The Big Squeeze and the Destruction of the Middle Class



by Preston James and *Mike Harris


A Pall of doom has swept over much of Middle Class America. The job market is dismal in most sectors and those who lose their jobs often find new ones with much less income.

New college grads are finding that there are fewer and fewer good job opportunities. Some economists claim that approximately 30% or more are back home living with their parents, working minimum wage jobs and carrying huge college loans that could easily keep them debt-slaves to the banks for the rest of their working lives.

The actual unemployment rate is 23-24% and the USG is covering it up.

The USG claims the unemployment rate is 5-6% tops. These figures are based on consciously manipulated input categories. The actual real unemployment rate in America is between 23 and 24% depending on how you calculate it.

The Great Depression (Movie on DVD) by Mario Cuomo, Charlie Maday (Executive Producer), Jonathan Towers (Executive Producer) Barnes and Noble

Some Americans are starting to fear that America is sliding back into the Great Depression of the 1930s, others that have lost their jobs and cannot find any new work and are living on public assistance and food stamps believe we are already there. And millions of Americans are now homeless or very close to it. there are numerous “Tent Cities” spouting up across America for the homeless lucky enough to have been able to acquire a tent.

Consumer prices keep steadily rising due to the ever decreasing value of the US dollar. The only respite has been the recent massive drop in oil which has lower gasoline prices, but this is likely just a temporary aberration of a secret trade war between the USA and the Russian Federation.

The CIA’s ISIS/ISIL/Daish has been stealing oil and selling it for $20 a barrel to depress the oil market and stress the Russian Federation.

New electronic devices and related services now considered necessities are stressing many budgets.

Hidden costs have crept into almost every budget with new and quite expensive electronic devices considered by many to now be basic necessities. The costs of these devices and their use must be paid for on an ongoing monthly basis and it is not uncommon for these items to total up to $200 a month or more (after tax dollars).

Okies-smallThese devices now considered consumer necessities usually include full-featured cell phones with full internet access, expensive cable TV and high speed Internet. It’s almost impossible to find a much less expensive, bare-bones old fashioned simple cell phone without a big screen and all the high tech expanded features which drive the cost up in some cases to $150 a month for that cell phone.

Yes, some of these advanced cell phones and iPods and iPads are great business tools for those who use them everyday in business where they can help generate new business or service accounts effectively. But for the struggling family or new college grad who cannot find suitable work, these can create undue stress on one’s budget.

The FICO score “credit trap”.

This is a massive but secret statistical modeling operation between the largest credit agencies which has established complex algorithms supposedly used to accurately rate a persons’ ability to repay a loan. What happens is that this FICO score is actually create a “credit trap” for many, who then have to pay much higher interest rates when they were never a serious credit risk in the first place.

The great Depression produced massive unemployment fractured homes, kids went hungry and many starved, all because of the crooked Banksters manipulating markets to acquire greater market shares.

The crushing effects of an unenforced southern border with the resulting massive illegal immigration.

One would think that the so-called phony War on Terror would have immediately resulted in a 100% lock-down of every single US border, especially the southern border with Mexico which is the location of at least three major drug cartels that ship massive quantities of illegal drugs into America. But no, because the CIA is in partnership with these cartels and gets a major piece of the profits; they protect the supply lines into America, which means that they make sure no southern border is policed.

What we know for sure is that illegal immigration seriously stresses many state budgets of the states along the border and also seriously stresses their hospital and welfare system, many close to the breaking point and bankruptcy. Some hospitals have closed because of this.

This mass of unrestricted illegal immigration has allowed thousands of Mexican felons and gang members who are cartel members into America, including some trained by American special forces at Fort Bragg.

But the large numbers of illegal immigrants from Mexico and central and South America that have migrated into America have also driven the labor costs way down, harming the ability of Americans to obtain employment with a wage high enough for basic subsistence.

Note: the economy in Mexico has been failing for the same reasons it has been failing in America — it has been hijacked by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC), which is asset-stripping it of resources and wealth and running drug cartels which compete and fight with each other; the continual infighting keeps them in check, while the OCC skims large profits, and the large Wall Street banks and OCC businesses launder the money.

The Recession which started in 2007 just never seems to end and there is no turn around in sight.

And on top of all this, the recession going back to 2007 just never seems to end, despite all the absurd false claims by the controlled mass media (CMMM) that the economy has turned around. Realists know otherwise and understand why things will never get any better until the basic underlying problems are resolved. And what is the serious underlying core problem that is responsible for this current recession that seems to never end? It is the illegal, unconstitutional, traitorous, seditious free trade treaties — NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO and now the TPTT.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?But there are other new threats to the American economy and the ability of the Middle class to survive economically.

This is the intentionally malicious management of the American monetary production and distribution by the private Rothschild franchisee the Federal Reserve System, which just keeps printing and issuing more and more watered down US petro dollars.

We have had seemingly endless quantitative easings (QEs). Before that we had two major multi-trillion USD bank bailouts which were clearly illegal and unconstitutional. We later learned most of this money went to prop up the private Wall Street banks through their foreign private bank partners.

As the Federal Reserve System just keeps printing and issuing more and more USD in unbelievably massive amounts, the world becomes flooded with US Petro dollars. Soon the World is going to reject the use of the USD and start dumping them. Already China, awash with dollars because of the free trade agreements, has been buying up large American corporations and all kinds of real estate and assets in America at fire-sale prices.

There has been a major decrease in net worth for most Middle Class Americans.

The average American has lost 60% of their net worth since 1995 and lost approximately 40% since 2007. Much of the accrued net worth of many years of savings, investment in one’s home is gradually evaporating. Many retirement plans have been reduced, some eliminated.

The 2014 annual US Trade Deficit was about 318 Billion Dollars.

When the US economy started failing because so much taxpayer money was being spent on the various illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars, the USG was able to implement free trade as a stopgap effort to artificially raise the purchasing power of the American consumer. But this cannot go on for ever, as far too many US dollars are now in circulation and held in China because of this illegal, unconstitutional, treasonous free trade policy.

The So-called Free Trade Agreements are the root cause of this unending serious recession.

The main underlying problem responsible for this unending recession is the illegal, unconstitutional free trade agreements which include NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO and now the secret Trans Pacific Trade Treaty (TPTT).

Ross Perot warned about what NAFTA and free trade agreements in general would do when he ran for President: create a big sucking sound and pull major industries, manufacturing and jobs out of America. Initially, much of US manufacturing moved to Mexico. Now, it has moved to China.

What decent elected politician or USG Official would ever support such Traitorous, Seditious Free Trade Agreements as these? The answer is NONE.

Yes, no elected politician or USG official who obeyed their oath to the US Constitution would ever support such free trade agreements which are so notably destructive to the American economy. These free trade agreements have been slowly but surely sucking the jobs and life right out of middle-class America. To allow these treaties to continue intact is criminally insane and negligent beyond imagination. It is truly the setting up of the United States of America to commit slow motion economic suicide, and it is just hitting bottom right now in the middle class.

Treason is a Capital crime punishable by hanging on a military gallows like the assassins of President Lincoln or the convicted Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. The excuse “I was just following orders” held no water. And the rigged legal opinions obtained by Bush1, Cheney and Rumsfeld will hold no water either when they are prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity for the torture at black prison sites and the kidnapping and torture of innocent children.

Obviously, any reasonable person can easily conclude that America is under siege by some major enemy who has hijacked the US Congress and the whole political system. Certainly this must be the case, since it was Congress and poor administrative leadership run by compromised, corrupt Presidents that allowed NAFTA and the other criminal free trade agreements to strip America of most of its industrial manufacturing jobs.

How could Americans have been so stupid to allow these free trade deals to be passed? Sadly the labor unions were in favor of this, conned by their compromised leaders that promised free trade would provide lots of new jobs. This of course was a big lie that was repeatedly published and broadcast by the controlled major mass media (CMMM) and sadly many Americans fell for this con job and are now paying for it in spades.

How could these corrupt elected Politicians and USG Officials get into office in the first place?

Well as many know, most federal elections are manipulated electronically and politicians who have already been initiated into a very corrupt, pedophile based system have been pre-selected to compete. These individuals have already been completely vetted and indoctrinated in the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) to function as its cutouts and operatives.

And because many of these elected Politicians and USG are narcissistic (self-centered and strong willed) some tend to stray out of their allowed parameters. But they can be quickly brought back into compliance with the OCC’s top kingpin’s wishes by the use of various tools of blackmail and human compromise.

Private Equity (PE) groups and the planned consolidation of American business, including small business into virtual Cartels.

One issue that is often overlooked which is notably destructive to the middle class is the business model of the private equity groups. The is the very crafty method by which the large corporations consolidate and “roll-up” every industry sector which sells products or services to the American consumer.

How this “roll-up” of businesses is implemented is by identification of an industrial or consumer sector which may have 25-30 independent businesses. Once identified as a vital sector, the private equity groups will acquire a major player within that sector.

Once a virtual Cartel is created by the PEs, the roll-up of associated businesses occurs.

Once acquired, the PE group will use that company and their PE assets, which seem unlimited, to acquire other companies with that business sector, thus constituting the “roll up”. Once the target company has achieved critical mass by acquiring or rolling up a certain percentage of these businesses, they will begin predatory practices to either drive the competitors out of business and into bankruptcy, or to drive the price down for a more affordable acquisition price.

What the readers will notice is that once an industry sector has been successfully “rolled up” it will no longer have any robust competition. Thus, a typical roll-up reduces 25-30 competitors to perhaps 5-7 remaining competitors which technically function as a big cartel or monopoly, despite the ability of their corporate lawyers to skirt the law and avoid anti-trust litigation that can stick.

There are occasional situations where USG anti-trust actions are threatened and even started by the US Department of Justice, such as what was done with Microsoft. It’s not that the USG gives a damn about anti-trust, but this happens when it is attempting to blackmail a large corporation like Microsoft to allow the NSA to infiltrate it and use it for illegal spying on the public.

The new virtual cartel motto: “Our competitor is our friend, the consumer is our enemy.”

Yes, the PE groups always leave between 5-7 competitors in every sectors because it helps them avoid the charge of creating a monopoly. However as the ADM case showed in secret undercover FBI recordings of their Board Meetings, the few top competitors in their business conspired to raise prices in lockstep and shared a common credo, “our competitor is our friend, the consumer is our enemy”.

This practice is detrimental to the middle class, because every time the PE-owned firm acquires a competitor, they downsize, resulting in massive layoffs for economy of scale of course, and these jobs are gone forever. The other detrimental effect of these large PEs roll-ups has on the middle class is that this activity has a chilling effect upon the entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and even bank lending.

Once the nexus of control (the beach-head) is established the PE acquires competitors as a part of the roll-up.

As these PE-owned businesses grow, they continually raise the bar for small businesses to compete. This is accomplished in multiple ways. One way is if a small business is to be a supplier to the PE-owned business, the PE-owned business will impose impossible standards upon the small entrepreneur so strict that the standards cannot be complied with. The net result is that the small business that was a supplier loses a major customer which cannot be replaced. Once that business is lost, layoffs within the small business follow; this is how the layoffs propagate throughout the economy.

The other manner in which small business is harmed is the PE-owned business will have its own supply, chain which is typically owned by the same PE firm that has done the roll up with that industry sector. Overnight the long term supplier is out, and the new supply chain is in place. There is no way for the small business to replace these lost customers.

The PE Virtual Cartel Model is a real and direct national security threat to the American economy, American jobs, family income and the American way of life as well as to our Republic.

The American people need to realize that the private equity (PE) model is a serious danger to the economic security of the entire American Nation. The end goal of private equity companies is to consolidate every aspect of American commerce, and give the consumer fewer choices, while achieving “economies of scale” resulting in massive unemployment and the destruction of multitudes of small business that have been successful in the past, but find themselves facing bankruptcy and destruction.

This kind of massive PE induced corporate roll-outs and resulting consolidation of American industry and jobs, makes it quite easy for the top corporate controllers who run the PEs to run America, and to acquire more and more profit, and to buy off and bribe more politicians and USG officials. The top corporate controllers are themselves controlled by the Organized Crime Syndicate aka Cabal (OCC).

Take the PE Cerberus Capital Management (of which George Soros is a principal) which has acquired a number of US gun manufacturers. Apparently, it is now moving to acquire grocery store chains. Or consider all the destruction that Walmart has done to small family businesses, many existing for generations, using CIA enterprise drug money.

Actually, PEs are RICO crime begging for prosecution.

Regardless of what these PE entities and associates claim, an honest US Department of Justice could easily and successfully prosecute them for constructive anti-trust and RICO for conspiring to fix prices and control the market. Right now, because the US Department of Justice is so notably corrupt, the only entity left which has constitutional authority to do this is the Military High Command.

Who is actually behind most of the PE “roll-ups”?

Astoundingly, it is a group of 147 major international corporations that have interlocked Boards of Directors. Of this 147, there is a group of the top 50 that are even more powerful. Together these interlocked international corporations constitute a secret shadow government (SSG) control structure and for the most part the SSG is controlled by the top kingpins of the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

This roll-out consolidation process has actually been planned and deployed by the Rothschild private Banksters. It is their view that it is much easier to control the world’s various populaces, and especially the American people, when all their businesses are rolled-up and consolidated.

Traditionally small business has been the backbone of the American economy since this country was founded as a Republic. Destruction of small business by this means seems innocuous, but has had devastating effect upon the economy and yields massive unemployment on once secure and promising jobs for highly skilled Americans.

The Government assaults and asset seizures against small farms and businesses using the EPA and absurd federal, state and local regulations and zoning are knocking many of them out of business for good.

Many legitimate small family businesses are harassed by the EPA and State and local agencies as well as Federal and State tax agencies. The laws and regulations behind much of this is clearly Unconstitutional and technically serves as an illegal restraint of trade by Government entities. Of course those large 147 International Corporations who share large attorney firms are able to successfully resist any such actions to limit their enterprises. Water drainage laws, weird ridiculous building codes often prevent farmers and homeowners from enjoying the land they paid for.

And some legal experts claim Real Estate Taxes are completely Unconstitutional and most deeds show the buyer to be a “TENANT” instead a a true owner. An now the FDA has joined into this oppression of organic milk producers and farmers, and nutritional product producer, even swat teaming many and seizing all their assets so they have no money for attorneys and cannot access their or evidence held in their sized in their computers to defend themselves. These agencies are so oppressive they seem to have been trained by the Israeli anti-terror forces or the folks that started and run Homeland Security (DHS).

What must be done to save America?

What must be done to save America from the corruption of its elected politicians and its officials that have been working hard to create their own retirement fortunes while allowing the asset stripping and destruction of America’s economy and very existence?

The first thing is that all free trade agreements must be immediately dropped and stopped and fully recognized as illegal and unconstitutional. Fair trade agreements must be put in place with reasonable tariffs that create actual parity and encourage American manufacturers to come back to America and new ones to emerge inside America.

First, we have to start indicting, arresting and prosecuting these OCC kingpins and their cutouts — that is arrest these filth for their crimes against We The People and the asset stripping of America and their work to destroy America the Republic.

Second, the corrupt elected politicians and USG officials who are owned or controlled by the OCC are clearly in violation of numerous major US and state felonies including RICO, espionage against the USA, pedophilia, bribery laws for payments to foreign offshore numbered account called “Set Aside Allocations”, misprision of felonies and much more. Therefore, the key is to get them indicted, arrested, tried and convicted for these Capital crimes punishable by death.

Technically speaking, the US Military High Command now has the constitutional authority to act because the US Department of Justice has been shown to be completely corrupt, with a completely owned and compromised Attorney General Eric Holder who is leaving the office and has been hired by JP Morgan for an annual $77 million payoff salary.

Because of the involvement of foreign controlled Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizen traitors inside America who did 9/11/01 and run the OCC, and who have committed treason, the US Military High Command now has the authority to arrest them, try them, convict them and hang them on a military gallows like they did to the Nazi war criminals, who were convicted and sentenced to death at Nuremberg.

An invitation for the new American Military High Command to take charge and assert their Constitutional Authority.

This article is an invitation and a personal request to the US Military High Command who VT knows is staffed by some serious American stand-up heroes who now fully understand that the OCC did 9/11/01 and all current so-called acts of terror:  Please do your job and arrest these traitors, infiltrators and enemies within our gates.

At the end of the day the buck stops with you. So please do your Constitutional duty, there is no one else at this time empowered by the US Constitution to do so that is not compromised and controlled by the OCC which makes them arrestable by you with full Constitutional Authority.

Note: The Columnists, Editors and Directors at Veterans Today are working very hard to publish the real truth behind the stories that the controlled major mass media (CMMM) will never dare to carry. No other Internet journal has produced the depth of such information and facts that VT has. Here at VT we work very hard to provide actual information on how the world really functions behind the scenes, and have already provided a substantial amount of never-before revealed information. And know this, we are just getting warmed up, so stay tuned. Websites that dare to publish these articles are on the right track.
VT is now the recognized leader in “open source Intel” which is the actual future for all Intel, except for only a very small core of certain defense secrets that must always be protected for operational reasons. Yes, it is a known fact that thanks to the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, various Intel sources all over the world are dumping non-operational Intel into the public domain making it “open source” in order to bring a worldwide correction against the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC), which has run out of control and is now threatening the very survival of the human race, every nation of the world and the future of all high-level Intel agents and their families everywhere.
The OCC can not exist for long as an intact powerful organization if their dirty secrets and actual modus operandi are fully exposed. Without a wall of secrecy and the CMMM’s continued dispensing of their big lies and false-narratives, the OCC will be disempowered and crushed at every level over a period of time. So please do your Constitutional duty and share this information with everyone you can. We are not asking for a Coup d’ etat. We are asking you to do your Constitutional Duty to arrest the Foreign Agents of Espionage and the Organized Crime Cabal that break all our Laws and use the law to oppress legitimate Whistle-blowers, Vets and Patriots. And as Ambassador Wanta has said for at least the last ten years, what we have occupying Political Office is not a legitimate Government, it is a foreign run Organized Crime Cabal (OCC), and President Reagan was the last duly elected President.
The US Constitution clearly gives our US Military High Command the Right, the Privilege and the Obligation to arrest and prosecute these foreign controlled enemies within our Gates of America for their RICO crimes, endemic corruption, foreign based asset stripping of our wealth, waging illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars for extreme profits. These OCC members are also clearly arrestable and prosecutable for their ordering, authorizing and arranging Torture, a prosecutable War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity like the Nazis who were prosecuted at Nuremberg by the US Army, which is what you have the Right and Obligation to do.
At VT we have worked hard to identify the OCC principals by name, what they have done that is clearly illegal and Unconstitutional and why they are “enemies within the gates of America” that have hijacked our Monetary production and Distribution System, Congress, the Judiciary and the Alphabets. You the High Military Command are our last hope right now. Please do your job.


Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

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  1. Chuck Hagel in 2008 probably did not know any more about the 9/11 false flag than most people . The 9/11 conspiracy theory has only begun to gain traction now many years after 2008 .

  2. Truth written and I will not be surprised to see the military boot against the throat of every American (2015.75) that does not go along with the engineered reality.

    I saw Kay Griggs interviews, there is no part of the USG that is not absolutely corrupt. . . absolutely. The police state is here.

    • Yes, Kay Griggs is a national treasure and a true American Hero who risk everything and lost most to bring us all the truth about the malignancy that has overtaken much of the Military. However, here is the key: not all of the Military has been taken over by Jack Ruby type crazed bi-sexual mind-kontrolled, soulless murderers like Kay Grigg’s former husband who is the prototype bad-boy/wet-boy. It is this type of individual as he is that murdered JFK, RFK, MLK, did the Murrah mini-nuke bombing, nuked the Twin Towers on 9/11/01, and has staffed FBI Div 5 and harassed and murdered so many Whistle-blowers and important witnesses.

      But fixate on this fact, not all the Military is like Grigg’s ex-husband. Ponder this thought: do you think that Veterans Today could exist for one more day if it was not fully supported by the US Military High Command? Ask yourself this question: what group is powerful enough to make sure that VT not only exists but is able to broadcast the truth on VT Radio News and all over the Internet despite huge WZ opposition and daily cyber attacks and constant blacklisting? It’s not over until the fat lady sings and VT is just getting warmed up so stay tuned. Disclosures to come are going to be sending more shock-waves around the world like the VT’s disclosures at the Damascus Conference has been generating.

  3. We will put an end to all this mayhem. When the new technologies are released there will be no lack or scarcity. The criminals will lose control over us and in the end we will not need them nor their slave services. Each Man and Woman will have their own energy units at very low cost, unlimited pure water, real NON GMO food, health systems beyond your imagination. A whole new world. People have no idea about the changes which or upon this planet in the coming years. If the criminals still want to play games we will saturate the planet with particular fields to enforce a correct behavior and thinking from then on, so that they will not even contemplate to do wrong.

    • “” When the new technologies are released there will be no lack or scarcity.””

      That may be true but only for a short time .

      Biological science reveals that living organisms — including mankind — will overpopulate to the point of extinction if controls on population growth are absent . All animal population growths ( except that of mankind ) are ultimately controlled by predators . Human population growth , other than birth control technologies , is ultimately controlled by the malthusian constraints of war , diseases and famines ; and war is mostly very different from animal predations for food . Continual technological innovation and other intellectual creativities are required for humanity to overcome relentless and eventual scarcity ( due to population growth or resource depletion ) of known or existing life-sustaining resources .

      Historical factual evidence supports the belief that humanity has the innovative//creative capabilities to overcome scarcity problems indefinitely into the future — meaning forever . For instance , man cannot yet create drinking water but has already implemented technologies that produce viable quantities of potable water far in excess of what nature provides for humanity on this planet .

  4. I believe as many of those who have commented on this article have done that it is time for those in the US military with stars on their shoulder boards and an honest belief in the dream of freedom that is America to step up. Tell the truth and do something about it, obey your oath!

    • I agree.

      The crushing of the middle classes is happening all over the western world…empire builders can’t have a powerful middle class as it threatens their grip on power at the top.

  5. This is really a great article with many great responses as well. Let us all do what we can in each of our capacities and let the common denominator of us all be our ability to mirror this article in all our networks so its reflections permeate the conciseness of men. Let the call go out far and wide from sea to shining sea and let the home of the brave rise up and make right by light, dispersing all the darkness across the land., Let one voice be raised among us all to restore our constitution from the Act of 1871 and let us be free men as we are designed to be, by the Source of us all! It is time to overcome the illusion of those demonic forces power projected over men, as Kennedy spoke of. Let the USMHC honor its original design and not allow those hidden in their ranks to remain, as Eisenhower warned against, for they too must be purged from among themselves. Let the true in light shine upon all administering accountability to those as this article suggest, in the highest standard of justice in the light of truth and let us all be heard singing once again, the land of the free! Not just for us, but for all upon the earth.

  6. Congratulations Dr. James. It seems to me that for that last year and half now you have appointed to yourself to herculean task of writing the one size fits all article setting forth in a single reading session a concise break down of exactly what has laid the Western Dream to waste. You have done it! Perhaps it is the addition of Mike Harris that provided the tipping point to success. Congratulations to Mr. Harris are also in order and tonight I am quite proud to have appeared in same publication as this Magnum Opus. Of course as we all know the only solution is military intervention by some bright eyed generals whom are actually willing to earn some of that steal they use to decorate their chests.Well boys…time to roll the tanks into DC and make sure this hits the front page of every major newspaper when you do. If you ask me all you need do is kick down the front door and the whole rotten structure is going to collapse like the proverbially wet Taco.

    • Some of those tanks also need to roll into the TV “news” studios of Fox, CNN, etc. I’d like to see somebody like Lt. Gen. Russel Honore — the guy Ray Nagin called the “John Wayne dude” — grab Sean Hannity by the collar and ask him on the air why HE hates America and watch the little twerp wet his pants right before he’s arrested.

  7. Dr. James & Mr. Harris,
    I think you might have noticed that Russia has already abandoned the petrodollar.
    Most likely, this step will lead to many more.
    The international jewish banking cabal has always worked against the best interests of both humanity, and the planet, and their proxies can be even more vicious than they themselves.
    It is true that industry was not allowed to mature, and grow more compatible with restraints imposed by a finite system, and it is doubly true that this did not occur due to the hidden power behind the politicians, who always have been chosen from the ranks of the greatest whores alive.
    However, there is a reason that the vast majority of oil extraction has moved off land, into the oceans, and it is not because we have an inexhaustible supply of oil.
    American history can be seen as the struggle for freedom. Freedom. Freedom from the international jewish banking cabal. Freedom from corrupt and disgusting world politics. Freedom from vicious anti-human agendas-read zionism.
    This struggle for freedom continues, and it is authors like yourself who work to keep it alive.

  8. Terrific ideas shared in this excellent article by two most outstanding patriots and honorable men. Sadly, however, I don’t think that the military will ever do anything to help “We the People”! Why, one may inquire? It’s because I believe that they (the military) embrace an allegiance to Rothschild and Zionism. So very tragic.

    • Actually most in the Militray High command did not help with or do the Israeli/WZ nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01. The head of the JCS, the USAF, the FAA, NORAD were hand-picked to be part of it by the WZs because they were corrupt (can you say Traitor and Treason). The rest actually knew nothing about this Gladio-style False-Flag attack and when Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the War College informed them, most were shocked and enraged because they just didn’t know.

      No we have new High Military Commanders who know this and are enraged at Israeli Likudist leaders, American-Israeli “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, PNACers, Top AIPAC, Top Jinsa, Top ADL, Top NeoCons who did 9/11/01 and manipulated America into the phony War on Terror, and the perpetual, unwinnable, illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression against Mideast nations for Israel and the WZs who run it. The US Navy has already sunk two Israeli Dolphin Class subs which had nuclear tipped tomahawks provided to them by Bush, one for the USS Liberty and one for 9/11/01. If these scum are stupid enough to use their Samson Option again in America or deploy another big False-Flag inside America, it is likely that US National Security special operators will be used to hunt them down and bring them to justice.

    • “If these scum are stupid enough to use their Samson Option again in America or deploy another big False-Flag inside America, it is likely that US National Security special operators will be used to hunt them down and bring them to justice.”

      I would hope US National Security special operators will hunt them down anyway — without the Samson option. They have already attacked us and need to be held accountable. With the Samson option, they’re still hunted down and their homeland becomes a glass parking lot.

    • The typical military person most likely does not know that the WZ satanic jews rule the roost that they are defending . They are military minded not political geniuses . A handfull of enlightened top commanders with loyal subordinates could install a junta until the civilian mess is rectified .

  9. Don’t be too quick in assuming the military will save us. Remember that we may be being led to beg the military to intervene when in fact they are part of the adgenda as well!

  10. refreshing to see a music video without the s/m …those were the days.. they have to make the “big announcement” first. And probably no-one can figure out who could possibly be accepted by the people to be telling the truth….

  11. And now I hear Pelosi wants to raise the gas tax while the prices are low! I’m beginning to feel like road kill surrounded by buzzards! “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” …Military High Command needs to heed the call to action and kick the buzzards out!

  12. Outstanding article Dr. James. The “roll-out consolidation process” sounds a lot like the old “company store” that forced coal miners to buy all their supplies from the company store at rigged prices, keeping the workers terminally in debt and controlled in poverty while the company owners at the top reaped all the benefits.

    Please keep these articles coming. Hopefully those in US Military High Command are paying attention and realize this tyranny cannot continue this way and that many thousands of us do NOT accept this tyranny and will support however we can the US Military High Command’s efforts to rid the country of these parasites as is their Constitutional duty.

    • Mike Harris did the heavy lifting on the Private Equity groups (PEs) and the unexpected cost of consumer electronics which most now view as a necessity and the effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration of the economy and worked on other parts of this article as well. If you listen to his show you will understand how aware he is of what is behind this economic slide now threatening the Middle Class.

  13. Thanks to VT for bringing this information to the attention of the public. You have done a great job. Now comes the true test of patriotism, will our military high command step up and defend this country, its principles, its Constitution and its people. God speed and full speed ahead.

  14. We see what Keynesianism has wrought under the guise of jump starting the economy–fantastic, unmerited wealth unknown in the history of man, but only for the elites. Open borders means that, for example, there are no “Americans,” except a few electricians, on the massive residential developments going on in Florida, financed by free money to players, turning skilled American construction labor into migrants. Inner city blacks will never find meaningful work in their lives. You mention building codes. They’re used, for example, to punish and impoverish independent American farmers, who cannot meet prohibitively expensive requirements and so don’t qualify for subsidies, while the Satanic factory farms owned by players with code experts get free money. “Green building practices”–sounds great, right?–means “synthetic building materials,” and huge profits for the manufacturers of this dangerous crap. Corruption is systemic; crony capitalism is the system.

  15. It’s all the more reason to act as indicated above and integrate the “Wanta Plan” with it. Combine these two and roll them out closely together and support from citizens could be massive. they may be able to see a better future, more hopeful, prosperous and fair. Once they know how Leo Wanta has been treated, delayed, arrested, tortured and obstructed for all these years it may all begin to make sense to them.

    Both actions need to be tied in together.

    Thanks for your hard work and clear message.

  16. On education, I went into the USMC with 2+ years of college. Burnt out, after my A.A., and then the following semester at 2 campuses and 20 total hours. Then Uncle Sam tests me (ASVAB), and proposes the Naval Academy for me [1]. So after my discharge (’86), I have the VEAP. (before new GI bill). In Jan-Feb ’93, needing one semester for my B.A/B.S., and another semester for a second B.A./B.S., Clinton cancels my VEAP. Just pulled the funds. Later I determine that the university system (mostly controlled by Jesuits) is not worth the investment .. And at present, certainly is not ..

    I say, per Lee Wanta, bring on the PMG(s)! I don’t trust the current election system. Let the JCS (Dempsey et al) just install Gordon as interim POTUS, and Mike Harris as VP. Call it a constitutional emergency. Postpone elections for the next 4 years, while Gordon and Mike clean up the joint. Per Dr. James, get the 100 billion to work (from Wanta) to apply RICO charges to these perps. Maybe by 2020 or so, we can have a real election, with new fresh real constitutional candidates, that will carry on the work of Duff, Harris, and Wanta, to restore this republic ..

    [1] I declined this, as I did later OCS and MECEP.

  17. On the unemployment. I’m working, but only 3 days a week, and 3 hours per day. Nominal wage (Gordon’s target for min. wage). I approached my boss on Friday, to petition for more hours. I petitioned for full time (whatever that is these days), and if not that, at least a full 20 hour week. My skill set is IT.

    Then I look at my job adds. These adds are as fake as the Paris shooting. 100k for a mere desktop position? Give me a break! Then you look at the job descriptions that include either a current top secret, and/or no less than 4 pro certs. I say, who are these people, and where do they think they can find these candidates?

    My last 2 perm jobs, between 2004 and 2012, which represented a total of 6+ years (no, I can add), I got virtually no company paid training, course reimb., test reimb. — nothing. Then they expect us to go on our time, our dime, and then when complete, not jump ship to a better company. (because there isn’t really one)

    I remember those days when at IBM (before NAFTA) they required daily training, during your shift. CSC gave me a $4300 annual training budget. That is for an individual. $1000 testing bonuses. (for certs). Where are those days?

  18. the new US HIgh Military Command to step-up…start the ball rolling of an evacuation of evil …and hero’s they will be

    • I wish that this would happen, but I would be so completely and utterly stunned if such ever were to take place. I don’t think that the military clearly understands the problems, and even if they did, I think that they align with the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street, creeps like Dick Cheney and Rothschild, and the overall worldwide Zionist movement. I feel that we’re pretty much screwed.

  19. All of the ‘Rah-Rah-Rah’ cheer-leading by the American MSM, telling us that the economy has recovered from the 2008 collapse and it’s reaching ‘escape velocity’ is just BS propaganda.

    The TBTF Wall Street banks are insolvent, due to their endless schemes and frauds and are only being kept afloat by the FED giving them basically interest free money, which they have mostly been using to sell stocks back and forth to each other, generating phony profits, except their something like 8 quadrillion dollars in debt, so good luck with that.

    What’s left of the middle class doesn’t feel that same high the MSM does about the economy and due to the trauma caused by the 2008 ransacking of our economy, is refusing to invest in the stock market or ‘shop till they drop’ at the mall.

    And without those consumers driving our consumption based economy, it ain’t going to recover. In fact, we’re right at the edge of another huge financial collapse that will make the 2008 one seem like a picnic.

    • Most sheeple are not going to try to avoid being fleeced by the next crash . They may try to avoid being skinned alive [ if ] they get an epiphany en mass about it .

  20. “This article is an invitation and a personal request to the US Military High Command who VT knows is staffed by some serious American stand-up Heroes who now fully understand that the OCC did 9/11/01 and all current so-called acts of terror: Please do your job and arrest these Traitors, infiltrators and Enemies within our Gates.”

    Yes, we desperately need you to step up now – for the people and our nation. The corruption runs too deep for us to overcome through the voting system – which was suppose to protect us.

  21. Gonna be interesting when the EBT cards stop working. Already there are Bills being drawn up to push through a ton of gasoline taxes to make up the Governments “shortfall” in revenue. So much for the little guy saving any meager morsels by cheap gas. Not for long since FEDGOV apparently thinks that FEDGOV should be a growth industry, sapping the remaining live out of the productive people of this country. Gov has spent the last 30 years chewing through the bones of the werkerbeez and now the last little bits of tasty bone marrow morsels are being sucked dry. Virtually all of the “growth” in the last 30 years has been debt. But hey, we have HillaryRomneyBush coming in to save the day!

    Viva La Cabal!

  22. Looks like US is going to be in for a rough ride in the coming years. So many of my friends kids graduated college with some rather steep non deferrable debt. The Job market has never been worse in my life (unless you actually believe the goobermint stats). The under 30 crowd are mostly navel gazers locked in their parents cellars playing video games and raised on SSRI’s. Their sense of entitlement is stunning. They all want jobs, ya can’t blame them for the fact that government rules / regs / fees etc imposed on anyone who wants to actually start a business. They apparently have little or no drive to go up against Gov to make the attempt to be a sole proprietor. When the health care industry finally implodes under the weight of bureaucratic bullshit, then the fecal matter will indeed cycle through the rotary oscillator.

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