“#Je suis brainwashed”



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Call them sheeple. Lemmings. Zombies. New World Order mind control slaves.

Whatever you call them, the drooling dimwits chanting “we are Charlie” are the all-time greatest argument for Rockefeller-style eugenic euthanasia. (Which, incidentally, should start with the Rockefellers.)

And don’t get me started on those “world leaders” who led le défilé des idiots. These scumbag-psychopath “leaders” are the worst terrorists on earth. Take Netanyahu – please! Where are the black ski mask guys with AK-47s when we need them? Somebody call in a drone strike!

But seriously, folks, it isn’t easy being a three-digit-IQ Muslim in a world full of one-digit-IQ infidels. Frankly, I’m getting tired of trying to explain things to people who should know better…a category that includes pretty much everybody who isn’t too stupid to live.

too-stupidIt’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

First, this Charlie Hebdo thing (dramatic drum roll) is the most obvious freakin’ false flag imaginable. If inside jobs were hamburgers, this one would come with “the works” – throw-down ID in an abandoned getaway car, Police Commissioner conveniently suicided, intel-cutout patsies murdered, blatantly fake “terrorist kills cop” propaganda video…it doesn’t get any better (or should I say worse) than this.

Listen to Gordon Duff explain the ballistic evidence that proves Charley Hebdo was a false flag

But just because it was a false flag doesn’t mean that Muslims are always going to put up with obscene, blasphemous attacks on their Prophet. If you publish garbage like Charlie did, you are asking to get hurt…just like if I were to publish an obscene drawing of your mother or daughter or sister, only more so…MUCH more so. If you publish an obscene attack on my mother or sister or wife or daughter (assuming I had a daughter) I am going to be very, very angry with you…and you had best hope that I manage to control my anger…and, more pertinently, choose not to serve you a dish of cold revenge some day, perhaps years from now when you least expect it.


You will be facing the same situation – except a whole lot more grievous – if you obscenely insult my Prophet. A whole lot of us Muslims are just that way.

We’ll struggle all-out to control ourselves. Maybe 99% of us, or even 99.9%, will succeed. But if one day somebody loses it and goes off on you, you shouldn’t pretend to be surprised.

Maybe you don’t hold anything sacred, not even your womenfolk’s honor. Or maybe there are certain “fighting words” that you’d feel compelled to avenge. Maybe I could walk up to you in a bar and start talking trash about your female family members and you’d turn the other cheek. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t. If I tried that, and got my ass kicked, or even got my ass shot, would you organize a million moron march in my memory? The thought of a million morons marching down the Champs Elysées carrying signs reading “Je suis Kevin”…c’est trop délicieux.

So yes, many Muslims will grow very, very angry if you cross the line in obscenely attacking their prophet. That is a well-known fact…background knowledge for the psy-op specialists tasked with staging murderous PR stunts to keep the clash-of-civilizations a-clashing.

And that’s how this false flag was arranged: Find some creep cartoonists who are practically begging for Muslims to come after them…and then dress up your blue-eyed (!) Special Forces guys in ski masks and stage a professional slaughter.

Next, whip out the genocide propagandists and useful idiots.

I have seen more out-and-out lies in the Charlie Hebdo propaganda stories than even I imagined the MSM could be capable of. A few examples from my favorite Mossadnik rag will suffice.

The Huffington Post published a gargantuan genocidal big lie story: These Are The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons That Terrorists Thought Were Worth Killing Over. But that’s a lie. This story features only relatively inoffensive Charlie Hebdo cartoons. It leaves the really sick, obscene stuff out. People who read this mendacious Huffington Post piece, and who don’t understand that it was a false flag, are going to think that the Charlie Hebdo creeps were – as so many “house Muslims” disgustingly intone – “innocent.” Bullshit. They were vicious, evil, blasphemous pornographers pumping out genocide propaganda. And rather than being murdered by blue-eyed Special Forces officers dressed up as Wahhabis, they should have been tried, condemned, and hanged, whether for genocide propaganda in a secular courtroom, or for blasphemy in an Islamic one. (The genocide I am referring to, of course, is the 9/11-false-flag-triggered War on Islam, which has killed more than one million Muslims, ruined the lives of tens of millions, and aims at eradicating Islam in part by targeting its sacred symbols for blasphemous, pornographic annihilation.)

HuffPost, a well-known Zionist mouthpiece, also published another Goebbels-style propaganda lie, this time by an author with a Muslim name. I am referring to Fathima Imra Nazeer’s sickening To Prevent Another Charlie Hebdo,  Reconsider the Example of Muhammed. This airhead (or Mossad operative using an Islamic pen name) begins by invoking the “good Muslim vs. bad Muslim” dichotomy:

Many Muslims are rightfully outraged by the attack on Charlie Hebdo way more than they would ever be offended by some caricature of Muhammed. Unfortunately, there are some Muslims who are quick to justify this atrocity as well.”

The “good Muslims” she cites are the pathetic, Guantanamo-terrorized house Muslims who are complicit in their own genocide; while her “bad Muslim” is the illiterate idiot Anjum Chaudary, London’s walking, talking advertisement for Islamophobia. This is a classic false dichotomy, like Bush’s “either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” And like Bush’s line, it was designed by Zionist psy-op specialists as part of the ongoing effort to delegitimize self-defense-while-Muslim.

Nazeer then slanders the Qur’an, saying: “The Quran encourages the killing of ‘those who spread mischief’ against Allah and Muhammed.” That’s a big lie. If you follow her link, you’ll find it goes to a passage that might be roughly translated as:

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,

“Except for those who repent before they fall into your power: in that case, know that God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

The passage – which was revealed in, and refers to, the context of a desperate defensive war – says nothing about “spreading mischief against Allah and Muhammad.” Instead, it clearly states that to merit capital punishment or exile (and we know from the rest of the Qur’an that mercy is preferred, so it will probably be mere exile) the war criminal must be guilty of all of the following:

*Waging war against God.

*Waging war against God’s messenger.

*Striving to cause corruption. (The Arabic word fasad indicates a very strong, extreme form of corruption; the word mischief, which connotes the naughty tricks of children, is light-years away from the correct meaning. In other words, the war criminal must be working really, really hard to do really, really terrible things.)

Only a very uncharitable mufti would say that Nazeer, by viciously slandering the Qur’an and the Prophet in her lying article, was guilty of all of the three parts of this crime. If I were called for Islamic jury duty, I would vote to let her off with a reprimand. It could be that she has psychological problems, or perhaps her grotesque mistranslation is an innocent mistake.

I’m joking, of course. There is no such thing as Islamic jury duty, and if there were, I would find a way to get out of it.

And of course Nazeer’s article, dumb and offensive as it is, is a (bad) argument, not an act of obscene blasphemy. It’s the kind of free speech everybody agrees we need to protect.

The Qur’anic passage Nazeer mistranslates is revealing. It suggests that in a desperate, defensive war to defend a community founded on the sacred, the worst crimes merit the harshest punishments…but that repentance and mercy are better than punishment.

Which, like everything else in the Qur’an, displays its profound understanding of human nature. Any community founded on the sacred – and all communities are, one way or another – will fight to defend itself and what it holds sacred…and the more desperate the struggle, the more powerful and nastier the enemies, the more harshly will attempts at order-restoring justice be meted out. To take one historical example, when the US was collapsing from the Great Depression, it began executing people in far greater numbers than ever before or since. A decade later, the desperation felt by all the belligerent parties during World War II led to their committing unprecedented atrocities.

The Qur’an acknowledges this reality – that people sometimes have to do terrible things to defend themselves or restore order, as was the case in Medina – but sets strict conditions and limits, and reminds us that mercy is always better. The general Qur’anic outlook might suggest that the ramp-up in executions in 1930s America was reasonable if unfortunate, while the atrocities of World War II (including the Allies firebombings and nuclear bombings of civilians and deliberate starvation of millions of Germans after the war) transgressed all limits and were a complete abomination.

This acknowledgment that desperate people will resort to desperate measures, is applicable to the situation of Muslims today.

Since the Western powers-that-be have forced the ludicrous official story of 9/11 down our throats – a story that 80% of Muslims worldwide know is a lie – we Muslims feel, rightly or wrongly, that we are in desperate straits. Over a million have been murdered for this lie. Tens of thousands have been tortured. Our religion is under genocidal attack.

But we must not fight back by stupidly lashing out…and providing our enemies with the propaganda ammunition they seek.

There is a famous “Muslim anger management” story:

“Caliph Ali was once fighting in a war imposed on Muslims, and the chief of the Unbelievers confronted him. During the fight, the Ali was able to overcome his enemy, who fell on the ground and Ali was about to kill him. The enemy, knowing his fate, had no hope so he spit on the face of Ali. Ali immediately got up and left him alone. The man came running to him and asked, ‘You had a chance to kill me since I am a Polytheist; how come you didn’t use your sword?’ Ali said, ‘I have no personal animosity toward you. I was fighting you on behalf of God. If I had killed you after you spat on my face, then it would have become my personal revenge which I do not wish to take.’ That Unbeliever chief became a Muslim immediately.”

If you insult my Prophet (or female family member) and I strike you out of anger, that is a failure on my part. A natural failure, one that we might hope and pray will not be judged too severely by the only Judge who counts; but a failure nonetheless.

The greater jihad is the struggle for self-control, the struggle to be a better person. The lesser jihad is the struggle to defend the community…whether by force of arms, or by waging “the best jihad…(which) is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant.”

Obviously we need a whole lot of both varieties these days.















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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at Patreon.com and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.


  1. My fight since 2011 has been with Le Cercle e.g. the actual controllers for the “Gladio Operation” of the so-called CIA is that the necessary overview required to make a critical decision is absent. I do not see a difference between the Mossad/CIA/FSB and other alphabet agencies with their corporate agenda are under the treachery of the Society of Jesus.

    I have come to the defense of Barrister Michael Shrimpton for a purpose to connect the dots. For further reading see http://www.amazon.com/LOOSE-NUKES-Kursks-Unregistered-Missles-ebook/dp/B00SAG734W/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=libertymoveme-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=2CLDN5VDUMGZDBP7&creativeASIN=B00SAG734W

    What is important to know that just in the same way that “whitehouse.gov” has its server in Paris not the USA and other than the humor that somehow the only reason that BHO did not go to the Paris gathering of leaders is that HE is NOT a LEADER! according to my clients, is about the “fact” that the Police Chief investigating the on scene evidence had connected the money man for the Islamic terrorists to a regular at the White House of the Muslim Brotherhood and that one of the Terrorists had Gen Patreas’ phone number on his cell phone. Leading the Chief to get a court order warrant for the arrest of Obama and others implicated in the event, and for which Obama and Le Cercle had the Chief suicided the next day. Did the Chief suicide himself?

  2. Dr.Barrett thanks a lot for the great job you are doing in VT.COM.I recently found a very amazing documentary(if i can call it in this way) about Noah’s Ark and the destiny of his people.I really and highly encourage you to watch it and share it with your friends.(a conference in fact by Ali Akbar Raefipoor in Tehran with English subs).
    Unfortunately because i had no access to my brother Sean C.A Stone would u mind sending the links to him(following his show on Buzzsaw, i found he seeks the truth of Noah story.He will love it.).The links:



  3. Francis spoke about the Paris terror attacks while en route to the Philippines, defending free speech as not only a fundamental human right but a duty to speak one’s mind for the sake of the common good.

    But he said there were limits.

    By way of example, he referred to Alberto Gasparri, who organizes papal trips and was standing by his side aboard the papal plane.

    “If my good friend Dr. Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch,” Francis said, throwing a pretend punch his way. “It’s normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”…

    “There are so many people who speak badly about religions or other religions, who make fun of them, who make a game out of the religions of others,” he said. “They are provocateurs. And what happens to them is what would happen to Dr. Gasparri if he says a curse word against my mother. There is a limit.”


  4. As a Muslim (rather, as a person) my greatest pain in life has been that Western societies see us as cave people who do not accept freedom, law, civilization, etc… . All because of the controlled mass media which 24/7 feeds them with lies about us. When I try to reason with them they ignore then start mentioning things like Al Qaeda and condemning Islam to violence and degeneration … .
    However when Jews (mainly, Zionists) show a clear uncivilized reaction everyone ignore them.

    When Siné – a french cartoonist in the very same magazine (Charlie Hebdo)- draws satiric pictures of Sarkozy (I suppose it’s a good thing Sarkozy is not Prophet of Jewish religion), he is ‘anti-Semitic’ and is forced to get fired or apologize (I can’t even imagine what would’ve happened had he targeted Netanyahu, probably found dead? killed by Muslim Extremists?). Alas, as long as you target the lowly ‘Islam’ (and target someone far far more holy like prophet of Islam) and draw pictures far far more disrespectful, everything is according to ‘Western freedom of speech’ and if Muslims are offended then they are cave people.

  5. Here is something else the Je suis brainwashed mob should consider before they continue to hail Charlie as an epitome of free speech.

    In 2009, Charlie Hebdo fired one of his cartoonists Maurice Sinet who wrote under the name Sine, for a small quip he published that was later deemed Anti-Semitic.
    So what did Sinet do to deserve this? He wrote about the son of former president Sarkozy after he converted to Judaism, saying: “He’ll go a long way in life, that little lad.”

    Boom! It was game over for Maurice Sinets career with Hedbo because of that little line of text.

    Compared to the cartoons this same outlet published against Islam and Christianity on a regular basis, this is obviously the definition of absurd, and really, just the same old classic Jewish hypocrisy we see in all spheres of life.

    After Sinet was fired, he ended up winning a wrongful termination suit against Charlie Hebdo and a 40,000 euro court judgment, Sinet also won LICRA suit.

  6. really amazing. thank u Dr. Barrett .u as u know Allah is with patient people should not be tired of explaining the truth(يا أيها الذين آمنوا استعينوا بالصبر والصلاة إن الله مع الصابرين). if one wakes up it means the future generations. people who carried “je suis …” flag don’t really understand what’s happening around them?In the so called anti-terror march in another Zionist-occupied land “France” u could see the terrorists of all history including the prime butcher minister Bibi , Angela Merkel(bilderberger) and so many. I wondered where were the Saudi Royal family and others.although not having Obama doznt mean he is a good guy of course he is not. it is another game. They should have someone out there to claim then that ” look! this is part of the reality and truth we are telling u, one didn’t agree with us and did not participate(a great psy-op operation). I think people who don want to wake up to reality will wake up dead.the 9/11 was a great lesson.
    thank u all my friends in VT.GOD,THE Absolute ruler of the whole universe bless U.

  7. There’s a “spiritual” dimension to this madness. Put simply, the million moron march is a bunch of corrupt/morally incompetent people engaged in the worship of the “beast” (i.e. the first beast of Rev 13).

  8. “I’m afraid your anger has led you to write a thing or two that you shouldn’t have.

    “…your blue-eyed (!) Special Forces guys…” The clear implication being that no Muslims have blue eyes, which you must surely know is false.”

    Actually his “clear implication” is that the named accused people didn’t do it.

    “We can’t know the ‘religion’ of those who participated in this event, but there are two things we do know.

    1) sincere Muslims – the vast majority – do not condone mass murder
    2) this event was designed to incite Christian vs Muslim animosity in support of Bush’s crusade

    Isn’t your article just the sort of response the grody little man behind the curtain was hoping for?

    You even endorse eugenics in your ill-conceived rant. But worst of all, the overarching message that comes across is, “keep accusing us of atrocities and we will eventually be forced into committing them”.

    Best to leave the dark side to the Cheneys, Brzezinskis and Kissingers, no? I hope when you’ve calmed down, you’ll write a more thoughtful followup.”

    Your “clear implication” is that there is no such thing as legitimate anger or legitimate self-defense while Muslim, especially while under relentless attack.

  9. Mindless fools display “Je suis Charlie” ””Really are you all tasteless jokesters who have no limit whatsoever as to what a joke is ”’ Or is it the desperate zios trying to take a final stand before yet once again being evicted from Europe ‘

    Israel worship is litmus test for these genocidal maniacs ” Also heard to encourage massive outcomes, each household was given EUR 1000 to show up and the controlled media quoted the propagandists on CMM.

  10. There is a serious new aspect of the “charlie” incident:
    The scale and speed of how: videos disappear, sites gets hacked, users get rerouted and internet connections disturbed, is up several orders of magnitude. If this is the fruit of new policies, processis, organisation or software or a combination is difficult to say. As usual the history-thiefs are shooting themselves in the foot, but it is still worth noting and maybe a better trimmed system could mean serious trouble for the good-guys in the future.

  11. Jews in France can cartoon a discriminating insult against anothers’ religion, then claim FREEDOM OF SPEECH, then get ten thousand troops to protect them ? Here in Amerika I was arrested for telling the truth about how the VA abuses veterans and the DoD poisoned us with harmful experimental VACCINES. Google me: Kenneth Tennant (Domestic Terrorism: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment). Also, in Scott County, Iowa Benton Mackenzie was threatened by a “judge” who ORDERED him NOT to tell the truth to the jury about his cancer. Where are our protections ? You Tube: AMERICAN VETERAN: Discarded and Forgotten, by Gary Null and see new film: BOUGHT. My claim / appeal (C 30 269 323) continues to languish after years before the BVA who changed the docket no. from 11-28117 to 14-23265 to justify the longer delays and deception. Where is the oversight ? Not with Robert McDonald or Laura Eskenazi or Bruce Gipe or General Allison Hickey. They are part of the problem as they have ignored these problems with congressional complicity (Prince David “J” Rockefeller et al). Google: WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA

  12. I respectfully dissent from a number of things written here. The broad masses of people are our target audience, they represent the centre of gravity in the struggle we are engaged in, deriding them or mocking their IQ is understandable, everyone needs to let off steam at times, but it is completely futile and unhelpful. Telling them how stupid we think they are is not going to bring them over to our side of the argument where we need them to be. I realise it is meant humorously, but in all honesty the phrase “too stupid to live” is no more than despicable Nazi or neo- fascist trash. Disgusting. I would have thought this beneath you.
    The loyalty to the Prophet is laudable in many ways, but ultimately it just allows the forces of darkness and evil to manipulate Muslims and provoke them at will. It is not intelligent to allow people to provoke and manipulate you in this manner. It is actually infantile nonsense.
    “The correct response to the goonish provocateurs of Islamophobia is simply to ignore them, edit them from your world and forget they exist. They are nothing and targeting them in any way only supports the despicable narrative they are trying to promote.”

  13. Kevin- I was looking for geology books in a post library and came across book Catastrophe by David Keys. It is from 1999 and author was indicating how disease (especially bubonic plague) and environmental disorders influenced population movements, and unreal to me was that he had a chapter on the Khazars of the 5th through 11 the centuries.
    I was amazed that the author brought up the role of this large powerful (often warlike) group in accepting conversion to Jewry over Christianity and Islam.
    No one I know has heard of Khazars. In grammar school and high school we heard about Huns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Mongol hordes, Ottomans but never Khazars.
    Why is this so?
    I think one of the many reasons for the major ignorance and apathy of the majority of people from most countries is the lack of education, but of course educational curriculums have been controlled. Yes, the majority of people do not reflect on the ills of the world or why things are the way they are. The majority are preoccupied with themselves and their petty problems/complaints.

  14. “When are Christians and Muslims going to join together and say “enough” ?”
    I’m looking forward to this time when we unite with our Muslim brothers and sisters against evil.
    There is a very wise Islamic eschatologist by the name of Sheikh Imran Hosein who uploads many great lectures on this very subject at youtube, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who has not come across them.
    In short..he shows that there is a prophecy in the very Qur’an, which states that at a time when Israel is built up, and that the (zionist) Christians and (zionist) Jews are united, that another sect of Christians (Russia) and Muslims will unite, and conquer Constantinople (Turkey) together, and eventually defeat the Jewish (zionist) threat. And how many of the world leaders fear this prophecy and have been doing all they can to try and stop it.
    This is a link to one of his lectures at his channel:

  15. Any person who embarks on the path of seeker of self improvement must face their own emotions and overcome them with reason and compassion.
    When we seek communion with the essence of spirituality and say, I will do anything to know this or that but please do not poke my break my toe, the universe will seek to break your toe. The essence of the trickster is the one that seeks to find our weakness and exploit it so we learn. As long as people are offended by insults, the insults will come. Once the emotional response is overcome, then the insult has no power. To be offended is to give it power. This is basic knowledge in all teachings.

  16. “Too stupid to live” is but one expression of barbarism–the essence of eugenics. This world will have to progress beyond primitive religions and the dualistic thought processes that underlie them if it is to survive.

  17. @Excalibur:
    “‘Education’ today is not anything related to learning whatsoever. It is merely programming and indoctrination into the great conjuring trick deception. People who undergo this viral cerebral attack during their formative years are most affected. Perhaps this is why military veterans are not so beguiled by it?”
    i do think that this is a real factor. i spent almost 18 years in ‘advanced’ education. i am a total crap… umm. possibly our farm and the underage connection with international politics saved me.
    i call academic education the course of learning ‘dodging reality’. professors are able show a great ability in that. and the busy ones learn it the first.

  18. Jews arguably have an even greater hatred for Christians, especially the Catholic Church and Catholics, which 33up comments about below. In an article today Pat Buchannan takes the media narrative of this and other false flags and hoaxes at face value, which makes him as much controlled opposition as the Judas goats on Fox, proving my point that mainstream conservatives will sell out everything and everyone they say they love, except their lavish lifestyles that depend on carrying water for their Jewish paymasters.

    • It’s sad. PJB can’t question the Charlie Hebdo false-flag bc then he’ll have to admit that 9-11, 7/7, Madrid, Sandy Hoax and the Boston non-bombing were false-flags as well. He’ll have to just keep going. One big truth inevitably leads to others until you start sounding like Jim Stone, Gordon Duff or Bishop Williamson. Yup, the truth is too dangerous. Best to just deny reality, it makes one’s life easier.

  19. I’ll bet the boys at Xerox made a killing too with all the black ink needed to print the ‘je suis baaa baaaaa’ posters. Profits and stock price up?

    • I was thinking that ….”Je Suis Charlie” signs at the Old Trafford match….players wearing black arm bands and the same legend sprayed on the pitch where the players run out – has Jimmy Greaves died? – as Jim says, ‘You couldn’t make it up”.

  20. Access to the show on noliesradio.org is ‘password protected’. How do I get the password? Can I please have the password?

  21. The biggest West European brainwash is still at large the WWII , for example glorifiying D-day while at the same time not glorifiying operation Bagration that surpasses D-day in every aspect. The MMF however and oil wars (Libya especially) have helped a lot in tarnishing any good effect that US might have achieved as liberators in WWII, we will see that in the coming months in countries like Greece or Spain.

  22. Is there incentive for turning up in the march? Free off day from work maybe, extra 30 euro in the paycheck…. Jew-sponsored Malaysian opposition offers cash for every opp-rally turn-up, ‘little Jews’ get more than the rests of the locals…. and what a successful strategy it is.

  23. Murdering for implementing democracy murdering for holy land murdering for your version of the holy Quran is in the end all murdering. The US should be pretty scared of the courts once their soldiers and politicians are lifted of international prosecutions immunity, as well as the Israeli. Of course they will have all the money for advocates and settlements but they will be remembered as murderers and criminals, they will not be anymore as some heroes that saved France in world wars.

  24. Je suis Vincent Reynouard, Dieudonne et Robert Faurisson.

    Let’s see Hebdo print some holocause caricatures in their magazine.

  25. Obviously Europeans are brainwashed but not to the point US folks are. And colonialism isn’t dead, If we look past the interests of USA, UK, France, there is not much left to conquer. The brain damage goes past these countries however. Do Spanish send their troops to Costa Rica, or Venezuela ? Of course not. The Anglopersian, anglo-gulf contracts and US-Iraq are 100% colony Pocahontas style. They are 18th or 19th century contracts in 21st century. UNSC is surpassing the historic Commonwealth boards in notoriety entirely. CIA directors are ten-times the criminality of the likes of Oliver Cromwell and similar. People are brainwashed also because they cannot afford a trip to Lagos or Baghdad or Gaza to protest also knowing that their governments will not support them. People think that Rodman went spying in North Korea or for North Korea.
    The biggest benefit would be naming the murders as murderers and not terrorists or freedom mission Fighters, naming the lies as liars not false flags, naming the murder funding groups as criminals and not as investment banking. if a US policeman shoots a child, soldier shoots a child, Israeli sniper shoots a child, ISIS soldier shoots a child, they are murderers and therefore should be in trial.

  26. Dr Barrett, tho quite true that alleged ‘art’ of Charlie Hebdo was viciously insulting bigotry … & certainly understandable people react with huge anger to brutal insults … it’s tragic and sad for many of us, how you quote & speak approvingly of torture-mutilation amputations and torture-death by hanging (always slow strangulation, even if neck is broken inducing coma, which often does not happen).

    For many of us this is sign of un-godly religion; we see Bible or Qur’an texts (OT Bible being much bloodier), which ‘require’ practices of torment and mutilation, as horrifying. VT used to publish Egypt’s Dr Ashraf Ezzat, who spoke of the core brutality of all 3 Desert ‘Abrahamic book’ religions. By contrast, South / East Asian religious societies actually were abolishing the death penalty two millenia ago … religions with no eternal hell, no mutilations of baby boy children, no ‘requirements’ to torture. Much nicer!

  27. Hi Kevin,
    Might your suspicions that this is an ‘Execution by Patsy’ event be further raised by the neat despatch to the Promised Land of 4 supposed male victims of the Kosher supermarket shooting, supposedly in accordance with the will of their families? Aside of asking vulgar questions like who consulted the families on this idea (not an easy place to visit with fresh flowers on any given week-end), presuming these guys are all Jewish, but also who is paying for these nice coffins, with Star of David brasses already attached, to fly to Israel and who is paying the Tel-Aviv undertakers? If I were a ‘France First’ police-type I would want a name, photo, plus a blood and DNA sample from each ‘body’ before these guys leave Paris for their Mediterranean resort, last or otherwise. ‘Je suis cynique’.

    • Best questions I have read that have been raised on this dubious attack. It seems Inspector Clouseau is in charge? Pity it is not run by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland for better results.

  28. Charlie also made the most blasphemous and homosexual cartoons against the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that I truly wish I never seen, and this pitiful slogan they are all parroting, je suis, always invokes Jesus in my mind every time I see it, there is no way this phrase was chosen by accident.
    There is a war on Christianity as well as Islam. I bet 99% of these so called humans in this march all believe religion is tyranny and tyranny is freedom, just like they have been told to think, over and over.

    One thing I do know is that if Charlie even is dead, he certainly has a one way ticket to the abyss, and I have to wonder if there is enough room for all the rest of the billions that seem to be marching steadily on the same downward path, may God have mercy on their souls.

    • Excellent point! I am just as sick of the blasphemous and pornographic attacks on Jesus (peace upon him) as I am sick of the attacks on the Prophet of Islam. When are Christians and Muslims going to join together and say “enough” ?

    • Sarah Silverman is pretty hot, though, guys – let’s be honest! I’ll let her away with it on that score, at least~

    • agreed! when i saw that triangle called ‘spirit’ in the ‘back’ oj jesus, whor were ‘adjusting’ an old monk-like figure… well, we have a saying: “who sows wind, shall reap storm”. maybe from a direction thats seemed impossible.

      to mr barrett:
      salem aleykum
      i really do believe that christians and muslims HAVE to join together is these subjects. if i may say that jesus is one of the prophets of islam and the messiah as well? am i not right in your eyes?

  29. “Whatever you call them, the drooling dimwits chanting “we are Charlie” are the all-time greatest argument for Rockefeller-style eugenic euthanasia…”

    Dr. Barrett, given your penchant for absurd humor, you might appreciate my fancying the term “retroactive abortion.”

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