Putin’s Opportunity to Bust the US Petro Dollar



By  Preston James and *Mike Harris

In Ju-Jitsu, the goal is to wait for your opponent that is attacking you to commit to a line of action and then to harness his power and use his own attack against him.

President Putin is known to be a master at Martial Arts and appears to be using the principles of Ju-Jitsu to topple the Western Banks, especially in regard to his support of the BRICS Development Bank.

brics-logo-320x116The new BRICS Development Bank is up and running now, is part of his master chess strategy, and is known to be seriously stressing the US Petro Dollar.

The BRICS Banking System is known to be based on Gold, Silver and real commodities unlike the Rothschild’s largest Franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

The private Federal Reserve System, which is neither a Bank nor a Reserve, is based on Fiat private money, best considered counterfeit money. These Federal Reserve System Fiat Dollars (aka the US Petro Dollar) have been forced to be accepted inside America as legal tender by illegal, Unconstitutional Congressional action back in 1913 which had no proper quorum.


The US Petro Dollar is now the World’s Reserve Currency but is not backed by Gold or Silver as is required by the U.S. Constitution.

And with the special deal negotiated by President Nixon at Henry Kissinger’s request, America was taken completely off the Gold and Silver Standard in 1971.

The US Petro Dollar was negotiated as the World’s Reserve Currency and the only payment the Mideast Oil producers would accept from that point on in exchange for the USA protecting the Oil Producing Countries.

To this very day despite a significant effort by the American Public and some Members of Congress have been attempting to fully audit the Federal Reserve System and take America back to Gold and Silver backed Constitutional Currency.

So far such efforts to completely “Audit the Fed” have been successfully blocked by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is known to be empowered by the private Rothschild Banking System and their American Franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?Has the OCC unknowingly created its own financial trap with ISIS/ISIL/Daish?

Has the Organized Crime Cabal that owns these criminal banks, the folks that started ISIS/ISIL/Daish aka Al CIA Duh version 2, actually set its own final financial trap by selling oil stolen from Iraq and Syria on the World market for $20 USD a barrel?

How come some major oil distributors are showing up with new quantities of oil that show no clear trail from the field of production? Could it be this crude oil ISIS has been “confiscated” and is selling at such a deep discount has actually itself suggested an appropriate response for President Putin?

Foreign policy experts have claimed that this Al CIA Duh strategy to sell oil at such a deep discount has had approval from the Saudis and other Gulf Oil producers at the bequest of the OCC. This ploy is designed to collapse the Russian Ruble and drive President Putin and Russia into submission of the Rothschild Banking Empire which is considered the financial muscle behind the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

Like the OCC’s interference in the Ukraine and their establishment of the World Zionist/Israel puppet Porky there, the OCC’s action to use ISIS/ISIL/Daish to collapse the World Oil Prices and stress the Russian Republic into submission can easily be interpreted as an act of war.

The Russian Republic has been under secret assault by NATO which is placing missile batteries around Russia. And the Israeli Neo-Bolsheviks are trying to occupy and make the Ukraine their own new homeland as well as an apparent staging point to take Syria, Iran and probably every other Muslim Nation, even their secret ally Saudi Arabia.

The WZs and the OCC have also been running a second simultaneous attack in addition to their assault on the Ukraine by deploying their specially constructed mercenary forces to take Iraq and Syria in a CIA type self-financed war.

Russia annexed Crimea after a landslide vote.

President Putin was able to benefit from a landslide Crimean vote to annex it to become a part of the Russian Federation, which it did, and this has thrown a serious block to Israel’s plan to take and occupy all of Ukraine including Crimea.

Many of the remaining citizens of the Ukraine not occupied by World Zionist/Israeli Cutouts actually want to become part of the Russian Federation too despite all the massive propaganda campaigns instituted in the Ukraine by Israeli installed puppets like “Porky” and his World Zionist (WZ friends), and in the American Press which is clearly controlled by the WZs.

Israel has been sneakily attempting to steal the Ukraine as their new homeland based on their continuing racial delusion of having ancient Hebrew Blood when one peer reviewed John Hopkins study shows 97.5% of them have none, while 80% of the Palestinians do. If an accurate conclusion this study of course means that the biggest anti-Semites in the World are the Israelis who suffer from this racial delusion which has now been clearly proved false.

Babylonian Talmudism has produced a strong criminal racial delusion which has formed the basis of espionage against America, massive asset stripping of America, numerous staged terror attacks around the World, and especially the massive land theft, a long term blockade, extreme tyranny, incredible abuse, and genocide against Palestinians.

What if the conclusion of this recent John Hopkins study is not accurate and some Israelis actually have some ancient Hebrew Blood like the Palestinians? Well then we must conclude that is the actual acculturation of Babylonian Talmudism that has produced this existing Judaic Racial Delusion, cultural hatred and paranoia toward Goyim necessary to motivate such savage, barbaric tribalist violence against the Palestinians and others all over the World with their staged Gladio-style False-Flag terror attacks.

And yes we know that this is the very same same Babylonian Talmudism that produced the Bolshevik Revolution and Red Terror of 1917, the Maoist death cult of Communist China too, as well as the mass-murder and terror regime of Pol Pot.

And this same Babylonian Talmudic Tribalism which is so notably savage is also the motivation behind the secret Satanic cults and their child-sacrifice rituals. The Babylonian Talmudism has also produced a very strong anti-Goyim subculture among American-Israeli Israeli-first Dual Citizens inside America who have infiltrated so many USG institutions and have used so many Israeli espionage fronts to hijack American Politics and Government.

It is this same Babylonian Talmudism motivated these Dual Citizens to be so eager to stage and deploy nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, the first Twin Towers trade Center Bombing, and the Murrah Bombing as well. It is interesting to note that most hard core Israeli-first Dual Citizens are careful to keep the content of their Babylonian Talmud secret from Goyim, because it paints a very demented, criminally insane view of their secret Luciferian beliefs and why they feel justified asset stripping, tyrannizing and mass-murdering Goyim.

Yes, it is beyond question that the top WZs in the City of London planned and produced the Nazi Internment Camps and persecuted the socially lower Judaics in Europe and Germany to create the tribal delusion necessary to produce racial hatred and extreme paranoia against the Palestinians as well as all “Christian and Muslim Goyim”.

Whether true or not however, it has now been admitted in Israel by scholars that they have no ancient Hebrew Blood, but are Khazarians. Whether true or not this is one factor of many which is now motivating the Israeli leadership to seek another homeland such as in the Ukraine because they know that Israel is eventually going to be isolated by the World and Balkanized. They also know massive reparations will some day have to be paid to the Palestinians and all lands seized since 1947 at a minimum returned if not all.

The cost for the Israelis’ Tribal Savagery and barbarism taken out on innocent Palestinian women and children is going to be very, very high. These same Judaics cried and moaned to get billions of reparations from Germany after WWII for many years and should not be so surprised or enraged when they are expected to do pay their due to the Palestinians they have tyrannized, oppressed, land and asset-stripped, and mass-murdered for many years.

ISIS/ISIL/Daish is now self-financed.

Seized oil, art works and robbed and sacked banks and factories are the assets ISIS/ISIL/Daish are selling and/or using to self-finance. This is the same way the CIA aka the “Enterprise” has been and continues to raise vast amounts of untraceable money for the secret operations of the OCC except that the CIA also uses illegal narcotics trafficking on a massive scale to raise off the books to raise additional large amounts of untraceable cash.

Many Top World Leaders are now realizing for the very first time that the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that Gordon Duff and the Top Veterans Today Directors exposed as the real cause behind all Terrorism at the Damascus Conference in December of 2014 is actually empowered by the Rothschild Banking System and its main Franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

Traitors and enemies inside the Gates of America started and are running ISIS/ISIL/Daish.

mccain-syria-rebelsBy now many have already learned that ISIS/ISIL/Daisch (Al Qae da or Al CIA Duh) was started by the Organized crime Cabal lackeys Senator McCain, and Generals McNierney and Vallely.

Many also realize this has been done with the financial backing of the Rothschild Fiat Banking System which has its main franchisee and most powerful element the US Federal Reserve System.

And many now also know the deep secret behind all Terrorism, that it is synthetically created, engineered and deployed by this large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) comprised of two major crime syndicates the IZCS and the BCC which are joined at the hip.

The International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

High_TreasonIZCS is the International Zionist Crime Syndicate aka World Zionists (WZs) run out of the City of London Financial District through its main action-agents Israel and it large cadre of espionage agents and assets all over the World but especially inside America commonly referred to as Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens.

These agents and assets use such Israeli espionage fronts inside America as AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

For many years the FBI has been the secret handmaiden and errand boy of the WZs and done a great deal of their staged terror, harassment, suppression and murder of dissidents and politicians that threaten their exposure and ability to manipulate Congress and US Administration Policy.

The Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).

The other part of the OCC is the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which rose to power with the help of the “Fourth Reich” Gehlen/Mueller Intel Network and Gladio Left behind Army (which became NATO). The BCC rose to power because of Operation Paperclip and the support of the Rothschild and Wall Street Banksters.

The BCC grabbed a great deal of power by assassinating JFK and continued their rise to power by acquiring most of the CIA under their control. During this time they combined forces with the IZCS which also works for and answers to the Rothschild Banksters and the small Circle of Twelve that control them which is run out of Denver, Colorado.

The recent drop in World Oil Prices presents an incredible opportunity for President Putin.

This recent drop in Oil prices presents a remarkable opportunity for President Putin to apply his life-long commitment to mastering the principles of Ju-Jitsu and thereby collapse the Western Banks if he decides to drop Oil prices even further than they are now. And despite some western media claims, Putin and the Russian Republic are actually prepared for an economic war with the West and situated rather nicely.

5678These Western Banks are the financial power behind the Organized Crime Syndicate (OCC) which is responsible for all the various False-Flag Terror attacks around the World, especially the new Terror Army now fighting in Iraq and Syria, referred to as ISIS/ISIL/Daish (aka Al Qaeda or Al CIA Version 2).

A major sustained drop in World oil Prices could easily collapse the Western banks since it is estimated by experts that at least 40% of their Worldwide Derivate holdings are dependent on high World Oil prices.

Apparently the goal of this manipulated drop in World oil prices by the agents of the OCC was to create serious financial stress for the Russian Federation and President Putin, to bring them to their knees.

And it is quite obvious that this move is backfiring by hurting everyone else more than Russia which has made adequate preparations to weather this out. That is why Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have now agreed to cooperate on restoring the market and oil prices.

As a true Ju-jitsu move, what if Putin now dropped the price of oil even further to maybe $15/barrel and increased production to flood the global market with legal oil, not stolen oil??

How long before the criminal western banks collapse under the stress of the derivatives contracts they currently hold??

* Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the Historical Declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. Your use of the word “anarchy” is specious. It’s Greek derivation consists of the prefix “an-” meaning without or absence of, and “archons” meaning rulers, and with a specific connotation of the perfidious and tyrannical typology. Rid yourself of mind control and realize you’ve been duped into thinking anarchy means “chaos”. Invest in a Greek and Latin dictionary as well, you will be amazed at how many words have practically opposite meanings, particularly in law.

  2. dear james

    i would post my humble addition to the list of savagery victims:


    first and most of all. hard facts.

    thank you

    god bless all

    (those who do not accept it, got cursed… well that’s always been a problem, right? who am i to judge?)

  3. The Constitution didn’t put us on a “gold standard”. It put us on GOLD and SILVER. No where did the founders intend anything other than Gold and Silver coin to be used to settle debts. Read article one section 8 and Article one section 10. It is as plain as the nose on your face.

  4. “the biggest anti-Semites in the World are the Israelis ”
    That’s a bumper sticker!

    You used the term World Zionism, but you might want to change that to the original name…Zionist Internationale.
    The N.A.Z.I. movement that founded Rothschild’s Israel is the same one that was formed when Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei(N.A.) signed a pact with Chaim Azriel Weizmann’s Zionist Internationale (Z.I.) and together these two entities created The N.A.-Z.I, .Party, in spring, 1923 in Austria.The commonality between these two diverse groups was the need to get the Ashkanazi (Khazar) Jews out of Europe.
    The N.A. hated the bankers, and the economic destruction and moral degradation of the Wiemar republic, while the Z.I . wanted every Jew relocated to Palestine.
    Weitzman’s cohort, Yitzhak Greenbaum, Chairman of the Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency, made this statement
    “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland”.

    Hear Eustice Mullins talk about it here:

  5. Bottom line is this Babylonian Talmudism produces savage, barbaric behavior and an ability to even sacrifice a sector of one’s own religious group as a “fiery sacrifice” to appease Lucifer and provide later protection for the Tribe from any serious criticism or accountability. This is very crafty and very, very evil and is the wellspring of continuing tribal savagery toward palestinians, Islamics in general and American Goyim.

  6. “what if Putin now dropped the price of oil even further to maybe $15/barrel and increased production to flood the global market with legal oil, not stolen oil??”

    Gas will go below a dollar! But this is great, no Dr. James? Let it never be said that our fearless leaders were afraid to cut their noses off to spite their faces. I’m hoping they pick a fight with Argentina next, I’m salivating just thinking about 3$ a pound fillet minion…

    • Good points Jack as usual. Yes, perhaps the Zios will target Argentina. I hear some big Fourth Reich folks retired there. This would be good because the price of shoe leather is outrageous enough and the good stuff about $20 a pound.

    • The Russians just bartered a dozen Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer attack planes for shiploads of frozen beef and wheat. Steaks will be on special in Moscow.

    • You could always try Cheval the French like it and the Brits don’t even know they are eating it in their processed products…..enjoy!

  7. Good stuff! However, gold backing is not an absolute requirement. As was commented a few weeks ago at Keiser (Keiser Report: Ruble’s Baptism by Fire (E695) ):

    “It’s said Russian oil spigots are open. They should double the number of open spigots and drive oil prices down another 50% from current levels, destroying enemy fracking bond issues, and much much more.”

    “Concurrently, they should issue Russian based non-debt fiat currency (e.g. Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’). These ‘red roubles’ would serve as BRICs funding basis which, combined with Chinese currency swaps, counter the phantom $US.”

    The problem with simple gold backing is that the “OCC” effectively controls the lion’s share of both above and below ground resources, which means indirect price control — ergo a ‘Back-Door Fed’, so to speak.


    • In time we shall see how the BRICS and MINTs and their Gold, Silver and commodities backing and direct trade without the US Petro Dollar works out. Some economists believe this will seriously stress the US Petro Dollar. Already Chine is buying up many large American businesses, commercial real estate and even tollways and government buildings. Soon they will own the Federal Reserve System Member Banks too. Unless we take our nation back, get rid of free Trade and implements Lee Wanta’s Plan, set up honest real American Constitutional Currency, things could get very grim for all Americans.

  8. Seems like a lot of folks have short memories. Right after the JewSA’s coup in the Ukraine Putin unveiled a new symbol for the Russian central bank: a gold ruble! A beautiful slap in the face to the IZCS. A few days ago fortruss ran an article detailing the acquisition of 93 tons of gold in the last quarter. 55 of these were bought by Russia. Fortruss points out that no matter how they sabotage the price, all Russia has to do to win is keep trading the jew notes for real gold.
    China has also been busily acquiring the metal, and stands now as the world’s largest producer.
    The former USA’s gold no doubt languishes in some jew financial family’s underground vaults in London or Zurich.

  9. Friar Newborg wrote:
    “it is estimated by experts that at least 40% of their Worldwide Derivate holdings are dependent on high World Oil prices.”
    How does this endanger banks?

    Hey Friar:
    You are using logic as a way of thinking, try to spin your premise, 180 degrees.
    The Big Wall street Banks are dependent on a high oil price, not the average consumer.
    Their Stock holdings in Oil companies are going up, as profit in those oil companies is large.
    Thus they have hedged their investment with derivatives against a falling oil price.
    As the oil price drops, the big wall street Banks will be compensated by those insane enough to make such an insurance policy.
    And who are those insane enough to do such a thing? The Banks themselves.
    Why? : Because in the end, when this Hedge / derivative system collapses, The Privately owned Banks, are counting on National Governments to bail them out.

    However, derivatives has risen to 60 times larger than world GDP, and are so in twined among western banks, that when the first Bank defaults on a Derivative, most western Banks will collapse like a set of dominoes.

  10. Preston, Good job.

    One subject that’s been on my mind is the Policy of Presidential Pardon’s.

    What if all the perps for all these crimes that we know of were caught brought up on charges and found guilty. And lets say there were 10,000, maybe 100,000, directly involved. Would it be possible for Pres. Bama to give them all pardon’s? Even for the most horrific crimes, mass murder, unbelievable torture, killing and raping children in front of their parents, the stealing of tens of Trillions, blackmail, bribery, extortion, unjustified WAR’s? I guess there’s the International Court or U.N., but I would imagine they would, could, be bought off to.

    Then’s there’s Court on the Street.

    Where is the line on something like this?

  11. Is there some misunderstanding of derivatives here?
    “A major sustained drop in World oil Prices could easily collapse the Western banks since it is estimated by experts that at least 40% of their Worldwide Derivate holdings are dependent on high World Oil prices.”
    ??? What does this mean?
    Lower oil will help some bank borrowers and hurt other ones. Oil companies in the Fracking business will be hurt, and Airlines will be helped. I am not sure what derivatives have to do with it. If banks have done their business properly, and most do, Oil derivatives were used as hedging instruments. So the airline that bought an oil swap to hedge against a rise in oil prices, will be hurt on that derivative by the drop in Oil. But their underlying business will be stronger, and so the balance that was locked in via the hedge is preserved. How does this endanger banks. I don’t think VT really gets how these instruments are used. It seems like fear-mongering to me.

    • These derivatives are used as collateral for many layers of investments. If the price of oil drops too much their value drops too.

    • “Oil derivatives were used as hedging instruments.”

      Not too wise of a “bet” would you say?

      To assign any kind of legitimacy to a derivative (any kind), is to prove most have forgotten their history.

      Before 1971, we did not have derivatives. We did not even have futures markets in currencies. To do so, was unnecessary. To exacerbate the point, would be highly foolish.

      After ’71, the creation of derivatives (at the behest of Friedman [probably guided via “Heinz”) became necessary (or say required) to create intrinsic value in a currency, where no intrinsic value existed, nor could exist. (And to this very nanosecond, does not)

      So, in a nutshell, the existence and use of derivatives (and their brutal volatility) is proof of an unethical, criminal, and excruciatingly stupid failing currency.

      Ref: “Wall Street Math,” by Doug French, Apr. 6, 2012 (from Mises Daily)

  12. Actually it is pretty much described in the article. The bottom line is this, the Western Banking System, a private Rothschild Fiat entity has printed/issued far too much money that when it starts to come home will either collapse the American economy, or result in China owning most of America if they buy up everything with their vast pool of Fiat counterfeit US Petro Dollars. The whole Western Banking System is a fraud and a scam and its days are limited, perhaps by design of twelve very demonic or Djinned up criminally insane, psychopaths at the controls.

  13. Really Great Work. Thanks for the syntheses. Drillers are looking attractive at these manipulated levels and maybe even better deals to come.

  14. Good work! This IS the core of our problem. Funny thing, to think of a charter for a clear act of TREASON, for which no statute provides expiry. To think that the 911 culprits couldn’t be “touched”, protected entities via the graces of the owners of your debauched, like everything else they touch, currency. My, my.
    Think as well that a conversion to constitutional, non-Rockefeller currency, need NOT be a collapse.Congress simply authorizes a real currency, and excises that other. Ruin a few treasonous fortunes. Please.

  15. He also has other options, including defaulting on repaying loans to European banks (which will bring down many banks in Europe). He can also purchase gold certificates – whose prices have been artificially depressed – then demand the gold… and there are several more technical and commercial moves he can make.
    And the tactics aren’t unique to Jujitsu, Russia has always yielded and let the enemy stretch their lines to breaking point, and then turned the tables on their opposition. The history books are testimony to the Russian tactics.

  16. For now the Federal Reserve doesn’t have to do what the people say, but we are getting ready for a rebellion in this nation. We, the sovereign people, must insist on a fair sharing of the wealth of this nation. We must take back our government from Israel and put those corrupt creatures in Congress now up on charges of treason. If found guilty, they should be sent to the guillotine.

    The newly elected members of Congress, after seeing the blood of the corrupt flowing down those wide stairs to Congress, will really act as our Representatives and heed the voice of the people. The newly elected Representatives can repeal all the laws past after the Coup that killed Kennedy. Our democracy can have a rebirth.

  17. Cornered, the criminals will throw bombs. Hide underground or in space and return after massive world destruction and “depopulation”, their stated long term goal.

  18. speaking of…I read on ellenbrown.com about the 1,600 page budget, where language was inserted putting the commodities portion of the derivatives under the umbrella of the FDIC. That is “only” about 15 trillion. Never mind that the FDIC has less than 100 billion. Apparently, it was lobbied strongly by Obama. Curious, ain’t it? I will further the rumor -not sure from where- that Obama made a deal with the banksters, whereby they would reimburse Saudi Arabia for the 79 billion they will lose in the Kerry-Brennan deal to sell oil at a loss to bankrupt Russia.


  19. The Zionists are still at it. The French debacle is shaping up to be another false flag with the same tired old script. Gunman shouting “Allah Akbar”, suspects on the news faster than they fingered Oswald and so on. It would be laughable except people may have died this time as on 9/11.

  20. Dr James, wasn’t the Federal Reserve’s 100 year charter ending this past December?
    Can’t seem to find anything about it being reinstated.
    Technically making an already illegal operation even more illegal?
    Or even better-Null and Void.

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