Paris Massacre: They Had It Coming


6ee875fa-4280-4e5e-b789-8873f5846038-620x372UPDATE:  On 7 January 2015, at about 11:30 am, two masked gunmen forced their way into the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. They killed twelve people, including the editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier, seven other Charlie Hebdo employees, and two National Police officers, and wounded eleven others.

Motive for the attack: The newspaper has attracted worldwide attention for its scurrilous depictions of the  prophet Muhammad.

The attacks now appear to have ended after 72 hours of carnage. A total of twenty people were killed at four locations between 7 and 9 January, including the three suspects. At least twenty-one others were injured, some critically. The attacks are the deadliest act of terrorism in France for fifty-four years.

The remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo announced that publication was to continue as usual, with plans for a print run of one million copies for the next week’s issue, rather than its typical 60,000. (See here)

To many observers, the Charlie Hebdo shootings would appear to have all the hallmarks of a false flag attack. There are many unanswered questions. Even as we write, events on the ground are changing.

Watch this spot for further developments.


“Okay, let’s be clear. I am not Muslim. I oppose terrorism. I don’t even support the death penalty. I oppose violence as a means to make a political or ethical point. I fully support freedom of speech, including critical speech and humor.

But this morning I am most definitely NOT Charlie.

In fact, I am disgusted and nauseated by the sick display of collective hypocrisy about the murders in France. Here is why: The folks at Charlie Hebdo had it coming!”

When I read those words in an article called  I am NOT Charlieby an author who calls himself “the Saker”, I gave a sigh of relief. Why? Because it turns out I wasn’t the only one to have entertained such dangerous thoughts that could get me put away as a potential Al Qaeda sympathizer.

There were other people, perhaps millions of them all over the world, who thought just like me.

Like the Saker, I too am not a Muslim. I am a Roman Catholic Christian. I also believe firmly in freedom of speech. “Feel free to say whatever you want,” I like to  advise. “Have total freedom to say what you want. But be prepared to accept the consequences  of free speech.”

If you wish to spit in Islam’s face, do so—at your peril.

If you wish to insult the Prophet Mohammed, or Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, or anyone else for that matter, feel free to do so—and take the consequences of your folly.

Spit and be spat upon. Kill with vicious words and be killed by guns. Hate your neighbor and expect to be hated in return.

It is the morning of Thursday, 8 January.

I am confronted by a shelf of newspapers in a busy department store. This is in London, England, one of the three capitals of the Empire of Evil, the other two being Washington and Tel Aviv.

I hear the murmurs of people around me. They are outraged. Their cheeks are flushed, their hands are bunched into fists. Their eyes are red with rage and their lips are quivering. They want to kill someone. Who? You guessed it: they want to kill 1.6 billion Muslims!

Here are the newspaper headlines that are whipping us all into a froth of hysteria:

“Attack on Freedom” — The Times.

“War on Freedom” — The Daily Telegraph.

“An Assault on Democracy” — The Guardian.

“NON! A policeman is murdered in cold blood for defending free speech. This evil in the name of Islam MUST STOP!”  — The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man who introduced topless titillation to Britain in the form of sleazy page-three girls. I turn to page 3 to check if the usual luscious lady, flashing her tits, is still there. She isn’t. The poor darling  has been banished to page 9 to make room on page 3 for a dose of screaming hysterics and concentrated Islamophobia.

“Massacred in minutes—Britain on red alert as jihadis shoot 12 dead in Paris.” — The Daily Expressowned by Jewish tycoon Richard Desmond who made his fortune selling porn magazines and who dined at Downing Street on more than one occasion with Britain’s war criminal Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Whew, no wonder the seething crowds around me are  baying for Muslim blood! “Kill the bastards! Wipe out the dirty ragheads! Fuck the Palestinians! Let’s bomb Iran!”  Ah, words of music to the Zionist press which have done their job only too well!

And here was this man, “the Saker”, saying that the French cartoonists who had been killed in the Paris Massacre had been asking for it.

“The folks at Charlie Hebdo had it coming!” he has the nerve to say. “I am NOT Charlie!”

Wow, what a lunatic! If he’d said that in front of these frothing maniacs, queuing up to buy their newspapers and seething with anger over Muslims, they would have torn him apart. I bought six papers, composing my face into a mask of icy indifference, as if I too wanted to knock off the nearest turban and dance with delirium over a mound of Qur’ans.

This is how one survives in a police state: by pretending that one’s indoctrination by the state has been successful.

I am a zombie . . . please don’t kill me!

B6v_NDuCMAAhoMZThe Saker writes: “Check out the caricature which one of the folks who got murdered yesterday had just posted. The text reads: “Still no terrorist attacks in France — Wait, we have until the end of January to send you our best wishes!”

“There is an expression in Russian: spitting in somebody’s soul,” the Saker continues. “It fully applies here. Muslims worldwide need to be unambiguously clear about that. They take blasphemy very, very seriously, as they do the name of the Prophet and the Quran.

If you want to really offend a Muslim, ridicule his Prophet or his Holy Book. That is not a secret at all. And when Charlie Hebdo published their caricatures of the Prophet and when they ridiculed him in a deliberately rude and provocative manner, they knew what they were doing: they were very deliberately and deeply offending 1.6 billion Muslims all over the world.

Oh, and did I mention that in Islam blasphemy is a crime punishable by death?

Well, it turns out that of 1.6 billion Muslims exactly three decided to take justice into their own hands and kill the blasphemous Frenchmen, deliberately blaspheming — one a Jew and the rest all nice little Zionists on the payroll of international Jewry. (Phrase in italics added by Lasha Darkmoon).

You don’t have to be Muslim or to approve of the death penalty for blasphemy to realize that this was inevitable and that this has nothing to do with Islam as a religion. Offend any group as large as 1.6 billion people and sooner or later you will find 2-3 people — call them “fanatics” if you will — who will resort to violence to make you pay for it.

This is a statistical inevitability.”  (See here)



“What is going on here?” the Saker asks rhetorically. He thinks the Paris massacre is the French government’s version of 9/11. It gives them the pretext they need to intimidate and torture France’s 4.7 million Muslims and confiscate their Qur’ans.

Assuming this terrorist act was done by Muslims—something, incidentally, we have no right to assume right now—how many Muslims deserve to be arrested and tortured? The answer is three Muslims, at the very most, assuming you believe in torture like the Americans and Israelis.

How many Muslims had nothing to do with this act and are absolutely innocent? I will tell you: 1.6 billion Muslims minus three.

That’s a lot of innocent Muslims.

“I am disgusted beyond words,” the Saker concludes, “[with these people]  who made their money spitting in the souls of billions of people and then dared them to do something about it.

And I am under no illusion whatsoever about the fact that cui bono clearly indicates that the French regime either organized it all, or let it happen, or, at the very least, intends to make capital out of it.

But most of all I am disgusted with all those who play along and studiously avoid asking the right questions about all this. I guess they really are “Charlies”, all of them.

I am not.”

I fully agree with everything the Saker has said.  At the risk of getting myself hated for exercising my freedom of speech, I would like to add a few points to the Saker’s courageous analysis. He is much to be commended for refusing to shed crocodile tears for this bunch of impudent scoundrels who made a living out of mocking 1.6 billion people and trampling on their most cherished values.

This I will say: if you keep goading people to a pitch of frenzy by ridiculing their religion and insulting their honor, sooner or later you will get your teeth smashed in. And deservedly so. Among the French cartoonists killed in Paris recently, I learn that one was a Jew and all the rest were devout Zionists blowing the trumpet for Israel. That’s interesting.

Let’s observe a minute’s silence and shed a few (hopefully genuine) tears for these “heroes” of free speech. After all, they didn’t deserve to be killed just for spitting in people’s faces for a living and smirking contemptuously, “Hey, this is freedom of speech! Aren’t we brave!” 

Insulting the prophet Mohammed in the name of free speech appeared to be their constant delight. For which they were paid, and paid quite generously, by those who have a vested interest in whipping up Islamophobia.

Mocking Christianity was also part of their agenda, much to the delight of international Jewry, their principal paymasters, who offered them both moral and financial support in their “satirical” undertakings — “hate speech” when used against Jews. but “satire” and “courageous free speech” when directed at Muslims and Christians, the Jews’ most hated enemies.

A correspondent Greg Bacon writes: “Hebdo’s cartoons make me vomit, especially the one showing Jesus Christ sodomizing God the Father and the Holy Ghost sodomizing Jesus Christ. That’s not comedy, it’s vulgar, obscene porn. I’m not into religion, but that’s disgusting.”

He forgets to mention the obvious: that all this is a direct and vicious attack on Christianity by an organization financed by Jews.

SARAH SILVERMAN exercising her right of “free speech.” 
exercising her right of “free speech.”

The Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman (pictured), the nice young lady who likes humping dogs and licking their anuses in various video skits—see here—and who gets many a cheap laugh by insulting Christianity in America, would have been a great hit with these satirical French journalists.

They would have loved her for saying, “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fu$king do it again—in a second!”

Ask yourself: would a Christian comedian be allowed to mock the Holocaust in the same way? Sarah, thank your lucky stars that Christian jihadists haven’t blown your brains out! No chance of that ever happening, I guess, since Christians believe in turning the right cheek when the Jew strikes the left one. Christianity has its uses, it seems. It keeps Christians docile and submissive and makes them only too happy to acquire virtue by being kicked around.   

Freedom of speech is indeed precious.

Maybe insulting the prophet Mohammed will soon be made compulsory in order to drive all Muslims crazy. And then, when they have predictably reacted with rage to our constant provocations, we will have the perfect excuse we need to pull their beards, knock off their turbans, trample on their Qur’ans, obliterate Syria and Iran, grab hold of Middle Eastern  oil, and, finally, allow our favorite country, Israel, to expand its borders from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Note one thing, my friends: this freedom of speech, which is so very precious and of which we make such a fetish, does not include freedom to criticize Israel or question the Holocaust.

Make one satirical comment about Auschwitz, or express doubts about six million Jews dying in gas ovens, and you will end up behind bars in 16 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.

Cartoon-Anne-Frank-Pen-From-Future-240You may mock Jesus Christ as much as you want, but you must not mock Anne Frank. Poke fun at Christ carrying his Cross—no problem!—but don’t dare to breathe a word about Anne Frank’s sacred ball point pen!

The French cartoonists who died recently (God rest their souls) never satirized Auschwitz. They would never have dared to expose “The Diary of Anne Frank” (see cartoon opposite) as a fake, by pointing out that much of it had been written with a ballpoint pen, invented only in 1951, whereas Anne Frank had died in Bergen-Belsen in 1945 and so couldn’t possibly have written the entire book herself.

Nor did these courageous French “martyrs for free speech” ever have the guts to criticize the war crimes of Israel. Oh no, they thought the Israelis were doing a fine job slaughtering  women and children in Gaza like flies—like this Palestinian child here, her face half blown off by an Israeli sniper.

These cowardly cartoonists  kept all their scorn for the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, much to the delight of the Jews whose dirty work they did so well and whose contemptible mercenaries they remained to their last dying breath.

Yes, they had it coming! They were asking for it! For blowback. For their just deserts. For the iron law of karma to take effect. — “The wheel has come full circle, I am here!”

But shush! be quiet!  don’t say it out too loud! Or you will suddenly learn the bitter truth: that only those who wear the iron boot have the right to free speech: to mock you and trample on all you hold dear, and that if you try and avenge your honor and smash the dirty bastards back in the teeth—heaven help you!

Terrorist, die! We’ll rip your fu$king heart out! We’ll torture you to death!

So much for free speech, my friends. Free speech for them. For the rest of us, silence.

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  1. Duing the Viet period, Charlie was a moniker for the enemy. So, now all this talk about “I am Charlie”? We have met the enemy and he is us, eh? Creation is like a mirror in which we can see ourselves. That’s the wonder of it all. Who says that the universe is an accident and has no purpose? Well, here we go again with the mooks who think they are the ones who run things, eh? It’s an old story… an old metaphor. Thanks for the article. It’s nice to see free expression working again. Best of wishes.

  2. This is the first time I am seeing these cartoons. My views on these two gunmen and the Paris incident have changed.

  3. We Sri Lankans experienced this type of disasters before 2010 due to LTTE terrorist activities in the country. Thanks to our forces now we are free. At that time no parents traveled together as death of them make their children orphans. We are afraid of going out of our homes. Our poor people spent the nights in the jungles in fear of LTTE.
    Today we like to express our deepest sympathies to the people of france. Also we would wish that no country should experience such disasters in the future as we can remember the past and never forget it.

    • Thilak,
      You should read Victor Ostrovsky’s book ‘By Way of Deception’. There is a portion that addresses Israel’s role in arming and training both sides of the conflict. That will give you an idea of why the world is the way it is today.

  4. Karma relates to cause and effect. Anglicized it has come to mean something like consequences of one’s action. Step on the rake prongs and have the handle hit one in the forehead. Or “as you sow, so shall you reap.” I believe Lasha is using it in an acceptable fashion.

  5. While Islam and Christianity are full blown religions, it is not clear to me exactly what Rabbinic Judaism is. A tribal ideology? The Talmud itself can compete with Charlie in the scurrilous zone. In any case it is glaringly obvious that the French concern for free speech does not go so far as to allow questioning of, not to mention criticism, of Judaism. And that is a real shame as the Jews need some ribbing. When exactly did the Jews become the precious people? In any case Netanyahu was in Paris selling Israel to French Jews–so the Jews were the winners of this round of terrorism or should we say Mossadism?

  6. The Vineyard of the saker is a great site. We don’t need to argue about or even have discussions about arrangements of the deck chairs on the Titanic. To discuss particulars of false flag hoaxes is somewhat insidious.

  7. Ann Frank. I thought everyone thought this was a fictional character.

  8. “” Astonishing how people who became desert bandits after they got kicked out of ancient Egypt could gain world power just by claiming that the almighty god is fighting on their side.””

    Protocols of the ILLuminati , number 15 , item 6 = { Gentiles are Stupid } .

  9. Today, when attempting to understand current events through the lens of history, there is great confusion.
    Much of this confusion stems from an ignorance, an inability to differentiate between mythic narrative, and evidential narrative. Thus, today, reasonable people assert that “Jesus” walked the earth. In the mythic sense, this can be arrived at, while in the evidential sense, it is flatly untrue.
    The confusion of these two narratives is the source of many questionable claims, to the extent that it is rather obvious that BOTH are shamelessly manipulated in order achieve certain ends.
    For example, the justification of “the state” of “israel” rests on the mythic narrative that jews faced a forced diaspora, and are now bent on right return. Like the earthly existence of Jesus, this diaspora and return narrative falls apart when exposed to the demands of evidence.
    However, mythic narrative-especially that available for mass consumption today, has been reduced to serving political, exceptionalist, and conquest goals. The true role of the mythic narrative is to unleash the mythopoesis, inspiration, and spiritual spark inherent the human species.
    We can detect the abuse of the mythic narrative simply at the context of this so-called terror event.
    Thus the true failing of “religion” today-the means of delivering an abused narrative. The three abrahamic creeds, it can be argued, exist primarily as a means of extinguishing the spontaneous flow of mythopoesis.

    • Mythic narrative is not false narrative, when it is allowed to flourish. However, the forced amalgamation of both evidential and mythic narratives tends to reinforce a lack of tolerance for the mythic realm. Yet it is this very mythic realm that is accessed again and again as a guiding light for human action and interaction. No wonder so many seem so lost!
      Understanding the three abrahamic creeds as templates that force a conditioned response to the mythic is sufficient to grasp exactly why these creeds are so damaging to human endeavor.
      What is particularly telling is the enmeshing of the mythic narratives at play in this alleged terror event. It speaks volumes.

  10. @ JusticeDenied (aka “Joe Sigur”)

    Your 8-10 comments on Dr Lasha Darkmoon are uniquely vicious and defamatory and have therefore all been deleted. If you have any specific information proving that Lasha Darkmoon is a “disinfo agent” or a crypto-Jew working for Mossad, perhaps you ought to contact the administrators of this website, or editors Gordon Duff and Jim Dean, and present them with some concrete evidence.

    If you cannot do this, you should cease at once from your baseless and malicious insinuations.

    You may post whatever spiteful and defamatory comments you wish on your own intellectually vapid website, but they will have no substance for the simple reason that I am a sincere and passionate anti-Zionist activist whose real name is already known to the administrators of this website as well as to Professor Kevin MacDonald who has been publishing my work for the last five years.

  11. IF in America, Americans have “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” why then did they send DHS agents to arrest me on a trumped up charge that was the pretext for trying to INTIMIDATE ME INTO SILENCE ? Google: Kenneth Tennant (Domestic Terrorism: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment) & You Tube: AMERICAN VETERAN: Discarded and Forgotten, by Gary Null. The VA was pressured to make some corrections, but they continue to delay awarding my Earlier Effective date. The UNITED STATES gov’t, as John Rutherford penned, is a Gov’t of Wolves. (Why is this 100% Service-Connected disabled veteran not getting any ssdi benefits ? [email protected]

  12. JD/Sigur. How is it you see misdirection on the part of Dr. Lasha Darkmoon? Hebdo, “thought the Israelis were doing a fine job slaughtering women and children in Gaza like flies…”. To make any mention of the 2014 Gaza extermination is clearly direct reference to zionist agendas. A nom-de-guerre is appropriate for those who choose as we are at war.

    I’ll vouch for the Dr. Her work has been consistent and focused, revealing and putting to words the great trauma foisted upon us. You should know people by their deeds and here, that is their words bravely put forth – regardless the reality behind the mask.

  13. Agreed. Islamic state kills regular muslims, Israel organizes false flags around the world that include Jews as victims, US sends its soldiers abroad for gunpowder. This psycho alliance though at one point will become impossible to control and monitor especially when logistics (the dollars) start to fail. Already many imams around the world are seeing through these despicable politics that deny Palestinian ethnicity, nationality at the cost of mass murders throughout the Western world. While at the same time acknowledging Kosovars, Kurds, Basques and many other preferable allies. The key aspect of of any diplomats curriculum has become his stance on Palestine issue, the people of Palestine have started to understand this as the name of the game and they will take it through the judicial system.

  14. @ Carnaptious

    “If it’s true that Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists had it coming, what does that imply for Western leaders – and citizens – who authorized and/or participated in torture, engaged in pre-emptive and highly destructive wars, conducted remote control killing operations against weddings, funerals, and rescue attempts, etc., etc, ad nauseam?

    You know the answer to that, Carnaptious. They need a fair trial and, if found guilty, they should be summarily executed. If you believe in karma, the least they deserve is to reap what they have sown — if not in this life, then in another.

  15. A fitting piece that displays the religious morality as a blunder. The product of all religions is bickering, justified murder, belief based exceptionalism, money laundering, and the rape of free will. What of a man who insults my wife ? Should he be killed and does he “have it coming” ? If we ascribe to this hypnotically induced logic, then who does not have it coming ? This is precisely why war is not cured by religion, it is fueled by it. If corrupt leaders are mass murderers and war mongers, then religions are their most loyal accomplice. How simple to get them at each other. It takes less than a single mornings work. Good profits too.

  16. Davor, por favor:
    you should read “Caesar’s Messiah,” by Joe Atwill, for another viewpoint about Jesus and what he actually did with his 52 years on earth. The entire NT was written in Greek, if that is a clue.
    Darkmoon’s critical points were not even about religions, the way I read it. This was not really about false flags, either, which is what the whole thing appears to be. I read ‘the Saker’s’ comments, which created quite a stir among those who were too emotionally involved to see other possibilities, as others have pointed out here.

    • I will thanks. You should read also Khalil Djubran who was a Palestinian poet that spoke Aramaic mother tongue. I know Lasha argument was not about religion truths but about exploiting the same for political, territorial and other advantages. I just kept running into the same thing over and over people mentioning that Jews killed Christ and that is not a valid argument anyone calling themselves Christian should pursue.

  17. You know these people that claim that Jews killed Christ..are wrong. Especially those that are saying it and at the same time claim to be Christians. If Bible is the place from where we would take proof for Jews murdering Christ than we should look at it more closely. Christ was very specific of his death. He spoke of it in months, weeks, hours before. At the trial he said to Pilate “you have no power over me, but that is given to you from above”. Above from where? Was Sanhedrin above Roman governor? Jesus himself has said Nobody is taking away my life, I am giving it and offering freely, therefore taking all the blame to himself. And at the cross in horrible torment he forgave those who were crucifiying him. How does that transform into Jews=Christ murderers?

    • Thank you for proving my point. If the Jews or anyone killed Christ there would never be Christianity.
      Of course Netanyahu is exploiting the situation to the max, but he is losing big time. Even Hamas accused Paris attacks as immoral and having nothing to do with them, Arabs or Islam faith. Every imam of Europe has accused the attacks. As Netanayahu has dedicated his political life to leveling Palestinians with every worst description coming from Arab and Muslim world, the world finally comes to its senses. The PLO freedom fighter image is not anymore that of a terrorist , now it is a regular Palestinian patriot seeking democracy and rule of law through international institutions and that is what is frightening Israeli officials. But democracy and right to vote will prevail. Their constant pushing for attacks for Syria, Iran and spilling the brains of innocent Palestinian children have gotten out of their control, and Europe knows this very well. Terrorists and their image are those that are about the Islamic state and not a single respectable Muslim from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, USA or Europe will ever acknowledge them.

  18. it could be good to remember that French and American standards on “politically correct” is 180 degrees shifted…
    It really a cultural thingie…
    And a french president that has a mistress shows that he is a real man – it is a positive thing…

    An American (and most other nationalities) needs different glasses to really see what provocative in France and not…
    Actually a nice exercise in cultural understanding…

  19. Very insightful comments so far. My take – this is a very carefully thought out false-flag psychop involving the now sacrificed (assuming CH staffers actually died) Zionist player patsies & the also sacrificed Muslim (assuming they were not really Mossad assassins) player patsies. CH did their part to be as outrageously inflammatory as possible towards the Muslim faith while screaming ‘freedom of speech’ & the 3 killer patsies did their part by being successfully brainwashed into avenging their sacred beliefs against the extremely vile blasphemers – ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN!

    Comeon people – why are you STILL falling for this crap?!!! First of all, the #1 reason for the establishment of religion is that it IS the ultimate control system and the Abrahamic religions especially so! Do you really think they came into existence because of God/Mohammed/Jesus/Moses/Yahweh – fill in the blank. There is SO much evidence available (but mostly suppressed) clearly contradicting the validity of these religions! The human race is being PLAYED – BIG TIME! This latest incident is just another carefully scripted DIVIDE & CONQUER machination by the PTB/global crime cabal. Is it not obvious that it is playing out exactly as planned and w/ the results that press the agenda forward on every front!

    BTW – I’m not an atheist or agnostic. To me, God is ALL – good & evil. It’s our responsibility to establish/maintain divine balance between the two – which WILL keep evil in check. We’ve dropped the ball.

    • Well, you can’t fix stupid and I guess you can’t fix duped either! Have to say, though, that no cartoon or written article entitles anyone to kill the perpetrator of such – no matter how vile/offensive – nor does questioning ‘official’ history/religion justify imprisonment or death! How can a civilized society ever exist if this kind of thinking is given credence? Are we civilized human beings or just a bunch of easily manipulated barbarians/religious fanatics?
      The Service To Self evil faction has humanity in its death grip and are successfully fanning the flames of even more hatred/intolerance/murder/torture/war upon our fellow human beings – because it serves THEIR purposes! Death & Destruction to all that is beautiful/good/peaceful/loving! STOP playing THEIR game! In fact, DO THE OPPOSITE – Service To Others! Stand up for TRUTH & justice but refuse to be duped into killing people who have done nothing to you – and in some cases, those who have! They have been just as duped into hating & wanting to kill YOU! I am NOT advocating ‘turn the other cheek’ – a completely bogus concept purposely meant to keep the populace docile & compliant. Fight back, but w/ reason/clarity and the TRUTH on your side – and against the REAL perps, not the patsies!

      The only way to win is to NOT play the game. KNOWLEDGE is Power! Give the Lie what it deserves – the TRUTH! Exposure to the Light KILLS the scum – precisely why they remain hidden in the DARK! Time to SHINE!

    • “…this is a very carefully thought out false-flag psychop involving the now sacrificed (assuming CH staffers actually died) Zionist player patsies…”

      I agree.

      I have just one word for anyone who misbelieves that Mossad wouldn’t sacrifice Jews — Klinghoffer.

  20. The best I can come up with is this:

    The West is in desperate condition,economically, mainly due to the accumulated interest payments on our own currency the U.S. Dollar, that was hijacked illegally by the “JEWS”. In 1913 giving up our right to issue our own money. The crimes then have cost us $ Trillions , we could have saved 40% compounded and built a paradise for what they have extracted from us in blood and treasure. The attack on the Muslims/Islam has several reasons but a big one is they don’t approve of USURY and that’s the main reason Jews want to make the Muslim’s,Islam the enemy.

  21. What really happened in Paris is still unfolding, and I’m not buying the official story. Apart from the free speech issue, I don’t understand the point of the magazine. Shock value? Gratuitous insults? From the few examples that I have seen, Charlie Hebdo looks like Bolshevik instigation and degradation. Satire is sophisticated and clever, but these pictures are juvenile and raunchy. Really crummy art, looks like graffiti.

  22. We must bear in mind that the US has trained the world’s worst death squads, and by creating Israel accountable to no one, now this terrorist and ethnic cleansing entity has the greatest death squads in the world together with US America.

    After Blackwater Xe, all the head choppers, liver and heart eaters posing as Muslims (Salafist, Takfirist, ISIS, Islamic State, Jihadists, Al-Qaeda or whatever) are in fact the revived Sect of the HASHASHINS, the worst enemies of Muslims and Islam, and the very creation of US-ISRAEL.

    If the masses cannot see that, at least Muslims should understand this and TAKE ACTIONS instead of collaborating with Satan.


    • Yes indeed, I remember being revolted by the School of the America’s, a disgusting use of our resources, but even with steady protest’s they thrived, no protester was effectual, the dominator’s marched on, teaching thousands how to kill and suppress democratic values by terrorism against the general population, and Christians in particular,against our own countries founding values. How did it come to this ?

      Tell me how are we democratic when this happens and is financed by our own country?

  23. Let’s see now…

    France makes some noises, vaguely supportive of the Palestinians, Netanyahu warns vauguely of “consequences,” there’s a Muslim-staged massacre in France, one of the Muslim terrorists accidentally drops his ID onto the floor of the car, the “depressed” police chief in charge of investigating the massacre commits suicide.

    What’s not to believe?

  24. Lasha – there is certainly something to be said here for the precedent this sets for dealing with the vile mainstream press and media. Eventually they will ALL need to be shut down one way or another before the day comes that any of us can look forward to real free speech, a press with no bias – and truthful media reporting. The Charlie Hebdo magazine content abomination epitomizes the kind of soul subversion and worship of sexual deviance often highlighted by Jonas Alexis in his brilliant articles.

    I think that what we are seeing now is just a new form of false flag – designed to continue or embellish the zio-narrative and its forward planning. We are moving on from the ‘clean’ false flag events which were carefully planned, scripted and MANNED ENTIRELY by mossad teams and black ops criminals. The new false flag meme involves the creation and manipulation of the type of terrorist now seen in Syria and Iraq. Psychologically indoctrinated and ‘vulnerable’ individuals – heavily armed and trained to kill. Precisely as you say – it then becomes a mathematical certainty that an event will take place – with an even wider ‘plausible deniability’ factor and distance for the cabal from the smoking guns.

    • You’re right, I’m sure. In the US the FBI-CIA, patsies themselves, and their dual-citizen handlers have a network of psychiatrists and psychologists identifying unstable young men who can be drugged, programmed, and then set up, like a drugged-up, oblivious James Holmes left waiting in a car behind the Aurora theater. The new angle, a la Tsarnaev’s friend, is killing them in a shootout–no chance to speak; they did it; case closed.

      Excalibur, I’m sure you’ve noticed, too, that patsies in the general public, like Not Clueless and Mike Kay commenting here, immediately jump to condemn religion in language as hateful as that they absurdly attribute to the Gospels. This is the end game for the NWO–manufacturing radical disorder in civil society, imposing an anti-religion based on scientism and reason, and the final solution of a two-tier, worldwide totalitarian police state, which in trial runs during the last century massacred 200 million in the name of science and reason. If you rub guys like NC or Mike Kay the wrong way, out pops the would-be commissar with the slaughter of believers on his mind.

    • I agree Dan. These people do it to swamp out the real message of an article with its intelligent responses – and attacking Christianity (or trying to split a response with sectarianism) are old favourites. Atheism has also been used as a weapon of deception and demoralization by the judaic plotters for many years now. If you take a look at all the glue that traditionally made our way of life a happy, effective and cohesive society – you will see that they have gone down through that list and done their best to rubbish and abolish every aspect.

  25. Thus, it is particularly interesting that any branch of the abrahamic creeds would assert itself as justified in continuing its murder spree. More examples of do as I say, not as I do, and more cases of rampant hypocrisy by the big three, who never could brook any dissent.

  26. Oh, what’s that feeling? Deja vu? Yes, that’s it. We’ve got a turkey movie (The Interview) So let’s hype it with a little scandal. Kaching! Box office! Now we’ve got satirical rag with low readership (unfunny humor?). Scandal… One million copies, Kaching! Don’t buy ’em folks. Let’s see we could close the office in memoriam for the dead (no money in that) or we could clean up. Life goes on.
    An anti-Muslim rag is sure to have Zionist backing and it seems to be working off the same tired old script. I think I smell week old gefilte fish.

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