Intelligence gaps cited in Paris attacks


by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


"Intelligence gap" widens.
“Intelligence gap” widens.

Terror experts including the New York Times are all asking the same question: What can possibly explain the intelligence gaps revealed by the Charlie Hebdo shooting?

The Times puts it this way: “How did several jihadists — and possibly a larger cell of co-conspirators — manage to evade surveillance and execute a bold attack despite being well known to the country’s police and intelligence services?”

The obvious answer: When it comes to terrorism, there are huge, gaping holes in our intelligence.

French terror expert Gaston Grenouille explains: “How about (the claim by French police) that a highly-professional special-forces-type terrorist would just accidentally ‘forget’ his ID card in an abandoned getaway car? Anyone who believes that must have a rather large gap where their intelligence is supposed to be.”

“We’re not just talking ‘intelligence gap’,” adds Parisian intelligence analyst Dagobert DeMerdeur. “We’re talking about an intelligence chasm – a yawning void the size of the Grand Canyon between people’s ears. The depth, breadth, and utter vacuity of this ‘intelligence black hole’ is simply astonishing.”

Experts have also cited a notable intelligence gap separating those who know that 9/11 and other alleged Islamic terror attacks are inside jobs from those who have not yet figured it out. According to Michael Mensa of Mensa Standardized Testing and Pizza Delivery, IQ tests reveal an intelligence gap of roughly 60 points between the two groups.

Various hypotheses may explain the intelligence gap between skeptics and sheeple. According to Mensa these include:

*Sheeple eat 550% more GMO food than skeptics, and the nanotoxins may be destroying their brains.

*Skeptics avoid watching Fox News, which has been shown to emit pulsed bursts of frontal-lobe-disabling gamma radiation.

*Conspiracy theorizing has been shown to exercise key parts of the brain involved in cognition, including the neural circuits responsible for dot-connecting, inference-drawing, visualization, logic, and seeing what is right there in front of ones face.

As the audacity and obviousness of false flag terror stunts increases, experts say, the intelligence gap will continue to widen. If current trends continue, sheeple and skeptics may one day evolve into entirely different species.

sheeple“Can you imagine being married to a sheeple and having little half-sheeple children?” asks Kurvil McGurgle of the Institute of Applied Evolutionary Speculation. “The frisson of horror you undoubtedly felt when I asked you this question provides evidence that what we are seeing is the early stages of a new form of evolutionary divergence that will eventually leave non-‘conspiracy-theorists’ somewhere between the Neanderthal and the Dodo.”

Already in France, people who believe the official story of the Charlie Hebdo shootings are dying off as they wander across heavily-trafficked freeways, drown in their own toilets, and otherwise display a lack of ability to survive, much less breed. “At this rate, the ‘intelligence gap’ problem will solve itself in approximately 30 years,” McGurgle estimates. “The downside is that we may be in for several dozen more false flags, each more obvious than the last. But as the sheeple cluelessly wander off the edge of their evolutionary dead-end, we have reason to hope that they will leave a better world for our grandchildren.”





Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.
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  1. Methinks the Primary ‘intelligence gap’ is between the ears
    of that what hatched this hairball.
    My real fear is that the bad guys will try
    something Really Stupid.


  2. A major goal of the NWO//JWO//OWG conspiracy was to manipulate , via mind-control technologies , the sheeple into apathy . It worked . Surely , the satanic JWO cabal is criminal . Please do not blame the victims for the crime — is it not a crime ?

  3. Seriously, some dead give-away that is a false flag:
    – Bibi says something empathic
    – The “live action role-playing game (LARP)” is all over mainstream media (BTW: did anyone hear about the mass-shooting terrorist attack on an Israeli market yesterday? …by a settler…I didn’t think so…)
    – There are always elements that are cute: if only as professional ready printed posters among protesters, ‘color-revolutions’ or colorful umbrellas handed to make nice aerial photos… There are elements to the envy of Hollywood, with classical dramaturgical “curves” … giving a clear moral to the story in the end … or memes (“let’s roll”)
    – The alleged perpetrators had everything to loose in both in-group and out-group from their actions
    – Things that go wrong get immediately quieted down (parked car blowing up outside Paris synagogue)

  4. I guess the zio agenda is revealing completely, Netanyahu has called Euro jews to move to Israel as if it was 1938. The european countries have acknowledged Palestine but also Israel, the european leaders have not discluded one over another but of course Bibi is trying to move the focus of the legality of their military actions to historic legitimate struggle. I know the European jews are not crazy as Bibi but might fall under superficial influence similar to that when many Arabs left US after 9/11 simply not wanting to have anything to do with the outrage over the falseness of the attacks. As April 1 approaches for Palestine joining ICC the magnitude of Israeli militarism and covert ops skyrockets and the ultimate agenda might be even ethnic cleansing with the fresh influx of invited Jews and aprilililly of making Europeans choose between Israel and Palestine. Make no mistakes that Europe calls for two states with no hate or phobia.

  5. Wow. That was an interesting perspective and one I’ve heard Gordon mention but in a slightly different manner.

    I had an associate once who was part of the Dreadful Few, who said to me one time “Why are you so negative” he was in the financial services business and felt zero qualms about screwing anyone including his own mother, and did. I was talking about the financial giants of Wall Street rigging markets “ten ways to Sunday”. He couldn’t come up with an adequate argument and so said that.

    We don’t talk anymore. I’m glad and relieved.

  6. Nature and something we can call super-nature like balance. If you lose something valuable then in the future you will find something valuable. If your former wife sends you a nasty letter then later on a nice woman will give you an unexpected kiss! This mechanism will not allow you to hit the bottom without bouncing up to the top. The sine wave illustrates this. Bad days are followed by good days . . . So the French for example kill Muslims and for balance the Muslims kill the French. No Intelligence will work to prevent this. While each nation spends vast sums of money to protect themselves, often from their own imaginations, their citizens die of malnutrition or from lack of quality medical care or some other thing the money could have prevented. 400,000 die a year in hospitals from a variety of causes that could have been prevented. When nurses have seven patients to tend to and are exhausted, patients get less good care. Doctors are also worn down so that the hospital corporations can please the investors.

  7. “*Skeptics avoid watching Fox News, which has been shown to emit pulsed bursts of frontal-lobe-disabling gamma radiation.”

    Sounds like satire/disinfo.

    Sad people do that because the real story is similar, I think Lt Col Michael Aquino talks about something similar in his mind war paper.

  8. Hmmm – comment didn’t post & no ‘awaiting moderation’ message – just delected/duplicate detected.
    High Strangeness indeed!
    [ Editor’s note: What is strange is that the volunteer editors who clear the comments that went into spam because the commenter entered a link in it periodically sleep. When they awaken, they clear the spam comments almost every two hours. ]

    • OK – so if comment doesn’t post, wait at least 2 hrs before being mystified! Thanks for the explanation & thanks for being crucial volunteer editors – VT just wouldn’t work w/o ya! ♥

  9. The next to last silhouette on the right of man’s depicted evolution brought to mind the following video that captured the image of two wandering ‘whazits’ on a security camera in Fresno, CA – an apparent hotbed of ufo/paranormal activity (you may want to mute the added music)>

    Just one facet of the High Strangeness of this planet; this article points out another facet of High Strangeness on this planet exceptionally well. There is a flurry of articles also speaking to this condition currently appearing on other alternative websites including Sott & WRH. Alas, is it just more preaching to the choir? Perhaps so, but it does help me (and I would think people like me) feel a lot less alone, isolated, and alienated > and even if most of the world is still blind, there is a growing chunk of non-sheeple that truly SEE.

    Thanks Keven – your wry humor scores again!

  10. Pure pearls. Today’s VT articles are as if archangel Michael has blessed them himself. Christmas and New Year coming later this year 🙂
    One of the most highly regarded Mensa members is also a star actor in movie depicting the official 9/11, mr. James Woods.

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