Netanyahu Got Busted Again



by Jonas E. Alexis


Sad, sad, sad. Obviously no serious Western politician likes Benjamin Netanyahu’s pathetic and psychopathic behavior, though they seem too scared to death to say it in public.  Jim W. Dean has pointed out earlier that perhaps it is “past time for Bibi to take the fall.” This statement again seems to correspond to current events.

The Zionist movement was having one of the greatest shows in France but they failed to send an invitation card to King Bibi. They seemed to have thought that King Bibi is no longer a voice in the Zionist community:

“France asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stay away from a weekend solidarity march in Paris but he ignored the request and attended anyway…

“There was also concern Netanyahu would use the event to ‘make speeches’ as he prepares for a March 17 general election, in which he is seeking a fourth term…

busted2“Haaretz said that the prime minister’s actions had infuriated the French president, who had demonstrated his “anger” at a ceremony at Paris’s main synagogue to commemorate four Jews who were among those killed.

“‘Hollande sat through most of the ceremony, but when Netanyahu’s turn at the podium arrived, the French president got up from his seat and made an early exit.’


“The mass circulation Yediot Aharonot newspaper also reported the apparent snub to the Israeli premier.

“‘Before Netanyahu began his speech, President Hollande left with his entourage… The impressive delegation of leaders from the Muslim community who attended the ceremony also chose to leave. They all, apparently, had prior commitments.’”

Israeli commentators themselves thought that Netanyahu was making a fool of himself. Ben Caspit of Maariv wrote:

“It was embarrassing, not to say disgraceful, to see Israel’s prime minister yesterday trying to push his way onto a bus that he was not supposed to board, making his way determinedly from the second row (where he was placed) to the row of leaders walking in front (which he took over), behaving in a mourning parade as in an election rally.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had similar thoughts. Erdogan even went further saying that Netanyahu “surpassed Hitler in barbarism. Turkey will continue to fight against Israel’s reckless actions that do not recognize law.”

It looks like Erdogan has been paying attention to what we have been saying from time immemorial (most specifically what we pointed out in the last article). He said cogently and concisely:

“How can a man [Netanyahu] who has killed 2,500 people in Gaza with state terrorism wave his hand in Paris, like people are waiting in excitement for him to do so? How dare he go there? You should first give an account for the children and the women you have killed.”


Erdogan, of course, did not attend one of the greatest Zionist shows in France.  United States officials failed to attend as well. As Gordon Duff has pointed out, perhaps they had their reasons. Perhaps they were just saying,

“We’re not going to be involved in this one. After all, we have already made our point very clear: Benjamin Netanyahu is a ‘chickenshit.’[1] After what we have done for him over the years, he is still treating us like puppets.

“Even thought police organizations like the Anti-Defamation League agree with us on this issue because they declare that The Israelis do not show sufficient appreciation for America’s role in backing Israel.[2]

“Former Jewish president Nicholas Sarkozy would also second the motion because he called Netanyahu ‘a liar.’ President Obama concurred, saying to Sarkozy, ‘You are fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.’”[3]

 If you are not fed up with this man’s psychopathic behavior, listen to how he first advanced the Zionist thesis that Saddam had WMDs–and how he is doing the same thing with respect to Iran:

 Now you know that whenever this man opens his mouth, you can be sure that at least three or four lies will come out. My fellow Americans and decent people, don’t let this man move you so easily again:

[1] Jeffrey Goldberg, “The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here,” Atlantic, October 28, 2014.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Isabel Kershner, “In Overhead Comments, Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a ‘Liar,’” NY Times, November 8, 2011.


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  1. Mr. Reader,

    I think I am going to take some of the credits I gave you in the past and therefore will cease to respond to your comments because they are so elementary and, honestly, I am appalled that a person like you cannot see the illogical leaps of your assertions. I begged you last time to put some serious thoughts on them before you write them down, and I was hoping that you would. But it seems that I was just dreaming.

    You cannot base your entire worldview on your own little experience alone! Imagine if someone has a different experience with the Iranians—and if you want one, you can check out E. Michael Jones’ articles on this. How would you adjudicate competing claims? Jones asserted that the Iranians are some of the nicest people on the face of the earth. What is the counter argument?

    You asserted that “any Iranian I met disappointed me, more or less.” Because of this little village experience, you don’t trust the Iranians. Do you seriously think that this is a logical claim that can be defended on sober thought? I can proceed to give other factual examples, but it is not necessary here because it seems that we are going in circles. Let me recommend just these two books by Trita Parsi: Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008); A Single Roll of Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2011). I think this will help a great deal.

    If your next response is not logical or substantive, I regret to announce that this will be our last dialogue. Thanks.

    • Jonas, “Reader” sounds like a schoolboy, probably rocking back and forth in Talmudic or Hegelian dialectic with peers most of his day, which is very much like being trapped in an occult, Hegelian Second Reality, in his case presupposing the vast superiority of the Jewish mind to yours and mine. Puncturing their balloon causes such dissonance they mentally shut down, get up, and walk away in a daze. I doubt he’ll be back, unless to deflect the issues with gratuitous insults.

  2. For Netanyahu to show up in France to not only admire his work but to throw more fuel on its burning flames is indicative of a psychopathic mind beyond any semblance of humanness. The big question will those Illuminati-wise French, in positions to take or make some sort appropriate response or action do so. They should engage the Duff/Syrian conference people and put their heads together.

  3. It appears “Reader” is only here to waste people’s time with meandering questions, demands of infinite clarification while himself engaging in murky, philosophical mumbo-jumbo and circular, unrelated gobbledy-gook, a specific category of trolling, but trolling nonetheless.

  4. Reader, slow down, Hegelian dialectic cannot properly be demonstrated. If anything’s been “demonstrated” about it, it’d be its malleability in justifying contradictory opinions. What are you trying to say? I apologize if I misunderstand you, but I can’t bear to re-read your comments. Your in vacuo comments only suggest you have an exalted opinion of yourself along the lines of Hegel’s “absolute mind.” In any case, skip the sophomoric lecturing about philosophy and logic, and get to the point.

  5. Mr. Reader,

    Thanks for your kind response. But there is an implicit contradiction here. Previously, you wrote that I “quote the ex-President of France asserting that the Prime Minister of Israel lied” and therefore I need “to document these lies.” I said that some of the lies were included in the video clips and I cited some scholarly documentation in this regard. Your quick response?

    “It takes too much time, I am not a journalist whose livelihood depends on producing quantities of text on deadline.”

    I am really confused. I am begging you again, please examine some of your assertions before you start typing away and see if they are not contradictory. Let me be quite frank with you, contradictory positions drive me crazy. If even one of my lovely and best students deliberately tries to violate the law of non-contradiction, I would immediately fail him/her for the assignment.

    This is not the first time that you are postulating irresponsible claims. If you want us to take you seriously in the future, then be reasonable (with respect). I can assure you that I will answer your questions if your position is logical and has substance.

  6. Maybe he was riding the wave of those 26 standing ovations he go with his speech in front of Congress. He still has a place, its just not in the regular population.

    • Alois,
      I don’t think its fascism. Fascism is supporting the state with government funds generated by the private sector and a strict unwavering commitment to the ideals of the government. The thug Apartheid government is wrecking everything and borrowing money from the EU to do it.
      Its something new to the political spectrum, or so old that it completely ignores all laws written against using war for land grabs. zionism made it work so it must be a holocost. Using the military to remove a large portion of the population as well as the government while business interests wait on the sidelines. Profit from misery.

  7. It gets even stranger. From JSS News, we receive this: “I am Charlie” is an acronym for “I am Israel” — in Hebrew!

    A basic translation follows:

    “The slogan from the carnage of Charlie Hebdo is I Am Charlie.

    “In Hebrew, I Am Charlie writes:
    אני שארלי

    “With the same letters in a different order , we get I Am Israel
    אני ישראל

    “Which, for those who study Torah, could mean a lot … And first: those who attack Charlie are the same who attack Israel. So true!”

  8. :. TRUTH .: “Let any leader who has been involved with the running of a
    corrupt and warring government be warned; they will certainly
    perish, unless forgiven.
    “And there has been a shocking war of terror; and the king of terror
    appeared from within the bushes; and lo, from among the bushes
    sprang forth the king of terror.” Yahweh via Emanuel

  9. Mr. Reader,

    Are you serious? Are you that oblivious about what is happening in the scholarly world? I honestly don’t think you believe what you just wrote here. If you truly believe this, then this is a sorry state of affair. To make things even easier, I placed two video clips in the article in which the Prime Minister unequivocally posited at least two categorical lies! Did you see them? And if so, do you seriously believe that Saddam was acquiring nuclear weapons? Did you know that the intelligence community sent one document after another to Bush saying that there was no evidence that Saddam had WMDs, despite the fact that the Israelis were spreading these lies like wildfire? And do you seriously believe that Iran wants nuclear weapons and that it wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” a bold and categorical lie which has been repeated ad nauseam by the Israelis and in the media? And don’t you know that even CIA officials such as Paul R. Pillar extensively documented that the Prime Minister was lying (see for example Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy; for further study, see also John J. Mearsheimer, Why Leaders Lie: The Truth about Lying in International Politics)?

    Now, if you say you didn’t know about any of this, then you don’t have to laboriously do a scholarly study on this. Check out Scott Peterson, “Imminent Iran Nuclear Threat? A Timeline of Warnings Since 1979,” Christian Science Monitor, November 8, 2011. This may surprise you. But if evidence does not matter, then discussion is over. Your pen name is “Reader,” so please read the scholarly documents on this issue. Thanks.

  10. A little history lesson. 3 1/2 hours is long, but this does an excellent job of connecting the dots over the last 100 years. Till people wake up we’ll always have a boogie man. Time to tear down the curtain, and bust the mirrors.
    paːnɛm ɛt kɪrkeːnseːs (Bread and circuses)
    JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

  11. Thanks Jonas E. Alexis for another factual analysis of high content.
    Actually and according to the teaching of the Talmud, neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor any of the former Mafiosi before him, acting as Godfathers of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, have lied or done anything wrong in their dealings with the Goyim.
    This is a fundamental thing every Goy should have present in his or her mind in order to understand the Jewish mind set.
    The premises are anti-human from birth and all subsequent actions-crimes against humanity (slaughter of Goyim and financial crimes) that go against national and international law, we witness, coming from said Zion Talmudic Mafia abide by and are consonant with the teachings of the Talmud.
    RICO is to be applied here to the AIPAC-ADL members and of course to Netanyahu and his ilk.

  12. Is it true that President Barack Barry Hussein Davis Obama didn’t attend the Paris Nuremberg Rally because he tried one of those mystery meals Michelle is forcing on school kids and became deathly sick?

    As for King Bibi using his henchmen guards to push aside other world leaders so HRM could butt into the first row, that’s shows the mentality of the man and shows who’s really in charge.

  13. Very well said Jonas. The evidence for any sane and rational person is piling up. (Two thousand years worth). Other israelis and the ADL are not concerned about respect for the Goy victims, of course. They are concerned that what used to be called the ‘Hidden hand’ is now overtly bloodstained and being waved arrogantly in all of our faces. An act that may finally see Gentile rebellion – as politicians realise that it has now become impossible to defend the criminal cabal or hide its objectives.

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