Fiasco France: Lie to Me Once (updated)


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The recent events in Paris, whether hateful and obnoxious leftists were shot, and few on this earth begged for it more, or police were killed by terrorists now conclusively proven to have been shooting blanks, we simply don’t care.  We are sick of the comic opera of carelessly staged false flag terrorism.

We will be featuring a series of videos that demonstrate ballistic performance.  You see, Americans have AK47s and cameras, the French don’t, or most of the them anyway.  If they did, whoever staged this might have thought first.  When we are done, we will have exposed the epic “false flag fail” of all time.  (link to original Liveleak video)

Blank Miss, dust cloud, subject uninjured
Blank Miss, dust cloud, subject uninjured

At least in America we hire trained professionals with the exception of the giggling parents from Sandy Hook.

Please note, our “terrorists” were fighting on behalf of French intelligence, the Mossad and the criminal banks, part of the pro-Israeli ISIS organization.  How did they get back to France?  Only French intelligence services or the Mossad could have flown them to training centers in Turkey or Jordan and, when they “wanted a rest,” back to France.

shot fired and dust cloud_002

(Note:  Double dust cloud caused by double impact of hot gasses followed by the paper plug from the blank cartridge.  Subject (victim?) unaffected by shot drops two frames later.  Normally a director would call for a retake in a scene like this.)

Photo represents the first acoustic signature at the speed of sound, 1126 feet per second, received approximately 100 feet away.  By that time, the bullet/blank wad, hot gasses, moving at up to 2500 feet per second have pushed a cloud of dust under the still elevated “victim” with hands still raised.

The sound took .088 seconds to reach the camera.  An AK round at 2460 feet per second traveling 3 feet would have impacted in .0012 seconds.  Based on the differential between light speed and the speed of sound, the victim impact would have been visible .0868 seconds into this frame.  By that time, the victim would have been obliterated in a pink mist.

At the time seen the frame, the bullet will have traveled 213 feet unless its path was altered.  As noted above, during the first .0012 seconds, it would have obliterated the head of our very alive and well at the time, police officer.  Then again, bullets break up chunks of concrete, something we will also demonstrate and don’t simply dust off a sidewalk.

See if an AK round fired into a watermelon causes a dust cloud…

What does this prove?

  • No bullet was fired
  • There was no impact on the victim
  • This was a blank cartridge

Later Sky News came to the scene to photograph the huge blood stain caused by the miss and dust cloud, blood not seen on the actual shooting video, not a single drop.  This is totally insane, Jim W. Dean says it looks like it was done with a paint roller.  Liquids don’t move around like this, flowing up and down and around unless “helped.”  Shame!

sky news blood stains

[Editor’s Note. Next is a YouTube of a news report at this scene. Note how he says “the blood that has been put there”.  The repeats are in the original video. We did nothing to it. Was it just a slip of the tongue? If so, a very strange one indeed. But when you look at the roller paint effect added to this slip, and all the bells and whistles start going off.

Also, as this reporter describes, after all the shooting going on at the Charlie office on the other side of the square, this unarmed cop is just going to be standing there…doing what? He has no weapon. We see no radio in his hand that he would be using to describe the car they might be driving, none was on the sidewalk. And it seems he took no evasive action when two masked guys get out of a car with AK-47s.

Now I ask you normal folks out there, what would you do, unarmed…after hearing the shooting? Would you just stand there or duck and using the parked cars for cover…run like hell. Would a trained police officer just stand there?

If they would have shot me, it would have been in the back or my ass, as I would have been a moving target…still a big disadvantage with two AKs, but a hell of a lot better than standing there, magically taking rounds going right through me and not bleeding…Jim W. Dean]

This is a test of sporting hollow point AK ammo.  Military full metal jacket (FMJ) has much more penetration.

Even hollow point sporting ammo goes through several feet of ballistic gel.  Thus, even the first rounds would have caused catastrophic physical injury though none could be detected.  There is no forensic evidence at the scene any weapon was used whatsoever.

Now for the concrete test:

What do you have to do to declare a false flag fail?

Note again there is no bullet pock mark in the concrete, quite a large hole if an AK is used.  (typically 4x4x4 inches)  What if someone actually died here.  This would mean someone was brought here after the attack and shot but who would do such a thing?  Did they video that shooting too?

Then, when in France, though they were obviously on every “no fly” and “terror watch list” in the world, armed to the teeth, they manage to gun down a dozen, dozens, shoot up a synagogue, a delicatessen (I have been looking for a good Jewish deli in Paris for years) and an ADL/JINSA/Simon Wiesenthal “reading room.”

Not only do these jokers magically cross borders, pass through customs like wraiths, they are better armed than the current Wehrmacht.  You are telling me they weren’t watched, followed and wiretapped every second?  Few nations have the armies of cockroaches trailing visitors around than the French do.

If an American veteran visiting France quickly does an ‘about face’ on a sidewalk, the army of security stooges following them around is likely to collapse in a twisted heap.  The French have NO civil rights, no limits to their surveillance state and watch everyone.  So, if something happens, France wanted it to happen, France or the “controllers of France,” and France is “controlled.”

The videos are out there, dead police texting “selfies,” or terrorists running through streets that Google Earth can’t find, shooting at walls and sidewalks that don’t exist with bullets that leave no marks into bodies that don’t bleed.

Now the hatefest and media event moves forward.

Don’t believe a word of it.  Let’s say “Charlie” was testing their “freedom of speech.”  Well, they can consider this test a failure whether or not they were killed (or not) by real terrorists or the “usual suspects,” Mossad assets floated through customs with bombs in their underwear, always without passports, visas or even airline tickets.

If only the rest of us could travel like that!

You know, Europe is filled with “hate speech laws,” typically only protecting Jews, one of the ethnic groups that is notoriously able to defend themselves “speech-wise.”  With a virtual stranglehold on press/media/entertainment, taking on “the Jews” in a “hate speechfest” is worse than bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Then again, we have to remember, if one aspect of this was false, and the video totally proves this, then it all is false.  If there are dead, the powers that be, whether French Zionists, the Mossad or the criminal gangs of Eurotrash that plague the Middle East and Africa with terror bombings and pretend terror groups like Boko Harum and Al Shabab, wanted them dead.

I do love France, have lived in Paris and maintain a bureau in Paris.  The French people are a joy.  However, the only bad experiences I have ever had in France have involved young and obnoxious leftists who work tirelessly to destroy the reputation of the French people.

I can well understand that the French find themselves overwhelmed with a large Islamic population.  However, France loved that same Islamic population when hundreds of thousands of them died defending France in two world wars plus Indochina.

The French people have the right to feel as they do.  However, millions of those French people are Muslims.  Has this caused serious problems?  Yes!

Is it extremely likely that this “event” was staged to take advantage of these social stresses in order to destabilize France and to promote an anti-Muslim agenda during a time when Europe is turning away from Israel, with many seeing it as a criminal state?


Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. Gordon's Archives - 2008-2014 Gordon's YouTube Channel

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  1. Impressive presentation. My fight since 2011 has been with Le Cercle e.g. the actual controllers for the “Gladio Operation” of the so-called CIA is that the necessary overview required to make a critical decision is absent.

    I have come to the defense of Barrister Michael Shrimpton for a purpose to connect the dots. For further reading see

    What is important to know that just in the same way that “” has its server in Paris not the USA and other than the humor that somehow the only reason that BHO did not go to the Paris gathering of leaders is that HE is NOT a LEADER! according to my clients, is about the “fact” that the Police Chief investigating the on scene evidence had connected the money man for the Islamic terrorists to a regular at the White House of the Muslim Brotherhood and that one of the Terrorists had Gen Patreas’ phone number on his cell phone. Leading the Chief to get a court order warrant for the arrest of Obama and others implicated in the event, and for which Obama and Le Cercle had the Chief suicided the next day. Did the Chief suicide himself?

  2. source:

    Email from Ellie Katsnelson

    Dear Lasha,


    A few young ladies whom I know and who are active in the Palestinian movement—with your own countryman, George Galloway, I believe—explained everything to me two days ago. This whole event was organized in Brussels. Even Ahmed Merabet, the first French policeman purportedly shot dead, is actually not a Muslim at all: his real name is Avigdor, and his brother’s name is Maloch, recently changed to Melek—all of them crypto-Jews in the service of Israeli intelligence, i.e., Mossad agents.

    Avigdor is in Buenos Aires right now, and will remain there for six years, a standard operating procedure with those deep in Israeli psyops. After this he will resurface with a new identity, by which time of course the populace will have forgotten all about the Paris attacks.

    Remember Gladio? Well, if you don’t, you don’t have to—as you are living through it right now.


    That’s all, dear. Bye for now and keep well. I’ve missed you.

    Ellie K

    P.S. Regarding the Paris farce, I forgot to mention the amount such players get paid. It is 666,000 euros or dollars, depending on the country the event is staged in. The amount may seem random and insignificant to you, but once you know how important numerology and signs are to the Kabalistic Jews, things begin to make sense.

  3. I would like to know which videos you’re referring to as not found with Google Earth ? As of the alledge killing of the laying cop with a blank bullet on top of his head, this street section is real and legit ! I found it on google street view.

    For those who want to know more, this page gives lots of great videos (the third one though is realy unconvincing), The first and the last one WORTH seeing, among others :

    And I think Mr Duff that your experience can answer this conundrum : are these police car windshield bullet holes fakes ? :

    Best regards, iBenny

  4. There is a big difference and risk between enacting “9-11” in the U.S. and a similar stunt in Paris in 2014. Here the media, all government departmesnt and agencies were/are under Zionist control and influence. Indeed, the government, including the White House, were key players in the conspiracy.
    But 2014 Paris is a different playing field. My guess is that French intelligence officials and key government officials know of the Zionist role. Will they reveal it? In the meantime some in the European press and media are independent enough to want the truth.
    Paris 2014 will be a very different “theater” for this Zionist plot than U.S.A. 2001.

  5. BooBoo Nuthinyoyo, is starting to resemble Fred Flinstone, both in physical appearance and mental aptitude. The resemblance is uncanny!

  6. They asked for who habado is and yet they knew his location?
    They were asking and thus not in a hurry and yet hurried enough to forget id?
    Street was eeringly empty and yet a woman was at the door at exact time to help open it?

    My list once they wipe out other glaring proofs of false flag.

  7. The diplomatic earthquake in Paris is largely unnoticed:

    Bibi and Hollande on phone:

    Bibi: where is my invitation to the manifestation in Paris?
    H: Your are not invited … you are a too ”divisive” person

    Bibi goes uninvited to Paris, he is placed at the back of the foto-op with world leaders but advances like a wrestler to the middle front where he can be seen in the pictures.

    Later it is time for speeches *and the french president leaves the room* when Bibi is speaking. This is an extremely strong signal…

    -is Bibi getting dumped by the NWOs?
    -or is a consequence of actions from the good-guys in the world?
    – Did some agency in Paris get the big picture, there is not doubt that they have an immense heap of surveillance data…

    1. This is a different location, obviously. We don’t know if they did something from the trunk before the camera started filming…but it is beyond strange that they would stop at a corner where they can be seen from four directions, and not even looked rushed at what they are doing.

  8. After a cursory viewing of the shooting video a few things are obvious. No solid projectile and the weapon is not pointing directly at the target. Its the exact same shot an expert would have made to make the blank look like a real hit without injuring the target’s hearing. The blank may have been only a half blank and accentuated flash and sounds effects cut and pasted in over the original. The audio that I originally heard was overly loud and the various gunshot sounds showed no audio differences based upon location variations or direction of muzzle blasts.

  9. So many well informed comments to this article-Bravo!
    ANYBODY that shoots guns(police, military, recreational), and there are a lot, should notice the descrepancies of this shooting right away. Very sloppy false flaggery!

  10. Part 2 of 2 – Ten indicators Charlie Hebdo attack was a Mossad – French security operation and not ‘Muslims’, with ‘patsy’ Franco-Algerian brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi likely murdered beforehand

    (6) As predicted Kouachi brothers are allegedly quickly ‘killed’, though likely murdered much earlier before massacre was undertaken
    (7) French police Commissioner Helric Fredou, beginning fascinating work to report on Hebdo massacre, is suddenly found with bullet in head, with laughable claim he ‘committed suicide’
    (8) Président of France François Hollande appears on television, looking shaken and fearful, briefly blurts out that Hebdo massacre was carried out by « Illuminés » – the Illuminati – thus hinting it was French security along with Israel, following on Hollande’s decisions favouring Palestine
    (9) French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, married to Jewish violinist Anne Gravoin, is pro-Israel fanatic, supporting and protecting Mossad operations in France, Valls claiming any anti-Zionist (such as many Jews) must be a Jew-hating anti-Semite
    (10) Anglo-Israeli web trolls intensively hit popular websites, arguing fanatically it is all fault of ‘Muslims’, trying to suppress investigation and discussion

  11. I believe it was “orchestrated” for many of the same reasons you cite. but I did not think that all AK-47 slugs explode a watermelon, or have the steel rod inside, whatever. a relative has a copy of the AK-47 made by Ky. Gun Co., and he only shots wood targets, so I don’t have first hand evidence. but the video evidently agrees with me. my point is not to argue, but if there is a distinction, we need to understand that not all bullets will blow a skull apart.

  12. Another point: The alleged shooter is 1.69m high. (according to his ID) but the man with the gun beside the car shooting at police car is much higher, comparing with the parking pillars ( normally they are between 90-100cm high)

  13. He should admit that, yes, it’s in Paris. It’s churlish to continue with the fiction that it isn’t. BTW, I’m not sure that pic shows much traffic; most of those cars are parked.

    1. while they stopped the car in the street, typically someone would have driven up behind them, failed to notice they were actors involved in a movie, and would have started blowing their horns. Paris traffic is continual, like New York. There are no quiet streets…no so many anyway.

  14. I’ve got an AK47 and have fired hundreds of the FMJ 7.62×39 rounds and those mothers are nasty. If that cop had been shot in the head, it would’ve of exploded.

    It’s good to keep up the truth battle, but you’re mostly preaching to the choir, the other 88% brain-damaged Americans are still huddling in fear, ready to lash out against the Muslim world, thanks to the Zionist owned MSM puking out nonstop lies about Arabs and Muslims so we’ll become a carbon-copy of Israel; filled with a hateful rage against Palestinians.

    1. Don’t know why they just didn’t drug some idiot and really shoot him. Were they afraid of upsetting their film crew?

      Here is my “cop sense” guess: When the chief investigator came to the same conclusion the rest of the world did, unusual enough in France, he had to be killed.

      Any normal investigator would have asked, why did the guy stop filming and not run downstairs, camera on. That video would have been worth a huge amount of money. Someone remind me who filmed this?

      On the other hand, if they were going to run downstairs with a pistol and shoot someone 4 or 5 times, they might have stopped filming.

      I can think of no other reason.

      Even the worst “chickenshit” would have stayed upstairs and filmed until first responders came…though in Paris that might run the largest SD card out.

    2. To the request below by Gordon Duff to remind him of who took the video;
      The Guardian has posted a story stating the Paris shooting video was taken by an engineer named Jordi Mir who has reported to have witnessed the alleged “shooting”and then further lamented the posting of the video on Facebook as a “stupid decision”.


      No doubt Evelyn Rothschild is choking on the caviar over this one.


    3. One more thing on Jordi Mir;

      In addition to posting the video of the “shooting” in Paris, there are a number of additional posts on his Facebook page with pictures that even include one with Mir and Mark Zuckerberg together.

      Just wondering what kind of an “engineer” he really is?

  15. The Hoax Oscar (Hoscar?) for worst acting and outrageous posing still goes to the Boston Bombing military,security and law enforcement with Ottawa and Paris being second and third in balloting respectively.

  16. I am not sure I can understand what you are getting at. You seem to be assuming a feigned position of knowledge, power and authority but remain anonymous. You see, we have readers here who are very experience, some very authoritative, and who are also helpful.

    When they blither on, and they do from time to time, there are gems of value among the flotsam.

    I have yet to discover same from you. Thus, what the hell are you getting at other than trying to be pedantic and irritating? This is not a pay website, it is not public and posting comments is a privilege.

    Don’t abuse it.

  17. Lets all be honest with each other. Even without any ‘handy’ film footage to burst onto our TV screens – like the nerve gassing of the Syrian babies – it is obvious that this event is the result of a false flag attack. The timing; the theme; the dramatics – and the immediate identification and slaughter of the ‘terrorists’ tells us all we need to know. It is also obvious that the israelis are once again behind it – and they have seized the moment and TV air time to maximize their NWO indoctrination – and the relentless promotion of their narrative.

    You will soon need to be very dim indeed NOT to see these events for what they really are – to identify the same old patterns – and witness the ensuing, immediate demands for ‘new laws’ and police state apparatus that ALWAYS follow each outrage. (Many of these pieces of legislation SUDDENLY ENACTED are hundreds of pages long and have clearly taken months if not years to draw up).

    PERHAPS this time we have seen something different. A senior police Commissioner who refused to go along with this – and allow an enemy to do this in his country. He is now silenced.

  18. my own prejudice comes from personal experience with members of the paris “left”…finding them poorly informed.
    if you aren’t familiar with what i am talking about….be glad
    hateful and obnoxious was me being nice

  19. Here’s the major take-away for me. Create a false-flag war for democracy against planted invaders (Taliban/ISIS). Foment a refuge crisis in this moslem nation you want to take over. Be the great hero to resettle these people in your country. Light a fuse between these immigrants and native groups and let them go at each other. Destroy eastern and western societies in a two-for-one deal. The people will beg for your police state when destabilization is relentless. The real blowback starts when the immigrants realize they have been transported into the country of the destroyers (through false fronts- ISIS) of theirs. The War OF Terror is more clear. Thanks VT.

    1. .308 is “7.62”
      You see, .308 is 7.62×51 and an AK round is 7.62×39
      what makes the AK round break concrete is that they have a steel rod inside them. The .308 does not.
      BTW, I manufacture weapons in both calibers along with 5.56 and .300 aac.

      Buy one of each and do your own tests.

    2. i think we can say more, an AK round and a .308 are largely comparable at under 200 meters. Were our policeman shot with a .308, his brains would have liquified and spread for 50 feet, not just 35 feet.

  20. Someone asks, ‘why are they not trying to hide false flags?’ I think the reason is, as we are talking about this, they are doing that. What are they doing? Picking our pockets and lifting the knife to…pass laws that will kill us.

  21. At the bottom of all the infiltration of schools and churches by these slugs, is a truth that, the actual words, translated correctly, of Mohammad PBUH and the lessons in the bible stories have no conflict. The differences are nano sized, if you leave out the mostly corrupted hadiths and other Talmudic innovations of all sacred texts. So the solution is, rescue ourselves. I wish I could live in a society that follows the guidelines that Muhammad laid out in the Sura that deals with inheritance and orphans and marriage. There is no justice in our system, for anyone, except the wealthy. If we adopted the suggestions made in the Quran, we’d have a better system. But our culture and our history as Christians needs to be rescued urgently. Books have been tossed from libraries, the best books, and now all the new ones have Jewish authors. The destruction of our heritage is a crime, and I urge people in all towns everywhere to keep a sharp eye out on your local and university libraries. Go to used book stores and make your own collections, do what you can, but know that the destruction of our best books is already well in progress.

    1. Books have been tossed from libraries, the best books, and now all the new ones have Jewish authors.

      Off topic, but this is no exaggeration, beausoleil, and I’ve observed it as well, particularly on the tables of new books in my library. Over the past several years, since a Jew became head librarian and then hired only Jewish women as librarians, the number of Jewish authors of new books easily outnumbers others five or more to one, and this in a town where there are only a negligible number of Jewish residents.

    2. Interesting and insightful comment. However, take heart. I think the Kindle reader platform will revolutionize the availability of material to readers. You don’t even need a Kindle to format and download books to the amazon site. If you have particular books by Christian authors you wish to make sure are preserved, check online for a PDF of the book (at Internet Archives for example), then download the PDF to your computer and carefully go through the PDF to convert it to plain Word text for downloading to Kindle. It is much easier than you’d think. If you cannot find a PDF of the book(s) you wish to preserve, you can have companies create a digital file of plain text for about $50 to $100.

      I believe that Kindle will rescue banned books from obscurity, and will revive diverse cultural heritage. To the best of my knowledge, amazon has not yet banned books because of political or religious content.

  22. I worry about why they know longer bother to at least try a little harder to hide their false flags! Could it be because of the fact not much has been done on our own serious and obvious false flags that they now believe they can do anything even afford to be as sloppy as this one

    here in France

  23. On Fox News, a spokesman for some phony vet’s group just referred to Netanyahu as the leader of the free world. NWO, anyone? Watching Fox News is no different than volunteering to attend a political reindoctrination camp in North Korea–at least we get it–, where fear is as successful as ever in interrupting and replacing rational thought. No word about the latest bloodless, point-blank head shot to Commissioner Fredou on Fox, one way or the other, who reportedly took a break from writing out his findings to blow his brains out. Truly mindless morons sit there without noticing that “Charlie” style freedom of expression they’re cheering about means open season on everything they hold dear while justifying increased surveillance and prosecution for “hate crimes” against the Zionist nexus of crime in Israel. Freedom of expression can be taken just so far, you know.

  24. Just wondering if the pre positioned guys operating the video cameras on the roof to capture the censored Paris blank shooting event had any relationship with the French Naudet Brothers, who just happened to get video of the 9/11 first tower strike.
    Or maybe they are controlled by the owners of the infamous “Dancing Israeli’s” team, apprehended and later released after “documenting 9/11”?

    1. Ask yourself if the team that witnessed the blank shooting ran downstairs and executed the cop with 9mm pistols…which is the first thing any qualified detective would assume…and then be quickly suicided for same

    2. Possibly the entire head-shot video was pre-shot elsewhere as a drill and inserted into the “breaking news” of a hit on Hebdo by a pro/merc crew. They get away in one car that looks just like the car of the pre-set, unmolested, radical brothers except for they added snazzy white mirror covers.

      Cue the brothers (like the Tsarnevs) who are told they are the reserve patsies fingered for the hit and they really run like hell and really do damage. Cue the real-time cops who chase them down and kill them. Cue response.

      I am NOT Charlie.

  25. Creating fear in the Jewish community may be something to do with the urgent need for more immigrants into Israel. From Yahoo News today – Israel expects the number of French Jews moving there this year, which was already predicted to rise sharply from 2014’s record level, to accelerate further after the killings at a Paris kosher grocery, a senior official said on Sunday. Natan Sharansky, head of the Jewish Agency promoting emigration to Israel, said his estimate for 2015 was 10,000 French immigrants, after 3,300 in 2013 and 7,000 last year. “It will probably be much more than 10,000,” he told Reuters at a Jewish Agency meeting for French considering emigration. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liebermann, at his side, said about 700 Jews had attended the session during the day.

    1. Unfortunately not hard to believe. What is hard to believe is how easy people believe msm without question. Even Hollande says “these terrorists these illuminati” in his speech and the masses still miss it.

  26. And in the kosher shop, they detonated some kind of pyrotechnics which caused no air-pressure, it hasn´t blown off anything from the shelves (only produced the spectacular “lightning show” for the TV cameras)
    See pics here:

    And no blood anywhere… not even a drop…

    And, no fire has broken out despite the “heavy blast” and the huge lightning effect, nothing has been even scorched. Some harmless pyrotechnics has been used for acting purposes, it´s pretty obvious.

  27. Help us!
    I am French and fully awakened, for years.
    Here, disinformation is total and gross!
    People came out yesterday in the street in good faith, but they are manipulated! Look at the map of the walk of 2015/01/11 (yes, this is 11 … again !!!).
    No bodies were showed! Obviously everything seems to be organized. But people are asleep, they refuse to see the reality!

    And they are preparing us : we are told that all this is only the starting point of “spectacular” attacks, as reported by some media. One can not help thinking of the drones flying over French nuclear power plants for months. I live 30 km of the plant. But how far will they go? They may still not succeed all their plans, it’s horrible!
    What can we do …?

  28. I had no idea what was going on when I saw the video expect that the shooter missed and hit the concrete while running past the guy wallowing on the ground. I’m no ammo pro but the small cloud generated by the low caliber bullet with less than the amount of gunpowder needed to evaporate a watermelon. Just a guess.

  29. The concept of “Live action role-playing, LARP” is getting increasingly popular… better than wrestle-mania and better TV coverage…

  30. not that anyone here still needs convincing, after this excellent analysis by Duff, but take a look at this woman (claimed to be wife of Ahmed Merebet – slain policeman) while listening to his brother deliver a speech.
    I certainly wouldnt want to be insensitive to anyones genuine pain……..but does anyone else here think her facial expressions are other than what would be expected under the (supposed) circumstances? We all react differently to emotion but watch around the 0.45 mark onwards and see what you think.

    1. the posted video is poorly lighted and low resolution. it does appear she may well be smirking then puts her head down to hide uncontrollable giggling.
      i think we may well have an actor here, albeit a poor one. we may well have already had one police official fail to go along with this.

      we want to learn more about that.

    2. “we may well have already had one police official fail to go along with this.” (suicided)
      “drones flying over French nuclear power plants for months” (nuclear blackmail)
      obvious massive false flag theatrics w/ players & patsies furthering the Z/NWO agenda w/ more ‘really big shows’ in the offing (pun intended).

      Yes, it’s all adding up. Can anyone check for a current or upcoming “Snowden” leak re “the use of infrasound machines by secret projects to control human emotional states”?

      ‘People’ way above my pay grade say
      “such instruments can evoke even more devastating responses from the planet and thereby the solar system.”

      In other words, the Ones Who Cannot Be Named are playing w/ galactic fire & they WILL get burned – along w/ all the innocent bystanders > collateral damage of epic proportions.

      The positive aspects of God will not continue to stand by w/ the negative aspects of God destroying not only earthly creation, but the divine part of God inherent in each human being – the soul. Nuclear energy not only vaporizes concrete & steel – it obliterates souls> the REAL God particle. At least, that’s what ‘people’ say.

    3. After reading Chip Tatum’s latest article, I have to wonder how many government officials worldwide have been “drugged” into silent compliance? Scopolamine tainted cocktails followed by video recorded high jinxs of the most sordid kind – so you either go along w/ the plan or your little x-rated scene will be revealed to the world! No doubt many go along because of ego/power trips & the wealth that goes along w/ all that. But, I do now question if they are all really rotten to the core or were given no real choice. Of course, a person w/ a real conscience would just resign rather than be a party to unmitigated evil – and perhaps that’s the real tell-tale sign as to whether one is corrupt/corruptible.

  31. ISIS
    Israeli Secret Intelligence Services
    Although angering the whole world is not so intelligent, and this is exactly what they are doing as more and more people are seeing their foolish game, thanks to great sites like VT.

  32. The zios are indeed in an unseemly hurry these days. They are behind schedule – and clearly need to move faster than they would otherwise like with the NWO plan. The invention of the internet is compromising their planning and operations as they take place now – and I think that their haste reflects their fear of discovery and what THAT will inevitably entail.

  33. How is it that they get heads of State from around the world to show up to “Honor The Dead” after such a scam, where they know the act was scripted? Are they just playing their parts to show support when they know the attacks were “Staged”, thinking they are on the right side, or shamed into it, or for some other unseen benefits?

    I guess there are people who think, use discernment, analysis of facts, logic, and knowledge of history, past acts of terror and who did them,…and those who don’t and accept the scripted events “log” as laid out by the media and intelligence agencies. You would think that after all the deception, time after time, after time, they would learn, but I guess they don’t.

    There were lines in the Protocols about serving up so much information, with a thousand different viewpoints, perspectives and opinions, as to overwhelm the goyim and cause their heads to shut down, not knowing what to trust or believe in. It looks like we’re in that phase now and have been for several years. It’s sort of information and opinion overload, planned and perfected.

    1. Great post Allesandro. It would be interesting to see if this gathering of ‘leaders’ was in their diary before the event took place.

    2. Bibi is using this momentum to test the loyalty of the leaders of other countries. They must attend or send deligations. Bibi will be watching.
      This also goes to justify the recklessness and amatuer hour of this false-flag events.
      Anselm said that when the church ruled that a certain doctrine was true the human mind had to accept it without question. He argued that the human mind may try to understand the doctrines of the church, but if unable to reach an understanding, it must accept them just the same; the more contradictory to reason a thing is the more faith it takes to believe. But the human mind must never question. Belief must precede reason.
      Anselm lived before the printing press and had a big following. You cannot make this stuff up.

    1. It’s strange they had to go all the way to Limoges to find an investigator! You’d think they have some in Paris… and the blood was put in the wrong place if you line up where the “shooting” of the cop took place and the street furniture inline with the “blood”, plenty of vids on youtube if you’re interested.

  34. “Is it extremely likely that this “event” was staged to take advantage of these social stresses in order to destabilize France and to promote an anti-Muslim agenda during a time when Europe is turning away from Israel, with many seeing it as a criminal state?

    yes, indeed.

    this careless false flag script was doubtless waiting in a file, for a major trigger event like the UN vote on palestine statehood, or their application to join the ICC. but really, this was a 3rd rate plan and incredibly sloppy.

    the police chases and massed attacks were nicely done. and lots and lots of bullets firing–wonder if this was merely a studio sound track.

    great technical analysis, Gordon.

    they will need to have a much better plot and tighter and more rehearsed crew to run a public-street false flag in Germany.

    although it doesn’t seem to matter how bad the production values are, if they control the main media foghorn.

  35. The Zio/Masonic objective is manufacturing radical disorder in civil society, here and in Europe, as a pretext for imposing their NWO, a two-tiered worldwide police state financed by banksters and run by an intellectual elite–and they do appear to be stepping it up now. Problem is, perceptive articles like this, particularly the stinging sarcasm, make a mockery of their plans. As Gordon points out, there’s even a legal maxim, Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus, that explodes the best laid plans of these clowns, too clever by half and not half as smart at they think they are, who so far are no match for the thousands of Internet sleuths who expose their amateurish schemes within hours.

    1. Well their scheme is based on corruption, decomposition. Luckily however, weapons in the social field work a bit different then conventional physical weapons, they shoot both ways the longer you use it. Because they use bribery and rely on tribal support, things just become to easy for them and they become the more themselves victims of the general decline they create in the social field. I overheard conversations of young members of their cult which stunned me by the horrendous stupidity they displayed in their conversation (they were talking about their new jobs after having finished BA). It really seemed they are just waved through school. Bush’s junior’s career entered my mind. These aspects are not covered by their plans and never have, thus they always failed at the end, thus EVERY empire failed, because an empire erected on force or the seemingly more timid jewish way of corruption and bribery is erected on sand so to speak, because they forgave or never have the hearts and souls of the people, they fail to catch the productive energies but instead promote the opposite ALWAYS from Babylon up to today ! THAT’s the first and very mighty defensive line of GOD ! I don’t even want to go in the ones which come into play, if these fail (which nowadays is theoretically a possibility -> mindcontrol, bio-engineering, drugs etc.). There’s no way they can succeed, not for another 100 years.

  36. I was talking with a friend a couple weeks ago and mentioned to her that France was quickly turning against Jews and Israel. And, voila! Here comes a (fake) terror event with Jews as the targets – so they can cry out to the world, “poor us, look at how we are hated and targeted!!!” As if on cue. It is now more than obvious to anyone paying even slight attention, since they hit us with these type of events every few months now. They cannot seem to control themselves. At least in decades past, events like the Murrah federal building in OK were once every several years or once per decade – now, as I said, its every few weeks for god’s sake. And they don’t even change up their playbook.

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