Bombshell proof! Hillary paid Amnesty International to prepare coup d’état


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, with a report from Thomas C. Mountain

Amnesty-International-An-Instrument-of-War-PropagandaAs the American people slide deeper into bankruptcy, their government continues to spend billions to overthrow foreign governments and destabilize or destroy foreign nations. Victoria Nuland’s confession that US taxpayers had contributed 5 billion dollars to overthrow the democratically-elected Ukrainian government, and incite a civil war designed to destroy that country, was just the tip of the iceberg.

And it gets worse. We now have smoking-gun proof that the State Department under Hillary Clinton  corrupted the world’s biggest human rights organization, Amnesty International, by paying it to conduct ultra-secret CIA-style destabilization operations to pave the way for a coup d’état in Eritrea.

That means Amnesty International (AI), a self-styled “human rights” organization, is actually a covert arm of the New World Order effort to enslave the world and put an end to anything remotely resembling human rights. These people won’t be satisfied until every human is microchipped at birth and subjected to remote-control torture every time their thoughts even begin to turn against Big Brother.

Memo to AI: If you really support human rights, you should be waging an all-out war against the New World Order and its Euro-American bankster puppets, using every weapon at your disposal. And you should be willing to give your life to defend the independence of countries like Eritrea.

From now on, anyone working for AI should be assumed to be a covert NWO intelligence agent aimed at destroying whatever nation they’re operating in. And they should be treated as such.

Many Americans would be hard-pressed to find Eritrea on a map. But the small African country occupies a critically-important geostrategic location: the spot where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean. Even more important, Eritrea has set an example for other African countries by insisting on independence from the US-bankster empire.

Listen to me interviewing journalist André Vltchek on why the banksters want to overthrow Eritrea and install yet another US-puppet regime

So far, the people of Eritrea have successfully resisted the bankster empire’s efforts to enslave them.  Let’s hope and pray they continue to succeed in 2015!


Bombshell Linking Amnesty, HRW to US State Dept Regime Change in Africa

by Thomas C. Mountain

Secret internal correspondence from Amnesty International has been published detailing a plan to instigate regime change in the small east African country of Eritrea funded by a grant from the US State Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is not a new charge, having first come to my attention in the fall of 2011 when a journalist in London called me one morning asking for my comments on a press conference by Amnesty International denying charges that the Eritrean government was supposed to have made that Amnesty and HRW had been involved in sending a secret mission to Eritrea in an attempt to destabilize the government.

The problem was the Eritrean government had not made any such charges, at least not that I had heard of. Operating on the maxim made immortal by Claude Cockburn, father of the Cockburn clan of intrepid journalists, that “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied” I set off in search for more on this story.

It wasn’t until that evening that Eritrean TV broke the story with excerpts from the Amnesty International document they claimed to have. The next night EriTV broadcast more highlights from the document and then the story just disappeared. It seemed that the curtain had dropped on another episode in the rancorous relations between the Eritrean government and the human rights corporations. Left with nothing hard to go on I could only file this one in the “hope to follow up on someday” file.

Now, three years later, the letter has been published and it really is a bombshell.

“Our intended goal is that by December of this year [2011] the regime of [Eritrean President] Issayas Aferwerki should be shaking and ready to fall”.

This was going to be done thanks to a “reasonable grant from the US State Department” to “bring about [regime] change…as has happened in other African and Arab countries”….

The letter is signed by one Catherine Price, Africa Special Programmes, Peter Benenson House, 1 Easton Street

Priority Status; Stricktly Confidential
Resonance; Urgent
To;  Mr. Adams Subi Waitara
Amnesty Tanzania Section.

The letter was to inform him that he had been “appointed to be part of a 4 man delegation to Eritrea beginning 6th to 16th September, 2011”. The letter lists the other members of this very secret group including an Amnesty staffer who was then working for HRW.

The letter goes on to say “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch…have received a reasonable grant from the US State Department…” and that “the main aim therefore of this Mission to Eritrea is to provide funding and to help in setting up websites and computer centers…”

The letter warns about the need for absolute secrecy, “Do not operate, at any time in groups of more than two in the day time…” and “Do not take any photos with normal cameras, except the micro cameras that will be provided for you…”. It informs Mr. Adams that  “Mr. Georges Gagnoy, Human Rights Watch Africa Director, will be monitoring the events and activities online from Nairobi, [Kenya] and will offer any emergency assistance should it be needed.”

Deja Vu? Cuba and Venezuela watchers will be reminded of similar programs funded by the US State Department to destabilize the governments of those countries with the goal of “regime change”. The bombshell this letter drops is that for the first time Amnesty International and HRW are caught in writing accepting “a reasonable grant” from the US State Department to do its dirty work.

What makes this letter all the more believable are the links between HRW and the Hillary Clinton mafia that have been the subject of a protest letter signed by several Nobel Peace Laureates. In particular, one Tom Malinowski who goes back and forth between being a speech writer for Hillary and a senior staff member at HRW.

Those of us in the Eritrean support community know Mr. Malinowski all to well for his history of vociferous slanders and other fabrications about Eritrea going back some 15 years or more. It would be all to easy for Malinowski to use his high level contacts in the Hillary Clinton State Department to arrange a “reasonable grant” for his cohorts in HRW and Amnesty International to carry out some undercover dirty work on behalf of Pax Americana.

Amnesty International and HRW are major corporations, with HRW being funded for several years now to the tune of $100 million a year by George Soros who has a long history of working with the US intel community in former Soviet Union republics ie the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. Neither organization is “democratic” or transparent. The Board of Directors of both organizations elect themselves and answer only to the handful of 1%ers that fund their enormous budgets.  No one can really tell you just how much and from where these human rights corporations get their funding from. Has anyone ever seen an in depth audit of either of these outfits multi million dollar operations budgets?

Hillary, Amnesty, HRW and regime change in Africa. Its about time such matters are being brought to the light of day.

Thomas C. Mountain has been living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached when he is somewhere that has access to the internet at thomascmountain at gmail dot com or more successfully by mobile at 2917175665.

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  1. “Main Stream” charities are the same as the “Main Stream” news organizations (I’m sure, just like all organized religion, they all support the pyramid shaped structure for society – e.g. they’re anti-democratic). This article reminds me about the recent awards by Save The Children to Tony Blair… and they also appointed Samantha Cameron (the wife of the current British Prime Minister) as Save The Children Ambassador to Syria!! Justin Foryth at Save The Children had worked for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown prior to his move to the “charity”.

    • Tui, I met with people at Save the Children’s headquarters years ago when it was in Westport, Ct, and it left me with the eery and chilling feeling that the last thing in the world those creepy people had in mind was helping actual, living and breathing children. These people in StC, AI, HRW, etc probably do not see themselves as part of any NWO scheme, but rather as representatives and advocates of vested elites, manipulating public opinion or overthrowing a regime here or there to promote and secure the unmerited wealth and status of their rich patrons. Want to meet some truly scary, nasty, and brilliant bastards? Go to a social affair among these “humanitarian” foundation types. It’ll make your skin crawl.

  2. Is it all based on lies? Kennedy was killed, and Johnson knew it was coming. So instead of going to prison, he assumed the presidency. Vietnam excalated into a mass murdering mess blamed on Kennedy when Johnson gave them what they wanted. Nixon could not lose again, so, with so much civil ujnrest, King had to die. Then, another Kennedy announced he would run for the presidency. He, too, had to die. Nixon resigned for lying, and here cam Ford who had profited off a book with information he used from the Warren Commission when he signed a contract he, as committee member, would not do. A lie. Then Carter had dirty tricks played on him using our citizens in Iran Hostage mostly by GHW Bush concept and planning. Here comes Reagan. Reagan gets shot by GHW Bush’s good friend’s son. John Hinckley Jr. is never permitted to speak openly, like they eventually will do to Dzokhar Tsarnaev. Hicnkley was permitted to keep his voice box, unlike Dzokhar. Reagan survives the attack, and Bush remains V.P.

    • (sorry about the spelling.) Bush is however eventually elected but for one term because no one has any trust in him about the read my lips statement. He announces the new world order and to get ready. This si where it all actually begins the downfall of America.
      Clinton steps up, a longtime good friend of GHW Bush from Mena days, and takes over. The onslaught on the public continues and GATT, NAFTA, and GLASS-SPEGAL will take a toll on everyone. Clinton liies about oral copulation in the white house, but, although impeached, is allowed to stay on as prez. Two terms and here comes baby boy W. Bush winning by an illegal move by the Supreme Court whi had no jurisdiction over the issue. Gore tries but is warned, ” ‘member Kennedy?” Quickly, to appear better than the Kennedy’s, a “Dynasty” label gets placed on W is awarded an illegitimate term as president. The surplus left to him is quickly spent and corporations are given an open season on the citizens. Remember the new world order promise? Tollways and highways get named after the two Bush’s down in Texas. Saddam, lies, lies and more lies are told, Mission Accomplished and more lies. Then came Oblunder circus with their charade and slight-of-hand magic show. Lies are told to get Oblundercare passed; lies are told about Benghazi; Fast and Furious; the late Osama was killed again, this time ten years later.

    • I believe this took place. After this lengthy incomplete and brief history, Hillary and Bill are capable of anything. Watch us reelect them to OUR white house. Below, Osama was given the longest helicopter ride in the history of flight before they dumped him into the sea. They are peddling lies and we take the bait each and every time. Elections are now electronic. The 20126 election has already been decided like the fix in this year for the Dallas Cowboys during their super bowl run. Think not? Think again.

    • And look what happened to Reagan’s cabinet, post his assassination attempt. Per Kay Griggs, Weinberger was the wiz-kid that brought MacArthur down. And then he is replaced with Carlucci? Amb. Wanta was to be Reagan’s original SECDEF. He couldn’t get that for some reason, so he made him I.G. to audit then oust, and replace Casper ..

  3. Another ‘shake and bake’ recipe to bring some carefully engineered death, mayhem and destruction to the unsuspecting streets and villages of Eritrea. I don’t think that Amnesty International is the only NGO acting as a conduit in this way – and this type of deception has been going on for a long time. It would seem that the CIA and MI5 take their orders directly from those building the new judaic world order rather – than any authority properly considering individual national interests.

    I hope that this information becomes widely available to the gullible MUGS that sign up to work on a voluntary basis in Africa and the like for NGOs – whilst the ‘charity organisers’ bank huge dividend payments for themselves and plot to destabilize nations. It is no longer possible to survive at the top of ANY large organisation in the modern western world – unless you are a traitor to your people, your country – and even your stated cause.

  4. I just listened to Uncle Duff’s report on Stew’s show New Years day, where he explains that the United States of America has been in the business for killing their own people, training terrorists and running drugs: The enterprise, if you will.

    So therefore this revelation does not surprises me, also because I have read about the modus operandi by the Cabal in Jack Perkins’ books.

    Can it not be that Hillary was just ordered to so by the Crime syndicate?
    blackmailed? was there not something done to her? I didn’t pay close attention at the time, because I really do not like all of them.


  5. no surprise here, It is probably correct to say every, single “organization” we have is compromised, “they” have infiltrated everything to run their agenda….It is ludicrous and humorous. I understand most cannot comprehend why they do this, most times I can’t, but they, Hilary and all, just don’t give a shit, I guess, as that is how far into the trap they are. Because of our “spirituality and multi-dimensional abilities, one of my guess’s is they think it really does not matter, somehow they are thinking, I can just re-do it all again, no-one really dies, etc… Unfortunately for them, I believe they will find it does matter, very, very much. ..By humorous, I am referring to the insanity of it all, I understand our human suffering, and I’m sure Hillary and company are congratulating themselves on escaping this, and all you silly people in the organizations, who are lying, you know who you are. Hopefully Hillary, the last laugh will be on you and company.

  6. she should be busted for terrorism, financing terrorism, and treason to the USA.
    the 10 square mile independent city-state District of Criminals might not consider her traitor,
    but ALL THEY DO is wage war against the people of the States, every way they can.
    DC and the media KNOW she’s a multiple felon, but continually present her as a candidate?!

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