The DOE Defends Nuclear 9/11



DOE Investigators Cite Veterans Today Investigations and Disclosures as Preventing a New 9/11

…by Gordon Duff, and Members of the Dept. of Energy 9/11 Investigation Team


Falling man
Falling man

[ Editor’s Introduction: Over the past few weeks, members of the “official 9/11 groups” have come forward — years late, no new ideas, nothing to offer. The real 9/11 report, initially released by the Russians, now supported directly by both the team that wrote it at the U.S. Department of Energy and the IAEA, have been following the aftermath of their revelations.

The text below is theirs. When they talk of “morons,” these are America’s top nuclear physicists, the people who build the bombs that supposedly keep us safe at night making these observations.

When it is published in Veterans Today, it is here because we are also nuclear weapons officers, NATO nuclear commanders, weapons assemblers and, while VT Editor Clinton Bastin was still with us, the editorial home for America’s top nuclear weapons designer.

VT editor, Colonel Jim Hanke has parachuted 3 times carrying live nuclear demolition devices.

We are intelligence agents, nuclear weapons experts, academics, spies, engineers, military officers — all unpaid, all standing against the pattern of deceit, of secrecy and of horrific injustice.

For two months now, we have published the most advanced weapons physics papers ever to be made available to the public. We have answered challenges, we have learned lessons ourselves, read Khalezov’s works, basked in his insights, but we have done more as well.

In Khalezov, we find the unseen hand of someone working with him. We see an agenda, and we see both brilliance and great cleverness.

Moreover, in groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11, we see something else. We don’t like it. We see dogma, ignorance, deceit and bullying. We see cheap propaganda, and we see several wolves in sheep’s clothing among them.

We have been the victim of a great resurgence of activity on their part — childish attacks, bad science, misrepresentation and time-wasting. As we see it, much of 9/11 is solved. We use best evidence, best science. and when and if better science comes by, we reassess. After all, we are not insane, we are not incompetent, we are not petty narcissists, we are not amateurs, we are not A and E 9/11.

Comments will be reviewed by some of the world’s top scientists. Questions answered. Input is desired. VT has readers with nuclear weapons backgrounds, with advanced experience and their comments are welcomed.

One more thing: We are also intelligence professionals. When amateurs try to deceive, we smile. No bread crumb could ever leave a trail so clear, a trail so needed. We thank the thieves, the liars and the fools for their hubris.

We also thank Dmitri Khalezov for his efforts and personal sacrifice.

And now, as close to plain English you will ever see from nuclear physicists, clearly irritated at an orchestrated coverup.


To answer the sound issue, questions “vital” to A and E 9/11:


1. Where was the sound of the jets hitting the building. How loud was that? 50 floors up, over 500 feet above you and over 1500 feet from the TV cameras.

2. Where was the sound from the cutting charges exploding.


3. Where was the sound from the nano thermite going off.

4. How loud was the sound of the collapsing buildings.


5. If you are over 500 feet below the sound at street level and over 1500 feet away, sound travels up and out. You don’t hear much. The same with the shock wave.

6. All underground explosions took place 50 feet below you and 1500 feet or more from the cameras. You get a shock wave traveling thru the ground, with a dust blast from the over pressure of less than 6 psi for a small 1.5kt nuke. Just as happened.

The air burst above the 50th floor blew out 200 X 200 X 200 square feet of building space, over 20 floors, in less than 3 seconds. Vaporized, gone, What does that? (Root Beer bottles exploding?)


That’s about 8 million cubic feet of space destroyed in less than 3 seconds. 40,000 tons of steel just disappears in less than 3 seconds. What does that? Godzilla or King Kong? Just look at the pictures.

These people are either fakes or total Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( A scientific observation, not from the VT editorial staff)

7. The smaller buildings were dropped with single nukes placed in the lower level of the parking garages or in the utility tunnels running under the parking garages, as Dmitry said. Building 1 and 2 had at least three nukes planted in them. 1 at or above the 50th floor, as seen in the blast photos that took out over 20 floors, and the second one placed in the sub-basement or parking garage.

8. The third really big one was placed over the air conditioning Freon storage tanks in the utility room, or just under it in the utility pipe gallery, as stated by Dmitry. This one made the giant crater formations left under the buildings foundations and was the cause of the melted steel and thermal effects seen on 9-11.


9. When the 1.5kt nuke went off next to the storage tanks containing 26 tons of liquid Freon, it turned it into Hydrogen Floride (H2F), or in the nuclear weapons industry, it is called Deuterium Fluoride (DF), the stuff that hydrogen bombs are made of. This produced the desired thermal effects needed to vaporize the central core and over half of the twin towers in less than 10 seconds. No other explosive device could do that.

Dmitry was off only on the size of the weapons used, but all other data checks out correctly. He was too correct, so his source was an inside player. This is why D.O.J wants him!!!!

If his story were untrue, then they would not go to this much trouble to keep him locked up in a Thailand jail waiting extradition to the USA. That fact alone tells you something BIG!! Blast Effects. When the 1.5KT nuke went off under buildings 1 and 2, it sucked most of the 26 tons of liquid Freon from the cooling system into the fire ball. Due to thermal heat of 4 million degrees in the center of the fireball and neutron absorption, the Freon was split and then fused into Deuterium Fluoride…


…As in the IVY Mike nuclear Pacific test in 1952 of the first Hydrogen Bomb — producing the massive over yield due to the extra Freon being converted into extra Deuterium. On 9-11, this acted as extra external “Deuterium Boost Gas”, boosting the Thermal Yield of the 1.5 KT weapon at least 10 to a maximum of 100 times. 15 to 150 KT thermal output not in blast energy.

That would put the overall “thermal energy” released between 15KT and up to 150KT at 100% efficiency. Most likely closer to 10% efficiency would be more practical. This is a crude Teller “Layer Cake or Alarm Clock” boosted nuclear fission design only used back in the 1950’s test shots. Dmitry’s claims of 150 KT thermal was a bit too big. However, if the weapon had been twice this size — 3KT vs 1.5 KT — it would have taken out the lower half of Manhattan, including the entire Wall Street financial district, and the fallout would have taken out half of NYC and not by accident!!!! It was designed that way.

Over 90% of this energy is released as fast neutrons and Infrared energy, with accompanying Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. Less than 10% was in mechanical blast energy or over pressure. Most of this was absorbed in the ground as shock waves and created the massive cavities left below the buildings. The off-centered large cavity was located just below the Freon cooling plant storage tank location, which is a big forensic clue as to the energy source used on that day.


The mostly unburnt and highly-ionized Deuterium Fluoride gas (Formally known as Freon-12) produced by the blast, (over 20 tons of it) was trapped in the building debris piles and accounted for all of the post 9-11 thermal effects of molten steel, hot spots, and out-gassing of very caustic gasses, ETC. This stuff, due to neutron excitation and very high ionization levels, will stay very hot until the appropriate neutron-absorbing chemicals are added to the ground in order to stop the ongoing low level neutron chain reactions from occurring, similar to what is happening in Japan with their nuclear 911 disaster.


Fukushima was probably done by the same people too, as Dmitry states in his book. The UV light-absorbing chemicals were well documented as being used to cool Ground Zero. They would not have used it unless there was a reason, another forensic clue to nuclear weapons use on 9-11, in order to shut up the “Thermite Sniffers” and the “Audio Blast Dummies” from the “Dictatorial A&E911 Misdirection Group”.

This was a nuclear thermobaric weapon that was used on 9-11 and not a conventional molecular explosive-based weapon (TNT, Thermite) that works by rapidly producing an expanding hot gas at very high velocity. Its blast effects are atomic and not molecular in nature. The physical and mechanical effects are totally different from the use of high explosives. Its purpose is to melt and vaporize as much of the target as possible by thermal radiation effects and not to blow it apart.


It is an underground sub-surface blast that is trapped or channeled up the central core of the building, acting as a directed energy weapon. So over sound and pressure is directed vertically up as shown by the dust clouds produced that day. If you are over 1500 feet away and the blast is 500 feet up in the air, you are not going to hear or feel much due to the direction of the shock wave and its disbursement.


Anyone who has ever been in combat and has been shelled knows this about blast effects. If not, please download and read “The effects of Nuclear Weapons” book available on the internet for free, or you can get a used copy on eBay. Then make you decision as to what was used on 9-11. Was it Godzilla VS King Kong, Batman VS Spider Man, Aliens Vs Predators from outer Space, Directed energy weapons, Thermite, Cutting Charges or Mini-Nukes that did it? Unlike A&E911, you are free to believe whatever you want. We are not here to push a false agenda. We only want to educate the world in the use of nuclear weapons so this can never happen again.

Since 1992, over 50 micro nukes have been detonated around the world, and the same group of state-sponsored terrorists that did 911 did them all. Victor Bout was a key player in this false flag movement that only benefited Israel and no one else. Since VT Today has disclosed this information and V. Bout is now in permanent US custody, the bombings have stopped.


Coincidence or not — you decide. You have a brain and you can figure it out for yourselves who really did it. Was it a nut in a cave, or a major nuclear state intelligence agency that did it? Unlike other groups, we don’t tell you; we just inform you. That is called Democracy and the 4th Estate (News Media) at work — i.e. Free Press. Without it, there can be no Democracy. The people have a right to be informed and not to be dumbed down by “False Prophets” selling “miracle” vacuum cleaners door to door……..A&E911………. . 14 Attached Images



Fireball 1

Fireball 1

Blast Pressure


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Definition
    Hutchison Effect |ˈhəCHəsən iˈfekt|
    1 Use of an inverted camera and magnets to simulate anti-gravity properties.
    2 Levitation by use of a wire or string.
    3 Simulated melting of steel, using styrofoam with metallic paint and high power radar gear.
    4 Brain damage resulting from exposure to high power radar gear.

  2. Mr. Duff, question: About “the spire”. What brought me to question 911 was watching this 50-100 ft high steel formation just turn to dust and literally blow sideways with the air currents… and it happens so after the fact — the rest of the building had already fallen. To me it was SO telling but, I see it discussed so little. Talk about a smoking gun! It also screams of something so beyond themite. Could the nukes described here eve do this?

  3. thanks

    I. So WTC7 was a conventional controlled demolition. D Ganser cites a swiss professional: one week of preparation.

    II. WTC 1 & 2 went at freefalling speed into their own footprints, BUT, as everybody could see, really see, different from the photoshop- Boeings: FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. Nobydy explained that yet, it’s ignored. With the central Column nuked, is it possible, that there was a little support for the outer walls to follow at the right speed, with some conventional explosives? What we see and what J Wood even shows for the cars, the steel surfaces rusting in an instant and the strange half- burned cars, that fits much better with radiation (reflected radiation) as with Dmitri’s crushed zones & pulverized zones. And pulverized Towers would never come down that nicely, they would have went anywhere. Or: was steel molten, concrete pulverized & paper not damaged at all?

    III. EMP, yes, important.

    IV. So, was it a SS-19 shipwreck at the pentagon, stolen from the Kursk, as Dimitri claims? And ended the 3rd US cruise missile at Shankesville as it lost it’s target, as the Pentagon’s IR signature had changed dramatically?

    V. 50 micro nukes since 1992? with fusion? Could that be the reason for high levels of barium & strontium & not chemtrails?

    VI. Hurricane Erin was on it’s way to NY, that would have been a cheap way to get rid of the debris, but…

  4. Very urgent terrorist alert:
    Big Ben is primed to explode, they will pretend this is a Terrorist Attack also.

  5. in another detailed article(s) the nuclear fingerprint was pointed out, who made those bombs.
    (its illegal to shout FIRE in a theater so hey lets start one first then watch the stampedes!)
    their CIA asset osama, then “oh lets go get saddam” who was another of their own boys..
    as they demolished all the financial fraud investigations in WTC-7 that’d busted em cold.

    then we have mister “America’s Mayor”, theres NO WAY he isnt an insider but he’s making money hawking security systems now (life-lock) ?!!

    I hope it goes from the DoE right past holder’s fraudulent DoJ, yeah, that means military making use of “DHS” type policies against those who penned them to begin with! of course they’re taking lessons from militarized izrahell (DHS-NSA-TSA etc), is treasonous too!
    the criminals have been doing military house-cleanings over the years too.

  6. Your explanation is the only one that reconciles my initial impression of a volcanic eruption. I honestly admit I don’t always get where you’re coming from, but I’m getting there.

  7. Has anyone else wondered why the insurance company’s are steering clear of this? Or are they? I haven’t heard of them weighing in on this. The crime it’s self being heinous there was a huge payoff by insurance which amounts to insurance fraud punishable by prison time.

  8. Dimitry was wrong about WTC 7.
    Building 7 was the world’s largest conventional controlled demolition. The site was rebuilt upon immediately.
    Towers 1 and 2 sites were never rebuilt upon… they just got those downward circulating boronated pools which are the best solution for a nuclear underground radiation signature.

  9. Peter
    You read this back in August. Do get us the link to the other article although we even have nanothermite articles here somewhere.
    What you have is what happened. The papers loaded with it are from the DOE Report, part of dozens.

  10. Are there any ways to help Dimitri. We need to help people like him who took a huge personal risk to help us. How can we show our appreciation and get him to safety?

  11. During the day on 9/11, when one of the Van’s/trucks was stopped with Israeli’s in it, heading for either the G. Washington Bridge or Hudson Tunnel, police said there were explosives in the Van. What type of explosives did they find?

    I realise they were trying to blow-up, destroy something entirely different and different explosives might be used for bridges and tunnels.

    • One truck was stopped at the Holland Tunnel, one at the Lincoln, one on the GW bridge, all was in the portions of the report we published
      Key was the jammer systems..

  12. Gordon Duff
    Bout worked for cheney

    Huuh: So only Cheney are Guilty of 9/11, Not the Bush or the rest of the Askhem NAZI Clan. !!Case closed!!

    Its too easy to arrest the 1 Russian who fist told the truth: that 9/11 was a nuclear event, and to blame a Russian who could have sold the nuclear devices. This theory smells of Mossad CIA damage control.

  13. GD, your pic, the one below the cutting torch, shows the red headed woman who I assume was photo shopped into the scene. There is/was a video also, of her waving her hands, blowing kisses, whatever, roaming around the area where the alleged 767 penetrated. I have been a no-planer for a long time -at least not the ones in the narrative. Ralph Eberhart said as much, almost, in his April 17 2004 testimony to the Commission.
    The picture becomes clearer all the time, as we grasp the data. Many of my associates are stuck on the dynamite blast vs. the atomic blast, that takes matter apart, rather than toss it like explosions in a Bruckheimer movie. The reality is so hard to admit, for some of us.
    The refrigerant may be R-22 rather than R-12, which is used in home refrigerators and auto A/C. Not important to me, may be to an A&E viewer, like a few I know. I have been saving much of this to spoon feed a few relatives.

    • a hundred thousand tons of TNT or more is hard to plant in a van though we have seen it done time and time again.

      as for planes, every time i have someone tell me they saw the planes, i tend to add “you mean you saw them on VT?”

  14. When I first heard Dimitri I thought he had the most rational explanation. Defending Bout seems to be his biggest error, I’m assuming. Gordon, I wish you would do an article explaining that aspect a little further.

    • John, Dmitri has his blind spots like everyone else. Blind spot 1 – Dmitri says he and Bout came from the same town. They were also in the Russian armed forces together. So if Bout says he did not do certain things, I could see Dmitri believing him, as he thought he knew him. Blind spot 2 – Dmitri has a soft spot for people who were suddenly unemployed and forced to forage, after the fall of the Soviet Union. But Bout did more than just forage.

    • Khalezov did not wish to get involved with Bout in the first place but he was persuaded to do so by their mutual friend – Khalezov’s best friend who was eventually suicided in late in 2012. I think they all came from the same village in Russia. Khalezov realised he had been had and was not happy when Duff wrote a piece promoting Bout’s innocence some time ago. This is all water under the bridge now. Long before he was sent to prison, Khalezov knew Bout was working for the bad guys. Bout may not even be in prison now. I can’t remember what Khalezov said, but there was something very suspicious with the way Bout’s wife was behaving which made him twig that Bout was working for the freemasons. But he had too much on his plate to bother with denouncing him. His life was scripted. The plan was beautifully executed. It’s not good (if it was even possible) to be perfect or be seen to be perfect. Human beings have been genetically engineered to seek a hero to worship. It’s in our DNA. We can’t help it. Khalezov has to show he has feet of clay, just like everyone else. I believe he was very famous in a previous life and it was important to show he is NOT perfect.

    • I have been told that when you do meet them, your instincts will tell you to worship them for they are very beautiful and they emanate such vibrant, wonderful energy. Some have even been known to you as gods in your ancient history. Just remember it’s an absolute total faux pas to do so. And no pressing of the flesh either unless they indicate this is acceptable. Just a nod of the head to acknowledge their presence will suffice.

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