victims had been “re-tasked” for the purpose of bringing terrorists into Syria and Iraq.

There are certainly reports of unmarked planes flying in and out of Mosul despite the fact that American fighter/interceptors maintain what they claim is a “stranglehold” on airspace in the region.

Syrian officials informally voice their own suspicions about ISIS. Though not publicly spoken of, they are of the opinion that American and Israeli advisors are serving with ISIS. Based on an analysis of ISIS tactical capabilities and their apparent access to secure communications, easily jammed by the US if they wished, such beliefs are not without foundation.

Simply put, not everyone can operate complex American built mobile artillery pieces or armoured vehicles. ISIS seems to have no problem with this or any difficulty acquiring Stinger missiles to shoot down aircraft as well.

middle-east-and-north-africa-political-mapIt is claimed that these missiles move from Libya, through Sinai and somehow magically jump over Israel. Oddly, none seemed to make their way into Gaza, as evidenced during last summer’s Israeli air assault.

One key area of what appears to be tacit cooperation between the “Islamic State” and NATO, namely Turkey, is seen in the looting of Syria. As with Lebanon, Turkey maintains well defended borders.

However, there is more than adequate proof that whenever ISIS moves into an area of Syria or even Iraq, the Turks aren’t far behind. Like locusts, streams of heavy trucks, engineers, equipment movers join ISIS, stealing everything of value and moving it past the border into Turkey, a border that refugees spend days waiting to pass.

However, a hundred heavy trucks carrying away a Syrian automobile assembly plant is able to negotiate the Turkish border without a hiccup.

Similarly, entire banks, cash, computers systems, vault and all have made the trip into Turkey followed by endless antiquities that find their way into the auction houses of London, New York and Paris. Unless ISIS is infected with an altruistic love of all things Turkish, it is reasonable to assume they are in it together, sharing the spoils.

As ISIS is a “named terror organization” by both the US and EU, any individual or organization that is involved either directly or indirectly, no matter through how many hands, in commerce is guilty of “material support of terrorism.”

For a state, such as Turkey, such violations necessitate sanctions. For an individual, be they a London art dealer or German machine tool broker, typical punishment should involve rendition, torture and gulag imprisonment.

Instead, American and European war profiteers openly trade with ISIS, no fear of sanctions or the all-powerful Office of Foreign Asset Control getting involved. The “fix” is obviously in, looted cities, looted museums, looted banks, all to be shared as long as politicians get their cut.

To say that there is something strange about ISIS is perhaps the understatement of all time. Can we call them “The Not Very Islamic State?” What they seem to have is friends, people who give them intelligence help, satellite photos, people who train them to operate complex American weapons, people who shepherd their personnel around like diplomats.

What they also have are business partners, partners who are clearly above the law. Who has that kind of influence?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues; and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. IF “ISIS” or “ISIL” were the real deal, it’d make more sense they attack izrahell, but they dont.
    they’re mercenaries, trained armed and funded by a District of Criminals, izrahell, Turkey, Saudiland etc. an illegal undeclared WAR by proxy that their “United NAZI-ons” pretends not to comprehend, so the nonstop support of this war by mercenary terrorists, can be perpetuated.

  2. Gordon, right as usual. When it first hit I sent a remark to the W.H. stating, “that is not an Islamic Mind, it is a Western plan, and they are following a Manual of instructions”
    Gordon, ” FIND THEM, AND ZERO IN TO THE SATANIC MIND THAT PLANNED IT”. It still works like a Machiavellian game. The kind of game that intends to win to the end and control all. But I think along the way Bibi lost control of it and the Islamist started following a plan of their own. And that is what always happened when you deal with people where Honor is irrelevant. Someone in that diverse group will talk, for money or for feeling betrayed.


    Banu Qaynuqa tribe = Jews!

    Jews are the one in charge of Kabbah and Madina Munawara to make $$$$$$ ! All the Hajj Money Umrah Money Oil money and Saudi taxes goes to the Jews and Israel to kill Muslims!

    The More we go to Hajj and Umrah the more Muslim will get killed with that money!The Banu Qaynuqa (also spelled Banu Kainuka, Banu Kaynuka, Banu Qainuqa, Banu Qaynuqa, was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, they were expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, by the Islamic prophet Muhammad for allegedly breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina…………

    [ Editor’s note: VT asks that commenters only post one link per comment, because links take the reader off site. This is a long time policy. We don’t catch them all, but let people know whenever we can. As it was, the four links in the comment had thrown the comment into the Spam folder.]
    “Saudis are working on a well thought over and tested strategy to rule the world. That is why they are spending billions of dollars to convert Muslims, Christians, Hindus and everyone else into Salafism, a new religion invented by them over 200 years ago based on the infamous beliefs of Ibn Taymiyyah (1263-1328)…

    [ link deleted]

    “…..Saudi Arabia is voluntarily taking a bath by pushing oil prices down, a favor to the US and Israel and Turkey and a way of hurting Russia, Iran, Syria, and even Venezuela – all current members in good standing of Captain America’s ever-changing galaxy of villains – aka, the Axis of Evil.
    [ link deleted]

    • “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

      The dream of a Greater Israel is a fundamental doctrine of Judaic-Zionists to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile.

      “….The idea that “Greater Israel” can only be built atop the ruins of the Arab-Islamic world was documented in 1980 by Livia Rokach in her essay, “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” in which she details at length how Zionists in the mid-1950s planned to use Lebanon as ground zero for their divide-and-conquer modus operandi. Rather than the irrational work of a conspiracy theorist, Rokach based her argument on the memoirs of former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, putting forward not her personal beliefs but rather the political manifesto of one of Israel’s founding fathers.

  4. I would bet on ISIS being a Mossad / CIA construct, that is if I could find a bookie that would take that bet, which I’m sure there isn’t seeing as organised gambling, like everything else, is usually a Zio-controlled Mafia enterprise.

  5. Same people who own the Feral Reserve. Seriously.
    [Editor’s note: This comment has been edited for content, as it urged violence against a selected group of people. There is a difference between espousing ameliorative action, versus urging vigilante action. Vigilante action is undesirable, unacceptable and counterproductive.]

  6. Mr. Duff, you said it well in Damascus.
    This is organized crime of global proportions!
    And the duplicitous Turkish government is in on the scam.

  7. “As ISIS is a “named terror organization” by both the US and EU, any individual or organization that is involved either directly or indirectly, no matter through how many hands, in commerce is guilty of “material support of terrorism.”……this needs ramming down some necks

  8. A substantially informative article that connects most of the rest of the dots. It now seems evident that the USA is involved in a Civil War being fought in Iraq and Syria between the right-hand, the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) and CIA/Israeli/Saudi/Turkish mercenary Army) and the left hand the loyal US Military. This is likely also a byproduct of NATO and its main component the secret “Left-Behind” Gladio Army.

    Obviously the faction of the CIA and the US Military that is supporting hired mercenaries to fight as ISIS/ISIL/Daish are Traitors and committing Treason and must be arrested and taken to Guantanamo prison for pre-trial water-boarding until they confess. McCain will be the first taken away in shackles and chains. Then ICC/Interpol warrants will be issued for any Israelis, Saudis or Turks involved and million dollar bounties placed on them for bounty hunters.

    No trials will be necessary because by the end off the first “treatment” they will all confess and plead guilty in order to avoid the second “treatment”. If they “sing” and plead guilty let them live behind bars (life imprisonment in Leavenworth). If not and have to go to trial and are convicted (which they will) hang em high on a wooden military gallows like which was done at Nuremberg.

  9. It seems, Gordon, that you have reneged on your previous policy of always putting out some disinfo to sneak out along with the truth. Now I feel you are giving real stuff to us straight, with no ‘secret sauce’. I am so glad the world is listening to you, even if it means the USA will re-enact Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty, after dumbing down the planet, sat on a wall….

  10. “Similarly, entire banks, cash, computers systems, vault and all have made the trip into Turkey followed by endless antiquities that find their way into the auction houses of London, New York and Paris. Unless ISIS is infected with an altruistic love of all things Turkish, it is reasonable to assume they are in it together, sharing the spoils.”

    Gordon, I assume you are talking about Syrian and/or Iraqi antiquities that ISIS has looted, rather than Turkish antiquities? Looting Iraqi antiquities is a crime like no other. This is the cradle of civilization itself. This crime deserves the death penalty, publicly, to “encourage the others”, although your idea of torture and gulag for the art dealers has some merit.

    • And the BUYERS of these looted antiquities should suffer the same fate as buyers of any other stolen goods – the goods should be taken from them without compensation, and returned to the rightful owners. We need a new Monuments Men movement to return the stolen antiquities.

    • you are reading “an affinity to antiquities turkish” while i wrote “things,” indicating a partnership with turkey on a number of levels, none of them involving turkish antiquities…which they may also steal though by personal experience most are brass forgeries

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