Roundup Linked to Autism and Alzheimer’s



Recent research reveals the main toxic effects of glyphosate, the main ingredient in the Monsanto weedkiller Roundup, are identical to the typical biological markers for autism and Alzheimer’s disease. MIT researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff PhD is also alarmed by the correlation between growing Roundup use and a big increase in the incidence of autism.

Roundup Kills Off Intestinal Bacteria

Seneff is mainly concerned about the negative effect of glyphosate on the microbiome. This is the scientific name for the normal intestinal bacteria responsible for immunity, weight maintenance, healthy neuropsychological function and a host of other biological processes.

Monsanto argues that glyphosate is harmless to people because the shikimate pathway, which glyphosate is designed to inhibit, is absent in human cells. Unfortunately, as Dr Seneff points out, our gut bacteria do have this enzyme pathway. In fact, several studies show that glyphosate kills off beneficial gut bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow.

Glyphosate also interferes with the ability to synthesize cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, which are essential for gut bacteria to produce and process aromatic amino acids, methionine and sulfate. All these effects are linked to important diseases and conditions associated with the Western diet, including gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, infertility and Alzheimer’s disease.

Seneff isn’t the first researcher to link autism with a derangement in gut bacteria. Scientists have been studying this potential link for more than a decade

Autism Rate Skyrocketing

In a Powerpoint presentation she has given all over the US, as well as in Taiwan and France,  she particularly emphasizes the strong correlation (Pearson correlation coefficient=0.99)* between the skyrocketing incidence of autism and increasing use of Roundup starting in the early 1990s.

In 1975, 1 in 5,000 children were diagnosed with autism. The current rate is 1 in 68.

In her presentation, Seneff also discusses research showing that children with autism commonly have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate exposure, including zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate and mitochondrial disorders. Similar markers are also found in Alzheimer’s disease.

Glyphosate in Breast Milk

Most of the GMO crops produced by Monsanto are “Roundup ready” and contain genetic modifications enabling them to withstand spraying with Roundup weed killer. In addition to large numbers of American farmers switching to GMO crops, the use of Roundup on each farm increases over time. This is because Roundup tends to create superweeds that are resistant to normal doses.

The US is unique in the extreme prevalence of foods containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that were likely treated with Roundup. Glyphosate can be found in soft drinks and candies sweetened by corn syrup, potato chips, chips, cereals and oil containing soy and cattle and chicken fed soy. According to Seneff, the only way to totally avoid glyphosate is to eat fresh organic food.

Unsurprisingly Americans have ten times as much glyphosate in their blood and European as Europeans. A study by Moms Across America showed that mothers across the US have excessively high levels of glyphosate in their breast milk.

Autism and Vaccines

In an interview with Age of Autism, Seneff was asked her opinion on the link between vaccines and autism. In reply, she talked about three other chemicals she believes are critical to the autism epidemic: aluminum, mercury and glutamate. All are found in specific vaccines. She adds that vaccines and glyphosate are synergistically toxic because the latter disrupts the body’s ability to metabolize glutamate, which is extremely toxic to the brain.

She advises if she were a young mother, she would try to avoid all the vaccines that contain aluminum, mercury and glutamate: DTaP, Hepatitis B, MMR, the measles vaccine, the flu shot, and Gardasil. For parents who feel reluctant to eliminate vaccines altogether, she recommends delaying them as long as possible. Infants have a very weak immune system.

When you look at the risk benefit ratio of the vaccines, it comes out short. You really have to think about whether it’s worth the cost. . . . Do you want your child to be permanently damaged in order to prevent it from getting measles? It doesn’t make sense. I think we really need to question whether the vaccines are an obligatory part of a child’s program. I certainly think they’re not, particularly because they are so dangerous. And in conjunction with the glyphosate, which is making them much worse.

*In statistics, the Pearson correlation coefficient is a measure of the linear correlation between two variables. It gives a value between +1 and −1, where 1 is total positive correlation.

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  1. It should be obvious by now that the PTB are getting the sheeple/cattle ‘Roundup Ready’ for slaughter – the soft kill kind. Many articles appearing re the critical role that normal, healthy gut bacteria plays in human functioning – physically & mentally. What a surprise that the enemies of humanity figured out that that was the area to target to achieve their evil goals.

    Sadly, we probably have all been exposed to the effects of GMO foods long before any awareness of the foods so engineered became widely known. The question is – can the effects be reversed? An infusion of healthy, non-tainted gut bacteria? I believe I’ve read that this has been done in weight loss experiments.

    Meanwhile, we continue to be subjected to toxic air, water, food, unknown electronic warfare frequencies, and non-stop Matrix reaffirming propaganda – the poison bread & poison circuses. The NWO juggernaut is steamrolling all – people & planet.

    At some point, the cosmos will step in and it will be a new world – but not anything that most imagine.

  2. Along with Dr. Seneff, many other researchers have been using the charts from this paper. Pearson’s correlation coefficients are on page 30. The graphs pack a bigger punch.
    The longer this research went, the harder it was to find stats from Gov websites.

    Also I was watching a yes or no GMO debate a couple months ago. The Monsatan VP brought up one point I’ve been trying to get people to take a good hard look at for a few years now. Of the top 7 drugs, 6 are GMO!! I don’t know if this meant by the unit or by the buck, but a couple or more were in both categories. Also you can betcha that vitamins and supplements are GMO as well. Bio-Better, Bio-Similar, and Bio-Synthetic are some catch phrases to watch for. Codex Alimentarius was in the 2010 safe food act!!

    As no surprise Monsatan is also starting to make a move into the Big Pharma club!!

  3. Very good article. it is odd and ironic that the logo on the poster in the top picture is the same one on that Craft International backpack that had the directional explosive that agent placed. It is in the mainstream media photo. The pack is black with the same skull on it with elongated teeth and no jawbone. Pictures of him are in many people possession that show him with his backpack before the device was detonated, then after wards it shows him without it cowering behind one of his buddies on the other side of the street. Then, after a chase, the did a “round up” of Dzokhar, after killing Tamerlan, cut his voice box out somehow. Look at the logo then look at that Craft International backpack the mainstream media released. Craft and Round up kills I guess huh? So lets ban both of them!

  4. Regarding glyphosate and super weeds, in my own experience treating chest-high poison ivy in the woods out back over several years, those vines not fully killed grew back quickly, but with the formerly smooth-margined leaves grossly distorted into puckered, deeply lobed monstrosities that were frightening to look at. Glyphosate is essentially a plant growth-regulating hormone, if I’m not mistaken, and it’s effect on pregnant mammals should be of great concern.

  5. More recently, the H1N1 has faded out. Since H1N1 rarely contributes to illness, death and pharmacy profits, it has been replaced by one that adds to human misery, thus, pharmacy and fraudulent medicine profits. The constant increase in harmful, drug-resistant viral agents, the consistent poisoning death of 97% of cancer patients under the guise of “chemotherapy,” the mandatory alleged vaccinations for children that disable their immune systems, the FDA suppression of natural cures such as presented in “A World Without Cancer,” and the “death committee” instituted by ACA (Obamacare), the tendency toward human population reduction is clearly evident. The information provided by the “Georgia Guidestones” is being implemented.
    One wonders who – perhaps what – is supporting human population reduction.

    • Boy, what an entry! Profits are to be made off human sickness. Docs gotta pay for their Lexus’, Porsche, BMW’s, and their lifestyle. I could tell many of the fraud taking place but what good would it do?
      Physicians have a license to “practice,” kill and conceal. Nurses are accomplices. Administrators love the slave labor. Bottom line? The almighty dollar! Life takes a backseat to charades pomp and circumstance. All the niceties is a farce.
      A surgeon way down in Dallas Texas, maimed, crippled and killed, and the medical association had to be forced to remove his license. Hospital administrators ignored it, protected him and avoided acknowledging it as much as possible. At the time, the state attorney general now governor did everything in his power to protect the hospital, ah, nevermind, y’know the rest of the story. His victims are still maimed. crippleld and dead. He will get his license back, then look out patients.

  6. If we only knew the wide spread of artificial creations that wreck havoc with the processes that underlie the human immune system. When the dots are aligned they lead back to the secreting of 161 NAZI scientists into the U.S. by the Dulles brothers, 1945, their various U.S. Army assignments, and the steady increase of cancer since 1950. The parallel increase of pseudo-research organizations that have discovered nothing useful, yet rake in many millions each year from naive sympathizers is very obvious. Several years ago, a German scientist acquaintance sent me a list of the various viral creations that were developed in the US Army bio-weapons lab in the “Eastern” U.S.. Interesting, that one of the more serious creations, an H4 series, showed up as a “flu” in Europe recently.

  7. Monsanto is one of the main problem areas in our govt. Too many revolving doors and profits. A good start would be labeling and incentives for farmers to produce organic foods. The protective layer between lab coats and tractor drivers is missing. A simple greenhouse is cheaper than a new kitchen or even a used car. There is a great documentary called “The Botany of Desire”. The channels of literature that used to inform farmers is now mostly propaganda and that would be a decent place to cut some roots. In the fields, is a life striving toward stability. Difficult place to reach with changes that affect profits.

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