The Semi-Undead: “Sort of” Dead French Cop in “Selfie” Revival


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Within hours we debunked the Paris locations of the terror attacks, proved blanks were used, dubbed sound tracks.  This is insane.  It reminds me of Fetzer’s photo of the continual retakes done of the Sandy Hook evacuation Pulitzer Prize winning photo.

Let me understand this correctly; under French law, dead cops can take “selfies” but are they allowed to post them on Facebook while still dead?  Can you be ticketed in Paris for “texting while dead?”  We really want to know.

Are we really that dumb?

We don’t even have a section for these things, we will have to make one:

“Funny False Flag Out-takes”

In respect for the guy who posted the original video, we are leaving his sound track and edits in place.


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  1. Had one more person yesterday looking into what VT does and shows the world. I explained to her , like yourself I used to believe it all too. What my Government told me and what I read in the paper. I just try point one person a day in the right direction , sometimes I have a win , sometimes I dont. I still believe the Media is the key to everything and this is what needs to be attacked first. Without free press , the battle is uphill , over a bigass mountain. I used to love reading the paper , cup of tea and toast in hand. Now I study it instead and lose my appetite. But I keep smiling , this is very important to me , I refuse to let them take away my sense of humour and day to day life. Its great to see that although no one is really in agreeance here today with this piece , at least questions are still being asked.

  2. This article should be removed as it WILL be used against VT’s credibility . It is OBVIOUSLY a Police investigator taking photos (or pretending to) of evidence under the car .

  3. Fact is that if one has been long enough around as VT reader and commentator, one will at once understand the master stroke from Gordon, posting above video. It’s HUMOUR at its best. Of course it’s NOT the cop that has been shot at and the Police officer was not taking a selfie but checking his NOTES/INFO on the phone.
    It’s in line with what Gordon and other contributors to VT have been writing about: People are easily fooled by the MM. Here because Gordon did not spell it out . The “original” video (LiveLeaks) seems to be made/edited, but who ever did it oversaw that videos can be analysed by professionals frame by frame, that the speed and trajectory of a bulletmake over a certain distance kan be calculated/predicted taking into account the type of firearm, the wind speed-direction, temperature and even atm. pressure. They seem not to have realized that the bullet fired at the ‘policeman’ could be detected as a miss.

  4. this is what I’m saying. Ask around. Ask your neighbors, coworkers.Nobody has heard of VT. Nobody has evn heard a rumor about this hoax. They are with Newt Gingrich in calling Obama a coward for not being at the rally. They do not know what chemtrails are and they are ready to call the cops on you for being paranoid if you mention them. THats the state of affairs in the states. However they WOULD believe it all if CNN told them.

  5. Maybe Mr Duff did drop the ball on the posted video_but the question still remains_if you have ever seen a head shot with a AK_and I have_you would know how much BS was in the video of the cop being shot..we need more talk about this than the Duff video_Thanks de oppresso liber

  6. Gordon: what happens to your FIASCO article keep coming up “not found”
    I am having problem with Google because I refuse to join Facebook or his browser, he keeps butting i so not sure if it is my usual interference by the spy that does not exist or yours. It suggest “try a search” ????

  7. Hi, he is using his phone to make pictures near the wheel, you can see a little bit of flashing on the road near the number of the car. He stays still to focus the image and then the flash on the road and then he moves.

    After that he uses the flashlight he has near him and it is on, you can see the light on his arm.. false alarm this time.
    Anyway it is another big international movement against the people to increase the control, and deviate the attention from the real issues. They can not take the fight against Mother Russia because they don’t want to engage, so they pull another terror fight rabbit from the hat…

  8. One suspects that this particular actor-policeman will not be included in the next, hollywood-type, false flag.
    The increase and cooperative occurrence of false-flag events in the western world reflect an increase in tempo, which tempo increase usually leads to an apex of a cataclysmic nature. Is WW III shaping up, or rather a basis for declaring martial law in the participating nations of NATO? Who – or what – is behind this trend toward human population reduction ?

  9. The officer on the ground has pencil, and paper and maybe a tape measure and head lite. The gloves he is wearing look like exam gloves. One of the other officers raises a hand wearing a white glove. I don’t think they are traffic directors. I am going with the CSI scenario even though the guy on the ground is wearing brown shoes with extra long pointy toes that look more like the toes of old cowboy boots than gendarmes uniform.

  10. I looked up the street aswell. It’s in Paris according to googlemaps. Gordon might have gotten this one wrong, I do however believe his statements about the sound we hear from AKs.

  11. Everyone who is interested in the proper recording of history needs to be careful of over doing it. This looks like nothing more than an investigator doing his job. One thing I do find interesting is the report that the grocery store shooters common law wife has beat feet to Syria. Syria? Really? Next she will be in Moscow. The fix is in folks!


    I received a FB comment from Carola, that the location shown in this [the original] video [] indeed IS in Paris. “62 Boulevard Richard Lenoir”.

    I Google mapped the location, and compared it to the video. You may view two of the snips above.

    The Google map location looks identical, even down to the:

    1. structures present
    2. trees locations
    3. dark square in the sidewalk.

    Difference is the larger dark slate structure in foreground has graffiti on it.

    False flag nonetheless…

  13. VT must be joking. This video appears to show a French CSI police officer inspecting and photographing “crime scene evidence” on the under-carriage of the car in the vicinity of the left front wheel. This is not the police officer “murdered” by the Charlie Hebdo terrorists miraculously resuscitating to take selfies.

    • @DZ,

      A French police officer, by himself, inspecting and photographing “crime scene evidence”, who turns to look back at his fellow police officers yards away, who then turns his body to ostensibly prevent said officers (or anyone else except the videographer–who is whom, btw?) from witnessing his alleged “crime scene evidence gathering”? Really? Is it normal police procedure for a lone officer to gather “crime scene evidence”? What? I’ll concede that this “officer” is not the one allegedly shot in the head, but I’m with the bird in asking, “WTF?”

  14. Gordon, you’re wrong about debunking the location. It is on the other side of Boulevard Richard Lenoir. You can check it with street view. Go down Rue Pelee and cross over the grass median. There is also a Sky news report from that spot. The parking meter and the ad sign and the trees and the bike lane are all theret. Took me a while to find it, but it is there.

  15. doesnt seem like he is supposed to be dead. seems like he supposed to be investigating the care. taking selfies is still odd. but leaving the article up seems to discredit VT in the way its presented.

    • I agree, although I still think the whole episode is still a NWO/Zionist scam. The Zionists are partial to human sacrifice, and will happily sacrifice their own kind as quickly as they’ll sacrifice others. I suspect there’ll be no way of knowing, but it would be interesting to find out how these guys got their weapons (assuming there are dead victims and perpetrators) and who they were in contact with, e.g. who their handlers were… not that that information would be likely to come out.

    • If he was inspecting the car, then the end of his work seems rather strange – or did you often met policeman falling asleep on the road after doing their job?

  16. There is no doubt this Paris incident is another hoax in the long list of fakes, but the video above shows a cop inspecting the underneath of a vehicle for whatever reason, he is not playing dead. It’s a bad example.

    Just search ‘Paris hoax’ on youtube to see much better footage uncovering this hoax, such as the famous blank fired at the cops head, which produces no blood. The streets were conveniently empty as well, except for one lone camera man who just happened to be filming it all. Pure fake.

  17. I’ll bet that when they were filming this little TV episode that guy thought it was a drill and had no idea it was going to be pawned off as the real thing. After signing a bunch of nondisclosure docs. they find out he was doing this. Wow! Is he ever in deep merde.

  18. Perhaps the category High Strangeness is in order. My comment re this didn’t post (yet?) on KB’s new article and although that included a link to video capturing a couple of wandering ‘whazits’, the rest referred to the High Strangeness of cognitive dissonance / intelligence gap of the general population of sheeple. And, yes there has been a definite uptick of articles at other sites that point to this phenomenon as well as the blatant obviousness that the Charlie Hebdo attack was an orchestrated false-flag psychop by you know who.

    No, you can’t make this stuff up – but you can sure as h*ll keep exposing it! Sooner or later, it’s all going to break loose!

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