US War Crimes in Afghanistan




When I woke up on January 1, 2015, the first thing I read in the media was that more than fifty Afghan/Pashtun civilians, many women and children, were targeted and killed, while attending a wedding in Sangin District in Helmand Province. On December 10, 2014, a U.S. Led drone strike killed five students in the Ghorband Seyagard District of Parwan Province, Local villagers say the students, who were between 12 and 16 years old were preparing for their yearly exams outside in the field. Everyday all over Afghanistan these U.S. drones kill Afghan civilians. These war crimes committed against these Afghan civilians reminds me of the Soviets’ and Afghan communists’ deliberate bombardment of civilians in a village in Logar Province in 1984.

I found the bodies of twelve Afghan children ranging in age six months to twelve years old, who were the victims of these war crimes. I carry their memory in my heart everyday as I strive to bring true peace in Afghanistan and justice for Afghan civilians, who are the victims of the superpowers’ wars waged in Afghanistan these past four decades. I believe the genocide, massacring, torturing, raping slaughtering of several hundred thousand of innocent Afghan villagers are war crimes and human rights violations. The US/NATO, the puppet Afghan governments, CIA thugs and others have committed war crimes in Afghanistan during these past fourteen years.

Afghanistan Downward Spiral

In his recent speech, President Obama said that the longest war in American history is coming to a “responsible” conclusion. I believe his statements are misleading the American and Afghan people.


First, the United States’ war in Afghanistan is not concluding. The U.S. war is continuing with the U.S. using its proxies ( agents like the Afghan puppet government and its army, private contractors/mercenaries, CIA paramilitary and Afghan warlords and communist war criminals ) to fight its war. I believe the United States through its proxies are terrorizing Afghan civilians in the Pashtun villages. The U.S. may not be using traditional U.S. army soldiers.

It is replacing U.S. army soldiers, who cost more to keep in Afghanistan, with private contractors/ mercenaries.( See the documents regarding the approximately 108,000 private contractors , who terrorize Afghan civilians). It is using its special operations forces, CIA paramilitary units on the ground in Afghanistan to continue the war against the Afghan majority. In addition, the United States government is using its Afghan puppet government, its U.S. trained and controlled Afghan National Army and police, to continue to conduct the war cause division and ethnic cleansing. I believe the United States is using communist war criminal , current Vice President, Rashid Dostum, who is on the CIA payroll, as its thug. Presently, it has been reported in the media that Rashid Dostum is in the northern part of Afghanistan hiring twenty thousand private mercenaries to fight the Afghan majority, which are the Pashtun Muslim villagers. Dostum is bragging about it in the media.


The United States is using the puppet Afghan government as its proxy to continue its war. During a CBS 60 Minutes interview, General Campbell stated that he personally attends every meeting of Afghanistan’s National Security Council. How unusual is that?


One of the Afghan puppet government’s first actions on the second day after the “selected” puppet Ashraf Ghani CIA thug took office was to sign a bilateral security agreement so that the United States still could have its military presence in Afghanistan long term. This signing of the bilateral security agreement caused the Afghan majority to realize that Ghani was just a U.S. puppet and not an intellectual like the U.S. portrayed him to be. It certainly sounds like the United States is still conducting its war in Afghanistan. Changing from traditional U.S. army soldiers to private contractors and puppet Afghan government forces to conduct the war is not “responsible” nor a “conclusion”. It is an “irresponsible” continuation of the war.

This war and occupation in Afghanistan, with JSOC special operation forces, CIA operatives and private mercenaries is beyond the rule of law, outside congressional oversight and fits the definition of terrorism. The Afghan villagers, who are the majority, are the victims of these terrorist acts. They are the victims of these war crimes. These war criminals, Afghan and American, whoever they are and whatever positions or jobs they hold, including the executive office, must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for these crimes.

In addition, the United States “selection” of and support of an Afghan puppet government with communist war criminals, the same old warlords and thugs, CIA agents and drug traffickers in in high positions in the Afghan government is not “responsible”.

It is obvious that the U.S. is using these puppet war criminals and thugs to do its dirty work, which means getting rid of the Afghan/Pashtun majority, who are the road block to the United States’ and its war profiteers’ long term plans for Afghanistan, i.e. permanent U.S. military bases and control of and exploitation of Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Elements (REES), which just happens to be in the Pashtun areas.

The U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee’s release in December, 2014 of a 525 page summary of the CIA’s treatment of detainees and torture is an example of departments and agencies of the U.S. government not following the law. It is just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure the U.S. government has millions of pages of documents regarding war crimes committed by the U.S., its private contractors, its Afghan thugs and puppet government against Afghan civilians that have not been released to the American public and world. The first step to achieving true peace in Afghanistan is accounting for crimes and releasing the documents. As I have stated all along, besides achieving true peace in Afghanistan, my main goal is that those individuals and government officials and actors responsible for war crimes committed against Afghan civilians from 1978 to the present be prosecuted in lawful tribunals. This step must be taken before true peace and stability can occur in Afghanistan. Without justice there can be no peace.

I believe the United States government needs to stop its war using proxies against the Afghan majority. It needs to ensure the prosecution of all of the perpetrators of war crimes against the Afghan people.

I believe the Afghan civilians have suffered enough because of the superpowers’ wars in Afghanistan. With the recent statements made by President Obama, General Campbell and the Afghan government along with the war crimes being committed by the United States’ proxies such as the Afghan National Army and police against Afghan civilians in Pashtun areas like Sangin, I sadly do not see true peace and justice for Afghans anytime soon.

I do believe it is possible if the United States government uses Afghan Americans , who are not war profiteers and who do not have blood on our hands, like myself, as the bridge to conduct true talks with the Afghan resistance in order to figure out a path to end this madness. The only responsible conclusion for the United States is for it to really stop waging war against the Afghan majority, which means stop waging its secret war through proxies against the Afghan majority.

The genocide, massacring, torturing, raping slaughtering, several hundred thousand of innocent Afghan/pashtun villagers are war crimes and human rights violations.


Abdul Kadir Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Mujaheddin for North America during the 1980s


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Author Details
Abdul Kadir Mohmand was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He currently resides at Kalamazoo, Michigan. He graduated from Kabul High School. On an UNESCO scholarship, Mr. Mohmand studied at Sofia University, Bulgaria from 1976 until 1978 when his studies were interrupted by the Communist seizure of power in Afghanistan. The new Afghan Communist government ordered the Bulgarian government to return him to Afghanistan because he was anti-communist. Mr. Mohmand requested political asylum. With the help of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy, he arrived to Italy and then the United States in 1979. Mr. Mohmand returned to his studies and earned his B.S. in 1983 from Western Michigan University. He found employment in various positions in the engineering business. For many years, he worked for BFI and was country operations manager for BFI Italia. Currently, Mr. Mohmand owns a shopping center and develops commercial properties. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand was the Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand returned to Afghanistan to fight as a freedom fighter against the Soviets and Afghan communists. Through an arrangement with Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mr. Mohmand would bring back wounded Afghan children and Mujahideen for medical treatment at Borgess and recuperation in his home in Kalamazoo. He formed and was president of a nonprofit, Aid for Afghanistan. In the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand also worked with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan in Washington D.C to bring wounded Afghans to the United States for medical treatment. For the past four decades Mr. Mohmand has dedicated his life to working to achieve true peace and stability in Afghanistan. A few years ago, Mr. Mohmand organized educated Afghans intellectuals across the world who drafted a comprehensive plan for peace. Presently, he has united many different Afghan peace organizations under one umbrella. The goal of this network is to unite Afghans to bring true peace in and the independence of Afghanistan. This network wants to be the bridge between the Afghan freedom fighters and the silent Afghan majority, and the Western World in any peace negotiations. Mr. Mohmand wants true peace and stability in Afghanistan. As a veteran of war, Mr. Mohmand hates war.


  1. Without NATO occupation the opium trade might dry up. Ghani wouldn’t get his cut and heroin addicts all across America would go into withdrawals but do we care? I, for one, don’t.

  2. The main original reason was to get the pipeline run through Afghanistan that the then Taliban government had rejected. Though that fact was never published by the ZionistUS MSM it was in the news in Middle East and European countries. But the already planned US (PNAC) global war of terror was going to be made to happen even had the Taliban had not rejected the pipeline.

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