Zionist Show in Paris–and Netanyahu Will Be There

"World leaders and politicians scheduled to arrive in Paris for rally on Sunday."

by Jonas E. Alexis


"World leaders and politicians scheduled to arrive in Paris for rally on Sunday."
“World leaders and politicians scheduled to arrive in Paris for rally on Sunday.”

Jim W. Dean is probably having a blast over the current news in the media. It has been reported that world leaders are headed to Paris “to attend a ‘silent march’ against terrorism, in memory of the 17 victims of several terror attacks in the French capital over the past few days.”

Surely you can’t make this stuff up.

Netanyahu, arguably one of the greatest political con men in the twentieth century, seized the opportunity to make a Zionist point:

“These attacks in Paris are a direct continuation to extremist Islam’s fight against our culture of freedom and the Western world, actually, against the entire modern world, and also against moderate Arab countries and entire publics in the Muslim world.”

Netanyahu, of course, will be in Paris.

All right. We all got the point: Muslims are responsible for the attack because they are intolerant. They are bad, sad, and mad people. And let us grant Netanyahu the ridiculous notion that the attack is “a direct continuation to extremist Islam’s fight against our culture of freedom and the Western world…”

But let us do some basic math using the Zionist narrative. We are told that 17 people lost their lives in Paris. If this is true, then their families are mourning at this present moment.

Now, let us turn the table around. How many men, women and children lost their lives in Gaza last year alone? Listen to the Guardian:

“In Gaza more than 2,100 people have been killed, most of them civilians, including about 500 children, in the past seven weeks. At least 11,000 people were injured and more than 17,000 homes destroyed or badly damaged.

“Around a third of Gaza’s 1.8 million people have been displaced, many now living in United Nations shelters. Schools, hospitals, factories, farms, mosques and infrastructure such as power and water plants were hit. Reconstruction could take up to 10 years, say analysts.

“On the Israeli side 64 soldiers died along with six civilians including a four-year-old boy. Hundreds of families relocated from homes near the Gaza border to safer areas further north.”[1]

John Kerry himself made it clear that Israel’s carnage in Gaza was “a hell of a pinpoint operation.”The Huffington Post said, “Kerry [was] apparently unaware he was being recorded.”

Kerry, talking to his aid, continued, “We’ve got to get over there … I think…we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”[2]

Let us not forget that this is not the first that the Israelis have done this:

Gaza is still a concentration camp. “You cannot keep 1.8 million Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip in this huge prison,” said Palestinian U.N. ambassador Riyad Mansour last year. “That is a recipe for disaster. It is inhumane, and it has to be stopped and it has to be lifted.”[3]

The simple question is this: will world leaders head to Gaza and demand that Israel end the occupation? Will they pick up a history book on Israel’s terrorism?[4] Will they discuss the Levon Affair? How about the USS Liberty incident?[5]

If the answer is a resounding no, then you can be sure that if whatever happened or didn’t happen in Paris last week will be in Israel’s favor. Jewish scholar Avner Cohen was right, “Hamas, to my regret, is Israel’s creation.”

[1] Harriet Sherwood and Hazem Balousha, “Gaza ceasefire: Israel and Palestinians agree to halt weeks of fighting,” Guardian, August 27, 2014.

[2] “John Kerry’s Hot Mic Reaction To Gaza: ‘Hell Of A Pinpoint Operation,’” Huffington Post, July 7, 2014.

[3] Yousef Al-Helou, Jennifer Collins and John Bacon, “Holiday brings no respite from death in Gaza, Israel,” USA Today, July 29, 2014.

[4] See for example Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perlinger, Jewish Terrorism in Israel (New York: Columbia University Press, 2009).

[5] I’ve had the opportunity to contact one of the men onboard the ship and he declared that the Israelis did it deliberately.  Readers are encouraged to check out his book. James M. Ennes, Jr., Assault on the Liberty: The True Story of How the Israelis Attack on an American Intelligence Ship (New York: Random, 1979).

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  1. Yes, Jonas…and thank you… what I find most disturbing is the fact that Mahmoud Abbas the self proclaimed Palestinian President, head of the PLO, head of Fatah, head of the Palestinian Authority ( management company for the Israeli Occupation) head of the biggest and most funded criminal enterprise was conspicuously absent from Gaza after 3 Israeli wars on the people of Gaza where more than 10,000 died and more than 400,000 left homeless in these three 3 Israeli wars… yet, he never bothered to visit Gaza, never bothered to bothered to see the wounded, the destruction attend a a funeral of children, or a murdered journalist… yet he had the chutzpah to march side by side with the world number one criminal Bibi Netanyahu…. Shame on him and shame on all Palestinians for not chasing this guy all the way to Tel-Aviv where he belongs.

  2. I was a bit surprised this morning to see the front page on the Reuters website present an image of the “world leaders” congregating in Paris which mimicked the front cover of a recent Economist cover… which is chokka-block full of subversive imagery. And after 30 years of working in the media industry I can assure you that imagery is very powerful.
    If you get there before they change it the Reuters front image shows Nazihayoo having his elbow held joining Sarkozy’s by the guy standing behind them, and Merkel standing next to Abbas, click on the article and the image changes, Sarkozy is gone and Abbas has been moved away from Merkel.

  3. Ah, the French, they always have enjoyed the Opera bouffe. When’s it going to play on Broadway? Oh, wait, it already did, 9/11.

  4. We now have it on no less an authority than Fox News, where the talking head just announced, “We are at war…. Period.” Lindsay Graham is on calling for 10,000 Americans to go to Iraq, air campaigns–let’s call it what it is, mass murder–in Iraq and Syria, ad nauseam. Does anyone take this false-flag crap seriously at this point? What I’m waiting for is some Internet sleuth to find that “Je suis Charlie” was posted before the event. A Fox shot of the crowd in Paris “coincidentally” focused on a professionally made poster in English, “I am Charlie.” As a commenter on your other articled noted, the new m.o. is to shoot the groomed patsies before they can talk–case closed. This is a Zionist propaganda extravaganza so far. Justify war against the very terrorism the US, Israel, and their allies created in the first place while simultaneously apotheosizing hatred of religion–meaning Christianity and Islam, of course–in the person of “Charlie.’ I’m curious. Did “Charlie” satirically vilify Israel for these war crimes you cite?

  5. This is own goal by Netanyahu, Hamas also accused terrorist attacks and Abbas will attend. Also a lovely story of a Muslim saving lives of 6 Jews in the Paris kosher store finally arose in the msm media, that doesn’t look well for Netanyahu claims of Muslims threatening the modern world. This is just a downhill ride for the militarism of Zionists.

  6. ““These attacks in Paris are a direct continuation to extremist Islam’s fight against our culture of freedom and the Western world, ……”

    From the same evil playbook as Bush 2 stated after the 911. Evil protecting itself by ALWAYS pointing at some other force, often pure fiction.

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