NEO: Paris Terror, the Smell of False Flag


1420743940_860258b(Editor’s note:  Republished here after being published in Russia, this was our opening story on the Paris attack.  We got it right day number one.)

We have smoking gun evidence no one can refute that at least one aspect of the Paris terror attacks was theatrically staged. This reminds me of what a priest told me years ago, “You get caught having sex with just one little boy and they label you a pedophile.”

The internet is now filled with amateur exposes, one thing is different this time. Not only are the “amateurs” right, some of them are very right.

False Flag

This week’s terror attack in Paris is simply “not credible.” The suspects, the ID found in the cars, the “easily sacrificed” target, has the smell of false flag terror. Europe, after all, has forgotten the Breivik attack of 2011 killing 77, a pure Mossad operation to punish a political group involved in the BDS boycott movement.

The French newspaper Le Point has already named ISIS as responsible. It is doubtful that anyone has failed to notice that ISIS is the most “Israel friendly” Islamic organization in the world. Could it be ISIS loves Israel for providing safe passage for jihadists, medical care, weapons, logistics and intelligence to the group that only attacks Israel’s enemies?

The cover up of the flight MH17 downing by a Kiev junta jet fighter, whether planned initially as a “false flag” or not, quickly became one when doctored satellite photos and phony video trying to blame Russia was quickly but carelessly produced.

Killing 12 French citizens to manipulate public opinion in a nation increasingly unfriendly to Israel simply fits a pattern. That pattern has recently included synagogue attacks as well.

The first thing asked when there is a terror attack is “who benefits.” No, the mainstream media doesn’t ask, intelligence agencies don’t ask either. They already know. 80% of the time one of them did it, either directly or through a terror group they either created and operate, like ISIS/ISIL or one they took over, perhaps like Boko Harum or Al Shabab.

No one ever asks where those satellite phones and new Toyota pickup trucks come from, as though they magically arrive from outer space.

There is another audience Israel may have been playing to as well. Only a day before, the Israeli backed Republican Party took over the US Senate with ISIS backer John McCain, recently cited for violating Syrian sovereignty to arrange meetings with ISIS and Al Qaeda leaders there.

From “The Onion,” a satirical American publication:

“WASHINGTON—Members of Sen. John McCain’s family expressed deep concern Tuesday after receiving word that the aging legislator had wandered off into Syria. “Unfortunately, this has been happening a lot lately; he’ll walk out of the Capitol building, get disoriented, and then we get a call late at night saying that John is in Syria,”

McCain’s wife Cindy said upon learning that her 76-year-old husband turned up in the war-torn country after ambling across the Turkey-Syria border and delivering a rambling, incoherent speech to a group of rebels. “Then one of us has to go to Syria, pick him up, and bring him back to Washington. We’re going to have to sit down soon and decide what to do about this before he seriously hurts himself.” McCain’s wife added that her husband’s recent trip to Syria was the most alarming episode for her family since the elderly Arizona senator got into his car, started driving, and ended up lost in the 2008 presidential election.”

Would an intelligence agency, Israeli or otherwise, have staged a terror attack to provide justification for the new US foreign policy that abandons any demands on Israel limiting West Bank settlements?

How much American military equipment given to Israel will end up in the hands of ISIS, regularly photographed using “seized Iraqi weapons” that were, in fact, never delivered to Iraq in the first place. The M4 carbines, Stinger and TOW missiles used by ISIS are all from Israeli stockpiles, gifts from the generous people of the United States.

As false flag terror attacks go, this is less imaginative than most. No buildings are demolished, no airliners vanish. By recent accounts, there hadn’t been a false flag terror attack in 4 days, the last when Saudi intelligence services attacked one of their own border crossings with Iraq, claiming a “700 man ISIS brigade encamped inside Saudi Arabia” to be the culprit.”

This “attack” occurred as Prince Khaled bin Bandar, chief of intelligence for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, arrives in Washington to downplay their backing of ISIS and sell the idea that the Kingdom is under threat.

The video of the attack, some of which are taken by Israeli journalists, not “dancing Israeli’s like at the 9/11 attacks, but equally incredible, clearly demonstrate that the attackers were using blanks.

In a video published on Liveleak, a close range “execution style” shows no blast effect or blood, from a weapon capable of devastating effect. (See YouTube demonstration of AK47 effect)

Ballistics experts consulted today describe videos of the French attack as “staged theatrical events.” Other than the suspicious HD video, experts have already noted that, without coming close to “conspiracy theory” dot-connecting, the weapons eject no shell casings, bullets supposedly hit concrete with no effect whatsoever, even from “point blank” range.

You see, the AK47 round, 7.62×39 is not only very powerful but typically has a steel core for penetrating body armour. When hitting concrete, an AK round throws up large chunks of debris, unseen in this event.

Preliminary analysis of the audio as well demonstrates a frequency indicating the subsonic report of a blank round. In an “urban canyon,” a supersonic round from an assault rifle creates a noticeable high frequency “crack” with a secondary “report” or echo, generally described as “crack-pop.”

It has taken only a few hours for press outlets to question perfectly timed HD video from a seemingly fearless bystander who is witnessing actors firing blanks incapable of operating the ejection system of a weapon, imaginary bullets that leave concrete pristine and blood free.

Those observing the video familiar with Paris note the spacing of the cars. In “real Paris,” there is no room to walk between cars, no wide spacing but rather total urban mayhem of motorbikes, touching bumpers and utter disorder. Another running joke in Paris is that the sidewalks are only cleaned before Bastille Day. Months later, trash and dog fouling turns Paris into an open sewer.

It is not unreasonable to assume we are seeing the equivalent of a “movie set.”

Terrorism, with real or imaginary dead, is a tool of chaos theory war and quickly propagandized. If real events can’t be “spun,” they are created. While there is no definitive analysis yet, and were there one, it would never be released to the public, the Paris attack of this week is, in the highest probability, not what it is meant to seem.

The Paris event became even less credible when attempts were made to find the scene. Not only can nobody locate the locale from the given address, there is, in fact, no area of Paris that resembles the video. Our own investigation of the scene found the “real” location to be a much narrower street with parking on one side only, heavily “tagged/spray painted” buildings and an area where sidewalks are lined with parked motorbikes, like every other section of the real Paris.

Please accept this conjecture as part of a hypothesis now supported by most of the facts; there are several feature film production companies working in Paris currently. We have just seen the work of one of them, perhaps we can call it “Taken IV.” This certainly is a sequel. We have seen it all before so many times.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook
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  1. Hi thanks for the great investigation… i have been following up the paris events and i dont believe a single thing from the media but then this video of al qaida leader came up where they claim authorship of the shootings, and nobody is commenting on this… is it a true video or is it part of the whole setup?

  2. With all these events now occurring on a regular basis around the world to keep their “terrorist” threat alive and well, as brazen as they are , how long before they go nuclear on a big city?
    Is that the ultimate terrorist act?
    Will the madness reach that level?
    There are so many reports of nukes being used on 9/11, Bali, Syria, Fukashima, and Aceh Indonesia, to create Tsunamis, is a major city next?
    Make no mistake, these people are capable of anything.

  3. Sorry about the post bellow. The body seems to be in the same position. I was taken for a ride on some forum…

  4. So I have a question: Where are the dead bodies? Where people actually killed? In all of these “False Flags” there are literally hundreds of people involved. None of them are going to talk? No one is going to say “Hey this is all BS”? I believe there are false flag events, I just don’t understand how they are getting away with it.

  5. Saudi Prince Bandar? AKA Bandar Bush, so close to the Bushes, he’s considered one of the family.

    Recently Israel told its servant, the USA, to triple the size of the weapons we taxpayers pay to have stockpiled in Israel, that are supposed to be there in case the Pentagon needs to rearm US forces in the ME. The real reason for that weapons stockpile is so Israel has a ready supply of ammo and bombs when it goes off on another homicidal foray into Gaza and now to equip ISIS.

    I’ve got an AK47 that can shoot thru a 8″ diameter utility pole, so what do you think it would do to a much softer skull? Not what you see, or don’t see on that Paris attack video.

  6. Victor, as per your question : “How is it possible for the black car to go from the narrow street (Allée Verte) to the other side of the Boulevard ?”, the answer is quite simple : They drove ! Heck…
    Look here :

    They went down the one way boul,, turned at Rue du Chemin Vert and up the other side of the one way Boul.

    I still maintain that the only way to clarify the situation is to send an investigation team onsite and interview the residents and commerce employees on what they heard that wendnesday jan 7th between 11h30 and noon ! Heck ! that AK47 shooting should NOT pass unnoticed !!!

    With all you connections in the intel world, Mr Duff, surely you can arrange something ! Please…

    • WOW ! VT is really under TPTB microscope : my image link has already gone AWOL !!!

      Here is another one and save it ASAP before they wipe off this one too :

      YES, the medias are trying to confuse peolpe on the locatiohn of the event of the killing of the laying cop. It’s NOT at the no 5 position on the image but on the east side of Boulevard Richard Lenoir, going north, in front of the T junction corner of “Rue Moufle”. Google map coordinates: 48.860078, 2.372533

  7. Excalibur
    After the Paris killing, minutes of silence and debriefings were organized in French schools. The minister of National Education gave instructions on how to conduct the debriefing and what to say to kids. Incidents (like non respect of the minute of silence) had to be reported to the State school authorities, or to the police when kids agreed with the killings. Kids had to think the right way.

    And at least one teacher was laid off for expressing doubts about the death of the policeman. Her voice had been recorded by some kid phone. Feels like USSR…

  8. And about the authenticity of the actual location of the event, I sould say that all video vegetations conforms to the real location as of Google Street View, for one thing, secondly, all car spacing and pattern also correspond to the said Google Stree View. So, as for now, I consider this argument as a “weak” one and unprooven as of now, with all repect to the author of this theory, that I respect utmostly !

    The best way to prove/disprove that the event really happened there or not is to go there and ask all the commerce employees that works in all the commerces that are plentiful on the other side of the street where the event happened. This shooting should NOT have happened without the knowledge of all these commerces staff !!!

    Good investigation…

  9. PLEASE, by any means, somebody send a team to this well indentified place in Paris with a camera and a real AK47 with real rounds, a melon, a coconut and two head stands (sandbeach style). One of the team member go to the same appartment (very easy to identify) and film what the other is doing at the same spot : shooting that AK47 on the melon and coconut placed on the head stands with the same rifle angle as the fake one did.

    What we will find is if the incident really took place there cuz you can’t fake exactly all the tree branches and vegetation in a movie set for one thing, then we could really see what an actual event should have looked like : target splashing, concrete exploding on bullet impact and what the rifle/bullet sound should really sound.

    PLEASE someone do this ! If I had money and material, I would go myself do it…

  10. It looks to me like the police officer shooting scene was recorded on the street in front of an apartment block at 62 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, near the intersection of Rue Moufle. I matched a green post, sign, tree and grey box at that location shown on Google Street View with the video. The grey box in the video has orange graffiti which does not appear in the September 2014 Streetview but other than that it all looks the same, allowing for the difference in season, of course.

  11. So far there are easily recognizable patterns of fakery generating through all levels of magnification in these events, which otherwise would be scathingly denounced by the Zios in a critique of the laughable implausibility. Predictably ordered FF substructures include dropped IDs and other fabricated evidence in contrast to real evidence mysteriously disappearing in Zio custody; foreknowledge and concealment; husbanded patsies; Israelis and their ilk implausibly on hand to take videos and give eye witness testimony; Islamic jihadists who turn out to be nice Jewish boys in costume; Rita Katz in a shoe box in NY as the FBI and CIAs go-to intel source; identical media talking points–many more could be added. Worldwide Zionism as if with one voice always denounces critics and skeptics with abusive censure, while their extraordinary efforts at concealment would for any other group provide powerful evidence of collusion and guilt.

  12. As a resder here, I would expect you to realize that the price of gas reflects the zionist assault on Russia, as well perhaps, as the motive you note. I personally hope that Vlad is able to burn them on this, buying gold with their oil income. We seriously need to exterminate the Feral Reserve and its rich, inbred, TREASONOUS owners here.

    • Absolutely Ann….the ‘bread and circuses’ from Roman times has escalated into a frenzy in our modern times….stop the World – I want to get off.

    • It,s been common knowledge for 2000 years. It,s about time we woke up and did something to end this evil.

      “There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again.”

      “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

      – Joseph Goebbels

  13. “Then one of us has to go to Syria, pick him up, and bring him back to Washington. We’re going to have to sit down soon and decide what to do about this before he seriously hurts himself.


  14. shame the “media” misrepresenting this isnt held accountable for lying propagandizing.
    911, Sandy Hoax, Boston, etc etc. it isnt “irresponsible”, it is very deliberately spun to brainwash in favor of agenda’s, aka PSYOP’s, which is deviate and abusive.

  15. yes. investigate, remove from positions of power if found guilty, asset stripped and deported.
    whether in government, media, big business (of any-all types!), they can leave penniless or face charges of supporting a terrorist nation, theft, murder, treason, whatever is appropriate.

  16. something is going on here In Australia with the media. There is a story today about the Saudis 1000km wall. All the comments are negative to the Saudis such as you made your bed etc and also attacks the Israelis. This is the first time I have seen this here . Its as if I was reading VT…could someone explain why a Jewish owned paper(murdoch) would be doing this. I cant figure it out.

  17. We had a report in a leading newspaper here in Australia about the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report.This surprised me that they even mentioned it. It was about Obama under pressure to release them. My feeling is they would already have been altered to fit the narrative so probably wont mean much. As usual the story dissapeared and was replaced with “Gwynth Paltrow nude suit shocker” , you know , the really important stuff.

  18. If ‘Free Speech’ is newly to arrive in France, and be rigorously defended by the state, with the support of even murderous psychopaths like Bibi the Chosen, can we look forward to next week’s Charlie Hebdo sporting a cartoon of Dieudonne effecting Une Grande Quenelle (with a 5 million print-run of course!)? Can I order it online already?

  19. When I went to school many years ago our great teachers used to convene discussion periods where we would be ASKED what we thought about current events happening in the world. The worst thing you could do is shrug your shoulders and look like a dummy. It forced us to wake up to such events and quickly use critical and rational thinking to asses the likely reasons and outcomes of world events for OURSELVES. Sometimes we would do this chatting together. It did not matter what your view was – so long as you had a sensible one.

    I have noticed in recent years that children today in similar ‘current events’ classes are firstly given inaccurate and highly twisted accounts of what is happening in the world – and then they are TOLD what to think about these events. This is a very ‘zio-bolshevik’ stamp on ‘education’. Indoctrination to an official narrative, controlling and dictating children’s thoughts now extends to every area – and any teacher who varies from this narrative will pay with the loss of his career.

    I don’t need any ‘handy’ film footage to see what is being done here. The new world order is inventing its own news in order to impose its own laws and police state system – from which ultimately there will be no dissent permitted.

    • Gordon – here is the old system – which our zio-bolshevik ‘progressives’ completely destroyed – telling us that it was ‘oppressive’; ‘chauvinist’; ‘fascist’; ‘evil’; ‘racist’; ‘homophobic’ – etc., etc., etc.

      This is a former world which I have no doubt would massively benefit all our young people today. Instead today we see the horrific results of the (subversion) advice taken from jewish ‘intellectuals’. Who was it that put THEM in charge anyway???

  20. I mean really, that “Million” person rally with all the signs done with a professional “graphics” look to them all ready to go, along with the lines on the street indicating more than one take, position marks for where to stop to be filmed perfectly, really?, haven’t the french been paying attention to all the other false-flag set-ups? Or maybe following “mob-psychology” is just easier combined with the thought it couldn’t happen here.

    At this point I’m wondering how the french view the statement by their President, that “Muslims had nothing to do with it”, and if they are rethinking their position on this. The frequency of these most recent events has increased dramatically. I tend to think with each new version, there is an ever increasing likelihood of getting caught in a most dramatic “fail”. The comment by their President was surprising in it’s openness and honesty.

    • the french were very ready to hit the streets against their huge Paris islamic population
      this was part of the game…why it was done in paris
      all to deflect france’s natural hatred for jews…a powerful hatred
      VT paris staff is Jewish…we have to deal with it.

    • I think the president just mean that the killers were not muslims (good peaceful people) they were islamists (bad violent people), many voters are muslims.

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